Columbia democrat and star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1867, March 07, 1866, Image 2

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S. !:" PiTTtxcitL& Co., '37 Park- Row
New York, ate duly authorized lo solicit and
receive subscriptions and advertising for ihe
filar of Ike forth, published at Bloomsburg;
Columbia conniy; Penn'l:
, r- For Governor.
Hon'. HirsTCR 'CtTMSR.'or Berks County,
vas Dominated yesterday, oo the fourth
ballo', by. the Democratic Suite Convention
al Harrisborg, for the office of Gcvarnor. -,.
Jlr. Clymer is a natire of Berks County,
bating teen born there in' 1827." fie is a
lawyer by profassionand a sound and good
one,. He is a gentleman and a acholar;;ar.d is considered, by many important, a
perfect the German as well at
the English language :
He U a 'man of splendid proportions and
of exceedingly fine personal appearance.
As an oritor .be bas few superiors, and as a
ready and powerful debater, die takes rank
with the first men in the Common wealth.
Mr. Clymer was elected to the State Sen
ate in I860, since which time be has ccn
tinned to be, and is cow a member cf that
tody ; and the acknowlai'ed leader of the
Democracy, in both branches of the Legis
lature. He is a ga'Iant and able champion,
and will lead us triumphantly tlmch the
fihf, to victory.'
' Sn?c tbe title ofD. D. lias been can
fercd on J. W. Forney, be re'niiuds us of
the fellow spoken of in the scriptures,
who goeth about like- a roaiing lion,
FsekiD whom he inay.dsToar. 1 Pet. 5 ;
8. . .
" Iris believed that Deal Duck Forney,
cam to his end by gorging hirasalf tbo lib
erally' upon the 6 ffal corrnption and j':ch
pickings be gobbled up under Lincoln and
bully Stanton. Tity be haJ'nt been taken
w hen he was, fat, and saucy. Now be ha been left to die whh gangrene
be is already offensive; a stench in the
r.oMrils of She people, an;! will have to be
removed from the sight cf pedestrians.
- Can't Hake tools of thera.
The Republican party chested themselves
tremendously when they elected to effice
, Andrew Johnson, Senator Cowan, Nes
sm'uh, Congressman, Raymond ard olllcrs.
By their own Republican votes they placed
item in high' positions of power and au-thr-ri'y.
Ey Ilepntlican pledges and sol
err.n protestations to the American people,
that their princip'es were in entire barmo
' riy with the Union ; that they were earnest
and sincere in their intentions to maintain
the Constitution and labor faj, the gcod of
whole country ; that :hey were a 4r.o par
ty:' party, or a "Union" pany, or a "Loyal
Leag8" party, neither the abolition of sla
very, Negro Suffrage, Equality of the races,
amalgamation, centralization or anything of
the kind were thj pledges, they gave the
people, and the very ones too ty which
they placed their candidates in power. Our
opponents have always dodged and denied
the true issnes when appealing to the peo
ple In 1855 tbey tried to ride power
on the cry of free-spetch and free press,al
though they failed, yet we have evey rea
son to telleve, by their abjsrary acu during
their late accession to power that there was
To meaning in their declarations. Throojh
Congressional resolution", and numberless
pcblic speeches, they pledged their honor
that the !a:e ar.wa,vof for the abolition of
slavery tut for the restoration of tLe Uuicn
and the mainjanace of the Conslilutlcn.
Is their a sane man. now living who be
lieve that they inteded ro carry out there
jldged ? No; not one.
Tbey bellowed long and toed and shook
themselves night and day to rid themselves
- cf the trn'hfcl charge of being advocates of
Negro SofTraga. IVe ask 30a readers, know
ing thai yon are acquainted with the past
-and present state of affairs, were they, then
and are they nob sincere in their declara
tions ?
The fact is the Republican parly ask
their officers to carry ont an entirely differ
ent programme from that snbrciued to ; and
ndorsed by the people. But with pride
and honor to the above named patriots who
bave taken Ihe Constitution for their gnide,
w ho are determined fo carry out the princi
ples upon which tbey were elected, who
are faithful to '.heir pledges ; and to the will
"" ef their constituent, who Bre not to be de
lated and fascinated by Republican disun
ion trieks and mid-night schemes. How
tV.riously and woefully are the Radicals
disappointed in the persons of the above
named patriots. .Their disappointment is
3 ist ; it's the reward they meril ; an 1 we
further say lo those pore-hearted and clear
minded patriots, wbom we delight to bon
er, to s'and fast,' be Crm, stead-fast and
persevering Let the hypocrites, false
rtaeher and disunion's, bool and iqairm,
aiJ" demand rour reeignati'on, yon are per
foiming: a goJd work, yon are aithfulto
- jour pledges, your sworn -duty, and 10 your
constituents, and will reap a reward cf 5"
approving conscience, ana receive lom
th people the plaudit, "well docs good
ar.l faithful servant."
"I3at ch ! on the .c!:r . hand ; yu disan-3-T.i&i,
ye wolves'in sheep'a clothing,
js hypocrite's and deesivef?,-ye laborers
sg'i'.T: truth and daty, how long.oh I tew
7, S3 isdisnant frsa- popi scffsr
. I, r-. - -7 - IV
TOtir Position. y
Many persona have imbibed the idea that j
the Democratic partyxiaim Andy Johnson.
Spjch is oft the case. Yfe sirrply endorse
trim in his-constitutional effort? to restore
the Union of our fathers, and lo bring
I peace and order oul of confusion. So long
as Abraham Lincoln adopted wise and constitutional-measures
the Democratic party
aided him in the field and at home. Their
support to his successor is ' the more out
spoken, because the Radicals of his own
party bare denounced him and if we failed
to cast our strength for him in Congress,
every one knows bis pplicy could not pre
vail nor would his vetoes prove effective.
Moreover, our support is disinterested.
That is, we neither claim nor ask . from bim
any reward in the shape of offices. We
wish to prove that our party js one of prin
cip!end needs not the cohesive power of
blonder to keep it together, nor can i:s sup
port be pun'msed. But we: do insist thai
Andy Johnson thall Gil ttie offices ; within
his gift by bis friends, and: not by avowed
enemies... And we insist that they who en
dorse the Radicals in Concress are bis en
emies, because they encourage them in
their opposition to bis policy. Tt.e Presi
dent has taken an appeal from Congress to
to the people, and it i utterly impossible,
crpecuiVy for an rjji:e holder, to endorse both.
He who is not for him is against him, and
where the lines are so clearly drawn, ihere
is no middla course. . :
A Word to Our Subscribers.
Having combined the two 'Democratic
papers of this place, we feel entirely safe
in saying, that the Dmocrit and Sak bas
to-day a larger circulation than any other
county paper in Northern Pennsylvania ;
and with the steady increase ii circulation
which it now enjoys, and with a little' more
energy on the pan of our many friends
these nemteri will soon te increased to
two thousand fiva hundred. Nothing less
than this should satisfy the Democratic
party. Enterprise, industry and money,
will te liberally expanded to make the
Democrat A5D Star in every respect a fir$t
class r,e;vspaer.
Our mechanical imjrove merits, however,
cannot be made, and should not be expected,
until after the first of April next, when we
will remote our combined material and
force, to a better business location. Pro
fjundly impressed with the desire to do all
in our power for the edification, prosperity
and happiness of the people, we kfndly ask
theirsympathy a;id sopport, and above all,
thefjTorof Hitn who crowns every good
work. ;
" The principle i firm'y fai l in the minh of
ihe Ametican Teip't that there shmil-l he A'O
llOX "Ex!nicl from TreiiJenl Johnson's I
Veto Lhsage. j
That's the tree Democratic docirine ! NO j
TION. Let these words be written in let- j
tcrs Of fire, that all may see and read.
Anerkw Jiunsos has sworn to see that
every State has a republican form of Gov
ernment, and as the Southern States are
(axed bat not tepre tntei, his manly ct;er
auce may mean a creat deal.
We nrge our Demociatic friends through
out the county to be prepared for the coming
Township- Elections which taka place on
the 16 h inst. If any pefty difficulties, or
personal spleen should exist, banish them,
rise above them counsel together. Select
gnoJ men for the offices and don't fail to
elect them. It is evident that our enemies
are at work don't lei them get a foot-hold.
Experience demonstrates ibis" fact : give
them the little Engef they take the whole
hand give them the whip and they lash
IvEEr it before the people that the
President c!as?c3 Steven's Samnpr and j
Philip0, with Davis, Toombs and S'.i
dtll and th it the Rtpull can is for Mer
car, who is tbe follower of Steven's.
Kee? it before the people that the Re
publican is the apologist and defender of j
MERCUil; that Mureur is the ob.-c-quious
follower of THAD STEVENS,
and that President Johnson calls Stevens
Kezp it before tbe people that MER
CUR voted in favor of Negro Suffrage
in the District of Columbia, and that tbe
Republican is in favor of Mr. Mercur for i
Keep it before ihe people that the J?e-
pnZlican is in favor ofthe 'Freedmen's I3a-1
rsau Rill" and that he refuses to Tetract
his ojpcsuioa to the veto of the Presi-
Keep it before hi people that somebody
iaei!her foo'ed, or ihat Slurenr represents
r his party cn the negro suffrage question.
The Fenians in Arms .
Ost Million of Mbm Rsadtto Move One
Hldrid Thousand Dollars Scbcribkd
is Twenty Mi.nctzs. .
It is now estimated at the Fenian bead
quarters that over a million of men are ready
to move for the liberation of Ireland. The
writ of habeas corpus has been suspended in
Ireland and hundreds of Irishmen are being
arrested and imprisoned. The Fenians have
held some of ;he largest mass meeting ever
held 00 this continent. Ir. New York Wash
ington, Boston, Troy, at Burlington Vl- and
in numerous other places they bave,
and are still holding large and enthusiastic
meetings. An immediatete demonstration
on Ireland i expect. The following Proc
lamation bas been issued.
New York. Aitrch 1. 1866.
Cithers: The hour for action has arriv
ed. Th habeas corpus is sospecded in Ire
land. Our" brothers are being arrested by
hundreds anu thrown into prison. Call yonr
circles together immediately. send ns all
the aid in your power at once, and, in God's
name, let as start for oor destination. Aid
brother halp fJr God and Ireland..
Fof the Counibi Democrat k. Btu of the North J
v.' . Gentlemen : Fiv a years ngo
to-daj, witnessed tbe Inauguration of
Abfaham Lincoln, as tbe Jint sectional
President of the United States of Amer
ica. It was indeed a dark day for oar
then peaceful, beloved and - happy coun
try, and was initiatory of all the evils
fit War, Bloodshed and Devastation with
which wj bare fciocc been overwhelmed.
God grant that ibis is tholast sectional
curse that may' ever blight the fair escut
cheon oi our Fathers' blood-bought and
undying heritage a Democratic Country
and Wbte man's governa.tDt.
History records ihe undeniable fact
that BiDce, tbe organization ol this gov
ernment, its destinies have but twice
fallen rsto the hands and been under ihe
control of tho Toiiea. ,Io 1703 it hap
pened in the election, to tho Presidency
of John Adamst&ud agaia in 160, by
the election of Abruhuhl Lincoln T 'be
first Tyrant iuiinortalizad his name in
llie ''Jieign of Ttrror," and forced upon
the country 'the "Alien and Sedition
Laws." The accoud Despot, placed
the descendants of the Tories in power
the followers of the elder Adams who
disregarding the fnndauiental laws cf
the land, tubsytuted the Military in
Bteadi of the Civil Law, inaugurated
Martial Law for the government of a
civil jnople, declared war (to preserve
the Republican party and annihilate tbe
Democracy) and after four years of un
heard of cruelty and opinion during i
which the laud,, was,. as Daniel U ee. j f,,miIic9 ofl' in the FPr'?. and many others
STR predicted it would be, if tbo aboli ,iave ?enl for beir. families.
tton J'unatics again got into power, j Pablic chool sys:em has been put
'drenched :n Illood !'' into operation, but I bave notad an oppor-
Thus were the tlood-Tatea of death J mnity cl learning how i: works. The rium
cpenrd throughout the land by the power j t-er of children is necessarily small, as but
of the IJayonU and the corrupting influ- few families have yet locked her perma
enco'of Money. Honest men became ! nenity. Most of the families that r av
OUF..uuv.aMr3, BUu great rogues goi
ft; i' i. . . : j . . - I-. . -, u I
lirvcd, is being turned, and a brighter
'. , ' U1 S ' lt
ujr uuiv ujvtus upou me country.
Picidont Jon.80N, following the hp
roic example of the i.n mortal Jaclson,
has tli row n liii influence into the breach,
i'nd will despoil tbe powsr of the Rump
Congress.' in his speech at Washington,
oo the 22J of February last, be openly
denounced Thad S evens, Charles Sum
ner and Wendell Phiilips, as enem-es to
the country an J traitors to tbe Union.
Democrats of Colombia, this is the day
of yonr rfjoicing; here is the bihei
wisdom iD ihe country 'The Ooverc
menf," publicly pronoun&ng your and
my life-long" political opponents, tmilors
to ihs Laws, the Union and the Consti
tution. What a change.
' We of the F.sbingcreek Valley, are
looking forward with great interest, to
ibe re-alt of the Democratic S'ate Con
vention. It is too late now to make a
new comiua'ion for Governor, bat if the
choice of tbe Convention should not fall 1
upon a civiliian in the pcrsoo of Hox.
IIik-ter, Clymer, or Jude Asa Pack-
EU, and it is to be a military man. then
tire us the soldser patriot and vStaUsman,
Uen. illia:.i to. Uaxcock, of Mont-
gomery coanty.
With cither of the gentlemen nnmed,
we will ffo into the contest with victory
on our fia?, and never yitld an incb.nntil
Pennsylvania, rcdi-emtd and regenerated.
shall again be reinstated in the galaxy of
Democratic States, and recognized as the i
''Arch of the l ederal Union.
A 13extox Democrat.
March 4, 1SG0.
VinciNiA Cirr, Jan. 22, 13CS.
Misses. L'oitj. s :
Lie ir Su s :
1 mcsf beg the
indulgence o'yotirselves and reader lor my
long si'ence. 1 he dearih ol news aid the
multiplicity of cares is my apology Even
now ihert is nothing to communicate o!
special importance, business is extreme!) """
rern town during this season of the
jear. r.ter 1 ni nere ine urs,
ol December ami we have had some ex
tremely cold weather the colJel J ever ex
perienced. For about len dtys durinsr last the lhertnome'or indicated on an av
erage 25 d-?grr-es tie'ow zsro, being down
'o 3o al Va. At city, which is high
er up in ihe mountain, and about ten miles
ea-t of Va., a spirit tbermoyjetor went down
10 4.3 degrees ar.d at Ba nt ock ci'y, seventy
C.'iin.ilai. tritel trior a v npfpririiil .11 i!inrp4
w-r- " '
of cold. What would .he people ol Colon.
wr. .1 w u i
111a i.tiui.iv 1 11 1 r: ml u rLiCii v ea uri j
. j
though the wea-Mer has teen so very cold I
have t.ot s.;fiered from ihe effects of i more
. u . 1 i i . a t .: 't C.-t-,
utau 1,.c a, v .--".
1.,. ti - .. it, .1 ;
from the fact, doub.less, that it came on
11 1 i K - 1 r t
gradually and 1 was prepared for it.
many per?on have bad their feet, hands
and faces Irozen for want of proper rare at
'be commencement of the co4d weather. It
is net an ui.commcn thing here to see men
minus the toes of one foot or both, son e
limes a whole foot and sometimes both feet.
Tbe frequency of the occurrence of gold ex
citement, caused by new disco, eries, and
the consequent rush ai d general stampedes
lo (hoe points, and these being for the most
part in winter, are the reasons why so many
become frozen. Two or three stampedes
have taken place this winter. A new dis
covery, was made at Sun River, about 130
miles nonh of this place and hundreds ol
men were soon on their way thither some
in wagons, some on horseback, and some
on toot, with the-r 6ngle pack animal carry-
ing their "grub," mining implements and
cooking oteusils. A man runs a great risk
in going on such expeditions, not only of
suffering.frt m cold.but of losing every thing
he bas. Ale 11 otten leave good claims and
other good business prospeots spend the
whole season, make nothing and return to
Gnd their claims "jumped" and all ibeir
prospects blighted.
NThe Indians are likely to give trouble at
San River next season. It "is reported on
good acihority Tbat ibey have already mur
dered some six or eight persons and have
stolen some stock. We supposed tbat the
treaty effected by the new Governor, Gen.
Tho. . Meager, at Fort Denton a short time
nothio?. By. ihe way, the Governor acting
in conjunction with a revenue official, sent
here from Washington, is instituting a 6harp
practice among tbe merchants confisca
ting all goods that have not iba proper
stamp upon (Hem. One man's entire stock
of tobacco and cigars, amounting to fifteen
thousand dollars, was taken, leaveing him-
self and family,' consisting of a wife and
five cnildren, without means of support.
A number of other seizures of from three
to ten thousand bave teen made.! If these
things had been done in summer, inatead
ofmid-siintef,' it would not have been so
bad, but at this season it seems very bard.
Flour is worth S23 to S 25, per hundred ;
corn meal, S20 lo $24 ; Sugar, 65 to 90 cts
per lb; coffee 81,15, to 81,22 per lb ; and
other things in proportion. The probabili
ty Is, that all these things . will be rnoch
cheaper next season, as every man who
can raise a team, is going to freighting, asj
soon' as the roads are passable over the
ranges.- "
'Farming wi'I be carrie J on very exten
sively, during next season, and it is proba
ble there will be enough wheat gron to
bread the people of the Territory
The qnr;z mills, erected during the fall,
are working successfully, and tbe lare
number that are expected next summer
wiTl make business lively. Ii is believed
by those who are posted in the signs of ihe
limes, that there will be tbe heaviest emi
gration to llsis country this year that ever
has teen known A great many men re-
lurne" ,0,ne !ales ,ast ,dM ' bnng . their
; cme are settled on ranches and
are so
widey eparafid that it wocM be
'. n- . . .
inconvenient to esiablish schools for
" Brother and I took a walk of 31 miV a
few dV9 aco. tiown the valliv nl the S:int-
in- Water, j was surprised to see i
beautiful farms as are scattered alona the '
way. Some of the l.irmers have from o;.e
to three hundred acres broken, ready for
the finest kind are raised in great abuu
dance. A. company of men are about erecting a
flouring mill in the valley, so thai the
wheat raided may be made into flour at
home. This will, in a great measure, sup
ply the market here. AJd lo this what
will be manufactured in the Gallaun and
Madi-on Viies and ihf re will be amply j 'Phe President after listening with prc
suflicient for home consumption. 1 found attffntion to tho speech of Mr.
It the cost ol living comes down, the Cox, and after receiving the resoluticn.-,
price Ol labor will te lo-vered in nnpor- I pcnnnrL-rl . :irlhPriro- firmlv ta fiM tr..-,n.
,ioni consequently jhe working of the
rrins will become more profi;ab!e than!
: heretofore.
It was supposed last serin ihatihnV.r-
j ciia or Alder Galea was abom worked out.
, Dui a new process of mining is now beina
Ullo 00etalO(1 kv w,icTi ther witt h
more go!J uken 0Jl of ,he gu!ch ,han (here
I j)as ieen Dtffcre A t)eJ-rock fl '
! , ... . ' " . ume ,!i 1 ,e
iiilic amiD Liiirn tiitii imm ik uir'iiM.i inr i mj
pufPo,e of constructin-r flumes and thev
have all rcaJe-tnora or in
The Mon'ana Flame Co., in which
oromer ana 1 now eacn a tl'lh interest, has
none niori nan ant nlhpr a h iKnm
, ; . a
UOO feet of ib flume completed, and the
ditch ready for 270 leet more. As soon as
we get ihe lumber del.vered we will be
ready to recommence operations. In ten
or hiieen dy from the time we commence
we will be ready to to take out pold. We
expect to emp'oy from 4.0 60 men next
summer. If it pays a3 well as we antici-
' irate we shall be worih several thoo-and
apiece. by next fall, when we w.ll mi
eor face, ,l0,wlf4 a2ai,, There are
:en, f p f .
ey here ii he has capital to start with
Snmp mn r-r v a mn, or ;. .
- - - ... vaiunw llii'l't, lltl IIUIIIII. ' I 19
besin wiih, but it is very slo.v business, and
u'dess a ma 'i intends to remain herea num
ber of years, it will not pay to come with
out means.
Greenbacks are worth 90 cents on the
doilar. Money loans readily for 10 rer cl
a ui u.i in, ctnu i:imd.r49 irrun iew I UTK
are 111 a tatr way to mcyiopolize everythino,
Q ,t)&l , ,or haj ao cbance j
. i . i
j 1 lie 1 11.
! The .fart-J hirn lat
. UCCeedin2 very well. and the editor is verv
1 "
igananine or the complete sue.e-s of ihe en-
I -. '
i t,.n,;A . . . l. ..t Li.
. re-ulari.v and meets with a heartv wel.
iicil'iipc 1 11111 ii.iFfr(-iiiifsiiirii(iis-Br;iiiiui
: come. We are alwajs glad to hear what is
j going on in "America."
r 3
and foreboding. The f .unties and radicals
are doub lets bent upon ruining the country
for the sake f a barren itlea. liicooi.ieti-
cy is no name for the double dea!m2 of
such men as Triad S: evens. His name de
serves to rot in oblivion. The r ch man
may increa-e in nches and roll in wealth
and take his ea-e no bur!en in tha shapn
ol tase troubles him. His government
bonds are exempt, while the poor the la
boring classes bave to bear the burden
which is crushing them to the ground. I
si;h tor my country. When will the peo
ple open iheis eyes to these things? and
resolve to arisg in their might and strength
I anj through the ballot box to put men in
power, men who have the good of the the
country at heart. 0 that wehad a Webster
or a Clay 10 stand by the helm of ihe ship
of State, whose voice might be heard speak
ing in thunder tones and warning the peo
ple against thesho!s and qoick-sSTnds upon
which we are drifting.
President Johnson seems disposed to do
what is riht and be should be sustained
with all the moral force thai honest men
can bring to bear. But what can be do in
tbe midst of a den of iheives and rubber,
shoddyi'e, government contractors, diso
nionists, onion-sliders and all Ax gtnen's
tbat are arrayed against bim? If treason
Surely the radical republicans in Congress
are as deeply dyed in treason as AarorvJ3urr,
or any one who bas ever, by w8rd or deed,
given aid or comfort to the avoweienemies
of tbe country. -
They said we were fighting for the Union,
for the restoration of the Union, but it was
for the union of the black and while races
for amalgamation that the negro might
have the privilege of sitting at their boarJ,
on terms of equality w'nh themselves. As
one of their leaders said "it would improve
the race to mix them." 'Are they ashamed
of their parentage or their color that tbey
want their posterity to wear a hue of a dark
er color than that ot the Anglo Saxon ? If
so lei them go dwell with Cuflee and hug
the sweet scented bundle of colored roses to
their bosoms and kiss the nectar from their
poutiug lips. ' -
Alihoogri'The professed friends of
gro, ihey are his iprst enemy. They have
taken bim suddenly from a position for
which he was fil ed by circumstances and
in ahich he was happy, and placed .him in
one for which he is entirely nnfr'ed, and in
which, according to Senator Sumner, ha is
unhappy arid in a far wore condition than
before. They have drawn the elephant in
ihe lottery, and now they find him unman
ageable, hence their frantic eflr:s to do
something, 1iey hardly know or care what,
lo get him off their hands. I never was in
favor of human slavery, per te (in itself) but
is it 'w ise or j ist to destroy the country and
al the same time enUil countless suffering
and misery upon ihe poor negro, simply to
place him in a position for which nineteen
tAentiedis of theT Know nothing about and
care nothing for? It is like a man destroy
lug a valuable eJifice to get rid of a few
vermin which time and a little j idicious
management could have effectually remov
ed. I look widi dep anxiety and apprehen
sion fjr lonher devulopements of ihe great
plot lo ruin the conntry. May God avert
the threatened doom snd bring dicou III tire
lo those who are covertly apptng the Itfa -biood
Iroin my beloved country.
B it 1 muet close, shall write azain as 1
''e opportunity. Very truly yours,
""1 " ' .
rc Dcl.gallOllS Pouring UP-
Tlicy Speak and are Spoken la.
Last Friday, March 1st a large Dele
gation from Maryland, waited on the
President, presenting resolutions adopted
at a meeting luld at Bshiiuore on the !
2Gth nit-
struction policy. Ilpre are soma ex-
tracts of the President's speech :
; I cannot maka any formal speech in t2-
! f,v ;bul. ,e; l. wth.Ml Ua bee,n "J
' which vou hive alluded as h,'r hp , n..
! irv. was not announced as the result of'im-
; pou,r,or was it thrown out lor any ud tip-
t"r""'1 PurPc!'e 't was announced as tne
; result ot conviciions after mature consid -
rrtt ri:i s4 ii i'iiii u nr i t 11 1 t tuvMrti rri ur i
1 reM', Thal Policv' wn,ch 1 honestly regard
: as ",e 'v u' .win con -
i ll.iue beicre the people without ihe slight-
t . . .
flt devia:ion, and without bemjpswervetl
from on tnv pari I do rot say th.s ui a
-Jo, ..u
r J
ltiat there stiall
tie 110 aoarHiiifimeru 01, ana no snrinKing
- ,rorn ,ial poiicy f t.eCii,e it j sjelievrd that
, the very ar.d perpetuity of the
, Government depend upon the maintenance
, ' x' "T' ba'
: no stintiWina
is avliev.l
' .
1 With refforcccc to the Radicals ench
- Forney , Sumner, Greely and a
host ol lesser lights who are trying lo
MiKn Mm frnm Iii Mnro hr tll i.
i thets and abuse he eays
- . knov lU-l ,ldS U:i m5 , anJ nn
- . ; -
i a rredi-n; who w eecied by a pany,'
I arui wiio on tcnniis MMTi power, apanootieo
I "
t:at party: trial r.e nas 1 lenz-.i" his
Administration, that he ha j-.ined the
ropp.rhe.ds an,l ih,a- o.' that k,,d.
rtio.-e ih in j have no infiueure upoi rnj.
They fail w ffoi-y 10 d.ive me from tne d,s-
charje ot my duty.
Again he refers to the d.stinioouti of
,1 fj..
e .0rttt as l.liOWS .
! I . .1.. . 1
j 1 lu "cc rjJ 10 J"u l,ai 15 no1 wortn
; while to the fact .hat ihe very
i ;me SDtMt w hie 1 arinria'.eJ tha rette; inn hi
one end of the line nov ests-:at th o her
Ihounh these respective parties di-ar-ed
! 'he otj-ci they wicheJ to accomplish,
t .... .. r . I . .,:.. 4 .v . ..11
I ,, '-'J , "
1 deiitruotion ot Ihe Goverijnient ; anil bo
1 i-v'iiii ia Luiitcinni. nits vno was us
.,m n t,r 1:.,, ..h.,
! tellion is put down, if we find an attempt
j to change the clw.cter of the G jvernmen-.
1,' r, t .id 1 11 1 . I it Faul it
1 lie at em ot now
1 10 cniiMili Jairt, to concentrate 00 wer here
It is the c'estruciiMti of the Government,
it is a manifestation of Ihe sume spirit which
attempted to break up the. Government. I
ulaiiit oppo-ed lo both, I stanil with you for
the G ivernrneoi ,tor ttie Conscitgit tm, tor the
supremacy ot the la, and lor obedience to
ihe laws and the Constitution.
The Maryland Com m utee hat! scarcely
colnded iheir hand-shakit-g when the del
egaten to the Iron and Steel Convention
called on the President. They were Irom
Peuns) Ivanta, New-Jersey, Georgia,. Ken
lucky, New-York, Illinois, Mississippi Ma
ryland. Vermont. Massachnsestls, Connec
ticut, Virginia, Michigan, Delaware, Ohio,
Missouri, and other States. Hon. J K.
Mocri.ead. ot Pennsylvania, accompanied
the ile:eiio'i.
The President said that he was much
obliged io them lor iheir visit, and thanked
them tor tfce compliment ol calling upon
turn. He svm p ilhized to the mmost exten
in what they desired 10 perform in reference
to increasing the happiness and promo ina
the interests cf the Torkina classes. His
whole life had been devoted to the work of
elevating the condition of the working class
es. Kvery action of his life had been in
con-onance with that principle. 'Whether,
in the means he had adopted, he had been
right, tim would decide. He would say to
them that whiie they were here engaged in
their object, he b-ped there wa another
otjeel 111 which ihey were equally interest
ed the thorough reioratton of the Govern
ment. The lull and complete reconcilia
liorrof the couniry ought to be a precursor
to all movements should be Ibe first object
commercial, the agricultural and the other
inuuemai miareais oi ine couu-ry. na
spoke of the state of the currency, and the
different views entertained of contraction
and expansion, and said i When we look
at these things the .Erst object is the resto
ration of the Government. He spoke of
the internal revenue, and said That a resto
ration ol the Government in' all its branches
would have the effect to remove all the bur
densome internal tax of the country. Any
thing he cdold do to promote all the inter-
ests of ihe country, he assured them be
would do. -
Mr. Ward then said : The great danger to
the country are ihe vast importations (rom
Europe, which cannot be checked except
by the imposition of huh duties. .
The President replied : By creatine a
greater demand for the currency in extend
ing the 'area of its circulation, thereby ob
viating the necessity of diminishing it, all
danger would be averted. The paramount
object, however, i to let us have a restored
Government a uni ed Union.
Mr. Ward here said : We are under the
impression we have a government.
The President replied: Let us have a
whole Government a restored Union, a
thoroughly reconciled and united couniry.
The members of the Committee were
then severally introduced io the President,
and the delegation withdrew.
Tbe above Extracts show the nerve
and courage of the President and his
honest and determined intent on restor
ing our distracted Republic to its normal
unity and prosperity.
Tli,! C .-, r... t. L . i t-,.t
inad. btevens says that ha has little 1
lorirrer tn Iivp Thsi fpnr II r in an i
onion," that will bo shi-d when he dies, i
MfcN and wome i of Pennsylvani 1, rc
etubcr that all the Pennsylvania Dem
member that all the Pennsylvania Dem-
ocrats io tflfe Ilamp HoUC (8) VOted
against negroes voting, while all tho so-
called Kopublicans (10) voted for nocro
rr ' , 111111
6uliiage, except one, and lit dodged I
ntt v r , x i-.. v ol T..i
AMI J5LA EltY and antt JohnOO TO-
JT . , r,., , ,
crsey Legislature, oa lnuraday Ia3t and
President Johnson's veto message of
the Freed men': Ilurcau bill, fell like a
thunderbolt into the radical camp. Tbey
expected something, but nothing so crumb
ing as that. 'I he niasp of ihe peopla all
over the couDtry are n j dicing over it.
The town electionsif New York, re
turns of which have been received, show
the commcrjcemciit of a Democratic revi
val in the rural districts of that State.
The World, predicted that by fall these
little springs of public sentiment wilt have
become a perfect torreDt, that will sweep
away the Republican majority iii that
The cattle di ease (RuJa pest) is said
to have broken Out in Moctmuierv ('otin-
. - i . . . , P . r ,
ty in this Ntiite, and complain: is made
that tbe diseased meat is sold ill the
I'liM.JI.I t. i. . .1
t Illtaat lpba market. A Committee has
been appointed by the State Senate 10 in-
.. 1 1 , J uiuno iu iu
Vestlgate the njatter.
rt'L T-. , i . .
Fort Washington, on the Canadian fron
tier, are said to bave instructions from
i Washington to prevent any raid ioto '
i Canada from that directionjjn tbe pirt cf i
; tne l'enians. The Canadians themselves !
are equally on the alert on the opposite
; side of the Niagara river,
j rp ' vArTI.,NT- ri5 TUa v,i.
t ' i - , - - - - -
j ltionhip of tbe f-ctionists to the Pre.i- j
, .'.B"e iu u bo wen ucnoeu,
that their aim to see him driven nut of
; the ranks of the great Union Party, will
i m0.t assure.jiv en(l in lhr?r h,:. jr;n
, j j - ta
ihcmseUe,. 0nev into tho rank, aI A',..
' ' t.
, , ,
belonged. '
' -"j - -j' v ucmi
btloogrd." Well said for the Times.
: CCRSES Come HOME TO Roost The1
; Frcedmen's Rjreau D I would have been
j passed in tbe Stnate. over the veto of I
i the President, but for the votes of tha i
j tw0 Senators from West Virgins,! State j
j erected by the radicals in direct defiance j
i f the Constitution, for the sole purpose j
1 01 perpetuating ttieir power.
i Mr, Vallandtoham' has fired a Lun-
! cd guns in D.jton in honor of the veto,
aQ. Lun2 out a S32 from his window.
H-'g the despatch omits to stale.
I - nuunc.
'laeliao used bv Mr. . on this nc.r.
j s.ioa Was ilie identic .1 one the Tubnne
0 aff,c:ionaitIy .postropliise.l not long
. .- r , , . , r
! ,V "a fl;Uing he and "hale a Fol-
j iu'C4 rag a good old-Iajtiioned Amcn-
j pf3B fl' wit!iot a stripe erased nor a
I star i-irameil, which the aloresaid jour-
I tfJ , fc jd f j h f jj
i ria nrnnna
j ,D aianner
j ,
: 1 ; fui
Derp sink it in the waves !
The report of tha mutder of General
! E. D. Osbond. forrnerlv of Hhiftirro hi
more recently a resident of MNsis-irpi, i
. . J. . . . '. ' '
where he had purebred 3 plantation.
proves untrue. A sister of tho General
I received a letter bearing date Jan.
j SI, written by the wif-3 ofthe latter, who
was reiinccr with her hnibanu. J he
leitcr spf aks of bim as alive and well,
anil under no apprehension of molestation
from bis neighbors.
Tb'u i auother of those lying stories
gotten up lor the unholy purpose of in
tensify ing sectior al hatred, and helping
the revolutionai y designs of tbe Radical
D.sunionii.tP, The lie has gone all over
the country as an evidence that the South
U not fit for civil government, and bas
had its effect.
Information to Railroad Travel
OR3 Tbe following "Rules of the road '
are b istd upou legal decisions, and ought
to be universally made known. The
Courts bave decided that applicants . for
tickets on railroads can be neeted from
the cars if they da not offer the exact
amount of their fare. Conductors are
not bound to maka change. All rail
road ticket3 are good until used condi
tions '-good for this day only" or other
wise admitting time ofgenuiness, are cf
no account. Passengers are bound to
observe decorum in the cars ; and are
obliged to comply with all reasonable de
mands to show their tickets. Standing
on the platform othsrwise violating the
rules of the company renders a person
liable to be put from the train. - No per
son has a right to monopolize more seats
than he has paid for; and any article
left, in a seat while the owner temporally
fftAhm Vim
Administrator's ftollcr. -Estate
of Peter Delong, late cf Centt t
twp. decated.
rETTERS of Administration on the estate or Peter
SDeljng, late of Centre township, Columbia ee
deceaaed. have beeii rsnled by Kegicter of Colum
bia county, tw the undersigned ; Ml periona having-
eV"o ".en"
indebted to the esti
claim acaingl me enain u me uerruom are re-
cnt tiipm lor settlement, ana tnoae
estats will make iiumsdiate payment -
to the Administrator.
... nEN'llY DELONG, AdioTr.
March. 7, lHfift. 6vv S3 .
Estate oJJohiM. Yost, of Locust township,
deceael. ' of Admin titration on t!ie eitate of John
.J M. Voat. I ate of Locust twp., dee'd.,have bee
grunted by the Ulster of Columbia county, to If
nndcrsiiined; all p nam hiving cUimi against the.
e.tata are rejueti,d to present them fr Kettlement.
ami all prLn knowing llieui .lvrn indebted l
make payment forthwith. UENttY YOST,
l.ocuat twp., March 7, 18G6. Admr.
to ecLt. in Great Anceict(
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I sIh of the nge. Agents can easily mske from
$10 to $:0 a il.iy I will give any cue agent 91 W, If
he can sll 5) llioii!4nl. -
ZJ Send IK centf fur sample Piiuln . II ILL.
March 7, ldGG-4t. 236 Mailtet.St., Thifa.
McrcrcRED and Sotb
No C23 ARCH Street, Puilad'a.
Tbe molt Complete assortmont of l.a.lie Mls
anrt Ch. hirers hook tmnra in thig nty : fnrn
"T -xpresly to iiiott l!ie wkT of rmT oim
1'n.n tittkraf t III' n hil'C.I u 1 1 1 nili.l r1. i ' ik
Stvle and Siz-s f "Gore "V i:Wn " nf-rvZrv
! frnm S J 4 to 4 y i.fxrfitttZ to 50 Sprin-s. at t '
i to $ HO. rtin Skirts, all lenlhi from 2i to 3 vda.
!';;"'" ";"'! 3 t criBM
Our llllH cf ll! - nnd Chi liiri-n' p!iriHTfl
I prov.;riiaIlv bcyonJ ail
! vifrom lo'r,
compelition fir variety of
i lor tiaiiiU and durnliili.
I iiirhcB in Inni'ih l In ill
i at : a-ui t. i ..-. ah .-kim ofotH
I Ci'v-i v,AKt:." ate VBK4KTD logive 3atifar.tion :
i u.u t!tv noe as .ten. unietiiey have, -iiopkiu-a
Il"'p kirt .Maiiut'actory, .u. iJ.l Arch etrcfct,
ttamnod on ea..U InU!
' ."',- ronsiaiiiiy ou llinn. fK.HTi, ianuiar
tinea in Afv turn.aiiii inc r.aiern (saurs, which
wemtt at v.y low i'nco. a lot of cnenn skirts
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$1 15 'I''""',', 31 -Si and 4U prmn $1 ill.
0"ikirt. iii;nl io O il-r :iiil Itppaired.
(i 7 Tkkji Uih. Onk 1'cice Only I
March 7, l)'i. Iiiioh,
WIM. Ii- rxpnscd nt public Sate at Mr. Unanest
lot-l, iu l'isiiiigreck town.tnp Columbia
at 2 o'clock in ".h.- aftcrnoou of saiJ day, a
itnatein FiTiin!:cre'k town-lilp. anl emmty afiw
saiil, a !j uiiiii Ian Is fa mini I in deed) -f th
heirs of ;cor3i l.auhach, th"j hrtirs of D.iniel Pcaier.
Lyitia flitter and Julm Luuba- h ; c ntamlu;
35 Acres and Ai Ptiches,
nmr ot less, whir h is more than half eleirej aa 1
tne b.-ilance wood land ; inure is a sln'.Mii run
i ninu through ;iid Un I. ai I it ii lajjlii bf soaia
i that saiJ l.ind ccniains Iron Orj,
j conihtio.-th pnrehiw win. h r-riirM-
' to B:iy on third of tin fiurchac money on tUeday
! f ja!i. at lurh tini-i poMK'sionwill be Riven, an J
Ilie remaiiung two thirds of the pnrrhae
i loin has rran have one yi-ar fr ;m day of sale by
ravins int-rest on tin a; until .paid. Hnpnr-
, , -baser tn p:iv for Hie r.l tata?. ThedTelto
be sivi n on iht rtcuitol l!Te lat nnn-d pivment.
LAWsO.V IlLotiti.
Mar' h. 7, I311C 13
Cecals Ivan ltd i Eery Town to
sf.i.t, iue roLLowixo
E. A. roI.T.ARP. Tcitor Rtrnxritin Cxitisa. .
2 Vols. Pvo , alout 075 pages fath. 3 60 per Vol.
Yi;h 20 Splendid Steel Portrait',
I This is the only complete and authentic history of
thf r-"outli-rn siile nuulitlie". e.xifiniinc a ii aocs.
! i'o,,, h- b.pinmns ..r th- w r to m. cnai surrender
; of me Confc.u-rat., Arm...
mt 1 ouaru 1 nrriiinit:ni ioiw" m viiuijuvi-
' acv has enabled lit ui to prepare wr ne,ua'l4
1 aecuraey and i:.t.-rst. tn4 whici is ltM
,., arcu
at-kuoiuajj to i in
Standard So ithsrn Uistary.
It shout J rind a place ia every lilti ary.
" H-
Their Livca and Campaigns,
With 17 Splendid S eel Per. rah?,
1 V. l , cvo. ; 5JU raf -s. St-CO.
Co:itiiiii.) Hi Kr:i;hi.-s 1 fthe ditiiipui.hed Son'h
ern t;iii-rats. ri iili fu'I and graphic accounts of tfcn
variou r-;-p.ii2ii! in v. tin h t'li-y wer? etifsj-d It
it a ni-rt iiuortAnt auJ interts-liii; vou:ne. and ha
oi-ea pr'parcd v n'.i tue utiuust carj audthyrujh
nets. Life, Sen ices and Caapaigas
Sloticivail .Tacksoa:
I Vol. ICino ; 3i5 pnjfa : $ZX
; ,KrKUUrV.nt.
this is iinouty at:i-ttfc his'ory of this .ti.tin-
' put.-, d I.-a.t.r -huh ,b. b,enwrut.n. It ha- b-e.
prepared from O.'fiVinl Kepifts. con tmrorary nar
mtiveg. and personal acquaintance, aud la couliel
aad fuil
TLs Raids and licnisncs
With Steel Portrait of Gen. Morgan, -
i 1 Vo1" Tr ludTn'-ftcli5
A complste hit to
more thriliinf
and ihtcrestiiiS t!ian fiction.
Di.-tinjjuishcd in Literature,
I Vol., Fv. ; 311 pajea. 3 So.
L'laslrared with Splendid Portraits on
Steel, from Life, of
Mme. Ociavia Walton LwA'art,
Miss Maiia J. Mclntoab,
Mrs Rosa Vertner Johnson,
Mrs. Anna Cora Ritche,
Miss Ausnsta J. Evans,
Mrs. L. Virginia French,
AnJ eintiiuinj fill htoraphisat st'hi anl
specimen oitru:ls from th: most celebrated writings
in prose anI vi-e, of
y5 liistinpnished Litera'y
AH the above works are having an immense sals
sn4 afntsare dine splendiJIy everywhere. Mis
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Exclusive territory given, aud liberal thduaemeaU
off-red to canvassers.
t or particular, address
C. JJ. RICHARDSON, Publisher.
510 Brockway, N. Y.
March 7. '67-41
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of John Jacoby, deceased.
Tetters of adnuniitration on the Estate
J of John Jacl late of Peott township,
dee'd. bave been granted by tha Register of Colum
bia co.. to. the cndersiirned.
All persons having claims- araiast tha estate of tho
decedent are requested to present thru) to tb Bder
timed, withoot delay.- and all bar son a uTdehted to
I rsvrnnt fTti-?!