The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, October 01, 1894, Image 14

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    Suter takes its yds., Atherton kicks 3o yds. Lafay
ette's second down, no gain Ritchie goes through
the centre for 20 yds. Fisher gets the ball on a
fumble and gains 35 yds. Atherton makes t yd.
on a long pass followed by Robison for one yd.
and Suter 25 yds, Harris and Atherton two yds.
each. Atherton makes touchdown and kicks
goal. Lafayette kicks 45 yds. and Robison makes
5o yds., Atherton makes a touchdown from a so
yd. run through the centre. Atherton kicks goal.
Lafayette kicks for 4o yds., Suter makes I 0 yds.
Atherton 5 yds., Suter to yds. Robison doubles
Suter's gain, Atherton 3 yds., Robison 15 yds.,
Suter 20 yds. Cross-pass between Robison" and
Suter makes 8 yds. Atherton makes touchdown
•and kicks goal. Lafayette kicks 4o yds. caught
by Atherton for 6o yds. Robison 5 yds., Suter
8 yds., Robison 5 yds., Atherton 17 yds. for a
touchdown, and kicks goal. Atherton injured
and Thompson takes his place. Lafayette kicks
for 25 yds., caught by McCaskey for 6 yds .
Robison 22 yds., Suter 35 yds. J. A. Dunsmore
zo yds. and a touchdown. Hoskins kicks goal.
Lafayette kicks 45 yds. caught by McCaskey for
25 yds., Robison 6 yds., Suter 20 yds., Robison
3o yds. for a touchdown. No goal. Lafayette
kicks 45 yds. caught by McCaskey for zo yds.
A zo yd. run by Harris and several 5 and to yd.
dashes send J. A. Dunsmore over the line for a
touchdown. Lafayette kicks for 55 yds., State re
turns, Lafayette does the same, when time is
called with the ball in State's possession on her
25 yd. line. Score 46-0.
Second Half. Laryette kaicks for 5o yards,
but by a series of short dashes the ball is, sent
over her line for a touchdown. Hoskins kicks
goal. Lafayette kicks for 4o yds. caught by
Thompson for zo yds. Robison 8 yds, and
15 yds., when State fumbles and loses ball.
Lafayette makes her longest run now, when
Walbridge takes the ball for 3o yds. Laf-
ayette fumbles ball, Robison gets it and after a
75 yd. run makes a touchdown. Hoskins kicks
goal. 'Lafayette kicks off for 35 yds., short dash-
es by the backs. Suter 25 yds., Robison t yd.,
State loses 6 yds. and then Suter makes a touch
down. No goal. Lafayette kicks 4o yds.,
caught by Robison who passes to Thompson for
25 yds. Robison to yds., J. A. Dunsmore 20
yds. Robison makes a touchdown. Fisher kicks
goal. Lafayette kicks 35 yds. caught by McCas
key for 20 yds. Suter 3 yds., Thompson 28 yds.
State fumbles and loses ball, Lafayette is'forced to
kick and Harris makes 25 yds. Fisher runs i 8
yds. and makes a touchdown. No goal. Lafay
ette kicks 4o yds,, State carries ball within a yd.
of Lafayette's line, loses it on a fumble. Lafay
ette is forced to kick and time is called with ball
far in Lafayette's territory in State's possession.
Time 25 minutes. Score 26—0. The teams
lined up as follows.:
Attix left end Harris.
Boreicke left tackle Dunmore J. G.
R. Jordan left guard Fisher (Capt.)
S. N. Jordan (Capt.) centre Hoskins.
Rinehart right guard Dixon.
Dean right tackle...Dunsmore J. A.
Van Allen right end Curtin.
Vincent quarter back MoCaskey.
Barclay left half back Suter.
Ritchie, Waldbridge....right half back Robison.
Strader full back...... ... I
Thompson.p rto e n c . o.
Referee, J. M. Wolf ; Umpire, Glick; Lineman, M.
J. Thompson ; Touchdowns, Robison 4, Atherton 4,
Suter 2, J. A. Densmore 2, Fisher 1; Goals, Atherton
5, Hoskins 4, Fisher 1. Score attend of first half, State
46, Lafayette 0. Second half, 26-0. Total 72-0.
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—The Adelphi club will give its regular fall
dance in the Bush Arcade, Bellefonte, on Friday,
October 26th. An enjoyable time is anticipated
by all who expect to be present.
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