The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, June 01, 1892, Image 13

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    annual banquet of the Pi chapter of the T. N. E.
fraternity of this place was held Friday, June 3d,
at the Fallon House, Lock Haven. The men
present enjoyed a very fine banquet, after which
■ the following toasts were responded to: Pi chapter
E.W. Bush; Benefits of T. N, E.,R. Kessler; The
Initiation, C. J. Girvin ; Our latest arrivals, J. F.
Patrick; Thoughts During Initiation—sub rosa.
Toast master Read then called on A. F. Damon
who responded with a fine speech and then the
men retired to their various tastes and amuse
ments. On the whole the banquet was a success
and the committee, Messrs. Thompson, Pyne and
Damon showed elegant judgment both in catering
to the tastes of the men and in making a jolly and
enjoyable evening.
The cups which were presented by physical
trainer Hoskins to the individuals winning the
greatest number of points at the two handicap
field sports of this session, in the events specified,
were awarded as follows:
C 100 yds dash
The cup for < 220 “ “ was won by Aull ’92.
(440 “ “
The cup for the half mile run was won by Scott
’95. The cup for running broad and running
high jump was won by Connelly prep.
The cup for i6lb shot and 16 lb hamner was
won by Hildebrand ’92
The following prizes presented by the Athletic
association to the winners of specified events and
name of winners are as follows : •
120 yds hurdle was won by Aull ’92 prize,
220 “ “ tennis racket.
Pole vault was won by Caughey ’93, prize gold
2 mile bicycle won by Cummings ’95, prize
gold medal.
1 mile walk, tie between Brown ’92 and Dow
ler ’94, prize gold medal.
An Inter-collegiate tennis tournament took
place on the Bucknell University Athletic field at
Lewisburg on Saturday, June 4th. The colleges
represented were Franklin and Marshall, Bucknell
On Saturday evening, June nth, the third an
nual prize rhetorical exhibition between classes of
’94 and ’95 took place in the college chapel. The
speakers were as follows . B. A. Musser ’94, H. S.
Taylor ’95, H. E. Baumgardner ’95, Myra Holli
day ’94, B. Gray ’95, W. J. Moore ’95, J. B.
Blement ’95, L. W. Mattern ’94, C. K. Cart
wright ’95, E. P. Harder ’95, J. B. White ’94,
C. W. Burkett ’95, B. B. Horton ’95, A. D. Belt
’94, and J. M. Brewer ’94, first prize was awarded
to B. B. Horton ’95, and second to L. W. Mat
tern ’94.
The second annual inter-class athletic contest
was held on Monday afternoon, June 13, on Beaver
Field, the new grounds having been recently nam
ed in honorof General James A. Beaver. The con
test decided to which class the cup of ’92 should
be awarded, and was won by the class of ’92,
the Freshman coming second.
Great interest was manifested in the sports. A
large number of people were present. Five gold
medals were given for the breaking of college
100 Yard Dash.—Won by F. K. Mattern, ’94
second, C. E. Aull, ’92; third, C. K. Cartwright
*95. Time, 11 1-5 seconds.
University and Penna. State College ; Bucknell
winning first place. This is another step in the
organizing of intercollegiate contests, which are
beneficial in bringing the several colleges in closer
proximity with each other. Brown and McKee’92
and Dale ’93 represented our college in the contest.
The members of the <l> k. 2’ fraternity have mov
ed into the house lately occupied by Prof. Pem-
The second handicap field sports of this term
were held on the Beaver' field Monday afternoon,
May 30th. Great interest was taken in this con
test as the points secured decided the awarding of
the cups presented by Mr. Hoskins, previous rec
ords were broken in putting the shot and throw
ing the hammer.
The events with the winners are as follows :