The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, February 01, 1894, Image 12

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    y 2, mile run 3. B. White '94 2 min. 9 sec.
C. E. Scott '96.5 min. 28 sec.
120 yds. hurdle C. E. Aull '92 i 8 3-5 sec.
220 it lit C. E. Aull '92 3o 2-5 sec.
2 mile bicycle G. K. McFarland '96 6 min. 2 sec.
16 lb. hammer B. F. Fisher '96 94 ft. 9 in.
16 lb. shot B. F. Fisher '96 38 ft. 6 in.
Runninghigh jump J. J. Connelly '97 5 ft. 7 in.
" broad " J. J. Connelly '97 soft. 4s,in.
Pole vault C. M. Caughey '93 9ft. 63,1 in.
Mile walk ' S. H. Brown '93 7 min. 59sec.
In view of the determined effort we intend to
make for the cup of the Pennsylvania Inter-col
legiate Athletic Association this coming Spring it
might be well to call to our minds the records
made by the teams we have sent during the two
.we have been members of the association.
We give the names and records of the men who
scored points and won medals for the College at
those meetings.
In the Spring of '92 the following men scored
for us :
C. K. Cartwright tst x 6 lb. shot 35 ft. in
B. F. Fisher 2d " " " 34 ft. xi in.
B. F. Fisher 3d " " hammer 16 ft.
S. H. Brown 2d mile walk 7 min. 56 sec.
C. W. Heppenstall 2d 2 mile biCycle 6 min. 28s.
Four men sent won 12 points, each man winning
points and a medal. Notice the difference the
following year. Spring of '93 :
J. B. White Ist z mile run 2 min. 9 sec.
G. K. McFarland Ist 2 " bicycle 6 min. x o sec.
J. J. Connelly tst running high jump 5 ft. 7 in.
J. J. Connelly Ist " broad " 20 ft. 1/in.
C. M. Caughey 3d pole vault 9 ft. 6 in.
*S. H. Brown Ist mile walk 8 min. t 1-5 sec.
*( Was Disquallftecl.)
Five men sent, really took 26 points, but five
were not allowed. - Add to this the fact that our
best man B. F. Fisher who was good for two first
places and two records was ill and unable to con
test, and we see what strides the College has made.
We wish to give . due praise to J. J. Connelly.
He was the first man to win to points and two
gold medals for the College at these meetings.
The query arises—can we not by determined
effort this year do so much better that where five
men took twenty six points ten men can take the
cup? Prof. Hoskins says that if the men do jus
tice to themselves, the material is such that he can
pick out ten men from the student body and
mould them into a winning team. Are we going
to put this statement to the test ?
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—H. A. Kuhn was elected manager of the '96
base ball team.
—Fred Robison has been elected captain of the
'97 base ball team, and P. F. Sellers, manager.
—Mr. R. L. MacDonald, '95, was elected man
ager of General Athletics, at a recent meeting of
the General Athletic committee.
—Mr. M. T. Swartz, '95, has been elected base
ball manager for the ensuing year. He has
worked hard to get a good schedule of games, and
reports the following dates with others to hear
from :
—Practice for the base ball candidates began
about the end of last month, and the good results
are already making themselves evident. The men
meet Mr; Hodson for work from 3.30 to 4.30 on
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons.
—The Banjo Club has at last been definitely
formed, as follows : Atherton, leader, Harris,
banjos; Gray, banjeattrine ; Abrams, mandolin;
Hawley, Banks, guitars. It •is possible that ad
ditions may be made before the trip in the Spring.
Manager Barton, reports a good schedule of
dates, which is not quite complete as yet. Both
clubs are showing marked improvement, and if
they get down to hard work will make quite a
success on their tour.
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