Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, March 18, 1848, Image 3

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(CwtMMa2Hdt jrtha aWi LSfft1 I
, V r A giitve PrriiHC I A
.fTAUMS.eiNi.Maeh 1848
SMiTt JMJIr JtWfc r.7Ko'wMi,
a itipplement to' fcjjct?il,rV .
The bill relative ta tha Cosarittn-5ebnn1e f
thia Commonwealth wm Ukn ( , author!,
seethe Direerore ta prwefit tha rntradaetion at
children at rwnil under lit trirrntit After
a. debate, In whieh Meesr. ftandersqnjattbiae,
Johnson rxlortir1ofrr,tp nii'ndment wat
offered and (rend to.. axing the age for the ad-
mitiion of children at fee yeara. The bill, as
thof amended. then rstd loal reading.
' Ho tit a B th" ReptledBf Mr. Myert. to
provide for the reyieion.of the revenue lawa.
Mr Friek.a aunphmeat relative to defalea
:ion. ,1 iiii-j vi i:
' Mr. Fox, the . bill to aeeare pnrchatert at
therilTa aalea-i-ai rortiVnittad. ' ' ' -". '
The Governor hae ttgned The bill for the bet
or regulation of the Fire Department of the city
nd county of Philadelphia. , Alto, the bill for
ba removal of theeeat of justice 'of Schuylkill
ounty, from Orwigsburg to PottsviHe
lUaaisatfao, March II.
Sinatk The aiipplement to the act ineorpo.
tting tba Wisconsin Canal Company was taken
p and patted. ' ' " '
BUlr read in ploce Mr. Sanderson, relative
pteadingi in Court of Juttice,
Mr. Mason, a tupplement to the act to incor
rata the Stratburg, Williamtport and Elm if a
ailroad Company
Mr. Beat, to provide for the- tale of certain
tl eetate in Danville, lately the property of
e county of Columbia.
The bill to exempt property to the value of
00 from levy and aale on execution, being ta
t up. was aupported by Mr. Small, and oppo-
1 by Meitra. Dante, Sawyer, Sanderton and
lertj when the question beinf taken on the wat negatived, yeaa
. nayt 17. Therefore the bill wat hut
Mr. Small offered the followint retolntiona
ich after tome remarka made by him in ex
nation of their impntt, were rea l twice and
mimoutly agreed to.
.solved, That the Senator and Representa
t from thit State in the Congress of the U
d State, be, and they are thereby requested
nake vigoroutand united effort to procure the
age of a law increasing the monthly pay and
y rationt of the non commissioned officers,
iciana and private of the army, both regn
and volunteera, and also extending the pen.
lawa to the widowa and children, or indi
mothers anil aistera, of officer and aoldiera,
have died or may die from diaeasea con
ed in the aervice of the United Statee.
solved, That the Government be requested
insmit copiea of the above resolution to our
tor add Representatives in Congresa. Ad
ed. .
nac Mr Redick reported a bill to au
the Navigation of the Pa. Canal on the Sab-
. Penidict reported adversely to petition
Dank to be located neur Potlstown, Mont
ry co.
Roberts, of Fayette, reported adveraely to
na for the recharter of the Bank of Leba-
Swartwelder reported adversely to peti
or the chatter of a Bank at Mauch Chunk.
' further supplement to 'make permanent
lea of State Printer, mi taken up and pa&-
Congressional ProcecdlnK. t
Washijioto!, March 13.
Butler King, of Geo., offered a resolution
e desks of the members be dispensed and
e seat only be retained. vTbie was laid
table. .
Sliacerland of New York offered a reao.
providing for the aalea of the Publio Land
a dollar per acre, to artnat aettlere, and
lgtbem againtt the exaction and eitor
f ipeculatnra. . ,s
lolutinn proponing to change the tenure of
r the jndgea of the Supreme Court, from
tenure to an appointed term of yean,
3 on the table, 83 to C8.
t'iee Preaident laid on the table aeveral
ticationa from the Executive department
enc to Ocean Steam Navigation to mail
and from the Patent Office. They were
to be printed, after which tie Houae ad-
March 14
The Senate wat called to order at
the Vice President, and after, a prayer
lev. Mr Cut ly, a large number of peti
re presented.
ickinsoh presented tb resolution of the
ureof the State of New York, in favor
Mention of the law granting pensions to
ws of officers and aoldiera of the revo
Tbey were ordered to be printed,
treeae, from . the Committee on Publie
sported a bill to reduce and graduate tba
public land. , - . , ,t , 1
age, ia writing, waa received frnmth
t, auppoaed to contain tha nomination
vier a Cominieeioner to Mexico.
tini of Mr. Manguia, the Segale then
i Executive erosion. , . -, .,.'.
ia Rxecutiva eeeaion the Senate rwn
e nomination of Mr. Sevier a Corn
to Mfxica j ' " ' '
tha dnora beinf aaia opened, Mr. A
noved to take np tha bill,, previously
d, to eupply doflciencVa ia tha appro
in tba praaeot fiscal .year being tha
I aaoe that avbjet, withamendmeats.
rbater aaid that tba cjueetioa pending
iva aeaadoa ought to have beeodecididT
eaedwf toeaajaidar tba army bill.
a said that alt tba warW liaa what
'one . by the Janata In fjxacatirc aea
ibUoaHeaara). tat U aiinroaa
at cftbiwar-Ja) gfak avaat tjtuico
,yjTr7 t , 1
f mifytlVrtTFTtraJ BfOfJ.- 1
Itr alitor (Ml'pif ry Vr ge
n44i1!ke4H fcWrtiimv?!.ti.j
tvivCaa Hdd objrteilntt. if bjr n rlwn.? tha
UfciAif ftb'or'ih antiy bin ' wwit(h h r WitVd,
Mr.'CrittendDn mo'ved tliet Mr. HaniWen be
appolnid CUirfna'n uf (be CmmiUf f qfFiirtitn
Relation! in -the pbacevof Mr. Sevier,' which
m agreed ta "'.', a
M. ftrfTierlK
into l!ecutive acea.orv which preyaiW. 'Hi on
UM atoora bsiltf aoaia opened tb SeiraM ad-j-njrtictl."
'-''' -"' ,:" l" r--
; -itf.; -m 1 Totcaov,.Mrch t4.148.i
"8nTt Whtal.' fair aalea' jof" Western at
t3fl a I35e.'" iive Is in demand ar 83 a Me" per
bushel., pirn, yellow. U worth.91.a.53c. weight ;
lair aaiee - Oal$, are bold at 88 40c for South
ern f rlntt.'" "
WHT9KKT. Salea In bbU atat cti i.;; bhds
23 ; Vriaki I',-. ' I , , ,5 i.
f t
--- B(LTIOttH ntRKKT.' I ' v
Office oAeBiiTiMOBa Awaairae,' March 11.
GRAIN. Smtf pareela of prime red Wheat
were el today at 13043."i eta. isd family
fl .nr whita at llDilSOctn. .,
Si lea of RyaateOcta. . . i
C'im ia ateady. 8lea tn-day at 4348 eta
for whitr, and 47a 49 cla. for yellow.' ' j
Maryland Oata aell at 3.".,58 cla. and Virginia
at 38.40 cla. . . ;
' WUISKEY --Pripi'S have dclinpd a eliad".
Sales of bhd. t' at li:) ea., and or bbl-.
24 cl. . - ' 'v -
Giooiaaaa IriM Wright' Indian
Vegetable Pill are one oP the best mediolnea fn
the world fortbeeureofgiJdineaa; because tbey
purge from the body those stagnant and corrupt
humors which, when floating in the general mass
of the circulation,, are Ue canee of a dtarraina
tion or rush of blood to the head, guUines, henU
ach, lo,of tnm'ory, dimness-of sigtit, drowsi
ness, pain of the head, and many other symptom J
of a loaded and corrupt atate of the blood. ;
-Wright'a Indian Vegetable Pills are also one
of the very b.'st medicines for the cure of indi
gestion, and therefore will most assuredly re
store the body to a atate of aound bralth. '.
- Couton. To avoid couuteifuita, )turchae fnm
thnse ftfily who can show a certiHcate of agency,
repreeentiiig the landing of William Prnn ; and
compare the on the box with the fuc similes
on Ibo ccrtiflt-stti. To be genuine, they must be
exactly alike, signiture and alt. Beware of coun
feits and impoiliiin. . , r
fXj The genuine for aale by Hawat Maaata,
-role agent fot Runbury, and other egeiiU, publish
ed in nnothei part of thi paper; '"
Currectti wrtb by lknry ilautr.
Watir, . .. -.
Conn, -O.Ta.
. BvTTia, , .
Ena. ,
Poaai. . , .
FLaxsaen, '
Tallow, " '
'Btaawax, K
HacxLan Flax,
Dm an A remit,
)374 .
60 -!40
16 v
6 '
' 1ft
' 8'
i J'
t v
' t
Sheriff's Sale.
Y" virloe of a wiit nf fl fa , aill he eipned
al l ul l c t'.e conit bouse iii Suiil'Ury,
iNorinumtieiland county, on ,Mnnity the 3d day
of April next, ihe f..lloiii pmpcrty, vix t
A ceilain lut of gruutid in the burmigh i.f Sun.
hurt', maikeil in the griirml plan of raid hwnuj:b
No 33,b. umlod n lie nu'lh hy Maiket l'et, un
thn et ly Shurt etret-t, and on 'he wist by lut
Nu. 37, containing ( an atre m're oi less.
Srited, t .ken in exrro inn, and to ba aold a
the property of f!e re D. B. Keiin,
. Ser ffVOffice, 1 v Kbaiiflr.
8uiil uovMrcl 18, 1849 5 ' . , " .
A A my daughter CAROLINE bse thought
pro-er t.i have my house and provide for
liriaelC all pcrone are hen by mlifie4 not to trust
her on my aocount fr ra ih data be( a I am
unwilling to .ey anything of her onitraciinf. uu
1pm cnmpelli-d ly law JACOB KKEB3.
Lower Augoala. March 15. 1648 8t
.,;,.'V-1 Notice.!-;-.
IS hereby given to all legateea, ereilitora. and o
iher persona it.tersMted in lb estates of William
Wo'deerton .Ipc'd, aettled by hia admra Wro. H.
Muvnch aod Elica F. Woolverlon ( of Wm. btmn
non dee'd, eeitle.l by hiaailmr TU-mins Pa doe; of
James I eaa d c d. aw tied by V ui. K dmith and '
A. J.tfdan, ear of John U. Bnyd dee'd, vh.i wus
tha rdmr i if J antra Traa ilec'd; ol J..n a l-mon j
clec'd, M-nlr.l hy Thomas Lemon and Hugh Mc
WiHurn, exrs of Win. Lemon dee'd. wbo waa one
of .the ena of James Lemivr. aor. Jec'd; f Abra
ham Kia-ii.fei d.e'd. srUlrd by b s ears Juhi: F. '
w ttiiger aod Job Hisaineer: T Cathaiine Km
dee'd, scit'rd hy ber xr James Tsggaft; .f Jacob
Tctuipp dtc'.l, attlid by hw admra Jacob Were
and laaper icttuppi olaohn bwiitbart dec d.aei.
lied ly hia admr Juuaa Eiaihart f JacA Ilait
'icke dee'd, settled h hia aJwr Da aj Waller;
of Jamea Lemon, . dee'd, aeill.d by hi adotr
John CVltoii; o( -rmlfri.'g JMulchler sWe'd artiWd
by hiaedmr Malbiaa lvtiataf John B. ttdWJ.
wttled hy bk axa Wat. B Mutith i-d A,' J.udant
of Jubai Yeeuaa Ux'd, aaitled bv bt adaar David
Maria; 'he acxounl of Abi.hian atbii ntan. wnrdi-
aa of EliiU-U MendcnUalfe aba arc-unl of J a me
laUlL gaardieu if Rubart. William aad Elixa
bath Rui kmaiH (be account of' Wm, 8 Mngo
enuiy, guaidiaa ft I boreae, Barah, Rachel, Elea.
aor, Retecea, John, Heater and Ma' gstet Ru. k
taam iba ce' nt vi fiedortck Laaarua. auaidian
of Huano and Margarst oeaaholiai the aeL-oupt of
reter Feral, r, gaardutn of Calkaaina and AaUea
Peraver-Lste of North aaabail.nd aooutv, dee'd i
tnai Mom rxacator. addilniatratora arut fasadian af
trea-aatd aeaaaed atataf havg fiigd. their aeanuuo
WilaVSaaaJtsoaato of th ctiM:anii thai ibv wtll
be freeeiiaed 10 the Orphan Cout .if said toulity,
an Tneidsy tha 4th Jay of .April, next, for aosv
Irntatio and allowance. .. '
, . - . . .
' . . i rnw aim rivTieTi i .
i nwyw OlEoa,
, eonbary.Hgreliitt.J '
; i , e - yf'i . i
10 R irial In the tnurivf (Vmmon Plea of Nnr
f thorn atfana'7oiint. 'etTlnfil TVm. 184a,
'cnminVnemf tha' fir Moiday; being ihe 3d. '
fim.j'.mlrfWHrchsTas Vs TraokHrt'W PUtt at al
S W 8Hflrlger;alieneeSfari'v J flatver'ahelra
Wilttant Brmontori ' a J a(mrt A t! fhnough
Peter RiehW etr,'"1s T)'ge BrM' " "
Benjamin H.Ahm Valentine K1lixet "
Uhsrtee Frlclr " WiTUam Mclf , -:
Henty Mrf.'ct, W H If MaWar ft J.''Eily
.faeoh Weed ; ' ' ti l) ff Like at a( " "
ITalet ftrH'h ' Aofoetna John 1 floe'
fraertari H Ctrl " Schriner' ' '
LDA P ltaltroid "'v Hit wood A ftnrder
TH Wilson "v''a Abraham Strfcub'
HarUw Prior ' '! ra Hogh MeFall r '
farsh II H.imley f ra Wm H.F(rymiie ft to
riisrlea Pleasant' "ea'fwii f)ewart ,
Wflllar Vatray,1' -s"B ii ar fS.nhrf ;
Robert D Fotdamin v a' DerJ.min For lsmsn '
Oenrf Ovater s ' - va John Oomhurtet al
Tlrrchef Mathewe1 ' V Dnhief Weidnilr '.'
Israel Gntelius' ; ' vs John Porter - "'
Bimuet Reed ' " ' 1 va Oeo'ge.H Helii
Aeth I Cnmlv ftal vt David M rrr& fsaac Biowo
W'ni V tSearharl"- ' va Charlee t?arr "'. .'
Daniel Miller and wifo vs Phil p Hck ri"
John W Peal " va T A Bitllngion. late conttable
'S'm ' ' " va '?m
Myer tc Bition '' ' va Lewie Gppleheim'er et al
Jacob l,eiaeiiriiif ' vs William Depuey
Dentlet & Montague vn 'h'itnin Ooth jr
Hue Uellsa - va It & W Fegely
F.lijnh I'Vawford" M M&P Biirmyer
Wm H F'yO'lre ' vs Ssmnel Hvuderi-on ''
William Starke vs John MtGinnia
Brsu'ltfem & Wapp'ea va C H and Wm Frick'
HeiTj Keier s Henrv' oxthe'mer
Bunk of NnnhunibtfiltrrJ vs Philin H amhach
Oi.lcou Mrkcl l . va "J ihn J Wn'
tlirpe Hih mm ' - vs Mar in A Wm KanuYt
John Dirhl ft al ' va Pter I.aairoa
Mirhul Barnhart ' vl Win Moriti's admra
Kre.leiick Ri-ener 1 v Wiliisrh' Ayrv'a . ,
F'.rsjthr, Wilxou & ca va J C Bryant ck I TCle
, "ment '
Win Pat'ees'-h' aaineo a W MC"j'e im'a dtc
Mslian fur Simi-ht.m ' s Hnckenheig A RiaUel
Hugh RelUs " vs J .m e R.a et al G roer'e hei'a , 'v'a Leah tStroicker ' 1 ' '
Anthnnv tJnrner et al ' va''Hama"
Jacob H RIiOid- A wifti va Jamee A Wm Ross
R .le-t M CI rk" ' ' va Issue Bmsn'
J P Hckenber ' v J ma trh "' ,".
Andrew'KmeimV ndinr v' lhi. Sinh'necker
llnry H Burr : ; ,. , .Wm MrCaa admra
D miil llneat """ '' - B .1 er Oirnhart
1 h jm A ui-n
t'harli a Dchrrty .
..hnW..f :
Win H Miricktand '
Jacob Jwenk v'
J.ihu McGiunis
v Jurne t'ummmea "
v Ssmucl I 'alii wt-II
ta Char e Rns.-I
"vs A mm E Kapp
va Simuef Henderson
vs William Btirks
Dr. U.inhnm tiearbart
is Charles Gearhrt
va John lithw
tJeorg- Red
John O Montgomery s Thomaa Lloyd
Ssmu. l Yount ' ' ra J' A H KeMrtter A co
rvhunl Dir-ctoie of Ruth t.hi v Wm H ICase
Francis (ii'-a in ( . va John M HoUfel "
Dimiel P Caul : ' va IVmlrr A Mnntaeue
' Pjothonotar orTn-e, ' Prvth'y
funbury, March 4, 1S48 5
o I9S CUeout Street,
Sf 'iulh Eatt Crnar of Eighth ' , Vhitudejphla,
PORTKAI I S from the mnlet breast-in to
,the largeat ix", . singly or in group. The
Pioprietors are warranted in ei)ing, that their
wmk ha gain d a teputaiion second to none in
ihe world. Exliacts from .the Press : . .
-Life-like in the expression, chastly correct in
the shad ng. Lt-dgtr. , .
"The sit baa arrie.l al grejt p- rfeciion, and
none ifderaund ii lietter lhan Mct'leee A Gei
moll." Bait 'ininr e tr!.
AilmiiabU'l ii"'l' ing cm exceed thrii rxquiaile
dtli. acyv" IX S Gazette. ' ' ' ' , ' ' '
triad from the rejiort of the Judge, at the la-l
fair of ihe Fr.iiklui Institute , -DaKiioireotype--in
tliis deparlmrnt ibrra ate aome very excellent
u. c, mena in the rxiiil'ition, and the Julgea think
thi-y r.e a prnarraaivfl inroemnt to Ihia Inam b
if lite art. Thry htve not r coinmetuled an a.
warj in f.ivor . 4 any of the cnmiiiiiia. hut siie
.'i p Mil lo iai:k a fir it in nrder, il.e collection of
Mt-CLLES A GEKMON, contaii.ii g tb tar.
gtit ti umber tif tuperiar tptelmttu" '
I hiMe phn., IVU 19. 1818. 610 .
ClTvi.i.K(TK ! (Til ALLENGE !
rpHE CHALEMjE .-We have ohaerv.d vo
X'ry pailenily for a year paat'the fevered at
tempts by ro ra tf rur fatrrni'V. to force a repu
tation which (heir rufesrh.nal skill alone) mut fail
to give ihein. And we would rnnnntie our ailen
hs rvnt'on, uner ilia ronsci.iuaiieka of an unbol.
s'.ered merit, were it tint more lhan piobable that
lliia eiiccies vf finfaronatle may .lieeit'lhe public
eye ftom a emJ d eiaminalt. n int-i the merits of
the mtiliilud.' of professors in the Dsguetiean art.
We would see m. ril stek an honorabei publici
ty, and lhere!y win foi it If golden opinions; but
we di pi-e that miralle ehicanery by which a
mere prrienro gams an ovation over genuine
oitV It is to make this vaulting an.lnti.wi over
leip ilk? If or withdraw i a apurinua clsin.s. that we
now trespwa tn i s fancied scrum by thiowiug
the g'ove foi an honorahle leai nf skill. Our gage
is J 500 that the average of a givn number of .la
guerreotypra ertcu'.d at ibe Dugurrrean (iallery
tf M P. 8IMO.N. 179 Chesnot all et, ill exhi
bit a are ter amount of perf ction In Ihe art than
anv sintl'ar aer!e nuinHrr Trim aty o h r galle
ry in ihe U. it'd 8.ste. .This i n. idle
we mran hat e say. We are doirou. that ihe
pub ic ahould (tve'tht ir pairunage to rn.-iil not
ir. 'erne.
. .,
We a-X. luvesiigaiion, iree, rigia, iropini n in.
ve tig ittoii. Me Dave Ibroo-n ihe amve. io
ill nick it nut M. r. PlVtOS,
, .179 Chi-anOlVt'oppinaVa Blale IIoue, Philad.
N. B. Il wiM l an.lrrto'd hy our country
friend, thai the, above chatleng haa never yet
to. a aceeptel, and we alto wish it uudctatioJ,
that did nt iutenJ to m ke by I hi a wager, ea
we have already etpreed our 4i. fen lion to appro,
priai the I't u to aome cliariubtd purpose.
.j - m. r.oinui
l'hitadl liia, Feb. II. 1 818. 3m.
Screen Av Wire i loth Manufkartory,
, A'eV4S North Front tlrttt, de'toeea Nor lut and
T i 1 f JLrrh otrott,- t j , ;
f1HE cSuciUeia having road gteit improve
1. meula in tha abova buaiuras, are now manu.
fctut iag,.'fe supeiioi qua In v. all kiud of PLAIN
feievre, KiJdles, Hcreena, Ae., for all kinds of Grain,, eland, Oie 8uff, Butch, BtkkJusl, At
Foutdrra' VievM of a supcrloi ouslitv conMamly
av hand. Aba Safe, Wiia) Dih Com, 8fa
atprtnga, Twilled Wire br Spark Catcher. Ac. .
. OrDunentaU Wire Work.
9wcb h C.ars. Nuiaeiv Finle, Garden Binder.
ing, l'Uissrir d'.'l'ratar,Tr!lis work f"i prpa
y inea, Aa. Also Wire fcing " every decrip-
lioo. . tTr IMaWu ibasakluUv seretssi and uromut
f- f fy execoted be 'y ,r '. V ATW.N A COX.
1 Tab. l9ih,lM.-Sia.
L - rv-, 23rt
' a
fV North unihe rland County, for April Taina.
V.a. d. i4i. r; ! ; . . ; g
it y-- v Grant1 Jtirorsy-' ' '
PrfoHirt.-:-farnel M0arty, , '...0, ,
Milton. John GoodlantUr.
'ChiHinmiamie. Adsm KiJlar,
. Point. W. Hiarnm., -
,T N'tth umber land, DanH Brautijam. .. .,
' .flunbw y OiJaon ', Maikel, Juha tP. Puracl,
George Weiaer, Et-q ,, , .,.'.,..'.' -
'' Uppef A'tgula.mie Unnter, John,Buine.
. Shomihirn George Startxel, Frederick. Mulch
tor, Aaron Kefley, Vm. Mc.Willisma. . ,M .
7uA.-Jticob -Oearbart -Sarnoet . Ely, Isaac
Erktnan. Tt - . ' ;'
. ( Coo.Pspiel Kerntetbr . . . .
f'pptr Jtfdhonot, .Jyh Hrckrann, Edward
fcnrerfinor . ?- . --,
-'ler Mnhnnni. (Christian Albert, Benjamin
HeflTiier, Joseph Trego. , "i K
Littl Mahonott.Wm. Rothcrmel.
. Trfruf, Jaeoe Marr, Peter Dunkel.
. f Lnuif. fhinp Kaop, John Fox, ;
uutnre. Henry Hemler, Dmel Smith, Geo.
Grav. Huhunon T.oekewiller,. Hugh Rrjad. Hol
nion Oy-ier, Samuel Let's, Win. Hiyea, Rubeit
H. McCorroitk. Holnwon Donller.
MUton Johu W. W.ods F. W. Pollock.
Micliael l.imm, J. H. MetJormirk.
ClullitqHuqiu t Lemuel Ricbelderfer, William
Barman. Hen y 8bre a. Thomas Pardue. . .
( NorthvmbtTiimit -Cbsrlea Van.
,. StHihury.- I'rrderick Laaams, Jese Bwian.
. typer Auzuita,--Ueme Farnld, laae Fish
r. Jines t:niphell, Msik 8'ack, Jncb Evert.
IsMier Jug'uta.l0'k (Sana. Henry Brovn.
' yhamol. t'n. John Huff, Esq., Otudiih Camp
tell. - : Kiuh. Rol art Qui. k. Wilnn Mauler.
Coal William Frfely.
Vpptr Nuhonoy, Henry SnyJer, Sofomon
Folk. .
.- Lftwrr AoAnniy. Elijah loverly, Oeotge Har
ris, HitniHi Lenki r.. J'dn M.-eier. jr.
Lillle AfaAorro.V.-Jaroli Kakar, Juoaihsn Dun
kel' ercer, 8muel Wagner.
s-y-ieiUon.'-Ali.ibaia 'J'routman, -Joseph Bait-
doit.., . . '...-: r
Pclit Jurors.
Turbut. Philip Billmvrr.
Ini$ John t'l.ipp. John Wilkin.
Delaware. John Mengas, Wm. B. Irwin, Sum
uol Fo.i ey. ..-.
.(. f)car
ChiHitiaq. John Murray, Charlca Gale,
Wt'li.m Wurito h. , .
" J'ont.--Michael Bainbart. I bn Vtndi vender.
fiurlhumbcrlund.laeo Dii'tTouUchcr, Sa
muel Cox. ,
. Sunbury. Jcnb Martin, Andiew Durst, Dn
ir Haas, tieo ge Rohrhaeh. ;
, Upper Augutla. John Vooprr, Robert Pursel.
Sanu. I Culp.
Lnuer Augusta. Jacob Baatian, Peter' M. Rrc
aer. ...... .,. " i
SAamoJttn. Daniel Miller, Wm. O. Kw, Wm.
Frmv. Frederick Aduma, Henry Reply, J- hii
Frar.k, David Mar (. , . -, . .
Upper Maknnofi rtsmuel Reaaler.
tower Maltonnjf. Jonathan Spata, John Bade
man.; ...
. Juckton. Daniel Oyster, Peter Coble, John
Wj.l. . ; . ... .,. . - . . ' .
Improved Hydraulic I'unip,
For Weill,'' Hulling Mitb, ' Furnace, or 'other
THE mtierriber iepeotfully annnunres t the
public that he is now prepared 10 supply or
dera lo any extent fir hia Patent Double action
fuutioo and Force Pump. Theae pumps are
nvnle of ca-t 'non. anJ the w iter ia surk.-d or
ce.1 through leail pijie. P. aimphrity of mnetruc
lion and durability of action. lhe are ratttf mpe
riur to any now in ue. They have mary adfun
taaea tver the e.immoa pumi. among which are
the fallowing : ;
They are a rnnsnreted tht mlachlevoiu pr
ems ttniiol spoil their action bv introducing nail
or apikeo or any mh r auhiam e among the ve,
aa is often done with other pump, tlierehy render
ing them u lea till oveihaoled. They ie wer
rsired lo t-e petfectty secure from frnal. Thry are
so siranged as to afford ample pr lee ion against
Fire abrut Ihe p emise on which they are erected,
by aiinply attaching a piece of hne, Ihro' which
they will force water to any part of. or oser, a
three alory booee. Tiey are adaitej
lor very tWp wills, aa the teve.ate can he re.
gulaled that a chi d of six years old enn with the
greatest esse draw water with iha.n from the dre
iesl witlhi. Tha idjctinn so joally urged by III,
ny, itiat w. ter ia Kidid by standing in pump loga
ia entirely obviated in this pump, and fte.ll water
can alwajfa be as sarely obtain. d aa when drawn
with a bot-kel. In situatintia where it ia nere-ea-ry
to raiae or force lr quanti'iae of water to gieai
ili-iancea for auppUing boi'er ia mrls, furusc.a,
Ac, iheae pumps are invaluable,, aa they can be
made f any a ae, aad capable of throwing from
IS to 11)00 gallona ur fliiuut. .
And to crowu all, tbey can be sold as cheap aa
Ihe c'leaiieal. - - i- .
The sobseriber has ipent the last year In at p
liiiM-nung Uon and perfecting hie pumi and now
brins them hef re thr puhl e with Ihe tulhut con-fid.-lice
that they wi: he found to anawer hia de-
ac'tpilnn. lie ta p'ea-u a in rriemnm o me
follow ii g rompanies a"d imlivnluals, upon ne
pr.miseahiii ump have been erre.ed, and who
have epn anil their sattat.etion mine nigtiesi
tertna; ' 1 - .
The Montonr lion Oompanv. Dsnvle, H. lire.
oort, aueni; the Btivwoahurg Railroad Iron Con
lsnv. Uloomahurg Col. I'sxton. agent; Ihe K mxb
and Ready Ir.wi Works. Danvil'a. II inruek. Fb?y
A Co., pro'-rieti 11 itie town tlounrd of Berwirk;
himon P. K'S-, brq , snd John I.. Watson, Ee, ,
Danville. ' '
He could refer to many others, who have (mied
their qiial tie, hut the at,e icMiettahle firm anl
ini'iitual a' deemed (tirlicient. .
cry Au aesortmeirt of LE AD PIPES cnnalant
Iv on bnd, which w II he .ld on ihe most ie n ,
ahle term. All orde adJia,'J to tha athMril-er,
at M.Kre A lli.ld'e's F. ondiy boihlii , or Mun
tour House, Diville, will met with promi-t t-
Jan. I. 1848.-tt , , ,
Peace with JUcxico !
C2 W S2f 5t3 iS5C6 S t UBLl9
HNFORMS the putd e that in or.Wr to bring a
'1 boul a peace with Mejtfo, he manufactures all
kinda af lltfl-w,- Double aitd JSinaJe BertetUd lb hot
Guna, and Double Barrelled-Revolvina Rifica, st
bU Irullowioc Kua, Lover Aa
goaia township, Nortbunililand county, all of
tabich ha will warrant lor ex month a. , 1 aoa
si ho want a &rsl rale ankle in hi line, ran he aa-
coBiotadaied at the hotteat notioe aad on the ea (
teaauAaoif wnaa, . wKi.aiva niw a cau.
, Loaer AaUata Jsn. a, igtl. t)a.
a.-r : '
t n mm
fj y mj 'at 1 .-. -a-a
t '"JT tM ' '
IT ha power to cuise aN xtrf'eaii 80RES,
POiSONOL'8 WOL'NDH to discharge l bail pa
likl matter, and then heals them. . -
It is richly termed All-healing, for there la scare
ly a disease, et'emal or internal, that it will' not
hent-6t. I have used it fir Ihe I .si fourteen years
fir all di-eea of the cheat, consumption and liver,
involving ihe umnt danger and repot,aibiltty.
and I declare lief ire henven and man. that not in
one single ease hss il failed in benefit when the pa
tii-nl waa within the reach of mortal meaaa,
I hiv.' bad phyaieian. ! amid in Ihe profeaion.
I have had mints'era of ihe guepel, judges of the
bench, aider men. btwyera, gentlemen of Ibe high
tat erudiiion, and roultiiuilcs of ihe poor use it in
every vatieiy of wy, and ihire has been but one
voice mm u. iieiwil vo'c ming : "Ai'AUialer,
your Oinlinenl ia GOOD." , -
In Scrofu'a, Old 8ot-, Eryaepel.ta.' Tettr LW
vi r Compiaini, Sor Eves, Qjin-y, Sora 1'hroat,
ntonchiii, Brokon Of Sore Bri-isl, Piles, ali Onet
Dn-raars, rurli ai A hms. t)ppteas:flna, Piiiu
Als , Sere Lips Chapped Hrn.'a, Tumor. Ctiil.
dnn'a t aiiauioui Er.ipliotia, Neivuu Direarea,
ai d of ihe Spine, ihrre ia no medicine now known
a go. d.
SCALD HED Wo have eorcd eases that
actually uVfird ev.rv lbinj Immn, a well ae the
ahilily i f IS or 20 d.ctui. One mm told ua bo
bad spent f :00 on bis ch'ldion without any bi-ne-fll.
whi a few hot, a i f Oinlnienl curid ibem.
BALDNESS It will leatute the hair aouner
than ny other thii.g. - : '
HEADACHE The eulve ha cured peton
of the hembrhe of 13 veir' standing, and who
hail il l.'gul ir ivery week, .i thai vomiting often
took p ace. Daarat. Ea Arui, and Aeca ur
th a Fact, are cured ty this Oiutinent with like
UI'UNS It i one of ihe heal thing in the
world for Burn. (Read the directions around the
box )
h'HEL'M VI'ISM It remove almost immedi
ately the infl mation a...l swelling when the piin
cea-et. (Re id the Dtierliona around IIm Box.)
COLD FEE P. Ooneunipiwn. Liver Com
I lainl, Pain in the ch-st or side, falling off of the
bitir, one Of ihe other always accompanies cold
feet. (Thia Ointmeui ie the Iru- r. It ia
a u-e .tin of d inea to to hsva cold fret.
TETTER. Tbcre ie nothing better for the
cure ..f Teller. '
PILES. Thousands ate yeerly curej by thia
CORNS. Occssional use of ihe O'niment will
alwiys keep Co ns from growing. People need
never I lrouh'e.1 with them il they wi'l use K
Head the fi!lutvin Communication.
Received linm an o'd. reapec ed anJ well known
ntix n of Pbi'aJalphu. and then judge for y out-
'v Plii'a.lelphia. 10 mi.. 13tb, 1818
To T. B. Peterson, Having bten r.queted
In ci e mv opinion on ihe merits of M A LI-IS
TER-" SAl'.VE, I am willing to enumerate eo-ne
of the iHn.fna which 1 tute . tpttienced in the use
i'f ihe siijclc.
In H e aprii-f of 184 S, I had an st'sck of Ery"
m;..Ijs in my, f.xe which bi-rem very psmful. and
extended int one ..f my eye, l eing attended wiih
h v r. mv d.stieae was gresl and I began to tie f.-ar
ful f l.i g niy eje.
Although noi nxtch of a believer in what ia
,'Otnmonly call, d q iark mr.lirin.-. I purcbd a
h.ix and mad' an application to my fare. To my
uipiie the p un soon ah ted, and in a weik'a time
I was cut re'y cured, snd I firmly believe that it
the sal-, under Providence thai cureJ me.'
From thai time In the pre, nt. I have uanl the
article a orcaa on required, nnd i" every case whete
I h .ve u el ii, I hjve found a decided hi nefit '
At or e time, nn guing inh-d t niglit, my throat
waa so 'hit I awatlowrd with difficulty, but
hy an application of the alve I wa relieved lefo.e
ino'i i. g.
' I have usnd it in rte of burns, bruisra. sprain,
snd fl'-sb cuts alt with the bappict clfecls and
one rasa of iioimuiog hy a w ild vine in the woods
h leti dried up and cured by a fi w ai ptieitinna.
. From' my own expeiioce, would strongly re
roiun end it to all, aa a cheap, convenient, family
n'e.ln ute -
I hive become ao ivartial to it, thjt I expect to
keep ii con-Unity In my family.
I bough not m4tloua to aprear in print, yet i
cannot r.fu.e to have this comraiti.ica iim made
puhlic if juJged beat to aerve ihe e.ose of humani-
y, licspecttutiy mine.
. So. S8. Old 'York Ro.d.
CACTIOV. N Oinimeni will Im genuine
unl. a Ihe nam a of Jamea M'.Jli:er, or Jame
M'l'ialer A Co., are written with a pen on eve
ry labe". JAME M'ALLISTKR.
eiole Kroprnlr ol )! a ove m.'uuiue.
Aoaai : J. W. FRILINO. Hunlm.y. . '. A
Dr WM. M BICKLEY, Danville,
J. U. t ttOI'.'ii; S. ,nxove,';
P. C. ftll t- LI EK. Lewiahurg, , ,
WM. P. NAtil.K. Milton. (.'.
t JOHN SIIAItPLESS, Callawiaaa.
Feb Ifilh. a4J. cowl
i No. 40, ' ," 1 iS
Soitu FurRTR STBuxr. AaovKCnKarrirvr.
Jan.'39th, 1848 ' :-' "
i .-TiV SS'"" ' '
AnotlKiii'nrni .
fTHE heirs af Joba Yorum, dee'd.. offer fa aale
;X all ihsi Farm f rhaifa sitaata ka Hharaokia
iowaahip.iivthumherUnd tinty, nar Jtaufl
uwa, and,aljo4ain( the old atiaaviech atawd in
said lewnahiseoVtrtiiag abotat twi .hundred artes
rruwe or lees, ta a good state of cv'titia.' Taa
Ri Road from Suuhury In Shamoklnlowa pa tar
IHrouga at. r or aaiiiraiita vnqutit nl .
4ft a - aXLAaU H.. J bAlat. BnWaTMWB. . M .r.
or JolIN FA RNw WORTH, Hwntrsrr l fiba belts.
. -- . ! eew aaigt -. - ". '
!TrlRM'MlaTetvetebla) lIHa,
Henry Masaer. Hunburyu. . , , t , - t
B. A J. KiaflVnah, Augusta tirwnahip,.
loh H., Chilliqnqu,".
Kaa A &ergttteeer, Etytbtwg, ' t
"muel,Hoib, Uule Maheojy, , ,
'William Depp, n, Jackaora, , .
Irebend and llaynee, McEweirvas 1 '
Willinaa He'mesj A Brother, MiIusk .
Foray the, Wilson A Co Not th uruliar laml '
'Jarnp Reed, Potlsgrove,
O. W. Seott, RashvUhj. ! . -: " .
W.-AR Fly, Shsraokintowt), '. . ' V
Rhode A Farrow, Snyderatnwaw .- ,.,
Amoe T. Beiaell, Turbtttevllle.
B. nnevilia Halshue, Upper Mabonoy, '
J. hn Gs Rent, v:' do ; ' d.i. '- ' '
E. 1V'hU Waraonlovm. ,
Vbtlealn, at the office and general depot, I6
Race at.. Philadelphia. Dec. 1H. 1847. ly
GREApBRfmayrt 1 hd'at Pbh
ov'aSToat, He still h s a higeenrimei I
of Hoods, which be will aell at flrtt Being lr
termined lo discontinue the hummus, be will w- I
very low. A saving of SS or 30 per cent, can la
made by puiebaeing al hia store. Call and t-jturt
ino Ah- yourselves (ry All hind of nnuntry pt-H
duce tiken, at the highest nn'iil price.
Sanbury, Docember lib, 1847 tf
TABLE COMPOUND, fir t.e ea e rt
Ae. Thia Medicine is offered to the public uni'er
the ataoranra that there ie no ankle in exixletxe
having etronger craima to tharr eiretdeiatt in fil
ing compounded by a reoular (araduale of J. ffi-r-
iii -
eon College, Philadelphia, and a practising pfcym.
cian of twenty yeara stsndii $ in'phlii, hi
long experience haa continued nim m the ( pfi i 'ii
that a comiiound medicine was required lo Ma-vent
and remedy ibe debilitation pr ilucrd hy residtnK
in low, mismiatic climates, and lo cou.itet icl the
pro-trating inflnenera of many nervooa (-order
with which ihe human family are afHirta l,
DH. ALLEN ia a well known lIii alcl n, and
has used the aheve medicine in hit piactii foi 8
year wih the most astonishing effect, havfng te
led ua qualities In ahovo
' No medicine ever received tno.e Amering re-
commendations from physicians of e.uiuhut tU. d-
ing than baa been lies to wed on this.
ITS CONSEQUENCES. An eu incnl Pr.-f. .
aor ays: '! chiefly arises in rme vh.i lil
either a very aedentary or itr.'gul ir bfe. Hhouuh
not regarded si a fatal disense ; yei it' i:ei!-c.d or
improperly tresre'd, may bring ra incur..ble M
lancholy. Jaundice,' Madness, or Veitip .. Pa'sv
and Apopleiy. A gr-at aingularily attendant on,
it is, that it may and often do a continue a great
length of time without ai.y remission ol ihe symp
toms CAUSEv Grief and nnea.inrm of m!nd, in
lenie study, profuve evacuations, axcea- in veuery
rxreiisive use of spirituous liquors, tolai-cn. o
pium. and other narcolica, immoderate repMinn,.
over diatention of the slom.ich, a d.-6ciency of lbe
secretion of ibe bile or gistric juice, exrosuie (t
i old and damp air, are the chief cause o'. iSis dis
ease. SYMPTOMS, Los of appetite, n iea,jerfl
burn, acidity, and fastid erucUtions, gnawing; of
the atoniaeh when empty, uneasinetia in the thao it,
aiii in tha aide, eoalivenc, chillnesa, l.aguor,
lowoea of spirit, ptlpitatiooa, and d..bed
Bleep." .
TABLE COMPOUND ha lies, r failed! m alliir.
dmg immediate relief, and a ladtcal co.(r ihia
dj Thia Medicine can be hud of H.3. Mas-er,
8onhury J. C. Msitin, Pnttville, .Itrdlar A..
Uickel, Orwigshurg ; and of UroggisU g. nerllv.
ALLEN A WARD, t roprir-tora.
Philadelphia, Nov. 37, 1847. cq Iv
1- II. I L A DE L 1 II I A
EilnblUhed 15 wart ago, by Dr. Kl SKKllS.
The oUe.i, aureal and best hand to vure nil fortua
of seer, t disease, diseases of thr kiii a4
enliurv hahiia of youth, i
If. W. corner ofZd and Union ., btwren Sprite
and Pine, I iquuret from the Jrc-'ire.
YOUNG MEN ! if yon vt.1.1 your lfV or yiv
health, rem.-mber, ihe dlay of a mtv th. nat.
even a week, may prove your ram, bothol l.ide
and mind. Hence let no filae hhmU.iv .leter
from imiking your case known lo .me who, troa
clues! wq and reaietamlty,en auwie h fneod vM.
He who piacea bimlf under Dr KiNKKLtN
treatment, may leltgioualy copGJ,, in bis honor as
a genjemaa, and in who-e bosom will be forevr
locked the awcret of Ihe patient. '
loo man think Ihev will hug lhe crei tothenr
own hearts and cure tberaelva, Ahs! how '
ten is this a fatal delusi. n, and bo'v many a f-
aiiiHng young man, woo nvani na'-e ree.n a'
nient to eociety. baa faded f'nm the or
finding it inconvenient to multe a,a.Aat tpf.tia.
li ii, can, by aiattng their eiso eplieiiy, toga h. r
with all their symptoms, (per let er. poet TaatS bavst
forwarded lo ihem fc cheat coi,taiaiag Dr. K'a mo-
dirines appropnste.1 accrdi .ijly.
I'arksgee of Mr.Iicmea hjrwardeJ lo any pari vf
tha United Statee at a. mo mem noiicw.
(tj Post rata L'KTTass sIJ io P.. Kia.
SLia, Philadelphia,. ,H be promptly a tend.d to.
Oc. 30th. 184.7. ly
Wntclitts ifc Joweilcry
Full Jewelled Gal.1 Lever fur $49, W ewrurjiol
Ai. S'.B. JW.eY otreet. PHILADELTNlA,
If AH rnnatanty nn hand a larwe avirnrnl uf
Vi O. (raid and Hilrsr Watchea, A thet kiwi g
tow prices
Fuji JewelWd GoM Levera, . flOfO
. ' v Hier do SO ( 0
Gold larpioew, full lewcltad, SO fa
Hilvr .Lcirinea, 1 3 Wk
Silver tjuartiria, . fJ8 nJ 1Q 1)0
With a large' assortment of Fist JxwakLtar,
such a ear ring, finger ring bre t s bra
lets gU and silver ponrils, gold chains Ae. Hia
also on hand ootripli-t ease. linen t Lu.stte. eat)t
and pluio Watch glasses Mam Bprvigs Verges
Dtala and Handaof eory deacV'pl'.or ; and au lrl,
a compleia aasortpent of WeU-hanHkera' tones and
vvaica atsaerteis to warcn ne vnviu all tfte at .
IcnuoM of the country ttatka in general,
i dj" 11toa wlabing anything in 'ia aloe line.
Would tod it to their advantage to eatf anj al.
anica hie aloch hefoie porohaaio ,, Isewhore. .
--. , ! wr. ia m... -. . l-i s.k
- .awmw fu,Ti. UBIDW I .
Jh1a.w4phia, tWpt.fs latr-itm,
i waaiaai . aau rf 'wwaaiMI
' Tl nevets Handaotaa U of CaWaa, uj
til iiClitmt Capo ot all hind. Gua
ey f'" tPtan. woma ar.4 ahildtaii,! Giooar.a,
Quetnobare, ka.f a arMl af or her aitH-h-a. cheaa
fthaaeter.hy HENRY MA88CR.
f uubury, et. it A, 117.