The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, June 01, 1888, Image 16

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    The Swarthmore Phawis is a model col
lege periodical. It is usually filled full of a lively
college spirit which makes It delightful reading.
Everything in the paper seems to relate to col
leges and to Swarthmore College in particular,
It has sufficient literary character to give it digni
ty,yet is not burdened with any ponderous articles,
which is the principal fault of many of our
—We learn from the UniversiO , Cynic that
its editors are hererfter to be elected by the body
of students instead of chosen from the fraternities,
We agree with you in thinking the plan a wise one
and hope your paper will receive support expected
from this change. In your article, " Should the
Navy be enlarged," we think you place a little too
much confidencein "Yankee ingenuity." Yankee
ingenuity could not prevent the capture of our
sea -board cities in case of war unless it were
exercised in building a navy before the war was
—We always welcoine the Have/fordian.
The corps of editors go to work like old hands.
The article on "Education in Politics" is
especially worthy of notice. It points out clear
ly the necessity of being acquainted with the
great political questions of to day. These
practical articles on practical subjects are the.
kind we like to see in college journals. Classical
articles .may lie well enough, but they always ap
pear rather tame and lifeless when compared with
a • lively article on some subject of every-day
interest like the one above mentioned.
DeVOlld the cheerless Arctic circle,
in the renlins of ice and snow,
Sealed in her cozy snow house,
I can court the Esquinutux.
On far-I'BmM Aft. Desert, :Island,
Buckboard riding in the mud,
(inn talk of Hubert Browning,
With a cultured Boston bud.
In a yacht upon the ocean,
When becalmed I feel unwell,
I can share a bit of lemon
With a NOW York demoiselle,
'Neath the palm tree in the tropics,
Watching monkeys frisk about,
.1 can talk of .Evolution,
With it fiiir l3raziliau "spront.'l
In the far-oif :Fiji
Whoa my fate is fairly booked,
] can court the chieftain's daughter,
While I am waiting to be cooked.
What is this strange advantage
Which 1 have where'er Igo ;
When I ( S i'.'. charm a Boston beauty,
And can court an .Esquiniaux ?
'What you ask is very simple
Why 1 always talk a strcuk,
For when i am with strangers,
1 converse in Volapuk I- IPlltutt as
11ler dainty twin enfold,
And she Unshed her sweet consent
When he his story told.
"And do you swear to keep your tri
She asked, with loving air ;
He gazed into her upturned face,
"Yes, by yon elm I swear."
A year passed by, his love grew col!
Of his heart she'd lost the helm ;
She blamed his fault, but the fhct
The tree was a slippery
Only from day to day
Wu held our way,
Uncertain every
Though Lupo and guy dosi
Touch with their lire
Each fresh endeavor.
Only from day to day
IVe grope our day
Through hurrying ho
But still our castles fair
Lift to the air
Their glistening Lowe
And still from day to day
Alwit; the way
Peekon us liver,
0 er hill and hollow,
With fresh.endettvor,
Sometimes, triumphant, gl
The bugles play
And trumpets mud
Prom out those glistening
And rainbow showerA
Bedew the ground.
it is bad luck To be hanged on Fri
To marry a red-haired girl.
To be bitten by a mad dog.
To be killed by a railroad train.
To lend your test friend live dollars.
To take a twenty-cent piece for a qu
To call on your best girl and find yot