State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1904-1911, February 15, 1906, Image 4

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Published on Thursday of each week during the
college year by the students of The Pennsylvania
State College in the interest of the Students. Fac
ulty. Alumni and friends of the college.
Entered at the Post Office, State College, Pa.,
as second class matter.
T. F. FOLTZ, ’O6, Chief.
H. D. MASON, ’O7.
J. K. BARNES, ’O9.
W. J. DUMM, 'O6.
S. H. YORKS, ’O7.
$l. 50 per year or $1.25 if paid within SO days after
date of subscription.
THURSDAY, FEB. 15. 1906.
Now that the location of the post
office has been changed we no
longer have any reasonable excuse
for walicing across the campus.
Heretofore when the snow cleared
away early in the spring we were
greeted by an ugly narrow path
across the campus which up to
commencement time could not be
effaced. All manner of mass meet
ings and indignation speeches could
not keep the students off the cam
pus except during brief occasional
moments. Wire fences and signs
were of no avail. The only prac
ticable remedy has been applied and
from indications the “crossing-the
campus’ ’ evil has been greatly over
We are not perfect, either indi
vidually or collectively as an institu
tion. There are chances for im
provements everywhere about us
but very often these improvements
are never made unless a gentle re
minder be given. The Collegian
has thought out a scheme. We are
introducing a new department in
which we will include from week to
week a few hints which we hope will
be taken in the spirit in which they'
are given. For want of a better
name we are labeling this depart
ment “Kicklets.” We will cheer
fully receive from students any sug
gestions which effect the well-being
of the college.
Probably some will contend that
that we are assuming a rather bold
and dictatorial position in conduct
ing a department of this nature. In
reply we will say that we conscien
tiously believe this is about the
most effective manner in which a
college may improve itself. If any
one chooses to regard us in the light
of “knockers” let him consider that
we mean well and that we have the
prosperity of the institution at heart.
Here are a few “kicklets” for
this week:
A clock in the library would be
If a bell in the Engineering build
ing be electrically connected to that
in the lower hall of the Main Build
ing there would be less confusion at
beginnings and endings of periods.
A permanent pavement across
College Avenue to connect the walks
in front of the Engineering Building
and the Hotel would be a conven-
ience, especially when the streets
are in a muddy condition
Basketball Schedule,
The basketball games for the re
mainder of the season are as fol
Lebanon Valley, Feb. 16, at State
Allegheny College, March 2, at
Mead vide.
Probably Westminister College,
March 3, at Beaver Falls.
Western University of Penn.,
March 5, at Pittsburg.
West Virginia University, March
6, at Morgantown.
An effort has being made to ar
range local games with Lehigh and
the Carlisle Indianas.
Robt. Mathias, ’95, has left the
Chas. N. Wood Electric Company
to assume charge of the Railway
Dept, of the Stuart —Howland Co.,
of Boston.
D. S. Miller, ’OO, has resigned his
place with the Boston Elevated Rail
way Co., to accept the position of
Asst. Chief Engineer for the Con
solidated Railroad Co., wi h head
quarters at New Haven, Conn.
A. A. Wirt, ’O3, has left Boston
and has located in Carlisle, Pa.
E. H. Armsby, ’O5, was a visitor
at the College last Sunday,
C. A. Smith, ’6l, Professor of
Chemistry at State about twenty
five years ago and now President
and Manager of the Mclntosh Bat
tery and Optical Company of Chi’
cago, was a prominent visitor at the
College recently.
A. C. Read, ’92, who was lately
operated upon for appendicitis, leaves
the Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, this
William P. Cochran, ’9B, is with
the Westinghouse Co., with head
quarters at Charleston, W. Va.
Harry A. Kuhn,
West Indies on a tour,
L. B. Grir.dlay ’O2, has been
transferred to the Tacoma, Wash
Shops of the Northern Pacific R. R.
E. H. Hess, ’OO, who has been
assisting in experimental work at the
Station, has returned to his home at
Windom, Lancaster county.
The Armstrong Cork Co., of
Pittsburg is represented on the
Pacific Coast by W. M. Whitten,
’97, who is situated at San Francisco.
P. J. Darlington, ex-’9O, is Sec
retary for the Liberty Manufacturing
Co., of Pittsburgh.
Arthur G. McKee, ’9l, has gone
into business for himself as consult
ing engineer at Cleveland, Ohio.
’96, is in the