Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, March 18, 1848, Image 4

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    Stee mt Lews) Year,
8am t home, oa flaw Ytar'e day,
V . in dishabille. Hia brard iu onahsved, hit hair
wet iMMbK hie boos vra anblecked. ind
. . . lnln ksck in e ptcturrtie attitude,
' '" with tba mantelpiece, tatoking
- egir. Sam thoof lit to himeelf that It wis
v ' le,P 7r. how gJortooa It wouM be if the
7if Udiei could only ba Induced lo mi the mm
'v- tioo, in ccordwK with their ancient prWi.
7 .iPfM. - At tit ut watching ths) moke which
" y f gracefully curled, hU faecy glowed with Iho
: Mow delightful it woo Id be to have the
deer omlurei fondling on hftn, and with ten
der tbwicos endeavoring to do the agreeable I
At he meditated hie heart softened, end he ho
fan to Ml a tquramtah, worranrah sensibility
.diffusa itself over hie feelinga, end thought he
would faint with propriety the fit at lime young
lady ehoold aqoeete hie hand. ." - . '
Rap, rap, rap,' sounded at the door. 8am
peeped through the Venetian blinds. ' Jterey
eiclaimed he, 'ifhere lent Miaa Jones, and I
all in dishabille, and looking like a fright good,
neea wraciout ! I mutt go right away, and fix
myself np . ' ' . - '.
Aa he left the mstn Mm Jonee entered, and
with a composed air intimated that the would
wait. Miaa Sutan Jonee wit a firm believer in
woman' rights, end now that the season waa
propitious, ehe determined to. take advantage
thereof, and to do a little courting on her own
book. It waa one of womao'e privilegee, which
had been oaurped by the tyrant, man, and the
was determined to inert her righto, in epite of
the hollow formalities of a (alee tyatea ef to.
Meanwhile, with a palpitating heart, Sam
Smith went through a aeries of peraooal adorn
ments. The laat twiet waa given to hie collar,
the latt curl to hie whiskers, and with white
cambrick in hand, he descended to the parlor
Miaa Jonee rushed to receive him, and grasping
hia hand with fervor, aaid: Dearest, bow beau
tiful you lojk !' accompanying tbe word with a
glance of undisguised admiration.
Spare the blushes of 'a raodeet young man,'
aaid Sam, applying bia cambric to hia face, to
hide hia confusion.
Nay, my love, why eo coy t eaid Suean ; 'turn
not away those lovely eyee, dark aa the jet, but
sparkling aa the diamond. Lie'en to the vowa
of fond affection. Here let us rest,' said the,
drawing him to a tola; 'here, with my arm a
round tbee, will I protest my true affection.'
Leave me, oh, Seave me, murmured Sam;
think ol my youth, my inexperience apare, ok,
a pare my palpitating heart.
Leave thee,' aaid Siaan, preesing hire cloaer
to her; 'never until the atory of realleee nights,
of unquiet days, of aspiration, fond emotion, and
undying love, ia laid before thee. Know that
for yeara I have nursed fur thee a secret passion.
Need I tell how each manly beauty moved
me; how I worshipped like a sun-flower in the
lurid light; of those scarlet tresses; how my
fond heart waa entrapped in the meabeeofthuse
magnificent whickers; how I waa willing to
yield up to the government of that imperial
thy manners, eojnodeet. so delicate, enchanted
me joy to me for thy joy waa my joy. My
heart ia thine take it take it but first, let
mt analcb one kias from those ruby lips.' '
The over-wrought feelings of tbe delicate
youth were too atmng, aad he fainted from eje
cooa of joy. Meanwhile the enamored maiden
hung fondly over him, and -
Slowly the eyes of Samuel Smith opened
ha gated wildly round bim tbea meeting the
ardent gaze of hia 'lovyer,' bo blushed deeply,
and behind his kerchief faintly lettered out:
its my pm St. Lout Reveille.
A a Uxsxmxtko Rihcontbc A gentlemca
who ree dee in tl.a vicinity of Camden Town, a
widower, with s pretty Isrga family, advertised
for a wife in the 'London Sunday Times, of
courm uoder a fictitious eigna'ure. A com nut -meat
on waa received, the signature of which
was also fictitious; aod after a brief cotreapoo
oYnrc by letter, arrangements were made, aa
toti neanJ pUe for a personal interview. At
the epfxmied hour the gentleman waa in wait
tij in a private ru in one of iba West End
betels ; anil soon after his fair correspondent
made her spesrsnce, Thickly veiled, aod close
ly rauffl?d against impertinent observation.
She entered, of course, with downcast eyes,
which she did not venture to raise until tbe
voices I her a wain, in respectful greeting, fell
no her ear. She started, looked op and the
next momeot uttered a loud ehritk, ia a tone
which tbe gentleman fancied waa aot unfami
liar to him. lie took the liberty of lifting her
veil, and beheld bis eldest daughter
whom ht bad aupposed aafe at ber boarding
school, at Hammersmith. ' It ia needleea tossy
that ha took precautions to keep tbe 8undav
Times out of the young lady 'a bands for the
future i a, however eligible a medium it might
prove to him for obtaining a wife, ha bad no
desire that hia daughters should employ it to
obtain buebaada. London paper.
'.' . a " ' ""1",ssswBswasawa
Aiumno raoai Covea. rereons nsing
atovee for warming apartments, will find that a
: asiiaU piece of commoa resin, dipped ia tits wa
ter which ia pieced ia a aaet oa the stove,
will add a peculiar properly to the atmosphere
of tbe rom which will give greet relief to per-
eons troubled with a cough, who breathe the
'atmosphere of the epattmeet, . The best of the
water ia euflkieat to throw of Iba areas af tba
resin, aad five iba tees relief as e afiWedad
. by a combust ton at tba resta." It ia preferable
, to aoibbostiiNi, becwaea tba evapormtioa is mora
dsrakle. Tkn aasM raaia bmj M aawi lur
waakaV . , ,
- Ttw faAowIng fist shows trie carrent vslna of sfl
Snasyreanuk Bank N te. Tbs most Implies! re-
lianes easy hs placed opnn K. as h t seerjr tee
jarrfully campared with S4d sorrected from Bitk-
atU'a Reportsr. . . ; '
Ktenlia la PhDaMlalpiaa.
nana of IVofth Amerioa , : , par
Bank ef the Northern I Jherties , - par
Commerelel Bank of Pena'a. . , par
rarmerr ami Mernanirs uenk . . par
ICenainsjton Bank ' - par
Philadelphia Bank .' ; . . I par
Schuylkill Bank .' . . . par
Soathwark Bsnk V ' pat
Westara Bank par
Wachsnioa Bank . par
MmnlwtDmr at Meohsnics' Bant par
Bank of Penn Township . . psr
GirsrdBank . . . per
Bank or Commerre, lte Meyamenatof par
Bank of Pennsynranla" pat
. Country Banks.
Bank of Chester Cnnniy Westcnester par
Bank ef TMaware Connry Chester ' par
Bank of Oermantown Germantown par
Dana or Monieomery to.' ' iNornslown par
Doylretown Bank Doyleatown par
r. anion Bank" ' Kasinn - par
rarmars Bank or Bnrka eo.v Urttol par
Bank or ivmthambeilande 'X.irthomberland par
uommraa Hank A HrNlKecn.'i;olumbia par
Fannsra Bank of Incaster Lsncistei par
Lancaster County Bunk
Lancaster Bank
Farmers' Bank ef Reailing
Office of Bank of Perm's.
OlTies do do
Office do do
Office do do
I .ancsster par
Lane tar pat
Raline, par
Harriahuigt These
Lancaster i offices
ftesding dn not
Castoa J issue n.
)ank of the United Statea . Philade lphia
Miners' Bank or rottsvitle" I'otisaills
Bank of 1-ewintown Iwirtown
Bank of Middlotowo Middletown
Cariisle Bank CarKale
Exchange Bank Pittsburg
Do do branch of Hollidavaharg
Ifarrisbnrg Bank Ilanrinburg
Lebanon Bank Lehanun
Meirbanta ft Manuf. Bank Pittalmrg
Bank of Piltaburg Piltabuir
West Branch Bnk Williamsport
Wyoming Bsnk Wilke.barra
Northampton Bank Allsntown
Berks County Bank Reading
Office of Bank of U. 8. Pittsbure
Do do do Erie
Do do do New B rich ton
Bsnk of Chstnbersburg Chamberaburg
Bank of Gettysburg Gettysburg
Bank ol Sorquehanaa Uo. Montrose
Erie Bank Erie lil
Farmers' & Drovera' Bank Wsneshurg a
Franklin Bank Washington I J
Honesdale Bank Honeadale I
Monongahsla Bank of B. Brownsville 1
York Bank York al
N. B. T he notea of those lnka on which we
smitqoofatkma, aod aubatitote a dash ( ) are not
purchased by tbe Philadelphia brokers, with the
exception of those which have a lettor of rt Csrsnce.
Philadelithia 8av. lira.
Philadelphia Loan Co.
SchuTlkill 8a v. Ins.
Kensington 8av. Ins. A
Penn Township 8av. Ins,
Manual Labor Bank (T. W Dyott, prop.) failed
rewanda Bank
Alleghany Bank of Pa.
Bank of Beater
Bank of Swatara
Bank of Waahingtoa
Centre Bank
City Bank
Farmera' & Mech'ra' Hank
Farntera'dt Mech'ca' Bank
Farmera' A Mech'ca" Bauk
Harmony Inaiitote
Huntingdor. Bank
Juniata Bank
Lumbermen's Bsnk
Northern Bank of Pa.
New Hope DA. Bridge Co.
Nortbumb'd Union CoL Bk.
North Western Bank of Pa.
Office of 8choylkill Bank
Pa. Agr. ec ManuC Bank
8ilver Lake Bank
Union Bank of Penn'a. .
Westmoealand Bank
Bedford no aale
Banter closed
Hariisburg closed
Washington failed
Uettrfunle rlied
Pittsburg no sale
Pittsburg fsiled
Fayatts fmled
Greeneastle failed
Harmony no sals
HunlingJon oo sale
Iwiotowo oo sals
Warren . failed
DundatT no sale
New Hope closed
Milton no sale
Meadsille clused
Port Carbon
Carlisle failed
Monlniae closed
Unionlewn failed
Greeusbure closed
Wifkasberre Bridge Co.
Wilkestiarre oosste
dp- All Botes purporting to be on any Pennsyl
vaoia Bank aot given in the shove list, may be est
Iowa aa frauds.
Bank of New Brunswick . Brunswick
Belvideie Bank Belvidere
Burlington Co. Bank Mrdiurd
Commercial Bank Perth Amboy
Cumberland Bank . Bridgeion
rarmrrs' Bnk . Mount Holly
Farmers and Mechanics Bk Rshwsy
Farmera and Mechanics' Bk N. Biunawick
Farmers and Merchants' Bk Middbrtowa Pi.
Franklin Bank of N. J. Jersey City
Hobokeo Okg oi Uiaxing v-o Hobukea
leiery City Bank Jrrsrv Citv
Mecbanka' Bank Palletsoq
Manufacturrra Bank Belleville
Morria County Bank Morristown
Muomoulh BkofN.J. Freehold
Mexhaoics' Bank Newark
Mecbaniea' and Manof. Bk Trentoo
Morria Ceael and Bkg Co Jersey City
Post Notes
Newark Bkg dr. Ins Co Newark
BO Sala
New Hope Del bridge Co lmberUvilk
N. J. Maoafac. and Bkg Co Hobokeo
N J Protectee) at Lombard bk Jeney City failed
Psuraua Bank
Peoples' Bank
Princeton Bank
Salem Banking Co
8tate Bank
Biate Bank
tkale Bank
Siate Bank of Morria
Bute Beak '
Salem and Pailsd Manuf Co
Boeast Bank
Tientoa Banking Co
Union Bank
Washington Banking Co.
8alem ' '
New ton
Tree loo
Hackansack '
Bk of Warn eV thaudswiae Wiaaingtoa
Baok ef Delaware ... WilmingUNk
Bank ee eayvM" - - Baayina par
Do breach Mitfor4 - par
rarasere Ekef Staas eDel Dover pat
Da ataaeti i . WUmiagaaa par
- lea asaarh Gasrgetawa per
Do - araacks '. i Nswaeatla - par
UaaaaBaatk . ' WisBMagsaa pee
T UaeW ft's .
fXJ On aU swnks marked tbaa f) tbera am et.
aW saaaMfail se aaaeai asm tf aM wmsm aV
ST effia CD CO X
f nHli Mediclns Is watr mted, oa aatb, not to
Jl aontatn a panlole of Calomel, Corroeive 8ob
limMe, Arsenic, CariirMe Of Ueld, off any delete
roue minerals .. .
Tbe prinelule aeon whtch this Medicine acta, I
bv aaslatine and hirmonUnt with hstursv It
drives out ell foul aerimnnlnoe humors from the
blood and body, arid by assimilating srith and
strrntthrnlne tbr kvetrle juirs of the stomach, it
ssetsis dtgea Ion I In short there la hot s vein. arte.
ry, muscle or nerve in the hkman lHdy, thai ie
not atrengihenej by tba PANACEA, nnJ It also
possesaas the remarkable property of removing
mercury from the bones and Joints. ' , '
Scurvy, Scorboik Affections, Tumors, Scrofula or
Kings' Evl , White Hwetlint, Eryslpel , Ulcere.
Cancers, Running Sores, Best and Biles time
and a determined perseverance In D . SWEET
SER'S PANACEA, will effect a tors.
Rejection of fiod, Nues, Vomitings, Nervous ef
t'retions. Billion, eempraint. Head arbe, Pateness,
or Female lneguIarHiea, Dr.SWEETSEICS PA
NACEA will soon effect a core t hut if obvrtnate,
or attended with griping, flying pain, tbe dwe
should ke inerraed, snd tbe core will soon be ef
fected. I.ei not the patients frighten themselves
with the ides that they are ton wek to take much
mrdii'ine; hut bear in mind diet this mi'dly opera
ting mad cine put not wraknese into tbe frame, but
mutt certainly draws weiknts out, leaves strength
in its place, and by giving composed sleep at night,
and an appetite to relish any f.Kd, re-anims'es the
whole frame wi lt vigorous action, clearing the
mind and improving tbe sight.
Scrofula is aiid lo be heriJilary. the infant tf
celving from its parents the seeds ef this drseae
which Increae-a with its yeara. If neglected aod
not aubinit'ed to frequent piinDcitinn with Or,
8WEET8ER'S PANACEA. The glsn Js are p's-
red in the corners of the body, and out of the way
of direct communication thrir real Ore N a subject
on which much difTnrence of Opinion prevails it
somVes us to know lb ,t when In a dead stats.
tbey are cnpaMe of leing ur fird and cleansed by
a long cour.a of Dr. BWf.El SEK 3 PAN A
t CA, which restores them to sou nu and pinpi-r
sction. Scrofut ua person rsn never nav too much
attention to their blond, its poriAVelion shoo'd lis
their Ur.l thuaght, for atlrr a long courts of perse
verance, ihiy will aver curs ueredittry discs is.
8WERTSER S PANACEA cannot be too biah
ly extolled ; it sesrehes ont the vrry root of the
disesse, snd y rm iirg it from tbe Blood mskes
s cure certain and prrminent.
For disesses of ins and Kidntit, Stric
ture!. Gravel. Stone, file. Fintula. Viinaru Ob'
itructinnt and Extreme Coxtlveneu Dr. 8 WHET.
SEK'9 PANCEA is the best remrdy ever ire I
it removes all thots acrimonious humors fr.rm the
Blood which give rise to the shove dieesnrs, and
by keeping tbe blood in a pure condition, insures
Impur titi tf the Blood, Mtreurtal Tnint. Wrote
nrst oft he Sp'nt Flow af Blood to tUe Head Gid-
d'tiem. Sinking and Butting Ae'se in the Head
and Ear$, Vr. HWEG iSKlrS nW AUBA will
live certain relief ; in all aevsrs and Chronic rases.
the petirnle cannot be loo often reminded that tar
err dote and nrrseeereaet will rflct a cue.
In Chill and Feter. Biliou Frttr. Ajfeetion
nf the Eye and Ear. Spongy and Btredtng
Gam Brnchiti and rtctnt Covgh and Culd;
Dr. BWEETSER'9 PANACEA will be feued
perfectly surs snd certain in it effect. .
Tbors comp'ain's are generally attended wi'b
tbe moat fatal ronsi quencee. and are seldom or ne.
ver raed by the present m nle of trestittent ; lhy
Ufusty secompany tbe patient t the grave, afirr
xiirTfruiK the most rzcruriating pain and torture.
The cauae of ihrse c implain a are the asms ss all
4hns. thedioss vl the blood hecomacacrusted en
the finest nairow passages, whence are . morbid
eecietiona and stoppagi a of mine. You will find
the most powerful d srHic ef no use, as they only
increase the qusutity ef urine suJ do not pu ify
nd slreoalhn th- part. Bv purifying the blood
iili Dr. SWEETdER'8 PANACEA, ton n
move the cause ol ibediaaue.conarqueutty it can
net eiiet any longer, after aufftcienl peraeversure
in ite use baa deprived the td'tod sad body of ell
acrimonious humors sod incrustation. -
Thia ia a very prevxlent and fatal dieae ; it re
auba ittfMly from neglected coughs, rokls snd hron
chiti., aUo from imiHoper treatment ia many ut'-er
cases, 'such as measles, fevers, inflammations snd
ntsll pot, snd s brwt of other My trrsted dieessee;
where the cause, instead nf having tiara thoroughly
removed from the Mood and body, bavs ordy been
palliated or removed from one p irt to broih out in
soother. By diveeting y sor botliee of all foul hu
mors, through the medium of Dr. 8WEBT8EH 8
PANACEA, too curs is et once rendered emein
snd perinaurnt. R-colled, while Ibere is scrirao
iiious humors tVtetiitg in the riiru'aiioo, it i. as apt
to set lis on the lungs s any oilier part of the body (
this ie the reason lb.! consumption ie so prevalent.
Which yuu aes en the ex'erior. come from and
have their source in, the imeiiur, and might just as
wail have tented en ynui lungs, liver, or any nlbef
pit which oa know they frequently ds and pro
duce mod violent iuflaminaioty disorders. 1'be
humor which ores ions these eorre is of a highly
acrimonious Ituroiog astute. Ws know it from
the pain h gies in forming, snd afterwanls its ra
pldly ulcerating and eorrtling the flesh snd skin
of the pa' I where it brisk out. Thia shews tbe
nrcesidty of fietuentlv puiifyiog the Mood with Dr.
SWEETSEK'S PANACKA. and keeping such
malignant hunvwa ia su j- rtion, Hbould you have
a bile or ulcer, he ihsnkful thst natU'e has taken
trouble le warn you ff tbe danger your life and ho
dy ie in, for ii ia a warning thai the blood is foul.
Had this a me acrimony ebe'td the lunga in-trad
tif the eurfare ef your body for ita seat, consump
tion uf the lungs woo d hsvt been ihe'coiisequeix e.
D-lsy not tlea, ie puiify sad cleanse with Dr,
Spinal affectiona, t nlargernent of the banes snd
Joints, white swellings, hip joint complaint, top
luiea, falling of iba bowels snd wom' dieea.e, will
fin.) a speedy onre ia i. SiVEETEH S PA.
NACEA. Where the disease hat been of l g
eundiag, the lime required to make a care will be
longer but Una patient may reel assured thai a
dtttcrmmed pafaavcraare will sflect U.
; These diioaaet proceed from the aerlosity or
eorrapthnmora et the blood, baviog e t'red itsslf oa
the throat and hinge, and stopped ihem an, eo that
tbey cannot draw euflksbni air ia for ret pi ration.
Dr. SWEETSEB'B PANACEA wtl give Imma.
diiraUrf,aod to make rb Mrs serfsat, tad es
atln. It ahoakl be eontlDVeil Mai ttrtte after, it
fees the system af all bad heatore.
Fled a. sat snd speedy cure la Dr. SWEET'
StR'S PANACEA. It cures by seamhing every
Mood eeeet Snd artery, and driving ont all Impa
rittea and foal bamors aacnmalated therein, whioh
e the cause vt rn nmatism, gout .and awetungabf
tns joints. The deieterona effects of calomel snd
other mineral poisona, readily yield to tla sovereign
Influenset Indeed, when Ita vabiable pmnsrtiee be
come fully known, tbe uae nf all miner I poison will
be consigned to 'the tomb of all the Capnleia,' snd
only be thooght of ss a by-gone custom of the dsr
ker sges. . Dr. Sweet xer's Psnaeae is also a ears
curs for dyaeepais, pi lea, costivetiesa, vertigo, bead-
acne, pale ia the breast and liver eomplemt.
Fever Is klwaya ceased by e disorderly move
ment er tbe Mood, strut gline to fiee itsrlf of so
thing that euCambera kt v. in fart, every kind of fe.
ver is nothing mee than a struggle between lac
blood and corrupt bnmors, and ss aoon as the cnr
rnpt humors are rxpeled, you have no more fever.
vv oen a patient with fever submits to be Wed, or
have his blond poisoned with mercury, it weakens
nts irame to such a degree that if be survives the
prorss, it always leaves him subject It distressing
chilli, when limes out of 10 he resort to sius
pill, powders, oi tonic mixtures; this ia going from
had to worae, aa theae vegetable pills, powders, dta,
are nothing hut mercury and qu'tune in disguise,
wb;ch may fur e time drive the disease so fr into
the body as n.4 to be perceptible, but very aoon it
will break nut again wilh fretful violence To cure
ague and fever, the cause of the disease must be re
moved out of the blood snd body, which ran be ef
fectually done by using Dr. 8WEET8ER'8 PA.
NAUEA, which purifies, cleanse snd strengthens.
It rontsina nothing thst csn poeill injure, and its
use is alwsys s safeguard againt cliiUa and fevers.
In ttt. fWe ne Pure. Dr. 8WEETSER'S
PANACEA will effect a very speedy cure. It re
n;re from the blitod. slomscb and bowels, all
those foul acrid burning humors, which srs the
cause of Piles and Coetivemes and by strengthen
ing Ihs digestive organs, improves every part of ibe
tntiie body.
There dieenere ae csu ed by the stomach and
bowels being choked np with viscid slimy maitr,
the air whit b enters them etnnnt e eipe until forced
by some contraction f lha a omach toeipel it;
bfti'CC the reuse of pain. A few doses nf Dr.
8WEET8ER'd PANACEA will couvince the
sufieicr tbat telief is attained.
Parents will fi..d the PANACEA a v.duble
mmlicine foi their cbildie n, keeping their bodies in
s healthy cmdiiion, thereby eaieting their g owih;
children or g'owu persons, after taking it. are not
liaMe to be attacked with an epidemic a before, as
it slwsys leaves the blood in a puts comlition. and
ibetnlire system in a strengthened slate; it drive
out a I kind of weakneas from lbs body and kavrs
all beal by wkKin.
WUl find Dr. 8 WE TisER'S PANACEA a medi
c ne purely adapted lo thsir use. . Mont Isdies du
r'nu His peri d of preunsnry sre affl'Cted with piles.
Dr. Sweeiser's Panacea, by regutatina the botvt-1,
wiN entirely nbvteie ibis, and Na purifying proper
ties on the blood and flohls, inurea lo them heal
thy off-pring, No one who is a mother should be
without it, sr d those who sre nunir g will find it
of gieel b nfil to the heslth sf their infents.
For briennes and s'l diseases nf the womb, it
ia without s rival in tbs entire histoiy snd etul-tgus
of medicines; by its eitrtordinsry strengthening
power, it stimulates and strengthens lbs womb, s
weskness of which is the eaute of failure to have
Under this head may be clsssed Palpitation of
tbe Heart, Te Doloresul or Factuche, Neuralgia.
lndgee:i,in, Toothache, Melsnchorj, Hysterics. and
in fact, every disease caused by the shvrp, tiling
acrimonious humors irritating Ihs nsrvss ; the
nerves receive the morbid impteaninn from tba 'to
rn tch, or rather frm tbe blood through lha aimry
of the stomach -nd dige live organs, and although
other parta of the body are appireutly tbe teat of
the dierase, slill it is caused by tbe morbid impra
aim conveyed from the blood bv the nerve, lo that
pa t A lew dosea of Dr. 8WEETEK8 PA
NACEA will aoon assure the paticul that he baa
the cure iu hia poaeeeaion,
Thia ie an inflammatory dioider, alw .ya attend
rd with more or less pain. It procrede from the
foul, actimonioua bumora lodged in lha bbwd and
fluids, settling on Ilia brnle snd face, causing ei
Irrme psin and fevers ; sll appliratione on the sor-
fsrs sre worse titan useless, ss they only lnd to
tbrow the disese in some ether pert, snd perhaps
cause death. Bleeding is likewise improper. To
cuie the di-ease you mu-l get rid of ihs csose ; on
ly msnsgs t get the foul humors out of your blond
and you will be well in a day. Dr. MWEET
SEK'S PANACEA, a thorough purifier of the
til.Mkl, will search out every impurity in tba mora
remote pirla ef tba body and eipl it through the
medium of tbe bowels, 1 here is aot a vein, arte.
ry, muscle or orgao of tbe entire fremewoik of
roan, that Dr. Bwselaer's Panacea does trot im
prove. T take it when you are well Is to keep
wad ( and when sick to become weu. ,
posed otdy ot a vegoiahle metier, or imvtieai nerbe.
and wairanteJ, na eatb, aa containing not one par
licle of mercurial, mineral, or chiaiical substances,
is found to be peifecUr harmleta to lha mo-t tender
age, or the weakest frame, under any stage of hu
man suffering ; the mo-t end benicn in its
0ertion that was ssr offtred to the world; and
ai tbe same tuns ihs meet certain in aean bmg out
the root nf any complaint, huvagvar deep, and ef
performing a S 're. ,-
Price $1 per boUle, er aig botilee for fS. , For
ssle, wbolesala and retail, at the corner ef
CHARLES and PRATT SueMa. Baliimore, ami
Nov. 6 1847. 'y Hunhury,
OS North 2d tu bet. Arr.h & Usee (.,
BRADY A PAttKER leeprcifuliy mhww their
friends and the public that ihiy btve taken
ibe above named bouse, recently kept by J. 8.
Adsme, end are ptepered ta aceommadais custo.
mere in the aioet Mtisfaclory manner aod et ret
onehle prices.
Their taMe will be eapplied with Ibe bM vari
ety '.ho market affords their Vrtors and alespfng
eptrtmenie will be la the beet enter. The house
bee been thoroughly Mpalred and foralshed with
g view ta lha eoiufoi. of imvaHsrs and etrengore.
' Having bad ssewtl years experience ia the
baeioeee, ibev hope to give general ea'kfaetien,
sad respectfully invite trav.llets and ' etrsaeeva aa
give teem a can.
Ive ibem a can. ' BRADY s PARXBR,
nSMetrkJumarffut ? " y
GeX32 IllCE)rci
Vceefable Unlvcrnal rilltu ,
Tar setrV hmm Ud!eSm tkat af fAesame lime
parget prym an urmgfMm t aeeyscm.,.
. LavBea, Jalv 7. IMt.'
TTKR, Lt ROr PilU art a nsw msdicioe
Uy which hss jest sppesrsd, and k Let tsklng
ibe places of all others of th same etsss. These
pills era composed of many Ingredients, bat tbe
two princital ones err Hsrsspsriils and Wikl Cher.
ry, eo enireit that tbey act together t the one,
thtottgb Its admltture with ether eob-ttccet. na-
rnying ana purging, wmrs me Oteef IS SI rvwafhsn
Ing ihs system. Thns those pills srs si lbs earn
time tonic and opening ; a desideratom long and
eagerly sought ft by. medical men, bnt never be
fore discovered. In nther words thet do the Work
of rwtfmeihcinea.' and do It much better than any
two we knew or; for. i bey remove hotbiat from
the system but the impurities t so that while thev
purse they strengthen i and hence they cause' no
debilitation, end era followed by nn re-action. Dr.
Le Roy's pills have a wonderful influence on the
blood) they not only pnrif, without weakenina it,
bnt they lemove all U" particles from Ihs chyle
befots if is converted into fluid, snd thus mske im-
pere blood en utter impos ibility. As there is no
debilitation, so there ia no nausea or sickness at
tending the operations of this meet excellent of me.
dirlne, wbtch never -trsins or tortures the digrs
ties functions, 1ot ciU'es them to Work in s ner-
fertly netorsl meaner l and benre petaoai takine
them .da not become pare and em tcisted. but the
contrary I for while it ia the property of th 8srsa-
panlla, united as it is with other ingredients, to
remove aM that ia foreign and impure, it is equally
the property of ths Wild Cherry to retain all that
ia natural and aound; and hence a robutt state of
brabb is the certain result ef their united opera-
liana, rj rnce x cents per bua.
Agenu far Le Roy'e Pdis.
J. W. FRIIJNO, - .
i ' M. A. McCAY, Norihumberl'd.
August gist, HIT. ly
Watches, JcwHIry and Sil
ver ware.
Guaranlrri better fur the pnte than at ant other
Atort tn rhilailtrphia. may be hud,
' ' 1 ! UWtWf enrf Rtta i. at
No. 73 IVorth 2d ttreet, above Arcii
I7A1CBE', all ktnd, fair, low snd Bvdium
' qu ililies, among which are, .
Gold Levera, full jewell'd, f 10 to f 100
" lupines, do . S5t 40
8ilver levera, r"o SO to SO
- . Lepi irs, do IS to 19
Quartiers. fine, 9 to 10
(Just tier , imitation, ' ft'
1 Jiwsilrt DiamonJe, Gold Chains, Gold
Pens w i'b Gold and Silver holder. Pencils Ursast
Pins, Finger and Ear Rings, Bracelet', C,neo
of shell, coial snd lav, with every nther article of
L-welliy of tut richest aud mot fsshionabte pat
terns, . ,
Silvan Was Pla'ea, Foika, Spoons, Cups,
6xrM nf Miami od Silver.-
I'ttTKo Wans. Cantors. Cake Bwkets. Fsna,
Yeses. Csrd Cesss, und other Rich Fancy Good
in great v-rirtj.
Wbidessle Buyers will save money by calling
here bf-rs purchasing. '
CO" Keep ihi ndvi rti ement, snd esll at No. 7S
You win WeaUafied the Gitods ere really cheaper
and better then are Xred in the city. For ssle,
low, hsndnomft pur of 8h0w Cases, uilahle for
s Jewrllry or Fancy store. Apply at above.
8ept SSlh. 1M7 ly
No. SO Market Street, five doors below
Third, Smith side.
Impnrtera lb Wholeaale Dealers Iu
mnA rCHES. Watch tils eessnd Materials.
W . Jsoelrv of sll deciipli in, qualilie snd
styles, cnmiiiiing ail lbs article connected
with the Trade,
Diaeon ej- Son's Briisnnii, G rmao Silver snd Sil
ver-Plated Wares.
Sheffield snd Birminghsm fisted Fancy Articles.
Rodxets A. Sitn s sod Woetenholm Cutlery, lis-
tors. He seors, Ers-eia, lletk Kni'es, 6ce.
Ivory UindtedTsble Cutlery, of ihs finest, mediam
snd common 0,'isMies.
A latge Kseortmeet of Gold Pens.
Pen focal Snecisebs.
Papier Msche and Jtpanned Traya, various shape
and qu dilies. at re-tU'Cd rates
Gold Watch Cts. s, Dials snd Silver-Ware, ef all
deseripiions,msnHfsctursil to order.
DICKSON dr. CO hsvioe recently removed
into the Urss snd rommmlioue warehooae formerly
occupied by Messrs. R. Asnossv dt Sons, snd
mors recenllr bv AascaT Raaissros, beg
leave to inforrs Watch Deaters.C untry Merrhsnte
and otbrra. that they deeign having at all timet a
lares sstttmrm ef tl ods, of thrir own import
lion, which thsy ere determined to sell si Ihs lowest
rates. '
try Evsrv attention will he paid to the Packing
of GchIs, and in the eiecutioo of Orders, tbe qu li
lies aadpiicai will be fully gu.raolieJ against all
cotnpsrition. 1
PhihM!elpNa. June lth, IB47. ly
First lVeiiiium U rilinp Ink.
No. 67 North Third Street,
TrTVjROM Dr. Hare, the celebrated Profseor ef
IP Cbrmialry in tbe Universrty of Penn a.
Pbi!d-libla, Oct. 1I.184S.
"Dear Sir Hsvioe Hied teur Ink, I will thsnk
you to send me another bottle, ss I find it to hs
eicellenl. I sm yours, truly.
Rose. Hass."
From Dr. Locke, of Cincinnati, distioguuhsd
for his numerous seieniiffs reaeaches. -
"Msdicsl College of Ohio. Crneinnsti,
January IT, l44.
Having need Mr. Hover's Writing Ink, I sm
estiefiexl ibat it ia the beH which he ever come le
my kaowledee, snd eeieriaiy it ie txeltent for the
uee 4 Steel Pen, and wtU not corrode them, even
to long ase.
loan Ieea t. Prof, of Chemisiry.
- ' From a well known scientific gentlemen.
' -Philsdelidlia, retv ST. I4.
Mr. Joseph E. Hover Ski A nesefyeorCe.
an at, and eotne practical feirs of its superiority,
baa induced me to rece nruend it lo ethers as
invaluable article for mending China Olaas, er
Cabinet Ware. - ' Csareait Menriv,
; Auetttc Cheaiialw -Fee
sale et the Manufactory, Wbbele sad Re.
tail, Ne. ST Neera Terse aVrsarr, eppssits
,y - - i : . JUOLrtS ri. nut till,
May St. tMT. ftO ty " 1 Mewafhoerer,
TTft ERttONS. i ravelling this route, are be
VT iahesstd that tbey eaa proeara ,thmee
Hckstsw be seakiaa set ttoat iua at the Hsse. af
1 1
Uh Mies Weevar, Baal
Mkejre.- ' sV-B-tPf.
' - He Be IIACC -A, '
f t m '-CSUfdJUAaT. PA
B net neea attended to la iba nowndee Of Na.
tbumterrand, TJaiea, Lycoming snd Celambta.
' P. aV AI' RevoeeT; ' " ' ' '" ' 1
;-'! Low en eVBavrne, I
v etaacea ck ftaeneaaaei yPkUod.
, Ktvaotaa, MaFaataae aV Co.
. . .' Sraaise, Geaa dc Co., .
. 'T " 'astatife -.
r-"i eeaoB t ,- T;' ,t-v-.(
-.'.' ,,veaa. M..t -pew. .. ,,,;
, eis, vec wosk or ret
vmb ceaaa or reetntene" aava -te
it a sorten er astva. t
ARE YOU A MOTHER! Tear darUng child
your idol and earthly Joy, ia now nerhapt
confined to ber chamber by a dangerous enbl b
pale checks, her thin shrunken fingers, tsll th
hold di-ease baa already gained apon bet thi
sound of her eepulchral cough pie ices your sont.
lUUNu MAN. when iust about to enUr lit
disease abeds a heart rrtt'hing blight over the fi
prospecta of the futuie your heotie cough and fee
bla limbs tell uf your loss and hope, but you nei
not despair. Them ie e balm which will beat tb
wuundrd lungs, it ia
8 II E n M A W B
Mrs. ATTREE. ths wife of Wm. H. Attrs
Esq. wss given Dp by Dr. Sewall of Washingtni
Die. Roe and McClellan of Philad-li.his, Dr. Rt
snd Dr. Molt of New York. Her friends s
thought ehe mast die. She had every appearsni
of being in consumption, snd was so ptnnounci
by bar physicians Sbermau'e Balaam was givt
and it cured her.
Mr. GARRABRANTZ, nf Boll's Frtry.w
atsit cuied of consumption by this D ilssm whi
sll other remedies ft'ted to is relist she wss t
ducrd to e skeletm. Dr. A. C. Castle, D-nii
381 Brondwsy, has witnessed itseff-rts in sevei
cs-es where no other medicine sfloitlcd relief b
the Blsm operated like a charm. Dr. G. st
witnessed i's wonderful elTrCts in curiog sthtt
which it never fails nf doing. Spitting Bloo.l, ah
miug aa ii may be, iaetfectually cured by this 11
sam. It heels the ruptured or wounded bio
vessel, end mskes the lunga aound again.
Rev. HENRY JOMES, 108 Eivhih avem
was cured nf couth and catarrhal afT ctions !
yew a amling. The firai dwe tave him m ire
bef than all the other medicine he had ever ttk
Dr. L. J. B- als, 19 De'anry strret, gave it t
si-ter-in-taw who weslahnrinc under con-ampii.
and to another sorely aftl cted with Ihs Atht
In loih cases, its effect were immedisie, soon
toring tli, m tn eomf isb'e health.
Mrs. LCt:RETI WELLS. 5 Chitie sn
tufC-red Tom Asthma 4S yars. Kherm-n's I
sam relieved her at onre, and ahe is eomparatii
well, being rtisblrd to aubdue every attack l
timely use of this medicine. Thi indeed ia
areat remedy f r Cougt-a. Cnlda, Spilling Bl
Liver Complaints, and all t':s ail rtinn of
throat, and even Asthma and Consnmp.iwn.
Price 85 rente and SI per bottle.
Dr. Sherman's Coogh and Worm Loaenges,
Poor Men's Plaster sold above.
tit. Sherman'a . tTice i al 106 Nssean et N
Agents, JOHN YOUNG. Bunhurv.
M A.M.C.Y, Nortbumberl
September llih, 1847 .ty
Tlio Grand Purgati
Headache, Giddinesie,
Rheumatism, Piles,
Dytpep is, Scuivv,
etm!! Poi. Jaundice,
Pains in the Ba k,
fnward Weknes,
Telpitaiion of tba Heart,
Rising in the Throat,
Dropy, Asthma,
Fevera nf sll kind.
Fi male Coinplainte,
Measlee. 8all Rheu
Hearl Burn. Worn
Cholera Morbus,
Coughs, Q iin-ey,
Whooping G.iuxh,
Consumption, Fits
Liver Compltinl,
Eris'pelaa, Deaf e
Itching nf the k
Cold. Gout, Grav
Nervous ('omplsir
Oram niscssia sett
ass a vssiitv or
rsoM ivtrvsiTira or tub a loos, aen oi
Eiperienea hss proved that nearly ever)
ease originate from Impurities nf the Blood
rantements of ihe Digestive Organs i snd to r
Health, we must remove those ohtruclione
etore the lilood lo tie natural state. ...
The avsrsioa taking med'eino ie most
tnally removed by tticaiss'e Vsarvtsia
etviva Pitta, teinT tKfnplttely enveloped u
rooting nf pure white Sugar, (whirb ia as d
fr,m the internal ingredients ss s nut shel
Ihe kernel) ase aavs so tssts ee msbici;
Hut et as easily swallowed aa bile of
Moreover they neither nnutente er gripe '
slitfh'est detree. Iml operate equally mi all t!
raerd pane of the ayeem, instead of cot
lhem-eles to, and rsrhing any riieule
Thev if H i Iiver he sHecied. one inaredie
norie on th l parncuUr orgsn, ami, by etc
il of an Eicevs of Bile restore il to its r
state. Another will operate nn the B oo
remove sll impu-itie ia its circulation;
third will rfTerlually sipel whstever int
may bsve been discharged inb Ihe stomac1
hence they sraiea t tbs soot er aissi
move all Impure Humors from ths body
ihs poree riternally snd internally; aepir ,
fore gn and obi eiioua particles from the cf
Umt the blood my be thoroughly pnrs thu
ring a fee and healthy action to lha Heart,
and Livsi; snd thereby ihey astToaa na
The entire Iru'h of ibe ebovs ran be a see
by the trial of a eingte boa j and their virt
a ponitivs ami certain in ree'or ng Hesli
the proprietor bimls himself lo return the
paid for them in all cases whets thsy do r
univerest esriesetsm. -
Retail Price, 35 c. per n
e a p.Jncip J office Ne. uVey al, N
Sold by JOHN YOUNG. Wunbur
M. A. McCAY. Northum
frf Itememhef Dr. C. V. Clickener is
senior of ihs Sugar Coated Pbla, snd that
ut the et wee ever aeord of ant it be int
ihem ia Jane. 143. Patclsaseio shoe id. il
always ask for CaVkenet's Sugar Coated P
lube as ethers, or tbey will be made ihe vi
a fraod etept. Itlth. tttT !
" Georce J, IVearcr
No. H North Water Street, rhiUultlp.
rfTAS roaetantly sa hand, a geoera
l II aaeat of Uirdas Seene Twiwse,
tsri Rases, risking Kepes, White Rose
Rooea, Tew Lisas fnr Canal Boats,
somplste aseortmer.1 of Setae Twines, e
rfesnp 8oa ana Ifsrrms; ivtsss, pv ra
Nat TvtiM. Csaiesi Masai end Harriaa Tw
nreade, aU, eW Awe, Bed CaribV Pna
Halt'rWsa. Cesaoa ssW Liaaa Oarpa
aVawaklaf wktaB wO saeaaaf aa r
fir 'i ti O f r.i e