The campaign. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1866, September 21, 1866, Image 1

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fASDomooralio Shoot for tho Timos,
-'Vh iksui:i) r.vnnv ritnuY, at
IJ'ff noiiiHox's iicimmnu,
"Onf Main Street, Hloomsbtirg, Pa., by
B'f Kl'lIEN H. MILLER !fc CO.
1'. It. I.ITTLi:, HiiiTOH,
to whom nil letters should bo mlitrcssctl.
' Ailyuillietiicnts Inserted nt usual lutes,
C. 11. llrocktvnv.
IbffltdonMiilnHlrcct, rlrst door west of tho Cmirt
UtfiQfgl House.
Itnlirrt V. Clsrk,
bmMoornor of Mnln nnd Mnrlict (streets, over
Vlrt Vnflminl Itiilitr.
11. II. Mlllr,,
OlBt Oh llillll Street, 111 wllltn fnitlln house, bo-
low tli-3 KxilmtiKu Hotel.
ttnliil U Frevxr,
OffleJfin lteKlstcr ntul Heenrdcr's ofttro, In the
basement of thn Court House,
31. M. Trnu(;h,
Nenr Am'rlcnn Hold,
31. H. T.'Vrllr,
t'ontmlln, Columbia County, I'n,
"""AmUlor'n Roller. lCntntc of William
liKAUNM deceased, 'l'lii' .Mtdltornpimlnteil hy tho
Orphans' Court of Columbia County to make ills,
trllmtlou of ttio balance In the hands of the Ad
.mlnlstrntor of sntd iIccciimpiI ninnna: his crcilltorfi,
"will meet the parlies Intercstnl, for the purpmo
ut hi appointment, on Mitunlny, November
IT. ISBN, nt in o'clock A.M.. nt his olllco 111
liliMmiHlmttr. i'n.. when uml where all persons In
terested can attend If they bcc proper, ntul pro
unlll llloir claims, or no ucoarrcu iroiu coiuiuk hi
rorn snare or tno mini.
C. II. HI10CKWAY, Auditor.
nmciio copy. septic
.LToiltotcl uml Saloon keepers of llloomu
4turk.'ntiil Columbia County. I hnvo nppolnlcil
Vjlr.'Il.'HIohiicr rujent for tho sale of my ale, porter,
M brown stout, mid latter beer, who will supply you
i jt tho pnmn prlco (and with tho Mimo article), ns I
would furnish you from th brewery. KuoowIiik
Ihit lie will he piinetunl and ntlontlvc to nil who
jnrir favor him with their trade, I Mtllclt for him
your supiHirt. cry respectfully,
c VnV.ll I.AUKK,
Ptcnm Urcwery, Itcndlni!, I'n.
fKitRtp of Aftrnhnin Mcimcli, dCPi'il.
iLrttars of AdmliiKtrallon umn the estate of Ab
' ruhsni Mt nseh, late of Locust Township, In thn
Oonnty of Columhln, deceased, havlna been
iirantcd to tho niiilcrslKiied.iiU persons liavlus
cIMmiorilriuandsnKiiliiHt tho estate of tliiiMUU
.Itsrinhmt are requested to mako the same known
without ilelnv, and those Indebted to said estate
1XO moKO lniiuciuaie payiocni 10
'raK AM.I CllAIfl or
m. (IIIAllI.IvS SlrXCII,
IltoarlnK Creek P.O., Columbia County, l'a.
et'L'Uxceutor'n Notice Entnte of John Moi
riiQlcceased. letters testamentary upon tho
(Mtata of John Mortf iu, Iain of tho Township of
lllooni, hi tho Countyof (,'olumbl;i,ilcceased, hav--'IrVi'heBimranleil
to the uuderalBiieil, all persons
, lmlobtisl to said citato am retincsled to inakn
tKijlnont, nnd those bavins claims to present
tiora to cr.AIMC M. 11U0WN, nxecutor,
ngif or ltOHKUT V. CI.AItii.
-, 4pIS-lt. Attorney for tho estate.
Andltor'a potior. In the Orphan's Court
for tho County of Columbia, ostato of Alexander
Oafrntson. deceased. Tim midltor appointed by
tho Oiurt to mako dWrlbutlon of the estate of
Aloxajuler Oarrctson, lato of Columbia County,
deceased. In tho hands of Jacob Oarretson, sup
riving executor of the last will and testament o
the said AluiaiulerOarrutson, deceased, will nice
tho naitlo-i Interested for tho purposu of his up
jiblutmeut on Thursday, October Si, at 10 o"cloek
AiM'Kt his omeo on inn corner oi .numnuu
kotrilreets In the town of IlloomsburR.
llOUKItr 1'. CI.AUK, Auditor.
'l Auditor's Notice Bitnte or MRry P. 3111
ler. lato of Madison Township, Columbia County
.deceased. HioleijatePs and all other parties in
torestcil In tho eilatu of Mary 1". Miller, deceased
will lake notice that the underslKiied, appointed
liy tho Orphan's Court of sail county iiudltor.
to audit and lu iko distribution of the balanco In
tho luinils of U.inlol Kmmet, surviving executor
of thoHnld Mary I. Miller, deceased, will meet tho
nortles Interested In the said estate, ut the olllco o
K. 11,'I.lttIe, nt Iiloomsburi;, on Thursday, the Mil
drty ofiKuvrinlier noxt, when and wliero all par.
lle llliereaieii can utiuun u uiey see iiiupci, mil
pivstont their claims or ba debarred from eijnilnt
In for a shae of the fund.
nrpU-lt. K. II. I1AI.DY, Auditor,
Auditor's Not In. Kstnteori'rlrrSIatvrpr
'doieiuieil. Tho legatees and all other parties In
trrissted lu the eslato of l'etcr Mowrer, deceased
will tak notice that thu underpinned, api)lnled
hy tho Orphan's Court of Columbia County audi
tor.'to auillt nnd muka distribution of the balance
In tho hands of the executor, will meet tho par
tlea Interested In tho said estate, ut tho olllco of
tho Ueulslerof Wills in and for tho County of Col
timhln.iit lUoomsburB, on Saturday, October 13th,
JijdDBt 10 o'clock a.m., when nnd where all par-
ion Jiueresieii can uui-im 11 iiirj u iit.'iiv.
nmi present ineiriioims, or ui oe ucuum-u uui
smlng in for a share of tho ruuu.
sepli-lt K II. iarri.K, Auditor.
Votlee of Inquest. Kstntcof I.t-vl Asliloll
Intoof l'lno Township, deceased. To tho helrsani
Iijsl representatives of Levi Ashtou, lato of l'lno
Tnwiwhlp, Columbia County, deceased, to wit: to
'William J. Hiirowl, Ann A tbton.Kanih Kvcs, wh
trtsldo lu Columbia County, Htephen Kprowl, of
Watsontown, Northumberl.ind County, Apcneth
Hess, qf New Columbus, I.tucrnu County, Iiulsn
tspaldlnit nnd Allen Kvcs, of f Irlfllii's .Mills, i;rli
Omnty, HtaU of New York, 1'arvin lives, of Cuy
fthog'i''ulls, Rummlt County, male of onto, ai
Jtsurt Ivve?, Of California, you and each of you
r heirliy iiulliltvl inat in pursuance in a wriv o
partition or valuation ls'i''d out or tno iirpuau
fXiiirtTof Cohiiubl.i Cutmtf tjr the partlllon
valuation of the real estate of saiJ deceased, sit
nato"lnthe Township of Vine, lu said vrnuly,
wit : a ecrtnlu uipssiuiku nnd tract of laud sn.'.iat
In l'lno Tuwnslilii. lu said coiuily, adjoining lauds
ttf Ui'IlJariilu Kveson the not III and east, lands of
Jolui 1jye.on thu south, ami John IKI.'ot on the
flyw.t,oiitululn? ten ncres, more or less, umoinr
Itlio heirs uml legal represeulallves of the said Uf
isHUedi I will hold an Ituiuest on the said prenils
wTIIiiJ'iilii Tou-uIilp, on Kalurdayt the 21th day
of Of tober next, ut 11 o'clock lu the forenoon of
puld"dny, when mid where you are iviiucsted lu
tctid If you think proper,
Hhor'wTs omco, jjiooiusbiinr, Bcp. li, iw-a.
-t ,irOE01iai5 W, MAUaKIt, 1'rnprWtnr.
nil iillovo well-known hotel has receullyiiudor.
in. Jmiiirieiiir announces to his former custom
niid tho tmvulllng public Hint his aceomodatlons
fir tho comfort of his guests are second tu nouo In
the country. Ills labia will always bo found sup.
pUCuot only with fl, but w 1th nil
ihi'ilollenciesof tho siason. Ills wines und !!
iiiiori execiil Unit popular bevcruBO known us
,4i'A7iri")1purehnsed direct from the Importing
JiuuSaro entirely pure, and free fiom nil lsii
nononidriiRs. lie Is thankful for illiberal palroii.
nge lit the pust, tind will tonllnue to deserve
.. ' rnvillill' xv MM-ril'lt.
01 mo
i:m:vi:nth annual kxhibition
oi.umiiia county Aonicoi.TUUAr.. lion-
In. belli lit
HA'1W111AY, OCTOIIUll 11, 12, mill H, 1MH).
Thu Hour. t uf Mnhiutcrs lime determined to uo
yexcitlon tomiike Ibis I'alr as satisfactory
Interestlnitns ihissIIiIu to all, nnd tho citizens
(Ills nnd mil
cut counties me earnestly luvltod
attend, nnd
also to do fill tbev eilll to mako the
lantltv and ollalltv of stock nod articles for ex.
Ibltlon Iho lareest nnd best. Tho premiums of-
red lire luore liberal than those of any previous
Iileh ill? be imittiv, V, 1'. DUINKHIt, Hee'y,-
nr. tsttcclnl attention Is ealleil to rule No. 0.
ct,.tss I. noitsKs.
JiiWiU I II. Hnrtrr, .SiUKThifcmtenf,
Ilest pair draiiitht horses,
" " rnrrliiKo "
. im
s in
A no
r i
lo uo
H no
r, m
4 HO
j mi
4 no
2 no
4 no
4 OI
stallion over 3 years old,
brood inaro.'ulth eolt nt herslde,)
bijjli owned b.v lhu exhibitor, J
sluijlc carriage horsp,
" " ninn1,
itcldltiR between .1 and 1 years old,
mare " " "
Kildlnit " 2nud.1 "
niaee " " "
horse eolt ' 1 nud'2 "
inaru " " " "
horse or mare colt under 10 mos' old,
pair match colts under 4 years old,
broken to harucs.
4 110
4 OI
: no
a uo
II 01
2 W
ft Oil
Kxhlbltors under Ibis class will have
horses on tin utoiinil by 10 o'clock on Friday
inornliiK, lit which time the Judges will examine
.ni'ije Joshim It. I'mvlcr. Heott: v.. M.Awtrilin
cmlis-lc: .loscnh W. ltccsc. (Irccnuoodi Atiroii
Month, Hemlock; Joshua .Mciuiciihuii, rritukiiu
Jnhnsvn 11, t Arter, .Snperlntcnncnt.
lhirhnm .V'iW.
licit hull .1 yenrs olil uml upward
512 01
!i oi
4 OI
3 110
2 no
2 O)
between 2 nnd 0 years old,
; lands
calf uiider 10 months old,
cow II years old and upwnrd,
heifer between 2 nnd 3 years old,
" calf under 10 months old,
Ih vnn .Stock.
bull II years old imd upward,
between 2 and 3 years old,
" " 1 and 2 "
.. ,i
" cnlf under 10 months old,
.. i.
cow 3 years old ntul upward,
heifer bet ween 2 and 3 years old,
" calf under 10 months old,
Atitrrncu titocl.
hull 3 years old and upwnrd,
bet ween 2 and 3 years old,
" " land 2 "
,1 o .. .,
calf under 10 months old,
cow 3 years oldnnd upward,
heifer between 2 and 1 yenrs old,
cnlf under 10 months old,
bull .'years olduud upwnrd,
between 2 nnd 3 yenrs old,
1 nnd 2
calf under 10 inonths ld,
oiu' 3 years oliUiud upward,
heifer between 2 and 3 years old,
" calf under 10 mouths old,
.Vnh'c iSYiW..
hull 2 years old und upward,
between 1 and 2 cars old,
calf under 10 months old,
cow 3 years old and upward,
heifer between 2mid 3 j'enrs old,
" calf under 10 months,
1 OI
ti no
4 01
4 O)
3 OI
2 HO
12 00
U 01
u UI
4 OI
3 110
2 OI
2 DO
1 01
li OI
4 110
1 no
3 OI
2 UO
12 00
li OI
4 OI
3 00
2 OI
2 00
l no
li OI
4 no
3 OI
2 OI
12 00
tl O)
li OI
4 10
.'I OI
2 no
2 OJ
1 OI
t; ii
4 OI
4 O
.'I o
2 DO
6 Oil
4 O)
3 OI
2 OI
2 OI
1 O
4 OI
4 O)
3 OI
2 0)
(irm ontl iS7cm'.
yoke of oxen, owned und worked by
the exhibitor.
., it o ti
yoke of steers between 1 and 3 years
3 1)0
4 00
2 00
tfxhlhltors'wlll have their stock readv for tho
judges to examine by 10 o'clock a.m. on l-'rlday.
Jltltist .loillisiill Jl, IKCIl'l, iiariiHuini , .mini
Inrt until. Hemlock: 1011 Mendenhall. Ueutoii:
CI. 11. 1 owler, Centre; Henry HolllU;shciu,Catu
wlssn. class nr. swini:.
TlUslHt IlayitHm, .Stutcrintcmlcnt.
llest Isnir,
" brood sow.
r oi
3 00
4 O)
3 O)
sow nnd pigs (0 or mnre tl 00
lot ol 3 or more pigs under Sw'ks old, 3 O)
" " ' " ' 2 to
lot stock hogs (3 or inoie).
3 no
2 IO
iffiis-iKUslia Havmau. Greenwood: William
Ohl, Hemlock; Andrew 1'reas, Centre.
Joscjih .ScilfWf'O'xf, .Sttlirrlntcllth'lll,
Mile M'uuL
llest buck,
2d " "
2d "
" buck,
2.1 "
31 10
1 to
4 Ol
3 OJ
I 10
MMtlle Wool.
3 Ol
I Ol
3 (0
Ijnvi II ijol.
4 O)
3 Ol
4 IO
3 00
Jmtnrt Joseoh Seattorcooil. rine: Abel Thorn
as, 1'ulnwlss.i; U.inlel .Shannon, (jreenwood.
Thnmns DaHmrtil, .SitpcrintriulriU.
Ilest und largest display of jioultry,
" pair ehlekens,(nialo and female,
" J' turkeys, "
S3 00
2 o)
1 O)
1 (O
1 oi
1 10
" nnd larirest dlsnlav of tame liltreons.
,7i((eji. Thomas lJallman, Sent! ; John M. liar
ton, llloom; William Webber, Hemlock,
Jnieph M'ixtcr.1, tiitpcrintenileiil.
llest half.buslicl clover seed,
81 Ol
1 fin
3 IO
l fio
3 Ol
3 Ol
1 fill
l to
1 .in
1 fio
1 fio
1 fin
1 fio
timothy 1
' bushel red wheat,
" " Willie "
" " rye.
" " buckwheat,
" half-bushel ground seed com,
" " yellow ' "
o 44 smoke 44
44 44 Ilaxseed,
bushel oals,
Jiubie Jiisenh Mastors. Madison :
Vance, flrange: Samuel All, Honilis'k
Franklin ; Joseph Heudershol
clash VI I,
Jlenru y.upptii'jer, HuperinteiKlent.
llest bushel Prince Albcil potatoes, 2 00
.. iiii'i-eel' "
44 ; is'llcil blow " 2 00
44 41 unmet Chill 44 2 ol
ii ii uistycout 41 2 to
ii ii ,.U,M, " 2 00
44 linir.linslii.t i-arlv Goodrich seedling
potatoes, 2 O)
44 half-bushel sweet potatoes, 2 to
4 l.nulii.l il. 'Ill loiiiiiis. 2 01
44 44 rutu bagas, 2 on
" half-bushel sugar beets, 1 to
44 miiugoiii wurizci, i
" 44 lsiets, 1 01
44 44 eairots, 1 10
44 44 parsnips, 1 O)
44 44 isiluns, I oi
44 half-doren vegetable oysters (salslfy(, I o
44 peck tomatoes, 1 Ol
44 3 heails aibbage, 1 Ji
44 ,1 laiuehes cckry, 1 O
44 4 egg plains, 1 Ol
44 2 iiuiii ts lima beans, 1 Ol
44 2 " I'niullnu" 1 O)
44 2 44 soup " J 0
44 3 squashes, 1 00
44 0 Held pumpkins, no
JuiUiet Henry y.uiiilner, llloom; John dor
don, Cntnwlssa; J. Ilarey Crevclln.'.ScolI.
irit'liiiii Minuter, HiiperlntciiJint,
llest 10 ynrds IIiiiukI. I
woolen cloth,
1 M
1 10
l to
1 .VI
1 to
I to
1 no
2 oo
l no
i mi
pair wool blankets,
linen sueeis,
" lioine.inadn Inblc-cloth
Ultttirt. Wllllnm Hclilivler. 8lt
a, Maillsout Irs. .loseph 1'. Conner, Ccntret
Mrs. Hiram Itceder, CntawUsaJ .Mis, Caleb liar
IAytl iVuwi, ifiipcrtntcnttcnt.
llest loaf hrend,
" iiund cake,
" Klnger "
I" sample preserves,
" " liult Jelly,
" totnato preserves,
" cucumber pickles,
" pickles of any other kind,
11 tipple butter,
" peach "
$1 no
3 no
" lUUIll
liruiie "
iallon soruhum,
euieil ham,
roll butter, not less than .1 pounds,
l no
l m
d " . " " M
" santplo sausage, o)
" nppteple, to
' sample yeast, to
" " hnnlsoap, to
" " wilt " to
JittlitrH I.loyd l'axton, Montour: luichel H,
ves. tlreeuwoisl ! Mrs. Conrad lllttetibeuilcr.
llloom; .Mrs. Margaret Winner, llentou; .Mis. 10.
1'. I.utr, llloom.
CIVSS X. KANt'V AltTICLK-S anii FLowr.iis.
Clttlrlen S. -bll'tr. NuiivrlntL-iutvnt.
llest knit shawl, (I O)
" " iiulit, 1 O)
" tidy, 1 no
" tlltliiKWorlc, 1 OJ
" specimen bead work, 1 to
" ' shell " 1 Oil
" " burr " 1 uu
Ienllier" 1 O)
" " hair " 1 do
" " wax " 1 00
' " (Irawlni;, 1 to
" " Ullllt Iiik', 1 oo
" silk I'inbroldery, 1 OI
" worsted " 1 uo
" cotton " to
H worsted mat, to
" cotton M fio
" kull l'ollsh boot, to
" worked slipper, to
" fancy nlncuslilou, to
" head-ilress, to
" display ol moss painting, 1 to
11 collection dahlias, 5ii
" " al tlllclai Mowers, to
' " house plants In bloom, 0
' ' dried urass, to
" " " Ilowers, 60
" variety flowers, so
" specimen pcnmnnshln, 1 O)
Jutlact Charles M. I'owler. Kspy: MIssfiueKver.
Catawisa; Mrs. ! M. Wardln, llenilock; Miss
.uaKijio .u. csanos, .ui. I'leasaui.
John JIett. tjuiicrlntcmlcnl',
llest to pounds wheat Hour. S3 00
' to " b'kwh't " 3 oo
" fio " rye " 3 oo
" fit) " corn meal, 3 tw
" cooking stove with hxturcs, 2 O)
" parlor " " 2 00
" set nrtltlclnl teeth, I O)
Juilim .in in lie ts. Hemlock: C.I). Fowler. Her
wick; Klljah 1!. Ikeler, llloom.
ffttvcjitcr 2iirscl A'tqtcrtntcmlcut.
llest plough for general use, 52 00
' corn plough, 1 Ol
" corn plainer. 2 O)
" Ihrcshlug machine, 2 )
" reaper and mower combined 2 o)
" Iniinlng mill, 2 ol
" hoisu hay tork, 2 iw
" corn sbciler, 2 10
" main drill. 2 0)
" I.iim wagon, 2 to
" straw or lislder cnltcr, 2 to
" horse rake, I W)
" portable elder mill and press, 1 uo
" sled, I 0)
" clothes wringer, 1(0
" washing inaclilue. 1 oi
" sausage " 1 to
" clover hullcr, 1 Ol
" churn, 1 00
" wheelbarrow, fio
" roller, 50
Jtulnrs .Sylvester l'ursel. Hemlock; Iicvl A.
llutclilnsuii, Centre; Cornelius Hellas, Orange.
Jncob GcrmrJ, Huptrinti'ititcnl.
Ilcst family carriage,
" top buggy,
" open '
" sfelgli,
82 "0
2 00
2 00
Jud'iei Jacob Oerrard. Greenwood : George Cav
cnee,'.Mouut 1'le.usant; Jerry hecsholt., llcrwlek.
II'iZhiiu , KMer, tiiqicrlitknUtiU,
Ilcst swarm of bees
I '
" sample live pounds of honey,
2 01
1 OJ
1 (O
l to
.Tuilarn William V. Keller. Mllllln: Illratu J.
Ilecder, Kraukllu; John ltautz, Jackson.
Jllrani IK tpiliwMii,fiuperliu'cnitcirf.
Ilest quart currant wlue,
" ' bl'kberry, "
" " grape, '
' " eherrv. "
81 00
1 O)
1 00
1 OJ
1 OJ
I to
rye wins
cider vinegar,
ye wiusaey,
David Jlontgomeiy, .Mllllln; Ullwood
llllllfCJI t 111 I, III 11. .1 I'l'll 1111,11. 41,1111.
Appleman, Hemlock; Dr.
ku's, T.viLoti'H, rurriiit'.s, AM) JUIICKJtAKEK'li
ritlUtm T. Shunutn, Superintendent.
llest bureau, 82 Ol
" dressing stand. 1 O)
" display cabinetwnre, 2 00
" set windsorehKlls, 110
" spring-seat chairs, 1 O)
" iocklutchalr.
" settee, 1 M
" best mado suit of clothes 2 to
" lialf-doeii brooms, 1 li
" set single harness, 2 00
" " doublo " . 2 O)
" two sides solo leather, 1 to
kips, 1 (
" " " callsklns, 1 o)
" pair cnlf Issits, 1 00
" kill " I oj
" lot earthenware, 101
11 sample clocks, fio
Jniiijes W, T. rihuinan. Mnln; II, I,. Gearhart,
(IreenwiHid; W. 11, llelilch, licnst; John K.
Hutchinson, Fishing Creek; Miles 8. Williams,
i. Jl. H'ciinvrHiilnrliitemlent.
Ilest Jl bushel Tompkins County king
tll.n.l.. Tut ,...1 ..mnnli...
iipies, ci u"
fallen water,
graveusteln, 44
baldwlu, 44
hiibbiirdsnu monarch 44
I. ..mi... it
1 O)
1 uo
1 oi
I to
l oo
1 oi
2 uo
1 00
2 (0
1 00
2 U0
1 o)
1 IO
2 00
1 O)
y. . ' "'.'''" 4
display oi ajipics,
44 peaches,
dozen quinces,
5 clusters snipes,
display 44 "
ii ii
Ii clusters crevellug
fi 44 concord "
5 44 dlaun 41
.1 44 delawares 44
fi 44 Isabellas, 44
lot of fox glapes.
display raspberries,
sample dried apples,
44 44 jHMches,
44 41 cherries, stoned nnd un
1 (10
slums, iirieii.
JuitfetV. ILWenner, llrlur Creek; Aaron Kes.
ler, Mount Pleasant; William 1". 1-cidv, Hemlock;
John tl. nulck, Montour; Frank I', lives, Ureen-
Himrttmj J.M.
J''trt Trut.
Ilest trolling horse, mine, or gelding, 100 00
(Hnlmnco lee.SU)
If less Ihan lour horses nro entered, for each
horse less than four 310 shall bo deducted from
I lie premium oll'ered,
Sfinul 7W.t.
llest trotting horse, inure, or gelding, 8-M 00
(i;iltrance fee, SID.)
If less than four horsosure entered, for each horso
less man lour ciu suuu uu iienucieu num iiiu
Jtrniem Hit.
llest trotting horse, male, or gelding, 643 00
(F.ntniuio lee.SI.)
If less than four horses nreentered, for each horso
less than lour 8-1 shall bu dcducled iroiu Die
piemliiui ollered.
No preiiiluins will bo awarded for any of lh
nlsive I luce Irots It less Ihan two lioise. appear to
i iiiupete for the picmlums.
Mile heals, lu harness best out of three.
,uliu Conrad Kramer, .Madison: Joseph O.
Wlntersleln, Mllllln; annuel Koslenboider, Cut.
llest run onco round course,
ts III
4 to
(Knlinnco fis, 50 rents.)
1 nil If less than linen persons enter
1 91' j.iiintuin will beaw.itdid.
for the run no
10 " carpet,
10 "
10 " plain linen,
10 " diaper,
knit wool stockings,
" " mlltens,
" eolloti stockliifts,
lionio-uuide shirt,
collon ipillt,
O, lllckelts,
Orunite; Isaac (1, l'ursel, Hemlock,
fArl etc third of tbneoiistllutlon reonlres tier
sons to pay to tho Association oninlulliir to con
stitute membership, Tho pracllco lierctoforo has
Is.en to buy tickets on I'tilr days, nnd have names
recorded nt tho time.)
Ftriit. l-ivery imtsoii having nrtleles Tor exhlbl
tlon or competition, must become n mciulierof
lie Association nerore entering incm,
ttccontt. Minors can heroine memls'rs or exhlh.
ltors when their inrents are members.
JVin. The Held of competition Is open lo nil
persons from other counties nnd flutes ism In
come exhibitors upon the same terms ns clllccus
of this county.
lmrth. All articles offered for competition must
1m owned by Iho isminctltor. l''rull, vegetables,
uowers, Ac., must nemo growiu oi mo eompeii
tor, nnd nil manufactured articles must bo mndo
by tho rompetltor.
Fifth, All stock entered must lie what repre
scnlcd, or iiremlums will li forfeited,
Hlrth. All nrtlcles for exhibition or (snnpetltlon
must Isi entered by fio'rlm-k r.M. Thursdny, the
lltli, and except In impossible cases, lie on the
ground nt Hint time, nnd remain there unlit .1
o'clock p.m. of Friday, tho 12th, w hen they will be
nt the disposal of the exhibitors.
firi-nth. Htn-ids for the saloof refreshments can
ho obtained by nppllcntlon to tho (secretary or to
11. !'. Hartinau. '
lUghlh. No license will ho granted stands that
sell spirituous or malt Honors.
Judges np'Milntcd to exnuilno thn dtiTerent
classes will confer a favor on tho Association by
calling nt the Secretary's olllco early on I'rlday
morning, io oinain incir instructions.
Tickets to Die t'uli i-iiu tie obtained nt the dlf.
feretit stores before I he Fair, or at the ticket olllco
iiiiiiugi-airuays. jursisni r. ji'.r.ii, itcs i.
!'. 1'. DlllN'KKli, Hco'y, sepl'i-lt
To the volmqf the, JUpresenhttive J)h
tv'wt eomjWMtl of this thunticn of Col-
umbiu wnl Montour.
In a letter published In tho Democrat
and .SifiT of the twelfth instniit, address.
ed to tho Democratic Standing Commit
tee, of Columbia County, asking isald
Committee to nominate Colonel Levi L.
Tutu, ns n eaiidldato for member of tho
Legislature, for tho District composed of
tho Counties of Columbia and Montour
in opposition to tho regular Democratic
candidate, Thomas Clialfant, who was
duly nominated by tho Conferees of said
counties in accordance witli tho usages
of tho party. It is alleged
First. That tho candidato for State
Senato had been conceded by Montour
County to Columbia County
Second. That Thomas Clialfant and
his Conferees, J. II. Campbell and John
M'Williams, and tho friends of Mr,
Chnlfant, who were present at tho meet
ing of tho Representative Conferees, had
pledged themselves to secure " beyond
all possibility of doubt," the nomina
tion of Ii. Ij. Tate as tlie Democratic can
didate for .State Senator.
Third. That this piedgo was given
in accordance witli tho spirit of
n certain resolution adopted by the Col
umbia County Convention, appointing
John Snyder nud Jt. C. Emit Itepresen
tativo Conferees of said counties.
fourth. That haid Conferees of Co
I lint bia County were induced by said
pledge to give the nomination to Mr,
Fifth. That neither Mr. Clialfutit nor
any person representing him or his in.
terats was present at tho Senatorial
Conference during the two days it was
in session.
Sixth. That In violation of conceded
claims of Columbia County, and through
gross misrepresentation and political
intrigue, the nomination for Senator has
been given to the sniiillcst county in tho
In reply to these charges tho under
signed say :
First. Tliat wo never conceded to Co
lumbia County the Senatorial Candidate
as a right that we then thought and still
think that tho claim of Montour Coun
ty was as strong, if not stronger than
that of Columbia, or any other county
in the District ; Montour County, one
of four counties composing the Senato
rial District, having been for fifteen
years without a Senatorial Candidate,
while Columbia County has had tho
Senator seven years out of that fjteen.
Ve next deny that either Mr. Clial
fant, his conferees or friends, during the
Representative conference, or beforo or
after, "pledged themselves to secure be
yond thu possibility of doubt, the nomi
nation of Hon. L. Li. Tate, for State
Such a piedgo on their part, in the face of
tho action of tho Montour County Con
vention, nominating William A. Deanfor
that olllco, and appointing Conferees to
iho all honorablo means to secure his
election, would hnvo been ridiculous,
because It was well known to tho Con
ferees of Montour ns well as those of
Columbia County, that tho Senatorial
nomination was then entirely in tho
hands of Senatorial Conferees, who
might or might not, ns they thought
proper, vote In the Senatorial Confer
ence, as Mr. Clialfant and his friends
desired. The only promiso given was
Unit tho pen-oils referred to, would, as
individuals use their influence with tho
Senatorial Conference of Montour, to
secure Colonel Tate's nomination, nnd
that they had no doubt that after sup
porting tho nomination of Mr. Dean
for a rensonablo time, in accordance
witli their Instructions paid conferees
would veto for the nomlneo of Colum
hln County. If this was a pledge, then
it was redeemed in both letter nnd spir
it, ns is sot forth hereafter.
Wo deny that the nomination oi
Thomas Clialfant was mtulo in accord
anco with tho lutter nnd spirit of tho
proviso contained In tho resolution ap
pointing Messrs. Emit and Snyder,
Jtcpre.sentatlvo Conferees. Said l'rovl
so was repudiated at the tlmo by tho
Conferees of Montour County, ns dicta
torial on tho part of Columbia County
Tho right of Montour County to tho
candidato for Representative t this
time, wns placed upon tho ncknowl
edged usauos of tho party, and tho
promises on tho part of Mr. Clialfant,
his Conferees and friends, to use their
influence to H'curo the Senatorial can
ifffi Irnm Derr. .tncksoni l-l.
dldatc to Columbia County, nfter lioil'
orablo cflbrts had been mado by tho
Senatorial Conferees of Montour County
to sccuro Mr. Dean's nomination, were
mndo.wlth n view to insuro peaco and
harmony in tho Democratic party, nnd
not nsn concession of right.
These promises wcro cnrrlcd out in
good faith. Mr. Chnlfant on his part
wns prevented from nttcndlng the Con
tention by sickness in his family, butns
wo nro assured, others wcro present nt
ins Instance nnd roiiuest. On tho ilrst
day of tho meeting Mr. Leidy and Mr.
M'Cormlck wcro present and used their
Influence to hnvo the Montour County
Conferees go for tho Cciumblu County
enndldnto as soon ns n honorable effort
had been made to necuro Mr. Dean's
nomination. Wo know that this was
tho wish of both gentlemen. On tho
second day of tho Conference- one of the
undersigned, J. II. Campbell nnd J. C.
iVmmernian were present nt Mr. Ciial
flint's instance nnd earnest roiiuest, for
tho purposoof inducing, if possible, our
Senntorlal Conferees, to vote for the
nomination of Colonel Tate, as soon ns
nn honorablo eirort had been mndo to
sccuro Mr. Dean's nomination. "Wodld
exert nil our Inlluenco with said Con
ferees to bring about this result. Thnt
we were unsuccessful, Is not our fault.
Our honest efforts was nil wo pledged,
all that Mr. Tate or his friends could
have relied upon, nnd these honest ef
forts we did put forth in good faith.
Mr. M'Williams. ono of tho Represen
tative Conferees, nlso, wo are Informed,
called upon Judgo Oaks, Senatorial
Conferee from Montour, nnd urged up
on him to vote for Colonel Tate's nomi
Wo present this statement to tho con
sideration of the voters of this Repre
sentative District, ns n denial und refu-
tntion of tho charges mado that tho
nomination of Mr. Clialfant was obtain
tallied by fraud and misrepresentation ;
and in vindication of ourselves, who
nre charged with violating or neglect
ing our pledges.
For tho Colonel or his friends to allege
that, we or any other persons present at
the Representative Conference pledged
ourselves "tosecure his, Tate's, nomina
tion beyond the possibility of doubt,"
as alleged by them, is simply to stultify
themselves, for they could not but
know, that neither one nor all tho per
sons so " pledging" could control the
action of the Senatorial Conferees. All
they could do wits to use their influence.
All Colonel Tate nnd his friends could re
ly upon was the promiso that that influ
ence should be exerted, which wo aver,
as hereinboforo stated, was exerted in
good faith. In conclusion we may bo
permitted to express our hope und be
lief that tho Democrnts of this district
will not at this important crisis stiller
themselves to bo distracted by tho pri
vate grief of nny individual or individ
uals, whose personal ambition or politi
cal aspirations have been thwarted by
tho nction of tho Conferees. Wo make
this statement to disabuse tho minds of
voters, who, by the false allegations con
tained in tho document published in tho
Democrat and Star, might bu induced to
believe that a wrong hud been dono to
Columbia County and in vindication
of our action and tho action of other
citizens of Montour County. Wo feel
assured thnt no Democrat who is nc-
quainted with tho facts and circumstan
ces connected witli this nomination, will
for ono moment withhold his support
from Mr. Clialfant, tho regularly nomi
nated candidate, nor give tho least en
couragement, by word or net, to nny dis
organizing seheme,concocted for the pur
poseof gratifying personal feelings resul
ting from disappointed ambition, which
sehenio must, if carried out, prove dis
astrous to tho Democratic party, and
which, if countenanced, furnishes a pre
cedent for repudiating any nominations
that may hereafter bo made in accord
ance with the usages of our party.
Wo invoke the Democrats of this
Representative District, therefore, to
mako themselves fully acquainted with
these facts, and, having satisfied them
selves that Montour County was ontl-
tlnd to tho candidato for Representa
tive at this time, and that Mr. Clialfant
was resrularv nominated according to
the usages or tho party, glvo to Mr. C,
their undivided support, and thus se.
euro peneo and harmony, and also
assuro tho success of tho whole ticket, a
matter worthy the eflorts of every
Democrat, every friend of his country,
overv ono who desires a restoration of
tho Union.
John M'Wii.i.iams,
Representative Conferees.
William Youicm, JacohShhi.hakt,
Witnesses present at tho Representative
FitKD. Doudi.ASS, ti full-blooded no.
gro, was ono tho principal personages
at the Convention of mean whites nntl
respectable niggers, held In Phllndel
phiaou tho tho third Instant. Fret!
was welcomed with nil tho honors, and
in connection with tho other nlggors in
tho procession was loudly cheered by
tho mean whites. Wo learn iroiu tno
papers that "heart; shouts of applause
uni out when Theodore Titton ana Frea-
eriek Douglass, ' tho renowned colored
orator,' entered WushingtonSptarearm-in-arm."
What say you to this, voters
of Columbia County? Don'tyou think
that negro equality as well as negro suf
frage is forcing Itself, or is being forced
by tho lllaek Republicans upon the peo
ple of Pennsylvania'' Answer at the
Tho Cleveland Convention
Gonornl Wool Tomporury
Harmony and Good Feoling Predom
inate .
DIERS. Tin: Soldiers' nnd Sailor's Conven
ventlon, In response to a call favornblo
to the policy of President Johnson nnd
tho nction of tho Philadelphia Conven
tion, August tho fourteenth, met in this
city to-day. A pavilion ono hundred
feet In length by sixty In breadth, had
been erected in tho park for tho uso of
tho Convention, and nt tlireo o'clock
tho delegntlons entered, preceded by n
band of music, and were scntcd, when
the crowd from tho outsldo were ndmit-
ted, and fllled tho tent to its utmost ca
Previous to tho organization quite a
spirited scene was witnessed, tho dele
gation rising and cheering with all their
might successively for tho " old Hag,"
nnd Generals Custer, Rosscau, Wool,
M'Clcilnn, the Constitution, tho thirty
six States, nnd Andy Johnson, nnd nfter
a brief breathing spell, for Grant, See
retary Seward, the American army, nnd
General Stcedman, and GovernorlJrain-
lette, of Kentucky.
As tho cheering wns cnlled for and
given, in each case, there was n scene of
tho wildest enthusiasm, tho delegates
and spectators rising and swinging their
hats and shouting most vigorously.
Hy previous arrangement Governor
Bramlette nominated General John E
Wool, as tho oldest Major-General in
the United States, nnd probably in tho
world, ns the temporary President.
General Wool was received with loud
cheers, and addressed the Convention.
Tho speech was greeted with applause
throughout, and long continued cheer
ing at its close.
Tho passages declaring that Johnson
can be no traitor ; that the brave nre al
ways generous ; and that, as tho Presl
dent says: "We have had war enough,"
wcro cheered with particular enthusi
asm. Prayer wns ofTered by Captain W. C.
Turner, formerly of the Forty-ninth
Ohio Infantry.
On motion of General Lewis, Ken
tucky, Captain J. C. M. Furbish, of
Maine, and Major Duval Knglisli, of
Kentcky, were elected Secretaries.
On motion of General Denver, n com
mltteo on permanent organization, con
sisting from ono from eacli State, was
On motion General Thomas Kwlng,
Jr., of Kansas, then addressed tho Con
vention, lie elaborately nrgued the
various constitutional questions nt
length, being greeted with great np-
plause, and at tho close loud cheers and
the thnnks of the Convention were giv
en, which resolved to publish the speech
in their proceedings.
Tho Douglas Monument.
Tun monument is situated in Cottage
Grove, on tho bank of tho lake, near tho
southern limits of tho city. It is now
about twenty feet high, nnd will rise to
the altitude of one hundred feet. It is
being built of Illinois limestone, which
is beautiful and durable. It will have
an imposing appearance from tho Inko
and the tracks of tho railways from tho
Soutli and Fast. Its estimated cost is
eighty thousand dollars. It has a cir
cular bascof fifty feet six Inches in diani'
eter, four and n half feet high, ascended
by four steps, on which Is another Dao
witli convex sides of the samo height
On tills tho sepulchre containing the
marble sarcophagus is to rest, nntl above
all will bo nn nrched structure, resting
on four columns, tho inner chamber of
which will bo ten feet square.
On tho four pedestals projecting from
tho corners of tho sepiilehro nro to bo
symbolical statues in n sitting posture
and of life size, which will synibolizo
tho following ideas: Illinois, holding in
her hand n medallion of her son, illus
trious though dead, whllo by her sldo
rests n sheaf of wheat, emblematic of
her agricultural wealth, and tho State
arms, emblematic of her sovereignty ;
America, with a shield ; History, with
her recording tablet; and Fame, with
her trumpet and wreath.
Above tho tomb, nndsupported by its
walls, Is the pedestal of the column.
Tlio four sides of tho pedestal will bo
ndorned with bas-reliefssynibollzlngtho
advance of civilization In the West.
From tills pedestal will rise tho tall shaft
of tho column, forty feet long, tapering
from six feet to three and a hnlf feet, In
five sections, nnd between the sections
stars In bas-relief will Indlcato tho stars
of tho Union. A cap nnd spear to
gether six feet high will form tho cap
ital of tho column, nnd also serve as tho
huso for the colossal bronzo statuo of
Douglas, twclvo feet high, which will
crown tho whole, nt an olovatlon of ono
hundred feet from tho ground. It Is
expected that tho remains of Douglas
will bo deposited In the sarcophagus of
tho monument somo timo in October.
Tho present grave of Mr. Douglas Is
close by tho monument.
Tin: regular Democratic ticket will be
furnished by tho publishers of thU
7b the Voter and freemen of the 7rV-
resriiittttre jmtrm composed oj cue
Vountics of Volumdia and Montour.
ILvvinh been regularly nominated
for the olllco of Representative by tho
DeinocratleConvcntlon of my own coun
ty (Montour), nnd ngnln by tho Confer
ees of tho District In conference of both
counties composing this Representative
District, I have bscomo by this nction
of tho party thu regular Democratic can
didate for tho ofllco In question, mid ,sw
such claim tho support of those of my
fellow-citizens who regard its usages.
This nomination imposes upon mo du
ties which must bo met in a spirit of
good faith and with promptness and en
Under these circumstances I now ad
dress you for tho purpose of saying that
I propose to appear beforo my fellow-
citizens of Columbia County nt as many
points as can bo readied before tho elec
tion, to confer with them upon tho issues
of tho times, and vindicate my own
I am induced to adopt this courso from
having just learned that in Columbia
County a volunteer or irregular candi
date lias appeared upon tho sceno, and
that an attempt will bo mado to indiicu
intelligent and faithful Democrats of
that county to violate their party usugea
by voting against tho regular nomlneo
of tho party.
A statement of reasons for this disor
ganizing project is presented In a paper
said to be signed by a number of thocltl
zcus of Columbia County, and addressed
to tho Chairman of tho Standing Com
mittee. I call your attention! fellow-citizens,
to tho fact that very few of tho persona
whoso namcsaro subscribed to that paper
have any personal knowledgoof any ono
of tho matters set forth as facts in that
statement, and also that tho signaturosi
were obtained by private solicitation, on
false and uufalr representations, without
nny opportunity being afforded to mo
or my friends to be heard upon tho
questions involved.
This disorganizing project for defeat
ing the regular Democratic nomlneo Of
tho district was concocted by a few mis
chievous spirits in secret, and sprung;
suddenly upon tho people without any
opportunity for explanation or dofenco
on my part.
i tun lniormcu Dy several or inosa
whoso names appear to this disorganiz
ing document that they permitted tho
usu of their names under a misconcep
tion of tho facts, and tun further inform
ed and bellovo that the na'ines of othera
wcro used without their consent.
I eniphatlclcally deny, and am pro
parcd to disprove, tho material state
ments contained in that paper relating;
to my connection with tho Senatorial
nomination, which nro mado tho pretoxt
for this opposition to mo, and I promiso
them that tills shall be done most thor
oughly; for although the matters nl
leged, If true, would not justify opposi
tion to a regular nomination, 1 am de
termined that no imputation of a single
improper net, which is falso, shall rest
upon mo.
I did uso my Influence in good faith
to have the Senntorlal nomination go to
Columbia County after tho Montour
Conferees should give a proper support
to tho candidate of their own county,
and at my instanco Mr. Leidy and Mr.
M'Cormlck attended the first day, anil
Messrs. Campbell and Ammonium on
the second day of the Conference, to se
cure such result. Sickness in my fami
ly prevented my own attendance.
I now call upon my Democratic fellow-citizens
to stand by tho regular
nominations of their party, ono und all
of them, which have boen made in ac
cordance v ith the usages of the party,
and to oppose all attempts, come from
what quarter they may, to defeat any
of tho nominees, and to embarass us in
our great contest for tho complete resto
ration of tho Union, and for placing tho
Government again under Democratio
control. Thomas Ciialpant.
DANVILLE, Septemlier 14, lsfiO.
Hon. C. TL. Buokalow in Lock. Havon.
Tins distinguished Pennsylvanian,
being a casual visitor to Clinton County
and tho guest of Theodoro Wright, wa
borenaded on Thursday evening last by
his Democratic friends. In response to
continued calls iio mado a speech In
which tho great iaiues of tho day woro
handled with his acctistemcd clearness,
forco, and ability. His arguments wcro
backed up by citations of facta from cur
rent political history, which gave thorn
that additional weight witli which a
sledge-hammer blow is supposed to en
force on apt rejoluder. Senator Bucka
low's manner of speaking is exceeding
ly cool and deliberate, ami carries with
It the idea of profound solf-convlctlon.
No man who gave him attontion could
fall to be Impressed with tho gravo
character of this polltlcal-canvass, and
the importance of a chango in tno com
plexion of tho next Cougross. Ills
speech was well received, particularly
his endorsement of Muster Clyraer, and
his eloquent appeal for tho Union ; nnd
It may also bo added that it mot the high
enconlum of all fair-minded Republicans
who heard it, which Is no light pralso.
Clinton Democrat, September 13.
Captain IlnocKWAY is on a Btump
ing tour in tho Counties of Sullivan anil
Attknd tho Democratio meeting in
Snyder's Hall on Saturday ovenlng, tho
Wk nro Informed that thero Is a largo
Republican Johnson Club nt D.invllle.
They uro nil down on Mercur, the negro
tamlidttto for Congrcth.
tno (uiurv, v,,v..v-..