Columbia democrat and star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1867, June 27, 1866, Image 2

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yr. IT. JACOBYf E. IgEUSR ' ipifdKsr
nretialy antbor.zed to Solicit and receive ulip -Moris
and advertising for the Vemocrat fcUr, pub-li-bed
M Bton-nsbBrgv Colutnbin couty. Pay.-...--
!' ., .. -
gfa-ddktockaticmas3 convention op
the ' Eastern and Central Counties
05 Pennsylvania.
A Grand Mass Convention of th frienda
of Johnson, Clymer andth Constitution,
will be held '.; . , .' . '.' .
i . OF JULY, 18C6. '
AH who are in favor of the immediate
restoration of the Union in its original purity.
All who believe that the Constitution of
the United States ia the Supreme Law of
tha Land.: J ; - : ; ; '
All men everywhere who are opposed to
. oommittine the destinies of 30 MILLIONS
VOTERS, all who are opposed to NEGRO
S YL VANIAX and especially those BRAVE
MEN who perilled Life antf Limb to defend
and uphold the Government of their Fath
ers, and not to create a new nation in which
the NEGRO is to be our social and political
eqal, are invited to aitentV
The Crisis of our Country' b Destiny is
upon us. The patriotic Andrew Johnson
tells you that the traitors Thaddeus' Stevens
and Charles Sumnerf are trying to destoy our
eystem of Government, the Government
that Washington "and Jefferson gave us, the
best Government .the worjd ever saw, and to
establish jn its place a Consolidated Despol
.WTOjjContr oiled by NewEngland fanaticism.
"Consolidation is as dangerous as Seces
sion. r Andrew Johnson, i' . ,
The post, distinguished Democratic and
Conservative Statesmen of the country ; will
be present and address the Convention. .
fiPrThe President and the Union 3Iem
bers of; the Cabinet have been invited.
'Excursion tickets will be issued on
all the Railroads: , , ' " ''"'
By order of the Democratic State Central
Committee.' ' : ' . -
I-., ; ' X D. DAVT&, Chairman
, J; Derm Standing Committee of Berks co.
: . WM.'. ROSENTHALL, Pres't.
V ; ; . - "r ' -' . Dem. City Club of Reading.
Our Position.
In'respect to the aid or assistance of ,a
newspaper, in making nominations within
its own party, . we think it should remain en
tirely silent' In" this county where a nomi
nation is equivalent to an election,' we know
that the battle must be fought previous to
the nominating Convention,- and knowing
that our candidates are all worthy and en
tirely capable of filling the positions for
which they arc announced, the matter, with
us, shall be left where it rightfully belongs,
exclusively with the people of the county,
relying on the honesty and abilities of our
candidates to promote the public interests as
servants of the people Feeling assured
that the people will not suffer br want of
competency, in any of the candidate?, 'we
are determined not to interfere either for or
against any one .who comes out for office,
before the nominating convention meets.
Notwithstanding the entreaties and demands
we think our duty ' is to ; support our party
principles and make Its organization as strong
aa we can: To do this every candidate should
have a clear field and fair play. To favor,
swith a newspaper, the nomination of any
particular candidate would be improper,
Itesides, wrong to the other candidates
and their friends. It would help to get up
factions and- splits, which every Democrat
should do his best to prevent. At this time,
more than any other, we need union and har
mony among the members of the Democrat
id party. Let every candidate place himself
squarely and fairly before the people; let
justice be done, one to another, and let every
one be fully determined to abide the result
cheerfully. Those who shall be placed in
nomination by the convention, will receive
our willing and undivided support and the
support of the Democratic party. Those
who shall be defeated, as some of. them mu5t
Be, have only ta abide the result aa the "fate
f war-"""."
- Diaunlonism Will Out.
It appears that we disturbed the equili
brium of Stokes & Co., of the Hadetoii
Sentinel, wtich proposes to be of neither
party, yet wholly devoted to the interests of
the Disumorr Rumps.; The editor foams and
threats terribly and calls us Hard names,such
aa "rebel organ,"; Jeff. Davis' sheet," &c.
for the simple reason 'that we denounce the
treacherous," niggardly and unjust course of
Andy Curthx ; and refuse to'praise and hold
up the dity hands of the . thie ring officers,
cat-laws "and robbers of the "Nigger B u
reau," which nave) lately been' arrested "by
orders from, the President "We believe that
the people in the vicinity of llazleton, know
what they arenbout and will not permit them
relvcstohe charmed' and 'ensnared by the
vile serpent of Disunion, lh.3 UazZeton Sen
tinel, under the guise of neutrality,
tit pleases us when wq find where the dis
ease ia seated in- our patient, and we have cer
tainly found tne tender ' spot in Stokes,
and will continue from time to time to apply
a remedy. And ia the first place we advice
him not to stick the nigger out in' llazleton
or he will lose a great portion of the patron
for which- he labors. "We know nothing
about hia financial aff airs, nor do we wish to,
but from the tone cf hia paper we judge he
. is not qtateprepared to hoist the 'black fiag.'l;
Besides hejears Clymet!s election and aa he
always desires to be on the sidaof thejparry
in power, we te3 Lim that there i3 danger in
his course. Indeed, Mr. Stokes, you'eanaot
expf-ct us'to pay much attention to your case
' f - COURT', f j f.
qRESS MARCH 3, 18 00. -j f
Last week the Supreme "Court of Penn
Fylvania, sitting at WilkeBbarre, decided, by
a majority against the above mentioned act
-of Congress, which act was intended to dis
franchise deserters from the military service
and non-reporting drafted men. As our opin-
Jonof both the act of Congresa and of our
State Legislature, has been heretofore ex
pressed,, time, and. again, in our paper, we
deem it only necessary to say at this time,
that it is perfectly astounding, that two jus
tices, upon the Supreme Bench, should re
fuse for a moment, to condemn those acts
as unconstitutional when they are in direct
conflict with the Constitutions of both the
State and Nation. That Governor Curtin,
would lend hia aid and signature to such, leg
islation we at times had serious doubts. How
ever, with a little reflection of the past con
duct of the man, the complete tool he has
been for tyrant3 and mobs, it ia surprising
that we could ever expect anything better of
him than to find him engaged in doing the
bidding of knaves and intolerant partizans.
His chief acta of life consist in pardoning
convicted criminals, because .they were Dis
unionists, recommending partial and pre
scriptive legislation, dog-killing and drunk
enness. , : ,.
Let the thanks of every citizen who ia a
lover of law and liberty, be tendered to J us
tices Woodward, Thompson and Strong."
Let the curses and fingers of shame rest on
the partizans Reed, and Agnew, who follow
the lead of Stevens and Sumner, claiming
that the late war abrogated Constitutions
both State and Federal. , The leal talent of
the country and the good sense of the peo
ple is and ever will be in favor of Woodward,
"Thompson andStrong,and against Reed and
; Let us be thankful that we yet have some
men, in high positions, who will defend Con
stitutions, rights of citizens, law and liberty.
x- -- i
Sectional Political Parties.
In these days of trials, of new ideas, of
party advancement and of political reconstruc
tion, it ia highly important that the Demo
cratic party should in the future, as in the
past, guard against anything looking towards
sectionalism. Let it still be the aim and ob
ject of the Democratic party to inculcate
nationality of sentiment, and make its geog
raphy and boundaries nothing less than the
entire Republic. The foundations, the struc
ture, and the principles upon which the
Democratic party was built are as pure, as
deep, aa broad and aa substantial as they
were when our Democratic organization orig
inated. ' . ! :
Washington and Webster described
the dangers and perils of fectionalisra which
appeared in their time, and the present gen
eration are realizing the serious and burden
some consequences of a haughty, reckless,
intolerant arid treasonable sectional party.
As Democrat0, upholding the fundamental
principles of freedom and constitutionalism
upon which that organization originated, we
believe the only thing required to place the
Democratic party in power, now and perma
nently, South aa well aa North, ia by stand
ing firm to its nationality. And to do this
we do not see that it is necessary toconstruct
any new party or parties. Without the
exact principles of the Democracy, true po
litical unity with all sections will be impos
sible. It cannot be successfully contradicted,
that the Republican party i., and always has
been a purely sectional party. Its measure3,
its platforms, its war policy, its legislation
and its entire action, all are, and have been,
shaped and guided to this end. They arc
determined that the white people of the
South , shall have no chance even if the
poor white people of the North arc degraded
and burdened to effect their purposes.
They, the Republican party, have decided
that there shall be no Union party at the
South unless they are black men, or, if
white, they must beconfe equals to the ne
gro. That this is the Radical programme
we think nono dare deny, and that their
practices and principles , are radically sec
tional, we think no one will deny. Therefore,
the Republican party is unworthy the sup
port of the people of the nation and cannot
exist permanently ; while there i3 nothing
in the fundamental principles of the Demo-
cratic party lo prevent it from its usual con
trolling power in each and all the States of
the Union, Southern equally with Northern.
Let thb course be strictly pursued by our
leaders, and all will yet be well.
Will Geary: be WrrnDRAvrN ? There
is considerable talk, just now, in political
circle?, of a withdrawal of the present can
didate of the Abolition Disunionists for Gov
ernor We hope that there may be no se
rious intention on the part of the Disunion
managers to change their nomination, for
Geary is the man, above all others, whom
we can defeat with the greatest case. But
thre is m mneh diusat??!iHinn 5n tlir ranta
of our opponent", with the "life-long de-
J i ' L 1 1 11 "1"
in oc racy oi weary, wun nis miscraoje iuiii-
a. J ri l? ; l .
taxy ruuoru, wuuis equivocal po&iiion on
the railroad question and with his endorse
ment of the . extreme radicalism of Thad.
fcteven?, that we apprehend they are serious
ly considering the propriety of withdrawing
him from the canvass. There are quite a
number of leading ''Republican," papers
that refuse to support him, and the rebellion
m Bradford county, one of the 'Republican'
strongholda, ia also getting to be a serious af
fain so that for the sake of saving their par
ty from utter rout,, they, may compel Geary
to decline in favor of anew candidate. The
Johnson "Republicans", in the State who
will not vote for Geary under any circum
stance?, are estimated at some C0,000. This
fact, too, will be a strong inducement to the
Disunion leaders to change their base. But
we shall see what we shall see. Easton Sentinel-.
. r " ' .'. . . .,. .
ESU By the way, what has become of the
Johnson organ' that 3Ir.' Tracy proposed to
establish in -thia county f Stock must be
down. LerayneiHe Union. :
. ,We have one Johnson organ at Blooms
burg, and that will probably be found expen
sive enough for one congressional district un
less the prospect making convert3 were
more flattering. A few. plethoric pockets
will soon beooma weary t-the tax, but if
they have plenty of money to expend, we
think they ought to have sagacity arid fore
sight enough toexpend it upon some benev
olent or prr iae-worthy object more likely to
be successf it- such for Instance aa an organ
l7.. effort to reverse the enrrent ofthe
Startling Admissions from a Re
H 4 publican: Editor, "n"
;. The New York Times, in commentig upon
Mr. Raymond's late speech ia the National
House, of' Representatives, ,and iq, which he
acted aa dictator to the Disunion party, in
regard to ita future principles and power,
made the following honest acknowledgment :
"For the jast fifteen years the'Repub.limrr
and the Union parties have been compelled
to content themselves with a sectional organ
ization. The warf are concerning Slaveryliad
driven them out of the Slave State ; They
hadonly what strength their principles could
give them in the. .North and W est, but
their principles were strong enough in 1860
to give them the victory, and were, for the
first time in our history, embodied in the ad
ministration of the National Government
That victory, involved the country in a war
of sections, and until that war was closed,
nothing but a sccticual contest could be car
ried on." '
Just what the Democratic party for the
last fifteen years have constantly contended,
that the Republican party in zv.d has always
been a sectional on- and that the late war
was nothing but a swtional contest in which
Democrats were lead to participate by a lie-
ing, treacherous adrainistratio'n. .
Now that this sectional organization has
accomplished ita object of conquering the
South, and signally failed in enforcing Ne
gro Suffrage and Negro Equality on the peo
ple of both sections, sceiug that their sec
tionalism is about to be condemned by a bur
dened and outraged people, that their
whole scheme has been nothing but a school
of deception upon a hugu scale, their lead
era, like Mr. . llaymond, are pleading and
praying that their e5Ctionalism must be laid
aside that unless mwintcrcstsand new mo
tives shall control their part' in the future
they are doomed to everlasting infamy.
Hence this startling and unexpected confes
sion. A point whiclLihcy have persistently
denied for the last fifteen years. -
Mr. Raymond also tells his party Uiat "thia
session of Congress Las been spent we may
almost say wasted in fruitless partizan leg
islation." "The efforts of the Republican
party have been,' not to promote wise and
just reforms, but to perpetuate the sectional
ascendency which th'? war has given them."
And to counteract thia unwise policy on the
part of the Republican party, he argues
strong for the holding of a National Union
Convention at Baltimore or Philadelphia, in
order to get the views of the party before
they adopt the whole couutry fur their field
of labor. We hope that something will be
done to check the present unwise policy of
the Republican ' party, and to effect this we
think the best thing, and the only thing that
will effectually put an end to their sectional
schemes will be an overwhelming defeat at
the polls this Fall. , Let this be the object of
every good citizen who has hia country's wel
fare at heart, let ourefforta be directed to this
end and our wishes wf.ll be realized, and na
tional and individual harmony and prosperi
ty restored.
Day Is Breaking,
We are but ashing cf the people now what
was DEMANDED of is the support of the
Administration In it' efforts to restore the
Union of these States. If it wa3 ever true,
it is true NOW, that the man that is openly
opposed to the Administration is secretly op
posed to the government 1 The right arm
of strength has been taken from the Disun
ionists by this quarrel with the President
The conservative vwss-s see that their only
hope rests in the ascendencv of the Nation
al Democratic party oi the Union. It is the
only party organization that is not sectional,
ana, therefore, the only one with which Na
tional men can unite who desire to see this
great people again united, prosperous and
nappy. The Ixial ehiction.s that have been
held since the President and Congress colli
ed show that we will have the support, as
we always have had the prayers, of conser
vative men of all parties.
: lateral patronage, frauds in the Ann)
and thepoicer of bining rotes the three-fold
source and procuring cause' of opposition
successes heretofore ffill not avail this time.
Deprived of these the Disunionists will be
like a merchant without hia stock in trade
like the play of hamlet with the part of Ham
let omitted. '
Old Democrats are coining Ijaclc to tlie old
parti. Those who w jnt over from honest
motives now that the circumstances that
contributed those motives have ceased to ex
ist will naturally find their way back to the
party that aima at tha object that induced
them to sustain the Administration of Mr.
Lincoln the restoration of the Union.
Those who have been deceived will discover
the deception and return. And we almost
fear that those who went over for gain and
the love of it will come back on the princi
ples enunciated by the Divine Teacher, that
wheresoever the carcass is, there will the
eagles be gathered together."
The endorsement of our principles,. by the
best men in the natioc, while it gives us new
confidence that we ark right, is a tower of
strength m making accessions to our ranks.
Whether Cowan, Dixon, Norton, Dolittle,
etal. of their school, shall act with ua in the
future, is a question which thoy shall decide
for themselves. We have their voluntary
testimony to the soundness of our principles,
the wisdom of our policy, the purity of our
motives and the safety of our plan of restor
ing the Union. They are the self-sacrificing
Satriots of the! country who serve it from
isinterested motives. . They strengthened
ua in our good work, and shall be honored
for it' . . '
Certainly never did Democrata enter a
contest with such buoyant feelings as animate
us in JS66. The justi of our cause the
inward consciousness of that justice should
be sufficient motive. But, super-added is
THE CERTAINTY OF srccESS. For, as cer
tainly as the sun in heaven lightens up the
world ofi the second Tuesday of next Octo
ber, will glorious old Democratic Pennsylva
nia le redeemed ! Nino Castle (I'a.) Ga
zette. More Recruits. Radical newspapers
in varioua parts of the country are beginning
tacet their .eyes opened with the misdoings
of Congress, and those that are conducted
by independent men are seeking to retrace
their gtcpa and get back into the true Union
nartv . Tim Klln
urg Triljune, and the Yolksfi eund, all of
wuicn are puunsned in bnyuer county, have
recently abandoned their advocacy "of the
Stevens despotism andmeout for the Presi
dent . Mr. Greeley will wxn have to double
his figures as to the number of Union jour
nals that stand by the President and the
Constitution. Philadelphia DaVg Netcs.
St&- The Democrati j Convention of Bed
ford County recommended as their choice
for Congress Hon. A. H. Coftrotii of that
county, and B. F.(Mej ers, Esq., was recom
mended as the candidate of the convention
for State Senator. Mr.- Conmoni ia the
present member of Congress from that Dis
What is Loyalty P
The followingeloquent extract ia from the
speech of. Hon.' Ed oar S Cowan, in the
United States ; Senate, June 6th 1866, on
the miscalled Jleconstruction - propositions
which have since passed Congresa :
Suppose you pass thia amendment to the
Constitution, and suppose the Southern
States, either for the purpose of getting
themselves into line with you or for the puK
pose of increasing their political power under
it, should admit the negro to the franchise,
will your children and your homes and your
government be the more secure for that?
What is the difficulty Under which you labor
to-day.? Is it that the food upon which the
demagogue fattens has grown scarce and he
has grown thin? Or is it the reverse ? Is it
not becuuse demagogism is rife everywhere ;
and is not demagogism rife just in propor
tion as you furnish it the material upon
which to work? Degrade your franchise,
put it down in the hands of men who have
no intelligence, no virtue, and what is worst
of all, no independence put it into the
hands of men who have nothing to hope
from it except in so fir as they can use it for
corrupt purposes, and shall we be saf er then.
1 ask r Do you suppose that the people ot
the States in which there are negroes will
send you more intelligent, more learned,
more virtuous, and more independent Sena
tors and Representatives here if 3-ou make
this chanee than they would without?
- Mr. WILSON. They will send more
loral men.
"Mr. COWAN. "Loval." What is "loy
al?" I ask Massachusetts what is "loval?
What is the meaning of the word ? A fellow
that votes with you I That is like the chap
defining "orthodox" "orthodox is the way
I believe ; heterodox is the way the other
man believes." "Loyal" means an. Aboli
tionist, I suppose. At least I find that
everybody who does not happen to be an
Abolitionist or tarred with that stick, is
said to be disloyal. Loyalty, Mr. President,
is a very simple word. Loyalty means obe
dience to the laws. It means legality. . -grdis
means law as well as lex meant it.
When a man alleges his loyalty to me, let me
see his reverence for the Cons itution and
the laws. Show me a man who disregards
either ; show me a man who does not believe
in the Constitution which brought this coun
try to such a pitch of prosperity for sevent
five years and made us so great and so happy
a people ; show me a man that lays sacrilegi
ous hands upon that instrument, especially
when I know that half the tim6 he does not
understand it and that he never read a com
mentary upon it in his life ; show me that
man, and I show you one who is not loyal.
Shownie a man who f r temporary advan
tage, either for himself or his paaty, woidd
set a foot upon one of his country's laws
and he is not loyal.
It is time we were beginning to understand
the meaning of words in this country. It is
time, now that the war is over, when pas
sion has subsided and when reason ought to
come back and resume her throne, that we
ourselves should be reasonable. Let us look
at this in the light of the past ; let us look
at it calmly and coolly as we survey it in by
gone thousands of years, not as it looks to
the eye blood-shot with passion, red with
rage that is hardly dying out Let the lower
stock indulge in passion if it isto be indulged
in; but here in this the highest forum of
the nation; here whercj if anywhere, there
should be justice and fairncs?, and the broad
view over the whole country which takes it
all in and which consider? all the people as
the people, virtuous, intelligent, indepen
dent enough to govern the country ; let 113
here be reasonable, and especially let us
know the meaning of our words.
I '' m m
We give below our opinion of the position
which the Democrata should occupy, while
the third political pa'rty is in process of for
mation. It corroborates the doctrine which
we have over and over proclaimed to our Co
lumbia County Democrats who are being at
this time specially invited and urged to join
the new Union Consolidation Party. If this
warning is heeded and the principles adhered
to wo can lose nothing and may gain much.
TnREE Parties is Kentttky. There
are now three parties in Kentucky, each hav
ing a candidate for Clerk of Appeals in the
field. These parties are the Democratic Par
ty, the National Union Consflidation,and the
Radical Abolition Parti. These parties arc
pretty plain indication as to what things are
coming to. Three parties now exist in fact
in all of the States of the Union, but they
have not yet taken shape in some of them.
But three distinct elements exist and it will
only be necessary for them to get together
and assume form, to have three Parties as
distinctly jn every Ski to as they now actually
exist in Kentucky. Where, as yet only two
parties exist in form, the efforts are strong
to transfer the Democratic Party over into
the National Union Consolidation Party.
Democrata must as a matter of course be
cautious or else they may be led and trans
ferred over into this new Party before they
are aware of the direction in which things
arc drifting. -They must adhere to the infal
lible guide of principle. Democrats must
not follow men, but principles. Men will de
ceive, beguile and pass away, but principles,
never. The Democracy of Kentucky will
achieve the first great victory of 18"6, in
August, and the same condition of thines
will secure the Democratic Candidate for
President in 1SC8. Norrsitotcn Register.
Report of the School Directors
of Bloom School District.
The following is a correct statement of the
receipts and expenditures for the year end
ing June, 18C6;
Tax rate, 5 mills on the dollar valuation.
Gross am't of Tax Duplicate.... $2567.59
Less exonerations. $80.00
" Collector's commission. ..124.33 204.38
Rec'd from Col. , bal. for '64 & '65.. 1 3. 1 8
" " J. Moyer, late Treas r... 05.34
" for rent of school houses. 7.00
.... 45.00 906.48
To bal. due Treas' r
To orders outstanding.....
Paid for 1 1 teachers at an average
salary of $43.63 7-12 per mouth
for 5 months $2400.00
ror fuel and contingencies 235.34
" new floors, desks, painting, Sec.
in rooms No. 2 & 3. Academy &
fence ami outbuildinsrs, at the
Academy lot 650. 77
For Treasurer's commission..'., 49.07
" Secretary service? 25.00
By bal. yet due from Collector. 25. U3
Attest, . E. B. BIDLEMAM,
J. K. EDGAR, Secretary. '
TnE President Sustained in Nebras
ka. The late election in Nebraska territory
is a complete victory for the friends of Pres-
ceivedr but : there is enough to show that
Morton I Democrat, ia plcfd Dflcn-atA tr
Congress, and that the Legislature-is about
equal- v nen it is remembered that this has
neer? an aoomion 1 emtory, ana that the last
Delegate waa elected over .Miller (Demo
crat. two-years ago, bv about 1000 majon
- T suCL-.
Clymer and Geary at the Allen-
town Fair .
j During the past week our town was hon
ored witii two of Pennsylvania most dis
tinguished j as well as mOstproniinentcitizens,
from .the fact of their being the standard
bearers of the two great parties in the present
gubernatorial campaign lion. Hiester Cly
mer and Gen-. John W. Geary. They were
here by invitation to visit the Columbia fair.
; ' The first to come was the Democratic nom
inee, Hon. Ilie'ster Clymer. on Tuesday,
lie was received at the depot by a committee
of the fire company and a delegation of prom
inent citizens, and brought to the "Allen
House," where, timing the afternoon, he
was called on by large numbers of citizens
to exchange salutations and spend a moment
in friendly intercourse. At about 2 o'clock
Mr. Clymer was escorted to the fair build
ing, where ho was introduced to the large
crowd by the lion. John D. Stiles, and wel
comed with great applause. Mr. Clymer
thanked the assemblage for his kind recep
tion, and embraced tho occasion to make a
few eloquent remarks complimentary to fire
menthose who ever hold themselves in
readiness to save and protect the lives and
property of our citizens generally, and spoke
in terms of high commendation of the en
terprise exhibited before him b the "Co
lumbia" boys for the purpose of raising the
wherewithal to secure more efficient appa
ratus to do battle with the "devouring ele
ment" He also spoke in high terms of
the beautiful goods and wares exhibited be
fore him, and encouraged our people to pa
tronize the enterprise with an unsparing
hand. He disdained from allusion to poli
tics, saying that it was proper that such things
should at times be lain aside. His re
marks were well received. After an inspec-
irT t T Vi n i -rir-liu rn rv Ti iKitmn n rw 1 1i 1 a I
donating $20 to the compan', and deposit
ing a vote for each of the two' contestants
fur the reception chair Democrat and Re
publican he retired to his hotel, accom-1
panied by several of his friends, leaving with
the crowd a most favorable impression, all
uniting in saying that they found in him a
high-toned, honorable and fine looking gen
In the evening Mr. Clymer was made the
recipient of a serenade at the residence of
the Hon. John D. Stile. After the band
had discoursed feveral fine pieces of music,
loud cries for "Clymer" were raised by the
large concourse of citizens who paid him
honors. In reply the Honorable gentleman
thanked his hearers for the honor conferred
upon him, and delivered a beautiful little
speech, in which he referred to our beauty
and growth as a town, the industry and en
terprise ot its citizens, the agricultural and
mineral wealth of our county, etc. He said
that probably many had come to sec him
with-the expectation of hearing a political
speech, but that his mission was of a differ
ent nature, and that he did not feci disposed
to turn his visit to any other than its origi
nal purpose or object He, however, froni
iscd to gratify them during the present can
vass. After music by the band tho crowd
dispersed, highly pleased with Mr. Clymer's
remark The distinguished visitor was
subsequently again escorted to the fair build
ing, and being called upon, delivered another
brief address in commendation of the fire
company, the project in which it wa en
gaged, and of the ladies who had so kindly
: l.: at fn
soon retired, and left the same evening for
his home in Reading.
Mr. Clymer was followed on I hursday by
that "life-long Democrat," John W. Gear-,
the present Dead Duck candidate for Gov
ernor on the Negro-Equality ticket of Penn
sylvania. The Union Leaguers were disposed
to make a great fuss with this parcel of Dem
ocratic vomit a great deal more than the
occasion warranted or good sense should
have dictated.
The would-lxi Governor had been civen
quarters at the Eagle Hotel. His friends
posted him as to Clymer's donation to the
company, but, being short of funds, the
hero of Harper s rcrry coming "to time m
a similar manner out of his own resource?.
He came "unprepared," as he said, not
thinking of such thimrs as donations. He
was short, yet he felt like acting 'big," say
ing he would give $100 if he just had it.
His friends felt mortified at this unfavorable
condition of tlmr candidate's pockets, and
raised 5-50 on the mutual admiration plan.
All being in readiness in the afternoon, the
great representative man of fanatics, hypo
crites and robbers was escorted to the fair
and duly introduced to the crowd dienitv
all the while setting perched upon his intel
ligent countenance, like thejradflyon the
cocked hat of Sir Diedrich Knickerbocker.
He endeavored "to m:kc a speech, showing
his tusk?, smoothed his wrinkled brow, un
doubted hisSsts and said "Let the treasurer
come forward. I donate seventy dollars."
Counting out his greasy jreenba ks he found
he had been given but Jity dollars, a most
perplexing dilemma ; so ai'ter fumbling about
his pockets for about five minute?, and find
ing no more "stamps," said he would give
his check for the balance, but up to this
time said check has not come forward.
After "speaking his piece" he was lion
ized about the place for a short time and
then taken out to recuperate with a little
whiskey and ice. Before leaving the place,
however, a little incident occurred, which we
cannot refrain from telling, because it shows
how Geary is bound down with Ugotry and
party bias in comparison with Clymer. The
latter magnanimously cast a vote for each of
the contestants for the Reception Chair,
whilst, the former cast three solely for the
Republican candidate. The best of it is,
however, the Democratic candidate did not
need Geary's vote,' for his majority is within
a few as large as McIIose's whole vote.
Geary's visit to Allcntown, upon the
whole, was stale, fiat and unprofitable, and
the October election will show that he made
"dead ducks" of his entire partj. The De
mocracy is gathering up its irresistible
strength, and preparing to win a good old
fashioned victory in October, and the Wool
worshippers may as well submit to their fate
quietly, for they are doomed to defeat. lf
lentMcn Democrat.
Up to the Puritan Mark. The Chief
of Police of Marblehead, Massachusetts,
docs not mean to conceal his candle in a dark
lantern, or allow the odor of Puritanism to
die out He has. given notice to the people
of that place that he and his police mean to
be about on Sunday. He says :
"The individual attention of the whole
police force will be specially directed toward
the enforcement of the Sunday-law, the dog
law, andfrthe by-laws of the town. Standing
on the sidewalks or curbstones, or sitting up
on doorsteps or entrances to any dwelling-
houses, store, building or inclosure, on the
Sabbath day or evening, or at any other time
contrary to the interest and meaning of the
statute, will be punished to the utmost rigor
of the law."
The Puritans endeavor to make Sunday
as sour as possible, and give to religion as
hard an aspect as they can.
European War. There is every indica
tion of a fierce and general European War
without much further delay. A peace con
ference which waa lately held among the du
fercnt powers could come to no agreement.
and now they will contend by force of arms
for that which they could not settle by peace
ful means.
The Constitutional Amendment Ls to be
sent to the States for their ratification or re
jection without delay. It remains to be seen
JLt-e; ai4rjLct3.f. sysllJRdppt
RRESPF.C-TI VE of wealth, are or beauty ; an4 Hie
I love of the eppo.itn aez ican be gained by follow.
ifif ciniple rules. Send a directed envelope to
-June 13, "GO. 3m- Sutton I), liiblo House. N. Y.
SEND an adrlreined envelope and 95 cent and I
will send jtt some valuable information that will
please you. Addreaa Mil JANB BKYAV
June 13, -60 -3in, Station A. 129 Spring ,N.Y.
TUB Glory of Man ia Strength. A who
Buffered for yearn from Nervoua and Genital
Debility. Nightly Kmimions, and Seminal Wcitkneaa.
the result of youthful indiscretion, and came near
ending hi day a in hope leas niiaery.wi il. for ibe ake
of suffering man, send to any one afflicted, the sim
ple means uned by bim. winch effected acureina
n few weeks, after the failure of numerous medi
cines. Send a directed envelope, and it will rortyou
nothing Address JOHN B. OUDEN.
June 13, '(.6, 3m. No. 13 Chambers si N. V.
THE Mason & Hamlin Cabinet Organs, forty dif
ferent styles, adapted to sucred and secular ruu?ic,for
$30 to $'.00 each. FIFTY-ONE GOLD or SILVER
MEDALS, or other first premium", awarded them.
Illustrated Ca alogues free, Addre s, MASON &.
Jan. 6, 1866. Sep. 9. 'C5. Iy. S.M.P.
A reformed inebriate would be happy to comma ni
cate (free r.f charge) to as many of hi fellow-beings
s w ill address bim. very important and useful in
formation, and place in tbeir bands a sure cure for
the love of Strong Drink of any kind. This infor
mation is freely ofTcred by one who has narrowly es
caped a drunkard 's grave. Address,
No. 9 Broad Street, New York.
March 2S, 13C6. 3m.
A geni'eman who suffered for years from Nervous
Debility, Prematura Dacay.and all the effects of youth
(ill indiscretion, will, for the snke of miff-ring hu
manity, send free to all who need it, the recipe ard
directions for making the simple remedy by which l.e
was cured. Sufferers wishing to profit by the adver.
tisn's experience, can do so by addressing
No. 13 Chambers it, New-York,
Feb. 28 I860. Iy! S.M.r.
Every young lady and gentleman in the United
States can hear something very much to their advan
tage by return mail (free of charge.) by addressing the
undersigned. Those having fears of being humbugg
ed will oblige by nut noticing this card. All ethers
will please address their obedient servant,
631 Broadway, New York.
Ftb. 29, 1RC0 ly.S M P
And Catarrh, treated with the utmost success, by J.
ISAACS, M. D. . Oculist and Aurist (formerly of Ley
den, Holland.) No. 519 PINE Stuet. PHILAD'A
Teetlmnnials, from the nioM reliable sources in the
City and Couutry can be seen at bis office. The med
ical faculty are invited to accompany their patients,
as lie has no secrets in his practice ARTIFICIAL
EYES, inserted without pain. Nu charge lor exam
ination. 'April 25.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to marry, ad
dress the unricrsiziieri, who will send you. without
ino..ev and without price, valuable inlormatinn that
will enable you to marry happily, irrespei tive of age,
wealth or beauty. This information will cost
nothing and if you wi-h to marry. I will cheerfu'lv
assit you. All letters strictly confidential. Th i de
sired information seal by return mail, and no reward
asked. Address
Crecnp titit, Kings Co., New York.
Jnns C, ieC6 3 n,
cr Fianos, Melodians. Gold and Silver Ware,
is now coine on at the salesroom of REED& BKO..
34 Liberty Street. N. Y. Theje gonrts are Sold at
WO DULLARD EACH. Regardless of Value. Send
TWENTY-FIVE Cent for one numbered Notice, or
ONE UULLAK for SIX. The number ol eacn ;o-
tirt? enr re soon .Is with Uiii number on ?iiie art cle of
goods, which will be rin on recei pt of $J The
money will be refunded if the good ilo not give sat
islaction. Agents make T W KN I Y-FI V B DOLLARS
PER W ELK. Stud for a Circular.
Office: P.O. BOX. 31V.
34 I.ibety St. NLV7 YORK.
May 9, IcCO: 3m.
TO Con-rMiTT;vEs The adveitlurr having been
restored to health in a lew weeks by a very sim
ple remedy, after having suffered several years, with a
severe lung affection, anJ that dread disease. Con-sumpli'iu-is
anxious to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means "f cure
To all who desire it.hj wi'l send a copy of the pre
scription used.ffreeol Charge. with the directions for
preparing and using the same, which they will find a
suae ccaa for Consumption. Akthmy, Bronchitis.Colds
Coughs ttc. The onlj object of the advertiser l:i
sending the prescription is to benefit the afRictcJ.and
pre id information which heennceives to be invaluable
nd he hopes every suff. rer will try his remedy, as it
will cost them nothing, and may prove a les ing.
Parties wishing the prescription, free, by return
mail, will please address Rev. E. A. WILSON,
Williamsbnrg Kings County
Feb. 29, 1SC6. ly. S.W. p. New-York.
fPhe Grovesteen FianD Forte
I still retains its prerodence and great popularity,
and after undercning gradual improvements for a pe-
rioa pi tniriy years. is now prono in :en oy me mum- m
world to he unsurpassed aril even unequalled in rich
ness, volume and purity of tone. durability and cheap- r.mtAi anle. I rp ti r h . rt i nn ham nndnl iron
'CSO- ..." rv." . r . ......
rn...e nvAp-alrnni ha,i .even rnsfwnnd nt
aq,o we areselline cheaper by from $100 to $2iHJ
first-class makers in the country. Dialers and all in
want of good pianos arc invited to sen-i for our le
seriptive Catalogue, whirh contains photographs of
our different styles, together w ith prices No one
a hould pun hase a piuno without seeing this ( ata
Medasl almoet without number, have been
awardod to the Grovesteen I'lano, and the Celebrated
VVerM'srair, tnoush put m competition wun outers
troin all pans o i Europe aim lue u o,
it look the
uielieKt awai a.
r l-ut:ihiiheil IHI'JS i
Grovesteen Co ,
July 29. 16C5 . II. II. 8. it Co.
ALL MAY MAURY HAPPILY, irrespective cf
wealth, age, or beauty ; and thn love of the op
posite sex can be gained by following simple rules.
Send a directed envelope and st imp to M.Dist I. U
I ILLE DEMARUE, btatiou D, Bible Street, New
York City.
.-mi r- - l -o V nP uiv 13 DTP VKm II A nen He.
L man ho suffi-red for years from Nervous and
Genital uebiuty, wigntiy emissions, uu ceuuusi
Weakness, the result of youthful indiscretion . and
came near ending his days in hopeless misery, will,
for the sake of suffering man. send to any one atflul
ed, the simple inear.s ued by him. which effected a
cure in a few weeks after the failure of numerous
medicines. Send a directed envelope and stamp and
H Will cost you nothing Address.
EDGAR '"'REMAIN, IJtth St. N.Y.City.
addressed envelope and 25 cents. and I will send
you some valuable information that will please vou.
Address MARY MOORE, f31 Broadway, N. Y.
May 16. ltioo. ly.
The good things of this world have each their ap
pointed mission.
It is the mision of HOaTETTER'S STOMACH
HITTERS to prcttnl and relieve a great vaiiety of ail
ments .
For twelve years its success as a prottcttttt and a
remedy has been without check or drawback. It is
strong negative evidence of this fact, that the efficacy
of the article as a specific for dyspepsia. biliousness,
constipation, nervousness, general debility, and in
ttrmilient fevers, has never been questioned.
As proof positive of its infallibi llity in such cases,
the statements o f public Diea who.e names are fa
miliar as household words, have from time to time
been given t-i the world.
If its reputation is not founded in fact, then truth
is a thadaw. and the utterances of conscientious cit
izens are of no more value than "dicer" oaths.'
And what it iis reputation! Let the progres of
its sales answer the Mfju'ry. Where twenty doxen
bottles of Hot tetter's Bilu-rs were sold in 1cj5 cc
hundred dozen are disposed of now.
Could public opinion he more significantly epre s
eJ than by its unparalleled htcmase of consulta
tion t It seenre impossible
The preparation lias beetr imitated. Where are
the imitators ? Echo answers,- "Where?" To the
"limbo " of things lost on-earth they are all either
gone or going. Peace be with them !
June 0 lc06. las.
The subscriber having purchased the well estab
lisbed stand, known aa
near Robrsbtirt. Columbia County, and having put
the machinery ij first-rate repairs, is prepared to do
in tlie bent manner, and upon rne shortest notice.
- Those favoring him with their custom may relyrn
having tbeir work well dona.
; CST" Cards at any time before the n"omi-..
nations are inade..i.;.! .:$3 00.;,
LEVI L.TATR.' nf Bloom tows ship, wit are au
thor ixed to annonnbe wilt he candidate for th
nomination of BTATrJ SENATOR in the 15th Inn
trict, subject to the usages of the Democratic psrty
of Columbia County, nnri respectfully solicits the
sufTraia f his felloW-Democrals.
Blooinsburg, Juue, 13, lSfiti. '
rrr- Senatorial.
AT the earnest solicitation or my Democratic
friends in the county nn thrpuihotit tha district,
I have been induced to offer myself as a candidate -for
the office of STATE SENATOR., subject lo tto ;
usages of the Democracy of the Dutrict.' I
. . t PETER ENT.
Light Street. June 13. 1803. - . ,.
AT the earnest request of many Demoeratiefriends.
I have consented tn be candidal for the offl-e
of STATE SENATOR, at the coining election sub
ject to the decision of thn Democracy of this coanty
as well as of the District,
Catawissa. June 13, JPGrt.
Associate Judgrt.
"'Ehv been anthnriund to announce the nante
V ofKMJAII G. KICKETTr. of Orange township
f r the ffico of A-'SOc't Vl'E JUHGB, of the Conns
of Cnlu uhia County, subject to the usage of the nom
inating Convention, which will be held ia August
Juue 0. lWCL
Associate Judge.
WE arc rt-quested tn announce in the columns of
this paper, that Ex Sheriff IRAM DKRR. t
lacksnH township, i olniubia Conniy, offer himself
as a cancuate for tne ttue.e or ;i A I K JUDGB,
sii'.jwt to the decision of the Democratic County
June (i, lfcfoG.
Associate Jiislge.
HAVING he:n induced through the earnest solicit
lions of my Democratic friends, to allow mf
name tn be used in connexion with thn omen or
ASfOCI ATE JUDGE of Columbia County, 1 lak
this occasion to announce In the Democratic electnrs
that I will he a candidate, subject loth. decision cf
the Convention. JACOB EVAN A.
Greenwood, June 6. IPCfi. '
Associate Judge.
S N 'SMUCH as it has long been conceded that ana
I of the ASSOCIATE JUDGES should come from
the soutn side f the river, and through the ni gent
request or tne Democracy or notn sides or tne river.
I have been induced to become a eandidate fr re -nomination,
(at the sMinetima thanking Itie Democ
racy for past favors.) subject to the decision of the
Do inocratic County Conveution.
Catawissa, June 13, IfWO.
Associate Judge-
WE are authorized to announce the nams of RICH
AKD FRUIT of Mailifon township, as a candidate
for ASSOCIATE Jt.DGC, at the coming geaeral
elec'ioii, subject to the decision of the DeinnrratKi
County Convention, which will be held in August
next, and he solicits the suffrage of his Democratic
friends. .
June 20, lS5!i
WEhavibocn requcstod to state that ANDREW
FUEA. Eir.. of Centre township, wi'l be a candi
dal for the office rf ASSoCIATc" JUDfiK, at th
ensuing general election, subject ti the decision
of the Democratic County Convention whirh will
l.e In I J in August next.
June 20 I -lit..
A-sfeociatc Judge.
WE h ive been reqnested to announce the nam
of PETER K IIERKEIN. Esq . of Locust twn
ship. as a candidate for the office of ASSO -IATB
JCDGE, of Columbia County subject to the Uec'sioa
of the Democratic Convention. r ,
Juni;'.7, lfitili.
Associate Judge.
WE have been authorized to announce the name
of THOMAS J. HUTCHISON. Eq ; of Fish-".
ingr.reek towntuip. as a candidate for the office of
ASSOCIATE JLDGE, of Columbia County, subject
to the decision of the Democratic Conveution.
Juie'27, lets.
Register and Recorder.
HAVING been warmly urged and encouraged by my
Democratic friends throughout the O Inly, to be
a candidate for REGISTER AND RECORDER. I
hnreby offer myseif to the Democratic voters f.r .
that position, ubjtct to the decision of oar Conniy
i.onveiitioii in Auga l next. Simula it ne tne?iea.
urn . f the people to give me the nomination anil'
election, I w ill perform the duties of that office with
fidelity and to the best of inv ability. '
Centre townshi p.June 6, IStfS. '
Register and Recorder.
Jtiff.T my self to the Demncra y of Columbia Conn,
ty. subject to the nominating I'otivunlion, for the
o;!ice jf UEGISTLR AND RECOriDEK, fortbeeo
suing term. And 1 pledge myself ti a careful tnd
prompt pvrformauce uf all the duties.
June 6, mt.
I'rotliouotary anil Clerk ol
I he Courts
'E hive been authorized to announce the came
ot jr.t, lOLti.i.v as a eannmaie i-r r
norn ination and election to the office of PROT'ION-
bia County, subject lo the usages of the De:n icratie
Clouuifburg, Jun 13, lt0.
Conn I y Commit miotic r.
rl hroue'i the solicitation cf rnv Democratic friends,
I I have been induced t off-r mvelf as a ranrti.
date for the office of COUNTY COMMISSIONER,
sulject to the decision of the Democratic County
'.'invention, w hich will convene on the iTth of An
gust next.
Bugarloaf tewn-hip. June 8, la 66.
Which are to be solj cheaper than nvsr. If yon
want bargains, call at
in ROH RSKL'RG, Columbia County, where ypo wilt
find a good assortment, well el-;cle.l.
Any article nut of the usual line can be easily pro
cured, as we have a buyer ia the City nil th time.
Country I'rodKce, of all Kinds,
taken in exchange for Goods.
Ro' rsburf. May 23, I8GC.-lm.
Prepared hy WILLIAM ELLIS k CO., No. 734 Mar .
ktt Street, Pbl'a'lelphia.
10" pounds per acre. Dampen the Buckwheat irrtna
evening, let il lay till morning, mix well 20 pounds
of the Fertilizer to one bMshel of seeJ.aud now broad
cast t-0 pounds to the acre.
The above Fertilizer, for sale hy Win: Me" ride.
White Hall ; John & Creasy, Catawissa ; James K.
Eyer, Bloomsburj ; Parvin Masters. Henton,
A. 8. KEdTER, Gen. Agent.
June 13, W,6 4t.
GEO. TV. MACGIuR, ProprleJorV
The above we II known hotel has recently andtr
gouc radical changes in its internal Arrangements,
and its proprietor announces to his former eutomr
and the travelling puMic that his accommodations
for the comfort of his guests are second to none lir
the country. His table will always he found sup
plied, uot ouly with substantial food, but with all
the delicacies of tbe seaeu. Hi. wrne and llqunrr
(except that popular beverage known as 'MeIenrj.')
purchased direct from the importing bouses, are en
tirely pur?, and free frr m all poisonous drugs. He
is thankful for a liberal patronage in tho past, antf
w ill continue to deserve it in the future.
Jund 13.
lo Shive'f Building, nn Main Street.
Informs tbe citiznns r.f Bloomsaurj-ani vicinity tht
hu has opined a New
in this place, w here he invites hi) M friends an f
customers to call and partake of his refreshments.'
It is bit intention to keep the best
constantly on hand ; A Iso, Porter, Sarsaparil'a. Min
eral Water. Fancy Lemonades, Raspberry and Lerrr
on Pyrnps, enn always be bad at his Restaurant,
lit the caring line he presents a
not surpassed in this place ;ia. Pickled Oyster
t'lams. Sardines- Fish, Barbecued Chicken, Pickled
Tripe and Beef Tongue, etc, ttc. He also has goon"
article of 'mi'
Cigars and Cheicing Tobacco -
forhis customers. CTTT" G-ive bHu a cull.
Uloouisburg, June I, kSb. " j
-4 new Lumber Yard in Bhomsburg,
THE undersigned would respectfully inform those
in want of lumber that be continues to maanfac
tare and keeps on hand f good supply of building
and fencing in. terial, at his residenca, a short dis
tance north of tbe depot,' which he offers for rrate af
reasonable rates. JACOB SCHUYLER.
v .