The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, April 01, 1894, Image 8

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    WHAT a little energy and perseverance can
accomplish is well shown by the success
ful trip of the Glee and Banjo Club last
vacation. Starting in at Williamsport on Thurs
day evening of vacation week, they gave a series
of six concerts, visiting beside Williamsport,—
Beech Creek, Clearfield, Tyrone, Altoona and
The appreciation shown at the different places
was most flattering. At Williamsport and Altoona
the club was royally received, a reception being
tendered them after the performance, at both pla
ces. Besides being successful in a general way
the management was able to meet all expenses in
curred on the trip. Now that we have a good or
ganization, it should not be allowed to die out,
but should appear every year as regularly as any
of the athletic teams.
tit .4
AT the Indoor Meeting of the Athletic
Association, we heard some statements
made by new men, which started the
train bf thought we herewith submit to our fel
low students by request. Regarding the small
attendance and the lack of class or college spirit,
the speakers expressed surprise and quoted other
institutions as being more respected and loved by
alumni and undergraduates than was P. S. C.
While perhaps* this may appear to be true to
the casual observer, it is totally false in reality,
as our attitude and enthusiasm in Inter-collegiate
matters testify. Surely our Alumni are as enthusi
astic in their praise of Alma Mater as could be de
sired*and their efforts in her behalf are unabated,
in truth we owe much to them. That the student
body recognizes the College is fulfilling its trust
eeship, is undoubted. Its loyalty needs no proof.
How then abate the criticism, if indeed it consti
tutes one? Are they right when they say that
college spirit is secondary to fraternity or class
spirit? that we do not give our allegiance first
and foremost to the blue and white?
L4t us 199 k into this--How many of us have
come here through the influence and efforts of an
upper class man ? Not so many as should, or as
will, if our coming suggestion is followed out.
Our duty, nay, our high privilege, should impel
us,' within classic walls and outside of them, to
neglect no opportunity to show our regard. If
there have been any remissness in the past, let
us make amends ! Whenever and wherever op.
portunity offers, let us be aggressive, not lacka.
daisical, in bespeaking our words of praise for the
University ! Let us show the fidelity that is in us
and not let us leave it all for our Alumni to do !
We have everything to be proud of. Our pro
fessors and instructors are unexcelled in prepara•
ration for, and devotion to, their work. Our
equipment is generously. ample. Our fellow stu
dents are all manfully striving for the attainment
of a practical education. Our Athletic Associa
tion, with its fine grounds and well equipped gym
nasium, and our military drill afford ample oppor
tunity for the physical training, so enjoyable and
positively essential during student life. The
growth of the College has been steady, without
any backsliding and it is in our power to make it
a quicker one. In our homes and in our cities,
the name of P. S. C., should be a household
word. This is possible by means similar to those
adopted by other institutions. When they hear
of a promising athlete or scholar, they send him
literature and bring pressure to 'bear upon him
from the Athletic Association or some other stu-
dent organization.
To the Athletic Association, as the only organ
ized student body, this matter is presented. To
the chapters, to the class organizations, to the in
dividual student body, this subject is offered for
consideration. Now is the accepted time to take
it in hand and clear our skirts of this imputation
of unfaithfulness to loved and honored P. S. C.
In this same connection we beg to offer the fol
lowing suggestion to the Alumni if they will par
don the presumption. If, in addition to the gen-