The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, June 01, 1887, Image 12

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    Guard House, to await the sentence which the
commander in Chief may see fit to impose upon
Saturday afternoon tents were struck and at
3:20 the Battalion started on its homeward march,
with every man feeling the glow of health in his
cheeks and full of the animation consequent
to events pleasant to remember.
In considering the large appropriation made
by the Legislature for the benefit of the State
College, it may be well to mention the immedi
ate use that will be made of a portion of it.
Within the next two years about $75,000 will be
spent in the erection of additional buildings and
in repairs. In the construction of the original
building there were architectural errors, detract
ing greatly from its suitableness for school pur
poses, which perhaps will have to be corrected.
There will be built three dwelling houses, a green
house and botanical laboratory, a drill hall and
armory with a large assembly room, and a large
building for chemical and physical laboratories.
Three thousand dollars a year, for four years, is
given for agricultural experiment work, and the
rest of the appropriation, in all amounting to
$112,000, goes to library, apparatus, models,
casts, instruments for civil and mechanical en
gineering and machinery for the shops,
The appropriations may ho summarized us follows:
For chemistry building $35 000
Equipment for sumo 5 bill
Urconhouso 5 (mo
Three dwelling houses, eueh
For repairing 111 all
Introducing gas
Machinery and apparatus...
Text books
Models and ousts
Armory Hall
Experimental station, pur your
for four yours
Grand Total..
It is quite plain that the College is about
entering into a new life. It has been having
a sort of moribund existence for a long while,
blighted by prejudice and neglect, but it may be
considered as now beginning a career which will
fully justify its original establishment and repay
the recent State aid that has secured the perma
nency of a school that will bring within the reach
of young men and women of moderate means as
good instruction, particularly in special branches,
as the country affords. To this consummation
no one has contributed more than Dr. George
W, Atherton, the present able and efficient
President of the College.— Belief ante Watchman.
1. Sunday, June 26.—3 o’clock p. m., Bac
ca laureate Sermon, by the Rev. William H.
Campbell, D. D., of New Brunswick, N. J.
2. Monday, June 27. —8 o’clock p
Annual Address before the Young Men's Christ
ian Association, by the Rev. Lemuel C. Barnes,
of Pittsburg.
3. Tuesday, June 28, —ioo’clocka. m., Ex
amination of candidates for admission to College ;
3 o'clock p. m., Washington Reunion Association;
4:30 o’clock p. m., Exhibition Drill of State
College Cadets ; 8 o’clock p. m., Junior Oratori
ral Contest.—G, J. Thomas, “The Cause of the
Gracchi;” W. P. Jones, “Immigration;” Geo.
M. Downing, “International Arbitration;” Geo.
C. McKee, “The Mission of Co-operation ;”
W, M. Porter, “The Value of Sound Principles.”
4. Wednesday, June 29. —9 o’clock a. m,,
Artillery Salute; 10 o’clock a. m., Annual Meet
ing of Trustees; 12 o’clock m., Alumni Dinner ;
2 o’clock ]). m , Meeting (in the Chapel) of Dele
gates and Alumni to elect Trustees ; 3 o’clock p.
m., Cresson Reunion Association ; 8 o’clock p.
m., Annual Address before the Alumni, by Major
J. W. Powell, Director of the United States
Geological Survey.
..$2 .UU 7 600
lll 000
8 000
II ooi)
5. Thmstlay, June 30. —9:30 o’clock a. m.,
Graduation Exercises of Class of ’S7.
,slno ouo
. 12 000
sll2 000
1. W. F. White, Latin Scientific—Saluta
tory Orati'on, “Optimism or Pessimism, Which ?”
2. W. F. Strouse, Civil Eng.—Oration, “The
Progress of Knowledge."
3. W. P. Fisher, Jr., Gen. Science—Vale
dictory Oration, “The Protective Tariff.”
the Truth."
JUNE 26-30, 1887.
ladies’ two years course.
Grace M. Moore—Essay, “The Heroes of
J. P. Jackson —Oration, “Manual Labor."