State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1904-1911, November 10, 1904, Image 1

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Vol. 1, No. 7.
6.00 P. M. Y. M. C. A. in Room
529 Main. Topic, “The Roy
al Invitation to Prayer.” H.
D. Easton, leader.
Annapolis, 20, State, 9,
State suffered defeat at the hands
of the Navy last Saturday breaking
the list of victories of the past three
years. The result came as a sur
prise to the cadets, who were sure
that State was as strong as Swarth
more. It was probably as great an
eye-opener to the Blue and White.
To cry that luck figured in the
game seems a poor excuse but bad
fortune was undoubtedly State’s lot.
Forkum was forced to leave the field
in the first five minutes of play. In
Moscrip’s try for a goal from a
touchdown the center of the ball hit
just a little below the bar and of
course the try failed. On the other
hand when the Navy tried the last
goal the ball hit one of the posts
fairly but fell over the bar. When
a ball was fumbled by either side it
always seemed to fall directly into
the arms of a navy player. Fum
bles were made when entirely un
called for and at decidedly inoppor
tune times. These are some of the
ways in which fate seemed to have
a finger in the game.
The team arrived in Baltimore on
Friday afternoon and stayed at the
Eutaw until Saturday morning. It
seemed confident of winning the
game. The afternoon was cloudy
but did not deter the large crowd
that attended the contest.
At 2.30 the teams appeared on the
field. They were about equal in
weight. After a short practice
STATE COLLEGE, PA., NOV. 10, 1904,
Forkum kicked off. The ball was
run back only a short distance and
the cadets were not able to make a
first down. They kicked and State
had the ball near the center. From
this point they carried it by succes
sive plunges to within five yards of
the line. Here continued line
smashing failed to gain and State
was held for downs. The Navy
kicked at once and the touchdown
was lost. The ball now moved back
and forth in the center of - the field.
After a time Annapolis had it direct
ly in front of the goal and Martin
succeeded in a drop kick. Shortly
after the next kick-off Forkum who
had been laid out several times was
urged to retire from the game. This
was due largely to the closing of his
throat from the case of laryngitis
which he had at the time. McGee
took his place and played an excel
lent game, but the team did not seem
to have the same confidence in him
as they did in Forkum. Conse
quuently the Navy was soon in po
sition for a drop kick at the other
goal. This was successfully tried
and the half ended with score: Navy
8; State 0.
In the second half the cadets scored
a touchdown by some quick play.
It looks very blue for State and
was extremely doubtful if she
would score at all. But on the
next kick-off things brightened.
The team played good ball and took
the pigskin to such a place that
Moscrip could easily make a field
goal. The spirit of winning lasted
and with fifteen minutes of the half
gone Moorhead assisted by splendid
interference by Saunders got around
left end for a forty yard run and a
touchdown. With five minutes to
play State would have won by
Price Five Cents.
another touchdown. Unfortunate
fumbling and penalties,however, soon
placed the ball so close to State’s
goal that Annapolis gathered spirit
and dashed across the line. This
made the score Navy 20, State 9.
Grady played a star game for the
Navy. Moorhead made several very
pretty tackles. State’s ends were
always quick in getting down the
field on punts. The Blue and White
was penalized about 60 yards during
the game. The line was weak with
out Forkum to back it up. The
line up:
Barr left end Whiting
Smith . .lefttackle.(Pierce) Farley ,Capt.
White... . ...left guard Goss
Wray center McClintic
Woodward right guard...(O’Connell) Smith
Moscrio right tackle...(Grady) Chambers
Moorhead. . . . right end Howard
Saunders quarter (Wilcox) Morton
Partridge (Mcllveen) .left halfback Bernard
Yeckley right half back Doherty
Forkum,Capt. (McGee).full back Ghormley
Touchdown —Whiting, Doherty, Moorhead.
Goals from field —Morton, 2; Moscrip. Goals from
touchdown Wilcox. Umpire—Okeson, Lehigh,
Referee —Halbert, St. Johns. Time of halves —
25 and 20 minutes
Schwab Coming,
President Atherton announced in
Chapel on Tuesday that Mr. Schwab
would accompany Mr. Carnegie to
the College for the dedication of the
new library week after next. The
news was received with applause.
’O6 Banquet
According to the custom of the
Junior class, the members of 1906
will banquet next Friday evening
at Williamsport. Heckathorne is
chairman and Rhoades will act as
A petition is being circulated
among the students to endeavor to ob
tain the Armory for dancing pur
poses one night each week. A
dancing school will probably be