State collegian. (State College, Pa.) 1904-1911, October 01, 1904, Image 2

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Active work in debating circles
will be commenced as soon as the
library is opened. We would re
mind new students that State Col
lege is a member of the Inter
collegiate Debating Deague of
Penn’a. composed of Swarthmore,
Dickinson, Franklin and Marshall,
and State. Last year we came out
third in the contest for supremacy.
This year we are scheduled for the
first debate at Carlisle, with Dick
inson on Dec. 12th. The question
is, “Resolved, That labor unions
are inimical to the public welfare. ’ 1
All men in the entering classes who
have ever done any work along this
line are urged to come out and try
for the team.
At a mass meeting held in the
Old Chapel Wednesday, September
2ist, Hamilton, ’O5, was elected
leader of yells for the year. Offitt,
’O5, and Torrence, ’O5, were chosen
as assistants. The students were
urgently requested to devise new
yells and hand them to the above
leaders. Nothing has been hand
ed in so far. Get busy.
Under circumstances particularly
sad John H. Barnett, a student in
civil engineering, died in the hos
pital at Bellefonte, early Thursday
morning. On Tuesday he was
stricken with an acute attack of ap
pendicitis and Dr. John I. Robin
son had him taken to the hospital
at once. The patient would not
consent to an operation until his
father arrived from Kane, Pa., and
even though it was thought that
would be too late Drs. Hayes, of
Bellefonte, and Robinson perform
ed the operation on Wednesday.
It was successful and the patient
seemed to have a fair chance of re
covery until suddenly that night a
clot of blood that had formed in
one of the arteries caused a collapse
that resulted in his death.
Mr. Barnett was in his second
year at State and was a popular
member of his class, as well as gen
erally esteemed by the student
body. His remains were taken to
his home at Kane for interment.
i Personals, !
/ft \l>
—Arthur W. McClure, ex-’os
returned to college last week for a
short visit.
—Wm. McCleary, ex-’ 05, played
full-back on the Lehigh-Varsity
last Saturday.
—F. B. Faulkner, of the Tyrone
Machine Co., is now instructor in
in the machine shops.
—Arthur W. Riley, ex-’O5, of
Atlantic City, N. J., has entered
Princeton University.
—Mrs. Leete, wife of Prof. Ueete,
is detained at Hamilton, N. Y., by
the illness of her mother.
—Prof. B. A. Leufest is teaching
Mechanics of Machinery and Ma
chine Design at Yale this year.
—Prof. I. T. Osmond, who was
granted leave of absence last Feb
ruary, has returned to his duties.
—L. W. Cooper, ex-’os, of Para
dise, Pa., paid a visit to former
classmates at the opening of the
—William Elzinga, instructor in
forging and foundry work last year
has accepted a similar position in
—John E. Kirkham, formerly in
structor in civil engineering here,
is with the American Bridge com
pany, Pittsburg.
—D. E. Mackey, of the Univer
sity of Arkansas, comes to State
this year as instructor in forging
and foundry work.
—Rev. W. A. Houck, pastor of
the Mulberry street M. E. church,
Williamsport, Pa., delivered the
sermon in chapel, Sunday, Septem
ber 25th.
—A. J. Wood, of Worcester,
Polytechnic Institute, has been ap
pointed Assistant Professor of Ex
perimental Engineering.
—Charles Aufhammer, ex-’o4, a
medical student at the University
of Pennsylvania is a guest of stu
dent friends.
—Maurice J. Babb, for several
years instructor in mathematics
here has returned to Haverfurd
College for advanced work.
—F. E. Yoder, ex’-03, has re
turned to college to complete his
course in civil engineering. ‘ ‘Billy’ ’
has been in the draughting room of
the Pennsylvania Steel Co.', Steel
—Thomas E. Gravatt, a gradu
ate of Rutgers, and lately instruc
tor in the University Preparatory
school, Ithaca, N. Y., comes to
State College this year as instruc
tor in mathematics.
—Joliu M. Dean, Jr., half-back
on the famous 1901 football team
was in town last week, looking up
old friends. “Jack” is coach of the
football team at the University of
Buffalo, Buffalo, N. Y.
—Miss Helen S. Thompson and
Miss Margaret St. Clair, the sten
ographer in the President’s and
Secretary’s offices, respectively,
have resigned. Their places are
now occupied by Miss C. Derrin
and Miss Helene R. Evans.
An informal dance was given
Friday evening of this week by the
Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity at
their chapter house. Guests from
Lock Haven and Bellefonte were
The dance was one of the first
of the social functions that usually
prove such a delight to the frater
nity life of the College and was a
decided success.