The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, October 01, 1894, Image 12

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    Gettysburg 0, State 00
file game on the afternoon of October thir-
teenth was interesting, not because a close game
was expected, but because it was the first one of
the season for State's team. Our team being
slightly lighter than usual, and containing four
new men, two back of the line, some anxiety had
been felt as to whether or not the team would be
able to sustain the brilliant records made by our
foot-ball players of the past. There can be little
doubt in the minds of those who witnessed the
exhilw ion on Saturday of the position our team
will occupy this season. The quick, snappy play
ing can only result in the downing of all antago
nists. It is only fair to say that the FREE LANCE
thinks the showing on Saturday was clue in no
small measure to the combined influence of train
ing table and regular practice.
The Gettysburg team is composed of good in
dividual players, but they lack concert of action.
Apple and Smith seemed to have the best idea of
of the game. All of State's men knew their
positions and filled them handsomely. Dole car
ried himself exceedingly well in his first game.
The game opened at 2-15. Gettysburg wins
the toss and takes the field, defending the west
goal. The kickoff by Atherton carries State 3o
yds. into Gettysburg's territory, and the latter's
team failing to gain, kick on third down for a gain
of to yds. Atherton, Robison and Suter make
to yds. in three rushes and then a cross-pass be
tween the latter two results in Suter carrying the
ball over the line for a touchdown Atherton
kicks the goal. Gettysburg's kick off is caught
by Atherton and passed to Robison who makes a
good gain. Atherton takes the ball for 3 yds,
and Suter follows with a 25 yd. run around the end.
Atherton's next run of 15 yds. is sandwiched by
short gains of Robison and Suter. Harris fails to
gain, but Atherton makes five and Suter 8 yds.
Alter a failure to gain by Atherton, and.a .5 yd.
gain by Suter, Atherton makes a touchdown and
,kicks goal. Atherton makes a short run on kick-
off, followed by Robison's 3 yd. gain. Atherton
loses ball to Gettysburg, who fail to gain around
left end, but make i yd. through right tack
le. Atherton catches their kick and makes a
short gain which is imitated by Robison. Harris'
gain of five yds is followed by one of so yds. by
Suter. After short gains by Atherton and Suter,
Curtin makes a run of so yds. Two runs by Sut
er and one by Harris carry the ball forward 6
yds. and Atherton makes a touchdown after a run
of 15 yds. and kicks goal. Kick-off is caught by
Robison and passed to McCaskey for a gain.
Atherton is forced outside after a gain of 3 yds.
by Robison. Harris and Robison make five yds.
and Suter goes around the end for 20 yds. State
fumbles and McCaskey falls on bail. Robison
gains 4 yds., and Atherton makes 15 yds on long
pass by McCaskey. Suter loses the yard gained
by Curtin and making only 3 yds., the next rush
the ball goes to Gettysburg who lose it to Harris.
Three yard gains by Harris, Robison and Curtin
are followed with a touchdown by Suter and goal
by Atherton. Robison catches kick-off and after
a run of 15 yds. loses the ball which is secured for
State by Dixon. Manges, Gettysburg's plucky
right guard is slightly injured, but after the appli
cation of a bandage continues the game. Robi
son's to yds is followed by a gain of 8 by Curtin.
J. A. Dunsmore makes 2 yds, Atherton fumbles
and Robison secures ball. Atherton again fail
ing to gain the ball goes to Gettysburg who lose
it to J. A. Dunsmore, after a gain of 3 yds. Cur
tin makes 3 yds. and Suter after a gain of 12 yds.
is forced outside. The ball is brought in T 5 yds.
and J. G. Dunsmore gains 2 yds. Robison makes
3 yds and is again forced outside after a run of To
yds. Ball is brought in To yds and after a 3 yd.
gain by Dunsmore, Robison makes a touchdown
after al2 yd. run. Atherton kicks goal. Robi
son makes zo yds. on kick-off and follows by
another gain of 7 yds. Suter's run of 30 yds. is
preceded by Atherton for 5 yds. and Curtin for
2 yds. Suter is forced outside after a run of 8
yds. •J. A. Dunsmore makes a touchdown after a