The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, June 01, 1894, Image 10

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    our people are led to the conclusion that the
vacation season is not merely to he spent in
idleness but the rather for a healthy change
which will at once prove restful and stimulat..
Among the
. many and varied schools and
conferences, the gatherings of college students
have ever been among the most interesting. At
erne unique and popular, they have exerted a
marvelous power on the college I.fe of today.
Having for a primary purpose the training of
christian men to take the leading part in the
christian work of the colleges, they have
brought together the choice element, in many
respects, of America's educated youth.
Bible study has always been a feature of the
conferences, and has clone much to train men in
leading such classes in their own institutions,
thus following the normal method.
The first gathering was held in 1880 at Mount
Hermon, Afass., and for the ninth successive
year Mr. D. L. Moody has extended the invi
tation ;or the "World's Student Conference" to
meet at his home in Northfield in the beautiful
vane ) of the Connecticut, from June 80 to
July 10. •
The program is already arranged for, and
while others are expected, the following speak
ers have already been secured : Prof. W. W.
Moore, of Virginia ; Rev. Alex. MacKenzie, D.
D., Cambridge, Mass. ; Rev 11. C. Mabie, D. D.,
Boston , Bishop J. M. Thoburn, of India ; Rev,
J. E. Tuttle, D. D., of Amherst College ; Rey,
A. T. Pierson, D., of Philade!phia ; Prof.
Winchester, of Wesleyan University ; ,Rev.
P. Beach, Springfield, Mass. ; Senator William
P. Fi'ye, of Maine, and Luther D. %%lab:lrd ;
while Mr. Moody himself will be a frequent
speaker and will preside at the platform meet—
The conference at Lake Geneva, Wis., which
sprung from the Northfield gatht ring, has an
nually grown in interest and members, and this
year an unusually strong program is provided,
including such speakers as Bishop John .1.1.
Vineei,t ; Bev. David R. Breed, D. D., of Chi
cago ; Messrs. Thomas Cochran, of St. Paul,
and S. M. Sayford, of Boston ; Rev. R. A. Tor
rey and Rev. W. M. Lawrence, D. D., both of
Chicago ; Prof. W. W. White, Xenia Theolo
gical Seminary ; Mr. A. A. Stagg, of Chicago
University, and Luther Gulick, M. D., who will
have charge of the athletics. The date is from
June 22 to July 2.
The afternoon is given up entirely at both
conferences to recreation. Base ball,.tennis, and
basket ball add interest to the program and fur.
nish r, lief from constant study and menial ac
The arrangements are made by the College
Department of the International Committee of
Young Men's Christian Associations, and the
success of previous years leads to the anticipa-
tion of large and influential conf. renc s the
present season.
On Saturday, May twelfth, State easily suc
ceeded in defeating Dickinson's ball team on
our home grounds. The visitors were power
less in Mutton's hands and made only one hit
oil his delivery, which with a couple of errors
gave them their only run. The features of the
game were 11Iattern's pitching, anti Mackey's
and Mattern's batting. Score i
Himes, p
Natt"Ps, ah
Ritchie, se.
Curry, 2b,..
Kremer 16
West, If
1101114 PS, rl
Earned runs,State College 2. Two base hits, Mattern 2. Three
base hits, Mattern, Greenland. Sacrifice hit, Rice. Bases stolen.
Mattern, Reed, Stuart, Mackey, Nattrass, Rouser, Lanty 2. Bases
on balls, off flumes 3, off Mattern 2. Struck out, by Mattern U.
Bit by pitched ball, Thomas,Robinson and Nattrass. Double
plays, Lanty to Curry. Passe balls, Bowman 3, Stuart 1. Wild
pitches, flumes 2. time of game, 1.40. Umpire, H. B. McLean,
U. U. 0. A. E.
000 2 0
001 2 1
01 2 1
0 4
002 0 1
O 0 12 0 2
000 1 0
1 :3 0 0
.....0 0 2 1 0
-.1 1 24 12 0
Mat tern, p
Reed, 2b...
Greenland, r(.
Thomas, lb.
Mee, se.
- -
Itobineen, If 0 0 1 0 0
Bechtel, of 0 0 4 0 0
Totale 8 n 27 12 2
.......0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-1
0 0 4 0 2 1 0 1 x-8
U. E. 0. A. 8.
.3 3- 0 1 0
.1 1 1 2 0
.2 2 5 0 0
.2 1 1 0 0
.0 1 12 0 0
.0 0 0 7 1
.0 3 3 2 1