The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, October 01, 1899, Image 33

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    Gettysburg kicked to Hewitt who carried it back 5 yards. Burns
kicked to Dale who,was tackled by Wood without gain. Koler
then made 2 yards, then Dale kicked to Martin who carried the
ball back r 5; Burns made 35 yards, when Gettysburg got the ball
on a fumble. Scholl tackled Koler for a loss of 5 yards. Dale
kicked to Hewitt, .who fumbled, and Koler got the ball; Dale
kicked again to Martin who made a run of 75 yards, and crossed
the goal line, but the ball was called back and given to Gettys
burg for offside play. Koler tried but gained nothing. Dale
kicked 20 yards to Hewitt, Burns, 2%; Wood, 2 1 2; Martin, 2;
Shoffstall, 9; Harris, 3; Burns, 8; Scholl, 2; Wood, 4; Burns, 5;
Scholl, 5; Burns, 3; Scholl, 4%; Shoffstall, 4; Shoffstall, 7;
Randolph, 2; Burns, 8 for a touch down. Goal. Time, 8 minutes.
Score, r r-o.
Gettysburg kicked 35 to Martin who carried it back .to yards.
Burns, x 5; Wood, ro; Harris, 55 for a touch down. Goal. Time
I min. 3o sec. Score, 17-o.
Gettysburg kicked zo to Martin who returned the kick 25 yards,
Wood tackled for a loss of 5, then Cummins tackled for another
loss of 5 when Dale kicked 3o to Hewitt who carried the ball back
45 yards. State lost son the next try then Burns made 4; 14;
and a touchdown, no goal. Time, 2 min. Score, 22-0.
Gettysburg kicked 3o to Martin who carried it back 2o; Scholl,
5; Burns, Io; Wood, 2; Scholl, o; Martin, r; Harris, 13; Burns,
6; Randolph, 5, fumbled and Harris got it. Scholl forced over
for a touch down. Goal. Time, 6 min. 21 sec. Score, 28-o.
Gettysburg kicked 45 to Randolph who fumbled and Burns re
turned the kick 20 yards. Nicely, no gain. . A try for goal was
blocked by Cummins and Gettysburg lost 2o yards. Cummins
tackled for a loss of 5 yards. Time up.
Second half. Dale kicked 3o to Hewitt, Burns returned 40
yards. Koler no gain, Koler 6 loss, Dale, kicked 35 to Martin, car
ried it back 25; Gettysburg's ball on a fumble. Dale, .1; fumble
Randolph's ball, lost son delayed pass. Burns kicked 30, Cum
mins tackled runner without gain, Williams, 1; Dale, 1%; kicked
to Martin carried it back, io; the quarterback kick was tried but
no gain, Shoffstall, 7; quarterback kick resulted iu fumble and
Gettysburg's ball, Koler no gain, Dale kicked 20 to Hewitt, re
turned, 5; Craft, no gain; lost 5 on next try, Burns made 9.
Gettysburg's ball first time on downs, Young, no gain, Hewitt