The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, October 01, 1899, Image 31

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    centre, State then got the ball on downs and by Successive rushes
by Cure, Randolph, Scholl and Cure another touch down was
made by Cure, which yielded no goal.
Mansfield kicked off to Cure who returned; Cummins getting
the ball, and Cure, Schoffstall, Scholl and Randolph carried the
ball to within two feet of the goal line when time was called.
Mansfield kicked off in the second half and after moving up and
down the field, Burns making a run of 6o yards, afterward carried
the ball over for a touch down. No goal.
Mansfield off to Scholl, who returned the kick. Then the ball
exchanged hands, moving up and down the field, when Burns
made , 4o yards, Harris 20 yards and Scholl a touchdown. No
The kick was returned and Mansfield lost the ball on a fumble;
and Cure, Burns, Randy, Schoffstall and Scholl rush the ball
down the field for another touchdown by Scholl, which yielded a
The kick was again returned, Hewitt getting the ball. Schoff
stall, Burns and Harris carried the ball over the line. No goal
The kick-off was taken back to within 5 yards of centre by
Cummins and Harris, Schoffstall', Burns and Randolph scored
another five points.
Mansfield kicked to. Scholl'. Mansfield then got the ball and
was given io yards for offside play by .tuble and after vain at
tempts to, advance the ball by runs Reynolds dropped back for a
drop kick and every one stood paralyzed until the ball struck the
crossbar midway between the goal posts and bounded back on the
field. State then carried the ball to Mansfield's t5 -yard line,
when time was called. Score, 38—o.
The line-up was as follows:
centre Cummins, Miller, T. H.
right guard Scholl
left guard Randolph
right tackle Miller, T. H., Miles
left tackle Miller, F. F.
right end Ruble, Harris
..... . . . left end Wood, Ruble
quarter-back Hewitt, Johnston
right half-back Schoffstall
Wilkinson . .
Clark . . .
Mcrarlan . .
Gallagher . .
Moscript, G. .
Weston . . .
Moscript, A. .
Webb . .
Reynolds, W.