The Ebensburg Alleghanian. (Ebensburg, Pa.) 1865-1871, November 05, 1868, Image 1

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""" ' f Sf lltt ttff' 'll Mftf
, r. rTniixsOxaWr0fiafi
I:i. JiMi:s, J
. . . ,1 1'IT'M.M T Attn.non of
Luw, Ebensburg, Pa.
August 13,
YoTlNN'LON, Attorney at Law,
f.f- OHicc on High street. nugl3
i:(7nJK M. READE, Attorney at
J Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
rT Ofiice in Colonnade Row. augl3
SJ 1LLI AM II. SEC 1 1 LEU, Attor
V nev nt Law, F.bensl.urg, Pa.
j.-y Office "in Coloninofo Row. nug20
1 P.ORGE W. 0 ATM AN, Attorney at
X Law and Claim Agent, and United
St .tts Commissioner for Cambria county, Eb-
euburg, Pa. augJ
at Law, Ebensbnrjr, Pa.
i-dT" Ofiice opposite the Court House.
ft. L. JOHXSTO.V. nnl3 J. E. C AN LAN.
OA 3uFKLPl NT L ETON , Attorney at
O Law, Ebensburgr, Pa.
f-j- Office on Higb street, west of Fos
ter's Hotel. nug!3
TAMES 0. EASLY, Attorney at Law,
O Carrolltown, Cambria county, Pa.
jfr Architectural Drawings and Si.ecifi
Mtions made. fauK!3
J. WATERS, Justice of the Peace
jm and Scrivener.
fc-.i?" Office adjoining dwelling, on High ft.,
i,eusburt, V. aug 13-Gm.
T? A. "SHOEMAKER, Attorney at
JP Law, Ebeusburp, Pa.
I'articular attention paid to collections.
DtT- Otfice on High street, west of the Di
amond. augl3
Johnstown. Elem.bu.rg.
"1 "Ol'KLIX & DICK, Attorneys at
i Law , Lbensburg, Pa.
Office in Colonade Row, with Wm.
Kim-il, L. Oct. '22.
the Peace, Johnstown, Pa.
(iffite on M.ukct street, corner of Lo-
.1 tu-et extended, and one door south of
ue Lite office of Win. M'Kee. anglO
EVi;Ri:AlX, M. I., Physician
and Surjeon, .vMimiiit, Pa.
Jt'iY" Office eas-t of Mnns:on lloue, on P.ail
ro:id"fitrcft. Night calls promptly attended
t , at Ida office. i!U12'-
rTdIhtt zei i; leu
) Having pernianent'y located in ELens-TrT-'.
oifcrs his professional services 10 the
-.r.X' iii of town and vicirity.
it-el'.)' xtr-iclHd, uituut fain, with Xiirout
z.-!r, or i',:tu-jhiny Gas.
r..;- Uuuris aojui'-ing G. Huntley's store,
itrcct. - -
The undersigned, Graduate of the Iial-
tuaore Cullc-e of Dental Surgery, respectfully
iXcra Lis iror.'Jsioaul services to I lie citizens
'.' IJbcusburg. 11 has spared no means to
lii .rou j'. hly acquaint himself with every iui-.rownu-nt
in his art. To many years of per
son il experience, he has sought to add the
iuri-wtfi experience of the highest authorities
iu Dental Science. He simply asks that an
i,: ;..i,'in,:i! may be given for his work to
ak iis own praise.
I-,;' Will beat Ebensburg on the fourth
M ! ir of each month, to stay one w,ek.
A.i.-t 13, men. "
T LOYD & CO., hanker
jj EuKNsncnc, Pa.
IX-f Cold, Silver, Government Loans and
ot! . r Securities bought and sold. Interest
ulluwcd on Time Deposits. Collections made
mi nil accessible points in the United States,
a i.: a Concral Bai.king Business transacted.
August 13, 18C8.
M. LLOYD & CO , lhn,I;:,s
Altoona, Pa.
. r.!
and C
r,n tl:?? r vhui
;i! cities, and Silver
OoMeetior.s made. Mori
i - - t , payabli.' on demand,
wi.iuut inVtieat, or up-j'.i time, with interest
at fair t at;gl3
rji.ME lmisr national rank
JL. Of Jon v. srow:, I'i:.
: ur C vital
r, j j f o 0 ) '
liio.f.oi) oo !
.'."'V'c- i ifi t.i;:r' to...
We iiliv aiid sell;
I i orr-i Draft
wold and i-'ilvtr, and all -!.if.-e- of Govera
ni! lit .'unities; mae ciillec'-ioas ut hom
iiil -.'..road : receive deposits ; loan money.
.:.d ilo a general Da;, king bu; iniss. All
h -iiie-ss entiusted tr us will receive, prompt
i:'e:uii!n ani care, at moderate prices. Give
ii a trial.
2)ii'(ctoT ;
lt.M.c Kackmax, LJacoh LEVKitGoon,
dAcoB ?d. Campuiiu, Edw'd. Y. ToWNSKM).
'KonoK Fritz.
DANIEL J. JlOPkPwRLL, President.
J. P.oukmts, Caihitr. cp3ly
M. I.IOVD I'rts't. JOHN LI.OVD, Citehii'r.
I Corner Virginia and Annie sts., North
" :i'l, A'toona. Pa.
Capital $."00,000 CO
"aij "ai-m-ai Pa in in 150,000 00
All r uiiif?f: jicrtainin to Dankinjr done on
,:u''i';iUc terms.
lii'erm.i lU'Vi nno Stamp3 of all denomina
tions always on hand
1" purchasers of Stamp?, percentage, in
ii:np-, will be allowed, a.s follows: to
l("', - per cent.; $.0C to $(, 3 per cent.;
;-"-('0 ai.d upwards, 4 per cent. auglo
Q A Ml E L S INGL iriTi N .NVary lub"-
. lie, Pa
Ofiice on High Mnet, west of Foster's IIo
UL fau2l3
(R WOlHv of all kind J
do ie at
T'.l't ANIAN offcm.
iiiUU Sr., Euijisaciu:, Pa.
Iegfcncl of tlic IHiiiic.
The castle was grand, and the lady fair,
And a knight of the good old time was there,
Where the Rhine flowed on to the sea.
The knight looked up, and the lady down ;
His brow wore a smile, and hers a frown,
But the Rhine flowed on to the sea.
Then a heart-quake shivered his coat of mail,
While the lady's cheeks a lovely pale,
And the Rhine flowed on to the sea.
And a sigh from tinder his vizor gushed,
And he looked up and down and blushed,
While the Rhino flowed on to the beu.
Then he fell on his knee; he must needs con
fess ;
Would the wed ? She would; ebe whispered
And still flowed the Rhine lo the ea.
And the knight was biave, and the lady fair,
And they lived in the grand old castle there,
While the Rhine flowed on to the sea.
And there, as I learn from some books of mine
Still flows the flood of tke rolling Rhine,
As steadily on to the sea.
And ludies may blush, and knights may swear,
But there it will be in a huudred year,
, Still flowing ou to the sea.
rZrt ??r tcrpz'laoo.
1 have an aunt in the country one of
the nicest women in the world a widow,
a little p:!?t the of life, prim, pre
cise, atid the mother of two pretty cousius
of mine, f'he lives on the banks of the
Genesee river, near the beautiful city of
Rochester, and regularly every Sunday
rides into town t listen to her favorite
pasD r. Her week-days arc usually spent
aiiK.-ng her chickens, pigs, and cuvvs, or in
put! ing up pickles and preserves. Occa
sionally, however, she is obliged to go to
the city to make purchases, and it was on
one of these occasions that she was recent
ly inveigled by designing men into a little
speculation, and succeeded ia bringing me
in contact with a number of "Gift Enter
prise" swindlers, whose tricks to entrap
the unwary I propose to write about.
Rut lirst let n;y aunt tell her own stor',
which she dues i:i the following letter, and
then I'll tell what ca:::e of it :
'RociiK.riiit, Nov. 22. 18G7.
"My DttAK Nr.runw: Ry reading
this letter patiently through, you will dis
cover that I have some ffueer business on
my hands, and need your jis.-istanee to help
me out. Sf me time since, I thought to
make 'my everlastin' fortune' by investing
the sum of one dollar in a Gift Enterprise,
the proprietors of which advertise that
thoir headquarters are in that iniquitous
city in which you reside, at No. Rroad
v.ay, New York. I was going to be very
sly about it, so I assumed the name of
Mrs. Sarah J)utton. When they sent me
my ticket, they also sent sixteen ethers,
with the assurance that if I would
of them they would guarantee to make nie
a present valued at $150, in case my tick
et did not draw a valuable prize. Being
a credulous booby, I put faith in their
promises, and induced some of my friends
to buy the tickets. You will probably
laugh at the idea of your aunt Sarah be
coming the agent of a Gift Enterprise, but
so it is. Yv'ell, I sent the money for the
tickets, and have just been notified that
one of them has drawn a prize valued at
$200, and that I can have the same on
payment of five per cent, of the value. I
understand that the prizes sent out by this
concern are mostly petroh uui stock, and
I am neither an oil dealer nor
street speculator, I do not propose to send
!.,.;. oia t i .-
lociJi vio uuui l uiiVM vwiat wii ui a
prize I have drawn. Now, I-want you to
go and see persons, and it 1 am
really entitled to a valuable prize, pay the
charges, and send the same, together with
the bll.', to your aunt, S.VKA1I.
"I. S. Address me in myr right name,
as usual, and "aeu't let the girls "know I
have an alius.1'
Enclosed with the above lntter were the
tickets which aunt Sarah h.ti purchased,
and the letter which had induced her to
invest iu the Gift tpeeulation. I insert
the letter, to show by what shallow devi
ces unsophisticated persons are induced to
part with their money. With the excep
tion t:f the name of the enterprise, (for
which the reader may insert that of any
gift scheme known,) and the names of the
persons signing it, (the real names arc
omitted to avoid legal annoyances the
truth being some hues considered libel
ous,) the letter reads as follows :
"Offkt. or Garf.oters .t BonnERs'
"Xo. Broadway. N. Y.
",urs. arau j;uuon : .i.KU.n
leeeived, containing one dollar.
ticket is correctly registered. Enclosed
we send yuti sixteen tiekcts and a propo-
sition that we think will prove satisfactory
and a grout
i.. it. if 1
l.ftt.i rr will wml vim n Tir. mf vmImo.I
1 at $1C5; if you will agree to exhibit it to
: til 'i .11
I enterprise. It is this : If you will send rather abandon his claim than again run ; person to wish to have an advantage over , five per cent, demanded, amounting to j orphans and widows, extort m.m. irom
I us thirteen dollars for the enclosed sixteen th .'auntlct of inofanity aiid obsc-enity. ! others it is like betting on a certainty. ; $15, and not hearing from it, had cmne ; those who can my altord to lo-e it.
tickets, we will register them t you with ! Bark, Bite & Co. may possibly exist bod-, Of course, euch promises are no more kept to down to see about the matter. The clerk j pur all my aunts tickets I received a
the understanding that, in ease the tickets I iiy in' the flesh, but if ao, they keep them- the agent than are those made to ordinary denied having received the $15, aud re- "piriehbeek" watch and the ibugoing m
An not. have a valu.-ih!'e. award :.! i vaK-ps so comoletely in the backtrround. ticket holders.- The a.'rent is put off with fused to do anything for the poor man but formation. The latter my renders have
your friends, and state that you received J
it from the G. and R. G. P. E. Co.' j
'Yours, respectfully,
"Bark, Rite & Co.'
This absurd proposition is found by tlie
ift enterprise people to work so well that i
ft has been neatly printed, and scattered
through' the country broadcast. Their ;
theory of human credulity appears to be,
l,ot u-10r, T.rsnn I tnnlisV enough to t
put one dollar's worth of confidence in
their advertisements, by purchasing a sin-
gle ticket, he or she can be easily. induced
...... li
to swallow a few dollars worth of extra
promises, and pay for them accordingly.
As tueir dealings are mostly wan country
people, this theory is found to work well 1 w
practicalh', and to bring many dollars,:
their pockets. '
,i r !
Uu receiving me apove letter, uiy auai
Sarah was overcome with visions of a speed
ily acquired fortune, and forthwith bestir
red herself, as became a dy accredited
agent of the "Garroters and Robbers'
Grand Presentation Enterprise," to dis
pose of the tickets which had been en
trusted to her. In the course of a few
days she discovered several female friends
quite as credulous as herself, who hastily
seized the opportunity to squauder their
husbands' money, and thirteen tickets were i
speedily disposed ol, and the proceeds du
ly forwarded to "Hark, Bite ec Co."
Scarcely a week elapsed before the .good
lady was thrown into a great flutter by the
receipt of a letter, neatly priuted, which
read as follows :
Gaeeotkus A RcilBkKS'
ENTA'f iox .Enterprise, J
'No. Broadway, N, Y.J
"Mrs. Sarah Button
-M adam You
are hereby notified that cue of your tickets i city,' town cr village in the land that did
has drawn a prize valued at $200. Five not present some scheme to raise money
per cent, of this amount will be $10. This for the benefit -of the soldier, and the prin
amount of assessed percentage must in all ; tipal attraction of all of them- was a lottery
cases be sent on receipt of this notice, whorebv somo fortiiiiatp, tu kpr-rud.W was
with directions by what express you wish
the prize sent. lours, respectlully,
. "Bakk, Bite Sc Co
This was the notification which
aunt forthwith sent to me with her letter, i
and now commences my connection with
-Bark, Bite & Co. 1 had lived in .New
l'ork long enough to know that the
scheme was a swindle from first to last,
but I determined to recover, if possible,
from the swindlers, at least the value of
the thirteen dollars which my country
friends had inv-nstp.ii i-irsf. I'aJiuio- tiii-i
. . ... . . i . e.
a police magistrate with whom faui ac- vn lashiun to that, depraved public appc
on.l nLt;;rw 1.- ! t;t3 which had been unwittinirly aroused
11 tiaiii iuiu vviiaiuiij tlie i'il,muv.ui o i
across the back of one of inv caids, 1 pro- j
A forthwith to thr ofiieo of Bark .
Bite & Co. I found it as designated in j nouncing their "gift concerts," "distribu
their advertisements and circulars, located ! tton enterprises," etc., for the benefit of
in the lower part of Bioadwi.y, surrounded ' soldiers, soldiers' widows, and orphans and
by the otiices of bankers, brokers, insu- the like, but followed no further in their
ranee companies, &c. Their rooms were ! footsteps. For valuable prizes they sub-
handsomely fitted up, in the manner usual ;
to brokers and bankers. An iron railmr.
behind which were several desks, separa
ted the manipulators of the "Garroters
and Robbers' Grand Presentation Enter
prise" from the ordinary mortals having
business with them. At each one of the
six or seven desks sat a sickly-looking
clerk, en erased in entering names in led
gers, addressing circulars to confiding vic
tims, or preparing fresh announcements to
catch new ones.
A brisk young Englishman, who spoke
with a truly British disregard for his "h's,"
and who pronounced "g" like "k," bustled
up to the counter and said :
"tail in do anytnmg tor you,
"Is ?.Ir. B:trk in V' L asked.
''No sir," was the
Washinkton." -
reply ;
'e'a gone' to
"Is :.Ir. Bite in ?"
".No, sir, 'e's to Boston, and won't
be back till Chewsday week. Can't I at
tend to you, sir '(" pressed the young gen
tleman. "Is Mr. Co. in ?" continued I.
"Mr. 'oo, sir V
"Mr. Co., the other partner, or any
other partner, or agent, or manager. 1
wish to see some responsible person.
ume responsiuie. person.
, sir," said the clerk, "there's
he partners seldom 'ere, you
business 'ere is all done by a
' Oh, no
none of the
know : the business 'ere is all done by
manager, but 'ees hout at nresont."
I gave ihe young man. my card, and
naid I chonld be happy to see the manager
at my oSiee at his early convenience. The
clerk looked at my name and then at the
signature of the l'olice Magistrate, with
which he seemed to be p irtietuaily im
pressed. His manner chr
manner c!mi'Hl instantly,
iho diieffnrs of tho srhejuo 'i'hn bnsiiipss
is always transacted through the medium
r.e ; rr.
dropping his hah-impudent, self-im- , city and town in the country, find pureiia- ; tne pers m wno invests mum-v iu ' would eheet lmiv administer, did the op
, "chaffing" tone, he s,H aspect- ! ser, ibr their tickets. An individual nav- j ucKets uoes so w itn me cei ;a:niy , ' " uuiiv au,i V,t,. uun r. reseat them
that the manager wouia be sure to ! incr beu-ht one ticket, various means are Known to mm, 01 io.-ing k, i-.i v.n:i t.u
on me at once. , sought to make him or her purcnase sun cuance 01 uoummg it. . - .
I may here remark, that T have since ' more. Promises of presents are unspa- Turing one ot my visits to Bark, Lite 1 tru;t i nave g.v en . m.ari.. ..t ..u,ir..
ed at the office sc. end times, and I ; ringly made, and not unirequently tlie UV to, a larmer-iooKing man entered, and j v..m -M ....... . f ".
s - j - - . - . .1 1 r i j 1 1- . t ii.... 1 ... .11 j.f i 1 .v 1 . ti: t tiT,.riii'i,it
e nevtir been able as yet to see any one individual is quietly miormed that the presenting a nouuea lum to t.m cterK, 'to- ou.. t.-. t., . . - v ;
tl,. ntlpn dm nr. .,m,nl have so arranged lnaltcrs that lnaiidcd tire prize wmcli he miormed lam i ers mat t;u a .nm t 1 1 .t.iie i
employed principally on account, 01 tne , tiCKets, ne smiu not omj navu "" i v-i--v . - . . , ...
readiness with which they can badger, ! commission on his receipts, but the maua- I and after considerable talking, refused to money. Iheir villainy is tlie more atro
blackauurd and bully iersons, who, like ; gers will guaranty that his own ticket take them, tnreatcning to call in the pJ- emus in ti.t m u:-t cvs tucy aume U
myself call to "obtain satisfaction." In shall draw such a prize named in the lice. He said that he lived in Connect:- j fr! patriotic or philanthropic
, - i. r .1
1 nine cases out of ten they will so abuse schedule as he may most uesire. This
..... ,
i ..i r- jf fi.-.f ... irrm ,
iliit, one is led to believe "that there ain t
! ne such person." '
-In accordance with the promise made J
to. roe, a person styling himself "the New
lork. manager lor the Garroters & Rob- I
oerb enterprise, called to see me. lie ,
waa a sharp, shrewd, business-like, loqua-
C10US young man, and we soon got into a
general conversation regarding the..Gift
Enterprise, during which he gavQL me
some information regarding that partitfilur
ornucii ot swindling which 1 deem it worth
while to repeat.
lhe name of my friend, the magistrate,
was undoubtedly the key. which unlocked
"Mr. 3Ianarer's tonmio. I
Mr. Manager's tongue.
-fAitnouuii tue cut enterprise business
1.1 . mm
has been in existence for many years, it
t' X
never more successful than at the
f,f ej)- tune, lhe many "gilt concerts,
'iTentation festivals' tc.-,-which. 'P'er
rrid lir-tpd mir!nr flip wnr lw n-itr!nti
The many "gift concerts,"
cstiva's' tc.-,-which. Trere
conducted during the war by . patriotic
ladies and gentlemen, for the benefit of
sick and wounded soldiers, or for the wid
ows and orphans of those who had nobly
perished on the battle field, in defence of
their country, served to popularize such
schemes, and apparently to rob them of
that gambling element which would other
wise have rendered them obnoxious to the
public. The holy and patriotic purpose
to be served caused people to overlook the
meuns by which good to be, done.
And even those who did stop to consider,
thought in such a cause it was well to'-'do
a little evil that good might come."
Vrhile these truly honest, eharitible
schemes were really the means of gather
ing in many dollars that otherwise would
never have reached the soldier, they crea
ted a Bort of lottery mania throughout the
c mntry, and opened wide the door to
svinal?rs and rascals, lhere was not a
vinal?rs and rascals.
- " '
to be made wealthy for life by the simple
turn of theVhecl. Elegant and valuable
prizes were often distributed fairly and to
the satisfaction of the ticket-holders.
Those who won were of course rejoiced,
while those who lost snapped their fingers
and consoled themselves with the idea
that their contributions had done some
good to the soldiers.
But these honorable managers of char
itable ffambliiig schemes were speedilv
pushed from their stools byr speculative
KiT-aruers. wno loistfn o tn .ito: u- tjiv
j-a l . loi I - - ----- - - -
by those patriotic pioneers.
These swin-
dlers imitated their prede
.'deeessors m an-
stituted in some instances galvanized jew
dry, fictitious petroleum stock, or some
thing equally as wortnic,i, but xar more
frequently absconded entirely, after having
sold as many tickets (and as many people)
as possible. Notwithstanding all the ex
posures which have been made of these
swindling concerns, and the large sums of
which the public have been robbed by
gift enterprise sharpers, they st III flourish
and thrive iu our land, receiving thous-.
ands of dollars daily, for which they give
no equivalent whatever. The gift enter
prise business has come to be recognized
as aa ordinary calling, and the men who
are principally engaged in it are recogniz
ed in Wall street as are other business
men, and hold their heads aloft according
as they have money in their pockets.
Their nefarious transactions have been
exposed and denounced time and again by
the press, they themselves have been fre
quently arrested and eoufiued in jails, but
still the business goes on, the number of
dupes is the same, and the money still
flows into their purses. The gambling
spirit invoked by the war is still abroad
in the land, and any scheme which prom
ises to give a fortune to some one who has
not earned it, or offers two dollars for one.
eu vamtvA
j ;,uew lamps
-t plesy peopl
their money
new lamps for eld ones, is sure to find
creduious enougli to invest
. 1.1 i - ?
money in it- as did my exceedingly
proper aunt.
The manner of conducting these swin
dling schemes is pretty well indicated by
the letters received by my auut. The con
cocters of the "Enterprise," by liberally
advertising in the rural papers, and send-
in" pi rou hi rs to everv ierbun waysu liuuic
i can be lound in Oie t'lreeiory ot it
1 1 1 .1. n: i 1 -
v v j 1
thev van control the drairiiia of the
I and if the individual addressed will bestir
, hi..' in.,1 sell om two. or three hundred
."1 . i . 1. .11 ..... 1....., .
. . ...
f..i-Q wn th ia o nf.tnri inr onft
rromisez. or with some almost worthless
1 'pTizr,' which is booked to him aj
ucd" at $200, 8300, or $500, according to
circumstances. There is no law prohibit-
ing a person from putting such 'S'aluo" on
his goods as he pleases. I received from
Bark, Bite & Co., for my aunt's ticket. ;i
"fine gold watch, valued at $200" the'
same watches can be bought at wholesale
for $20 each, and if the purchaser grum
bles at that priced the "manufacturers will
throw in a barrel or two of ibem.
These Gift Enterprise swindlers conduct
their business so as to keep within the
law, and although the attempt to punish
them has frequently beei made, it never
succeeded. They have been arrested by
the poiieo authorities, their places of bust
ness entered, their mails
hundreds of money -letters, been seized,
yet in every instance the rascals have es
caped punishment, and in the end have
succeeded iu compelling the authorities to
restore all the property seized. The rea
son is this every ticket which they sell
claims to be a ticket of admission to a
"Grand Concert," and this is held to be a
valuable consideration for the money paid,
and hence a perfectly legitimate transac
tion a simple case of buying and selling j
goods. The tickets which mv aunt pur- !
chased read as lollows :
Tickets, Garroters; & Robbers'
1. Grand Presentation Enterprise.
' Capital, $1,287,1 Is.
This ticket entitles tle holder to one
r-. share in 0e
to At Ii ving Hall.
Bankers and Manager?,
No. Broadway, New York city.
These are printed from a nicely engra
ved plate, in all the gorgenusness of blue
ink, with a vignette representing the God
dess of Plenty scattering her favors broad
cast over the land. "You pay your
mono- for that," said the New York man
ager to me. "It promises you n thing,
and you get what it promises. ' You may
be notified that you have drawn a prize,
valued at $500, and you send us the five
per cent, asked for. We send you a
watch, valued at $500, but worth $20.
AY hat are you going to do about it ? AA'hat
does your ticket call for ? AVe admit the
swindle, but what are you' going to do
about it ? ...You've got no claim on us be
yond an admission to Irving Hall, and
we'il admit 3011 when we agree to. AVe
haven't fixed the time vet;"
early all tro prizes given out, uy iariv.
Bite & Co. consist of what purports to be
shares in the "Thieves' and Burglars' Pe
troleum Stock Company." These are val
ued at $100 each; but, it is scarcely
necessary to say, they are utterly worth
less. There is no such petroleum compa
ny, and if there is, it don't own any land,
and if it does, it hasn't got any oil in it.
The whole thing is simply and purely a
fiction, having no better foundation than
the printed scrip, which is a wkke l M-yste
of white paper. These bogus shnu,: r.rc
sent out bv the thousand, and not one in
a hundred of the nunduT who receive
them ever takes the trouble to eomplaiu
or denounce the swindlers. He has been
victimized, first, to the amount cf otic dol
lar paid for his original ticket; second, to
the extent of all other tickets he has been
induced to purchase ; and, third, to the
amount of the five per cent, assessment of
which he was notified. Recognizing the
swindle, he is chary of prosecuting the
matter further, for fear of being bitten
AYhcn the New York manager (whom I
afterwards ascertained was but an ordina
ry clerk) had learned from me that I held
a number of tickets which were said to
have drawn prizes, he did not hesitate to
inform me that they never intended giving
prizes of any value, and justified such a
course by saying that every person who
bought a ticket did so in the hops of
gaining an advantage over some .one else
of getting a prize worth five, ten, or fif
ty times the amount he invested. To use
the expressive language of the manager,
'they hope to beat us, so we make siu-coi'
beating them. They want ten dollars for
one, while we make ten. for nothing.
Where's the difference between us ? They
tni to overreach us, and we do -overreach
them. Morally considered.
' ml '
It lllv it
is the
The answer to this is simply that the
chances are not equal or, rather, that
muiu - 11 viiwv
Iho (hit Enter-
1 - 1 t
t . n.niA cr r mmt t hi r it',viiwK'j i i r
wno invests monc 1.1 iueu
he had drawn, valued at k0.
Te obli.
; ging clerk offered him three shares in the
, "Thieves and Burglars Petroleum Stock
jj rii !" t ...
. '.-imi.'inr 11. ..'-. t .i'mhf
; cut, had bought a ticket, had been notified
' 1 . 1. . I. .1 .1 ii , .1
' mar ne iiau uravvn a orize. simil i'ic.
give him h'.S petroleum stock.
tire policeman rammcmed. but he
415 V.4 E
r?iiiLv jo,
could do nothing the farmer -.-. : ,-.
grorrnd of action against the swl:.
which would lojalh warrant their am
So the victimized farmer returned to h::
pigs and poultry in Connecticut, ad tit,
the expense of his trip and hh lot time
to the other sums to be charired to Bark,
Bite h Co.
Pcrh aps the most notable instance of
Gift Enterprise swindling was that rceont
ly perpetrated by the Gettysburg A-vIum
I Company. This company proposed to
purchase on the battle-field of Gettysburg
a large tract of land and erect thereon a
home for disabled soldiers. To secure the
means to do this, a "gilt" scheme was in
stituted. An individual in New York
having been victimized by a diarho-ul bro
ker, lound cn his -h;md a lot r.f bous
diamonds, for which he had prid full price.
These he proposed to put into iho srhc-.v.j
for a much larger sum than lie L-hI p'-iid.
aud consequently for an amount equal to
five or. six times their value. Another
person put in a farm for $(10,000, the as
sessed value of which was $5,000. A great
variety; of other prizes were put in the
schedule, all bearing a greatly exaggerated
value, (excepting the pi ize
which was $100,000 in greenbacks.) and
the company was ripe for action. A char
ter was. by some mc-riiis, obtained from the
Pennsylvania Legislature, and several
prominent Generals ia the army wore in
duced to lend their names to the scheme.
The total value of the prizes, according to
the advertisements, was about $700,000,
and they were to be distributed among
1,200,000 persons, prodded that number
of persons could be found to buy tickets
at one dollar each. Having acquired a
quasi legal recognition from "the State o'
Pennsylvania, the company commenced
the sale of tickets. By a liberal course of
advertising, a large number were disposed
of, and finally the day of drawing wa re
nounced. This produced quite a fur.-i
und the rush for tickets was immen-e. -About
this time it was discovered that the
mauagers cf the scheme were well known
lottery swindlers, and consequently the
Pennsylvania Legislature withdrew the
license previously given, the whole man
agement was denounced in Congress v.v.Ci
by the press, and the prominent men who
had lent their names to aid it withdrew
their support. All this denunciation only
stirred the swindlers to renewed effort,
glowing in their descriptions "and "Vniiic"
brilliant iu promises. At length, a con
cert was given in New York, and Irving
Hall was unable to hold one-half the
ticket-holders who sought admission.-
Speeches were made, the golden promi-es
renewed, and those who had been disposed
to be suspicious went away satisfied. For
a week longer the company flourished,
their business office on Broadway being
thromred at all hours with an cairer crowd,
I josri0l 'and hustled" ether in
j tve;.. offorts, tt, obtain the coveted tickets.
briuht morning, the greedy
awoke to find the t-h.v.' t i'.iee closed, and
the landlord's sign of "To let V Conspicu
ously posted on the window.?. The man-i-irers.
the diamonds, the desirable farm,
the $100,000 in greenbacks," had all dis
appeared "ail at one fell swoop" with
upwards of $1,000,000 of the people's
money. From that day to this, no trace
of the Gettysburg Asylum seheme has
been found, although many anxious tick
et holders have made many anxious en
deavors to obtain some information with
regard to it.
It is .somewhat remarkable that so bare
faced and gigantic a swindle could be car
ried on so publicly, and successfully, too.
iu spite of the bitter opposition to it, and
that a million 01 dollars could be thus
easily taken from the pockets of confiding
victims, most of whom were uneducated,
ignorant men and Women. But such are
laws ; tl-e fact that each ticket Sold
entitled the hoiuer to an aumissien to a
concert, enabled them to evade the laws'
against gambling, and was legally consid
ered a wamble cciisidei":ti-a for the mon
ey paid. The same Gciiys-burg managers
are still in the Gift Enterprise business,
and may be seen promenading Broadway
almost any day, t ujeying tin iv ill-gotten
gains. But as they ei.iidiiet their business
through the medium of impudent clerLs,
and are necr visible to ticket buyers,
they are known to but few, and conse
quently esc.-.p
v. U.tiv
vcII-meritcd personal
! nothing more nor
deliberate trap set !y ims'.-ruj.-ulous, sliarp.
il;'sii:iiiii'r . conn orris to rob the iguorant
; .... ... i'. . . ; i .iu t 1. rt-iri jijri.i'.i
r- . 1 1 1 1
:;;:n. uii7i.i'n..'uc ' , . . ... .....
j motive., ana m .q-pt .w u me
ll..,-,, 4 , .t. . ... ltr-i vn v .Ii 1 l.-i-J in- 1 111 ! ... ,! 1 liiK
. -v. ... . ..v., ... ,.. -
- without buying a tiektt. aud the former
they are better off without.
1 -'.UU II.
I ,. ,.iK..ii'ii,t -,i .i-ii r;;!!iV Ol tliell
iev i.iUT, ii v, mu.e .k