Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, October 09, 1847, Image 4

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    L - I .1 J ..L- HI.S
itflecdotte. mt Wsnsvwl Tea-tear. - -
One Seageant Harri', who was wounded at
ih stormine; of Monterey, and ordered home'
for the recovery of hie health, related the ful
lowinjr characteristic anecdote of 'old Rough
nod Ready' to correspondent of the N. Y. He
rald. " They ate, of course, interesting.
The character of General Taylor in Jrey
much what It it represented. He in mild and
affiblfl, yet firm and unflinching. If a soldier
under hit command think he is apfrteved, it
ia to the General he look a for redrew, ana opv
er fails in getting; it, in esse General Taylor,
on inquiry, ascertains it to be well founded.
The 'old man,' a lie in familiarly termed Ly
officrreand men, ia approachable at all hours.
He will ait and talk with the commonest soldier
in the most affable manner, and my informant
telle mc that he has oten wotwlered at seeing
him enter minutely into the private attain of
the soldiers under hie command, sjive them hw
advice when asked, aa it frequently is, and when
that ia over, read to them from tho newspapers
the anecdotes of .the army, which have mailt
their way into print in the northern cities, at
which he would Utioli a heartily as any if
them. He ia beloved by all in bia command,
officers and men. All take pleaaure in obey
ing his commands t and when an order is given
by him, there is emulation among all who hear
it, obey it. Ilia treatment of the Mexicans ia
marked with the same urbanity. They, accor
ding to my informant,, at least auch o( them as
have been in the habit of serving- the camp with
milk and other little n'c uacs, luve him as much
as his own soldier do.
On a certain iKcaeinn one of these poor crea
tures complained to lit Capiluna that a volun
teer had entered hid raitoho, and appropriated
to his own oe emneW Ilia edibles, witnout pay
inr Kir them. Now this) was a breach ol orders
which Gen. Taylor could not overlook, ao he
had the marauder indentrfied by the Mexican,
and brought before him. The General examin
ed and crose-e.v.amined him, in relation to tho
offonce, for upwards of two hours, at the end of
which time he arrived at the conclusion that
the volunteer was not quite so much to bliuie as
the accuser represented, but thought hirn de
serving of some punishment, and what was the
punishment do you suppose he inflicted upon
him ? Why he directed a barrel to be placi d
in I root of his tent, directed the volunteer to
mount it, and kept him standing there (or two
hour. At the end of which he gave him a few
word about not doing the like again, &.c. and
ecnt him back to his quarters. Occasionally it
occurs that a nan will want to write letter to
his Jriende, end lies no materials tO do no.- VV' H fi
out limitation he applies to the 'old man,' and
guts all ho whiKs, pen, ink, and paper, and wa
fer, which comes from hid private stock, which
ia alwaya at the service of the soldier.
We have all beard the sou&rtwf of Rough
and Ready had its origin in the Florida war, in
which Gen. Taylor treated tbe red skins in the
roughest way and in the readiest manner; but
I have not seen it alatad when it waa first used
in this war. According to Sergeant Ilarrir, it
wan in this war; After the memorable bottles
of .Itueuca do la Talma and Palo Alto, the old
General directed the men to be brought up be
fore him in review, which waa of course done.
While reviewing them to aee, no doubt, how
tbey looked after their acrimmage with the yel
low bellies, an old soldier, who served under
hiui in the Florida war, proposed at the top of
his voice, 'Three cheera for old Rough and Rea
dy which were eiven with all lienors. As
soon as they had subsided, the old General, eve
ry feature in his open countenance speaking
volumes, gracefully took off his chspeau, and
returned thanks, and added, 'Gentlemen, I would
be nappy to treat you all, but I have got nothing
except tome Rio Grande water with which to
do it.
On one occasion a volunteer getting; tired of
discipline, thought he would relievo himself of
it for a time at least, and with that view absen
ted himself for a week without leave, and made
atrip to the country. As soon as his absence
was known to the camp he waa proclaimed a de
serter, and men sent in pursuit of him. He re
turned, however, before he was arrested, and
immediately made his way to 'the old Gene
ral, and told him in mitigation of punishment,
that he was alwaya accustomed to open bark
wood life, and it went bard with him to be con
lined ao much. 'Well, (said the General) don't
do so aeain, my boy, without leave, and direct
ed hirn to go to bis quarters. That man, say
my informant, thinks General Taylor tbe beat
man living, and he would willingly loose life it
self at his bidding. .
Gen. Taylor's modesty ie equalled by magna
nitnitv. It was not known in camp until three
weeks after it waa known to the General him
sell. Unit he had received a Ilrevet. and all the
army heard of the sword presentation to him
was through the pipers.
' EeiONAtr IIin s Tie Journal ef Health
has the following remarks upon sleeping in reld
bedrooms, which ara quite appropriate to th
season, now fir end cloaks ars beginning to
flourish :
Cold Dcd utnit.- person arcustomed to un
dresa ia a room without tire, and to seek repose
in a cold bed, will net experience ths least tncon
v'enienre. evn in tha svrwt weather. The
natural beat of bis body will very speedily re n
ilsr birn even suote cooifuitebly warm tha a the
individual who bleeps in a beated apartment, and
in a bed thus artificially warmed, and who will
t extremely liable to a sensation of chillnessae
soon as tbe artificial beat ia dissipated. But thi
ia not all tha constitution of Ih former will be
rendered mora robust, ami far lets susceptible to
tbe influence of atmospherical viciasitudts than
that of tie latter.
...... PlttlNSYLVANIA.
. The Mfowittg list -moWm1 ear not tain of alt
'enueylvenia Bank N.sVs. The most implicit re
liance may he plated upon it, as it i eeery loeeA
arefully compared with aid. corrected fioin Bbk
setCe Reporter. . ,
Ratakej 1st IMillartclpiilii. i .
Disc, ik
. par
. par
flank of Not th Americ . ,
Bank of the Northern Liberties - .
Commercial Bank of Penn'a .
Farrnere' and Mechanics' Bank
Kensington Bank ' .
Philadelphia Rank
Schuylkill Rank .
Snuthwerk Bank
Western Bank .
Mechanics Rank
Manufaelurere' St Mechanics' Bunk .
flank of Peon Township
Bank of Commerce, late Moyamensing
Dank of Pennsylvania . .
tT'ountrjr klankn. '"
I par
. pat
Hank of Cluster County ' Westchester par
flank of Delaware County Cheater par
Dank of Oermantnwn Germanlnwn pa
Bank of Montgomery tjn.' IM orns'owti par
fH-ylcstnwn Hank Dnylentown pur
C avion Bank Eastrm par
Farmers' Hank of Burks en. Brt-tol par
Bank of IVorthumlietltinil "Vorlhunibrrland par
(olnmhia Hank MtMiare rO.ITolHmma
Farmers Bunk of fni'ater f.anraiei
l.ancaMrr County Bmk
.nnraster Bank
Farmers' Bank of Resiling;
Office of Bnnk of Penn'a.
Olfice do do
OHico do do
(llnce du ' do
Rt siting
I jancastnr
to not
r.HKton J issue n.
Rank of the United HI iti
Middletown ,
riiMuiif '
Willis msporl
Pittsliurg y;.
Miner' Bank of Potisvillc 1
Bank of l-ewistowu
Hank of Midillotowu
Carlisle Bank
Cxt'haOge Bank 1
llo do branch of
Itairistiutg Bank
Lekauon Bank . ,
Mcrchauts' it Mnnuf. Bank
Bank of Piltbl'urg
West Bianch B uik
Wyoming Bank
Northampton llnk
Berka Countv Batik
Otlice of Batik of I J. S.
Do , do do
Do do do
Bank of Chanibnrnliurg
Bahk of Gfltysliurg . .
Bank of Hu-quuhauoa Co.
Erie Bunk
Farmers' & Drovers' Batik
Frank lin Bank
llimcedale Iljnk
MonongaUela Bunk of B.
New Brighton
York Bank
N. B, 1 he note of those tanks on which we
omit quotations, and sutmiiurte a dnsh ( ) are uot
purchased by the IMiilmlelphia brokers, with the
exoeption of those which havo a letter of r ference.
Philadelphia etav. Ins.
Philadelphia Loan Co.
S.huvlkill Sa v. Ins.
Kensineton bav, I us. A
. do
I'eiin Township tSsv. Ina.
Manual Labor Bank (T. W Dynlt, prop.) failed
I'pwanda Bank
Alleghany Bank of Pa.
Bank of Beaver :
Bank of Cwatnra .
Baok of Wasbiogtoa
Centre Batik
City Bank
Farmers' & Meth'cs' Bnnk
Farmers' At Meeh'cs' Bank
FarmtTs' 6l MechYa' Bank
Harmony Insiitutn
Huntingdon Baok
Juniata Bank
Lumbermen's Rank
no aale
H sriisliurg
Fayette co.
If aniiouv
no sale
no sale
Huntingilon no sale
itisiown notile
no sale
no sale
' closed
Northern Bank of Pa.
New Hope Del. UriJge Vm.
Norlhumti'd Union CoL Itk.
North Wwrtern Baxk of Pa,
Office of Bchuylkill Bank
New Hope
M lit on
Pun ( forboa
Pa. Aer. & Manuf. Bank
Hilver Lake Bank
Uniou Bank of Penn'a.
Westmoreland Bank
WHkesLarre Brhlge Co.
Wilkeatiarre no sale
fTT" All notes putpoiung to he on any Pennsyl
vania Hank not given in uie anove list, may be set
Jowo as frauda.
Bank of New Btunswick Brunswick
Bclvideie Bunk Belvulere
Burlington Co. Bank MnllorJ
Coaimercial Bank Perth Amtioy
CuiqlierUiid Bank Bridgelon
rarmcrs Bsnk Mount Holly
Farmers' aud Mechanics' Bk Kabway
Farmers' and Mechanic' Bk N. Ilnutsvsiik
Farmers' end Men haul,' Bk MfcldkUown Pi,
Ftatiklin Bank ofN. J. Jersey City
HolNiken Hlg& tuaung to llobokeu
lerst-y City Bsnk
Jrtst y City
Meciiatiiis' Bsnk
ManulHClunrs' Bank
Morris County Bunk
MoniiMiuth Bk of N, J.
Jeiwy City
Mtcbaiucs' Bank
Mechanics' ami Manuf. Bk
Morri. Caiul and Ukg Co
Piibl Notes
UO sale
Newark Bkg St Ins Co
New ifw M Itiidite Co
N.J. Maimfuc. and Bkg Co
N J I'rotecloll ii Lombard bk Jersey t'ily
Orange B:ink Orange
Paierson Bank Paterson
Peotiles' Bank do
Pliticeton Uank l'ruie'ton par
ralelii Banking Co H detn par
r!laie Bank Newark 1
State Bank fcliiaHsthtowa k
8late Bank Caimlen par
State Bank of Morris Moiiton
8tate Bank 1'rrnton failed
eiaknn aud PhilaJ Manuf Co ciaiem failed
eiuaMK Bauk Newton i
Trenton Banking Co Trenton par
I'uion Bank : Dover j
Wsauiogton Banking Co. Hackeosack faiivd
Bk of WilmeV Brandywme Wiimniftoo
Bank of Dolaware Wilmington
Bank of Hniyrna Kinytna
Do Is auch ' Millord
Faimers' Bk of ritata of Del Dovtr
Do branch Wiloiington
Do biaurh fieorgetowu
Do brunch Newcastle
L'uion Bank Wdiuingtoa
aT Under 5'a '
ri rOuall banks aaaiked thus C) ibsre are sk
tbar couuterbil or altered notes of (be various ds
Aonunations, ia circulation,
r r 1 r r, MtaT-rvs ti' i -
WIIGST'S mH tEBpTiULfi pillv
frnm the Cem'en Democrat.
WRIGHTS' Inniitsi VaoaT&att
cetrbraleil P.IK so universally used and ad
mired. hva taeniae to. I consl Jerr j almost aa ne
cessary In families ae water or fuel. In fict, the
principle upon wmcn mis medicine nas ewaimsimt
ha ref.otaitoo-pirrgar(oii--ia now ptetty feneiany
acknowludeed to te the only live one, trv which
tieatth may te pteaitvcd, of restored vthen impaired.
Wrljthre ruts are now a universal issotiip. ; i
From Ih rhiladetph' Soturday Evening Tott.
WmeaVe l.atitna- Viaaraaic Pitts, are at
taining great ci trbiity in New Englnnd, as wi ll aa
other pait of the Unitsil ltat. The anetnpt of
persims to defraud the puMicby the a ile ofitious
arilrtes meets with general reptoliatiuii. D'.
Wihihtis an indi f ilicaMe bunnets man, and shows
an array of cure by the niedecine which wvnnt
confidence in the tinuCa of his Indian Vegetable
Pills. ' ' ' " ' -
From the Ph:ind-tph!a Spirit of the Tmr. ,
WaieaT'a Isihah Vioitsl Prtis. Peo
pie are pretty well usii fifil by this time that ctlo
tnet.'and the other thousand and one mineral pre
paraiioiis of the hois, are httier adapted, as a gen
eral rule, to kill rethrr than cure the p.itirnt ; as a'er of course, vrgetsdle medicine are therefore
in gteat request. There are many humbugs ho'
eve, amnfig ihe latter, and we would aifri-e a;
those who have the leirt regard fur their heilih, tu
fiy WrigtiCi Indian reliable VilhttJ t AurfA
Amtritart CuHfge of Itiutth, as tbey are the pre-
paration of one in'imately arqueinUd wiih the
healing art.
From the Pttirtt D,vlil TimtS. '
Wbiohi's Isniis Piti.s. Of all
ihe public ailvortterd taedic.iiies nf the dny, we
know of none that ws ran more snfely recommend
fur the "il's that flesh is heir to." than the Pills that
are sold at the depot of the Ninth Ammiran Col
lege of Health, No I9! Tremonl street, Boston.
Bcveisl instances we know of whers thev are tted
in (utilities wilh the highret a tii-f ictioti ! and no
I ncer ago than yesletdsy, we h. ar.l an mnim nt
physidau of tins city lecontmenil thvia in ingn
The foil wlr.g hiiiMy resp-ctslde storekeepers
have I em duly apniiliteil a ma for the sain of
tvnenra Indian tcgrtiiule I'llh, to Nuitliumlii r
I unl county l
Henry Maser, Suii'.mty,
K. Si J. Kaiitfinsn, Augusta towuhip.
Hamuel Heib, Litile M ihonuy.
William Depiien. Jackson.
Beneville Hutsliue, I'pier Mahonoy.
John tJ. Ren ii, l'pi-er Mahunoy.
Hamuel John. Khnmokirttown.
Fon-jlhe, WiUoinV Co.. Noithumberlaud. "
E. L. Piper, Wstannoure .1 7 . "
Irhmd V Haynef. MeUnetisville. . ; '
Jnna Peed, "Poitsgrove.
Wm. tl Scott. Rushvdle.'
Ilartman KntrMe, Elyburg P. O.
Ain. T . Beissel, Turhutsville.
(Jul. OH Shaitel, Upper Mahonoy.
Khodes &. Farrow, Snydrrtown.'
John King, ParmersviRe. ' ' ' ' "
811ms V.. Uflok. Matltii's Ciei k.
J. De Voting. Hicksviile. (
Alirnham Hherer. Richmond. ' '
Samuel I'sylor. SI iU for.1.
John H. Vincent, Chilieqoaqite. 1 '
Wm. Heinen A Brother, Milton. :
Dtffisi ur CoewTaartiTs. The public ere
csmioned against the many eituriims medicine.
which lii mdeC to deceive, are C illed bf names si
milar to Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills.
The s.ifest course is to puirlia.e of ihe regular
agents only, who are gentlemen that may tie re
lied on.
(jj- Offices devo'el eicltisive'y to the sale of
WKIUHTS KUIA. VEuKI Altl.ri ril.l.,
of the Noith American f'.dlege of He .Ith. No. t8
Oreenvrkh Klreet. New Vork : No. I9 Tri-mont
wt. Boston; and PRINCIPAL OFFICE. No
lf 'J Rier Ktsrit, Ptiilailelphia.
June 12th, 1847. silly.
No. 80 Market Street, five doors Below
TliirJ. Soiuli it!e.
Iiupoi tern & it lipUsiale l ult rs lia
WA I'CHES, Watch (ila ses and Materials.
Jenelrv of all ilecii litM, quallUes and
a'ylea, eiHopiiiug all the articles connects J
with the Trade, -CL"ks.
DiiHtn A fon's Britannia, Gernvm Silver and Sil
cr-Pjted Wares. - .' '! -'
SbelReld and Btriiiiiighsm Plnied Fanry Articles.
Kodtteie St- Sou's and W, U. nh.m t.utlery, Its-
gors. Hciasors.'Eraseis, Desk Knnes. &.c.
Ivory H .ndled 'Fsble Cutlery, of iho finest, meiliura
si.d conim m qu.ditirs. . ,
A iare sacdilioeiil Ml O9I I PDS. j f- -( ( t
Perifocsl Woeclaelis. .... . .
Pap er Mai-he and J .panned iTays, various shajie
and qu dilies. at teilued tales
Gold Watch Cjaia, Disla and Hilver-Ware, ef all
ilearrimioos. manufactured to onler.
DICKSON & CO., having recently removed
into the large and cummodiooa weretionss formerly
occupied by Messrs. R. AsuMt asr & Sos," ant.
more rcceutlv bv AstiucasT A lUmnaron, leg
leave fo Inform Watch Dealers, Country Merchauta
and others, that they design having at all times s
larte a-s.ii I men t of O-oda, of their own Imports
lion, which Uicy are determined to eH at the lowest
Cfj Evey attention will be paid 10 ihe Paeking
! (..i.a.and in the eieeuthm of Orders, the quail-
li. i ...i.l i.iir.a will be lullv BU.irantieJ against all
PhilM?elphia, June tOih, IWt. 1
I irl rreiitfitm IV riling Ink.
No. 87 North Tliinl St reel,
I7r0V( Dr. Hare, the cel!ralrd Pr.s anr of
Clieoiistry iu the Univeisily ol Petin's.
Philad. Iph'u, Oct. II, DM3. -Dear
Sir Having Hied your Ink. f Mill thank
you to sen J me another bottle, aa I find it to bs
rxc.lUnt. ' I siu yours, truly.
Hoar Hiaa-."
F'Oin Dr. Locke, of Cincinnati, distn gui-hed
f.l bis numerous scientifie resea.ches.
Medical College of Ohio, t.'ir.cinnati,
Januvy 17, If44.
Having used Mr. Ilovvr's Wruiag luk, I am
satisfied that it is the rV wiiiih has ever ciuue to
my knowletlge, and especially It ie r xtvlitvt for the
use if Steel ftnr, aud UiU'twl cxjrrodt (hem, even
in lung IKK,
Juas Lorgi. Prof, of Chsinistrv.
F10111 a well known scientific gentleman.
Philadelphia, Fee. 27. IMA.
Mr. Joseph E. Hover hirt A use uf your Cr
mint, anJ eme practical tult of ita sufivtioigy,
has -induced me to ieeo.iiu.fnd it to others as so
invaluable article for mend r.g China. Cilssa, or
O all net Wutt. CiM.'alLL Muartr,
AnaMic Chemist."
For tale at the Manufactory, Wkolsatls and Re
tail, No. 87 Nobtb Teiae nvraair, opposite
Cherry sttest, Fhtladslpbis. by
May Hi, I84T. j30 ly Msnufadurer
Spring Goods.
fTtHE awSecrihet has just- re-eive.l his Ne v
JL pring Oonds, to whkh he Invitea hs fnst
end casiomecs to call and eramlun for themsn. e
Hie atr-ek consi-ts In part of the following!
Pnperiof Clothe, of all colors 1 Cnssitnera of dtfV.
ent patterns; Matin and other Vesting Oa
- Ik-os, Lawns, Oinghams, Checks, Tick
logs, an.l summer wear of all ktnile
' end price ( also, Leghorn and '
Palm leaf llata; Umbrellas
- and f'sros K fr .m 85
cunts upwaids ;
also, tiroceiie, tjueena.
vrnre, I'edsrware,
Oils, PuintM, Fiah, 811. ic, Su ic ,
and in fart, every article usually kept in a couu'i
s'ori', which will be sol J svry low, for cash on n
kin(l of Ireile.' "' . "JtlHN BOO AR
Sunbury, May lSlh, I8t7. n!4y
jre :iew Goods !
FTtHE last airival is at -Purdy's Mtore, Msiket
1 Square, where v. ill be found a hanilaotne as-
sorlmenl or . '
nf the late,! and uvst approved sijti s, consisting of
l-loths, trsasitners, ratings,
SuintMer Stuffi, Mous. d,' laines, Liwus,
Cii. shams, . I'alicos, Mdslins,
Jenns, Sic, Ste, Stc ; sti, a full assortment nf
Groceries, all of which will be Sold low r ihan ever
olteieil In t'ds mrk t.
Call and examine for vourselves.
yuilluirv. May 15 K, 1847. if ' '
FlfHE Kul'scrihers have tin-exr'u-ive tight of
I vending J. M. THATCHER S
Hot IIIaNt lint Air fooUInt?
ill tbe coubtiea of Noiihunililan.l, Columbia and
Schuylkill; and from the encsuragemnnt met with
alresdy, they expect In do a large business. In
stove ia cotitrucied on an entiiely new prtrciilc
and ou ibe. only principle that cm make both a
good woo.l ami cdsl stove. I ne inventor nas over.
come all ihe dillicultiee that so frequently belong t
other stoes. He has by his arrangement, con
stiucte.l a broiling (TTOv?ll III front, where
in l.roMint;, rnassing. frving or bsking may be none.
and alt the ainell that aries ihs.efroiu must pass
into Ihe cembustilna ettamber, and is not at s
thrown out into the room ,D Beaith-s ,thi, there
11 an oven only two tne.hea less then the whole sin
of the stove, wherein b .king or roasting may be
done aa well as il Can he in the common brick oven
This oven is altaava fit for U'e wben the siove I
heated, a the whole draught of hot air passea
round it constantly.
f'libl.R allentton1 is particularly ea'leil I tnt
stove. ' It can be seen at our Store and Tin Estab
lishment in North Dsnville. at the ign of the Co-
luuibta Tin shop, und at the Found' y of Kohrhach
Sl Clement III Sunbury, where its particular qtialr
ties will be fully shown aud eip'ained to any person
wihing-lo eximmc it.
The sultscribeta contitne to Nave on hand all
kinds of parlor stoves, such as rs listors. cy tenders,
fancy and plsin, suitable for all who may favor us
wi h a call; . also common eheet and Kuwait run,
which can be made in any desirable shape ; logr.
iher wiih a gom ral ss-ortment of tin and japtnned
ware, wholesale and retail. Country men. hunts
are Invited lo call and etamine our slock, as our
work cannot he surpas-ed, ami prices inodnerate.
N . B. We can estely recommend the above m n
tinned stovu to permns who wish ,to emhsik in a
gisid bu'tiuese. Tl.e psientee will veil cid er coun
ty or slate rights, tu suit purchasers, and on rea
son ibh' terms. He or bis agents may be found in
Danville, Pa. J. Sl J. ARTE It.
The nndersijrne.I, having rem to operation the
hot h;at hoi air cooking stove, invented and pa
tented by J. M. Thaicher, certify that we believe,
from the manner of ita construction and Oera-ion,
that it is the best one ever ottered to the public. The
arrangement is so complete and the construction so
judicious, that thete is a saving of one half the find
and tune, in doing any given amount of a. rvioet
over eiber celehralett atuvea. :Li short we recom
mem it in piofereueti lo ad ethers, f.w the simple
reason that it embraces every branch of ecoonmy,
Saiiionl Garrelt, John W GarreU. David Chat
field, W F Kiith. n. John M Giay, E Thomp-on,
Smith Thonipann, J D Ilalin, John Oakes, Hrsiki
all Bear,' EH is F trooper, Oeo M Rkhrt, Daniel
HutTuian. Henry It Rissel, F 11 Csrver, Dauiel
DreiKbai-h, Joseph Vauknk, Brouke Epley.
Danville. March C, 1847. ly
nlui subscubcr olUrs for sale a cheai Farm,
situate in SUaiui.kiu township, Norlhuinbcr
land coumy, aliout eight miles from tuubory, ly.
ing beiwsen ibe Centre luiniuke and lri.h Vs'tey,
containing IfiU ctes and allowances. Said faun
is in a g.o-d state of cultivation, with reasonably
good buddings and excellent water near the duot ;
and all kiuda of fruit, &.C
Punbury, Feb. 8f, IH1T-. . ...
No. a I 'A'urtli Third street,
(isTsiriTT sorii.)
EVENING HALES of Hardware. Tutlery,
Saddlery, Whips. Boots, feUoes, Hats,
Caps, liuus, I utols, toothing,
Watcbea and Fancy Ootids,
At Msekry'a Auction ttore, 31 North Third
street, near the City Hotel.
Tbe attention of Country Mi ri bants is invited.
The Gihios will be sold in lots to suit pu'ch isers,
and all Goods otU-red will be warranted equal tu the
representations that may be made of them.
N. B. A large assortment of Gooda at Private
Sale. Jan. 10. 1 8471 y
iarouNT vernon
95 North yd t., let. Arch At ace sts.,
I Ii i I n l c I p It i a . .
BRADY &L PARKER respectfully inform their
friends and the public that liny hive taken
the above nerved house, recently kept by J.' S.
Adams, and are pi spared te accommodate ceslo
mere in the moat satisfactory aasnnsr end at rca prices.
Their table will be supplied wiih the bet vari
ety '.be market s fluids their parlora and sleeping
apartments will be in the brat order. The house
has been thoroughly repaired and furnished with
a view to the eoiofort of tiavellere and atrangers.
; Having had see'sl yeare esperatnee in the
business, tbey bops lo give geperal satisfaction,
uoj respectfully invite traveller and atiangara to
give tbeea a cell. BRADY St PARKER.
Philadtlpbie, Jsnusry 1, 18 IT. tf
... j5CaiT3J33 TVXsV7" - '
No. 0 North .'id t., lliird doyr abov
Market Street,
. . m 111,11,1, mm t.t.i. 1 r i
IiVLIll LVLtl.tU, 01 a geireral Sf.-
sortoKMil of Foreign snd Domestic Hatdware,
nd Pocket Cuileiy, Ttui.ka, Locks,
icticis, Bolts, S.iws, bailJIery, Whips.
BjoIs, bhnia, Ha s, Caps, (tuns,
PiVoln, Triuiiiiinira, ('lulling
and Fancy Goi da,
The attention of city and Country dealers is in
vited. The Goods are firsti, and will be warranted
equal to ti e representations that may tie sntHle 01
them. UAVLI3& BROOKE II, tMVoie.r,
, No North Thiid t.
N. B. Purchafl'is can Visve their Goods a irked.
Severs! invnicta of Gjodi have bicu tteivcd tu be
sold at ptivute sate. , ,
ntifsiteijdua, Dec. ifltb, tsir.. ty
To The i. o. "oir'o. i".
J. W.'fc K. H. 8 TO K K s.
Mstnttfacturers of Vicmitini 01J Tel
IovV Iti'xlia,
A'o. 19 MrirrVef Stretf, PIlll.ADELPniA,
First Clothing tore below Gib Streat.
riJIE sulisciibers having taken the premium at
1 Ftatiklin Instititln, at tbe last exhibition, for
Ihe best lleglia, they iuvi'.e the attention i.f the
order to their esial.lixhmcnl, wheie they w.ll find a
splendid SKsoitmeot of I. 15. and Encampment Re
iislia. They also make t,i order for I.mlges and
Eneampiuetits, ' Regalia, Sasbis, C-o-lurnes and
Robes, and furnish every thine; requisite for the
Convenience of new Lodges or I'maiiipuiinis.
', ! ' E- D. STOKES.
Philadelphia, Dec. 19,' 1816. ly
Trn Uousscl's MnfAjcrsnl
Small tjuantiiics given without Cliarge.
.It 111 Chcmitt St., PHILADELPHIA.
THIS new and splendid article, a its name de
notes, is profoswtj to be stirioT to any hB
vinq Cream in the United States or E1111 pe. It is
linsurpias d f.r beamy, purity and 1'autanee, lli.
rornewhat analngoua tu Ou rlnin's Ambrnsial
('ream and oil rr similar eompiunda. It far sur
passes itinn nil by ihe em. I iont pasty cnitcnry
of its latlit r, which so soflena the beard aa to rend, r
shaving pleusant and easy. It further possesses
the advantage over the imported article, in being
freshly pr. pne-.l, no skill being wnn'ing in its ma. -ufscture,
E. Roussel baving had mai.y yejra ex
erience in the celebrated Laboratory of Laugur,
Pcie et FiN, now Kennud St co., of Paris.
, Besulys ling Ihe best, it is the chcas at article
for shaving; 11 ia elegantly put up in buses, with
splendid steel engraved labels. '
Piire $3 per dozen, or 37 4 crnte for a single lt,
to shaVM one year. It ia eb-o sold at f 1 6(1 per lb.
or 12( cms per ox., eo ih it genileim'n ran bate
their boxesfilled St KUtiENE KOLSSKI.'B.
Wholesale and Retail Perfumery and Mineral Wa
ter Ea'ablishmeot, 1 14 Chesnul Street,
Dec. 19, 1816. PHILADELPHIA.
New Firm.
riUIE-Urtders-'gned here'.ygtvea notice, that he
1 has associated with himself, as a partner in
the mercantile business, in his store s.ljoin ns
Weaver's Tavern, in Sunbury, John Haas, and
that the said store will hereafter bo conducted tin
der the firm nf Clement Si Hans. The htoie at
the K.mth West coiner of Market Square will be
conducted as heretofore, by the subscriber himself,
to which he rcs(ectfu!ty invites hie customers and
He also notifies all those indebted tu him, to call
between this and the Irt of January next, and set
tle their aecoonts.
AH kinds of produce will be taken on account,
at cash prices.
Hereafter no longer four months credit
will he given. I It A T. CLEMENT.
Knnbury. Nov. M. t P4H tf.
LEisiTT & ::ls,
RESPECTFULLY inform the public, that on
the Uth itist., tbey entered into parlnerrbip,
in the mercantile business, at the store. recmtly
occupied by Ira T. Clement, adjoining Weaver's
Tavern, in Hunbury. They have lately received
a new stock of goods, which tbey will dispose of
at llie lowel prices.
All kiuds of produce will be taken in exchange
hr giou.. ;...,--. .... 4
No longer than four month credit will I given,
. w .... IK A T. CLEMENT,
...... . t r y , s.- - J0HJt HAAS. '
Sonliurv."Nov. U, liilC. tf.
""fountain hotel,
I.lsht Street,
r'HK House bee undergone a thorough repair
he proprietors solicit ile former patronage.
Terms fl S3 per day.
July 4, Pr.q rietors.
Keller Sc Oreenotilia
DRAWINGS and Papers for the Pa ent Of.
fke will he prepared by thein, at thuir olli.e,
opposite the I.Veiit OlTice,
July.4ih. let 16. ly
RESPECTFULLY inlorma ihe ciiiseua ol
Sunbury and vicinity, tbal he has openid' an
rtice at Ihe remlence of llemy Miei'. in Matket
street, where he ie prepaied to execute all kinds ol
Dsn rL uuesay. Plate Work, Sic , oil the latest
and most approved plans.
Having baJ some experience and instruction,
under cne of the most eminent and successful Den
tist a in Philad. Ipbia, he Mieves that bs will he
able to give satisfaction to mote who may want his
Ladiee wdl be waited on at their platvs of resi
dence. His charges will be mojeiate, and hie
work warranted,
Sunbury, March SSth, 1 84C.
VL9 ('acting Grease, Dty Psiu
Wax, Sit, fr.un cluthiug of any
M'IKII'3 OF SOAP, fur rx-
aiuls, V amuh, 1 ar,
description, war
ranted not to injure the cloth or tbe must .Micute
colors. This liqu d baa also been used isitU gr,at
success in cas. s ol Bum. Scalds, Tetl-r. Pio.ple.
00 ths face, Chapped bands, Sore lips, Rhauuna
li.m. Held or aoll Corna. 4c Price, S5 cts.
1 er bottle. "fAortaleet ihe state of
July II, I 18. 1J. MA6ER.
Bualneis atn;ridcd to in the Counties of Nor
thutrlerland, Union. Lycumin and Col'tmbia.
r.t fi r to 1
P. A A. Rov outer, "
Lowtu A BtRRUV,
Harns St Stinnnss, Philad., McKmmu Co.
Prraiso.'iiHiu St fo.,
E XT ft A O ll DIN l Y l)lVHUY
la-ling rerneily f.r Dnvif.H, also for pejus
anil enchants or mnttcr from llie r.ars.
lltltidrrd s oTcuri a in ca es deemed ut'erty hope,
ic.'shsve firmly e iu nireriority over eve
ry furiner Medical discovery.
This valusble Acoustic Medicine ie a compound
of four dilfcn nt Oils, one of which, Ihe active and
principal IngiCilient, is oMiineil the baik of a
certain epecice of Wstsi'T, a new god cflirtutil
agent In the cure of Deafness,
Person who had len deaf for 10, IS and even
tfl years, have been permanently cured by using
litis nil. In fid, so numerous snd so emphatic
have been the tri-timnnitils in it favor, that the In.
venter claims for it tbe ilistiuction of an Infallible
Renirily, ill all cases, wh 11 the Ear is a-rfert in
its fnmnti n.
For further particulars, nnd rvidence of its great
value, s-i-e printed sheds, in the hands of Agents.
For sale in Mnnl tirv. by J. W. FKII.I.NU.
September t!Mi, 1R4fi ly
ruling Uolds, Uoushs, Asmma, Inllii. rxi,
Whooping-I'uugli, and all Diseasea of tl.o
hteiitil nnd, leading to Consump
tion ; cuinpOri'd of the eoncentr itcd
virtm-e of the herbs llori hour d,
B 'liesett, ItlooilMot, and
seveial other i ge .
ble sub-lances.
nHlSS invluat Ie Medicine is lb) miwt s
J and certain n ineily ever discovered f r the a
l ove com pU n's, as thousands who hate used it
will testily. For sale, in Sunbury, by
and in Nortt uii.b. rln.l. by D. BRAUTIOAM,
and at wholesale, in PIuImI. lohia. by
Corner of reeotid and Calluwhill streets.
Septcn.lier Itfth, 1846. ly
To IMircltascru of
,o. lit Pearl t., NEW VORK,
RAVING e-tnhlUbed a Branch at No. 144 Ches
nul St.. Philadelphia, ia now opening, snd will
be constantly receiving from ihe New York Auc
tions, au extensive assortment of
which will tie sold at the lowest New York puces,
at wholesale end R. lail. Among U s al.H-k will Is
found a good assortment of the folio wii-g aiticle:
Jaccnnets, Plaid, Hail ('old. Lace. $ripe tl ink,
Swirs and : Tarlatan Muslins,. Bishop and Linen
Lawns, Fancy Cap Netts, Fancy and Ball Dresses,
Thread I. ares, Application Do., rich U aek tlk
Trimming Lace, Irish Linens. Linen I'auilirics,
Linen Cambric IMkf-.,('uit.iiu Fringes, V, oIiuuto
d'Ecos-e, Muuitchne do Laine. Cilk and t'ott ui
Warp Alaecas, tju-ien's t'loth, Gala Plaids,
French Merinos, i,ks, Gloves, H k H.ise,
shawls, Cravn's, Ribbon. Emhroideri. s, Scc.,e.
Country Meiehanls arid others visiting Phil .del
phia or New York to purchase, are respectfully in
vited to call and examine the i-t ks.
Nov. l. 145. ly
lTk iTT k v k""nT) la Wit.
Coiiiiuiind Syrup of Tar &Vtootl
rfiHE unprece.U nu-d uccs of this medicine, in
J the reMnralion of health, to those who, in des
pair, had pien up all hopes, has given it mi exal
ted reputation jbove all olher senwalier, furuiKhini;
evidence of its intrinsic value and power, as the on
ly ient which cau 1 relied u n for the cute of
Pulmonary ' Coueumption, Br.suhittis, Asthma,
Pain ui llie side and Brea-t, SpiUiug of Blood,
Whooping Cough, Croup, kc, .
Attt nti.Hi is requested to the fallowing ASTON.
IsHhNG fiURE, be Thomson's Compound Syrup
of Tr and WojkI Naptha M - -
Philadelphia, May 3J, 1814.
. MB. THOMSON Deer Sir Wiih grateful
feelings I inf.irin you of the astonishing etfecls of
' vr mdicuie, which has literally laia-d tus from
adeath-lsfd ! My do-ea-e, Piilinonary Consuuip
tiun,ba. ie.luce.1 me se low that my physician pro.
ueancod my cace bepeless ! At this junction I be
gan to u-eyour meiltcine, and miraculous as il may
reetn, it has completely re-tioed me to health, after
everything els had failed. Respectfully vours,
Charlotte street, above Geotge alteet.
Tbe undersigned, being -eisonaHv acquainted
with Washington Mack and his sull.fms, beir
w.lnese to the aBtoi.ishing elT.'cU of TnouiMi's
C-oniHund eiyrup of Tr, aud the truth of ihe a
hove statement.
Jtl.s. WINNER. 31K North Third street,
DAVID VIOKERS, it Almond sireet.
HUGH M 'KIN LEY, S. E. corner Tammy
and Fourth a'r.ts.
Prepared only by S. P. Thomson, N. E. corner
of Pth and Spruce slre.ts, Phila.le'phia.
Agents. H. B. Manser, Suuhory 5 D. Gnvss,
and Dr. Macpherson, Ha.ilsburg ; Jno, G. Brown,
f uttsvi Ie ; Ge.i. Eirl, Re .ding; Houston Ac Ma
ori, Tosr a ml a, Bradford county, Pa. Price 50 cents
p.r bottle, or f 3 i. r dozen.
(Tj titwart nf nil imitulimn.
Philadeluhia, June 2Hth, Is) 1.1. ly
" iieorf-re J. Weaver,
Ab. 1 3 A'orA Vt'oer Srecr, J'AiWeAio.
rarl R.
S cotisiantly 011 hmd, a general assort
meut of Curdaoss Seiue I kvmes, vu:
Ropes, Fishing Ropes, While Rupee, Mtil
la Ropes, Tow Lines for Canal Boats. Also, a
complete aiworlment of Seine Twiuue, eVc such as
Hemp Shad and Herring Twine, Baal Patent iiill
Nat Twine, Cotton Sbad and lloauag Twins, .Shoe
1'hresds, Ac. ii.c. AUo, Bed Cords, l'kugh Liues,
Halters, Traces, Cotton and Linen Carpet Chains,
Ac, all of which he will dispose of on reasonable
terms, . ,
Philadelphia, November IJ, I84J. ly