Penn State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1911-1940, September 28, 1911, Image 3

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    The : Pennsylvania : State : College
Established and maintained by the joint action of the United States Government and the Commonwealth of
qFIVE GREAT SCHOOLS—Agriculture, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Mining, and Nitural Science, offering
thirty-five courses of four years each—Also courses in Home Economics, Industrial Art and Physical Edu
cation—TUlTlON FREE to both sexes; incidental charges moderate.
First semester begins middle of September; second semester the first of February; Summer Session for
r Teachers about the third Monday in June of each year. For catalogue, bulletins, announcements, etc., address
Notice to Those Who are Planning
t to Teach in Pennsylvania After
' Graduation.
;All students who are planning to
teaaCil'fter graduation now have an
opportunity to take a- sufficient
number of educational courses to
qualify for a college: : provisional
certificate issued by the state super
intendent of public - instruction.
The new School Code stipulates
that "a, graduate of , a university or
college•approved by the College and
University Council of this Com
monwealth, who has during his col
lege or university course successful
ly completed not less than two hun
dred hours' professional study,
including psychology, ethics, his
tory of ; iduCation, school manage
ment,mettiocKof teaching, may be
granted "a :provisional college cer
tificate valid, for three Years."
This certificate may be made
perinanent after three years of suc
cessful teaching experience. The
courses in education and philoso
phy fully 'meet these requirements
and•may be . elected after the corn
pletion of two years of college
work. Any one_infert sted should
consult the heads of the depart
menis- of education and psychology.
Recent Rulings of Importance
:Upon the recommendation 'of the
:strideittrßoaid, the Fatilty — Clim - - -
'mittee has determined that hereaft
er all sheets - for notebooks , and let
departments of the college shall be
of uniform size, namely, 8 3-8 by
10 7-8 inches; when punch holes
are used, the perforations are to be
8 1 2 inches from center to center'
The various dealers have been not
ified of this change and no note
books or sheets should be purchas
ed in the fall which do not conform
to the required size. .
By action of the Board of Trust
ees, the fee of one dollar - charged
heretofore for. re-examination in any
subject is abolished and a fee of
three dollars is established for a
second and subsequent re-examina
tion in any subject.
Alsci . ,,b3i,action of the Board of
Trustees, the, gyrimasium fee is re
stored to tqu,do)lars beginning Sep
tember,'l9ll, six dollars of which,
representing the student's admissiori
to all athletic games, turned
over to-the Athletic Association.
Prof. Liemer's Book Popular
Prof! I4ugo . Dierner'S book on
"Factory Organization and Admin
istraticin". has' filer with much suc
cess, its-merits having been recog
nized by the leading industrial men
of the day: " The text has been
adopted by twelve of the 'leading
collegesand schools of this country,
and it has been necessary to run it
throughihree editions in less than
one year, ,
. , .
Dean Jackson Honored
Prof. 36hn Price Jackson, 3)6n - of
the schpol of engineering, was
elected the firit honorary, member
of the Stige Electrical association
at its recent meeting. The,as,ocia
tion has a membership of 1,000 and
is made up of all the electrical cor
porations of the state. The honor
conferred upon Mr. Jackson is a
well merited one.
Second Summer Session for Teach-
The second summer session for
teachers enrolled 215 students, a
gain of 46 per cent. over that of the
preceding session. 45 counties
were represented. This is ten more
than were represented at the first
So far as the authorities have
been able to determine, those in at
tendance were pleased with the in
struction, the advantages for work,
the attractiveness of the surround
ings, and the profit derived from
the entertainments, excursions,
picnics, and free lectures.
Most of the summer session
students roomed and boarded in
McAllister Hall, which was under
college management during the en
tire session. A regularly employed
preceptress was in charge.
The following is a comparison of
statistics of credits obtained in the
courses offered during the first two
1911 1910
Agriculture 23 t 3
Botany 11 18
Chemistry 29 24
Domestic Science 33 18
Education 76 40
English 70 53
French 11
German 35
Greek 2
History 14 17
nd. Art 20 22
Library 34
Mathematics 31 23
Mechanical Drawing 3 3
Physics 9 13
Manual Training 9 5
Zoology 9 14
Total 461
* Not offered in 1910.
Registration Statistics
'lhe annual registration of stu
dents has been very promptly cai
ried out this semester, and the re
cords show a big increase over
last year. On September 21st,
there were 608 new students,
including 477 freshmen. The
faculty has 32 new members, mak
ing a total number of 171 in that
- bo iy. It seems incredible that, al
though three years ago Penn State's
enrollment was 1186, it has now in
creased to over 2000. The Fresh
man class will have between 500
and 600 members, and although 24
new houses have been erected in
the village since last fall, a few have
found difficulty in securing lodging.
The Forestry course has a num
ber of new foreign students, repre
senting . Argentine, Brazil, Russia,
Turkey, China, Persia, Sweden,
Hungary, Poland, Porto Rico, and
Statistics concerning new students
Juniors 7, Sophomores 5, Fresh
men 477, Specials 15. two year
Agriculturalists 86, admitted tem
porarily 18, (Pending arrival of
credentials, not yet matriculated or
Classified). Total number new
students 608.
Freshman class—New Freshmen
iri'atriculated this year 477; Fresh
men, previously matriculated 20.
Total number of Freshmen 497.
Distribution of new Freshmen
according to their options—Agri
cultural options 172, Engineering
104, Natural Science 50, Mining 25,
Liberal Arts 15, Home Economics
11. Total 477.
THE REGISTRAR, State College, Pennsylvania
During the summer, Prof. P. B.
Breneman has been preparing ap
paratus for the determination of
desirable methods for heat treat
ment of iron and steel. For this
purpose an electrical furnace has
been constructed and installed in
Room 15 of the Engineering build
Mr. Rowe, under the direction of
Prof. Harding, made an investiga
tion upon -the efficiency of planes
during the past summer. In this
work Mr. Rowe used the experi
mental track north of the Electrical
A ten ton roller, manufactured by
the Monarch Roller company, of
Utica, N. Y., has recently been ad
ded to the highway laboratory.
This addition to the laboratory was
made possible through the Good
Road's Machine company of Ken
nett Square, Pa.
At the Pennsylvania State Mill
ers' convention held this summer at
Atlantic City, N. J., Dean Jackson
and Prof. B. D. Dedrick read papers
on the milling engineering course at
the Pennsylvania State college. At
this convention two prizes, one of
fifty and one of a hundred dollars
were offered to Penn State students
making the best record in the mill
ing engineering course.
Mr. George H. Residies s.nd Prof
Diemer have conspletd their nevi
- • .542 2 -Weed-T-ukning,Wooe.
Working Machinery, - 2 and Pattern
Making." The book lays especial
emphasis on motion study photo
graphs, detailed working drawings,
the use of various power driven
wood working machines, and prac
tical detailed instructions in pattern
making work.
Hereafter, students working in
the machine shop will be provided
with a set of correctly ground high
speed tools. Minutely detailed cards
for each exercise have also been
Of Incidental and Room Rent Fees
for Students Withdrawing From
Incidental fee and room rent: .
Within three days of opening, full
rebate, barring one dollar for office
lab m; after three days and before
November Ist, two-thirds the
amount paid; between November
Ist and December Ist, one-half the
amount paid; between December
Ist and Janury Ist, one-fourth the
amount paid; from January Ist to
the end of semester, no rebate will
be given except for chemistry
Laboratory Fees.
Rebate will depend upon method
of charging fees in each laboratory.
In order to obtain a rebate, a
student must secure from his dean
or adviser permission to withdraw
and from the head of each lab
oratory to which he has paid fees,
the amount of rebate to which he is
entitled. Upon presenting these
papers at the president's office, he
will be given an order on the bus
iness office for the rebate due him.
No rebate of room rent will be
made for students remaining in col
lege unless the room is rented
again. No rebate of damage de
posit will be made until the end of
the school year.
Harry W. Sauers
130 East College Avenue
A.. full line of men's furnishings
Custom made clothing by the
Royal tailors Pennants and
cushion tops—a fine assortment
Cleaning and Pressing Tickets
$1.30 worth of work for $l.OO
tS M
92 /- 1 -\ lie 1 ---- .E1_.. - t., iM. (:,' 1 4',
a 2 Q .
M high Class Photoplay gb
9,,- ..
e New Powers 6 Machine r q
IM 1 9 2 ,
. 1 2 Our Pictures are the Best Shown 9.0
LS il(7:
iiiNt in any Sc theater, barring none N
CI g
Pour S 3 i lc. NA./ .. Each 1E ‘,/ irs irr cr ti/Jij
g r 615 715 815 015 i'i.:;
kill ti.*
li6/ Matinee Every Saturday lib
. 6 , 6,./ cz., , ADMISSION -:F (:.' 0
110 451)
ilft/ Seating Capacity 266 tjr
Z 1 ' Sa
bra.hara, 01%. the Cosucr
Barber department the best
none better; service unequal
ed, equipment the latest
Headquarters for
Smokers' Swpv\ies
Sole agency for
"5 As.\\ev's ettoco\akes
and retailer of fine confections
S H O E.'
The new fall styles
of shoes just in at
L. D. RYE' S
STANAkNu Olikc‘a\
'ROW Photographer
and dealer in St.Stlnfill. Sv.vakes
(inky Vwstaass mock acme
2.12. East Ca\egt 31,3tivat
Skate Cakegt
0. i. ..S I-I Pk lA/
Can be kept clean by washing with snap and water
You can stand on st when empty The best LOW
PRICE suitcase made
J. B. MINGLE, Shoemaker
Allen Street
3. C. Smith & Son
Dealt It, In
General : Hardware
Builders' Material
Oils, paints, glass, cement
and stoves
Roofing and spouting
Housefurnishing Goons, Etc
'Cbe flittan2 11111
State Coticge
; I don't talk ; I make signs
Lettering of trunks and suit cases my spe
cialty. Poster, slim, and display cards
CHAS. A. WOAIER, State College c
H. M. Meyers
First : Class : Restaurant
Ice Cream and Confectionery
ock Haven Steam Laundry
Your Patronage
A L. Sherman 'l4 H. W. Stiner 'l3
Soles sewed or stitched
by Champion stitcher. W. C. KLINE
South Allen street
3" . - 4 c - i