Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, March 18, 1848, Image 2

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    - J' J --'
CorretpoauVnce af the Public Ledger l'
, ?sb Mitel
t Vo will Aiid notuingia-tria- ctlior a.pia' in
regard to th treaty tbirt t hV no, mentioned
In fa Mm.Tfy JtffajW&tmUt.
Trit trt j into aim p by, amending vhwr' or
leif ihr er1Je1et?ii the frWty faon.".
The firtt wast ha' lirikiuf flul-ofUi--fver(
eionary rifhl in aost 150' milliortof tercels
wtf rtltnrf) W Pmprii$in-iQ, gtntt,
rti1 principally o Ir'iti priest and othi B,i.
, tith u , .f m ea rtiM1'
Tb 2d n the ettMsio of (lie jurisdiction
iif Mexico, and tbnAigbtlnmlhat lb Pope
over tb Caiholi m the ceded let ritory ;
Thi wee, in my kmnbl opinion) very input
tent aimmlment. . Any one- who knows iht in
fluinc ei Ihe clergy or) air people speaking tb
Spanish. tan juagCi will appreciate what mlnit
means th clrgy,, of ilsco would hav bad
by hia clause lo foment dwMUaMctioaaaddif
cord, end to sow. th aead f r u vJt, if not nf re
volution, in New -r Mexico and California, Tb
present Tope, to ba aura, i a liberal rata, apd
a great mau ; be ia by tar. th roost virtuous
and able eover ain of Europe f , but 'Ilia PontitV
. cal crown ia tUciii, and Alter it o maun .10
think that his iucc easer, wlou himself dot
Dul know,, will lolluw. ia. bif footeU'P.-, f-. j. r
What tba Mexican ck-rgyeao du we ,ein
. the treaty wjticb waa made .between tbeai and
the British gent, Mr. Mackintosh; and ;ourdi
pJoiu&tic kuighl erraat, Mr., Trial of the aorruw
ful countenance. Wrtb the. example of tbo
late raligiou troubtea in Ibe Rheniah province
ot l'ruia, and the moat recent trouble ba
t ween the Calbulic and Proteatant Canton in
Switzwlsnd, (which well nigh led to a Kuro
rt an war, and were only - chucked , by Lord
Palmeratoo succeeding in rooet thoroughly du
ping M. Ciiiaut,) bfore ue, none but very in
experienced or prejudiced peraon can call that
clause unimportant. It would have been the
aeed ol vndlese trouble, .trifling in tbemselvea,
bui exceedingly vexatious iu the aggregate, end
admirably calculated lo check the assimilation
of the people of the ceded territory to Uie mode
of thinking and acting, and the habit of life ol
mo people ol tbe (Joited Slstea. There woulJ
lijve Lei o the doctrine of mixed marriagei the
attempt made to confine tbe education of youtht
Ui Catholic seminaries, and all the other meaoa
by which a churcb once dominant Lot country
trie to perpetuate and increaee it power, I
would not have tbe readers ol tbe Ledger to un
derstand me that I take the slightest part for or
againet the Catholic religion, , My remark re
fer and are applicable to all other ehureh estab
lishments which exercise controlling influ
ence on their respective congregation.' '
The third amendment, which ia of the great
est consequence, ia that which make the re
maining twelve million to be paid hy toe in
foot yearly instalment, payable directly to the
Mexican government.' On thie subject I have
already written you three daya ago, and t have
nothing to add, except that the amendment
mnt which do a away with transferable aix per
rent stock ia the only tangible guarantee of
the future, as long, aa it last, viz: fur our
If, in the meantime, a revolution takea place
if Santa Anna himself ecceeda to power, he
will before committing any depredatione on our
rommrce or the property of our citizens, re
member that within a period lees than twelve
months, an instilment of three millions becomes
due (mm our government, and that any epolia
tinn which miy be cnmuiitted on our commerce deducted from the
amount. And the Mexican alio know, that ia
the it facto govrnmrt ol. Mexico pro tern
knows that th first cannon ball fired on oar
frontier a receipt n lull for tbe balance.
March 13.
I have to correct my list af Senators wbo have
voted againat tba Treaty. There were but 14
and not 15 votea esat against it, aa ststed in the
Union and Ilenld, and in my published letter
of yesterday. "t . . . , '
The vote stood against the ratification Allen
Aichmon, B -nton, Breese, Douglaa, Lewi, and
Weatcott 7 Dt'mocrata ; and ,
Badger, Baldwin, B rrien, Green, Spruance,
Upham and VVi-bter 7 Wbigi ' ;
Phelps, Pearce, Clayton and Houston absent.
So every other Senator voted for the confirm
ation, r Mr. Corwia, of Otiio, voted'or the con
fi '(nation, and not against t it, a atated jn the
Hrld, and aa ( myself was induced to believe.
His whole course on tbe Trea'y was such as o
ltd evtry one to snpptee that he voted lor its
ratification, Ynu my rely on it .that tbe above
etatement ia correct,, f$o the majority for the
treaty waa 24, and not J2 a erroneously staled
. Tho churcb article, which, was amended, not
only referred to tl.e'vriWicfioM of tbe Mexican
rhurch over the Cathidic Chnrlt in tbe ceded
territory, but al" IQ boltoa of tkeprivi
hjff mpAjnyinniUoflhal church in Iht Ct
iedfrot'wctt, ., Thi. a you ee i an. all im
. . Rortant 4 a( ,r3"lg aneodmcnt, and may
, b, locked ppnn by Mexico in very difihreat
light from, wba( we do, j 1 1 the Mexican ehujreh
i aeea in it aa.a,ttaakj. thi,JiigKua inrtitn
tiona, it will thrAW.aiiuuaimpedj0unt in tii
- . way of the raation of the-Treaty by the
I Vex -can Corgreas. , Jut I np that thi will
' V ''not be the ease, end that tba tlaa-jry will not re
.. i-". new war wbict can only aerve to bnpoveriab
tVm. ' 1 ' 1
, V the rumor 'thar" fie rVieW (be
W, aa'pay-masULcfiSAoL i a ei Villan ana idt
f an oBeer In thflbf esateMiatjsltfiolt.
, end
' - t dlatioctty tmeaVl tymttJmtpth dm
Mp? 'Co ipinpianati, -AnotlaKvawiwahat
the President hsi trir;en.hW. name frrm tbe,
roll. If the former report tntriw, thejattar uft
ilnubtedly will be so in a Wrf abort tin. The
whole correapniideii tv fwern 43en'ficol4 and
ilie War Dnartm-tit will be shortly laid bofur
CungretM, and h mhlih-d. A portion of it
only .wenj intn the. 3-naie. in eecret teesinrH bat
even thU ricn. ennnbr -1 -Mttroi to pe4lct
t, when the eieiipondencehny Vtl
A,' It will "be riuodf "VpTove ' raatXJhVwrl
Ht, Poaitlvely rftred,to obey tlieflrdet ol
the Preident. and that . "'U.tli
2d, H wished li'inwlf to be rrcalleil
It will be lor ?(' of the nppoaitjnn oa-,
pere,vlh?n7 firSfo wkit till tney 'nave feen the
ror'reprtndenre,and then pr'pire to aanil. the
admfnWrafion for th )r treatment of Qit. 8cott,
.fien'Vn thTfcetaiSiafl W known, it wlil be
diacnvered lliat the oatu nc and foiWprance ol
fie Preaiifent went qnite Wr'enojigli ; and that
Gen. Scott," so lr" from being Wa'ed baraniy,
waa rather imluVed by Mr. Polk and Ouv.
Marey.-' ;
' There h also I miiioT thai Mr. Trinlon his
return; wilt he fried but fdoiiht 'the rxpedi
eney nf the mesuM'iter the m in" stipulation
ot hi treaty are confirmed by the Sr-riate.1-
yr i j ii I i i in i i - ' -i '
Attack of a Train The Uuerrillaa Defeated
l.ieut H-nclewm 'and three Georgia Volun
teerakillfd Irlthe aetien.1 " v 1 '
IxwiavittR, March 14.
New Orleans paper of the 7tli have been re
ceived her by tbe mail boat, containing later
intelligence from Mexico.
8everal veeeels had arrived from Vera Cruz.
and ont'i ha vine only four daVa' passage brintrs
Vera Cruz paper of the 2d lnt. " " ' '
The train that left Vera Crux for Oriziba on
the 13th olt with an eaetirt of 250 men, onder
the command of Captain' Brpeoe, had been at
tacked by 400 Guerrilla. Cnpttin B. sent an
express to General Twlpgs,-desiring a rein
ftMrement.' ' Three eomanieaof cavalry were
despatched to hie aid, but after pmeeeding a
far aa San Diego without meeting Capt. Drlb-
Ce, the detachment retorneit.
A letter of the latest dale state that the
Guerrillaa were defeated, after a rfeeprrate fight
at Mataeorda, in wliieh Lieut. Ilenrierenn and
four of the Georgia volunteers were kilM.
A strons; detachment nf cavalry and infantry
left Vera Cruz on the 21t ult , to clear (he road
of he Guerrillas. -
-The Ftee American of the 2d inst. mentions
that an expresa had arrived, bringinr the in
telligence that an armistice of two moot he hail
been agreed Boon between General Butler and
the Mexican Cominieaionera.
i JJabit o Bcapino Character ia formed
more a a the result il habits of daily reading.
than we are accustom d to think. Scarcely lea'
depend on this, than on the character of the
book read. One man will glance over a dozen
books, gaining aome general conception of their
contents, but without mastering a aingle thought
and making it hiaown ; while another, in the
perusal of a eingle work, will gather materials
for thought and conversation for a life time,
Grimk, an eminent scholar and orator, attri
butea hia dia'inction to the influeiiee of the tho
rough reading and study ol a single honk But
ler'a Analogy while thousands, if they wtiutd
confess the truth, mipht sscribe their mental
divination and imbecility to the indiscriminate
and cursory reading ot whatever comes in their
war. There is an evil in this Hireetioo that
lie back of the character of the popular liter
lure, and that could not but work immense mw
chief, even if what ia en universally read were
a great deal better than it is. ' We a Mode to ike
habit of reading 'for atnuarment or excitement
There are multitudes who ha v nn other or
higher object in reading. ' II the book ia only
interesting' it suffices. No matter whether it
contain tingle valuable-thought, lact or prm
ciale; no matter if it ia tme ot tale. It is
ennogb thst a morbid love of what is wonderful
or amuaing is gratified. It helps to 'kill time,'
and satisfies an appetite that Is era fine and a
bout as healthful as that of the drunkard for hie
cup 0W Itranch. - ' ' 1 '"'
W : learo that Mr. Oamptoo. the acting
British Minu-ter, has notified Mr Pk, that no
Icaalhe Mexican grant ot land in Text i prior
to March, 183ft, are respected, the British go
vernment will hold this government responei
b1l ftiMMVAf-.
Thi Is soother turn of the doctrine broehe!
in England some years ago that the United
States government waa responsible Ihr the
esDisoi me inatviuuai Histes. l exaaiaa sove
reign State, and ia able of itself to aettle all
deima ef this kind lo its own territory. ''
. . 11 - ,
; SpARcrxv , Peucatx Ti.e Udiia ot.Ne
York have, pressed forwsrd in such ramhera to
kif Henry CUy, that ba haa been obliged more
than one to retreat precipitately rom ruvt of
Up rushing . forward esger for B .srosck.It
would be. the. height of hospitaJity, in ueh a
difliculty, to sppoint committee of, hi young
friend to receive the ladie and do tb boooia
for him. t yyt kve op doubwil would-be juil
tatistactury la.llarti. .., , ,
Look t Tme In monarch'al Great Briutn
ber'ftirty millio'neof people sent through the
nulla eleven. It tiers each, .at Jlwo canta a letter
during b yfl8j7t wbil w republican A
retic hr twenty oaillioa oLpeopI only sent
Hbrug th mail during .tb Net time ' J6l
i m4 belt (mini web, t 5 1 10 eeate i letir. j
mjLj ix-L-i-i -rrffww
.TUJ1 - ATI Dill OA n.
U'W.m I'll I'l ll.VJiJaat
I IVfJU1tsTfeV 'Cbaw aaf Ms ! tW
tatfe mtiti fbml MCw, rtmir uf&t mmd CktoHtH 1
mtrti, tttdr ( wim vv. tern
.'nw a- W)e trlt -M. Orawr BmU
tlntfr W Ualvwt Bmtttmerr, 0n4Vt . If
4Rf 8Utt, Bpsf, U mtUhmrftd I rl s
Jttft;rd rtettpt Tr mil mswsW dni tMa
mc far waertss wr mirertUinfr "J
E.W rCARR, turner o TLitil vnd- Dork
Areffa, $u BiJJiqg oppntil lrchatt
Exchonir, PkitaJcfpii i fitfQ. mMfftoriftdia
cr our jtfwm. .
run rnboivc.ii i ,
. - ...XOTICBv-. -: r-1 - '
Oi.stai.VKa With, the present number, ibe
connection that hap hsretafore fxisted bstwsea
the subscribers, io, lh jutbtiration of tha-,','9ua ,
bury American,", will, erase by . mutual conarnt
MrEisely retiring .from thaestahlithmeut.
The Amerkan wi)l, bsreafirr, be ftubliahad by
H. B. Maaaer, a rd,itor and aols.prepritort and
after tho lapse of U wsrks will appear in aa
enlarged form, with an entire new diets of hsnd.
soma typ. , , -- .., -i .
It is now seven yests and a half, line the sub.
scribers. commenced . tbe ,; publication .. of lbs
American," sod, for tbe patronage bestowed by
many ottbeir friends, they tender their warmeat.
thanks. During that time, however, number
of our subsribers have paid ua oothing, wbil a
large portion have paid u only nart. ,JU it will
be incumbent on us to close up our old accounts,
those of our friends who are .in arrears, will see
tb neeessity f making settlement with tb sub
scribers, until further notiee, at as early a jteriod
as posaible. Tbe office of tba American will
continue at tbe old place. , .H. B MASSER.
07" No paper will be laaued from this offlee
neat week, as we shall, he engaged in putting tp
a new prei. and making arrangrmer.te for .the
appearance of tbe American tbe week following,
enlarged in fnim and greatly improved in ap
pearance. . .. .......... f . . ....
py One Nawararsa. As no regalsr papr
will be issued from this office next week, in ton.
sequence of our arrangements in getting out tbe
American in a new and enlarged form, wear-all
moat probably Itaue an eatra.' eontainlng tbe la
test nd moat' Important newswhich 'We will
send to our subscribers 'trstis. A we "design
making the American on of th handsomest and
largest papers in Northern" Pennsylvania, we
trust our friends will exert tbeimeiees in, i.n
cresting our liat of subscribers, in return for the
hesvy ei penses incurred. , , , ,,, , .
07" The wea'her is so clsng--able this sessori.
thst it importsnt aa a matter nf history
tn record ita event. 1 Tuesday and U edneaday
last were probably among tbe eoldat days of
the winter. VVe trust, however; when thia
cold snap haa passed, we shsll have tbe mild
weather characteristic of spring, a aeaton Into
tkhich we have already paiaed. '
(T7" We are indebted to Pr R H Awt. form
erly of this place, for a copy of the Report of the
Ohio Luna tie Asvlum. -It ia a valuable and in
teresting report,' containing much that will af-
lord food for well
aa philanthropist. This excellent institution ia
in a flourishing condition; and has grown up on
der tb care of its able Superintendent; Dr.Wm.
M.; Awl, formerly of this place. r- '
07 Tbe whig Convsottoa at Ilari isburg . met
n Wednoadav- laat, and nemmate. Hon, tt
Middleswsrib. af. Union ., as Jlbeic candidate
for Canal Commissioner,
ZJ Laisav raow Mkxic Col. Jscktoo,, ef
pottsville, who was appoiated ta bring horn the
remains of Lieut. Wunder, of, Rrading, arrived
at Msxico on Ibe ) Sib ult with despatvbes. r?
calling Geo. fkott. and appointing Gen. Butler lo
th chief command. , .Gun. Scott ueued his fare
well address,, wbicb .wss received with deej
feeling by tbe army. Fanta Anna has given up
bis design of Waving Mexico
CT- Tbe last number of the John Donkey con
tains good, many jokes.; ..John professes neu
tialtty, though b ia sometime aatpecled of (ran
ing towarda democracy. , tie is, however, nine
pendent in his bit. .The. laat number bits off
Mr. Clay's tour. and reception at New otk t Je
also represents Mr. Buchanan a a , thimble lig
I - ....... - -( , ,
07" Nawsvaeaa Poaraoa. JVe abaer v in se
veral of our exvbsegee Ik following snolt at
tb bead of their columns l
' For lb Repeal of ha Law taking Postage an
INettapapera, undrf tbiity rruit-a " .
There probably never was a more unwise, and
we may truly ssy , a more unjust act nf Congress,
thsn ths repeal of that portion of the law which
permitted country papers to be circulated on
equal terms with' tboss of ths Urge ' cities' ; for
that was In effect tbe sum "sad uubetahre of tbe
law. ' City publishers Care bat little for Ike pos
tage laws, as long as they can aead '.heir papers
free, as merchandise, ver the tail roads, tabs
distributsd by their agents, which tb present
fawsllows then to ' do, -while cauatry papers,
having naseh faeihtlssf aaast pay posts fS
vry paperaaal by aaail--Tbia, with tba
poly the already emits, givee there an. 4dvsn
tag evar'fba'ra'untryr., of, wbiek aur ma
i f ( r fV 1' 'J
In anbTker 0u'mir ur readrrV will, find va fU
synopsis fbd' tiaaVa It passed tb Senate of
tba United iUrw, jrwHfce wiib a liat ff menv
birrs voting1brnJnigkfnsr it. "The New York
Herald, fram whicVTh aeeount la taken, baa
atnrt ftiMlskedtbe artlleVtb treaty In M
paper: -TW abatrVir wa fcara pahlisbrll, emtra"
.nrijunetiw ef serreeybsv mt yt Vea re
tnavedhtheSenat. and yet the editor of the
Tfcrtld say htf fa hid tn bla neaaefo Tjb entlr
v t " . - i -:.
iwJijnpwiVriWWi'vfBWMim'mA P-arta Whig
ta vat It. will nf ponrte remain a aeeref. -.If a I .. .
i ,1.: . V ..- . .. V Kt r'--." .
member of the Senate haa furriiahed it. hedara
pofof eoureV avow it- Tt), Hjrld probably
may have obtained a "copy surreptitiously in
Sfextco. '"At art Vv'ea'ts, if sWws the folly of
fh'd ekecutlVe' VeisfonV of 'tbs Senate' hefng held
with lot d doOta. Th procee'drngt of thes1
secret sestioos are generally mid public by th
latter writers and .reporters af ewepper, in
9 boTt after tbey pc.rur.Jn regard ta the trsty,
we are inclined to tbiok Ibat it wil he ratified
by th Mexjcan authoriti.ea.. The J4 milliona
of ddllara, which after tbe first three .millions to
be paid down, will in inatalnpents of three
millions snnnsliv, which will prevent the Meji-
cana violating ths treaty, a they woulrt thereby
forfeit the balance of tbe money, and we. nf
course, keep the territory of California and New
Mexico ceded to ashy the term, of the treaty.
tGP-M Cur attnrnt Lapiss V N.Tobb.
A (lay waa set apart for Mr. Clay lo receive the
ladie at the City Hall. ' At half past 10 O'clock
Mr -Clay and A Merman Laaeeence entered hand
a hand. -- One of the ladies immediately raised
hee pretty lips ta the Alderman," kissing him in
mistake or Mr. Olayj which error ahe irr.medl-
aiely rectified by kiaaing Mr. Clay - AH who
wished it. held up their pretty meatha, and re-
reived a fatherly kiss,. -The papers aay. among
them were count jess numbers pf, tbe wives and
danghters of, the rirhett and moat, diatininiahed
ftew Vorkera. About 1 o clock. the doors were
t .....
closed, when Mr Clsy hsd already kissed and
a Ken ny the nana about v 000 in two hours
There were still about .15(10 who bsd not spoken
to him. To these he msde a abort addreaa, and
closed hy ssy Ing t "'-' ' " ' '
"After a day like this, ' I csnnot stop to kiss
yoa all, hut I csll down on your heads the bles
sings of heaven, and 1 bap I Shall meet you all
io .that blessed bourne, whither tba righteous
pas when they depart hence.' . . . .
To kiss a score or two of pretty women, would
he pleasant enough : but to kiss 8.000 indiacrimi.
nately, young and bandsnnse, old and ugly, would.
in our estimation, be a terrible .infliction. .
There is evidently some misunderstsnd-
ing between the' cabinet and Gen Scott. The
correspondent nf the Ledger aaya' thai Gen. Seott
haa'refWseil to obey tbe oiders of the' President,
and that he Wished to be re celled: and that when 1
the Whole truth cemra out, the conduct of Gen.'
rieotrwill be very generally condemned. ' "
. i..v .: . - Wasminotos, March e
Tbe Senate remained in - Executive -session
for three boors this afternoon.. A motion was
made to remove Ibe injunction of secrecy, from
the proceedings of the Senate in relation to tbe
treaty, but an adjournment Jook place, without
any action in relation lo it.
The publication of the treaty in the yarioua
papera has caused great excitement.'
M'asra Clayton and Mangum unequivocally'
deny having fur Ait bed the information to tbe cor
respondent of tbe North "American, ss was
charged. ' -- --
Mr. Walsh, the eon of the Secretary of Lega
tion t France haa been appointed Secretary 4a
Mr. Sevier, tbe Commissioner ta Mexico.
The amount of specie in al the banks in ths
United States, by the last returns, may be stated
t about, forty millions nf dollaraN or, less tban
two thirds of the amount in the Bank of Eiigland,
Judge Ambrose Spencer died at Lyons,' N. J.
on tba 13th Inst - Ha waa from Albany, where
bia remaine will ba interred. Hen. Henry When
ton dirdst Roxbury, Mass , oa the 11th Inat.
i -About 300 copies af the Scriptures have been
trusted to a special agent, tbe Rev. Mr. Norrls,
ur distribution ia Mexico. '' 1 ' '
i A bill Las been repotted in the New Toik Se
date, to suppress tbe business of fortune telling,
i Si:ccb to Him n-In the House ol Represent
tives on Saturday,. Mr. Sawyer gave notice that
he would, at an early day, ak leave to intro
duce a bill making provisions to bring home tbe
remains of officers and soldiers killed or died m
Mexico. " '-- "' " "' ' -
's : ' f l r 1 1 ' . '. i ' i .1 i.
i Mb Clst so Albist Gallatin, a ho have
been estrsnged for many year,' have became re
conciled to each other during the visit of tb rot
ener to the city af New York. Mr. Clay Called
span Mr- Gallatin at hi residence,' having pre
viously sent friend to ascertain if such a visit
wnsM be agreeable. ' ' v
. Tna New Jsatsv Licssaa Law. Tbe Go-
veVnor of New Jersey bss signed' the' bill repea
ling the License Law of tbe aesslon of last win
; Political Movehints im Mississirrt. Ths
r iends of Gen. Tsylor ta Mississippi have haa
Convention in Jackaon,, a( Jbicb Judge Guioa
preaided. Cal. McClung and Geo. Wm It
Milea. were nominated aa elector for the State
at large, and District Cenvepliona suggestsd for
(he nomination of district electors. u
. Information bss " (cached Thildlphi free
Mexica, that Gs. Scott has put under arrest the
Court Martial which President Pelk Beat t)
. .". .a iiil-l'-ii'V.'' ' t
iry U'di (acvii; ana oioars. , .
j .VJ w-w.-, i. . . i .- i
( On. Svaday, tM. J Vb. lb bmjo wUl b,clina-
TJf) 9 ff'l. "''J KA 'l-,,hU
vsil U.icptiff veij eerl.yiMr , . J , ,
From tb New -York Herald of (Sunday)
Ta atitaw taVhVfrtr with .
Ill Xrttift ukd Pr'ifmiTk Final awr. 4c,
Waiatoit,-bfarrVJ0,it 10 P. M. .
Tba treaty Ha J oat been tatlfied, with modi
firation. The Senate, three qiartersefan bonr
JttiAW Ibsonal vote, and, thy. o .ajoorutd over
.10Ti4iuUi ha not
been removed,'""
'The vttt6o07 ( fl,.7.'l?r.i!lv!:..J'
Four tenater were absent namely - -
flames t'tjet, r Jsl&, f t
Samuel S 'Pbelpa'Wbig f.ripont
' .......
Jon WClixtoiT' Whig Z D'l
Samuel Houston' -.Democrat Te
ei nousroa Uemoerat , Texai i ..
The vat lot tbe ratlleatron atand
lows L. -t'.v ""v...
, f Cai 1 - srt.- '. ,'- V
CbesterkAhVy-r'-TtemoclBt Arkansss
Chartea O Atherton Democrat New Hampshire
Arthur P Bagby " Democrat' Alabama
John Fell ' Democrat
Jat Mr firaoliiiry ;1 Whig,','
Jeiist) Bright ' Democrst
South Carolina
South Carolina
A P Butter
John C Calhoun
Simon Cameion
Lwis Cava'
John H Clsrke'-
Temrcrat Pennsylvania
Democrat Michigan
Democrat T5hoi?e lalaml
John J Crittenden .Whig ,
John Davis. . . Whig .
JefTerson Davis . Whig Miatissipni
William L Dayton, Democrat New Jeraey
Danl S Dickinson .Whig .. ,. Jiew York
John A Dix., Democrat. . Nsw. York
S N Downs .. Democrat Louisiana
Alpheus Felh , Democrat . Michigan ;
Henry S Foots 4I. Democrat, Miasissippi
John P Hals Democrat. Nev Ilamptbite
Edw A Hannegan Abolition Indiana ,
R M T Huat.-r Democrat .Virginia
Reverdy Jahnaon Whig Maryland
Herschel Jshnaon Democrst Gorg:a
Henry Johavnn " Whig Louisiana
Willie P Mangnrri Whig" North Carolina
Jamea M Vason ' Democrat Virginia .
Jacob W Miller ' " Whig " New Jersey
W B Moor ' - ' ' Prmoerat Maine "
John M files' I Democrst Connecticut
Thomas J Riuk ... Democrat. Texas
Ambrose Jl Sevier
Dsniel Sturgeon
Hopkins L Turner
Jos R Underwood
David L Yutee
Thomas Corwin
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David R Atchison Democrat
Ohio ' "
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North Carolina
Missouri - 4
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Rhode Island .
Delaware .
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George F. Badger-' Whig "
TtogerG Baldwin ' Whig ,
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John V. Berrien ' Whig . .
Sidney Brer as Democrat
Step A Douglass Democrat
Albert C Greene Whig
Dixon H Lewia Democrat
Prealey Spruance Whig. ,
William Upham ' Whig"
Daniel Webster Whig '
J D Weatcott" Jir Democrat
Avis Whigs 11 Nats Whigs 1 7
Democrats''- '83 ' 'Democrats 7
Ameni Whig '3 Total A yea ' 38
i Democrat ' '1 1 Nay 14
Majority for the treaty ' 3t
Among those voting for tba ratification are
four wbo spoke against it. , Of the font Senators
not voting, two art absent from the city Messrs
Houston and Pearce. ,
Tbe articles prsviding for the Mexican gov.
ernment in Texas and Californiav are stricken
put ; and tbe unimportant provision to extend
jhe jurisdiction of the Mexican church over the
Catholic clergy 4n tb ceded territory, is alto
stricken out. These are tbe principal modifica-i
tions. ' s
It will he recollected that the treaty indicates
two mode of paying th Indemnity agreed upon
one by tba issue of six per cent, stocks, or by
Instalments. ' The latter mode bss been adopted
Tbe three mil liana aubject lo Mr. Trial's order,
are te ba paid immediately upon the ratification
ef the treaty of, lha Mexica government,, and
tbe remainder iaaoaual inatalmenta of three mil-
liens each bearing tig per cent, interest, t com
inence from the ratification of the treaty by
Mexico. ' ' . , '
There la provision,against making any por
tion af this sum trsnsferable. -
' -The point omitted ia my former synop
sis, and preserved in the treaty, ia an aiticle ae
curing lo tb United Slates tbe free nsvigstion j
af tbe GU of California, and of th river Colora
do from lha mouth af tbe Gila to the Gulf. .,
' Mr. A Meq closed tbe debate tbia evening with
a speech, wbicb is universally acknowledged to
have been oas of extraordinary power. , It is
not s yet determined whether a commissioner
shall be seat r not. , , -
; Ths following is a sketch of tb articles of
the treat v, as adopted by this Senate. Jt ia, pro
bably, as correct as a compresssd sketch can be
ir.ade ;' "'''','" '' I . .
j 'AHitlti awaf swirW of fAa'TWy.' as
iopttd by.UuAmO'ica &. Articl first
appointed Seaarg Caevaa, Cant, and Atrietala,
ComiMionr oa tb part af th Mexican gov
rrameiit te Bdjust terma f lasting treaty of
heac between th United States of ths North
aad ih United MsiUa State, with NUhote
.TvktWfBWlaalaaafO.-a,als '
i i Artiela aecaad atipalata that thav ehall be a
jsssnsdkataas)speia tbaatilitia kwtwaeaJb
Brasias f lb tw reh4iew - '
i ; Art UU third da&oa th JMpri, Uivft
th CntUd Statst Tb life fflinaW ift tk
Gulf of Mexico, Jhree league, from land ; th
runs up th middle af tba Rio Grande , to its
reflection with tba southern- boundary ta
wsstsrn hoiiadsry oi same ; thence north to
first branch of "the Uilsi which' it ioterae
ffttnc down the middle eft bat branch and al
rivet ta .the Calnrsda r tbsnca it runs ae
west wsrdly, and atsikea the - PaeiAe at a p
aoe league aoab af Sa Dieg.' Tb free n
gation of ths Gulf al California -and of the r
Colorado, 'from the mouth of the Gila to
Gulf, ia curs'd ta the United State. w. ,.
. Article fonrth atipolatea that it shall he
rional with ettlfam ef xlea' now reiidlht
the territory' be'eeded. either t leave, tsl
with them or otherwise disposing of their
pertyj or elss," upon Asking theoath of all
ance to tbia government, Ja be protected io
enjoymot of all the righta and immnnitiei
the citir-n Of the United States.
The next article provides thai. tba Un
States government shall, take prompt r and e
tusl measures for the delence of the border f
Indisn incursion. T tbia end, both natiom
to use their best endeavora. ' . '
In consideration of th extension of the hoi
ary of tba United States, msde by this tre
the United States government stipulates to
to Msxico the sum of fift.-eo millions of doll
In this sum is Included three millions sppror
ted laat te aion for Ihe. utterance of peace,
now aubject to Mr. Trist's order This sun
to be paid to tbe Mexican government imm
ataly on the ratification of the treaty. The
inaining twelve m'llinna it re to be paid in ,
annual inatalmenta, brarlrg six per cent, in
eat from the ratifiration nf the trea'y by Mex
No portion of thia sum ia to he trantferable.'
Accoiditi; to tbe srtiele, the United States
vernment undertakes all elsims of American i
sens against Mexico, botfa those stready deci
and those atill undecided the whole, bowt
not to amount to more than three millions at
qnsrter of dollars - -
The Mexican archive! found by us after
tsking possessiou of the ceded territory, arc
be delivered bp. ,
Tbe treaty of commerce of 1811, between
two republics, is to he revived for the perio
eight years, and may afterwards be renewec
the option of both governments.
The custom houses are to he restored to
Mexicsn authorities as soon as the treaty a
have been ratified. Means are to be adopted
settling the accounts. ' -
The troops of the United States are to le
M-xico in three months after the rstifiratioi
the treaty, unless the sickly seston should c
on, in which event th-y are to retire to si
h 'althy situstion. and are to be furnished
supplies by the Mexican government, on am
ble terms. -.,... . .
Tbe supplies which msy arrive between
ratification of the treaty and tbe embarkatim
tbe troopa. are not to he subject to duty.
The treaty is to be ratified by tba Presi-
and Senate, and to be exchanged within
monthe after its ratification. -
The boundary ot New Mexico ia to be d-f
as Isnl down in Visturnetls map or .nei
published st New York in 1817.
Several important articles are omitted.
Th TsrT Secbesy. Though the
junction nf recresy is not yet removed in
L'nited S atrs Senate, yet by som means
Nw Y.iili Herald has got possession of
n'ire trraty, as it bse passed thst body, am
copy the document from that paper, aa tliei
no reason for withnMinr it any longer.
The whole attempt al secrecy in Ibis mt
haa In en a broad farce, and the Senate mtgt
well have discn'sed thu nutter with open d
The term were published in a synopsis I
one end of the Union to the other, before
Senate had the matter properly before it. E
letter-writ r in Washinstnn aeemad to k.
th progress nf the debate, and all the lurna
it took in the Senate, and nsw the whole trc
which is prneuined ti be only in rxscssio
the Senate, ia published in tbe newspspers
Extensive Ti-KNst.. On the contempt
railroad between Troy and Boston, thers
hsve to be a tunnel four mi!t long. Tbia r
will be 30 miles Ihe shortest. b
Tax Mobmo Tsrix, at Nauvon, is a
being purchased by the Methodist Episcopal
It waa sold once ta the Catholics, but a
could not be made. '
There t you'b's Tempersnee Societ;
New York, the sges of whose members vsry i
16 to 13 years, composed mostly of rtfm
. Ninety-five thoussnd Dish cbilJrea are
to ba now receiving weekly rations from
British Relief Association.
. CHLOBoroa tit Coxvc-l'-jom A few
ago, Dr. Shield, of Frederic, Md, adminiat
ehloro'brm to child, with great euccess, '
case of violent convulsions.
Gbx Tavl ba id that "oa'ore ha
tended over Mrxico a proviso against sis,
that no legwlstio can strengthen or mod if;
' Tai AnicAit ar building a hug ch
ia Liberia, tb firat regular house of Chrt
worabip oh that aide of the dark cootioent.
Tie Iru Fair 'qfuComp4tMii'toVi
mMur f Ciiriatia. ar Faith and Chi
faith la th only fool Axtl Immovably ia
CcBtre, while Charity Valkg perfect clr
bovoluo. v.'.- g-
( jW wiowhif i a M Udy''elg
tasting iudlgo: "Sprinhl H, ia fin pot
,l'V f I,