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St. Bonaventure Eleven Defeated
by a 46-0 Score. An Entire New
Team Scores 17 Points in Second
In a rather onesided game last
Saturday Captain Very and his re
markable football machine added
another victory by defeating St.
Bonaventure 46-0. The speed and
spirit that was shown by our men
clearly displayed that they had
came out of the magnificent victory
over Penn the week before in
splendid condition. From the be
ginning of the game the play of the
Blue and White was far superior to
that of their opponents in every de
partment. The line could not stop
our backs and their ends were skirt
ed almost at will for long gains,
while, when St. Bonaventure had
the ball, their offense was weak, the
runner usually being thrown for a
loss or no gain. The most specta
cular play of the game came
in the second period when
Barrett threw a beautiful for
ward pass from our forty yard line
to Very who ran the remaining
distance to the goal for our fourth
At the beginning Barrett kicked
off to St. Bonar enture on their
twelve yards. After making two
yards around their own left end, St.
Bonaventure lost the ball by hav
ing two forward passes fail. On the
next play Engle made a brilliant
30 yd. run to our 4 yd. line. Barry
carried the ball over for the first
touchdown. Barrett failed to punt
The second score was made by
Barrett, the ball having been
advanced to our six yards line on
plays by Barry who caught the
kickoff and returned to the middle
of the field, Very who ran twenty
five yares around left end, and by
Miller who in running for a touch
down, stepped out of bounds on his
own six yard line. Barrett kicked
goal. Harlow went over for the
next score and Very on a forward
pass ran about sixty yards for the
fourth touchdown. Barrett ran
from the center of the field to St.
Bonaventure's goal near the end of
this period for the fifth touchdown.
St. Bonaventure showed her best
football in the latter part of the
second quarter. Clare on two suc
cessive plays broke up the inter
ference and tackled the runner. In
three tries our opponents made
their only first down of the period,
and then on an onside kick recover
ed the ball on our twenty-seven
yard line. However at this stage of
the game Wilson secured a fumble
and Barrett immediately kicked the
ball out of danger.
The second half started with a
whole new Penn State lineup, ex
cepting Barrett. The men who
were sent in this period, under Her
mann, played good ball and before
the game was ended added seven
teen points to the previous score of
twenty-nine points, Tobin, Welling,
and Berryman each getting a touch
During the first half all the men
men played exceptional football
considering the fact that so much
energy had been used up in the
preparation and the victory over
Pennsylvania. From the regular
lineup Mauthe was missed, but
Barrett, who kicked in Mauthe's
absence, got his kicks off well and
scored four out of five goals after
touchdown. Hansen has developed
into a guard of the first order'.
Wilson played a consistent game at
left end, brea .ing up most of St.
Bonaventure's end rushes and him
self getting away for an eighteen
yard run around the other end be
sides recovering a fumble at the
end of St. Bonaventure's only stand.
The work of the forwards in the
second half was also very good,
while the seventeen points scored
demonstrated how clearly we can
be congratulated for having two
strings of brilliant backs.
Line up;
Penn State St. Benaveoture
Wilson(Wallace) L. E. Reagan
Harlow L T. Weber
Bebout L. G. Kell;
Fisher and
Hansen(MoVean)R. G. Carney
Engle R. T. Kenyon
Very(Capt.) R. E. Mehl
Johnson &
Miller(Hermann) Q. O'Neil
Berryman R. H. Piekett(Capt )
Barrett! Weston) L. H. Clare
Barry (Berryman) F. B. Fleming
Touchdowns—Barrett,2; Bart Har
low, Very, Berryman, Tobin, Welling.
Goals from touchdown—B[o.l.oA, 1,
Weston, 2. Referee—Bower, F. alai
M; Umpire—Dr. Robinson, U of P.
Field Judge --Mau the 'l'3 Head Inn ,
man—Hoagland, U of P.
Loctor Sparks' Home Coming
It was gratifying to see how many
men came out to meet Doctor
Sparks last Sunday night in the
Auditorium to hear about his four
thousand mile trip through the
Western college and Universities.
He has much of interest to give u,
concerning the student activities of
these centers of learning and how
the life at Penn State is influencing
Doctor Sparks very happily
yielded his place to Mr. Balmer and
the Kaffir boys last Sunday night
and his account of his trip has been
postponed until this coming Sunday
evening at 6:30 in the Auditorium
With our busy college life it is not
often we have the privilege of
meeting in a personal unofficial way
our president and we trust a large
number of the students will feel it
their privilege to oe present.
First Agricultural Special
Last Saturday the first agricul
tural train sent out this year by the
Pennsylvania railroad completed a
three day's tour through the west
ern part of the state. Large crowds
turned our wherever stops were
made. The heads of the various
departments in the Agricultural
school gave lectures at the follow
ing places along the line—Pitcairn,
Greensburg, New Alexandria, La
trobe, Bolivar, Blairsville, Indiana,
Saltsburg, Apollo, Freeport, Cabot,
Butler, Fairchance, Scottdale,
Madison, Gratztown and Irwin.
Fall Tennis
The Inter-fraternity doubles and
the department singles men played
with commendable promptness on
the part of the players, and were
finished on scheduled time. They
resulted as follows:
Fraternity Doubles: Patterson, 'l3
and Hay, 'l5, Phi Delta Theta, de
feated Twaddell, special, and
Reber, 'l4, Phi Gamma Delta, 2-6,
6-4, 6-3, 6-1. . •
Department singles: —Harris,
Electrical 'l3, defeated Walters,
Civil 'l4, 6-1, 6-1, 6-3.
a 6 k i4)6
i g ) ,( rtil."-fj`l§fAC
c 0‘"q5_%44 1 g7
& ‘,...,... w - -•
Ni t fli:Ste4 '
-- - -
Sophomore and Freshmar Wrestling
Teams Have Been worlthig Hard.
Friday evening at E.OO in the
Amory the annual wrestling match
between the two lower classes will
be held. Manager Rishell, 'l4, has
been working hard with lis coaches
to develop a strong team for the
sophomores, while Maliager Glea
son 'l5, will lead a team on the mat
that will be determined to win the
first contest with iesp :et to ath
letics between the respective class
es. 'the coming event do much
toward getting an idea of wrestling
material in the freshman class
especially. On the varsity wrestl
ing team this year there will be
several new places to f;rl.
1914 Classes 1915
Jones 115 ; Hoskins
Fisher 125 ; McNamee
Callender or 135 ; Undecided)
Allen 145 Gleason
Grumbling 158 • Undecided)
Vogel or Heavy W . Stephens
Pitttsburg Alumni Enjoy Smoker
An enthusiastic cro vd of some
seventy Penn State inert gathered at
the University Club ast Saturday
evening. It was the .est attended
smoker yet held in t tis vicinity, a
pleasing feature bci,i the large
number of new memb, is.
Considerable interest and en,hu
siasm was worked up n antic ipa lion
of the Pitt game her 2 on Thanks
giving Day. There a general ap
pearance. ur
to keep the cheering section for
men only. This will be of advan
tage in concerted cheering and of
great assistance to the leaders.
Pittsburg men are looking for
ward to this game with a great deal
of enthusiasm. It is their hope
that the defeat of last year will be
more than wiped out and in order
that this may be are straining every
energy in this direction. It was de
cided to hold a smoker at the Fort
Pitt Hotel the night before the
game. More paiticulais in re
gard to this event will be an
nounced later, but the com
mittee promises a celebration which
will bring the spirits of Penn State
men to the highest notch and send
a strong supporting body of men'
out to the game the following after-
The meeting Saturday evening
was marked by the large number
of football men present, Hollenback
and McCleary, coaches; Watson and
Gray of last year's team, Heppen
stall and Sweet of former years.
The Co-ed Show
Great preparations are being made
for the play to be . given on the
evening of November 18 by the
women students of the college. A
competent dramatic coach, Mr. G.
Stuart Bradock, has oeen secured,
and is conducting rehearsals. The
auditorium should be crowded on
the night of the "Co-ed Show."
We Wonder
If there will be enough wood for
the other bonfires.
If the "Coop" window isn't an
excellent bulletin board.
Why all boarding houses don't
celebrate football victories.
Why there was such serious
objection to standing to cheer for
the team last Saturday.
The chapel speaker for Sunday,
November 12, will be the Rev.
Samuel Semple, of the First Presby
terian church, Titusville, Pa.
Word from "Tommy" Fennell.
A recent letter from "Tommy"
Fennell who coached the Penn State
team several seasons says : "You
will realize how much I am tied up
when I state that, although I was
elected Chairman of the Cornell
Football Field Committee, I have
been unable to be in Ithaca at any
time before or during the present
football reason, except to take a
hurried trip over in the auto the
day Cornell played Penn State, and,
by the way, it was a very fine game
of football. Penn State certainly
has a splendid football team and I
congratulate you and the men in
charge of the team on being able ,o
produce such a successful team.
"I have just received void ft..prn
Penn State that there is at present a
slight misunderstanding v.ith the
Cornell authorities as to a wrestling
meet and some other matters. 1
will take steps immediately to see
what I can do to straighten the mat
ter out.
"I believe you had better not
count on my coming down to State
to make a talk on any Sunday
morning as I do not now see any
chance of my setting a pal ticular
date and then being able to keep
the engagement. I certainly would
not want to set a date and then not
be on hand. However, it might be
I possible for me to run clown some
time during the spring term on some
occasion when you have a meeting
of the student body in the evening
of a week day, for some purpose 01
other. You may be sure that noth
ing would give me greater pleasult_
than to meet all may old friends at
State College and to say whatever
I was able to help the boys to fol
low the light path. rime is no
greater work, not even of the clergy
itself, than that done by the college
' presidents and professors in starting
young men out into the battle of life
with the developed equipment to
bring success and the character to
make that success come with hon
or. You may be sure that I will
always be willing to do anything I
can to help you men in the great
work you ate doing."
Mr. Fennell is now a member of
the law firm of Thurston & Fennell,
at Elmira, New York.
Graham of North American will
Visit College.
On Tuesday, November 14, Mr.
Geo. Graham, spotting editor of the
Philadelphia North American, will
he at the college with a staff of
photographers to prepare for a
special illustrated writeup on the
college and our football team.
This article will appear in the Sun
day supplement of the "North
American" within the next few
Mr. Graham who is one of the vefy
prominent sporting writeis of the
day, will address the student body
in mass meeting on Tuesday even
ing on the subject "College Foot
ball". As Mr. Graham visits the
majority of our colleges in the
course of his work, we will suffer or
gain according to the comparisons
he claws. Let us turn out in full
fcrce to give him a true Penn State
reception, and to show him the true
position of the college.
Pittsburg on Thanksgiving Day.
Full details regarding all arrange
ments for the Pittsburg trip will be
given at mass meetings before
Thanksgiving time. Watch for the
notices, and don't miss a mass meet
Pittsbnl o and Penn State Combine
to (,ye Conceit m Memorial Hall
on Nov. 20
One of the , zocial c\ents of the
coming Thank:giving season at
Pittsburg will be the conceit given
by the Musical clubs of Pitt , :buig
Univeislty and those o 4 Penn State.
The clubs of both schools have
been working for the past four
weeks in plepaiaticei for this event
and it bids fah to he a contest for
supremacy among the \ :mous
clubs taV+ig pate in the pioßram.
Immednit , ly io:ownu, the CCM
cult a huge dam c v.:11 be held in
the ball locull of ',AIL S henley Ho
tel and every , Indent of Penn State
should cim to uc picEent on this
occasion with a n dome. Special
student tate:, of I..ity cents, will be
wyen for the cute ert, tne regular
charge being one dolkr, each stu
dent the privilege of buying
one student ticket. 110 tales for
the dance haN , e rim been defontely
decided upon by the management
but announcement be made in
a later issue.
Penn State 1,11 1 ro I,Tl,,sented
by the Qumtette, the :‘,':2l , cioi.n Club
01 fifteen men, the C . 3tte CI,ID of
twenty men, and in ,- , '„n.' Lion to 11,e
Ivimbetf, go, el , i s , tl. , t, c _,,,,1i,a-
Loos, each th,b
I , vt
i' tt:l , ll' - +, ( toi . i t . , ,oat
1.11. .1
nanetatly sintt t.tcatalt , tt t, the
dlity of (_'. el Ik - : 1,11 ..% 1, man vh)
In rittsbutt; nt timc, to at,
te d the concc , t al. - 1 dance and
make I,le ot.c Jn,Un urr7L,p,etcr
Pens:.,} Day
Friday, No \ 17 has been set
aside as the cl:zte for the Pcnnsyl
ania Day cclebtailun in 1911.
oni:se:, of att.Lnii,rce have cady
come horn many piornincnt rmln of
the stete. exercises of the day
I will consist of en adche , -, 'The
Hon. James E. Wataon,
who be inticduced I. Go% cin
cn John K. Teti( t a te' icn cf the
regiment of 11(k) cs lets by
Majot Gencial "no: , as J Stuart,
Adjutant General of the N, , ,ional
Gua ci of Penm - iylvania ; an in cc
tion 01 the buihtmgc, let.apit , tot:es,
shop:, and crimpla and a e. ine of
football lietwein the teams of the
sophomore and ileah:.,an cldsses.
By this lai;cd main it i- nopt.d
to is7tot uof the l•fe
of the sei.,nteen Intadied st, dents
now enjoying the benefit ~ c i an
education pio‘ided laigcl3 by the
munificence of ti,e state Special
provis.on will be matie to catc foi
reptesentatkcs of the piers.
Pcnii3ylvvLia Day Danc?
The invitatiors fo• the I
vama Day D. , nee to b,2 L,ivt.n in
the Armory can be had upon le
quest at the Co-op.
Programs for this D2nue will be
on sale at Co op on Inuisday, Nov
16, between , 1 and 6. On Fliday
between JO a, m. and 2 p m. and
between 4 p. m. and 6 p. m.
Please buy your programs during
these hours. Subsciiption $4.50.
Auditorium for Navy Rotuins
The Athletir Association has
been given permission to ie:civc
the telephone ietuths of the Navy
football game in Schwab Auditor
ium. This piivilcgc was gianted
in older that the lathes who ale
guests at the college mei Pennsyl
vania Day may have the oppor
tunity to attend.