State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1904-1911, October 06, 1904, Image 5

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State, 50 —Allegheny, o,
The game last Saturday between
State’s team and that of Allegheny
was nothing short of a foot race.
From one end of the field to the
other the teams moved about as fast
as they could run. Touchdowns
were made inside of twenty seconds
after the kick-off. Capt. Forkum
caught the ball behind the goal post
and ran the full length of the field
for a touchdown. Saunders made
a similar run. The line had scarce
ly any work to do. The game was
too easy to be of any value to our
team. It is all told by the remark
of a Freshman on the side-line, “I
would sooner drill than watch this
game.” Allegheny did not have
half the team of last year. A strong
wind across the field made goal
kicking almost impossible. The
Position. Allcgheny.
leathers, (Barr) 1. e Ginn
Smith 1. t McQuistion
White 1. g G. Hobson
Wray c (Thomas) Scott
Woodward r. g Shields
Hughes (Moscrip) r. t W. Hobson
Moorehead(Ferguson). _r. e Aiken
Saunders (Hornhart)__g. b (Capt.) Davenport
Yeckley (Partridge) 1. li-b.(J. Elbert) Russell
Fawkes (McGee) r. h- b.(Smitli) Evans
Forkum (Capt.) f. b (Comfort) Giles
Touchdowns —Forkum (5), Partridge, Yeck
ley, Fawkes; Saunders. Safety—State. Goals
fiom touchdowns - Forkum (2), Moscrip (I).Ref
eree—Dr. J. Robinson. Umpire—Dr. F. Robin
son. Time of halves—2o and 10 minutes.
The coaches seem cheerful over
the prospect for next Saturday’s
game. They feel confident that
the team will give Eli’s men a hard
game. Campbell is out of the
game at end ; Dunn has not been
in practice on account of his shoul
der, and Barr has a bad hip. But
with these exceptions the men are
in good condition and are playing
fast ball.
Yale is working hard to get her
team in shape. Nine coaches were
busy on the field last week. They
claim that the team is not in good
condition but there is plenty of
good material. Hogan, the cap
tain, is not up to his standard.
Shevliu has been taken from end to
play at fullback, and Rockwell will
probably play at quarter. Yale has
a two hundred pound line to pit
against ours of one hundred and
seventy-five. Coach Golden says
that it is usual for Yale to buck the
line but that the}’ will probably try
end runs more this year.
The game last Saturday was as
unfortunate a thing as could have
happened to the White and Blue.
The coaches are agreed that such a
game tends to disorganize the team.
Each man should have had an op
ponent that would have required
all his attention to handle instead
of the weak opposition that allowed
all kinds of loose play. A hard
game would have brought out the
weaknesses to be remedied in this
week’s practice and made better
team work possible. But with all
this disadvantage the Varsity will
give Yale a strong fight.
The following schedule has been
arranged by manager Bair for the
College team:
Oct. 22, Lock Haven Normal, at
Nov. 5, Bellefonte Academy, at
Nov. 24, Lock Haven Normal, at
Lock Haven.
A game with Johnstown may be
added to this list, date and place
Saturday, Oct. Bth, State vs. Yale, at New
Saturday, Oct. loth, State vs. W. Va. Univer
sity, at State.
Saturday, Oct. 22nd, State vs. W, & J., at
Saturday, Oct. 20th, State vs. Westminster, at
Saturday, Nov. sth, State vs. Annapolis, at
Saturday, Nov. 12th, State vs. Dickinson, at
Saturday, Nov. 19th, State vs. Geneva, at
Thanksgiving Game, Thursday, Nov. 24th
State vs. W. U. P., at Pittsburg.
‘‘Jack’’ Dean is here this week
coaching the College team.
Dunn was in the practice Tues
day evening. He will be at Cen
ter on Saturday.
At present speed is the point aim
ed at by the coaches —a fast start
and a quick succession of plays.
Don’t put off preparation for the
Williamsport game until the last
minute. It is only five weeks
There were not quite forty stu
dents watching practice last Mon
day evening. Was it too cold for
the little boys?
The College team is a good one
this year. The Varsity has been
kept busy to hold its own against
it. Last Tuesday’s practice scrim
mage w r as a hard one and the Col
lege team had the best of the game.
The 1905 La Vie Managers are
gradually winding up the books of
that publication. They hope to va
cate the room and hand matters
over to the 1906 Board by the Ist of
The 1906 Board was elected last
May and is composed of the follow
ing Juniors:
O. C. Hays.
Associate Editors,
C. F. Noll,
C. D. Flickinger,
W. G. Heckathorne,
A. L. Ferver,
D. O. Davis,
Arthur Deuel,
W. J. P. Dumm,
W. H. Wolf,
J. C. Gotwals.
Business Manager,
W. Y. Heaton.
W. L. Lorah,
W. C. Cope.
, Artists,
J. C. B. Rhoads,
H. M. Jacobs.
T. F. Foltz,
Frank Hershey.