The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, June 01, 1892, Image 19

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    Following the example of some other universi
ties, summer courses will be offered at Cornell this
year j its libraries, laboratories, and museums be
ing opened during a part of the summer vacation.
In particular, instruction will be offered in Bo
tany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Philosophy, Phy
sics, English, French, German, Greek, Latin,
Classical Archaeology, and Physical Culture.
The classes will meet early in July, and be in
session six weeks.
Without excluding others who are qualified to
take up the work, these courses are offered for the
special benefit of teachers. It is a practical scheme
of University extension by which the teachers
themselves will be taught under university instruc
tors, by university methods, with access to univer
sity libraries, museums and laboratories, and that
at the only time when they are free from other
pressing engagements.
In Vassar’s halls a tutor young
'TIs said once mot Ills fate;
He taught lior In the Calculus
To differentiate.
They're married now—at meal times oft'
Discord invades their state ;
For he has found that she with him
AVould differ when she ate.
A youth beforoa crossing stands,
In patent leathers clad,
He hesitates to oross the Btreet:
The mud was very bad.
Perohance Just then, a maid appears;
Her skirt the.latest style :
It drags behind, along the ground,
About a half a mile.
She o’or that muddy orosslng goes.
Her skirt still hanging low;
She scorns to lift it from the mud:
That isn’t the style, you know.
As Israel through the Bed Sea passed,
So goes the youth unhurt;
His patent leathers are unsoiled,
Thanks to the stylish skirt.
Lehigh Burr.
The Lafayette.
Said Johnnie Dull' to Unole Sam :
“More seals I mean to take,
And if you find objeotlon
My ships will make you quake.”
But with the thought of other days
When George controlled the fun,
He of the stars and stripes replied:
“Johnnio get your gun.”
“Oh, Jack!” the maiden oagcr cried,
“I’m learning bllllai'd-law,
For pa lias just boon teaching me
The‘follow,’ ‘English,’ ‘draw.’ ”
“Dost know what ‘kissing’ is ?’’ I asked
In acconts calm aud slow,
And heard the blushing maid reply,
“Well—not in billiards, no 1"
Tho presence of ono kindly deod of love,
Upon those records angels keep above,
Will sluno a no less brighter spot therein',
Though all the rest be one dark blot of sin.
Lehigh Burr.
Before her on tho floor, 1 kneeled
In humble posture bowed,
And, trembling, with impassioned words
My ardent love avowod.
How I for her would freely die,
Or act e’en any part,
If she through life would give to me
The keeping of her heart.
Silent, she listened to my pica,
Then shyly toward me bent:
“Till Easter you oan have it, Jack,
And then jWlt wont bo Lent 1”
A Btatosmnn in-embryo fixed his eye
On a point that is not over lofty and high.
One motive there is that inspires him With vim,
To “get on” is the motto that influence him.
U hen older and wiser he’ll climb a round higher
To Congressman, Senator and what not aspire,
For now he's “got on" to get honor he strives,
The second great step in political lives.
The time comes at last when, for sake of his health
He leaves the arena which brought him his wealth,
"Hot on” and get honor bis mottoes have been,
He’ll spend bis last days to get honest, I ween.
Trinity Tablet 1 .
University Cynic;
Bowdoin Orient,
Trinity Tablet.