The Free lance. (State College, Pa.) 1887-1904, April 01, 1887, Image 11

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    has given over $15,000 toward the erection of
this buildiijg.-
The University of Bologna expects to cele
brate its 100th anniversary in the spring of 1888.
This university was at one time the chief centre
for the study of jurisprudence, and here anatomy
was first scientifically studied.
Lafayette has received a fine telescope, the
gift of Mr. Joseph Hunt of Catasauqua. The
instrument has a Brashear mirror of silvered glass,
something over eight inches in diameter, with a
focal distance of over six feet.
Dr. McCosh said lately: “I introduced gym
nastics into the college, and I think that they
have been productive of much good. There is,'
however, in competitive athletics a tendency to
excess which we try to restrain.”
John Hopkins University bestows twenty fel
lowships per annum on graduates of that institu
tion who propose to devote their lives to special
branchqS of science or literature. Tire holder of
such a fellowship is exempt from tuition and re
ceives $5OO yearly, —University Magazine.
The members of the Yale foot ball team some
time since received their trophies, which are
miniature foot-balls one inch long, and about a
half inch in diameter. The name of the owner
and the “Champions, 1886” arc inlaid on one
side, and the letters “Y. C. F. B. C.” and
/‘points wefn, 4894 lost, 4,” on the other, — Ex.
Statlj Superintendent of Public Instruction
Finger, 4, of North Carolina,,is satisfied that the
negro must be educated in schools of his own, for
the substantial reason that “both races, as a whole
want it.” He says: “The correct policy is to ap
ply as little force as possible, and to let the peo
ple’s likes and dislikes, and the free spirit of our
republican institutions, control.
Concerning the object and work of universi
ties Champion Growler Ruskinsays: “The uni
versities’ business in any country in Europe is to
teach its youths as much Latin, Greek, mathe
matics and astronomy as they can quietely learn
in the time they’re at it—and nothing else. If
they can’t learn their owii language at home, they
can’t learn it at a university. If they want to
learn Chinese they should go to China—and if
they want to learn Dutch, to Amsterdam; and
after they’ve learned all they want, learn whole
somely to hold their tongues, except on extreme
occasions, in all,languages whatever.”
The keeper of an alligator in Savannah, in
order that the animal may Hot be disturbed, has
put out the sign : “Idiots will please stir him,”
“Well John” said the judge to a pig-tailed
celestial, “what can I do for you ?”
“Want togetee name’changed.”
“What’s your name now ?”
“Sing Sing. No Jgoodce. Too muchce
Alderman. Getee changed to Walbec Twicee.”
“To Warble Twice?”
*A man in Massachusetts, who received some
infidel publications among which were Ingersoll’s
lectures, wrote to the person who sent them:
At the same you have any thing bet
ter than the ‘ SermoTi on the Mount,” and the
parable of the'“Prodigal Son,” and that of the
“Good Samaritan or if you have any better
code of morals than the Ten Commandments, or
anything more consoling and beautiful than.the
twenty-third Psalm, or, on the whole, anything
that will make this dark world more bright than
the Bible does; anything that will throw more
light on the future, and reveal to me a Father
more merciful and kind than the New Testament,
then send it to*me, and scatter it broadcast.
“Can you conceive,,’ asked the professor,
“an internal vacuum, a portion of space unocow*
pied, an empty void into which nothing can ever
come, which maintains inviolate and forever its
own eternal emptiness ?” “I can.” replied the
student, “I have a stylographic pen.”
A Forbidding Day—. Sunday-.
Never abuse a niule behind his back. — Puck.
“Yep allce samee Sing Sing.”
“So fa, b,ut no father, said she —Mirror
He went net father