The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, June 01, 1892, Image 20

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Quito hidden away ’mongst tho pillows
Of her own little favoril o nook,
1 elinneod to And sweet blue-eyed Nellie
Half-dreaming there over her book.
Her chocks were ablush with deep crimson,
Her loose hair of bright golden brown
Seemed utmost to hold fast the last rays
Of the sun as he slow sank down.
One soft, little white hand light rested.
Her deep-dimpled chin underneath,
The dainty curved, half-parted pink lips
Betraying her small pearly teeth.
One moment I watched the sweet ploture,
One moment then tenderly kissed her;
The dearest, most precious ot maidens,
My own bonny blue-eyed sister.
Our lives are precious jewels
Of varied size and huo,
Some scattered wide asunder,
Some almost hid from view.
'Some flash their radiant brightness
Across the other’s light,
And dim the milder beauty
That might be made so bright—
Friendship, thou gift of Heaven,
Thou chain of mystic worth,
Unite these gems of beauty
To brighten our fair earth.
When all their brilliant blushes
Shall blend and shine as one:
The chain of Life completed—
Friendship thy duty’s done.
I remember the day that we parted,
The wierd west was aglory, a flame;
And I sobbed X should die, broken hearted—
But I cannot recall the ohlt's name.
When the shadows lengthen,
And the breezes strengthen,
E’er the lamp is lighted, .
While the embers giow '
In that peaceful hour
Memory holds her power,
And on hearts benighted
Shines the long ago.
TJien, when all is quiet,
University Cynic,
University Cynic.
Would that autumn were hero 1
For the spring of the year
Is my time of depression and sorrow.
Why do tradesmen all send
In their bills without end
At a time when I can’t beg or borrow ?
I'm accustomed to pass
In review each new class—
Lonely lads from home and from
And on suoh as are rich
Trinity Tablet.
And these young friends of mine
Pay for supper and wine,
And my clothes—you should see my chaste get-i
I’m their mentor, their god,
And tho noise and riot
Of the city’s bustle
Fades upon the ear,
Then so near her lovers
Memory sadly hovers,
You may hear the rusllo
Of her garments near.
Then, around us darkling,
E’er the stars nro sparkling,
And the sacred seven
On the moon await,
As the earth grows dimmer
We may see the glimmer'
Of the walls of heaven
And tho Golden Gate.
It was a pitiful mistake,
An error sad and grim ;
I waited for tho railway train,
The light was low and dim.
It came at last, and from the car,
There came a dainty dame;
And looking up and down the place,
She straight unto me came,
“0 Jack 1” she cried; “O dear old Jack I 1
And kissed mo as she spake ;
And look again and frightened cried.
"Oh, what a sad mistake 1”
I said: “Forgive me, maiden fair,
That I am not your Jack;
And as regards the kiss you gave
I’ll straightway give it back.”
And since that night I often stood
On the platform llglitod dim,
And only once in a man’s whole life
Do such things come to him.
—The Columbia Spet
My trained eyes straightway pitch,
And I cling to them dose as a brotl
—Southern COI