Columbia democrat and star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1867, July 04, 1866, Image 3

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1 ' m i
Wednesday, July 4, 1.C66.
. ..Axavrzsa to cor.rspoNEENT3
J. - J. : iL-We Lad' no diScultv in ob-
t&iaiag the evidence necessary to effect our
object, - Ion may 7x037 dismiss the matter;
Patriot.' Your cotnmunicatioa vrtxa re
Cffived, but as it reflect unon thft character
of certain candidates it is laot suitable for
publication at this time. Our. opinion is,
tnat you are in janed to consider success
virtue and a crime.
Hrv. T.-Thi bldest, Jewish Synagogue in
Europ'J ii ia Frazuc. Germany. -.
Fw D. Columbna died in 150G at Val
ladolid, Spain, 100 jniles' north west of Ma
tin:. - , - -
-' IxQtrrasit. "We don't the late
Asseor wa3 removed on account pt malfea
sance, in Sice, but because he does not sup
port the ''Government' hence, ho must be
a disumoni.t, traitor, rebel, and should not
Hold any oiiice under this administration.,
SSL. TTe. desire that all subscriptions to
vue ciJJi vr tus .uaTii oe immediately
eettkd. 4 W. II. Jacobv.
2C?Gou vr as quoted, on our going to
press,' at 1.53 Phila., and in N. Y. mar
ket It ranged, for the past few days, between
1.52 and 1.54. Quite fluctuating.
' rtr CoL' Tats presented the Editors of
this journal, upon the first day of July, with
a eou lo of ripe AriLZsy of his own raising,
thu season. -
XCjiThe-, gold market-has been very ir
regular for the past week, and rates .were
changing continually ; the fluctuations, how
cr. were not violent
To Lit. The newly appointed Revenue
jLssessor of this District will dispose of about
fifty positions as AsiJstant Assessors, Distil
lery spies, &c, (o men who will don the
Johnson Uniform! Will our down town co
temporary be an applicant?
43" If the Question is not considered too
, impertinent or inquisitive, we would inquire
. of the late Assessor if "every thing is lovely
. and the goose hangs as high" as it did the
fore-part of last week ?
f- tiTA horse, driven by William Verry, on
'. last Sabbath, took fright, . became unman
ageable, and resulted in the wreck of the
' buggy and serious inguries to the driver.
. Ha is, however, expected to recover. The
. horse was soon taken up,, apparently unin-
- jored. ' '- ' '
... tST'. Mrs. Scolliy, of Conyngham town
ship, was brought before Esquire Reinbold,
on Saturday last, for riotous conduct, and
in default of proper security to keep the
peace, she was committed to the county jail,
- at this place, on Sabbath last
JCST We observe by the proceedings of a
Soldiers Meeting, published in the Lycom
r tip Gazette; that Lt A. B. Tate, 1 ite of
the Ashland. Aditocati, and now a resident
of the city of William sport, ha; been sleet
ed as one of the Delegates to the ILirrisLurg
Soldiers' Convention. .
- - EST" The Democrats of Sullivan County
- will hold their convention on Tuesday, the
.Slit of July.,', This is considerably earlier
than they usually held .their conventions.
The Democratic convention of this county
will be held at the usual time, on the la.t
Monday in August.
v,RT ve learn tnat .Mr. JMilons, near
' Epy, cut a piece of Rye, on Saturday laft
Mr. Shaman, of Scott, intends cutting his
i wheat this week. The harvest has come on
touch earlier this season than was anticipa
ted. The crops promise a fair yield.
' S3 Not very popular for a Democrat to
be engaged 'talking it up for the Columbian. '
Some of - our Democrats are trying hard to
''worm out" of ever having paid a "good
. word" for that institution I No doubt they
wish they never had. They were old enough,
and have had sufficient experience in politi
cal mattert, to have known better, and not
" "brufctle up" when interrogated as to their
' relations with that institution "
..,,- . .. : "
SST Remember ! that our Ftrength is in
our principles. Jlepublicart, April 16.
If that is the case your "principles" have
become very iceak, when we consider that
. you are no longer able to hold the ofiice of
Assessor, ' Your ,V principles" have failed
you, and yonvr party is not "united, compact,.
' olid, firm." There is no doubt but wliat
." ,rrigh't will triumph, and those who remain
" true lo the end will be rewarded" with the
r cSeea " - , ;
. IlCtek GoaED.Bt a.'Bcll. We regret
J- to learn that a valuable mare,, belonging to
-our friend joiIN HlLly of Centre township,
'.was seriously injured on Wednesday last, by
1 being gored by a bull, owned by '3Ir. Hicks.
' ' - The bull b evidently a d angcrous animal,
vand should be put where he can do no harm.
. It is said that he recently stopped the Loco
JTnotive 6ntheL. & B-R. R., and if so, he is
decidedly' ahead of Slaymaker's celebrated
bull on the Columbia R. R. under the Ritner
' administration he didn't succeed. , 4 !
' - 53-Reader don't fail to peruse the
potiryon our first pager this-week. Some
v vslaable hints are given in the. poem entitled
"No sect .in Heaven. The 'Campaign
Song" is lio pointed and spicy; We have
another of these songs in our drawer, still
better, and from the same author which we
will publish next week.. We hope the time
will soon come when the author of most of
the original poetry published in -the -Demo-
chat and Star will bo rewarded for his
; labors in the good cause. Let the public
judge of his merits. : ' ;
.. ..X-TT .Let the people look well to their in
terests. '. And in doing this, please" examine,
in another column, BooA&r & .KREAMxn's
advertisement ,of. their. New Store. v They
live established themselves in Rohrsburg.
, without fabs pomp or show, with the infen
, tica cf chics a permanent business. Their
'motto rv'Viidc pales and rtnall profit."
. They buy with, can affnrdy and are de-"-
termincd'to soil as cheap as the cheapest!
They cjtj c-l-Iiia t,' reepnnsi?er"aad first-rate
bnnness men ; and with their i mm on.-e Ptock,
lata .ftyT and very gcnt!emanly clerk.?, we
f ;lccr-lj;'nt that they c:m rkare. . Don't
Owing to'tha crowded Etate of bur
columns, we are unable to publish pur. re-;
ceipt3, to the Democrat Ajrfc Star, -for
June, in thi3 issue. " ' rt-r ' - :"
The July number of the Phrenolog
ical Journal, published by Fowler & Wells,
New York, contains forty illustrations, por
traits of distinguished statesmen, clergymen,'
soldiers, criminals, besides a vast amount of
reading matter, etc. It can be had for 20
ct3H-per number, or $2 a year; ' . i ;
CSS CoL T. B. Searight has been recom
mended by the Democracy of Fayette and
Greene counties as their choice for the State
Senate. ' He will be no minated by , the Dis
trict Conference", and elected by the people
as sure as there is an Andrew J onxsox.
SF The Ladies of the Bloomsburg Ger
man Reformed Church, will hold a Rasp
berry Festival, in Mr. Snyder's New Hall,
on Main Street, commencing Wednesday
evening,- July 11th, to contiuuo every eve
ning during the week. The public are re
spectfully invited to attend.
SAR5APARILLA. It is hard to kill out the
medicinal use of this famous root It must
be excellent, or it would not be demanded
so extensively. - After all, good as it maybe,
the Iodule of Jji'me, which the Boston chem
ists combine with it, is a more valuable alter
ative and tonic than Sarsaparilla. - TheSar
saparilla with Iodide of Lime must be a sci
entific and valuable remedy.
"We still live." TheBuckalewand
Cowan appointment of As.sesor for this
District ha3 not been confirmed by the Sen
ate. Y e rest easy. hambhean, May 3.
We uiight infer from the above that if the
late Assessor, "rested easy" while the ap
pointment was not confirmed he rests ?n-casy
since the confirmation of Mr. Clark, his sue-
cessor. it is prooawy necessary tna& some
of his friends should hole after him !
Charles E. Boyle, Esq., has been re
nominated for the Assembly by the Demo
crats of Favette Countv. , His election is
bej-ond a doubt. : - -
In Greene County the Democracy have
nominated John Phelan, Esq., as successor
of our friend Rev. Thomas Rose, who served
his constituents in the Legislature with hon
esty and fidelity. Mr. Phelan will be elect
ed in that District by a handsome majority.
SSsf Some of the shop-keepers of this
town were taken by surprise, a few days ago,
when they were informed by one of the
peace-makers, that if they continued selling
fire-crackers and such combustible material,
he would have them prosecuted and punish
ed as the law directs. . Our streets have pre
sented quite a different appearance ever
since the nuisance has been stopped. Boys,
in squads, were annoying pedestrians and
frightening horses, in this place, nearly
every day in the week until the proper steps
were taken to prevent it By common con
sent, it has been agreed upon, that the boys
may fire aicay as much as they please on the
Fourth. ' '
Poor IIorsE. At a meeting held by the
Commissioner)), in this place, on Satuiday
lat, it waa unanimously resolved to postpone
the purchasing of a Farm for the employ
ment and maintenance of the poor. It ap
pears there are other townships, besides the
four that accepted the bill, that would like
to join in building the poor hou!e, but can
not do so without further legislation. They
ari shut entirely out, at present, by their
own action, over which many of them feel
like repenting. Bloom township, alone, had
better purchase a piece of land for the em
ployment of her paupers than to continue
supporting them after the present system.
But, there is no question about it, the more
go together in the new plan, the better it
will le for all concerned.
The Senior editor of this paper offers for
sale an "order" given by Grovesteen & Co.,
of New York, to the amount of one hun
dred dollars, to be applied a3 part pay
ment on one of their three humlrrd d'jJlar
Plvno "Fortes, which we will dispose of
upon the most reasonable" conditions. This
firm has the reputation of making the best
instruments in this country. Their instru
ments received premiums at the World's
Fair held in England, the United States
Fair at Chicago, and the Great Exhibition
in New York, a few years since. They sell
at prices ranging from $300 to $500: Any
person wishing to purchase a first-class Pi
ano,, the most improved and beautiful, will
do well to purchase our "order" on Grove
steen k Co. , New York. .
To Our Patrons. Four months having
expired since the consolidation of, the DEM
OCRAT and Star, we will be obliged, owing
to the continued high price of printing pa
per and other material, to collect from all
those of our patrons who Vhave not as yet
paid us, tico dollars and ' tiecnty-five cents,
and from those who neglect the matter and
leive their eubscriptions run six months, two
advance $ the lowest living figure, and when
we do not receive our pay at the commence
ment, our patrons should not find fault with
us for asking the small additional amount.
3 On last Thursday afternoon we en
joyed the pleasure of witnessing the closing
exercises of the Spring term of the Blooms
burg Literary Institute, under the auspices
of Prof. Carver. The" students performed
their parti in a very creditable manner, lx)th
to themselves ' and ; their preceptors. The
declaiming by the males was very good, con
sidering their age; the compositions by the
females were excellent and well read, and. by
their application to'ficts and circumstances
of the present; they undoubtedly were origi
nal, as their tutors desired they should be.
The whole entertainment being interspersed
with music, both vocal and instrumental,
made it doubly interesting. , The closing re
marks, by Prof. Carver, were instructive,
polite, and very effective, and the fympathy
exhibited by the pupils went to show that
while he was very Ftrict in his :echool dlsci
pline,ho enjoyed the obedience, respect,and
love of his entire ' school. ' Considering the
short time Prof. Carver has been in our
midst, we iielleve wc arc right, in symj that
he has won- the confidcBcc of all who know
him, and therefore, will be retained lo take
cnarge or
P Tia in ilia tipw "Knriilinfra
A Series oil Hori'ibie dVIurdera.
A ncsBAXD BrrcnEri his Wrre Am) Step
daughter WITH AN AXE.
fKom the Columbtii fMidi. Journal. June 19ih.1
' We are called Upon t'us evening to chron
icle one of those terrible cases of crime which
from time to time startle our peaceful com
munity, and make us question our individ
ual safety when such criminals are abroad in
our midst ." . ' , .
. Yestenlav afternoon a man named Isaac
Van Aucken, residing in the township of
Medina, killed bis wile and nerdaugnter with
an axe. The particulars, as we learn them
from the criminal himself, are substantially
as follows : ; .
He claims that a number of relatives of his
wife are leavued together as a band of thieves,
and that he has been made to suffer from
their depredations, having lo.t a horse, har
ness and other valuables, and having been
severely punished by his wife's brother about
two weeks since. That at times his wife
would appear to favor him, and then again
to seem linked in with her friends to com
plete his ruin.
Things had been going on in this manner
for some time, when vesterday afternoon the
subject was broached" in conversation. High
words ensued, lid censured his wife lor
turning from him to assist others in robbing
him of his possessions. His wife replied in
sultingly, and he made some demonstrations
toward offering her personal violence, but
two of his sous were present who entreated
of him. not to injure her and he desisted for
the time. The two women soon after started
for the back part of the house, closely follow
ed by the criminal. The conversation still
continued, and upon reaching the woodshed,
in replv to gome complaint of her husband,
Mrs. Van Aucken said : "There is the axe;
take it and finish me I"
Van Aucken replied. "I have been ham
mered once on your account, and I won't
suffer it again. As he spoke 4ie sprang tor
ward and dealt his wif j a blow on the head
with the axe. fellins lur to the srround. He
then started in pursuit of his step-daughter
and struck at her. but t he did not receive the
full force of the blow, and he passed on, for
a few steps, impelled by his own momentum,
lie returned to the cirl and struck her nnon
the head, killing her instantly. Fearing lest
the blow administered to hi wife had not
been sufficient to cause death, and that she
had cither fainted or was shamming, and be
ing determined on her destruction, he wont
to the place where sho lay and buried the
axe in lier throat, almost severing her head
from her body.
The prisoner is aboit forty ycars of age,
rather below the mediiura statue, with dark
hair, grey eyes, and sandy whiskers. He
was a well-to-do farmer, having a fine place,
under a good state of cultivation. A man
of nither ordinary education, but industrious
and enterprising, he was highly esteemed bv
his neighbors who were not connected with
the family on his wife's side.
A Man Murdered for Twelve Dollars
Prevalence of Crime in Chicago.
From the Chicago Tribune, June 20.J
Coroner Wagner held an inquest yesterday
forenoon on the bodv of a man named Wil
liam Downey, found floating in the river near
Ylrie street bridee, about five o'clock on Mon
day evening. The inquest was held at the
house of the deceased, corner of Division
and Vine stpeet. and the little evidence ad
duced thereat indicates mosteonclusivehtbe
recent commission of the foul double crime
of robbery and murder by some of the gang
of garrotters, highway robbers and assassins
who at the preseut time infest our city. It
appears that Downey has been a temperate
and industrious laboring man, regular in his
habits, and ever mindful in his conduct of
the responsibility resting upon him as a hus
band and parent.
There is, therefore, no ground whatever
for the supposition that he might hare met
his death in a drunken brawl, or by some ac
cident caused by intoxication but the man
ner of his death is not left to surmise. There
are fact which tell with painful plainness
the fearful story of a cold-blooded murder,
committed to effect a petty robbery. Down
ey left his house on Iriday evening last for
the purpose of collecting a small amount of
money due him for some labor he had per
formed, and from that time was seen no more,
until his corpse, covered with the filthy ooze
and slime of the river, and bearing marks of
a violent death, was brought home to his ag
onized widow and her two fatherless chil
dren. He is known to have obtained about
twelve dollars, and this is believed to have
been all the money in his possession on the
fatal evening, but upon his corpse no money
was found his pockets had not only been
emptied of their contents by the murderers,
but had been turned inside out, while his
forehead battered in bv a sluncr-shot ainar-
cntty, and his upper lip cut through by a
blow, completed the little circumstantial evi
dence, proving effectually that he hadjween
waylaid and murdered on his homeward way
for the mere pittance of money which he
Eossessed. The jury returned a verdict that
o "had been robbed and thrown into the
river by some person or persons unknown,"
and this is probably the last which will ever
be heard oi the horrible affair in this world.
3IiiiDER in Missouri The Murderer
IIuno r a Mob.
From the SL Lewis Democrat. June 19.
We loam from Dr. Hill, cf Carondelet,
the following "particulars of a tragic affair,
which occurred in the Columbian Bottom on
Sunday last :
On Sunday morning lat John Augustine,
an esteemed citizen oi' Carondelet, left that
city, in company with a friend, to visit some
friends at Columbia, Monroe county, Blinois.
JIc took a gun with liim for the purpose of
hunting on the road, after stoppung awhile
at Columbia, the two friends started back in
the afternoon. On the roadside, two miles
this side of Columbia, they came to a saloon
called "Fort Monroe," and went iu U get
some Foda. Two drunken men were in the
saloon, engaged in breaking the furniture
and tumblers ; not liking the appearance of
things. Augustine and his friend left the sa
loon without saying a word.
They were pursued by one of the ruffians,
named John Lane, who overtook Angustiuc,
wrenched his gun from his hands, struck
him on the head with it, and knocked hint
down. As he fell Lar3 struck him a second
blow with the gun, which broke his neck.
The friend of Augustine made his escape.
A short time after thisi brutal murder, Dr.
Payne passed along the road, and found Au
gustine lying-dead- Several others came up
and Lane was pursued., shot in the arm, and
after a desperate struggle captured and ta
ken to Columbia. He was taken before a
Justice of the Peace, who made out a war
rant, committing him to the county jail at
Waterloo to await examination on a charge
of murder. He was placed, in charge of a
constable and a strong guard to be conveyed
to Waterloo.
By this time the populace began to assem
ble iu Columbia t 1 was stated. that Lane
had murdered a woman and her child in the
Bottoms, about two years ago, and he was
known to be a desperate character. The
excitement increased &i the details of these
murders were narrated. The mob finally be
came furious . A charge was made upon
the wagon in which tha prisoner had been
placed, the constable ;nd the guard were
scattered, and the trembling ruffian and mur
derer was taken from the wagon, dragged
through the streets of Columbia to ft spot
half a mile west of the town, where a rope
was tied around his neck, and he was sus
pended to the limb of a tree until he expired.
After Lane was pronounced dead, his body
was cut down, aliole was dug in the jrround
thrown, hastily covered over with earth, and
a pileof stones heaped upon him to mark
the spot of his burial. a. These summary pro
ceedings were participated in by between
five and eix hundred people.
" Mr, Augustine leaves a wife in Carondelet,
but no children.
' " - -
The Texas Election. .
, See how the Radicals are beginning to
quarrel about the politics of the Southern
States. We have only room to give an ex
tract from the New York Tribune, and the
comment by the New York Times, hereto
fore, both disunion papers, but evidently the
Times is backing down from its former Rad
ical position. " The Tribune says :
"Texas has just held her State election,
and Throckmorton, . "Conservative," is
chosen Governor. He was a slaveholder and
a rebel, but both Slavery and the rebellion
being dead we don't see what he wants to
conserve. The Times says this :
"As, in the eyes of Congress aud the Tri
bune, there is no merit in Southern loyalty,
what else but "Conservatism" can be ex
pected ? Tennessee and Arkansas are loyal,
but are held at arm's length. Their mem
bers of Conpess are devoted and loyal, but
have been fieft out in the cold' ' for eight
montlis. If good and true Representatives
had been admitted to their seats, we should
have different results in Southern elections.
Butj unhappily, we have changed sides. Se
cessionists endeavored to divide the Union.
W e resisted and defeated them. They sur
rendered their armies, dissolved their Gov
ernment, and offered to return to their alle
giance. JJut we. though during the war in
sisting that the Union was not and could not
be severed, now say that it is divided, and
that neither the Southern States nor their
Representatives shall be admitted into the
Union or into Congress unless they enter
throuirh the "needle's eve" held bv Tiiatv
Stevens. While loyal members of Comrress
from Southern States are reuulsed . and re
jected, what encouragement is there for loy
alty ? Even the good old man who endeav
ored in vain to beguile "rude boys" out of
ins appie-tree was prompted to try "what
virtue there was in stones." v
General News Items.
A few days ago the people in a neigh
borhood in Henry County, organized a Sun
day school, but the Radicals forbid the teach
ers to teach unless they should take the
oath. The school wa? broke u up.
The alleged eorruptionists of the New
J ersey Legislature were in Court on Tues
day, at Trenton, and were bound over till
October for trial. - -
A horrid murder occurred in Edinburgh,
Johnson County, Ohio on Friday. A soldier,
by the name of Dittman, murdered Martha
Bennett, with whom he had been living as
his wife. He shot her five times, beat her
with his revolver brutally, and then set fire
to her clothes to make his work sure. Ditt
man was arrested and lodged in jail.
Some genius has discovered perpetmd
motion.- It consists in the perpetual mo
tions of the. Rump Disunionists to amend
the Constitution, so as to secure perpetual
power for themselves. The machine works
admirably so long as the people are kept
away from it
Nebraska has gone Democratic. The
Democratic majority in the Legislature, on
joint ballot, is 8, securing the election of two
U. S. Senators. Last yeartho "Republican"
majority was 1,000. Babylon is fallen!
Hurrah, boys, hurrah!
Governor Hamilton, of Texas who has
been here for several davs, comes under an
agrccmcut with certain parties or schemers
m Jus otate to betray the rresident Ham
ilton has had a lengthy interview with Mr.
Johnson, but managed to evade any allusion
to the proposed apostacy. The President,
meanwhile, had been fully informed of the
plans ot Hamilton and his confreres.
Another "loyal" fellow. GeortreN. Car
leton, it seems, ha left the Government
1 rc:isury minus about half a million dollars,
as special agent and actin? surveyor of cus
toms at Memphis Tennessee. The Rumn
House lias appointed a committee to send
for persons und papers, and to overhaul the
evidences oi jus guilt
John W. Forney announced himself a
candidate for United States Senator, in a
sjeech at Lebanon, a few days ago. Twas
well for John to go to the rural districts to
make his announcement. Had heDrocIaim-
ed himself a candidate for the cast-off shoes
of Edgar Cowan, in Philadelphia, the very
bricks would have laughed at him. Senators
can't be made of such stuff.
On Tuesday, the 26th day of June, lSofi,
r5" .Montgomery Lole,, .Mr. J'.ZRA U
est. of Luzerne County, and Mrs. Ada-
line Riddle, of Columbia County.
D 1 El).
In Jcrsejiown, on Friday, the ' 20th uTt,
Dr. Simon Cotner, aged about 4." years.
B LC 0 M SB r UC 311 R K KT.
WIIEAT.pcr buhel. 3 (10 Rl'TTEIL - 25
KVK. 1 So KUGS . . . 5K)
t'ORV, 1 10 POTATOES. - S M)
FI.OUK per bhl. 14(10 HAMS . - .
CI.OVERSKED. 5 50 BACON. - - lti
FLA X SEKIi - 300 l HAY by the ton. 15 CO
BUCK Willi AT Flour. 300 J L.ARU. per lb- 2j
Dr. L O. Mowrsz' Crrrili. the rreatept tiinijlator
In the wcrl.l. will force WhmWi or Mu-tarhp to
irrmv on the amoothest face or chin ; nerer known tn
foil ; .ample fur trial lent free to any one deiron
of testing it merila. - Addreia, Seivei St Co., T8
Nassau Street N-w York,
July 4, ISiS. 3n. . . '
The Standard History of the Grand Arnty.
The trratel Work on tbe War.
Universally ereloriieil by army officers and? th e
"I Me.ign in this volame to record what tha' Ar
my did aud suffered in ten campaigns and two score
I shall hare to celebrate 'the nnswervinr loalt
of tbis army, that ofuiinca when the bond of milita
y cohesion failed, held it, unshaken of fortune, to
a duty self imposed,"
' I shall have to follow it through a checkered ex
perience, in a tale comntincled of (rest misfortunes,
rrrat follies and f retft glories ; but from the first to
the last it will appear that.amid many buffet of fr
tuae, tbroa.h "winter and rovgh weather." the Ar
my of l be I'otomacneTitr tare up. bat made a good
fight and finally reached the goal."
"Tbis ia the only American critical work on the
late war, and it is thoroughly critical and entirely
divested of all political hue r tone."
This i the only History ofthe 'Grand Army and
noone who ba bWne a part in its conflicts, or is in
terested ia its grand achieve went s, should be with
out it
This work sells itself. The people are tired of
political and partisan hislorfes, and want something
from official sources. We have Agents clearing over
$i00 ptt snonth Send for circulars, and see our
terms and proof of lh r sore assertion. Address,
' SO? Minor fcU, Philadelphia. Pa.
July 4. 1P t. . ..
Will Core Tbe Itch in 18 Hours-
BLAINS, an J all ERUmONiS OF THE SKIS. ?ri-e
SO cent. Kor sate by all Druggists. By sending 10
cents to WEk KS at POTTER.l Agent. -ITO Wash
ington streeC Boston. H"will bo forwarded by mail.
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at '
Cheap and Extensive Dry Goods Empori
um at
Where they will offer tbe newest and most desirable
styles and qualities of FOREIGN AMD DOMESTIC
embracing all the latest varieties and styles in the
market. .
InlheDry Onnd line they offer tha following,
auioug many other articles sold by
Plain Black and Fancy Dress Silks, Calicoes of every
description and figure, liUck and Colored
Mohair Alpaccas. Real Organdy Jaconet
Lawns ;
IT2uIiiis Siiccliuzs. Pillow
Case ill 11 si ins
and Linens. Tickings. - Checks. Colton Pantaloon
bluff. Linen Drillings, Flannel. Colton and
Linen Table Cloth. For the latest style
- for Ladia and Children, call upon
They also keep on hand a complete assortment of
iotioii and Groceries,
consisting, in part. Cloves. Hosiery of all kinds.
Balmoral. ;nnt-t Ribbons, Summer Hats for men,
women and children. Head-dresses, lace vei's. pen
knives, combs of every description, pencils. pen. paper
and ink ; Also, Sugars. Vlolas-es. 'good syrups.) salt,
pepper and spices, Maekerel of gitd quality, cheese,
butler and cegs. hams, shoulders and sides,
'i hey also have a full assortment of '
surh aa axe's, nail and spikes, screws, hinges and
bolts. I'alnt and Oils, Cedar Buckets and Willow
Baskets, &c. &.C.
sell cheap for Cash, or Country Produce, which will
h. an a v.-h n f". . r ....! . C t m (hum a rl I
and examine their extensive assortment for your
selves neiore purcnasiug eiswnr
. July 4. IrCs. tf
rp H E N E W " "
Spring & Summer ITIediciiie
3 fan u fact tiring Chem itts,
Protoxide of Iron,
Which has become so favorably known as a
By Physicians aud Invalids in all parts ofthe cotin
The new preparation. ''Sarsaparilla in combina
tion with Iodide of Lime." present One of the most
prompt alterative agents, in a form capable of exert
ing full action upon the system, and this in minute
and pleasant doses. It is conceded that the altera
tive, resolvent, or tome elfect of Iodine are exert
ed mo t decidprily wuen assnciited with other altrr
alive, in combiuatiun ; and tbe Sarsaparilla seems
to fulfill perfectly all the favorable requisition.
The first rift ct usually observed when
is taken, is an increase of appetite showing that it
has tonic properties of a marked character, lis al
leratrvs elfect. are manifest in it ready combina
tion with tbe blood and tissues Palo, scrofulous
women and childre n improve rapidly under it use,
and the vital functions assume a healthy condition.
It is admirably adapted to a large number of chron
ic or acute arTectiona peculiar tn children. It is suit
ed to them both by the mildness and efficiency of
medicinal effect and the pleasant, attractive form of
tlie remedy. It may be given for a long period where
constitutional influences are desired, and no repug
nance, or disinclinut on to take tne syrup, encoun
tered. In White-gwrilings. Hip-Joint Disease, and
I'isiortioiia of the should bi given persist
ently, iu moderate Lutes, until relief is obtained.
In the Spring of the Year, and during the
Warm Wvatner,
the accumulation of morbid matters in the system
serins to become manifest and very tronblesome Las
silude, Headache, duls, Costiveues, Loss of Appe
tite, Pains in the Joints, Indigestion, etc., are very
common. Nothing ever devised i bettxr ada-.ited lo
exterminate or U.-l ve oti'thes': ntf etion. thin this ne w
combination of SARSAt'ARILLA Wil li 1UDIDE
Aa preparation like it, or which approzimateg to i; at an
Alterative,' or Blood Verifier,
hat trrrbrfortbee plated Kit him the rear h of invajtd.
Indeed, it is an entirely hew and sciehtific combina
tion, ia no respect resemoling anything hilhei to em
ployed. Tho opinion of medical men concerning it. the de
scription of its chemical character, therapeutic val
ue, maimer of use, etc.. are given in a circiilnr,
which ran be had at the store of ai.y aud all first
class Druggists.
Sold m Bloomsburg. wholesale anc retail, by
Eyerie Myer, and all Druggists
June 6. lmC 6m.
IVotice in Partition.
In the matter of the Estate of Ei t Jerich
If'ssj late of Sugarloaf toicnship, Colum
bia county, drceastd :
To Joreiniah Hess. Thomas Hess, Aa He. Aman
da Kline. Frederick lies, I.nry Ann fhnltz Maria.
Sarah .and Belinda Hess. who have for th ir Guard ian
David Lewis, Hannah liendershnt, Catharine Drink,
Sarah Lewis, blizabeth Hess, and Vary Hess, heirs
and legal representatives of Fredcnck Hess, deceas
ed You and each of you will take notice that an in iiet
will be held at the late dwelling house nf Frederirk
Hess, deceased, in the to-vnshin of Stiearloaf. county
of Columbia, on WEDNESDAY, THE IITH DAY of
Ji;i, . i ri. bcitvecn hour ol 9 o'clock. A. M , and i
o'clock P. M.. of said dav for tbe purpose of making
partition ef the real (state of the said deeeMxed lo
and among bis children and legal represent Hives if
the came can be done without pnjudice to or spoil
nig tbe whole, otherwise to value and ppraise the
same according to law, at wbici time and place you
are required lo attend if you think proper.
AMU EL SNYDER, ihcrij.
June 6, 18CS.- 4w,
? PER. Having thoroughly overhauled my Pa
per Mills at Mil! Grove, near Bloomsbure. Columbia
County, Pa.. I am now prepared tn till all orders for
Wrapping, Dry tllasting ana Water Proof Paper, on
short notice and fair price?. I have opened a ware
house in Wilken-Barre. and appnin led Joseph Brown
01 the firm o it row 11, GrayJt to., my agent to dispose
of uiy paper in Luzerne County.
Uloomsburg. fjept. 16. ISTki.
l.J SEALED proposals will be received by the
Board of School Director of Scott township, at
Charles S. Fowh-r's Espy, on SATURDAY,
JCLY H I'H 13l6. between the hours of two and four
o'clock. fir tba bunding of a new Two Story Fume
School House. 4-'. feet, stories II feet each.
Plan and specification will be exhibited at the
place atid lime of letting.
Sec'y. Treat.
Scott Iwp. June 27. lrffiS. 3t.
C7" All Cnunty papers please copy.
Administrators iYolice.
Estate of George Pfi il, late cf Orangetovcn
. . ship, deceased. . .
LETTERS of administration on the estate of Gc
Pfeil, late of Orange township, Columbia county,
have been granted, by Hie Register of said county, to
Samuel tverttt, who reside iu Oranpeville. towng
ship and ccunty aforesaid. All persons havin
rlaims against the estate of the decedent are requcs
tep to present tnem to the administrator for settle
ment. and Urnse indebted lo the eslata will make
immediate payment to
Orange twp. June 6. lc!6ti. 6
Complete in TWO VOLUMES, also in OXE. It is
admitted to be the most htcsistiso, fofi'MK. and
VAiAitsi a History of the Rebellion, which is fully at
tested by the c aormous sale of X-Md.OOO volck.cs, and
a large portion of the country still nneanvassed.
. VV are obliged to run our presses night and day to
enable us to supply our Agents.
Men of cnararler and ability, woo aesirs a lucra
tive employment, will find this a rara opportunity. .
Tbe price of tha work In one volume is so low.
(compared with other Histories) as to bring it within
the reach of all classes
For lull particulars send for circo'ar. Address.
, 148 Asyluja Street,
Hartford. Cona.
June 27. 13W5. . t
E state of William Robison, deceased,
3 Valuable Dusinss Stands,
On Main Street. Bloomrborg, adjoining the Court
H ou se and nearly opposite th Exchange iRteL
on Ridge Alley, known as tha "Spring Lots
on Rock Street. Also TIMBER LAND in Jay town
ship. EIX county, , .
well timbered with White Pine and Hemlock, good
farming land. 1
Tbe above property will be offered at
until the 1st of AUGU8T next, on which day, if not
sold, will be offered at
on the premises, near tbe Codrt House, at 10 o'clock
A. M.
(T7- Apply to the subscribers, or to Miss Isabella
Robison, Hloomsbnrg. Pa. .
ALr.X. KOKISOV. Maucb CMtmk. 1
A PARDEE, Ha leton. ( tx "'
Jane 6, Hud. u
12 5X 0 CO 53" 9 S3
!ioci;i:y store.
THE undersigned begs leave to announce to the
citizen of Klnomsburg .and the surrounding
country Hint he seeps ronstan ily on band at bis old
stand, on the south east corner of Main and Iron sis.,
a prime lot of
Coffee, Sugar, Syrups. Tobacco, Cigars, Dried Fruit,
Coal Oil. Snuff. Spices, Butter. Eggs. Lard
Cheese. Dried Beef, Crackers. Drugs, Parlor
and Hand Lamps, Paints of all kinds,
and paint brushes. Dye Stuffs, Dry
Goods, Calicoes, Cloths for boy's
wear. Coups, Flour, Chop,
Queensware, Glass, Put
ty, Salt. Fish. Meat,
Caudies Buckets,
Hosiery. .Books, Writing Paper, Ink, Hardware,
Pocket Knivss, Comb, fcc. Ice. Ice.
He keeps iu fact everything appertaining to a first
Grocery mid Variety Store.
- He is determined not to be undersold. All kinds of
produce taken at the
Having just received anew Hock, the people arc
earnestly invited to call and satisfy themselves. Uy
strict attention to busineg. he hopes not only to re.
tain his patronage but to increase it. He feels thank
ful for past favors, and with mauy years experience
in tbe business, he feels confident he can render sat
islactioo to all who favor him with their patronage.
BWmmsburg, June '29, 1806.
Goods to compare with stringency of the Money
Mariet, Look and compare prices before purchas
ing elsewhere. Juat rail at the favorite business
stand of McVinch Sc. Sh uman. .and you will be met
by the obliging Proprietors or their Clerks and shown
through their great variety Store free of charge, of
cnurao. they will give you a fair chance to -pend your
loose change, they trust much mote profitably than
it can be spent elsewhere. Their
this Spring i much larger in all Us varieties than
iisu.l. Their Ladies Dress Goods areof the nicest
styles n Market. They have a fine assortment of
lints, 1 .Boots and Shoes,
Summer Cloths, Casinets. Cassimers and Vestings,
and numerous articles common to such establish
ments, besides a general assortment of
Qncensware and Groceries, all at greatly reduce I
prices. They wuh to conduct thci r busmesa on the
system, of
and they think they can afford to sell very cheap.
They return their thanks for many past favors, and
ask the future patronage of their former customers
and the public ( nerally.
May 10, 16f tf.
mr oca
253 & 05333333373
Heroic, Patriotic Political Romantic Humorous Ac
Spltndi'Hf IU its irate J with aver 300 jt ForltaiU omJ
beaat'ful Engravings,
This work for genial humor, tender pathos, start
ling interest, and attractive bounty, stand peerless
and alone among all its competitor. Tbe Valiant
and Brave Hearted, the Pic tureqne and Dramatic
the Witty and Marvellous, the Tender und Pathetic,
The Roll of Fame and Story, Camp. Pi ket, tpy,
Scout. Bivouac, and siege: Startling Surprisers. Won
derful Escapes. Famous Word and Deeds of Wo
rn an. and the whole Panorama of the War here thrli
linjly ah. I sturtlingly portrayed ina masterly man
ner. at onre hiMorical and romatir, rendering it the
most ample. brilliant aud readable book that the war
has called forth.
Disabled rfiieera and soldiers, teachers, energetic
young men. and all ia want of profitable employ
uieut. will rind tbis the beet chance to make money
ever yet offered. Send for circulars and see our
terms. Address.
Aatioiial Piiblifel'iiiix Co.
No, 507 y inor Street
April 25, l&tfi, 3m.
fcrcond dcor below Hartman's Main Street.
Just received a new stock of
and every variety of articles usually kept in a
A'sftSmnnl Hooks. Hymn Rooks, Bibles, Sunday.
School ltonks, and a large let of
Account and Memorandum Cncka. Blank Deeds.
Bonds and Mortgage, and a general and well-selected
assortment of Paper, Envelopes, A.
r.loomsburg. June S3. 1SG6, -tf
Pure Medicines, at Jnlm R, Moyrr's Drug Strwe,
corner t' Main and Market Streets. A good assort
ment of
Medicines, Taints. Oils and Varnishes, always on
hand, and il I be sold cheaper than at any other
Dri g Store in i n.
Prescriptions carefully compounded at Moyer's
Drug Store,
Ayers and Jaynes Medicines sold at Moyer's Drug
Wi-hart's Tar Cordial. Baker's Cod Liver Oil.
Wmslow's Soothing Syrup, sold at ' oyer's Drug
For any reliable patent medicines, call at Moyer's
Drug Store.
Leather of all kinds, wholesale and retail, at J. R.
Moyer's I'rug Store, D1oouburg, Pa.
Way i, JKMi. if.
The nmlersigned respectfully informs the citizen
of lllooni.bnrg and Columbia county , that they keep
. II the different numbers of stove coal and selected
lump coal for smithing purpose, on their wharf, ad
joining McKelvv, Neul ScCo't Furnac ; with a good
pair Buffalo scales on the weigh coal. bay and
straw Likewise a horse and wagon, tn deliver coal
to those who desire it. As we purchase a large
amount of coal, we Intend to keep a superior article,
and sell at the very lowest prices. Pleae call and
examine fur yourselves before purchasing elsewbe re.
THE onr-eriigncd will take, in exchange for Coal
and Gro-erie.s. h following named article :
Wheat. Rve, Corn. Oats. Potatoes. Lard. Hara.Shoiil
der.and side meal. Butter. Egg. Hay. e., at the
bighesteash prices, at bis Grocery Store, adjoining
their coal yard. J. W. HE NDERSUUT.
Bloomsburg, April 25. 18141. ly.
Office over Hartrnmt Store, oppotttt Pott Office
Bloomsburg, April 4, 1866. tf. ....... .
Will pra ctieo in th several Courts of Colombia
and adjoining eoonties.
B DlW.Ih; m.w '
THE adorsigned Has Just flited ap. V
bis new
In this place, where h is prepared to maka njp J?w
TIN WARK of all kinds in bis linj and do repair
jug with neatness and disp tcb. JVEnv ,'re'r
aonable terms. Healso keeps 9n haad T"VBS of
various patterns and styles, which ha will sell apo
terms la suit purchassrs. '
Give him a call. He is a goo! mechanic, and
serving of tbe pub'ic patronage.
Bloomsbnrg. May 8. lHfi. ly.
WoOld announce to the ladles ol Blodnj.burg anrl
the public generally, that sho baa Just teoeived Irom
ths eastern ci'ies her
Spring and siiii"er
Putin l
consisting of all article Usually found in first alasa
Millinery f tores. Her goods are of tbe best quality
and among the roost handsome and cheapest 4B in
nikrket Call and examine them- for yourselves.
Nobody should purchase elsewhere before examln
ing Miss FelermsTu's slock ol goods. Bonnai mad
to order, on the shortest notice, or repaired.
Store on Main strett. 3d duor below the store of
Mendenhall Sc. Rupert.
Bloomsburg, May 2, 18(18.-if.
in RLOOMSBURG. all you who desire superior
article nl chewing or smoking tobacco. His cigars
arc made np of tbe finest quality ot tobacco. Every
body in town knows where to go tn get a good nrtl
clc. He will sell at retail or wholesale to salt ifia
purchaser, br. ia not particular. Shopkeepers d
landlords generally would do better by purchasing
of him than of tbe peddler and huckster that trav
el through the country. They run no risk of being;
cheated in what they buy. Patrooite regular linos
if you wish to get the wor b ot your money.
(7" More on Main Street, a few door bckawtha
"American House." '
May 9. l8T6.-3m.
Espy, Columbia Co. Pa.
The undersigned having become sole proprietor nf
this well known and conveniently locaud stand,
respectfully informs his friend, and the public in
general, that he has put his house in eompleta order
for the accommodation of boarders, and for the recap
tion and entertainment of travellers who may fowl ,
disposed to favor it with their custom. No expense
has been spared in preparing this Htel for the enter
tain men I of guests, and nothing shall be wanting, on
bis psrt. to uilnislur to their personal comfort. Tbft
location, aa well as the building, is a good on, and
all togctbet is amply arranged to please the public.
Espy. April II. IE(X. if.
The nnderisigned offers at Private Sate or exchang
for town property, a TRCT OF LAND situate, in
Orange township. miJway between Light Street and
Orangoville, containing about,
it is In a good st;.te of cultivation. 1 hers Is a good '
HOUst; and other out-buildings on tha premises;
also a stream of running water at tbe door.
There is also a good SAW MILL with 19 feet fall
water power on the tract Adi'resa John C. Albert
son on the premises, or tbe undersigned at folk vilt.
Columbia county. Pa.
VCf luniediate possession given of ths land and
Orang; Twp. May 9. 13' 6, tf
m m$ si m , ?sf .
I have opened a new Storo at the old stand of Da
vid Stroup. on Min street. Bloomsburg, and will
keep on baud a geuerol assortment of
cs a? s 0a 3a aa L a ss 3
Such aa Dry Good. Notions. Groceries, Tin-wars,
Hardware, Cedar and Willow Ware, Drags,
Confectionary. Glass-Ware. Tobacco Hats ax
Shoes, Flour. Salt. Pish and Meat : all of
which I propose selling at a very low Ogurs for
cash or produce.
Oir Call and see. C.C MAIR.
Bloomsburg, April 18, IPGC tf.
IPH. F.LWELL. having boagbt L. Runyon' PRO
J VISION STORK is nnw prepared to sell Grocer
ies at Whole sale or Retail, as Cheap as theCaap-
BEANS. ONIONS, &c, &e.
Bloomsburg. Eeb 14, 1866.
THE undersigned respectfully anaoances to th
public that be keeps constantly on hand, at bin
old stand, one door below Lull's Drug Store.
Oil Cloth, and Peper Window Shades, Cords. Tas
sels and Fixtures, for Pictures., dec, of the vary
latest styles, and is prepared. to do all kinds of paper
hanging to order.
Elnom.-burj, April 4 lf&C. if
Ths nnderiigncd respectfully announces that he
has retimed a shop, tn Court House alley, opposite
the Exchauge Hoi el. vt here he is prepared te .con
duct the harburing bit-in, in all its branch es.
'1'heartof coloring whiskers and moustacaes ia
practiced by hiui nmst skillfully. He also cleans
clothing, making the in lonk nearly aa good as new.
upon the niont reasonable terms. Give hiui a trial.
'IT" Hair Tonic i f the very best quality. usd for
clean n; hair, kept const-ntly on band, and fir sala
Bloomsburg, April 43. I8V if.
sale. The undersigned offers for sale upon tha
most rasrnalile terms, at his olace of business, in
BENTON. COLUMBIA COUNTY, 0.1 e hundred thou
sand shingles and a large lot of fencing boards, of
the very best quality, both pine and hemlock.
J. J. Mct'ENRT.
Benton, Slay 9, I6C6.
The high price cf Potatoes warrants liberal use
"concentrated fertilizer,
used along the rows or hills. ani covered when cul
tivator ; in like maimer on corn. Prepared by
WILLIAM ELLIS A CO.. Chetnikts, No. 7:24 and
Tti, Market Street , I hiladelphia. n J for sale by
A. S. K ESTER. Agmt,
Hloojasburg. Pa.
May 10. ie6i.-3m.
THE subscriber offers at Private Sale, a Farm sit
uated in O'arge Twp., Col. co. Pa. 1 miles from
Rohrsburg and 3 from Oraugeville. containing
Sixty of which is cleared and well improved, tba
balance is well timbered. There are 011 tbe premises
commodious new buildings a good orchard and a
large voung apple and peach orchard, of six )'rs
growth, begiuuing to bear.
Orange twp, March 2S, 1?66
Tbysiclan and Surgeon,
f f AVIN'i lora'pd pprmanerilly on Main
1 1 Mrpt. BLOdMSBlTRG. Pa., woold in-
form the public genera'ly. tnat lie is preprarnd to
attend 10 all business faithfully and punctually that
may be intrusted to his care, on terms commensa
rale with the times.
C7" He pay stria attention to Surgery aa wall
as medicine.
Nov .25. 1 863. ly.
Bounties, Back-pay, Pensions, -c,
Special attention paid to matters arrising under
the Internal Rsvcnua Laws.
C7" OFFICE one door west of the Court Houas,
Bloomsburg. Ta.
January 17. itfftf.
j i
Estate of George L. Johnson, of Orang
township deceased.
LETTERS of administration on the estate of Geo
L, Johnson dee'd. have been granted by tha Reg
ister of Columbia County, to Samuel Bower of Centra
township ; all persona having claims against the es
tate -cf tae de-eednt,ar requested to present them to
tha undersigned without delay, and all persona In
debted to make payment forthwith. -