Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, October 09, 1847, Image 1

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Ti:nns or the .iaii:niLHx.
JOSEPH EISELY. Psnrait.Toas.
it. jr. n.tSSKH, fatlLir.
' OJlctit Crl.'re AUcyTiW )hr'rtnr of If. Mas
,' i ' ' itnr 5,'orp.'
THE" AMERIOW" ispubliVhed every Katur
-.lay at TWO DOLLARS por annum to he
fiiid half ye itly in No paper diaconiin
aied till all arrearages are paid.
Noaul!cripriins received for a loss period than
i jtosTrt. All romnoinlratinn or later on
business retatinc to the office, to insure attention
mast be POST PAID. !
The Cheapest Jo1d mid Silvor Watches
jTi OLD Levers, fall Jewelled, . 15 00
M.JT8'Der !' '10
tld Lepiue, Jewelled, 3000
Silver f-V ' do, ' 15 00
;Kdver Qvsrtirr, finequdhy, ' .10 00
Gold W'atcbes. plain, . . 5 00
Silver Spectacles , 1 75
Cold Pencils, " ' ' ' t 00
old Bracelet, ' - - 4 00
A on hand, a Urgo asanrlrnent of Gold and
Hair Bracelets, firmer rings, breast pin, hoop rar
"S"t gold .pens, silver spoon, sugar, tongs, thim
Jdes, golil nr. curb and fob rhiitns, guard keys
'and jt-wellertrtrif e.W-.ry1 deHciipilOa, at equally tow
I'ricce. All I want is -a call to conviuce cuslo-
?. :::'. r " i r
. Al i'mJ of Watches atid Clock repaired and
Warranted to keep good time for one year; old
'gold or silver lmi-.ilit nt taken in exchange.
! Furte, eight dny and thirty hour hraaa rlnrk,
W'lch, Clo. aod Jewelleiy Slore, No. 4t3i
Market street, s.Ihiv Elevtmh, north side, Phila
his. ' .
Hj" I have erm" ol J and Silvri Levers, still
much chea (bffn lha ibve ewices, . ; t
rhiladrtpWa, Dee. 6. Itjl6. ly . u
,. i . , , r t . ,
, "PkilatkifJiia IVwftfi nI Jetrrlfj SoT,',,
No. 06 XonU SEOONO e'net. crnroer rf Quarry.
GOLD Ter Watctte. fult
j( WHlkd.raftt;iei, $IAO0
1 yl '"' t'vf Wi.elie, full
rT4iK Silver I.hvct WaUlire, e
18 00
yjHidOTVl en teel.
tSilver I.Ciitio W'Jirliia, j'weltod, Snml
- qiMlity, ! 11 00
4SuHtior tutriirT Wrtthe, 10 (X
,liniia'ioniiiiuitr W atthe.tiiA wanantO)!, 5 0l
7itld Kp ctarlo, !
VineSilvt-r Kpwtncres 175
4Snld Brac kta wnh topat aonfl, 1 50
l.adira' Gold Pencil, 16 runt,
(Sold Tinner Uina 3TJ eta i fS ; WMfilot
e, pliiin, cis; jmnt, lf ; l.imet. S5. O
lier artinlcx irt pr-ifortiork All fx'" arratt
i he what they are .ld for, 1). COS KU.
. .(Ill had, Mine Otild and idtcr Ivera, lifitiura
and (J'inrtirr, iwer than the ahuve (triers.
Phikulelphi.. l.e. R. 1f4. l y .
.. rit Al.t.COUNTKY
YOU may he aura F iltt.minfr, ai
aUtinwa, pur and highly flavored
It tei Minnie pound or larger qnat t'oy, at the
1riiln Tra fnmpniiv'N Warcliotwte,
U( Nuofc Nieofin (rfrerf, Wtreri tlurkxt umt CAor-
nut jrfrerw.
Heretifor ' hie kn ery !iflf ulT, indeed, al
innit inipuHnitile. always to nhmni J!"vl ttrmn and
111 nk Tea. But nnw you have only to Mt the
IVkin Te tTnmpany'a Store, to ehlain as delirvm
nnd fr.igrant Ten nit you could wih lVr, All tactes
van lifie bo suited, with the advanlugo of getting a
june rticb at a low yriee. -
; June Hi ih. t1(i. ' .
in ?".h . or is iitxriscr rom
P I A N O 8.
.rpHE SUBSCRIBER haa h-n appointed aen,
1 for tte sale ..f CONR I) MEYERS OE1
ANOS, at this place, '!tee Piano have a plain,
iiiHnive Bii.l iK'auiiful esteiior fini-h. and, for depth
n4 wevtan Of Kme, and elen at of workman
ship, are twit ul hy any in the Uni'cd Slates.
Th t.illovMiic m a rorosnmndatin fiora Cai
Ultra, a coU&rvUid pnrfoinwr, and hnuatlf a iuaa
uIjciuixm; ' ' ' i
If tvia had th ileaurt trying th eieel
lent Piano Fortea msnfacturoi by Mr. Meyer, and
cihiUted ai thtt ethibiiitm or the Franklin In
wtnuie, I frt4 t to the true merit of the maker
to declare that time iuiaromenla are jfliie qual
and tu aume reprcia eaen Miietiot, to alt tha Pi
ano Fortes I ar t th caprtt of Europe, and
ihiFMie; eojourn f two year at Parta. -
These I'laitos will ba e!d at trie manoracturrr'i
kiwest Philadelphia (triciae, if not aomeihmg lower.
I'eraon are roquewlod to call ami examine for
iheinaelve, hi Uw taiilonew of the avbicrihrr.
Sunlmry, May l. 1845. H. B. M AW8ER,
The puHic will pleaaa obaorv lhal no Uraudieth
Pills are genuine, unkva the ti haa ibrne la
bels ujioii it, (the tos the aiiie and the bottom)
rch ronlaininc a fjc-aimili aigoaturo of my baini
wriling, thus U. BauaTU, M. D. These la.
bel ate engraved on ateel, beautifully dwined,
and done at aoetpente of oer fH.OOO. Therefore
it will be seen thai ihe only thine arre-oary to pro-
core the Qiodictua in iia purity, a to obaeive liicse j
Kenieinber the top, the aide, and the bottom.
The fullowing re(ect.ive eraona are duly auihori
ted, and hoM
For the aale of Hrandmk s iegetuiU t niixriat
Northumberland countv t Milton Maekey &
I'hambeilin. Sunliury H . B. Maaaer. M'Ecna
ville IteUnd A Meixi ll. .Northiimlierland Wm.
Forsyth. Georgetown J. 4t J. Walla.
Union County i New Berlin Bogar A: Win
ter. Hfliimrrte (ionrge Gundratn. MUblle
hurg laac Smith. Beaverlowii David Ituhler.
Adamshure; Wm. J. May. MiHiinsbarc Menech
1 Ray. llailleton Daniel Luna;. Froehurg
Ci. Ji F. C. Moyrr. I-ewinbufg Walla it Giten.
Colunili county i Danville E, U. Keyixdda
At Co. Berwirk Sliuman vV Rittcnhouae. Cat
twiaaa C, G, Bnibta. B loomaburgt John H.
Moyer. Jtaey Town Levi Biael. Washington
Robt. M.Csy. Limertono Bailie h M;eh.
OliMuve that each Acent haa an Engraved Cer
tiorate nf Apjeney, containing a repieaentation ol
Ot BRAMtKETIt'S MameK-tnry at Sing SinR,
and upon which will also be seen etaet copies of
I ha ntw labtit now uttd upon the Brmdrtlk till
Bexn, '
Philadelphia, tiKiee No. It, N.Mth fllh street
June Stth 1813.
Abeoluto acuioscKnce in the ilocWow wf the
: s , , . .i.;L
tty Mnsstr Jt lonely.
WU'i.Ulillt!.'!g!fl! .!
Ilia name is like ftphield ,
Of gloty to hii men; A
He netrer loal field .
He never (truck in Vain.
SCOTT. ' .
A rhieftain he, who leads
Where Victory calli,
Until perchance be trraJs
In Montezuma's halls , ,
WOOL. , ,' .
YVe rigid man of ateel, (
Who drills his troops to fight,
'Till ifl the rray they fall :
The kl man's way is right.
A form of princely stamp!
Paine N'atwre meant him for
A courtier in the camp
A thitndertytlt in avar.
His epirit has trie firo
Of Duroe or of Key,-
fle'a ViM Kentnek" ia ire
A Ikm n Ihn prey. 1
Ar lilie hin in their epeel;
Dole, re htwi tnifrr the foe
Beinfl .him re ffit deed.
The royal Ssrefle is tie,
' StrikmgortqtieSt ufat",
MrssoHrfs 'chivalry '-''
' ' IVasIs VKft m hvftitM- ar. '
Tti l' J tw Jllrclin-K-
Tlio Tayli mectinij on Friday last, tttc rt
nitrt;rry til' rhe haWle and vtetory of MoTitTcy,
waisoitsnifring tfve season of lh war and tire
weather, orost (OlerrJrd adair, .To tinre was
unpropitiiMta for large tncVinf;, . .Tiro favwnr
lhrouiliiul the Siatr, luoetof wtfosu arc .Tay
lor nrt,r in the ottdstot opiit potatoclig
giug ami corn harwest, and caiiisut buave their
work 'o atteu a meeting at distance fnmi
home. The pnliticiana wvre qo niticd ciR
ged in canvasiJng iirul preparing tt lira elec
tion in Octiibor, to b iWul tur a week or
more; ail bwilrj, f (JetiigiHOjr men have
endeavored to excite inupiciotuj that thia Taylor
mceiine was for other purpoava ;han which an
peared on tlis lace nftlie call. Add tu lliic, lhal
it was not only tire tmsal time fur the equinoc
tial etirm, bnt actually in tke very mh!at of it
the ' rain nourin; in torrents tlironphnut the
whole rlay and niht, et aa tn prevent many
who were actually on their jonrnvy to the nrre
tinp, from other coontiets in private conveyan
ces, Iroui renchiiifj here, and we Can only ac
count for the large number present, on the
ground ol tho strong leeling everywhere in fa
vor of the hero of the battle ol Bueiia Vi:a
the nation's favorite.'
The meeting was held in our court houee, the
large room of which Was filled tooveifliwiitg.
Fifteen cotintiea were repre;iitpd by their citt- i
tenrs and nearly all the rest in the state, by let
ters from many uf their mont iuflueBtial men,
The information obtained !eaveausno mom to
doubt thai a large majority of the reel hone and
nioew of our common we stth, of all part'tea, are
in favor of Gen. Taylor Sr the nent preeidenry.
We believe that the rlecti rat ticket pledged
to his support, will receive, in ISP, larger
majority in the Keystone State, than was ever
given to Gen. Jackson. Such a ticket will be
formed at the proper lime, ol men good and true
a Taylor army that cannot bebealrn.
A reference to the persona who look pari in
this meeting, and the Centra! Committee, who
are clothed with ample power to act in carrying
out the will of tho people,' shows a strength
which has been seldom equalled in any of our
rtate conventions. We commend Ihe patriotic
resolutions which were adopted without a dis
senting voice, tn Ihe attention of the people at
large. flmrisbitrg Argu.
Root CutMrtNa Machine. Among thn mrt
uxeful and ingenious labor saving inventions
now on exhibition at tho Mechanics' Fair, ia a
machine tor crimping boots, which is pronoun
ced by competent judge to excel every article
hitherto used for similar purposes. The inven
tor of this machine it Mr. John K. Tucker, a
poor, induMrtoua, and hard working mechanic,
occupying a ftnall shop on Canal street, near
the corner ol Thatcher street, where he haa one
of them in constant operation. Tho uperiw of
the machine ia about 1H, and ia inado with
nineteen pair of "yaws" firmly fixed within a
wheel, winch is constructed aa to make one
revolution every five minutes, and turns oui"
at each revolution eleven pair of "uppers, crim
ped in the most perfect manner. This inven
tion is well worthy the attention nf a!l manufac
turers ot bouts, ai.d i ho inventor will no doubt
reap a rich harvest, as the fruit ol hid ingenui
ty. Button Journal,
mjntiiy, th vital prmeiphs of f tuhh, from wh'
' - i-'i , --"-v '
f fee VrcvtittMt TtrChas.t-rri1. '
Mr. MTavixh, nhrt haa lately Veen electn1
lo reprrwnX the rintioty of DnndnlW in Ihe Cri-
tish Parlinmenl, ia rmn of Mr. M'Tnvian, Drf-
tish Conawl in Baltimore; and lWgh a nalive
nf that city, atvrl Wn of an Amoricin mother,
nc is m J?n;-)i.iimiti, hy birth even, s rotten
as if he had lwen born in her Majesty's Palace.
T he circtimatict of hi bring hy birth an A
sf treats, and hia deeceet lrow tJB latc .Cbarlw
Carroll, ofCarTnlltrm, will, perhapa.adrl interent
to the following brief notice ol (ait family, and
his own career.
Charlea Carroll M'TaVifh was bom in RaH'r
nmre fti tSfW.,? ttin fathcV, 'JoWlif ti visit, at
preeeni Hrrtrnh Conmil in lhal city, married the
youngest rlattghter of thh aVa Mtk. Csttfl, Ihe
eldest itnttghter vf the distinguiehed Carroll of
Carrotlion, the last surviving aignnr of the De
claration of Independence. Mr. Carroll ofCar
MllUin hJ but thtce children his first born
was a eon, named after him', who died in the
prune of life, leaving a widriwand aeveral chil
dren, the eWenl of whom is d Charles Carroll,
now reeiding on Carroll' Manor, a bowl M
miles from T)ilttmore; one of his i!aughtera
married the lion. Richard DayanJ, late United
Slates Senator from Delaware another marri
ed Mr Jorkfvn, of Philadelphia, and her sis
ter lio married Philadetphiana. '
The Met daughter of Charles Carroll marri
ed a Mr. Ctoti, and left lour daughters, the slit
et of whom married the Alartjuisol Weltexlc-y,
elder brother of the Duke of Wellingtor., and
during the reign of the late King ol England
ehe held her levees in Dublin, when the Mar
quia was IaaiI i.iontenant nf Ireland. At the
death ol the Marquis, which look place in
she was loft Willi a moderate income, altogether
iiwufticient to keep up tho State of her rank ;
but through the ii-.llnnce of the Duke of Wel
lington the iqiteeii granted hor a hnrrdenine pen
ion, and gave her A residenre at Windsor Can
tie, 'with srmte aineeure office. The second
dawghter of rMra. Caton married first Mr. Har
vey; but after a lew years of uncongenial union
whh him, i4ve obtained a divorce from tfie ec
clesiastTeal ewnrt, ami by an act of Parliament,
and shortly afterwards married the (tuke of
tjeeds, wieof live most wealthy uobleaof Fjig
land, Site renn'ea with the Duko at ll.eir ba
ronial ciftato n Ibc borilcta vl Scotland, ia
England. .. Tho third daughter marrK-ti, about
ten yewt agi Mr. Jernynuliam, who upon the
deaM ol Matathet-, in tKl., became lord Staf
hiTil and Bucsetxivd to the cstBtna r.f ana lather.
I happened tn be in In.lon in AngTist, 1.",
and by tho Kind invitatjim of his linUhip, nc-
cottipanied lum to the of Peers on the j
occasion Pf , ho. Prorogxt cf Parliament fcy
Her Majesty in pemun. This Was the ttrnt sp
pesranc of his Utrdtdiip in the llintw, and e
which occaeioti he was dnly a worn ir.
Tire hnirth daughter ntarrievl Mr. M'Tavifh,
in Baltimore, ami she rmvv rcwdea at one tif the
Hun magtijttcontaad vouiplvtecoutitry reen.'cn
cea this etdo of the Atlantic- She was a great
tavunte ef hvr illtntriona gramifather, to whore
she was devavl h years, and wmtnt h ten
ded in hia Inst illness, and in eonserfiience Bhe
becanis heir lo a vty large ortmnof hieestatee,
valued al Ihrca tmllioHs r dollsre. By the
death of her mother, Mrs. Caum, nhc came into
poasinn of about pJtRMKM ami her fortune, may
he st!t down at $?tt0(Hlt). Who haa several chil
dren pf whom the eldest . is Charles Carroll
Al Tavuli. the niember of parliament iVom Don-
dalfc. . Ilia Bar ly education waa begun at Rock
IUI Academy al KUteott's Mille, ucar ten
miles from lialitrnnre and firttr fmm Carroll'a
Manor. We were elaeematea together, ami on
Saturdaya we generally vijih'd tho wanor and
pamed the Monday. He was what ia railed a
bright boy, tall and erect, a good Ivorxeman, and
even at that time, though a mere child, he upoke
the I'enrh beautifully. An unfortunate acci
dent if which I waa tho cause, fractured tua
arm and cemented our friendship. I le was sent
from this country school tu his aunt, tdy Wei-
leslcy, who pluced him at ft. Omer's College,
where his grandtathcr had received the educa
tion which dlinguUhed him as a scholar of no
ordinary ability, . Young Carroll, maintained a !
respectable position iu his class, ud lull Cull go
with Hne distinction. .... ..
The Duke of Wellington took a great fancy
to him, and invited him tn redde at Apsley
House, where he imbibed Irom the military hero
a passion for arm. A brilliant Career was open
to him in tho Rr lioh army, bnt his atlnia did
not wish hitn to enter Iter Majesty service,
let he might, by war between England and
the United States, be called upon to take up
arms against hi native country. Through thc
influence of the Duke, ho received sn appoint
ment aa Lieutenant in the Guard of tho E.npo.
rnr of Russia, in but he only remained
there a year, and returned to Kngluod, to ac
company Lord Cowley, brother of the Duke aa
attache,' to Constantinople, and altcrwarda to
Parie, Ythetic he returned a aiiort timua;o, to
aland for Dundilk, aa the candidate of the Libe
ral parly, who succeeded in rvturujpg him for
the teal in Parliati.cut. K:iv.v1ng him fruin
thoro ia no appeal hut farcis lh Vital prfnep!e
hi ymitfi, vro predirl Tor rVirri 4 brilliant tarrrt, i
and oul mr tni liVral ptinviiplesahA republican
feelingn, which wc. know he Kirs vvb v.vnld not
he mtrpriaed to Kce him, al en wo hjt'jrorl'iyi with
tne ecarlel robe and ertninvj Taoiftgn, ocenpymg
a seal in the Iloitae nf Peer. , - .
The sinter ol young M'Tavixh married a Tew
yeareago, Mr. Howard, wnn will he laird How
ant, if Ive livw long vjrvoogK, a nephew 'Vv tvrd
Cowley, whom l aocompanivd h Pri, where
hie pnlitl Viriile wwi' lm Brlmivation vJf all
Paris, hy her rpiepyiOike betrinr?, oeiiml and
cregnht flgttre, and hernllkrn attliwrn T.air.' She
lis an rxnnistln soprano Voiced and an excel
lent tmnHtriaK
1 conclndw tliia hricl notice of ihe tlescen
ilnmenf the fllnstrinti Tnrroll, i Vvil! name
hi seemd dangllet, who married the fate rten
RnVrt Goidlttp Harper, nneoT tho nrel emi
nent Idwyere til Maryland. Gen, Harper was
the able 'champion r.f the late Judge Chase, of
Maryland, and his aiirrcli befitfe the Senate of
the tlnited States, in defence nf the Judge, at
fits imprachment, was cnnrtdera! one of the
mrol able legal effiirn eer prononoced. Nl re.
still resides in Baltimore, with her only
danghtrr, an accomplished and reliwable lady.
llm ftiemt of, .the poor, ,to whom she dUtrilmles
alms to the amount of several thnosaml every
year. Mt. II. had but one son, who married
a Muul.rc of South Carolina, lie foil ft vie
tim, nt Ihe age ot 33, to a polnionaryconRtimp
lion, whilst travelling on the cntilitivtil for Ins
health A'. V. Aforrrmr.
' We pttblifh fir the benefit of all pvtch grow
ere. sno importanl lact counrcted with the
cultivation of thin unrivalled fntit. The mo
I hod which we new give is said not only to m
tuns a plentilul uroppf peaches, liut greatly ittv
prove their sixe and flavor. A highly tutollt
gent farmer of this county, who gave u the in-
formation, haa practised it fvr Hie laei 'Jt years,
and has never known In lei il i insures him a
imwl plentiful crop every year. '
IrO Ihe fall of the jn-ar, draw the earth away
Iruni the ruots, tu nYplh of some six im-livs en
sto exprwe the large roots at their 'Jiitiction
with the tree. When thn mow come, hhnvel
the snow inM a hesp around thn trve, arrd pick
it rill it haa the solidity ol ee. Throw on. char
coal dost, and then rover il over with straw.
This will preserve the Know lill mhlptimmer.
When snows do not tall lo euflicient depth, ive
packed up around the trees, ansWrr lire Minns
purpose. The object, it Will al once lie petrel
veil, is to prevent vegetation ami bSim until
1 1 .1 r.. i' . ;wl.. I i....
thc ,pnng S(Ivi,nc,
wliMJ ,
d, rake it away Imm the
they look dead, tln-y will
Fpring into lite nnd lnvuripro, with a viiror irn-
, ly , ajiioiiiidiing. Tlie only imionveutrnec (is
tlat Uio bloom i so redundant, thiil il is
cary, when tho yonng fruil appivirs, In thin it
out witlt a notched slick prepared tv the pnr
ps so lhal '.ho tree may have no ntore than it
can brie? to tho utmost maturity and por lec
tion. . i . .
Thc same geni'etnai gave una aitnelo pro
cen Tor preparing peach, aptrcot, rhvrty, and
plumb atone for planting, ty which tht-y Will
Vegetate jivarly as quick aa a gtattt of .--ISteeplhom
in spirit of wine ihrre hours ami
plant them 8 or 4 inrhes deep. r
Jcnic K tKv,of Wanhington Cy nns in
vented new Arqiy Ten., called paw's Kglv
T.-ut, which wit'ffnot!, no doubt, take the place
e all the lenli ngw. in urn, U i n admirable
cumrivance, and nwet U warm approval of
all the officer who bava sveu U. The tml is
ruortiy, cheap, durahlt, witlumt a lent pole,
without cord, button, luatk er pin, i perfectly
Ventthited, having a floor! a cellar, and chimney.
It ia light, iudeetroctaWe, snt can he act nd
struck in one minute's time.
The value of the late tfilaa Wriyht'a entire
propurty thn-s not exceed SltVHfJ. As ho was
unatU-vltidly plain in hi manner of living, tli.a
moderate hirtuuu is in tho higheu degree bun
orublu tu his character, lor hu haa had ubumlaut
opportunities of adding lo hi Wealth by using
kis otficial kno'slitlgu- in private epetulatron.
Il is also in striking uoutrast hi many ol in po.
liiicuS fiienda, who have amassed princely for
tune through thir rMlicial stations, ,
F.v.rKAitiniAav Blast. A blast 'was made
on Ihelllhull, at tho liiieisa liuarry of Hon,
Gcu.'tJ. I'iper, U id ley lowiihi;t, Delaware
coiiuty, which cut out a block ot the to! lowing
dimension; depth, Ifl feet Q iiiuhc t width, iW
t'eclat one end and W I al the other length, ex
lertorry, llUfcet, luteriorly, 11(1 led. Ily i
rouh estiuiate, tho solid content niy hu sol
down at 70.1WU cul)i feel, wuh a weigh, ol
57 7U lone. The buro was lit feet deep, lw
incuvs in diameter at the bottom, and two kega
ot powder were smployed. wt'ennttjltanian.
'A UKiil'Laa Bl ix. (Jen Shields, in hi ofTieial
repoi t of thi) I altjc yf Cberubukco, ipi aV of the
ground over wlii'h Le passed brin '-filLd with
tficinn ', The Gi', though a gallant son of
Ihe Fmerald hie, never ina'ri a blunder when
he attack the ri.t iny
and ltrtawdtato fart nt of itHKpotiam. JryrHaow.
CotM-ilr.1 "rttr. Ct. Viur ekpenaes Sn the
Mexican War, Trfirn lla commencefnenl lothat
nl tho eiiFtting spwiort Of tongrciw. Will proba j
My he P2l!,W(VWM Ailmittioglhat wewccnpy i
and (artixoit all Mexico Willi ftlVWW nxin. our
expeni-ea in getting Ihertt IheVo Will probably
ex;erd irt.'0(W.tW, loV the firrt six irrontha af
ter they are called ont. Fr.m the expiration
ol that time, we can make the occupied country
maintain mem.
This i one side of the aceotml. What is
the oilier ? Under American rule, Mexico wrnild
he wnrlh to the United fttateg, nim incalcula
ble, in tew. miner a tarifl almost prohibitory,
and In th" midl M all the paraly zing influences
of bad and untitMe gnVernment, the revenues
ef Mexico exrevd-d jiri.tWHOIT. A staple
enycrnineiil and the Artonran larilT Wottlil Very
soon tptadrnptv this ain.-ont, and tbm leave it
lo increase With the inetensieg prosperity nJ the
country. ShotiV! it cnrvfjnerevl and annexed,
ilmrongh reforniutiona should be Introduced,
The oycrptown rs'ntes of the plwnderjpj Gene
rals should bo confiscated, nnd sold as public
lamle. . The feudal rvftramt upou landed pro
perty should be renmvjfil, aa a nuaYtre for ex
linguifliing a tnii-chievous lan-.led aristocracy,
and converting the actnul cttltiVali rs into land
owner.. Frettiom of religion should .be gusr
aulied; and this Would reltefe the landed pro
perty from many exactions of the Chnich.
The who'c rabhra tf Mexican military officers
ehouhl be turned out nfttvmintamn, ami left to
get their livieg by honest work, instead of
Irnttd ami robbery. Liberal ftuJirtement tn
rhrapnesB of public Innirls, shiittld be offered to
emigrant IVom tlm United Utaie ami nuropo,
ept,elnlly from Gemittny. Schools should be
cstiiblrshvd al the putilic expcm-v, ih every town
and Village, in which the leaching ol the ling
lish lotigtinge t-lumld ho re-ttiivd 11 public
records, legislative pr jxidrcinl, should bo kept
in tho I'ngtrsh language.. No Mexican should
hohl any ftllcv wmlvr the Mexico American go
vernment, without coinpvtetil knowledge of
1 FiiigiisH. I'ntUc fsitjitr. . . ..
A Pcaiuewi TRof:tiv.--A realteation of the
story of G;nrvra, tn-ated hotli hy Rogers and
Mnlley, atnl of Uio eong of thc "Mietlvtoo
Pntiyli,,rrrciTl at Glasgow on Watimlsy last.
Three young boystwo of them sons of Mr. J.
Wilsort,' lniihiev,Tslfiwgte, and tho other
no of his hrtither, Mr. .Chat Iv Wilson, were
hiet. As the rest of ihe Ir.nuly Were down the
Wah-r, tt)e boys' tibf'tire at tirst tccaaKHicii no
gteat nieamnei-, as il wan supposed that the
yeunjleris the ehlet tjf whom w about 11
yearn of age, hai! r-et oil m join thuir mother and
tjm nl ui the loimlv. As nothing had been
hvanl vl I'.n'.o, XJr. Wilmu Ivlthiime early yee
leHay morning wiih the iyt niton nt proceed
mg to tlelenshurg, where thn family were, to
ascvrlnin tl tlm tnnawava wtre there. Hs Ud
not been bn-j sway, wnii ratter who lake
rhargvola horse be kiogitigov Mr. Wilson, Went
to the -.table lor thn purpose tf proenring some
proveoder tor the mml. Tfio provender i
kepi in a rorn rheM a ho sis feel long and
abotit three deep. With three sepr-ratc compart
ments, and serwvvd on the outside with an iron
harp, w hivh fits into a staplo in tho sidcol the
eh. .
tin njvening the lid the man washotmr strirk-
m at lindlog the three ynnng boya motionless bl
ihe bottom of the chest, each occupying one of
ihe compartments. He immediately summoned
aitancn, and they were taken nut( but it Was
found that two of ihem, )ames Wilson, aged 11,
and Charles Vilon, about a year 'younger,
were quite dead, and had been so apparently for
a rnnHideralilo length of time. The youngest,
a buy between seven ami eight years, showed
some sionsof life, and by prompt medics I atten
dance he frai!nlly revived to as to be able to
statn what had h-d to the melancholy catastro
phe. The brother Bint cousin had gone into the
chert in srsrr.h of beans, and While n engaged,
tho lid, Which, a- haa been already slated, ia
seenred on tin nov-mle by n iron hnsp,' fitting
into a staph1, eloscd on them. In' falling, thc
hasp, aa il nmsl'tinirriuiiatety happenedflier!
into the staple, iod at' the united rtrength ol thc
pr-or cap'ivea was insollic'ent to enable Ihem to
buM the fcamls of what, loo truly, proved their
tomb. ' - j
Do the aide at which 'he youngest boy wa
huuid, the lid did mil ii tMi cloott n tho other
parts, and to the limited supply of air which had
bicu admitted through thi. i revico i to be at
tubulrvl bis ret.ervt'hHi. Tht-y had einleavur.
ed lo support each other' Courage a well as
they coo Id in thoir dismal Oumvou( and heforu
giving op hope, lino of them bruko tho hlado of
a pen knile in the attempt to make an incision
through the side of Ihe client. Alter they had ex
iauted thetnsolve with unavailing shout aud
cries, wliifb were not Ittwrd on eat lh Ihey all
joined in prayer. This u llio lint tirpuii)sisuce
which ihe Aiirviviog mutlVrer rerol eels, a he
soon a It r brcatue inmnihle. To ju':uuufor
tut iiuisn having beun bear.l, it may be meotun.
ed thai the woodyarJ in which tho Habit )it
iiattd is licked up early on the FVlay alter-
ii.Min, auu i nut again culetc4 tall Monday
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column, fltf, squares, ft St TWoaqoarea.ftti
one sqwire, r,. Hall-ysa'rly t tint column. jl I
half column, t ; the S4p"ares, f 8 ; two sqdan-a,
5 j one airohie, f.1 50.
AdvertiSemerita Wft Wtthmrt Mrec'tirrna aa tn the
lensth of ifrrto'iheY lira to n fuhhntiti, will h
eontrniKad Wft'til (rraerod '6nt, kod clilftgtjA accord
rjV!i,',f,,n tlnsa V less mate k Sfjialfo.
DoN Jo MxttYX JViAf-tlut Kit: H Ax nr.
SxtVAAM rise, it aecms, made its way south
wardly rntrt rhe city of Mexico, from Encarna-.
ctm wVr We rirt heard ot him after tho batilu
of uuena Vista. tP.a recent indi'-riant lines ad-
dreseed to the wvanglirig Mexican genera Ih. hi
the "Dfariotycial ol Gobiemo will hardly
add to Tlis literary Vepolatron but me threo
stanftas, in which he turns ti car wldiety .nd
holda tttom Dp ts an example to tiis inglottonJ
cmntryrneiri, strike tia aa rorntrng tplios a te
ranper like Mite lyric ot tScrnsolvts, Wte have,
thetcfotre, rn tVanstating ToV the Litemy Worlil,
trrnt heriUtcd to detach ihem from the rest, and
append a Huotatrori from an AmeTrcsn Jmtrnal.
lrwi irUta tT trmetrWtseri
V'CVintreHis Being carried by Percifer Smith,
Vorh pushed ovi towards Fan Antonio and Sari
AngeV Vlow San Antonio was carried by Worth,
and how ifVe u Aoe artny ihtn ftll upon Vficrulius-
Co and drove the ehtttty from hit Work, and com
pletely router him, the letters we give in other
columnt sufT.eienlly tell." N. 0 Pie., Sept. a
tltey'll point them out in after years
The men nf Cherubnscrj Fight'
And tender hearts will name with tear,' '
the gallant spirits quenched in night,
When each who Under Wtrrt-ixtb fought,
And kept the field alive,
' Waa equal, in the deeds he wwvtghT,
To any common five
They'll point Ihem out, ihose veteran then,
As far neyW. all common men,
And each to eaeh, w ith trn deligbt,
Will name the Cherubusco Fight.
TheyMl sing their praise, When they're no more,
The men ofUberubusto Eght !
And when, their ktcst march is o'er
As one by cms is lost to sight .
Then girl will ask bis friends to spare,
, From off that hoary brow, i
A shred but of the scattered hair
Which W ave so richly now :
And loiterer by the inn side hearth .
Will pause amid their tavern mirth,
Ami, filling, fear since he ba pass'd,
They drink to 'Ciierubusco' last!"
They'll pait-.t their deed in statued hall
' Tho deeds ef Cheruhtiseo fight ! -And
on the smoke-dried cottage Wall
Will smile their pierures, brave and bright,
Who tougbt With stalwart Scott of yore,
That glorious field to win
When every warrior bosom bora
Five hero hearts Within:
They'll legends tell of heroes then, .
Far, far beyond all modern men, .
And still in song will grove more bright,
The dw-ds of Cbenilmsco Fight.
, GtRMut. TttRKKJOfi. This Mexican officer
appear to be sopplnxl with an extra supply of
lives, for he ha been regularly killed in every
oneof tru preal battle. ' At Palo Alio he wai
slain by a grape shot ; at Alunlorry by a Texan
rifle bullet ; at Bucna Vista, by a thrust fnnn a
bayonet; at CerTO Gordo hi dead hotly waa
found oti the field at the clow of the fight ; and
now he ha been Villed again at Coutrera. It
ia unlucky for hiu.hat hi aptittnle for getting
himself killed le on a par with hi facility at
coming lo life again. A. V. Cotnmcn iat.
Raps. It is now tho season to begin
the growth ot the beard for protection gaitiKt
the wind of winter. Tho growth of the beinl
at tho age uf manhood, is not without it design
by Ihe Creator,, and although it perpetual
growth give u the privilege of trimming and
dressing it, or at certain seasons of khimng, yet
w cannot tee whence a mr derire a right of
perpetually suppressing that which wa inudu
doubJle for wise .user, a part of hi frame. No
man i justified in voluntarily inviting bronchitis
and consumption lo prey noon hi throat, depri.
ved of its natural covering.
The word of play mines sometimes sink dee.
per than dull prosing, and we add a "llohenliu
den," written when our heard waa much tender
er than now: Cihj item.
" On Manhood, when the rice ws )uung,
The braid in oinhoro beauty sprung.
And nation felt what poets sung
: Man' great and niatchlrss majesty,
Hut manhood saw auolher sight,
When Fashion bad each lurklet wight
With lather umk4 himsirlf a fright,
And u the keen edged cutlery.
WiiU nepkin nar bis (lass arrayed,
fc:li man tbon drew his nun blade,
t While soap aud btush a lather made,
To hide the dreadful butchery.
And bit her yet that face ball grow.
When, all the gloi ioua beard hivd low,
Hi glass a woman's face shall show,
t Shorn of its manly majesty.
The J!or glides. Lsfoie it fall ,
, Mii.taehio r,d Imperial ,
The tt&tely Ward auid whisker, l
The vivtimi of its tieachery
At! few fntmu to be uin,
For many veu glory, wbea
Fvb fJy th soapy loam agaik ..
It ni.! ttvir
...miuood sepulcbt