State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1904-1911, October 13, 1904, Image 1

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    State Collegian.
Vol. I, No. 111.
Friday, Oct. 14.
P. M. Berzilius Chemical
Saturday, Oct. 15.
P. M. W. Va. University
vs. State.
Sunday, Oct. 16.
9:45 A. M. Bible Classes.
11:00 A. M. Chapel Sermon by
Dr. Gill.
6:00 P. M.. Y. M. C. A. in Room
529 Main. Subject: “The
First Training Table. ’ ’
E. G. Frazer, ’O5, Deader.
Monday, Oct. 17
7:00 P. M. Forum.
Wednesday, Oct. 19
6:30. P. M. —E. E. Society in Room
20, Engineering Building.
8:00 P. M. Natural History Club.
There is being held this week in
the Old Chapel a meeting of the
First Annual Farmers' Normal In
stitute of Pennsylvania. The fun
damental purpose of the Institute
is to bring together all the speakers
who will address Farmers’ Insti
tutes this winter for the discussion
of means of placing the East on a
competing basis with the West in
agricultural pursuits. Mr. R. D.
Barclay, ’O5, of the Executive com
mittee of the Pennsylvania Bee
Keepers’ Association, will deliver
an address on “Bee Keeping,’’ at
11 o’clock Friday morning. Ses
sions will also be held in the Court
House, at Bellefonte. The pro
grams here given are taken from
the Monthly Bulletin of the Division
of Zoology.
Weduesday Afternoon, Oct. 12,1904.
Howard G. McGowan, Geiger’s Mills, Pa.,
2:30-3 25. Section A. D. I. A. Thayer, “Feeds
and Fertility.”
Section B Prof. Geo. O. Butz, “Fruit Cul
ture; Small Fruits.”
3:30-4:26. Section A. Mr. I*. W. Eighty, “The
Farmer’s Cow; Her Care.”
Section B. Dr. J. H. Funk, “The Pruning
of Fruit Trees.”
4 30-5:30. Section A. Dr. I. A. Thayer and Mr.
I*. W. Eighty.
4:30-5 30. Section B Prof. Geo. C. Butz and Dr.
J. H. Funk.
Thursday Morning, Oct. 13,1904.
S. X McClellan. Knox, Pa,, Chairman.
9:30-10 30. Section A. Rev. J. D Detrich, “The
Dairy Cow.”
Section B. Prof. R. 1,. Watts, “Market
10:30-11:30. Section A. Mr. T. I. Mairs, "The
Care of Milk and Butter.
Section B. Prof. H. A. Surface. “Insect
11:30-12:25. Section A. Rev. J. D Detrich and
Mr. T. I. Mairs.
Section B. Prof. E. E- Watts and Prof. H.
A. Surface
Thursday Afternoon, Oct. 13, 1904,
Joel A. Herr, Cedar Springs, Pa., Chairman.
2:30. Music. Mrs H A. Surface.
2:30-3 30; Dr. Leonard Pearson, “Breeding in
Relation to Disease."
3:30-4:30* Section A. Prof. Wells W. Cooke,
“The Effects of Feeds on the Quality and
Quantity of Milk.”
Section B. Mr. Alva Agee, “Potato Cul
ture ”
4:30-5.*00. Section A. Prof Wells W. Cooke,
5:00-5 30. Dr. Leonard Pearson.
Thursday Eveniug, Oct. 13 1904.
Hon. Wm. H. Brosius, Drumore, Pa., Chairman.
7:30. Music. Mrs H. A Surface.
Dr. D. J. Crosby, of the U. S Dept of Agricul
ture, “Nature Study and Agriculture in the
Public Schools.”
Prof. H. A. Surface, Penn’a. State Zoologist,
“Our Insect Friends ”
Friday Morning, Oct. 14,1904.
Dr. M. E. Conard, Westgrove, Pa., Chairman
9:30-10:30. Prof. Franklin Menges, “Methods of
Cultivating Hay and leguminous Crops.”
10:30-11:30. Section A. Mr. J. T. Campbell,
“Egg Production.”
Section B. Mr. R. D. Barclay, “Bee-Keep
11:30-12:00. Section A. Mr. J. T. Campbell.
Section B. Mr. R. D. Barclay.
12 00-12*30. Prof. Franklin Menges.
Price Five Cents
Friday Afternoon, Oct. 14, 1904
M. N Clark, Claridge, Pa , Chairman.
2:30. “The County and Eocal Management of
Farmers’ Institutes.”
Hon Jason Sexton, “The County Chairman”
H W. Northup, “Institute Committees.”
Geo. A. Woodside, “Advertisement of In
(Fiveminute discussions open to all,
If “coming events cast their
shadows” as the adage goes, the
coming Presidential election will be
a walk-over for Roosevelt and Fair
banks, if the sentiments of State
College voters can be as an indica
tion. Under the direction of the
President of the student Republi
can club a canvass has been made
of the voting students in this Col
lege, and up to date only one
Democrat has declared hiriiself.
The only reason he could give for
his preference for Democracy was
‘ ‘that the Republicans had been in
long enough.” It is to be doubted
if others of the same mind here
have any more substantial reasons
for voting the same way. The vot
ing contingent is almost solid Re
publican and will go to their homes
in a body in November to whoop
things up for “Teddy.” Some
plans are being made by the Re
publican club to make the campaign
at the College a little more lively.
Prof. I. L. Foster has organized
an elective course in French for
Sophomores and upper-class men.
The work will include commercial
forms, business letters, etc., and
will be of great practical value to
all students taking it.