State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1904-1911, October 26, 1904, Image 1

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Vol. 1, No. V.
6.30 P. M. Berzelius Chemical So-
7.00 P. M. Trial Debate in Old
3.00 P.M. State vs. Westminster
on Beaver Field.
9.45 A. M. Bible Classes.
11.00 A. M. Chapel. Sermon by
Dr. Forbes of Philadelphia.
6.00 P. M. Y. M. C. A. in Room
529 Main. Topic “Life of
Livingston.” O. C. Hays,
7.00 P. M. Forum in 367 Main
7.00 P. M. Civil Eng. Society.
6.30 P. M. E. E. Society in Room
20, Engineering Building.
State 12—W. &J. 0.
Last Saturday over 4,000 people
gathered at the Exposition Park,
Allegheny, to witness a stirring game
of football between State and Wash
ington and Jefferson. The small
score was due to the shortness of
halves and did not give justice to the
mighty battle put up by the Blue and
White. W. &J. had a good team
that fought hard but could never get
nearer to a touchdown than the 33
yard line.
All the cheering of the solid mass
STATE COLLEGE, PA., OCT. 26, 1904.
of Red and Black in the center of
the bleachers along the side of the
field could not infuse energy enough
into the W. &. J. team to hold the
furious charging of Forkum, Yeckley
and Partridge in the back field.
Time after time these players went
through their opponents line for long
gains. Smith and Moscrip were
very efficient in carrying the ball.
For W. & J. the giant left tackle
Roy made consistent gains. Hupp,
their left end, was so aggressive that
plays were directed more often
around the other side.
A wonderful helping spirit charac
terized State’s play. A man was rarely
alone in a movement. He never
seemed to stop moving until at least
a few more yards had been covered
by the energetic tugging and pushing
of his fellows. This is the spirit
that wins games.
The beauty of the game was great
ly marred by the unnecessary rough
ness of the W. &J. players. Slug
ging and numerous other opposites
of clean playing on their part seemed
far more noticeable to the spectators
than to the officials, who apparently
forgot all rules in regard to such ac
tion. However, the outrageous action
of Hupp in the second half was so
plain that the duty of officials was
also clear. Forkum had completed
his long run of 10 yards and was
resting easily with the ball where he
had placed it behind the goal posts.
Hupp happened along that way in a
speedy manner and seeming to think
State’s full-back a jumping mat at
tempted to place both feet on his
stomach. That finished Hupp.
Morris took his place.
A little after 3 o’clock W. & J.
won the toss and Forkum kicked off
to Simmons who ran the ball back
15 yards to their 50 yard line. The
Red and Black made the first down
and was then forced to kick. Saun
ders ran the ball back to the center
of the field. Partridge gained two
through tackle and Yeckley two
around right end. Forkum punted
50 yards and the ball rolled over the
goal line. Wright kicked out from
the 25 yard line to Forkum, who
made a 25 yard return. After a
series of large gains Yeckley was
shoved over for the first touchdov/n
in minutes of play. Fork urn
kicked the goal making the score:
State 6 —W. & J. 0.
Forkum again kicked off and Roy
came back 20 yards. A fake kick
netted W. &J. seven yards bur on
the next play they fumbled, a State
man falling on the ball. Moscrip
made nine yards through right guard.
After a number of plays Forkum
punted 40 yards and again the ball
rolled behind the goal posts. On
the kick-out Forkum was downed at
the center of the field. State made
about 15 yards and then lost it for
holding the line. The ball moved
back and forth over a small area un
til the end of the half when it was in
State’s possession on W. & J.’s 45
yard line.
Between the halves the band en
gaged for the occasion by tire W. &
J. students started to parade around
the field. No Red and Black root
ers accompanied it and the situation
was quickly sized up by State alumni
and students, who soon had a line be
hind the band. When several W. S:
J. students finally “butted in” they
found the White and Blue heading
the procession. After one round
the band was recalled.
To open the second half Wright
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