The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, December 01, 1889, Image 13

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    When the Lafayette foot-ball team learned
that there was a “ bottle ” in our club, they
immediately tried to break "it,” and did so,
Pood Read as he sat upon the narrowest
end of a needle placed perpendicularly to the
seat of.a chair exclaimed, “Who’s got it?”
A walk of some kind from the college to
the east gate is much needed, as a great many
of the students go in that direction to their
To delinquent students:—lnsure yourselves
against paying that “conditioned” dollar by
securing a 25c. policy from the Library In
surance Co. (?)
Messrs. P. M. Brown, Yocum and Girvin,
were the guests of Mr. George Meek over
We predict that some day in the near
future Shields and Camp will have a duel.
You should see the envious glances which
they cast at each other.
Recently, fifth hall has been the scene of
several enjoyable dances. The first thing
one hears after 10 o’clock, p. m. is “ Get your
partners for a quadrille.”
“ Reb,” who is now taking private lessons
in dancing, expects to make his debut some
time during the coming season, under the
chaperonage of Mrs. Brown.
“The ladies building will soon be com
pleted.” A statement very much to this
effect was made of the laboratory and armory
nearly eighteen months ago.
Dinkey Danforth and his camera are in
seperable companions. The majority of the
photographs taken by him are of buildings
belonging to the college farm.
The class of ’9O, at their last meeting drew
up resolutions to the effect that they would
hereafter hold monthly parties at the resi
dences of the different Professors.
The students in civil engineering have com
pleted their task of erecting signal stations
throughout the county. They will be used
next Spring for triangulation work.
Fatty Price’s argument.—Since equal volu
mes contain the same number of molecules,
it therefore follows that equal volumes of
different substances occupy the same space.
Mr. Me , (in boxing class.) “ Boys,
he never touched me, I bloodied my nose
against the wall. I never saw the man yet
that could lick me, but I never saw Sullivan,”
Wednesday evening, November 13, a mite
society for the benefit of the Presbyterian
church was held at the residence of Mrs.
John Hamilton. Quite a number of students
were present.
“ Jeffy ” offers a reward to anyone who can
eliminate the known quantity in the following
proportion, P. S. C., o.
It appears strange, that their being so
many young men in the college classes, some
of the young ladies had to go to the Presi
dent’s reception without escorts. Young men
where is your chivalry ?
The ladies cottage will contain a well equip,
ped gymnasium. It will be situated on the
third floor where there is plenty of ventilation.
Take care girls, that you do not fall off the
trapeze and hurt yourselves.
Through the energies of Lieutenant Wolfe,
a drum corps has been organized. It will
consist of four fifers, four tenor drums, and
one bass drum, and will prove a much desired
acquisition to the battallion.
“ Dr. Lloyd ’’ has been prescribing for
several Freshmen who were feeling a little
shaky over the coming examinations. He
advises them to try and cut off the Profs,
supply of “Condition Powders.”
L. U., 106