The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, November 01, 1899, Image 10

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employing the time in telling stories. Having the most of his
lessons prepared and feeling a little tired of " grinding," he was
nothing loath to add his assistance in the jollification. It was by
no means an uncommon assembly, for as one of the students said,
"if college life is a feast, then these jollifications must be the
wine and the plum-pudding." And he was probably right even
considering that the more you have, the merrier you become and
the more you want.
A. least it was a merry crowd that spent the next hour in tell
ing various jokes, conundrums, and stories. And whether, the
remarks were original or repeated, they came tripping over each
other fast and furious, and nothing escaped a criticism, yet such
a one that the funny side of everything, whether good, bad, or
indifferent, was brought to view.
But at last conversation began to lag, and everyone's stock and
store seemed to be exhausted.
" Well, who's next ?" some one remarked after a slight pause.
" Tony's next," came a voice from among a lot of sofa pil-
" Yes, yes, you're next, Tony," burst out a chorus of voices.
" Come you haven't told us a story this evening. You've been
a regular old clam."
" Well, I don't know as I have anything to tell," drawled
" Don't know !" shouted Sniegelfruits. " Well, if you say
that when the undertaker overtakes your undertak-i-n-g"—But
here he was promptly smothered by a chorus of groans and a
dozen pillows, and some one else remarked,—" Go ahead now,
Tony, your ' don't knows' always mean a good story."
" Are you looking for a quarter or a scrap ?" replied Tony
laughing. " A good story, eh I Well, let me see,—thinks a
moment,—yes, that might do ; but,—glancing at the clock,—
it's almost eleven o'clock."
" 0 fire the clock down the well !" exclaimed Ted, the occu
pant of the table. • "Go on now or we'll make you for
the —"
" Lights out !" shouted a chorus as the electric lights were
turned off.
" Never mind the lights, or• the darkness either," continued
Ted after the noise subsided. " Give us the story. "