Columbia democrat and star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1867, October 17, 1866, Image 2

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vr. h. jacobt J. p. BHtraiAy,- editors.
"iTm. P.TrtTt'tt CbTsT Park 'J"-.
re duly authoetaerf to solicit rtl'V nub.
Tir,0. aid advertising fr thrt .-. pub
lishad at Uloorustmrf. Columbia county, r ,
.:' " Odcial Vote.
Tta odcial vote "of ColumLia County Is
published in another column of this paper.
On examination,, it will bo seen that this
County polled an increased Tote of 950 over
last Fall's vote on Auditor General. Davis'
majority for Auditor General in this County,
last Fall, tu 1,416, fomething less than
Cltitek's majority, which is 1,613, a differ
ence of 202 votes. For Congress, Ei.well
has a majority of 1,737, one hundred and
nineteen over; and above the majority on
Governor. This difference in the vote was
principally made in this town, the resMenco
of the candidate. In this township (Bloom)
the vote was greatly increased ; but in epitc
of that, the heretofore large Abolition ma
jorities were cut down to a mere cipher. On
Governor, the Abolition candidate, Geart,
had a majority of seventy-one; and -on Con
gress, Mercue's majority wa3 but Jive. This
was a cutting down of sixty-six. To have
acquired this change, eome thirty-three who
voted for Geary must have voted for El
well. This is what the figures exhibit ;
and that being the fact, it would be no more
than fair to presume that thirty-three com
prise the entire strength of the Columbian
party. This party having phown their
hands, and not holding as large ones a they
supposed, they boldly assert in their la t
Columbian "had it "not been fothe treach
ery of men connected with the Democrat and
Star," the result would have been ftill dif
ferent This is cool; impudence of the
most Billy character ; to charge the men con
nected with this paper of " treachery ;" after
they having icorkcd hard, day and night, to
the very hour of voting, for the success of
Judge Elwell. Nobody bat a cold-hearted
scoundrel would have made rech a charge
tipon those connected with this paper edi
torially or otherwise. We do not hold the
gentlemanly editor of the Columbian respon
'Eible for anything of the kind. The article
we allude to, we have reason to believe, was
cot the production of his 'brain, but, of a
verdant, would-be-limb of the law.
Our Gains in Indiana.
The Democratic gains in Indiana are very
- heavy, as compared with 1 SG4. ; There is a
larger vote polled, and the increase, rave in
one district, (Colfax's), is wholly on the Con
Eervative side. Niblack, Democrat, in the
First District, is returned by 2,200 majority,
a gain ; Kerr, Democrat in the Second Dis
,'trict, has increased from 1,7'J3 to 1,977.
Hunter, Republican, gets less than 500,
when his Radical predecessor had over S00.
Julian, in the Fifth District, has his majority
cut down from 7,145 to about 600. This i
an enormous gain. In the Sixth District,
Coburn has only 2,200 against 7,9SS tvo
years since. "Washburne, Republican, in
tho Seventh District, is reported to have
made a small increase. . Crth, Republican,
in the Eighth District, hs only 300 against
1,437 two years shice. There is no noticea
ble change in the other districts. We doubt
if tho Radicals will have seven thousand
majority in the Congressional vote against
twenty thousand two years Race. Well
done, Democrats of Indiana.
JESF". Columbia County, in the lata con
test, done her whole duty. , She came out of
the' fight, with a majority cf 1C1S for the
"gallant son of old Berks IIlESTElt Cltmek,
and 1737 majority for the Democratic can
didate far Congress, Mr. Elwell. These
majorities exceed last Fall's majority ly
about 326, and eurpass all, in our recollec
.tion, ever given to any Democratic candidate
in this county. The Democracy have most
manfully done their duty in this contest.
Every nook and corner put forth her strength
and bravely pushed the. column onward to
victory. Had every county come out of the
battle with anything like the increased ma
jority that Columbia has given, in propor
tion to their rote polled, the State would
have gone for IIiester Ceymer by a hand
some majority. We have nothing to dis
courage us. The day is not yery distant
when victory is sure to perch ur cn our baa.
ners. " Cheer up, my lively lads!"
The Endorsement or the Constitu
tional Amendment by Oregon Expcng
id. San Francisco, October 7. A. dis
patch from Salem, Oregon,, states that in
the House of Assembly yesterday I.Ir. IIu
mascn offered a series of resolutions declar
ing that the action of the'IIouse in ratifying
the constitutional amendment before the ad
mission of the members from Grant county
was fraudulent, and by the aid of one Union
member the resolution, was adopted yea?
24, nays 23. ' The Secretary of State wa?
then requested to transmit a copy of the
resolutions to the Secretary of State at Wash
ington. Further action will be had to-morrow.
; IQ- We have heard some of our Demo
cratic friends estimate the strength of the
Columbian party in this county at about fifty-nine.
If we may take the vote of Judge
Ei.vfXLL over Clymir in this county, which
was 119, this estimate is not too low. No
one supposes for a moment that any of these
ColumbianiCes voted for Clymer. . It would
not be likely hat any of them" did vote for
Clymsr when the leaders of that party de
clared that if they thought it necessary they
would stump the county for Geary.
tZT We learn that the Election Board of
Gnyr:gham. Township, this ' county, have
teen bound over to appear at our next Court,
for rejecting a vote of a non-reporting draft
ed rarn. Thi3 i3 the -first and only case of
the kin 1 v heard of since the late
m muujij..
The Rump Congress.
The Romp, k far "as 'we have been able
to ascertain through the late elections,
has become no smaller. - In this State, if the
returns present the truth, the Ramp hts
had an acquisition of two members made to
it In the Westmoreland District, Covode,
of- Smelling Committee notoriety, is put
down as l-eing elected by 35S majority. The
Schuylkill Di3trict is alto counted against
the Democracy. Cake is said to be elected
in that District by quite a email majority.
In Ohio we have made no gains ; further
than we have the extreme.s6atie-faction of
' . : ' ' . e .' w
knowing tnat radicalism is ' not enaorsea ;
for in every District the former Radical
majorities have been tremendously cut
down. The Radicals barely carried some of
their strong Districts. One more effort and
we will rout them in every quarter. The
people are not quite ready; they desire
more nigger ; more taxes ; and more cur
rency. Tht3 green-back currency will ere
long become ragged, filthy and worthless, and
know not its redeemer. Then, and not till
then, will some people be willing to work for
a change. You have not yet paid one dol
lar of the real tear dubt. It has been all
that you have been aLIc, under present tax
ation, to keep do-vm some of the interest,
and bear the ordinary expenses of the gov
ernment. This you will do for awhile and
not grumble ; but when an effort is made
to get out of debt, you will find a dif
ferent' tate of affairs in our financial circles.
Then you will need economy in every de
partment ; you will pray for the abolishment
of the freed men's bureau, and like drain
upon the treasury. - It is all well cnouih,
you think, to have these heavy expense., eo
long as they are no more weight upon you.
It illustrates the fact that we have a strong
a:l rich Government! Mr. Radical thinks
this all right, at present, but when he comes
to foot these hills, he will think quite dif
ferently. County Fair.
The Columbia County Agricultural Fair
which was held at this place last week, was a
success. In the first place, a better selec
tion of articles, in every department, was
never exhibited in this county. The num
ber of articles on exhibition was not so nu
merous as has been the case at previous
Fairs, but the quality of the articles was
better. A marked improvement was noticed
in the grain "and vegetables particularly.
Tha only objection we should think of offer
ing, would be to the hzc of the pumpkins,
beets and potatoes they were all so very
l&i-ge. Too bulky to manage with The
corn presented was most splendid, as was
every variety of grain on the tables.
The machinery on exhibition exceeded all
previous Fairs, The Reapers, Mowers,
Wind-Mills, Plows, Harrow?, Rakes, Gates,
Planters, Drills, Feed-Cutters, were all "on
the ground," with a representative for each
one declaring" his machine the "best and
cheapest now in use."
ing implements were
All kinds of Farra
fufiy represented.
among which were some very fine and highly
improved agricultural utensils. In tlils par
ticular branch our people have been making
more than the ordinary advancements in the
pa-t few years. They Lave progressed b
yend all precedent. Farm labor is perform
ed with comparative ease to vhat it wa
twenty year- ago. This is evidence of the
fact that the American people tike the lead
in all the arts and sciences. They not only
invent these machine, usod in cultivating
our farru, but they put them in practical
and profitable operation. Jotwithstan.iiiijr
the inclemency of the weather during the
first two days, the receipts will compare fa
vorably with those of other years. On Sat
urday there wa a large turn-out ; one tint
surpassed all like gathering? in this county.
There never were so many people and vehi
cles in this place on one d.iy before. The
streets were, at times, literally alive ""with
human beings and every description of vehi
cles. . The day being so favorable everybody
attended from far and near.
We cannot say much in favor of tho stock,
horses, cattle, fdieep, c. This depart
ment of the exhibition was not full. We
have seen a much better reprcsentaticn at
previous Fair?. There was no excuse for
this lack, unless it was cn account cf the
bad weather, of the first two days, which,
very probably, was tho cnu:-:e. Thtre i.
stock in the countj- which will con: pare fa
vorably with any raised in the lower coun
ties, and cur farmers usna'ly trot it out.
All passed off pleasantly without any dis
turbances. . Good order was preserved
throughout the whole time. There was
little or no rowdyism practiced on tho
There were no ntsiranccs on tho ground
this year, such as shows, flying-horses, slop
shops, fee. -For this the Society deserve
much credit.
Members of Congress Elected.
1. Saniufl J. Randall, re-elected, Dem.
2. ('harks O'Neill, re-elected, Republican.
3. Leonard Myers, re-elected, Republican.
4. William D. Kclky, re-elected Rep.
5. Caleb Taylor, succeeds Thayer, Rep.
6. B. Maikley Royer,-re--c'scted. Jem.
7. John M. Broomall, re-elected, Ren.
8. J. Lawrence Getzsucceed Ancona. L'em.
9. Thaddeus Stevens, re-eleeted, Rep.
k a!4ChUcceedsStrouse, Rp. gain.
. Ankcn, succeeds Johnson,
12. Charles Dennison, re-elected, Dem.
13. Ulysses Mercur, re-elected, Rep.
14. George F. Miller, re-elected, Rep.
15. A. J. Glosebrenner, re-elected Dem.
16. William II. Kocntz, re-elected, Rep.
17 D. J. Morrell, succeeds Barker, Rep.
18. Stephen F. WiLson, re-elected, Rep.
19. Glenni W. Scofield, re-elected, Rep.
20. D. A. Finney, succeeds Culver, Rep.
21. J. Covode succeeds Dawson, Rep. gain.
22. J. Kennedy Moorhead, re-elected Rep.
23. Thomas Williams, re-elected, Rep.
24-J3eo. V. Lawrence, re-elected, Rep.
C?a- Retireix 0 ur young friend E. R.
Ikelcr, Esq., has dissolved his connection
with the Democrat and Star, of Blooms,
burg. He is succeeded by J. P. Shuman,
who partially served at the printing business
under our instruction. We wiihboth our
incoming and outgoing young friends abun
dant success in their resnectiva srTiai nf
busiaesA Berwick Gaeettd
The State Election. "
The election is over, and, contrary to our
most confident expectations, the Radicals
have triumphed. " This" result, dishearten
ing as it must be to every true friend of the
peacdul restoration and permanent pros
perity of the Union, is not so surprising as
it would at first-appear, when the means
that were employed to accomplish it, are
clearly understood. Money to an almost
incalculable amount, was freely spent the
basest falsehoods and slanders were indus-'
triously circulated the most daring frauds
were perpetrated and all the machinery of
tne oatn-bounl "Loyal Leagues and other
secret political organizations of our oppo
nents, was put in motion, in the desperate
struggle to retain the power, which, in view
of their many and heinous past misdeeds,
they felt they could not afford to lose. Such
a compact, vvtll disciplined, and determined
opposing force, wa.s too much for the people
to overcome, compelled as they were to con
tend aga'ust it wiih only thir own uuas. iot
cd strength. They . are indeed defeated,
but not by any moans go overwhelming as
to imjel them V) abandon their cause, or
despair of the future.- The boasted ma
jority of from S0,000 to 50.000 for Geary,
which the Radicals defiantly claimed, is re
duced, by the actual returns, to little more,
if any, than ten thousand a loss of over
Jive thousand on their majority in 1863 ; and
enough to encourage every Democrat who
has faith in his principles, and trust in the
ultimate, correct verdict of the people, to
persevere and "try again."
It is always an invidious, and never a profi
table task, to attempt to mitigate a political
defeat by pointing out where or how our
friends might have done better. But to
whatever causes it may be owing, and which,
now wuen it is not too late, we may be dis
posed to think, might have been avoided,
no shadow of blame can attach to our candi
date and leader Hiestfr Cltmer. He did
his duty well and nobly. Never was the
Stato so thoroughly canvassed, and never
were the issues Milmitted to the popular
verdict more forcibly or persuasively pit-
sented. He proved himself worthy of the
trust that was reposed in him by the Con
vention of the 5th of March, and his defeat
is the party's loss, not his own. Personally,
he has nothing to regret ; politically his
record stands clear as it did when he accept
ed the nomination.
We confers to no disappointment at the
result in our cwn. county. Tiue, our ma
jority is a large one ; but all cf us felt con
tident that, upon this occasion, Berks could
and would give seven thound. A oom
.parison of the returns with those of 18G4,
shows that our full vote was not out. Per
haps over-confidence in success had some
thing to do with this ; but it may be mainly
attributed to the report which was put in
circulation by the Radicals, as a "last card,"
that a change of Administrations would im
pair the public credit, an 1 cause a d precia
. r t -i i
lion or uovernment Jjoihs, winch our
people hold to a considerable amount. Pal
pably false as was such a ttory, it doubtless
ha 1 its effec t, ia inducing not a few to absent
themselves from the polls, and some even to
violate their political convictions by voting
fr Geary-.
It is supposed that probably several hun
dred Democrats in this county who hold
Government bonds were induced to vote for
Geary-, by being told in the most solemn
manner by Republicans, that if the Demo
crats regained power our debt would be re
pudiated or the Southern debt recognized
This does not speak well for their judgement.
to pay the least. But the men who origi
nated and practiced this clcctioneeringdodge,
well knew that it was as foul a falsehood a.s
was ever told. Every man who understands
the financial condition of our country knows
that the oxi.t danger to the national debt
comes from the reckless and revolutionary
-chemes of the Radical majority in Congress.
If they would ccae thtir agitation, and al
low the Union to be restored and fh j coun
try to become more qui t, pa'vful an i
prosperous, our inii!'.c??i-e resctvv, North
and South, wuld soon bo so developed that
0'ir dolt wo"H reasi; to behalf the bur b n
it now is. The lcst business me n n.-cognize
this f:ot, Stewart, Yan-krbilt, Astor and
other New York capitalist, who hold more
of the national debt than the same number
of men anywhere, are for the President and
ayiiint Congress." The Constitution is the
supreme law of the land and all men in Con
gress or out of it must obey it. What re
flecting man who holds a Government Bond,
can believe it is safer under Stevens and
agitation, than under Johnson and the Con
stitution? Reading Gazette and Demo
crat. ..... m
Frank Thomas' Slaves. The Union
publishes a notice from the JZeaminer of No
vember 3rd, 1S53, of the sale of a number ot
negroes belonging toex-Gov. Frank Thomas
says: "Only eight short years ago the
slaves of cx-Gov. Frank Thomas were sold
at the jail door, in this city, to the highest
bidder for cash, and most of them were sent
into the mgar, rice and cotton fields of the
South. They brought thirteen thousand,
two hundred and fifty-seven dollars, and ev
ery cent of this large turn of money was ai
plied to the benefit of Mr. Thomas, the
identical gentleman who is now in favor of
negro equality, and voted, during the late
session of Congress, to allow negroes to vote
in the District of Columbia, Maryland
Lancaster Crrr. We feel proud of Lan
caster. She has been "faithful among the
faithless." Proudlj and gloriously has fhe
lorn aloft the old Democratic banner. Her
majority for Clymer is 335, a gain of 2SG
over Woodward's of 1S63, and 133 over
McCiellan's of 18C4, and the largest she has
given for j cars. Her indomitable and invin
cible Democracy arc true as steel to the faith
of their fathers, and while others have grown
faint and weary in the good cause, they have
stood by and upheld the principles for which
they have ever contended. Lancaster is a
green spot in the desert, a "City of Refuge"
for. White men ! All hail 1 the cloriomj l'ln-
tind City." Intel iy nicer.
tSr San Francisco has 14,818 voters, cf
whom 8517 are native Americans, 6301 for
eign bCTH.
Governor. Congress. Senator.
Beaver, 175
Benton....... 174
Berwick, 67
Bloom, 232
Briarcreek, 155
Centre, 11)4
Convngham 169
Franklin 55
Greenwood. lt6
Hemlock... .164
Jackson 99
Locust 239
MadUon 115
Main 103
Miiliin.' 200
Montour 63
Mt. PiVasant.94
O.ango 121
Pine G
r -
45 92
13 103
35 2iM
4 A
1907 3594 1939
Majorities, 161 S
Agbly. Af. JuJ. Prut. Rff. Com. Aud.
G t' C o tj n r
v g- 2 p- g s. r
t-. H o o n B
: T E : B
- : w 9 2
r" 3 : :
lieaver lia 15 la 175 175 175 175
Benton 174 172 176 174 172 174 174
Berwick 65 66 67 67 67 67 67
Bloom 224 234 24 ) 243 230 243 2?i
Briarcreek... 153 155 155 154 154 154 154
Catawissa.... 128 132 143 132 H2 132 132
Centralix 134 132 132 134 134 134 133
Centre 197 202 202 197 197 197 197
Convnu-ham. 173 175 175 173 173 173 173
FMiinccreck236 236 237 23S 23S 237 23.S
Franklin 39 55 55 54 54 54 54
Greenwood.. 165 179 170 165 164 164 164
Hemlock 161 16S 16$ 162 162 162 162
Jackson 99 ,94 100 99 98 97 99
Locust 240 256 258 240 240 240 240
Madison 189 191 193 192 190 194 191
Main 103 103 103 102 103 103 103
M.fllin 200 200 2O0 2O0 200 200 200
Montour 63 65 65 63 63 63 63
Mt,I'lea.nt. 94 96 96 95 95 95 95
Orance 122 121 121 122 122 122 122
I'ine.. 5 S7 87 85 85 85 85
Boarintrercck 47 47 47 47 47 47 47
Scott.. 152 150 150 152 152 151 152
SiKrarloai'.... 135 133 136 135 135 134 135
SGf There was no opposition to our can
didate for Assembly or our county oSoes.
The whole Democratic Ticket is handsome
ly elected. There was an increased vote
polled at this election which helped to 8wcli
up our majority in this count' above that
of other election-?. Our candidate for Con
fres, it will le observed, run 119 ahead of
the vote cn Governor.-
The Result in the State.
Upon a r-oll cf nearly, if not quite, six
hun.irtd thou-and votes in the State, the
real majority fir Geary will not be much
above that given f ir him in this city. Out
side of this place the votes are pretty evenly
balanced. 1 he rural districts are retracing
their. step. The people are enicreing from
under the war cloud, are feeling tha weight,
of taxes imposed to meet the enormous ex
penses incurred by the Radicals, and are dis
posed to change their rulers, and thus alter
the policy and acts of the government.
Had the contest been foutrht by the Radi
cals on principle, and no means used but
such a.s are sanctioned by an honest regard
lor the perpetuity of a republican repre
sentative form of government, the remit
would have been far different. But other
agencies were relied upon to maintain Radi
cal ascendency. Money wa used in pro
fusion. The loyal leagues in all sections of
the State acted as the di.-pen-ers of money,
and dohauehod and corrupted all who couH
be reached in that way. This is an exjen
sive mode of holding political power. T!ie
coi.tributor to the k'i.ucs will tire of sup
porting an association which is intended to
enrii'h a few corrupt and sou'less politicians;.
The voter are with the Democratic party.
J heir numbers inerea.-e each year. In this
city the poll of the Democrats isf.iPt a-um-iug
proportions that will defy colonization
and other exhibitions of fraud. Tho same
point will soon be reached in the State, and
then a lair expression of jhc judgment of
the people will be reached.
There is nothing in the result of the late
contest in this State to dispirit the Demo
cratic party. Political power cannot be
easily wre.-tcd from a party which has en
joyed it for years and u.ed it for one purpore,
that of perpetuating the reign of Radicalism
in the State and nation. It takes time to
break the charm of success, to induce men
to abandon old ideas and associations and
embrace new ones. But the drift of the
tide is Eteadily aud unmistakably in favor
of the Democratic part-, and those princi
ples upon which alone the States can be re
united, and that union be made perpetual
and indestructible. Each contest the ma
jority in the State is reduced. Kach elec
tion is a s-tep nearer the final overthrew of
the present revolutionary faction. These
are lessons to be learned from the result of
the" contest through which we have just
passed, and the people should ponder their
full meaning. Age.
The Illustkatf.d Annual of Piirex
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Racial Peculiarities ; Civilization and Beau
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Societies; Matrimonial Mistakes; Handwri
ting; How to Conduct l'ublic fleeting-?;
Eliza Cook, the Poetess ; Rev. James Mart
ineau, the Preacher ; Rev. Dr. Pusey, the
Author; Proude, the Historian ; Theirs, the
French Statesman; John Ruskin, the Art
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Bashfulness, Diffidence, Timidity; Cause and
Cure ; Eminent American Clergymen ; The
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the Hart nmn llull'iing, u'hcat cor ncr of Mai a and
Market htrrrti, Bloouiaburf . ra.
Having juat retared from Philadelphia with large
tck f
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and G mVrmrn'i Furnishing Ooodi. icr . fcc He flat-t-:a
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T? Clolhint; iii.tIh tontdrral thu hortt notice.
Vail ami e before purr hming tUcwIicre. an I
. M:m; uuiums,
October 10, 18(6
The UNIOV WATCH CO., maiiractnrrr, HI
Broadway, N'-w Yira. uffi-r Ihfir entire a-orlt atler
thin ri. for ranli. Thi uff .r.l a r;r opportunity
for i;il.r aifliiiiir to r-pl.;iuh for holi l;iy tr.iio. to
Sflfrl from a cr-Ht varii-ty unHiirpa:l lor rirhurpf
o' dr-in t'iii'k)' piii( qiMlitira anil rial woo h
"OMiimiS' VV A I'l llliS. hurupcan niaili;, in rUout
S?ilvr and liol.l Plt !il Cii wjrrmitL'd :orr t
liiHK-kprpi-rs heantil'ully ncravi-d. whil; ilijl ami
Uiiry fiiiliail haima ; it sup rli ornament I'ri- e, per
rinse or fix $ i. Th eaitii'. f'lil pl;it--l. pr cmo of
di,81S. OM.V Y 1 UK ;A -K! We (to not
(H vi-il- from Ihn nil"' upon n c -iifliti-.n .
llUNTINii Sil.Vi R VVATi HKS, r.ii2(ish niov-nii-nt.
pi-rf ctly Ijn-terl. so.) n arrnti'il iorrect lime
kfr-pf-r ; bfuiitifmly etierarei yto'it ilunhle in-.
w hile iliil ami f.mry cut hands r-4M only by the
ch; ot -ix p irnj',7. T;ii i the ch'.'api'nt rt aly
rnn'l article in the market furuihin; a rloiit bout
ing tiuralile watrh. whirl! WIl.i. K l.fci' GOul) I I V C
at a VOOKItATE Pttl'"li Jn jo.tic to many Mill
ilealera whotn we ur opplyinx. tll-ne tvatrtief will
not be anlii to any oce at retail, or in aii i i unii t
e- thin a cane of ii
t;uLII Pi.ATl.ll VATCHn-, l K. plate, fame
movement a above. ail i pr-iri ly thi; tame tyl.
of watch, w it!i Hie eieeplioii th il tiire arir h'-uvoy
plated n eompoi-ition Hiatal, Price. p-r case of nix,
$., Sol. I rmly by ca.-e !
HL'N'I INU l "VER WATCH K. in niperior fin
iithe.l cir'H. ll eiitfravi-ii, n tc I that r-alily f II Mt
ret.iil at rom V earh up ard-. p-r vne of
Same in tiilt casea. per half tloicii. $-. oldouiy
by lb L'hko t
Improved Heavy Silver Duplex Chronome
ters in fully ruby action movement.
Thone wiehing a np nor tiine-pi.;re, that ran b
relied upon in ail i:an'iii :tn-i w-alh ; f. eliull bay
thiit. f or K; men a nil othori rfjairiiiK an ac
curate tim-pi -ce thi i- unurpise.l . aaeti in befl
Mlver i' it baiiiltome a!ii' tiaraolt: manner per cat?
rf fi. $V04 A fan (.1 ' will ne o il fvr Tbao
nalrn" tetail at IV on S7. to $
AitKI M. W , .11 :--. iF OUR OWN MAXU
Two ou-ice Silver Caes Have tlw beat r'lnninit
apparitii of anv wal h exiieure. Per raasol'!!
Sincl- i.n- I M Retail ut $ 10 atu up ward.
AUo ti.OJ and ilve, vV-,tLh- . a -up- rb et - a f
Oliver ware, an. I C"i 1 pale.l an i Giil Jewelry (or
C untrv Vleri hautd. I.lar, fcc
;o.i.l ii:nt to anv part of ih-? country by Expre.a,
t' o U to tie p:id for wli -n r-c mv -d i r I :r ai ouce .
No acvances req nre t. f-n I f r 'irciilar.
t.MO.N W VI'CH C'.,
1 1'J UroaJway, New Vnrk,
October tt), Ifii'A
rnE r.XBCirioR's op the last tvn.i. an'D
I 'I egtrtinent of Drui - Palmer late of Vnlley town-
hip. Vnntinir roun'y. iter ean il. w i II c ipose to sale,
at pub.ic vendue on tbe premiers, on
Th ursdny, () tuber li.'jA , 1 Sf.6,
AM tMtrerrein plantation nnd trart of land ait'l.ite
in Val'ejr lowiihip Montour county, a-j oniiii land
of llaniel I urpel Pw Ualdy. Lmanuel Sidler and
Jaii.en Cb!d. eont.unin i.inetv tveu arrevind tor-tv-arven
tierrhea iri t men" ore. all of w birh i im
proved land There in a qnary of piwul I imetonr
on thi Irart. ailuate about there pules from II iiivillc.
otith road leaiting to Jera:) town, 't'ho improve
n:env ("iiiiMr of a
a Frame Ban Itarn. I'orn CriH. a Well f wi'i-r t
the lw elluiij Moue. a'-o it lh Batn : a food Hrms
of naur neur tlie (-.welling. Th-re K an Apple Or
chard anj r.iher fruit on the premise . AO cain in
thf! fruimd on day of nlei reserved, with the priv
il ree of the t.e. utorf or t.-uai't to enter npon tlo
preiiiia'r in the proper rieason. rut. the jf ,-1 1 . i in
t -n l-arn. tlnerh oi haul n away, be and they leav
irif the trw on the .rru:ie.
Alo, at Ihe aane tni and ; Isro. a Tract of Woo I
l and nt iate in Valley township afor "d a '.j dn
ing land r.- Ii'iii-iim o' the fceir of l i'liam inyd- r.
II nrv W 'inu-ralet n. Joauua trUtler and Peter . aldy,
HVK ri RCIIF..-, ftric: nieasure The above proper
ly to be pold pursuant to th! liireetioim cO"tni'i iJ in
tlie la-t VCI unj Tinaiu' lit ot the ale liumel Pal
tin r. 'iiT a-ed.
Salv to cn-.n ii.'nrf t 11 o'rlo'k, of ni I .!:tV. wli . i
turn.s Ulul ten ilin.m if ale uiO Uu mi In known by
AAIM.S- P.i VI It. f
CJIA.EsTM-! -. )fx lJ'or
Valley Towi:lnp. f e(.l 'iti, 1 - , i.
Fi-R FRAXK MoOatl'S XiiW VVO !K.
GrX'lH will fio'litii bork of rn! merit and m
.V tritiyjo value arajCT haw intensely mterert-
iii and eicitinj no work ev.-r atteacldd am! enitng.
ed the public mind like inis. fcverybo.jy wants it
und thou .and n iM purcbaae it a uoou aa an oppor
tunity is alFordeit llinn.
Head w hat t' ut say of it.
One r ifVricuced Agent w rilei It i the eaiet
and pleant-at Hook to II lie ever canvassed for :
and nays' people are delighted with il, the .Liotai
enpecially .
Another ay ; "Women of the War" i the book
of the eaoii Another. 137 Orders in Four Hay.
I iiie r ports-17 ordt-rs the firi day of cavain.
Intellint , active males or f.-mab's will find the
e. leof tha w oi k pleasant nd lurr.'itive mp oy
ment lln Uook hi. no I ' It comes Ir. tli
and n?w to the people. Tin- Urntory i clean ami
clear. Agent uo rstan 1 the in. his
particiar. For lull pailfuUrs nend tor Circular.
Address, S SCR AN TO M Cn ,
KM Asliiii St.. Ilailford, Cutin,
October iO, 1pM".C 41J5. M. 1'
Old r.-taMiihed Fl.'R Vann-
lactorv No, . IS AK'Jtl Street,
aljove 7th . I'll ' L OEf.PII I A
Have now in Store of my own
Importation and .Manufirtur
one of the lar?e.4t and inot
beautiful sele'tions of
V''or Ladies' and Children's
Uear in the. City. Also, n fine
assortment of ent Fur Col
lars and Cloves. I am enabled to dispose of my
goods at verv rasoi-ah!e prices, and I would there
fore solii i' a rail from my friends of Columbia Coun
ty and vieinitv. s
Remember tbe Name. Number and Street.
J Oil a lWlil.lKA,
No. 718 ARCH ft ab. 7lh., south side. Ptjiladelphia.
I have no Partner, nor connectioa with any
other Ptore in Philadelphia.
October lu. leoo, liu.-J. Web.
THE undersigned has j it fi'ted up. and opened,
bis new
in this place, where he is prepared to make up new
TT W A RE of ill kinds in his line, and do repair
it,. i;h -neatness and disp itch. upon the most rea
sonab In terms. He also keeps on hand tToVE ol
varioos patterns and styles, w htch he Will sell upon
terois tu suit Durcbascra.
Give hi.,... ..'II. lie ij a goo 4 mechanic, and de
erins of it' .Mb'lc patronage.
Bloom-bnnj. Sept. 9, Hfi. ly.
Came t the premises f the un'!ersigne4 in Mt.
Pleasant tswn hip Columbia cstinty n or about the
'2-th of ugut last a white hag. weighing about sue
hundred and fiflr psunda supposed ts h about a year
'd. The swner Is r qqested t rsme forward pieve
prsneny. pay charges and take it away, sibxrwise it
will be lipied sf accsrdinf ts law.
Ht. -ri'anM, OtUi.Wf, tar.
In pursuance of an order of the Orphan's Court of
Lusarne county. Pa , on
TURSDAY, NOV. 11866, "
at 10 o'clock in tbe forenoon, at the house of Lewis on tbe premises Lawsn Hughes, administra
tor "f the estate of John Huehes. late of Cainhrn.
I. ns-rne county uectased. will extio e In gale all three contiguous tracts of land situate in th
township of t, in th. rremty of Columbia, ad
joining lands of Knberl Watklns. je-.nrly Keiuhn,d.
John I'elig. and others, 'l b first thereof romniiiiug
140 Acres and 90 l'erehes,
of whir-h is about one half cleared lai.d. and in good
state of riilitvotioii, whereon is erected a two story
good llrick House, a large Hank Rrn. Spring ho ise,
a blacksmith shop, and other buildings; soma fruit
trees, a large meadow and n .tvcr-fai'ing spring near
the h use. the balance of said land H wel I t iubered
with white oak, niaiile. and the best of Chentuut.
1 be s,-cond the-eof contaioing
99 Acrc3 and 67 Perches,
of wki' h more than half is cleared nd in a good
slnte of cultivation, the ba'anre i well timbered
with tiiO't ei-elleut large thrifty cbestuut, wliite
oak and some Pine and l.irkory.
The tbii d thereof rout lining
92 Acres,
of wltic.i a few acres is cleared; the most part nf
it timber land, and rotienlerKd ny many peisnns
to le- tli- best timber land in that vicimtv. I he laud
t excellent, a n.-ver fiiling stiring of water on it
aVu astriHiit nf water running throuch all of the
Ui 'i T n l .ie-rrirt 'l trac. and all of sai l tnets have
a iiuli ic road running through thi in or joining on a
pub ir roiol
.i.o, Five oilier ccn'izuoiia tracts of good timber
land si: ii said township, nnd adjoinuig lands
lit;r. t describe I. 'I'll first thereof containing
ti art. sand .'! perelies. The hecoud thereo con
tai'iing 4i af;r.-s and 70 perrhes I ho third thereof
i 1 0 1 ii i ii :7 ncr-s an I percb -s. The lourtb
tli -reof coiitainj C 4j acres and 7 1 pert hei 'i iie
fi:tli th'-reof ctuit lining ntres -ml Is I perches,
sti let iora-iir, . all ad said trac s nre well timbereit
with tuo.t ex. ell lit i li -lit n lit 4nd other llmbe
A ro. I nn mh'-r rrai t situate in saum tswn'liip
adjiiii4ig In mis of Wriybl Hughes, aix'l Veurs and
o.liers. containing
1 5 Acres,
more oi less, which is well timbered with the best
of heMniit. Also, other lot ritu'ite in the same
lon nsliiti. ner.r .-lai town, ailjoiuius lands of wi.tow
Troxel. the le i's ol widow li...ich aud Joseph Csii.
coiit:tiuiiig three a ere, improved laud. To be 'old
as the vrop. rty of said ec -ased.
r. . n. i-in.i.itis. Clerk tJ t?.
1 ERI.S : Ten per cent of the purchase money to ir
paid at Hi linking down of tne provertg. the rtmainder
ef tlte purckaie mumy to be paid a J-Muir : One f.u
oh the ropjrmiiliom oj tale, one Ikird on the .;( of Jipril
A. 1 l.5-'i at tchick Urn poneion teiU it given, and
the balance on tie 1st day of April. Ji D irjud tciih
inlrrent .n tie tame Jrom the let day of April 1-07. J ht
purcha.'tr to pay Jor L)etd and H amp
October 3. 10.
Estate of Daniel Snyder, deceased.
IN pitrseancc of an order of the Orphans' Court f
Columbia County. Pennsylvania, on
Thursday, tlte 'loth day of October, 1SC6,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and to conlinje from
day to day until sold, William Snyder an J knnie
Snyder, jr , administrators of Daniel duyd -r, late of
(loom tow nship, in said county deceased, will ex
pose to sale by public ven.iue at tbe Court House in
ISIoom.-lmr e, t,oltJinbirt i.ounty. i t ,
( crtain Tract of Lund,
situate in Madison township, t'nlumbia Connty. ad
joining -ands lat ot J a on ,irmn. dceaae.l. on in
north the heirs oi Ji.nn newer ana n'nci nn tin
south and west, an I lauds now or late of Peter Ui'l
Icr on the east, containing
Ai flX PI.Hi'III.S. strict measure. Thro is n
tli pr'-niis, s a rjood two story rr ime House, cud
Hank Karn and A pp le Orchard, and about one hun
dred aries iiupr-.ved land.
Al.rt", the undivided one-third part nf a eeitain
lot of ground, situate in tsioomshurg, lyi ig on ti e
west Mile t First street of said town, ajuininj a
lot ( iuirl-y ii nd t'he:irt on the earl, lanrti belong
ing to the i:'MHisbiirg Iron 'onii ioy on the
west. itirl-v a"-' ' "tin an on the gontu and wpst,
and I irst Street cf said town on th s s i.iili, cont tin
ing in fi'ty one f-et and in ib pth ii" honored
and evenly two feet. There is on the premises a
two-story dame licine with basement, and Iram
li.oi.e tie story ah I a hall"
Ai so 111" undivided one-half put of a certaii
trai t or l t ol land. sit. lute in i al.iwna township.
Col . mii couu'.y. boiiii ted on the north by iliu tlivi r
SMs'lui'liamia. mid otner lauds of the rli-easeil, on
til.-eat and tvost ! 'ands of Pinn-I bhnuiiii and
tilers and J js ph lien it hot on the south, contain
ins forty three acies ami thirty fnir p" he, strict
uiea-ur! There is on the pr mise a frame nw :l
liojf bouc. bank barn, and about thirty acres un
proved. A Lvt, the undivided one-half part of a certain lot
or tract of Ian d situate in Catawis-a township alore-
ai. I. adjoining land of Ituniel and (.lias
Kruni ou the north, the lact above m-nt ioned trs I
on the rat. the River Su.-q-i.-ltaona the south,
rnntaiiiiuc Konrteeii Acres aud r eur Perches, strict
measure, all tiinle-r lar.d.
A lO. a certain lot of ground situate i Orange
ville. in sui.l county, a 'joining a lot of widow arts
on the wc-kt, a h t ul wi.u.w Kline on the east, Or
angrville Acaaemy lot on the south, and Market
Street on tbe uortb, containing thi'ty perch-.
1 t-t: tULCl A., i.lerk.
The share of Mary Snyder, th widow of the in
fatate, in the sever I premises to remain in tne
half's of the purrliassrs during b.-r natural lif-, tn
interest t'ler -ef to be regularly and ai.tiua-'y p nd to
Iter . the purt ba-er or purchasers, his or t:ieirh.trs.
or assigns, lo.lilio ihe premises, to b-; recovered by
riistress or oth-riVMe as rents nre r coyr ibl : i-i this
Cniiiiitoiiwealth and winch the sti.i w i.low shall taKe
in lull ratislariion of b'-r !ow-r in the several prem
isesadnthr cec-ase her share of the purchase
money to be paid to those entitled thereto.
ten p r cent, of two-thirds id tne purchase in n
i-v to re: paid by tke purchaser to the a tiiiims ra ors
'n the d.V of sale. Oue-haU of th-! balance ol" the
Is. n-third t. bu paid fi-t thu first day of April. ISo7
Ihe reinainioe ha'f ofltn two-ttiirds of th' pur
chase i..n.y oo the fifi-t day of A,iril JmS. with in-
f-rest fr.:u III.; tiit d.iy of April, 107. HoeJ to be
HiadMotl-- fiiri-liasers on the fi'sldayof A pril,l.-o7,
iiiiott iljeir tivinj bonds unn m Tttaires ori the
pi mi-i s to s-eure the deferred OHymeuts gr.itu
it th- cioofii on the i-y ral ik ts of laud is reserv
ed, w l h iiie pr.v iiege to me ow uer or owner I" enter
ui..ii in-, pieu.' i h iiie proper eaoll. undent.
! re. liin-fi .inj Ui.ilil away, lie auJ th.y Uavuig
lu; btiu". tin iu.! i reiiiises.
".1.1 AM SXVOER, J qJ .
Ml. I. SNYDER. J-"""rj-
A I.Sr. At the s i:ue tim" and p;ace ihe undersigned
i'i ..i.'-t ie f va'.uabio tract i r panel of
an... -SMi il.- no-ill east of 15lii:ii.biir?. aejoiliing Ilia
i.:ri n'i I ivi.-.g t.i.- nb'ic roul leading l t'spy.
i iit.ii..iii:'si'K'l V-t'lVt ALIitS more or U-.i,
a . .-t u- in ruiii . aii 'ii
.j- Terms v.i'l lie made k'jwn on the dry of sale
by lMUL.SVViit;R,
MO-I S COFF.M VX, Aiclienttr.
bliiomsburft. Sept. -6. lBoo.
J. r. Bradley's i tkbraUd Pateut
(Oil IJOCCI.E .-PaiNG)
The Wonrlerful I'lexiliilitv and great enmfirl and
pleasure to any l.-nly wearins the Daplex I'.llipiic
S:kirt will be experienced particularly in all crow I'-d
Ass-nitilies. iperas. Carri ij.'s. llailroad "ars. -rm
'hairs. Ch in h I'ews. for I'rninein te and lions.?
Press, ps the Skirt can be fdd"d when in use to oc
cupy a :i,;i II plat e as easiiv and convenient! y as a
riiK or iisliu Ores, an in v;il i.Tde rj-iaiity in cri:i-oli-te,
not found in any Singl.; Spring Skirt.
A l.ndy ha ving enjoyed the plensure, comfort, and
freat coveiiieiii-e ol wearing the Duplex Elliptic
Steel Spring fkirt for a siuzle dav, will never att -r
wards willingly lipense with their use. I'nrChil
ilren. Mlssta and Vounjr Lajies ttivy are superior to
all other.
I b y will not bend or break like the Single Spring,
hut will preserve thei perlcrt aud graceful shape
when three or four ordinary Ski'ts will have been
thrown aside as useless. Th"j Hoop nre covered
w th double and twisted thread, and the bottom rods
are not only double springs, but twice (or iJotibls)
covered ; preventing them from wearing out when
dra'.-giog down stoops, stairs. Stc.
T.- Duplex Elliptic is a great f.ivorile with nil la
lies and is universally recommended by the I ahon
axines as the SI'AJiOAUU SiClrlP OF HIE
To enjoy ihe following inestimable advantages in
Crioolini- viz: aup?rr lualitv. perfect manufac-
-ture Ntvli-h all ipe and liuish, fl -xibility. dnr ibiluv.
comi 'rt anu e.:ouiiiiy. eiipitre for J V .
Duplex Klitptie, or Double Spring Skirt, and be sure
on get the cen-tiue am. le.
IMUilOXe-Ta xoard against IMPOSITION be
particular to MjriCEthat skirts offered as "DC
rl.EX" have the red ink stamp viz : "J. VV. Brad
ley's lluplex Elliptic Steel Springs." upon the waist
band none others are genome Also Ntice that
every l!..0i will admit a pin passed through lh
centre, thus reveadiig the, two (or double) spring
In at i. d together therein, w bicli is the secret of their
fl .-xihi ity ami strength, aud a combination nut to be
f .iin.l in any other fkirt.
FOR SALE in all rmrc where rtRSTCUSS
skirts are sold throughout tbe United Slates aud
etsew Here.
Manufactured bv the Sole Owners of the Patent,
- - 97 Chambers tiJiel Ceade fcHa., N. V.
October JO. l.-Uxi. tiu
ne-peclfully informs the public that fa j ia now pre
pared to manufacture all kinds of
' attheLO WEST Possible Ibices ;
at short notice and in Ihe very beat and latest styles.
Mr Girtou. (as ts well-known in liloorusburg.) has
Bar! many years of auc-estful experi ars wiih a rep
utation for good work, inteerity and honorable deal
ing unsurpassed.
.. Place rf businsss on South East Corner of
Main and Iron streets, over J. K. eirua'e Strv.
Broomakarf. Oav.10, m.
A poalUva and PpeclQc Bet&edj fbr dlseaaoe of lb
DUd4er, Kldasys, Oeavst u4 Jrofmml wlUaC,
TMa i!dlcliis roervasM tha powraof fltgestloa, and
icltea tbe- absorbenu Into bealtby action, by Uch tit
wateryorealcaxeoua tleposltlons, aad all wnnatBral ea
Ursemects aro retlnced, aa well as pala and Uflaramanoa,
asdic good tor taco.iromen and eblldraa. .
For weakness ailelng from Excesses, EaMta of Dtaatpa
ton. Early IndiicraUon, attended wti.a tha following
lacUsposltlon to Exertion,
Lots of Tower,
ntSculty of Braarolar,
TrembUnc y
TTakefalneas, s
Fain In tbe Back,
nulling of lie Eodr,
Eroptlons of tbe Fscs,
Less ot Xlemory,
"Weak Kervea,
Horror of EIieas "f
Clmnc-M of VIlsn
E(ot Hands,
Drynees of tbe Hb,
Tnlrersal Lassltndo,
ralild Conntenance,
Tfccte spi:plom,ir allowed to to on (whlca tils UadV
elno invariably removes), aoon follow
ta one of which tbe patient may expire. VTto eaa f
tbey are not frequently followed by those M direful die
If any are a-s-nro of the canse of tbtr snfferlng.nt Boot
rrVl confers. Tlie records of tbe Insane acjituns and taa
nic'.aucbolr dca:bs by consnici-tloa bear ample vIujcm it)
lie truth cf o.ertlort.
T?.e Coiistftutlon, once effected by organic weakness.
rentrcj tbe aid of mr!!c!tie tostrengtben and Invigorate
the rnteifl. wbtch ntLMrul-H'SS EITlt-lCT OF BCCHCT
InTaxlabI d.S. Ja trisJ will con Tine tbe elzaI icspUtaX,
In many aute'.Ions rrcnUar to females, tbe ZxrnAtt
Ercna Is nnciaa'.ed by any ctber remedy. Ml fdr aU
aoxplalnta lcclieut to tbe ssz, or In '-.o
tar No 1-a.mily should b withomt its
Take no Calsara, iferenry, or unpleasant nadiclaa far
aapleasant aod dangerone disease.
Cure Bccret Diseaaes
In all tbclr stages Utile expense, little or no ahaaf a aa
diet, no Inconvenience, and XO EZFOSU&S.
For all affections and disease! of these organ, vbatbar
From whatever cacse orlg'inatlnK.and no matter now lonf
stanrUac. Plaeasee of Octe orjan reaulre the aid of a
13 tho Great Diuretic.
And It Is certain to have tbe desired eSect la aQ dlsaaeen
Cor which It 1 recommended.
DLOCD! 1.003! DL0033!
Tor porifeleg tho Tlood, rssoTlrg all chronlo corstlta
EoeM dircisee srir'.ng from an lmpnrc state of the Clood,
and. tha oc'.y rl!av.'.o cad c?cctTtcl knovm rcrrjcJy for tha
euro of Ecrofcla, EcaU Head, fcxlt l5ior.ji, l'Urj ul
E-xc'.'.'.si cf tto Eocci, Clceratlo cf tbo Thrctt and
Lees, r.iotcbcs.rrples on tho Tacn,Tetar,Ery&!.elaa,
aad t'u scaly Eruption of thi; tln.
f th orst ctlicrdcrs Cict tCict aanxicd arbe from tha
torruptlon tliat accumulates In the Ulood. Cf all the dbv
ccvrr'esttattsve tcen xnaSe to pnrpo it ont, none caa
eual la eSect HcutEOU)'e Cowoxtto Exrmicr or 6aa-e-irixiiiA.
It cleanse end rxaorate the Elood. trinu "
ti9i,-ircf tec'.ih Into tLo eystcm,nad purge out tha
haicor trhlch rasha fiieasrt. It ertTOslatcs tbe heallby
fszi.tioa;o- f the lioUytSntl espelathc dlsorifr that tvo-w .
t2iT.tuit;c;n the tkod. Puch a reuedy that could ha
relied on has lon been rorsht r, and notr, for the nrt
t::e tho pcblls hr.vts cni on irMca they can dcrpead. Oar
ipsce hsre docs tot r.-luiit of ceriiiciues tosho-7 ItscrecU.
t ut Ihe trlil cf & tlnjlc tottlo will show to tbe tick tbttlt
L3 Hi virtues eorpxtrg nrjrthtng they have ever taken.
Two tablespoon JJl cf tha Extract of SersaparUla added
to a plt cf vetc-r Ii c:3il to tho Lisbon Diet Drink, and
cue l-cttie !s teWr e-r-.rl to a fiJion of the Bjmp of Karaa
ttri.x, cr tha Cccclio cs ja'.ly uada.
nx,trrGLD'3 hobe wash,
An ezccV.cnt Lotion for dlzcuea arlslcx from babll ol
d.HlpaL!oa, xnoX In coonec t!oa wltb tha Extracts Encba
tA i, Is sncb tliseasc as recoraraended. Evl
Cccca cf tbo inert rciroMlhlo and reliable character -will
accompany Cio mciUcInrs. Also sxpISclt direction for ,
ns, tr5."i htirttlrtilt of DaTant!s il vlrs trltneisca,and cp
tr:;ii of oov-l uT3c;:e'.:;.l certl.'.cates and rtcosDcndi.
tvrj- 3c i'.rrit, many of wlilch aro from the highest conrees,
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Eco Dt'petratory of tho Tnlted Etatea.
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Fee remarks made ty the celebrated Dr. rm-gir, rhlla.
Eco remarks rcaley Dr.XpMAiM McDowrii, a ccle
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Crrcos3, Irclrod, and puhUshad la the Transaction ot
tte Klcj and Queen' JoumaL
Eco MetUco-Chlrnrslcal rovlew. pnbllshed by JJxsiar
TbavisJ, Fellow cf tha r.oyal College of Bnrgeona.
, coo Koi oi uie tate standard worts oa aiealciaew.
Address letters for Information, la confidence, to
H. T. ILELMBOLD, Chemist,
ilelmbold'a Drug and Chemical Warshoaaa,
Ko. 691 BS01DWAT, HEW YORK, and
Ilslmbold'a Medical Depot.
.3 V.