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Two More Victai les' Added to the ;
List—Rain , Halts Second Caine
With St Bonaventure Klepfer
Allows But Dour flit:; in Two
Berme the deluge of examina
tions snuck the , tudetit body amid
ships this veil:, Cartain
nine Capt liedl tllO I..;utot ies last
veek while the completion of a
thud game was pievented by iam.
On Memodal y the redoubtable
"Rub -" Klepfci held the St Bona
vtntinc unilei his thumb for
nine innings tied vc on handily 4
to O. Nine 0f the stickeis ti cm the
head ,mtets of the Allegheny fanned
the biee6es and they seemed but
three nits from "Rube "
Eberlein 'and Colson. did out telling
%yolk with the stick, and Tuman
played .e biilhant game at thiid and
Dugan stalled at fast fog the vis
On the following day Captain
King of St Boriaventure had se
cured two runs himself on close plays
at the plate and our ru..ners had
failed to tally, v, hen rain descended
in torrents just as the 'Blue and
White team was going to bat. in
thr latter half of the fifth inning.
Up to that we had secured one
more hit than the ,isitois and it is
to be regretted that the contest
could not have been finished for it
gave ever y_ promise of being a well
.fought pitcher's battle As it was
not enough 'of the contest was
played to make it a game.
Oti 3.atada) ram agars marred
the sport, but tills time the victory
was safely ;n our hands and five
and one half innings «erc put away
before the weather man inter fered.
apfer allowed only one hit and
struck out Susquehanna hat-wielders
with an exceedingly wet ball, for it
, was drizzling during the entire strug
gle. batters were going well
and would h ye piobably run up a
substantially larger score than 3 to
i it they had been able to complete
the contest. It was another clean
victory fof Klcpfer, we .have won
nine of the last ten games on the
dianiond and the big twirler has
been on the mound in: at least a
part of eight of these tritimphs.l
Today Buchnell is met on New
Beaver liicicl, on May Cy the Orange
and Blue was beaten 7 to 4 at Lew
The scores of last week's. games
follow, bota Bubb and Blythe were
kept out of ..11 these contests be
cause of sickness
t4b, s .30 at :01 t, t
Warn 11l di I
MU r i
Ebt ri , Iti I
Halt! .3
M mutt c
Xtep tr 1
bug ut
'lnman .3
pc)) It to
Ain 1 , 11,
Clan r
St. 81111, 21 taut,
Penn bt,tt,
TAlo ~ t hit, ,r, 0 1 lrtt L,t c hit hb,
0011,1 run, 11,, , 1t0t,, f.lact I ft,n , le, Tin Sto-
IC)) s 1Vor1,11) its 2Dian, 11, Wilts,- 1),,, i,
Wats. I tint to 1 to I) s tt Is I for r"
Or!, In to 1.111 t. 11 , 1,1 on tff
Dolan) hit otttl ' , IF - t( nit 1., I,lt olor 1).-
10113 nt .1i I mp,t). l Uncht t
1 r10) 'll ,It St ttr
St lintlaventurt
Penn Stat.,
B d-terlc, Mcan hit and 13ti4to, Nlint, 'Ahit
ney and Manßal Idadd , m. 1,1", (ii
booley Sacrifice hit, Carson Stol ii base , •, Yawn:.
Carson, (~11111,1r) 2 }: lb,. 011 0,111, Gilluoh y,
Lborktl, Struck out 1,1 Min , ell 3, V inel 1:
Mccltt key 3 L•rrorl, Craw 2. NI it tch 1, ilmt tf
June 3 al St le Cullene
Scisqiit hat ni
enn St rt.,. 2 1 1 0 0 x 3 6 1
13 .1 1 Pete!' and Hot er, Klepicr and S' otetii
Hit , Kc 11t, W 011,1 an, kberlt u, Iladdo \k , Carson,
I,lupfet, Putsrs 13,1 e, on Lt'ls, Kull) Struck
out by KleidrrN Iry Pt LI: 2 1 1 mutrt, rtullut
Big Day Arianged :for Alumni;
Seniors Take Part in Several of
the Proceedings.
As a day of special interest to
visiting alumni, June 13 has been
selected, and a very complete
program has' been arranged foz the
occasion. It is of pazticular impor
'tance, also, that the members of the
senior class become acquainted with
the pregmm of the. day, since their
presence is needed on several
occasions. All of us should do our
utmost to make the day an inter
esting and enjoyable one for out
old "grads." Upon arrival, alumni
are requested to register at the
alumni room in the Library. The
proceedings for the day will occur
as follows :
9.00 to 10:30—Important alumni
business meeting in Old Chapel.
( All members of 1911 class should
be in attendance.)
10.30 to 11:00—Annual business
meeting of the Phi Kappa Phi
Honor Fraternity in the Auditorium
11:00 to 12.00—Public welcornt. ,
to the class of '6l in Auditorium.
2.00 to 2 , 30-7-Trustee Elections—
Delegates, in Old Chapel; Alumni
in loom 114, Old Main.
3 00—Big Alumni parade, headed
by the college band, starts from
Old Main.
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01 1 I
1 I I
1 1 11 0 11
1 1 11 0 11
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II 1 0 0 0
1 0 0
0 1 0
0 0 0 2 II
3:30 Baseball game- Alumni vs
'Varsity. The best game es et? -
8 00--The Thespians in Audi
9:00 Alumni dance 'and recep
tion in McAllister hall. Alumni,
Ex-Students, Senior Class and Fac
ulty aie welcome. Dance, tiee;
small charge for refreshments to
those who desire them
It II l' A E
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/I (, ~ ,p ,t
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0 3 .1 1 , 2
0(I (I 0 0 0 0 0 0 (I
P 1 0 I 0 'ols , $
- The following men have been
elected to membership to the Paimi
Nous Society:-
1912—A. J. Bien, C. W. Duncan,
Le Roy Evans, Paul Forsyth, R. C.
Harlow and W. S. Kriebel,
1913 F. J. Barrett, P. T. Behan,
B. A. Datiagh, , L. F. Engle, J. L.
Mauthe, H. E. Shore and Dt W.
R 11 E
1 111 II lI 2 2
11 • ti i 3 of the Penn Stale. Abonnt Qua; (e) (y
Mini;Apr from China, to the thuted States
Parmi Nous Electious
Investigations Carried On Itythe ,
Numerous Departments in the
School of Engineering—Work on
Aeroplane Track Outlined.
During the past year there has
been started and successfully car
ried on a number of investigations
along practical and original lines.
Nearly all of the experiments that
are being conducted arc new and
will_be the means of presenting to
the engineering professi;4n, a great
deal of valuable data covering a
number of varied fields. The , work
is the beginning of a number of
investigations to be carried on by
the Experiment Station and is under
the direction of the different depart
ments concerned.
The different departments have
started woik along this line, ar.d
each aie contributing some feature
of" this line of extension. In the
Department of Industrial Engineer
ing, the investigation of high speed
steel and cutting tools, along with
efficient shop management, has
been started. The equipment for
this woik, although small, is of the
best and a great deal of work is
expected to be done along, this
The heat treatment of steel, a
subject which is commanding a
great deal of attention in the indus
trial world, is being taken up by the
Department of Mechanics, At
Conference on Rural COnditions.
On July 5,6, and 7 a conference
on aural conditions will, be held, at
the college. ' Among the speakers
are Hon. Giffotd Pinchot and Ex.
Sec. James R. Garfield. Many
prominent men will be bete, and the
conference is expected to be most
successful. - ,
The reviewing officer of the reg
iment ,of college cadets this morn
ing was Lieutenant Colonel Nicolas
de Urcullu, General Staff, Military
attache to the Royal Spanish
By c.notesy if the l'enn Stile, AIIIMItI all 7 , h Ph,
of the Umvenity of Chicago
01,1, iIAN
present a shipment of steel bass
flop' , the Bethkhem ,Steel company
is on hand and a sutiable furnace is
under constriction. The equip
ment is expected to be complete by
next fall, at which time a number
of interesting experiments will be
In the Elect - neat Department the
wireless station has been built up
until at the present time the station
is complete as far as the receiving
apparatus is concealed. Communi
cate ,n has been successfully canied
on between the stations and tem
potai y stations set up at difteient
points along the mountains. Din
ing the coming fall the poles and
wires on the ,top . of the building
will be raised and the present equi
pment enlarged upon. The depat t
men then expects to carry on
definite experiments with the Penn
sylvania Railroad company's station
at Harrisburg.
Under the direction of the Me
chanical Department, there has
been designed and constructed, the
The Thermal Testing Plant and the
so-called "Aicoplane" track. Pei
haps the so-called "Areoplanc"
track has attracted more attention
during the past few weeks than the
other lines of wcrk, due to its
unique construction. It is not
exactly an areoplane track, for in
addition to the running of tests ,on
lifting planes fbr aeroplanes, experi
ments will be conducted to deter
mine the effect of resistances on
different forms of car and autoino
bile fronts," the 'latter being a sub
ject that is receiving a great deal
of attention in foreign countries and
one that is changing in every detail
the design of automobile bodies.
The track is circular and has'a
radius of 100 .feet, making it ap
proximately 8.4 turns per mile, so
that for -a speed of 45 miles per
hour, which is about the maximum
speed c:esirekl, the, car will encircle.
the track every 9.5 seconds.
The car is propelled by a 20
horsepower motor by means of a
silent chain drive. It is held
against contrifugal force by a cable
fastened lo a six inch steel column
30 feet high imbedded in a case of
concrete at the centre of the circle.
Readings of the resistance an I lift
ing effect will be taken by means
of automatic electrical recording in
sti uments.
Regimental Review
No; Songs, Specialties, and Jokes
Large Commencement
The Phaisonians gave their final
peifoimancc of the year on Friday
night to one of the largest ,Com
mencement audiences ever seen in
tl)c history of the institution. The
show given, by far surpassed any
pi evious pcifounance produced by
the ()lonization.
Mom the rise of the curtain until
the closing overture the audience
was kept in a spasm of laughter.
Mi. Gaut sang "Some of These
Days" in , has chaiacteristic style,
arid this number was immediately
followed by "The Land of Har
mony," sung by Mr. Leyden the
catchey end. Mr. Wingard sang
the beautiful ballad "Dreams of
You" in a beautiful manner. This
was followed by Mr. 'Ludwick in
his great song "That Long Lost
Chord," Mr. 'Guthrie gave the audi
ence a great treat in his interpreta- 7
tion of Bert Williams' famous song
"In De Evenin " He repeated his'
success of the former performance
in the manner in which he portrayed
this famous comedian's style. Mr.
Armstrong, the well-known baritone
' was encored time and time again
for his beautiful rendition of "We'll
Build a Bungalow."
Mr. Nelson, undoubtedly made the
hit of the evening when he 'sang
"..fhe Place For Me Am Home."
He was assisted by , Mr.' Neidig
whO played the part - of the lion.
The evening's first part cicised
with one of the greatest mirth
provoking scenes ever produced on
a local stage It was entitled "Gee!
But Its Great To Meet a Friend
From Your Home Town."
In the olio, Mr. Spangler and Mr,
Nelson produced the side-splitting
' farce entitled "Black Magic." From
start to finish it was a round of
hila,•ious situations. The "College
Inn" the farct: comedy which closed
the show was similar to the "Blue
Goose Inn" of the previous
performance, except that it had all
the,. weak places; if any, strength,
cried. New songs were introduced,
new characters were neatly fitted in
and if was one continous round of
funny happenings, and clever Work
by finished comedians, The show
was under the (Election of C. N.
Couch of Pittsbmg and it gives due
credit to his work,
Class of 1911 to Hold Graduating
Services on Wednesday.
On Wednesday, June 14-, at ten
o'clock, the 1911 Commencement'
exeicises will take plac'. in the
Auditorium. The events will begin
with the Academic procession,'
which will form at the Library, and
march to the fiont seats in the
Auditorium, the faculty taking their
places on the stage. Rev. Dr. Gill,
Chaplain of the College, will pm
nounce the Invocation.
The class of 1911 is particularly
tottunate in securing as their Com
mencement orator His Excellency,
Chan Yin Tang-, Chinese minister to
the United States. For the first
time since coming to the United
States, the Minister will speak on
the Chinese question, his subject
being "Amer ica's Part in the Reju
nevation of China."
The Senior Valedictory, will be
deliveted this year by Willard Ray
mond Rhoads.
Continued on part. 4, culuilin 1