State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1904-1911, November 10, 1904, Image 3

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    College 6—Bellefonte
Academy 0.
In a close fight the College team
defeated Bellefonte Academy last
Saturday afternoon by a score of
6-0. A strong cross wind made
good kicking and catching of punts
very difficult, and the fumbling on
both sides was noticeable. In the
first half State kicked off, Weaver
running the ball back fifteen yards
before he was downed. Bellefonte
tried the College line but failed to
gain and Weaver kicked.
State then tried line smashing and
end runs, rushing the ball to Belle
fontes two yard line, when Higson
carried it over for the only touch
down. Higson also kicked the goal.
Soon after the half ended. In the
second half Hand kicked off for the
College team and then followed a
see-saw back and forth across the
Bellefonte played strongly, at one
time having the ball on State’s
twelve yard line, when it seemed
that a field goal was a sure thing,
but the play was not made and Belle
fonte’s score remained zero.
Academy also claimed a touch
down in the second half, when
Weaver punted back of the College
goal line and then fell at the same
time with Burns on the ball. The
umpire disallowed it, saying that
it was Burns' ball. “Johnny” Weav
er, who was on the College team
here for a short time this fall, played
a splendid game for Bellefonte.
Gutelius is also a snappy player.
The line-up.
Taylor left end
. left tackle
left guard.
.. .center..
Stover. .
.right guard.,
.right tackle.
.right end
Weaver quarterback Dodge (Sell)
Roelofs.left halfiback. Ferguson (Mitchell, Dime’ow)
Gutehus right halt back Henry
Miller full back... .Higson (Van Horn)
Referee —Shoffstall. Umpire—Dunn, 'O5. Lines
men —Lilley; Mclntyre. Timekeepers—Hughes,
Berry; Touchdowns—Higson 1. Goals.—Higson 1.
Time of halves, 20 and 15 minutes.
“Labor overcometh all things,”
—even the laborer. — Ex.
Last Saturday’s Scores.
Pennsylvania, 22; Lafayette, 0,
Harvard, 0; Dartmouth, 0.
Princeton, 12; West Point, 6.
Yale, 22; Brown, 0.
Cornell, 50; Lehigh, 5.
Indians, 28; Ursinus, 0.
Princeton Freshmen, 10; Yale
Freshmen, 7.
Chicago, 68; Texas, 0.
Annapolis, 20; State College, 9.
Illinois, 46; Ohio State Univer
sity, 0.
Andover, 36; Lawrenceville, 0.
Michigan, 36; Drake, 4.
Wesleyan, 23; University of Ver
mont, 0.
Union, 11; Trinity, 0.
Colgate, 6; Williams, 0.
Hamilton, 28; Rochester, 6.
Columbia second Varsity, 10; Ste
vens Institute, 0.
Rutgers, 6; Delaware, 6.
Harvard Freshmen, 28; Cushing
Academy, 11.
Bates, 23; Colby, 0.
Bowdoin,= 22; University of
Maine, 5.
Tuft’s College, 23; Springfield
Training School, 0.
Amherst, 40; Holy Cross, 6.
Case School, 21; Ohio Medical
University, 0.
Oberlin, 12; Western Reserve
University, 12,
University (Cleveland) School, 0;
Morgan Park High, Chicago, 30.
A. and M. College, 0; University
of South Carolina, 0.
Charleston, 65; Fort Screven, 0.
University of Virginia, 5; Virginia
Polytechnic Institute, 0.
Georgetown, 16; North Carolina,o.
McComb 1 Crocker!
The line up next Saturday will
probably be as follows:
Banks left end Barr
Seeley (Capt.) left tackle Smith
Krebs leftguard White
Smith center Dunn
Salter right end Moorhead
Simpson quarterback Saunders
Robison left half back Mcllvatn
Rich right half back Yeckley
Sadler fullback Forkum (Capt.)
Line up
•rightguard Woodward
. right tackle Moscrip
Games Next Saturday.
Harvard vs. Holy Cross, at Cam-
Yale vs. Princeton, at Princeton.
Columbia vs. Cornell, at New
Pennsylvania vs. Carlisle Indians,
at Philadelphia.
Annapolis vs. Virginia, at An
Lafayette vs. Susquehanna, at
Pennsylvania State vs. Dickinson,
at Williamsport.
Washington and Jefferson vs.
Ohio State, at Columbus.
Wesleyan vs. Trinity, at Middle
Michigan vs. Chicago, at Ann
Georgetown vs.Bucknell, at Wash
Harvard, 1908, vs. Yale, 1908,
at New Haven.
West Point vs. New York Uni
versity, at West Point,
There once was a chap at a dance
Who saw a fan dropped by mischance;
As he stooped o'er the floor
Something ripped, and he tore
From the room with a split in his—gloves!
Punch Bowl.
“I think,” said the actor, as a
cabbage just grazed his nose, “that
someone in the audience has lost his
Pastor (to the convert) —Do you
believe in the laws of the church?
“I do.”
Pastor (to congregation) —Then
let us pray for this person.— Touch-
“But if the professor is so absent
minded that he can’t remember his
own name, why doesn’t he write it
on a slip of paper and carry it with
“He tried that, but he found that
he couldn’t read his own writing.”
—Brooklyn Life.