State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1904-1911, January 12, 1905, Image 1

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Vol. 1, No. 13
FRIDAY, Jan. 13
8.00 P. M. Basket ball in Armory;
College vs. Williamsport High
SUNDAY, Jan. 15.
9.45 A. M. Bible Classes.
6.Q0 P. M. Y. M. C. A. in room
529 Main. Topic: Advance,
Opening of College.
The Winter term opened on
Wednesday morning, Jan. 4th, at
eleven o’clock with Chapel in the
Auditorium. The attendance of
students was very slim, but the
Faculty showed up in goodly num
bers. The heavy fall of snow had
greatly blocked travel on the rail
roads and consequently delayed the
arrivals. Quite a number of the
students came straggling in on
Dr. Atherton congratulated the
student body on the magnificent
progress of the past year and ex
pressed the hope that the year to
come would be still more prosperous.
He communicated the welcome
intelligence that the College had re
ceived combined Christmas and New
Year’s gifts from good friends, and
named Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Car
negie as the benefactors in this case.
Mr. Carnegie gave $25,000, the in
terest of which is to be used as a
Beneficiary Fund for the help of
needy students. Mrs. Carnegie gave
$25,000, the interest of which is to be
divided into scholarships. It is ex
pected that the Board of Trustees at
their meeting ia Harrisbirg o.i the
24th of this month will complete the
arrangements for the administration
of these funds.
Semicentennial Jubilee,
The Alumni Semi-Centennial Jub
ilee Com nittee appointed at the
meeting of the Alumni Association,
June 1904, is composed of the fol
lowing members : —Chairman, Geo.
M. Downing ’BB, Jas. L. Hammil
’BO, J. F. Shields ’92 G. R. Meek
’9O, and H. Walton Mitchell ’9O.
The Board of Trustees at their De
cember meeting voted to permit
this committee the entire use dur
ing Commencement, of McAllister
Hall, with a few reservations,for the
entertainment of the Alumni and
their friends and relatives.
The Hall will be finished by the
first of May. A professional caterer
has been selected, who will have en
tire charge of the boarding facilities.
One section of the Hall during
Commencement will be given over to
the ladies. A matron will be in
charge and every effort will be made
to insure the comfort of the guests.
Meals will be served regularly in the
dining hall.
At a meeting of the Alumni Com
mittee on Pennsylvania Day, a cir
cular was drawn up and ordered
printed. This has been sent out to
all the Alumni of the College and
great interest in the coming Semi-
Centennial is being awakened there
Mandolin Club
The Mandolin and Guitar Club
has been organized for the coming
season. All the old members have
returned and there are several prom
ising candidates from the lower' class
es. New music will be secured and in
a few weeks the club will be open
for engagements. R. PI. Farring
ton ’O6 v/as chosen leader, and G. L.
Christman ’O6, treasurer and general
Luzerne Co. Club Reception at
The Luzerne County Club of
State College, which was organized
about one year ago, held an inform
al reception at the rooms of the
Wilkes-Barre College of Music in the
Simon Long building last night and
it proved to be a most enjoyable
affair, l'he decoration of the hall
was unique, consisting of a neat ar
rangment of photographs and pen
nants. A large number of friends
of the College alumni and prospec
tive students were present and were
entertained with music, games and
The object of the Luzerne County
Club is to help in all possible ways
the students, and also to make State
College better known in this region.
It is only in recent years that stu
dents from the eastern part of the
State have realized the advantages
of State College and it is thought
that the reception given last night
will have the effect of bringing more
students to the college.
Among those present were : A.
Davis, ’UB, Plymouth ; Thomas S.
Roberts, Plymouth; D. T. Evans,
’08; E. N. Goodman, ’O5, Pitts
ton; C. W. Hubbell, ’O6, Pittston ;
F. B. Garrahan, ’O7; G. E. Cohen,
’O7; B. Frank Bart, William S.
Dickey, H. C. Kressly, Frank Nich
olson, Oscar Behee, H. L. Freder
ick, ’O5; L. H. Jacobosky, E.
Saums, ’O4 ; Louis Ansart, ’9B ; J.
J. Kaiser, ’O6 ; W. E. Kaiser, ’O5 ;
T. W. Mason, ’O7 ; Robert Wallace,
C. F. Doeson, P. W. hlaun, George
Kaufer, Charles Dodson, Ross
Lloyd, Frank Davenport, John B.
Hawley, George O. Willets, William
Hawley, E. G. Cohen, Wilkes-
Barre ; E. P\ Hay, ’O7 , Ketchum ;
R. E. Cooper, ’O5, Kingston; C.
R. Stahl, ’O7; C. R. Smith, ’O6,
Stroudsburg. —Wilkes-Barre Rec
—The Mallory Studio, Bellefonte,
have established R. H. Farrington as
student agent. Find him at the
Kappa Sigma house.
Price Five Cents