Columbia democrat and star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1867, May 23, 1866, Image 3

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Wednesday, May 23, 1866.
W. C The cliff of Dover are bill ot chalk.
X H -The blrtbpla-.e of the celebrated Robert Ful
ton, I twenty nilei from Lancaster. Pa.
W..T- 8.- Currant take their name from Corinth
la Greece, and they ' are a wild production, (rowing
upon the rock of that place.
O.O, M. The first Lutheran Church in America.
n e retted in Allentown, in Lehigh county Pa.,
upon the spot where the Egyptian Church now tand.
Gubernatorial No. 6, from "A Jack
son Democrat," will appear in our next.
SSi- Judge Jordan holds Court in Dan
ville, Montour county, this week.
tZ&m We desire that all subscriptions to
the Star ot tiie'Nortii be immediately
settled. "W.'II.'jACOBr.
The time" table of the Eeading Rail
road has been changed. See schedule in
to-day's issue. ;
Henry Glger is constantly receiving
at his store, a fresh supply of groceries and
provisions generally. " See advertisement.
S- Attention is directed to the adver
tisement in this paper, headed, "Agents
for the Life and Campaigns of General
(Stonewall) Jackson. . .
XSfc." Messrs. Myers & Meneel, of the
Bedford Gazette, are publishing a campaign
paper called the Climber. We have not seen
it, but expect it a spirited little sheet.
Lines "by Raven" came too Tate for
this week's paper. They are good, and will
be found in next week's Democrat and
Star. Try again.
Xf&m William Snyder has purchased the
property of Lewis II. Ma us, on Main Street,
and intends converting the Machine Shop
into store rooms.
- SQ For the last four weeks the weather
has been a source of complaint among the
farmers, being both cold and dry. The
prospects . for good crops this season a re
t&' Our readers will please bear with us
this week for infringing so much upon their
space, on our first pagewith the balance of
the Centralia Borough Ordinances, which
were commencea in our last week s paper
and completed in this issue.
tfWTt d T .1 n- i
5ruurforemanin me ouicc nas re
ceived a letter from a friend in Indiana, da
ted the 12th insL , which says : "The wheat
crop is almost an entire failure in Indiana
this year. It all froze out . in the winter.
Most of the -farmers have plowed up the
ground sowed with wheat and put it in with
. V e are informed that two brick
yards, have been prepared in the vicinity of
Millville- and will soon be m operation. We
arc pleased to see this enterprise manifested
by the citizens of our neighboring village,
and hope that tho.-e who have commenced
the work may be well rewarded.
On Friday night last, a very disgrace
ful scene occurred in Iron Street, caused no
doubt by intoxication. Jacob Foxand others
became boisterous and abusive and finally en
gaged in fighting with knives and stones,
which ended in Fox's being knocked sense
less. At last accounts he was expected to
recover. : ' ' " "
... iSTCoL, Wellington II. Ent and Col.
II. M. LToyt, have been appointed to repre
sent the counties of Columbia and Luzerne
at the reception of the flags that were pre
sented by the State to the Penn-ylvania
Regiments in the late war. The reception
will take place in Independence Hall, Phil
adelphia, on the coming 4th of July.
., S3- The owners of the "Forks Hotel,"
at this place, design enlarging their building
eixty feet, and putting another story on the
top. , The work will shortly be commenced.
This will add much to the appearance of
the House, besides be an improvement much
needed and greatly increase the means of ac
commodation to guests The present pro
prietor, Mr. Mauger, is keeping a good
house. - "
IQ In answer to the many inquiries rel
ative to fishing with nets in Big Fishing
creek and its tributaries, we would state that
we passed an Act through the House last
winter, near the close of the session, pro
hibiting the fishing with all "kinds of nets in
said stream, but on account of its lateness,
and the rush of bill in the Senate, it wa3
not reached, consequently did not become a
Never within our recollection has
there been so little uniformity in articles of
ladies dress. A lady can don a narrow or a
wide brimmed Tiat' a bonnet, shawl, coat,
cape or dres3, of almost anj' shape, cut or
figure, and it will be considered as one of the
different stylet, and not commented upon for
not following the one prevailing fashion.
Certainly the ladies have a fine opportunity
to please themselves in articles of drtsss.
57" During a late tour through thu coun
try, we observed that the fruit trees oa every
farm were heavily burdened with caterpil
lars, and we would, suggest that their imme
diate destruction demands the direct atten
tion of every man who owns a fruit tree.
"With a little attention now they can easily
'be found und destroyed, and we beg of every
possessor tf & fruit tree to wage a war of
' extermination pon the pests without delay.
tZJ As usual, the Abolition party con
trolled the election of officers at the Agri
cultural meeting held at this place last Sat
urday In selecting ofScers for the ensuing
year they managed to find one Democrat in
the county whom they biw fit to place on
the Executive Committee ; but in fixing up
the Vice Presidents, four ia number, they
did not take a single Democrat; and even
'-efu5eI to reelect L. B. Rupert, who had
oen hoUbcr the ofnee of Secretary aad per
'nneltiid tl-lljs cf c;:e ia aah!e
.1 t A. i t U V 4 .
Ottr readers can learn the prices of coun
try produce by looking over the markets in
another column. We correct them weekly
and take pains to have them reliable.
The rush still continues at Millers'
Store. This old and well known establish
ment has always had a vast amount of pa
tronage, and now, more than ever, is prepared
to accommodate all with every article of
merchandize. Besides, the clerks, "Charlie' '
and "Ike," are loved by the young ladies,
and well liked by every body else. Who
wouldn't go there to trade.
25"" On last Saturday afternoon we had
the pleasure of witnessing a match of
the Bloomsburg Base Ball Club. The club
is composed of some of our most athletic
young men, who go earnestly into the con
test for victory. The only ill-features of the
came, wiiicn we noticed, were tnese: one
man went home with his lower garments
badly torn and another with his eye badly.
blackened, the Iasacaused by an accidental
stroke of the ball.
Yesterday morning we were surprised to
see the people rushing up street in unaccus
tomed haste and earnestness ; and upon in-
quiry as to t be cause, we were pleased to
. a w
learn that a fresh supply of goods and gro
ceries at A. llartman s store was attracting
the people and tempting them to buy. The
inhabitants of the town know this fact, and
the people from the country are invited to
call and accommodate themselves with choice
goods and large bargains.
BSy We advise the peace officers of this
town to be a little more strict in the perform
ance of their duties and save their fines. It
is rumored among decent people that we
have, of late, land too much profanity, loud
quarreling, black-guarding, and causeless
fighting, on our streets to be longer tolerated.
It is a disgrace that all this should be done
under the very eyes of the officers of the
law. Let it be remembered that the Dis-
unioni.sts elect the peace officers of this town.
Creditable, isn't it
8. Dan Rice's great show the wonder
of the World onsiting of a circus troupe,
live animals, trained horses, and a great va
riety of other wondrous things too numer
ous to mention is coming to Bloomsburg, cn
Tuesday, the 29th inst They will exnibit
ia the afternoon and evening which will af
ford all, who have an extra half dollar to
give to the cay showman, a fair chance to
get the worth of their money. It is consid
ered by all to be the largest and best enter
tainment now travelling. We predict that
Dan will be well patronized. See his ad
JKsr ine Jit-pubiican toid its readers a
little more than the truth when it said "Dan
Rice's Circus will exhibit at Berwick, on
Wednesday, May 30th." Now it was posi
tively known by many, and should have been
known by the editor of the Republican, that
Dan Rice's Circus will notexhibitatBerwick,
and in justice to his readers and to Dan,
he should make the proper correct! on. The
peopie oi uus counry wui nor see luce s
show at Berwick. The editor of the Repub
lican has become so addicted to filling his
journal with imaginary articles of his own
manufacture, that he don't know where to
stop. Try again. You over-shot the mark
that time, Doctor.
B3- Hon. Levi L. Tate and R II. Little,
Fq., with their wives and little son, started
yesterday morning on a fihing excursion to
the head-waters of Big Fishinjrcreek. The
uncommonly cold weather at this time may
render their journey less cheerful than usual,
but as they expect to be gone several days
we hope they will be favored with some
warm and pleasant weather, and about eight
peck3 of fish, ere they return. "We don't
want any body to envy our situation, as Mr.
Tate and Mr. Little are our near neighbors
and they both know very well that we like
fresh fish. Our pans and our thanks are
ready for the scaly animals, but we won't let
any body know how bad we want them. No
sir'ee. .
The Senior editor of this paper offers for
sale an "order" given by Grovesteen & Co.,
of New York, to the amount of ONE hun
dred dollars, to be applied as part pay
ment on one of their three hundred dollar
Iiano Fortes, which we will dispose of
upon the most reasonable conditions. This
firm has the reputation of making the best
instruments in this country. Their instru
ments received premiums at the World's
Fair held in England, the United States
Fair at Chicago, and the Great Exhibition
in New York, a few years since. They sell
at prices ranging from $300 to $500. Any
person wishing to purchase a first-class Pi
ano, the most improved and beautiful, will
do well to purchase our "order" on Grove
bteen & Co., New York.
ETT. On last Saturday afternoon, pursu
ant to a call, the Agricultural Society of this
county met in the Grand Jury Room. On
motion, Mathias Hartman was elected Pres
ident pro. tern. It was decided that the
President of the Society should act without
a salary, but receive the same pay per diem
as a member of the Executive Committee.
The salary of the Secretary was increased to
SEYENTY-nvis dollars per year. The fol
lowing officers were elected to serve for the
ensuing year:
President Joseph P. CONKER.
Tvce Presidents. Conrad Bittenbender,
Mathias Hartman, James Masters, Caleb
Executive Committee. Wra. II. Shoema
ker, A. P. Young, Cyrus Creveling.
Secretary. F. P. Drinker.
Treasurer. Elias 3IendenhalL
Librarian. -B. F. Hartman.
The following it a synopsis of the finan
ces of the Society aa reported by the Secre
tary :
Amount in Treasury, May 19. IMS. H6 77
Receired fot sal ut tickets and ...
rents for 13i , 2149 18
Making in alt . SS97 95
Expenses lor th tenth annual Fair. LS4 K3
Leaving a txl. in Treasury at present '' 1113 U
Five hundred dollars one year, clear gain
is pretty good for Columbia county. "WUI
the present managers of the Fair, do as
weH ? We w3 see.
Woman Shot. On last Saturday a trag
edy was enacted in Frederick county, Md.,
across the Tountain, ia lie neighborhood of
Bolivar, the particulars of which, as near as
we could get them, are these :
Daniel Shoemaker, who is a married man
with a family, has been in the habit of ma
king private visits at th.3 house of a widow
lady named Mrs. Schilduknecht, for the pur
pose of meeting her daughter. On the
night in question, Shoemaker had made an
appointment to meet the girl at the usual
trysting place, and after dark concealed him
self in the yard, near the house, to await
her arrival. In the meantime the mother
had discovered the illicit intercours3 held be
tween them, and that they were to meet that
night. She arrayed herself in the clothing
of her daughter, and at the appointed time
went out to meet him. Not suspecting any
deception, Shoemaker came from his con
cealment, and met the mother of his victim
instead of the young girl. Reproaches were
hurled at the vile seducer of her daughter's
reputation which so exasperated him, that
he drew a revolver, and fired three shots at
her, one of which took effect inflicting a se
rious, if not fatal wound. The seducer and
would be murderer fled immediately, but
has since been arrested ttnd confined in the
Frederick County prison. Odd Fellow.
Bold Robbery. On Thursday night, as
Mr. John Lydon, of Wilkesbarre, was pass
ing along Thompson street, near German-
town avenue, on his way from the North
Pennsylvania Railroad Depot, he was way
laid by three men, one of whom held his
hands behind his back while another placed
a handkerchief over his mouth by which he
was prevented from giving the alarm. The
third party then robbed him of his wallet
containing upwards of eleven hundred dol
lars. The robbers after committing the act
made their escape. Age.
WIIEAT.pcr bushel. 8 75
KYK. 1 25
by the ton.
LARD, per lb.
- 43
- 1
CORN. 1 110
3 00
FI.OI.TR per bhl. J OW
. 2
OI.OVEiV-'KED. 5 30
. in
13 (H)
FLAX SEED . 3 00
BUCKWHEAT Flour. 300
On the tntb I nut , by D A. Watson, Esq- Mr. Frd
eriek l-rr loMiia Eleanor Welliver, bold of MjUi
on township, loluuilna county.
On the 'ii;h ult-, iri AIechani:sburg. Pa- by Rev. C,
F. ftceer. Air. J. H. StiEver. of Danville, son nfthe
officiating clergyman, anil Mm Pleasic S. Brickbead
formerly or lierwick. ra.
In Sugarloaf township, on the 21th nit.. Harri
Alverra. infant daughter f Aarou and Mary A
Yansickle, aged 6 month. 3 weeks and 3 davt
In Briarcreek, Columbia count. May 9th, 1806, Mr
A. C, Siahl. in the U3d year f bia ace.
In Washingtnnville, of Whooping Couch, April
ill. C ars Jane. daughter of J. Hudson and Serena
Leidy aged 3 years, ID mouth and a days.
On Thursday the 17ih int.. Dr. D. K. Mellick, of
Light Street, aged about 2li y:ars.
Dr Mellick was a young nian of Aist class abili
tie, had serred as Lieut, in the late war. and was
honorably discharged at the expiration of h is term
ot enlistment. lie died with the lingering and fa
tal disease, consumption, and his funeral was at
tended by the order of OJd Fellows, of which be was
an honorable member. fEoi.
THE Mason & Hamlin Cabinet Organs, forty dif
ferent styles, adapted to sacreJ and secular muric.for
$J0to$'jO0 each. FIFTV-O.VE GOLD or SILVER
MEDALri. or otliT first premiums, awarded them.
Il'ustrated Ca alngues free. Addre s, MASOV Ac
ITAML1.V, Borrow, or MASON B20THEES. New
Jan. 6, 1SC6 -Sep. 0. 'C5.-ly.-S. M P.
A reformed inebriate would be happy to comma ni
cate (free r( ebarze) to as many of bis fellow-beings
as will address him. very important and usefal in
formation, and place iu tbeir bands as are cure for
the love of St ron j Drink of toy kind. Thisinfor
mat ion it freely offered by one who baa narrowly e
caped a drunkard 's grave. Address,
No. 9 Brnal Street, New York.
March 2, 1?6. 3in
A geni'eman who suffered for yars from Nervous
Debility. Premature Decay, and all the eflecls of youth
ful indiscretion, will, for the sake of suffering hu
inanity, sand frr-e to all who need it. the recipe and
directions for maaing the simple remedy by which be
was cured. Sufferers wishing to profit by the adver
tisers experience, can d so by addressing
No. 13 Chambers -t , New-York,
Feb, 89 IPC8. ly. 8.M.P.
DC.! Ilie., IllilirinetS, & Ca
tarrh, treated with the utmost success, by J.
l.-A A"S, M. D. Oculist and Aurist (formerly of Ley
den. Holland.) No. 519 Pl.VE Stitel. Plill-AH'A
Testimonial, from the most reiiahle .ourees in the
Citv and Couulrr can be seen at his office. The med
ical faculty are invited to arcc'fnpany their patients.
14 he has no secrets in his piarticc ARTIFICIAL
EV Ed. inserted without vaih. No effarge lor exam
ination. April 23. I8C6. ly
ALL MAY MARRY IIAPriLY. irrespective of
wealth, age. or benuty ; n! the lve of the op
posite wx can be sained by lelloiiu Minnie rule
Hend a directed envelope and sl-imp to MiDta I.U
LILLE HEMAEUE, Station D, Bible SireiU New
York City.
man whii uflVred for years from Nervous and
Geni al Debility, Nightly Eitmsions. and Seminal
Weakness, the result of youi hf il indiscretion, and
rame near ending his days in hopeless misery, will,
for the sake of suffering man. send to any one afflict
ed, the simple means ued by Sim, which effected a
cure in a few weeks alter the failure of numerous
medicines. Send a directed envelope and stamp and
il will cost you nothing Address,
EUtiAR 1KEMA1N. litetb EL N.Y.City.
j addressed envelope and 35 crnts.and I will send
yon some valuable information that will please you.
Address MARY MOOHE. M1 Broadway, N. Y.
May 16. 1SG6 ly.
Every young lady and gent'eman in the United
States can hear something very much to their ad van
tare by reftrn mail (free of charge.) by addressing the
undersigned, Tboso having Tea s of bring humbugg
ed wi'l oblige by nt noticing this card. All others
will please address their obedient servant.
fc31 I roadway. New York.
Fib. 23, 1866 ly.S MP
Touching the Bitters this irand fart clear.
Their fame Alls all tbe Western llemipher e.
Known in all lands, washed by its organs twain.
Health, hope and vigor follow in tbeir train.
HOSTETTER' blTTERS to are tbe common fate
Of all things good I ui potior s imitate.
Of these beware discreetly ke your eyes
From bom st hi uses purchase your supplies .
In order to guard against datgeroua impositions,
tbe public are requested to taks evpeeia note of the
beautiful engraved proprietary saanp,tbriash which
ibe Government of the United Plate s officially au
thenticates every bottle of HCttTE ITER'S BITTER.
' lis shield, thrown by tbe liiovernment trver tbe
loprielors and the public for ibeir joint protection,
s placed conspicuously across the cork and over the
neck of each bottle, and cannot fail to strike the eye
of tbe most casual Dbiwv er. Nothing that purports
to b listener's Bitters can lie genuine unless tbe
stamp is there.
It ss also proper to state that tbe Bitter am sold
exclusively in glass, and never Binder any circum
stances by the galloo or th barrel. Importers a nd
imitators are abroad .and tbe oiiiy safeguard the pub
lic has against then is to see that the Bitters they
buy bear the engraved label and sou of band of
Messrs. Eostcttar 4 8m ub, at 4 stamp abort men
tion d.
To Provide for the Erection of
a House for the employment
and stTDDOit ox the Poor in
the County of Columbia
SF.CTfOJf 1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House
of Representatives of tbe Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania in general Assembly met, and it is hereby
enacted br the authority or the same, I bat j. A.
Funstou, Jacob Harris, Lewis Vetier. Jesse Huffman,
Thomas Creveling, Sr , Samuel Bogart, Williniu l.j
mon, William J. Ikeler, and John K. Groia, b and
are hereby appointed cornminsioners. wltooe duty it
shall be, ora majority of them, on r before tlio first
day of July, Anno Domini, one thousand eiant nun.
dred and sixty six.t" determine upon and purchHse
uih real estate as they ora uiajoiity ol theui shall
deem necessary, for ihi acronimo latiin of the poor
of I'olumbia county, and to.take a conveyance there.
for in the nnme and foi the use ortne corporation men
tioned in the fourth section of this act, aud certify
their pioceedings herein under thci r hands and seals
to tbe clerk of the quarter sessi mis nt Columbia coun
ly. to be filed in bis office. and at the next general elec
tion the qualified electors or Columbia county shall
elect three respectable citizens of the said cojmyto
ne directors or the poor and or the house ot employ.
men I for Columbia county for the emuing year, and
the judges of tbe election of said county shall iinnie
d lately on reeeiving the returns from the several a lec
tion districts and castiTig up the number of votes
therein, or within three days thereafter, certify up
der their bands and seals the names of persons so
ejected directors, to the clerk of the court of quarter
sesMonset the s:nd county, who shall hie tbe said
certificate in his office, and forthwith give notice In
w riting to the said directors of their being elected,
and the said directors .hall meet at the courthouse
iu the snid county, on tht first Monday of November
next, ensuing their election, and divide themselves
by lot ill's three classes, tbe place tbe first to be
vacated at the expiration oi tbe first year, of the sec-
and at the expiration of the second year, of the third
at the expiration of the third year, so that those who
shall be cli.iseu suc-r the hrFtelertioj and iu tbe mode
above described, may serve for three years, and one.
third may be choen annually.
bKCTJujr 2. That the sheriff of said county shall
within w?.. 4;iy sutler the passage of tli.s act. notify
tbe commisHioners of Ibeir appointment aud when
they shall meet, lor entering upon the duties assign.
eU them, by this art. w liich said place of motticg shall
ikiii iiiMiuiurg, at t ie Court House.
JVJT j, fcvi-ry director elei.ied in manner
aloressii. i, or appointed a is provided ift the tw i li'th
K'tiioiiol una act. ahiill niHim ten ilay talli-r li-n
lictiti.-d of such election or appointment, and before
he enters upon -.he dutien of said ottit-e, to take an
out II or ulhriimtion. before a justice of Hie peaco of
said county, to discharge l be duti-s or iliiector of the
poor, for said coun'y. truy, faithfully and impartial
ly, toihe best of his Judgment and anility, and in
easeof neglect, or refusal, to take said oitti or affir
mation, within the lime aforesaid, be shall forfeit
and pay the sum often dollars, for the use of t.e
poor of said county, which fine shall be recovured by
the directors for the time being, as deMs are or shall
be by law ircoverable, and the directors qualified as
aforesaid are hereby authorized to administer nji oath
or affirmation iu any case, when it shall be necessary
in relation to 'he dutiesof theirolhee.
SKCTIUJfi Tbe said directors shall f.irever h"re
after in name and in fact be one boily politic and
corporate in law to all intents and purpose what
soever, relative to the poor of the county of Coluiu
bia, anJ shall have perpetual succession, and may
sue aud be sued, plead and be imnleuded. by the
name, style and title of direrio-a of the poor, and of
the house of employment, foriue county of t-'oluin
bia. and by that name shall and may receive, take
and hoid any lands, tenements, and hereditaments
not exceeding the yearly value of 10 000 dollars, and
any goods and chattels whatsoever of tbe gift, alien.
ation or bequest of any person or persons whatso
ever to purchase, taaeand hold auy lands ana lenc
meiits within their county in fee simple or itlier
wise, and erect suitable I uildingsfor the reception,
use and accommodation or the poor of said county ;
to provide all things necessary for the lodging, main
tpiinn-i and eninlovnielit oi said iiooi : til annoint i
treasurer annually who shall give bond with full
and sufficient surety for the faithful discharge ofllie
duties f his office, and at the expiration thereof lor
the payment and delivery over to bis successor i:i
office, of ail money, bonds, oi notes, book accounts,
or other papers, to the said corporation belonging,
which shall thcu be remaining in his bands, custody
and possession, and said cireitors shall hive powei
to employ aud at pleasure remove a steward or stew
ards, matrcn or matrons, physician or physicians,
surgeo.i or surreons, and all other alien dan is tlia
may b nces-ary for the said poor respectively ; to
bind out as apprentices so that such apprenticeship
may expire if males at or before the age ol tweuty
one years, if females at or before tbe age of eighteen
years, such poor children as shall come uiuli r their
uoticeoras maybe bound apprentices. Provided,
Trat no cbild shall be bound outside of the county
of Colnmlna nor without the benefit of tbe public
a bonis of the district.
SHCl'lOJfi That the said Directors, any two of
whom shall constitute a quorum for the transaction
of business, thall have power anuuilly as soon as
the returns of the annual assessments in said county
as is practicable, to lay a rate or assessment not ex
ceeding one cent on the dollar at any tiuu, upon all
real and personal estates within tbi county a fori -said,
for defraying the expanse of purchasi ng said
farm, erecting taid builuings, and iiiaintuiug the
pwor in said connty, and shall be levied upon the
basis of tte last adjusted valuation made for rsguia
mig couuty rates and levies, and having caused fair
duplicates cf surn rates or agftCgsmeuis by them
laid to be made, which fball be signed by them, shall
issne their warrant to the collector of such lax there
in authorizing and requiring him to demand. rereive
and collect from every person therein nauied, in tbe
manner and by the same process as poor taxes are
now collectable end the .-aid directors aha 1 from
the time of the providing iy them ol suitable build
ings for the accommodation of said poor exercise aud
perform within tbe said county except solar as such
acts, duties and powers are herein expressly pre
scribed or limited.
SJCCTJO.Y6 As soon as the said buildings shall
have been erected or purchased aud all necessary
accommodations provided therein, notices shall be
sent, signed by any two of the direc tors to the over
seers of i:e several townships of the said county of
Columbia, requiring them Nrthwtth to b the poor
t f their respective townships l i ant hou-e of em
ployment, wlucli orler the overseers are her-by eu-
j-Hiied aud required to CPiuply with or otherwise to
f'trleitthe cost or ail luure iu tiiiicu.tnd -, except in
caes when by sickness or any otn-r sufficient cause
any poor person cannot be removed, in which cake
the overseers shall represent the same to the near
est Justice of I he Peace, who bmng satisfied of the
truth tberebf shall certify (he same to the said
n ctois, and at the same time issue au order under
his hand and seal to the said overseers, directing
tile in to maintain such pour until su n time as he
or she may be in a situation to be removed, and
Uien convey tbe said pauper and deliver him orber
to tbe steward or keeper ot said house ot employ
ment, together with the said order, aud the charge
and expense of such temporary relief and of such
removal shall be paid by the said directors at a rea
sonable allowance.
SF.CTIO.X7 The steward or manager of said poor
bnute is hereby required yearly, on the nrsi Monday
of January in each year, to furnish s tJ directors a
latcmeut T tbe income of said real estate as neirlv
as the rame can be uone, also or excess or hu ex
penditures over and above said! income, the amouut
and kind of personal property then on hand, inclu
ding grain el cetra. tbe number tf poor persons ad
mitted and Giscnarcea during me year, with the
number then therein, the length of time each remain
ed, and the name, age and sex of each ; the treasu
rer snail annually, on ton run Monday of each year.
render to said directors a just and correct account of
his receipts and disbursements duiing the preceding
year, and tbe said uireclnrs shall annually, in the
month of January in each ear, publish in two pa
pers, published in liloou-sburg, a statement of lh
ccipls. disbursements and expenditures or said
corporation, during tbe preceding year, with a state-
M iit of the properly, real ana personal, then held bv
CTf'A That the compensation of the treasu
rer, collector, steward tualnm. physician, and tlu r
officers and assistants, shall befixedby the d irec l-rs.
and Ibe ri.mpeiisalion of tue tiiret tors sli ill be fixed
by tbi- boar i of auditors h be appointed by
the court of quarier sessions of said cjJ inly at each
yearly nettleim-ot lor the next -ucceediur year. Pro
vided, That the compensation -f said tiirei tors, from
he passxte of ibis act until the nrl yearly settle
ment hull be fixed by the board of auditors at the fifrt
yearly settlement ; tbe oirei tor to furnish the said
auditor a correct account of the time and expenses
lost and incurred by them in attending to their duties
from wbich account the said compensation shall be
filed and adjusted.
V The saiddirecto s shall from time to
time receive, provide for and employ, according to
the true intent and meaning uf this act alt such poor
nd indigent persons as snail be entitled to relief
from anv of the several townships or boroughs of Co
lumbia f ounty. and shall be sent there by an ord -r or
warrant for thai purpose, under the hands and seals
of any two justices of tbe peace of the said county.
reeled to the overseers or the poor or the proper
township or boroueh. and tbe said directors are
hereby authrrized when they snail oeem it proper
and convenient to t!o so. to permit any poor person
to be maintained elsewhere. Provided, The expense
ol'thir maintenance does not in any case exceed that
r which they could be maintained at tbe poor house
cf the said county cf Columbia.
RECTIO.Y 10 That it shall be lawful for the and
directors or majority of them, in the case of any
person in their charge as a pan per, owning or pos
sessing any real estate or interest in real estate, to
apply to the court of Com.non Pleas of Columbia
county, or an) other counties in this Commonwealth
where the said property may be situated, by pen
tion, praying tbe said court to grant them an order
to mase sale if said real estate or interest therein,
for the support and maintenance of said pauper.
and that the -aid court il they deem it advisable alter
con sidering the application shall grant an order to
stid directors to make sale oi raid real estate or in
terest therein, or any part thereof on ucb terms as
toe said court thdlt think it advisable, and ibe saia
dire tors sha I iu p irsuance of said order offer sa'd
rtal estate or interest tbertin on the premises at
public sale and sell tbe same at public out-cry. after
lying at least twenty da public notice of the
lime and p'sce of sale, by three hand bills put up in
pnbl e place, and by advertisement id one newspa
per published in the county wherein said p roper t y ir
r.uated, wbicA sale so made the said directors aball
return to the sold court, and after confirmation af
tbe same shall execute and deliver to the purchaser
deed of conveyance for ssid estate on tbe said pur-
buser's full compliance with tbe terns and condi
tion of said sale, which deed so made shall vet me
pr-vperly therein described ia the grantee as fully and
nectnaiiy as tne said pauper held and enjoyed
the same, and that tbe said directors sball apply
the proceeds of said sale or so much a may be ncc-
aaary to tbe support and maintenance uf said pau
per, and if any balance shall remain after hi or
her death and sftrr deducting funeral expenses the
i if director shall pay vver said balance to the
legal representatives. 4 said pauper, upon demand
made and security being given, to indemnify Mid
rector from the claims or all other persons.
ixtojvh. A qaoraaa mf said director MU
and they are hereby enjoined anl required to meet at
the aid house ot employment, at least once in every
month. and visit tbe apartments and see tbat the poor
are eomfo-Kblv supported, and nsarau complaint
and redre'S or cause to be redressed all grievance
that may happen by the neglect or misconduct of any
nerson or persons in their employment or otherwise.
SECTIOJfXi. In case of any vacancy by death.
resignation or otherwise, of any of the said direc
tors, the remaining director shall fill such vacancy
by the appointor nt ef a citizen of their county, un
der ibe same penalty aa is provided by the first sec
tion of this act to serve until the next general elec
tion, when another diree orshall be elected to serve
as if no vacancy had happened,
bKCTOJVIX A I claims and demand existing at
the time of this act, being carried , into effect shall
have full force and effect as if this act bad not pass
ed, ani when the same may have beersduly adjusted
aud seen led all money remaining In the hands of
the oversee' a well a tbe uncollected taxes, levied
tor tbe support of the pool in the several townships,
in the county of Columbia, sball be paid ver to the
supervisors of the highway of their respective town
ships, to be by them applied towards repair. ng tha
roads therein.
SKLTlOJf 14. A soon a the poor of the county
of Columbia shall have been removed to the house of
employment of the said county, and the outstanding
taxes collected and paid over as directed in section
thirteenth of this act. the office of overseers of the
poor within tie accepting, township shall from
thenceforth be abolished.
SECTIOM. 15. That the said directors or treasur
er or any on- or more of the tax-payer of the accpt
ing townships, uiay within twenty days from the
yearly settlement by the auditors as aforasiad, ap
peal from such settlement to the court of common
pleas of, Columbia county, in the same inannerand
under the same provision and regulations that ap
peals from settlement by tuwnship auJilor are uow
bKCTIOM" 16. That no money shall be paid by the
treasurer ex.-ept upon order drawn by the director
and signed oy at least two of tbe snld directors.
SEC"-OA" 17. For tbe purpose of ascertaining the
the sense of the citizens of Columbia county, as to
the expediency of erecting a poor house, it shall be
the duty of each of the inspector and judge for the
several townships and bjrouphs at an elrction. to be
held on the first Tuesdsy of June, Anno luimini. ono
thou-and eight hundred and sixty-six. to receive
tickets eitner written or printed from tbe qualified
voters thereof, labelled mi the outside "poor houso,"
find in the inside lor a poor house-' or "against
poor bouse." and if it shall appear upon casting up
the voles of thu d.lTerent districts, at the Court House,
on the Frieay following the said election, that a ma
jority of th : qualihed electors of any township or
boron -h are for a poor house, then the foregoing act
to I ik-clT ct us to th ise townships and boroughs,
but if a majority of the votes in any township or
borough shall be against a poor bouse, then the fore
going act to be null aud void, as to the townships or
borough voting against such poor house.
SttiW is 1 he non oceeyting townships or bor
oughs shall not be entitled to vote for directors of
the said bouse of employment, nor shall they be en
titled to receive or enjoy anv benefit or advantage
y virtue of this art, nor shall the directors be clto
cn from the said non-accepting townships or bor
oughs, nor shall tbe auditors mentioned in tbe eighth
section or this act be appointed from any such town
shiusor boroughs. Provided. Tnat the directors of
the said house of employment may receive paupers
frnm the same non-accepting townships or buro ighn
t Miiy ram ol -onipeusuiioii per wees, to be agreed
upon and settled by the said directors and overseers
uf the poor of the township or boroughs so apply,
AC7OAl9. All acts and paits of art incon
sistent with the provisions of this act or supplied
hereby are hereby repealed.
Speaker of the House of Representative.
Spenkerof the Senate.
Approved the Eleventh day of April. Anno Dotn-
mm, one thuusand eight huudred and siity-six.
Pursuant to tbe provisions uf the fore
going Act ot Assembly, notice h berebj
given tbat an election will be beld at tbe
usual place of boMing tbe general e'ec-
tiood of tbe svverai township and bor
oughs of Coluojbis County to be cod
lucted by ibe re?pective election officers
nf the came, on Tuesday, tbe 5th daj of
June, A. D. , 1866, between the hours of
8 o'clock A. M. and 7 o'clock 1. M. ; to
vote upon tbe question of ''For a Poor
House" or "Against a Poor House;"
and to make return of the paid election
at tbe Court House, on Friday, tbe 8th
day of June aforesaid, according to law.
Bloomsburg, May 2, 18G6.
Apbil 3J,166G.
Cl reat Trunk Lino From The North
T and North-West for Phllideiphia. New York,
Reading, rottsville.Tamuqua. Asblaiid. Lebanon. Al-
lcntovm, Easlon. &c
Trams leave Uarrirbnrg for New org, as follow s
At 3 uo. 7. 40 and K.Uo A. M., aud 2 00 an l HMO P (
connecting with similar Trains on the Pennsylvania
Rail Koad. and arriving at New York at 5.40 and lull
A. M and 3 40 and lil.U P. hi. Sleeping Car accom
panying ine J.W aud V.m A. M. 1 rains, without
L.ave Harrisburg for Reading. Pottsville. Tamaqus,
Mincrsville, Ashlnml, I'ine drove, Allenfnwn, aid
Philadelphia at 7 40 A M. and " IK) and V airM, stop.
pin:; .-it l.cUauon and principal Way Mations; the 'J.M
i.i. I rmn malting no close connections for Polisville
nr riiiu.i.-ipuiu f or Pottsville. fciuy mill Haven
aud Aulturu. via SrhuylKill and Susquehanna Uail
Uond. Ieae Harrisburg at 4.15 P. MJ
Returning ; Leave New-York at 9lti A. M. 13.00
noon and b.30 P. M. ; Philadelphia at a 00 A. M. and
3 3o P. M ; Pottsville at H :iO A. M. and 3 4- P M ;
Ashland G 00 and II 15 A M. and I Oj P.M. Tuuia ua
at ti 45 A. M. and I Oo and SZ P. I
Leave Pottsville lor llarrifburg, via Schuylkill and
Susquehanna Kail Uoad.at7.uu A Al.
Uraiiiiig Accommodation Train : Leave Reading at
C 10 A. M returning from PUiladi-lnbia at 5.00 P. M.
Columbia Rail Road Trains leave Reading at t 1J A.
M. and 6 15 P. M. for Ephrata, Litis, Lancaster. Co
lumbia. 4cc.
Os Suiidai : Leave New York at P 30 P M, Phil: -
lelphia ti.' 0 A M. and 3.15 P At. the 8.00 A. M.
Tiain running only to Reading. Pottsville ti 00 A Al,
Taiuaqua7 30 A il , liarrisburg 9 05 A.M and Read
ing at 1.30 A. M. fur liarrisburg. and lo Si A. Al. for
York, aud 4 S5 P. Al. lor Philadelphia.
Coinmu'ation. Aliieage, Season, ffciiool and Excur
sion Tickets .u and from all point', al re due. d Katt-s
ttaggage checked througu ; tO pounds allowid each
Passenger. G. A. M DLLS.
Reading. Pa. April 23. 18G0.
'fHE subscriber offers at Private Sale, a Farm sit
A- unted in 0"rge Twp.. Col. co, r"a. 1 milfs from
Robrsburg and 3 from Oraiigeville. rontaiuing
Sixty of which is cleared and well improved, the
baUuceis ell timbered. There are on the premise
cnuiunHlious new buildings a good orchard and a
large young apple and peach orchard, of six year
growth, bejiuuing lo b:ar.
Orange twp. March 2. 13f0
Valualile ICcal
In pursuance of an order uf the Orphans
C ourtof
Columbia county. Pa. on
next, at 10 o'clock in tbe forenoon, John Gordner it
Thomas rHackhouee, Executors of Thomas Stack-
house, late of Pine township, in snid county, dee'd,
will expose to sale, by public vendue, on tbe premi
se, a certain
situate" in Pme township. Columbia county, adjoin
ing lands of Samuel Starkhnuse and George Slack-
house, on the iiortn ; Ahrhaui Young and Robert
Russel. vn tbe east ; Ezekiel Crossley and William
Wei dr nil Milliner, on tbe south ; and the County Line
ou tbe west ; containing
strict measure, of wbiih about one hundred acres is
improved land ; there is erected on the premises a
one Story and a half Dwelling House, two log Hams,
and an apple orchard ; late llio estate of said de
ceased, situate in the township of Pine and county
CONDITIONS OF SALE : Ten per cent, of cne
fourth of the purchase money, to be paid by the pur
chaser upon the striking down of the property ; one
fourth of tne purchase money leai ten percent, to
be paid upon tbe confirmation of sale Nisi. 'I he res
idue of the purchase money in one year from confir
mation nisi with interest. Tbe purchaser to pay for
Deed and Stamps.
May 16, I8C6.
o r Ainu; us.
The high price tf rota toe warrants a liberal use
of hf
used along the row or hills, ana covered vben cul-
livaiin ; in like manner on corn. Prepared by
WILLIAM EI-LI3A CO CbemiMs. No.73taud
7iS, Market Street, Philadelphia, ami for sale by
A. S. K.TtS. Jgent,
Vloooisbarg, Pa.
Msy 10. 183.3m.
Estate of Samuel RtmUy. of Scott row mi kip deceased.
ETTERS of Administraiion on tbeesute ot Samuel
j Remley . late of Scott township. Columbia CO.,
deceased, have bee. I granted by Register of Colum
bia county, tn tbe undersigned; all person Having
claim against tbe estate of lue decedent are re.
quested t present -them for settlement, and tnose
indebted to the estate will make immediate payment
to tbe Administrator.
ApijlSS. lS66.V-ow3
, GREEABLY to tbe provisions of the Act of A.
aetubiy, entitled an act to reuuee tne fii hh
c oassed the 30th day of April, 1844. the Treas
urer nfihs County of Colombia hereby gives notice
to all persons concerned therein, that unless the
fntintv. Unnrl Rehn Poor and Slate Tax. A.C.. due
on the following real estate situate in the County of
Columbia, are paid before the day of sale, the whole
or such parts of each as will paykJtie charge and
costs chargeable tnerron. win De soki si me
House, in Bloomsburg. Co of Columbia, on t be I lib
of June. IdOtf. being the second Monday, and In be
continued by adjournment from day to day for ar
rearsges of taxes due said connty and the cost C'
crued on each respectively.
Year. Acre owkehsi txhasts. Dol, Cl
1802 P7 Yavid Dealt Beaver, 56
I8I1-J k 63 324 T M l.ubbell 9171 lo
M k. bS
18o2 a 3of360 Ingenberger,Fisher tt
Miller. M 19 20
Iffi2 50 Joseph Naus, ' ' 2 40
G2fcC,5 30 Mann.hVdyat Criswell 9 !
63 64,65 37-2 John Mc'-alla 915 78
laii3 24 David Nail " 2 41
u243 9i Jonn Koon Benton 9 f9
I8ii2 1 lot Samuel C Krieibaam 2 62
lrG2 33 Elizabeth Lunger " 4 30
Iriii-J 1 lot James O Noble " 2 Wl
IWi-2 50 Peter Bhn Its " 3 21
0263 I Hannah Tyke
186.1 50 Ezekiel Mbulls " 3 92
103 50 Daniel riim t 1 50
62ic03 1 lot Peter Kradtey Conyngbam J 39
I813 1 lot Henry Kingsbury ' 67
C3&C4 00 A Wm Lindeumuih " S 04
18)i2 1 lot JWtlark Centre 43
1 lot John Clcary 57
3-4 Jho PStrnhmeyer " 3ll
1802 6 Peter Applegate dee'd Jackson 133
62 &.G3 14 ' Henry Applegate 3 77
1862 1 WmCrossley Madison 26
I8"2 3 II Kostenbauder's heir Main 44
18r3 1 Peter Knight 6n 100 John Cosper'a est Pine 33 97
624l'63 30 t'al vin I'hamberlin j H5
l'3 1 lot Samuel Erk 37
034.1.4 1 lot William Whipple ' 1 57
1662 33 Miles D uihfTs est Sugarloaf 29
JOHN J. STILES. Treasurer.
Trkascrek's Orrica, i
Bloomsburg. April II. '66. (
AGREEABLY to the provisions of in Act of As
sembly entitled an Art directing the mode of
oiling u n Heated land for taxes and for other purpo
ses, passed the 13th day of March 1815, and the fur
ther nipplements thereto passed on the 13th day of
Marcn let aim tne om marcn I andutn March.
Ie47, the Treasurer of Columbia County hereby gives
notice to all persons concerned therein, tbat unless
the County, Road, S. hnl. Poor. Bounty and State
Taxes due on the following tract of unseated lands
situate in Columbia County are paid before the day
oi sale, tne whole or sucn parts ot each tract as will
pay the taxes and costs chargeable thereon, will be
sold at the Court Mouse in the town of Bloomsburg,
County of Columbia on the Second Monday in Juae
next, and to continue by adjournment from aay to day
for arrearage of taxe due said County, and tbe
cots accrued on each tract respectively.
No. or Acre Warrantees or awhus Twp o c
300 Rlias Miller $15 00
200 Catharine Noyer Ju 00
liS5 Lewis Pilger 8 74
300 Wm Stewart 14 00
309 John Graeff '-part of 409 acre, 10 47
13 1
io C
t of 170
4 of 3j?0
I oino
4 of.ido
3 4 of 130
1 of loo
Solomon Rower sr
Jesse Bowman
Reuben Blisli
Henry Dietterick
Oliver Kge
Gilbert fowler
4 35
8 74
II 34
5 H9
15 70
13 23
7 4J
1 US
Roney Gardonhousa
John King
John Rninard
Jjcob Sitler
Samuel H Smith
Joseph Etackbou
John II Su't
John Sl affer
John Yost
Samuel J Bealer
S5 05
19 87
3 04
1 :a
1 S3
X1S 98
P5 34
114 0-1
37 40
174 53
179 56
190 90
13 t0
Ebenser Branham
ThomnH Barn
John Young
Jobua Beam
Nathaniel Rrnwn
Peter Baughner
Robert Jordan
Andrew Portncr
lyewi Walker
7"ho.- Hustan "W J Greenougb"
Mary RiiHtan 'W J Greeuoush"
39 90
Tlios hustan mfcxcrtik Coal co 12 60
Alnry Rust an
39 90
136 40
1M r?l
130 40
lh5 88
694 Hrf
93 50
33 00
15 30
15 3U
Johnston Uemley
Gc-otge Kickliaui
Tlioma lliltzheimer
Robeit lliiizheimer
William tshknnon
Amos Wirkersham
Paxton, Kiine t Sharpies
Beiij.tini.i Combe 'G ttxst"
Retijaiiiin Coombe "J Anspachlr
t of HHI
tiSLbj 1 mt Hominies. Crane
13 I lot John Cowen
I lot George Ready
8 lots Henry Sh.-.rps
I lot t'rancis Nuliler
183 1 lot Peter Lawler
6 1-1 Hewitt tc. Benedict
10 Llias Rees
57 J. S Brobsts
70 Jasper Aaup
40 Jeremiah Fincher.
tO Elijah Reynolds & Co
140 William Buckalew
Hk) Alexander Cramer.
94 J S l R J Jones
150 Thomas Lemn
A George Mack
112 Reese J Millard
3 George Paler
34 Williams Roobin
f5 Amos Spade
113 Abraham Young
343 Paul Apple
4X1 Guy Bryan
4'4 Abraham Reeser
Wi'l Samuel J Bealer
33 Snmuel Mbertsou
14 Ellis Eves
IO0 John,. a, Funston
50 Georee Reese
3 1-3 Uaniel Montgomery
iO Nathaniel Pampbelt
30 Frankiiu AlcUride "dee'd"
13 David l,ee
31 Henajah Parker tc Co
ICO Philip It John Wagner
5 76
11 05
3 H
S 44
5 no
1 54
9 95
II 15
14 07
14 07
6 ii
1 03
8 0
14 52
8 37
1 14
1 20
37 07
5 Sri
S 99
18 S4
9 39
17 3
15 54
1H 54
Thomas Billington
Samuel Johu
I 2of 200 Mary A'yer W J Greenough"
1 2ofli-0 Thomas Riiistan
I 2of 190 Daniel Reese ' "
I 2of JiiO Alary l.'ustju '
I 2 if 300 Charlotte Ru -tan '
1-2 of 20H Jonn Reynolds
Id 51
l-2of 2-.K) l .ry .Myers rnkxcriib coal co 18 54
I -2f loo Tlioma Rustan
9 39
I 2of 190 Daniel Reese
-Sof iOO .Mary ..uMan
l-2of 200 Charlotte Rustan "
I-2H 00 Johu Reynolds "
22 Thomas Aten sr dee'd
175 George Nungesser
147 Joshua Zimmerman
300 George Lati uere
100 Brobst. Yetter Ic Schmick
4 VV m Creasy
17 83
lri 54
18 54
It 54
I 73
1 7
t4 3 60
7 H)
1 91
3 44
5 Henry Miller' heirs
69 ( Isaiah Shuman dee'd
21 2
Daniel Alontgomery
Samuel Creveling
Jacob Hngenbuch est
Geerge Heidley
Peter Alelick
Peter Applegate
Aaron Gloss
Sylvester Heath
James Lockstd
Wm Dvrlin
Thomas Henfkld
George A Frick
Peter Baughner
Thomas Barnes jf
Goss Est
Alex Ic Joshua Her
Robert Montgomery' est
23 28
31 68
75 69
SO 06
42 68
8 74
15 76
6 13
14 12
II 13
3 63
10 08
Abraham Young
Wm cHeDhens
JUUM J. BI1LL7, treasurer.
Tatisuata' Orrica.
Bloomsburg April II. '66.
PER. Having thoroughly overhauled my Pa
per Mill at Mill Grove, near Bloomsburg, Columhja
County, Pa- t am now prepared to fill all order for
Wrapping, Dry Blasting and Water Proof Paper, oa
short notice and fair prices. I have opened a ware
bouse in Wllken-Barre, and appointed Joseph Brown
ol the firm ol Krown.Gryx Co.. my agent lodispoe
f-y paper ia Laxernc County TRENCH.
sW- la.1 1st tariff 4
- v i wmrv j g wrv it rww.
H W. CREASY CO., at Light Street. ssr
to narehas SO.OOn Ne.ll Sawed Shingle. 94 incfiea
long: lOO ODfj TYHITB FINE SCANTLING,. 16 feet
long each.3 x 4. 4x4,4x5. kill; 5w.0u011-ffcS
inch PlNci PLANK, all of a good quality.
Light Bueet. May 9, I860. 4t. .
C. PRESTON h remoted hi Strreln Robrs
burg, Columbia co.inly, from hi old stand at the
corner, to hi new place of business farther north,
and having received a fre,b stock of NEW GOODS.
B.. i tntro n.aeH In vsll d-hPUfMir ihslll fPTC f tOt
t rt n t7 a'n ikT
Behrlnirg. May , 1806. 3w.
The underisigned offer at Private Bale or exchange
for town property a TRCT OF LAND situate in
Orange township, midway between Light Street and
Orangeville, containing about.
it is in a good state of cultivation. 1 here Is a food
HOUSE and other out-building on tbe premise J
als'i a stream of running water at tha door.
i " ..... . n . . . .
mere is also a good SAW A11LL witn l'J leei tan
water power on the tract Adrress John C. Albert-
son on tne premises. or the1 undersigned alron vine.
Columbia county. Pa,
07 immediate possession given of tbe land and
OrangsTwp. May 9, 18' 6, tf
THE undersigned has Just lilted up, and opened.
hi new
in this place, where he if prepared to make op new
TIN WARf. of ill kinds in his line, and do repair
ing with neatness aud clisp .tcb, upon the most rea
sonable terms, lie also Keeps on Hand el uvea or
various pattern and styles, which he will sell upon
term to suit purchaser.
Give nun a call. He is a goo mecnanic, ana de
serving or the pub'Ic patronage.
Bloomsburg, May 9. 1906. ly.
Would announce to the ladie of Bloomsburg and
the public generally, that she has just teceived Irotu
the eastern ci'les her
Spring and Summer
Stock ef
consisting nf all article usually found in first elas
Millinery Mores. Her goods are of tbe best quality
and among the most handsome and cheapest in the
market. Cull and examine them for yourselves.
Nob idy should purchase elsewhere before examin
ng Mis Petennan' stock ol good Bonnet made
to order, on the shortest notice, or repaired.
Store on Alain street. 3d door below the store of
Alendenhall tt. Rupert.
Bloomsburg, May 3, 136G.-tr.
in BLOOMSBURG, all you who desire a superior
article ol chewing or smoking tobacco. Hi cigar
are made up of the finest quillty ot tobacco. Ever
body in town knows wbere to go to get a good arti
cle . He will sell at retail or wholesale to auit tbe
purchaser, he is not particular. Shopkeeper feu
land lore generally would do better by purchasing
of him than of the peddler and huckster that trav
el tbrough the country. They run no risk of being
cheated in what they buy. Patronize regular line
it you wisn to get the wor .h or your money.
(E7" More on Main Street, a few door belowtha
'-American House." .
May 9. I8f6.3m.
Espy, Columbia Co. Pa.
The undersigned having become sole proprietor of
this well known and conveniently located stand.
respectfully informs hi friend, and the public in
general, that he has put his house In complete order
for the acrommodatinn of boarder, and for the recep
tion and entertainment of traveller who may feel
disposed to favor it with their custom. No expense
ha been spared in preparing this Hotel for the enter
tn in men I of guest, and nothing shall be wanting, on.
nis p-irt. to minister to tbeir personal comfort. The
location, a well as the building, is a rood one, and
all together is amply arranged to please the public.
Israel Miatv.
Espy. April 11, 1806. if.
ale. Tbe undersigned offer for sale upon the
most reasonable terms, at his place of business, in
KENTON. COLUMBIA COUNTY, one hundred thou
sand shingle and a large lot of fencing board, of
the very best quality, both pine and hemlock.
J. J. McrJNRX.
Benton, Aly 9, Ib66.
Dialer in the latest hm proved Setting Mackina.
Alachines of all kind repaired, and warranted to
be a good as when new. He will alaoexebange new
Machine for those worn or out of repair.
He ha constantly on hand all kind of Hetnmeri,
Binders. Cor.lers, Braiders, and r'elf-sewers. Also.
linen aud silk thread, and needle for all kind of
ewing machine.
April 25, IHt.6 1m prf.
The nndertigned respectfully announce tbat ha
ha n-fittted a shop, in Court House alley, opposite
the Exchange Hotel, w here he is prepared to con
duct the barbering bu-intss In ail its branches.
The art of coloring whiskers and moustaeae i
practiced by him most skillfully. He also clean
clothing, making them look nearly as good a new,
upouthe most reasonable term. Give htm a trial.
Bloomsburg. April 55. 1866 tf.
I have opened a new Store at the old stand of Da
vid Siroup. on Main street. Bloomsburg, and will -keep
on hand a general assortment of
Such a Dry Goods. Notions. Groceries, Tin-ware,
Hardware, Cedar and Willow Ware, Dregs,
Confectionary. Glass-Ware, Tobacco. Hat sl
Shoes, Flour, Fait. Fish and Meat ; all of
which I propose selling at a very low figure for
cash or produce.
H- Call and see. C.C. MARR.
Bloomsburg, April 13, 1P66 tf.
Administrator's Notice.
Ettate of Elcazer IL I frits, late of Centre,
twp., dec d.
LETTERS of administration have been granted
by the Register of Columbia co., to Charles H.
lies, of Mifflin township : All persons having claim
against tbe estate of the decedent, are requested to
make them known to tbe administrator without de
lay ; and those indebted to the estste will jnake in
mediate payment to
CH ARLES H. HE3a, Jldm'r.
Slay 10, 18C6.-Cw.
Came to the premises of the subscriber, in Fi sh
in -creek township, Columbia eointy, some time
A Rroirn Heifer,
about one year old. with w hite feet, and In thrifty
condition. Tne owner is requested to come torwarJ,
prove property, pav charges and take her away, oth
erwise she will be sold according to law,
Fishingcrcek, Slay 3J. ISC6.
, Civil Engineer and Patent Solicitor.
Xo. 435 WALNUT 8TR EET-, Pbilakelmiia.
PATENTS solicited Consultation on Engineering
Draughting and fketches.'Sdodels and Machinery
of all kinds bad and skilfully attended to. Special
attention given to REJECTED CASES and INTER
FERENCES. Authentic Copies of all Documents
from Patent Cffice procured.
N. B. Save yourselves useless trouble aa d trav
eling expenses. as there is no actual need for person
al Interview with us. All Offi
ce s can be transacted ia writing. For further la for.
nation direct as above, with stamp eaclos4 for Cir
cular with relerex-u. '
April 18,1806. ly. J W.
THE undersigned respectfully announce to tha
public that he keep constantly on band, at hit
old stand, one door below Luis' Drug til or.
Oil Cloth, and Pper Window Shade. Cord. T
sels and Fixture, for Picture.. c. the very
latest style, and is do all kind of paper
hanging to order.
Bloonubnrg, April 4 1866. tf '
Of every description fr &! at tbit offlct.