State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1904-1911, October 26, 1904, Image 3

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    State 12-W. & J. 0
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kicked off to Forkum who advanced
20 yaids before being downed. Par
tridge, Smith and Yeckley made
gains but W. &J. got the ball on a
fumble. W. &J. could gain noth
ing around the ends but started a
steady movement through the line.
State supporters began to shake a
little as line after line was passed.
Finally a fumble gave the ball to
State on the 33 yard line. A few
short gains were made and then
Forkum made his 70 yard run around
left end by a fake mass on right
tackle. He kicked the goal and the
score stood State 12, W. & J. 0.
After this the ball stayed in W. &
J. territory as it had been most of
the game. Slowly hut certainly it
moved down toward the goal line
until only a short distance of three
yards remained to be passed. At
this point time was up and we lost
the touchdown. The line-up:
Barr .
left tackle Roy
.leftguard Gibson
.center.. Sutten
..right guard Stuart
right tackle Timmons
. .nghtend Hart
quarter back Neill
While . .
Dunn... .
Moscrip. .
Yeckley left half Tanner
Partridge right half Simmons
Forkum fullback Wright
Touchdowns —Yeckley, Forkum. Goals from
touchdovns—Forkum (2). Substitutions —Morris
for Hupp, Skinner for Tanner, Smith for Simmons,
Seip for Wright. Referee —E. P. Young. Cornell
Umpire—Arthur Poe. Princeton. Linesmen —Park
Alexander, W. & J., Will Pleppenstall, State.
Timers—Charles E. Aull, Slate; Blaine Aiken, W,
&J. Time of halves—-20 and 25 minute-. Atten
Side Lines
Hewitt was there.
Whitworth was there too.
A large crowd of alumni saw the
Partridge and Moorhead made
their S’s last Saturday.
Harvard and Amherst are the on
ly Eastern colleges with clean re
Efforts are being made to have all
of Dickinson’s co-eds turn out to the
game at Williamsport.
Westminster beat Allegheny by a
large score. What will she do here
on Saturday?
The College Team Victorious
On Saturday Oct. 22nd the Col
lege team defeated a strong combi
nation from Lock Haven Normal on
Beaver Field by the score of 10-0.
Although the day was threatening a
fair crowd of students assembled to
see the contest.
Promptly at three o’clock the
teams lined up, with the Normal
team defending the west goal.
Hand kicked off. Collar caught
the ball, advanced it a short dis
tance, but lost it when tackled, the
college boys getting the ball. They
gained rapidly and Montz was soon
sent over for a touchdown. Higson
failed to kick a goal. Hand kicked
off again and the college team got
the ball in just the same manner as
before, Collar fumbling the kickoff.
After a couple of line plays Hand
went around the left end for 15
yards and Ritchey took the ball
over for the second touchdown.
On the next kick off Normal got the
ball on their 30 yard line and it see
sawed back and forth,the half ending
with the ball in the hands of the
college team on Normal’s 25 yard
line. ■
In the second half there was no
scoring, although the Normal suc
ceeded in working within 20 yards
of State’s goal only to lose it on
downs. Later the college team had
the ball on Normal’s 5 yard line
when they fumbled and Normal in
spite of a penalty for holding, got
the ball out of danger. The game
ended with the ball in mid-field in
the possession of the college team.
The game was rough and not al
ways the best of feeling was ex
hibited. Hand, Burns, Higson and
Price did the best work for the Col
lege team. The line-up
w. & j.
McC C°apt b { C Yo k d e e r r} Winslow
Ritchey left tackle Childs
Price guard Garvey
Reese center Thomas
Hand (Shoemaker) right guard Dinnison
McWilliams right tackle ...Woodhouse
Burns (Crees) rightend..,Brown McCarty
Dodge l qurrter CoUar
Lilly(Hargest) righthalf Murray
Montz (Ferguson). ... left half Robison
Higson (Van Horn)... full back Logan. Capt.
Referee —Dr. J. I. Robison. Umpire—Morgan.
Time of halves—2s and 20 minutes. Touchdown by
Montz and Ritchey.
’O7 Civils-4, Mechanicals-0.
In a hotly played contest, which
took place on Beaver Field last Sat
urday afternoon, preceding the Col
lege game with Lock Haven Normal,
the ’O7 Mechanicals were defeated
by the Civils 4-0. Variety of uni
forms and eccentric playing on both
made every scrimmage ludi
crous, and the enthusiasm along the
side lines was tremendous. The on
ly score made was in the first half,
when Laird drop-kicked a goal from
the field for the Civils. The line-up.
Bitler left end Wentzel
Winters (Small) left tackle
Bainbridge left guard.
Gift center .
Brewster right guard
Metz right tackle.
right end. ... Love (Dußarryj
quarter back...Steigerwalt
Tawney (Snyder)
Laird left half back. .Wilson IR. W.Steigerwalt
Conklin right half back Stair
Smith fullback McCormick
Time of halves, 15 and 10 minutes. Umpire,
Dodge. Referee, Waller. Time keepers, Ingram,
Stevenson. Linesmen, Warriner, Quigley.
’O6 Miners Victors
Managers Van Swearingen’s team
went down to defeat before “Baldy”
Braddock’steamof Miners on Beaver
Field last Monday afternoon. The
only touchdown of the game was
scored in the first half by Mahaffey
on a long end run. The score was
made possible by a 30 yard run by
Gilson on a delayed pass. The final
score was 5-0. The line-up:
Gilson (Capt.) left end Voss
Dalburg left tackle Ferver
L.B.Smith (Braddock).left guand Berry
Caswell center Lorah
Hammond right guard Davis
Stine right tackle Heckathorne
Barrett nghtend Nolan (Shed)
■right half
left half.
Referee—Dean. Umpire—Reigart. Touchdown,
Mahaffey. Linesmen —J. J. Kaiser and “Bugs’*
Arnold. Time of halves 12M and 10 minutes.
Water boys,Lowe ’O5 and Ready 'O6.
Scores, Saturday, Oct. 22.
State 12, W. & J., 0.
Princeton 60, Lehigh, 0.
West Point 11, Yale 6.
W. of Pa. 16, Columbia 0.
Harvard 12, Carlisle 0.
Cornell 36, F. & M. 5.
Lafayette 4, Swathmore 0.
Amherst 5, Brown 0.
Navy 0, Dickinson 0.
Michigan 130, W. W. Va. 0.
Westminster 76, Allegheny 0.
Dartmouth 18, Holy Cross 4.
W. U. P. 30, Geneva 0.
. .Leitzell
. ..Kirk
Deuel (CaptJ