The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, June 01, 1894, Image 15

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    '.Non•Conduoting Coverings for Steam Pipes.—W. M
Dickinson, Philadelphia.
"Report of the Examination of Sterling Coal Mine No. 8,
Cambria County, Pa."—ll. P. Howler, Burnside.
"Commercial Efficiency of the State College Lighting
Plant."—A. G. Guyer, (with Kirk), Warrior's Mark.
"Characteristics of the Stanley Two-phase Motor."--J. B.
Minch, (with L. A. Reed), Northumberland.
"The Anatomy of a Bombycid Larva."--Susan S. Hunter,
"Commercial Efficiency of the State College Lighting
Plant.”--E. B. Kirk, (with Guyer), Kennett Square.
"The French Revolution."--C. E. Kremer, Ridley Park.
"A Study of Pipes and Pipe Joints."—F. K. Mattern,
Warrior's Mark.
"An Investigation of the Reduction Product of Trinitro.
metaxylol."—L. W. Mattern, Warrior's Mark.
"The Histology of Phosphorescent Organs.-11. A. Musser
State College.
"An Experimental Study of Springs."—J. E. Quigley
Blanchard. •
"The Identification of an Artificial Mineral formed in
Furnace Slag."—W. H. Rebhun, Natrona.
"A Study of the Composition and Physical Properties of
a new Glass "--W. A. Millman, Pottsville.
"Spinoza's Doctrine of Substance."—W. C. Thompson,
"Comparative Teets of Steam Calorimeters."—Walter B.
Waite , Water Street.
'Design of Steam Plant for Electric liallway."—John
White, Milroy.
Ex-'95. John B. Kieffer is now employed by
the Hagerstown Bank, Hagerstown, Md.
Ex-'95. H. E. Simmons is stationed at Phil
adelphia as agent for some New York firm.
Ex-'95. C. Donald Findley has accepted a
position with the New York Condensed Milk
Ex-'94. Miss Minnie E. Gray visited State
during the Statllnter•eollegiate sports.
'94. F. K. Mattern and '92 O. M. H. Atherton
have both signed whh the Demorest ball nine of
Williamsport and will play good ball for them
through the whole season.
'93. Fred• Weld has a position with the U. S.
Coast and Geodetic Survey at Long Island.
'92. Nelson M. Loyd is a repo' ter on the New
York Journal in New York City.
'92. John W. Stevenson •is at his home at .
'92. Howard K. lßumberger is an electrician
for the New York Central Railroad and is sta
tioned at Lyons, New York.
'92. Edward W. Bush, C. E., is engaged in
constructing an extensive water system at Wa
terbury, Conn.
'92. Frank J. Pond will sail for Germany on
June 30, on the steamship Kaiser Wilhelm 11,
North German Lloyd Line. He will pursue a
course in , chemistry at the University of' Got
tingen and expects to remain two years.
'9O. 11. W. Mitchell was elected president of
the Alumni
,Association at the last annual meet
ing and all other officers continued.
Ex-'9O. Frank Atherton is at home for the
summer months. In the fall of the year he
will fill an engagement as musical director in an
operatic comedy in which Inez Mecusker will be
the star and leading sOprano.
'B9. C. G. Roop has joiners the Methodist
Conference and is now a full fledged minister.
Protestor George G.• Pond, who for the past
year has pursued a course of chemistry lec
tures in Germany, will sail for home about
July 26.
Professor John Pemberton, passed engineer
of the United States Navy„on the retired list,
who for the past five 3 ears has been assistant
professor of mechanical engineering has resign
ed. He will move to New York city.
At Harvard for fifty years no smoker has
graduated with honors.—Ex.
The calendar of the University of Michigan
shows a total enrollment of 2,669 students. The
Faculty numbers 72.
The city of Chicago has four universities.