State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1904-1911, October 20, 1904, Image 1

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    State Colle
Vol. I, No. IV.
Sunday, Oct. 23.
9:45 A. M. Bible Classes.
11:00 A. M. Chapel Sermon by
Dr. J. Ellis Bell, of Altoona.
6:00 P. M. Y. M. C. Room
529 Main. Topic: “David
Livingston.” Deader, O. C.
Hayes, ’O6.
Tuesday, Oct. 25
P. M. —C. E. Society in Room
20, Engineering Building.
Wednesday, Oct. 26.
P. M. E. E. Society in Room
20, Engineering Building.
In a very interesting game the
Varsity defeated the University of
West Virginia team here last Sat
urday. The visitors came with a
good reputation and the uncertain
ty felt by many with regard to the
result drew a large crowd to Bea
ver Field.
The teams lined up shortly after
3 p. m. The West Virginians
kicked off and got down the field
very quickly. State gained but the
ball changed hands and see-sawed
back and forth for some time before
Smith went over for the first touch
down. Forkum missed the goal.
He then kicked off well down the
field to Hineman. The Virginian
made a very neat pass to Capt. Mar
tin and continued across the field.
It took the team some time to dis
cover Martin well on his way for a
STATE COLLEGE, PA., OCT. 20, 1904.
touchdown. Saunders was his only
obstacle. State’s quarter made a
good attempt to stop the ball at the
center of the field but Martin had
good interference by this time.
Saunder’s tackle, however, retard
ed Virginia’s captain enough to
enable the fleet-footed Smith to
overtake and down him on State’s
25-yard line. This danger past the
Varsity showed how they felt their
loss by the determined way they
handled their opponents. Two
more touchdowns were made in this
half, Smith carrying the ball over,
and Forkum kicked the goals.
In the second half Fawkes was
replaced by McGee. An injured
knee was the cause of this substi
tution. In spite of the stubborn
defence of West Virginia touch
downs were made by Forkum,
Partridge and Moorehead. Two
goals were kicked and the final
score stood 34-0.
The whole team played a helping
game. The man with the ball was
often dragged 5 yards after he was
tackled. West Virginia was plucky
and had plenty of spirit until the
end of the game. Her men were
very frequently laid out. Fumb
ling was more frequent than usual
on our side. Forkum played an
all-round defensive and offensive
game. Smith seemed to be the
best ground-gainer of the day. He
and Wray were a formidable pair of
tackles. White and Dunn opened
the line whenever called upon. The
spirit of the whole team was very
gratifying to State-supporters.
Moscript and Yeckley were on
the side-lines as the result of in
juries received in the Yale game.
The line-up :
Price Five Cents.
Barr left end__.
Smith left tackle-
..left guard..
Dunn centre—'-Yeardly (Wilson»
Woodward right guard Bachman
Wray right tackle—(Ruble) Ernst
Moorehead right end. (McDonald)Toll
Saunders quarterback Fleming
Partridge left half-back—(Capt) Martin
Fawkes (McGee) right half-back Hinemau
Forkum (Capt) full-back Elson
Touchdowns—Smith, 8; Forkum. Partridge,
Moorehead. Goals from touchdowns-Forkum,
4. Referee—Dr. J Robinson. Umpire—Dr. F.
Robinson. I 4 inesmen—Dean and Ranker. Time
of halves—2s and 20 minute's.
Four men won the “S” in this
game. They were Smith, Saund
ers, Fawkes and Barr.
Y. M. C. A.
At the Bible and Mission Studies’
Institutes held at Bucknell Univer
sity last Saturday and Sunday,
State was represented by C. F.
Noll, A. L. Ferver, J. W. Bartlett
and the general secretary.
Dr. C. H. Haas, graduate of the
Medical department of the Univer
sity of Michigan, who is traveling
in the interest of the student volun
teer movement, will visit State Oct.
25-27. He will address the student
body on the subject of medical
work in non-christian lands. To
the State men who heard Dr. Haas
at the summer conference this year
he will need no introduction. His
message is thrilling in interest.
Mr. Gilbert A. Beaver, ’9O, has
become general secretary of the
Columbia University Association.
A number of State Colleges and
Universities are providing special
buildings for the use of their asso
ciations. The University of North
Carolina is putting $12,000 in a
building. The University of Vir
ginia will have a $60,000 Associa
tion building, the gift of Mrs. Will
liam E. Dodge. At the State Col
lege of lowa $50,000 will be spent
for a similar purpose.
Mr. A. B. Williams, Jr., who was
always heartily welcomed upon his
visits at State has become secretary
of the Central Department of the
Cleveland Y. M. C. A.
W. Va.