The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, January 01, 1894, Image 8

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    Could not hard work and energy weld a strong
league from these that would stir up interest and
be a success? This is good food for thought. We
advance all these statements merely as suggestions
,we would like to add that the pennant of
such a league would be well worth striving for
and that the team of the season of '93 was just the
right sort of timber for champions of that league.
WHETHER we enter a league with Lehigh
or not, we must get a game with her next
year. In the Fall of '92 she had a date
to play here the Saturday after Thanksgiving, be
ing then on their road home from Pittsburg where
they played the Pittsburg Athletic Club. This was
cancelled, greatly to our disappointment, as the
Pittsburg alumni were going to give the team a
banquet on Thanksgiving evening. This season
we had several dates, but none of them were kept.
One, on Sept. 3oth, was cancelled by . us as our
team was then in no condition at all for a game.
The other two were cancelled by Lehigh, one for
her own grounds and one here. She offered two
dates in the middle of the week which we were
unable to accept, and so the matter dropped.
We must not leave the coming season pass with
out meeting them at least once, and our manager
should leave no stone unturned that would help to
bring it about. We beg leave to suggest that the
date be arranged before this year closes so that
we will have it sure and certain in the Autumn.
Making the date this Spring, we can choose al
most any day at all, and which would be more fit
ting than that gala day of football Thanksgiving.
Both teams would wish to put forward their best
strength and show the highest and best result of
the year's training so that this last day of the sea
son is especially fitting.
Being a holiday, much more interest could be
aroused in the game, popular expectation could
be worked up, and it
. would be an immense finan
cial success. It would of course be necessary to
meet on neutral ground in some large city to draw
these crowds. Wilkesbarre, Harrisburg and Al
toona suggest themselves. Wilkesbarre is nearer
,and is a Lehigh stronghold, but it is
doubtful if as large a crowd could be collected
there as at the other two places. Harrisburg is
more strictly neutral and having witnessed college
football games on that day for two years past
would turn out a very large attendance. Altoona
however would give by far the largest and most'
enthusiastic audience, and, although it is quite a
State stronghold, there are a great many Lehigh
men there, and the audience would be by no
means one-sided. The number of spectators
would easily be double that of the other places as
Altoona is football crazy and has a good team of
her own, while all the surrounding towns are in
terested in the sport. But wherever we go, or
wherever it is played, we must have a game with
Lehigh next season.
THE inception of the glee club last term
brought a banjo and guitar club this term,
as might have been expected. In the res
ignation of Dr. Walker from the office of leader of
the. glee club to which he was elected last term,
the club lost a valuable man, but they did the
next best thing in electing Mr. C. M. Atherton to
take his place. Mr. Atherton was also elected
leader of the banjo club so that he has the reins of
both in his hands and can get them to working
What is needed now is practice and lots of it.
We have the material for good clubs if it is only
properly trained. It remains with the members
to say whether they will do the work. One thing
must be attended to right off, now a manager has
been selected, good dates should be secured. The
trip must necessarily be taken during the short
Spring vacation, and the work must be started soon,
or it will be too late to arrange satisfactory days. If
the club can only succeed in establishing a good
reputation while on the trip, a number of short,
single night trips may be made during the Spring
which would be extremely profitable.