Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, October 02, 1847, Image 3

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    ate priutrJ U pievinusly printed with red Ink, efter
design, as) exitoiatte end minute to dfyvnm-
iliort ; the top and the under Ishel esch contain
ihe won);, "st;it ASTiaiitVs fun,"
written in te.1 kik nearly two Imndred limes the
top end under label cimrainina", thri.efare, upwards
of five thousand Intern. Tbire is also upon lha
top, the under, and the side label, two atgnittires
of Dr. Brandre'h wne bring hi regular rigvtnture,
thus B. Brndinh; and the uilter, bk fell signa
ture, thu Benjimtn Btandreth; boih being fac
imilo tf the wriiiwg of Dr. J3rwirtth, to imitate
which istfgeryl The Brandretfc Pitts having
the label ppun them, an be retted sjpoii a true
n.l gnwriiMV ;.
r (CT Potk of H. Masser Sonttury, of the
geul published in sitother part f this miter.
f ' ;-!:,. V---'-l JL- ' f ,..
thh xrensr-Tomic
Til I RiTy R AK. 1
Ttite aV,ul' Scientific and Mechanical Inumtt,
(f-wlirchthss i .'ready attained tire largest circulation
of nyw.i4)tly j'lMr of thek'nd in the world.) will
eommanec Tl.'UJD VOLUME on Satuntay,
ept. ,S6!h.
EWh.iKmftwcof The Scientific American con
CHANICAL CSiCnAVl.VCJSj catalogue of
AMERICA PJk TENTS, as ,wued from the Pa
tint Office eerih wJk.-, iotices uMhe progress uf
alt new WSJCS ASflCA'L and SCIENTIFIC tt
ventione; itwiruSsoni! in 'tbe various AJFFS and
TRADES, with ENKAV4NGS; curious PHI
LOSOPHICAL CITE MSG A L r xprrimriils;
EUROPE AND AMSWCA? ell the different
MECHANICAL mOVftETd , puMiahed in
.airirt,1 an J illustrated Wi".' srisyw hss b HUJV
DR CD ENGItAyiN'BHi t iboT' 'ej'f ' f;'j
' It is in fact Wt UeA MpittflS t ttrnnage
f ell MECHANICS a.m M Nu AtVrtJftE RS
throughout the UNITED STATES lJ fr'J
in the hand of EVERY ONE that Ma ax
inlet-cat in the ndvaiuerfinut of Mcchsuicet and Scr
entific impiwemen'a m this Country,
It is .wii.nd in QUARTO roRV, conveni
ently Adapted to BINDING, ami furnihi-d to
8u'crilra at the LOW l'KICK ol
EN ADVANCE, and tfc remainder in Six Month,
Adlrea.s MUNN A CO., PublihrM,' '
123 r'ulmu Su, New York.
rosr TAID.
n i t.
In thia place, on TieaUy morning lat, JOHN
V., mnof Mr. George Hileman, aged 4 jeart
and 2 montii ... .' '
In Chiliiiwtqus township, on the SOlh ult.,
Nr. JOSKPH KLINE, aged about 32 year.
In Turbtit mwnnhip, on the 19th ult., Mr.
MARTN KIEFFKR, aged abotit 84 yeara.
In Danville, on the Slit ult., Mr. WILLIAM
WOODSIDE. aged ah.-st SS years, '
kOn the 13th Mitt, ANNA MARGARET, aged
bont 8 year, and on toe 14th, CflAKLF.3 G,
figed 17 j ear a daughter flaid aon of Mr, Henry
Yorka, of Mabooinc townahip Columbia co.
At WiUiamtpoft, on tlie 22d, Rev. JAMF.S
K A V, of Northumberland, at an advanced age.
In CattawUna township, Colombia connty, on
the 23d alt , Mr, JACOB KUUCK, aged about
itO year. " '
In Valley township, Columbia count , ors the
3d ult., Mr. JACOB W. MAUS, at an advanced
Gmk1 I lit fit! Fire Company." 1
'Si'ATEn MEETING of the Cwpmy wilt
t- 'W Itrlil 4n Mond ay rvening i.rit, at 7 o'clock,
at the Court House. Punctual attendance ia re
quired. HENRY DON N EL,
Oct. S. 14T. , Secretary.
- "WaaliltifffloM Fire Company."
THE members of the "Wsshington Fire Com
pnyn are rojnert'-d to meet at the State
llouae, on Monday cveniric, Oct 4, at 7 o'.
clock, prrciacly. Punctual atlcodanca is required.
Oct. . ' ... SAMUEL J. YOUNG. Sec.
BitTiMoaa July 29. 1843.
Thia ia to certify, that. I waa afflicted with a vi
olent pain in the I resst ami right aria, which I
auppose proceeded from Ihe impure state of my
blood. I w recommended to lake Hattce't Sar
in par ilia or RUiod PUls, and after Inking one hot,
the pain was entirely removed fiom my hreast and
arm. I found them extremely jen'le in their opr.
ration, and wtuld rrcoinmend tbem to every er
sou in want oft mild purgative. ,
PaTaiCK Roma, .
No. 22 Conway at., between Howard and Eutaw.
I roBcatftine rassa riLLa. let me add
Atwave ask fT HANCE'8 PILLS, and purchase
of none but those adtetiacd aa agents, and if con
venient, rail ami see the proprietor himself.
O-PRICE Cts per Box. of FIFTY PILL8
EACH, for Hanre'a Genuine Pills, or 6 for $1.
For sa!e hy SETH S. tCE, 108 U .Itimore
tt , and corner of th.iries A r rtt ts., Halt more,
and by GEO KGB BRIGHT, Sunburv,
D. DRAUTIGAM, NoithumUirland
Oct. 2. 1847.
"mieht, Cold, Counumplum, Spitting of Blood,
1 am in " idt una Ureaif, Urorthti$,
Croup, Atlhma and nil disennei ari
sing from a ditardtrtd ttmditiatx
f Ihe lne or neglected eidd.
fry Tbe following aonnrt waa addressed to the
roprietor by a Young Lady who waa cured of
.'on.umption i
Ho! ye who pant w'nh failing breath,
And pine away and die ; .
Htiri shall "put away" your drath.
And light, anew, your eye.
How awM'l it mrlU upon Ihe tongue
How grateful to lha brrast !
A (lorious theme for poet's song, -
Soothing hia coagh le real.
Hskct ! ' favored of the Goda, artlhou f
A Missing to thy rare, ' (
Let laurala fliturish en thy brow, i
And wealth, thoae laurela grace.
When heroes are forgotten ; kingt
Defunct; or, crard to reign;
Glory, for thee, ahall flap ber wings i
Thou conqaeror of pain.
Prke 50 Crate per bottle or sis hollies for f 2 50,
Pristrd and sold by SE I'll S.HANCE, ,
)9 Ualtimore st, andenmai of Cb irUts tV PriiUaU,
and by GEORGE BRIGHT. 8unt urv.
D. URAUTIGAM, Nurtbumberland.
r,c. 3, IM7. '
u ' VIllCK CURllRNT.' - .
'OonrateJ untkly y tlcnry itamer, " '
lit, - , v fi3
. CttaK, . - 2
Oxra, , . , . .40
BvTTan, lSj
F.sos, . 8
Po 6
FiitsVtn, ... I I2J
Baiwwit, M
Tallow, . 10
Fn. , i
Hcct,tt Fii. '
Dmtn ArrLita, . 75
Dot Para:ar
IS riereby rtv to n(( Vgateea, creditor), nd o
ther persona interested in the rataee of Debrt
rah Grant ore, erttled tiy bet adinr Kttderton
Smith; of John II. Hart dec. rattled by one of hia
em Jsmes Hutchison; of John PeinVr snr dec,
settled by Via rra John and George Peifl5it of
Simiifl Birr dec. artded hy hta admr Thomis
Ban; of John Kittle senr dec, eetiled hy his admrs
Gvmrg Hit'le and John Htttle; of Joseph Folk
dec, tiled by hia admr Daniil Hilbiah; ofOeorge
Nribsrt dec, settled by his admr J rcolt Zartmn;
of Alem Marr dec,' eettled by hia admr Wm. P.
Marr? nf John Gonsert dor, stilled by hia mjinr
llrmy D. Hoffman; of Wm. Moriiidrr, e tle.1 hy
hia adnn Jonetkan P. SheNet of John A. Schnei
der dec, settled by his exr Jomph Rnvjnd; of John
Mutrhlnr anr 4va, eettled by hia admr Michael M,
Solter; the account of David Dunknlberevjr, go r
dran of Es'her i.nd Mary rhdips.I.ite of Nor
thumberland county ( that the txrrttlr- and sd
mlnistratoi of said es'alrs hsve filled fieir accounts
Willi the Ruaislrrof tlilcouniy, and that they will
bo ernted In the Orphans Court of said county
on Tuesday the 2d day of November wext, for con
liifmliow nd allowance.
v .. . .... ,, EDWARD OYSTER,
Reitisier'. OlRce, ? ' R' gistcr
Sunbury, Oct. 2, 1817. J ' '
IVVTE think a man who w
think a m who will mK and palm
ft .
upon an UtlMi'pc-.cttng iierann, a -pingsr
('oaied Pill." not hsviue on Ihe lox Dr.G. Beni'n
Smith's eignature, would not bcaitnto in cell poi'ou,
frgardless of all Connrrjunncea, No "Srnilt ('ok
Tkn Pill" ttu be relied upon, unlets Dr. Smith's
signature Is on iho Imt, and J W others are cither
imitation or Counterrwt, and uf vourse Jingeroui to
Ufe. " 1 - '
fjj CAUTtONAs a miserable imitation hsa
been made, by the nime of ugr t)oamd Pills,"
it ie ncceas.iry to be sure that Dn. G DakJ.SMltMa
(ignatuie ia on every box, ' Price 25 cents. Office, 1TB Gw-nwirh at. New York.
Bold by JOHN W. FRtLINO, Sinf)ur.
WM. rORSYTHB, AWAtim'tf;
Oct 2, 1R47.
TO Tlii2si5K At) A ri LI CTKt.
WILD CIIEHKY We can eomisimtly
ttate that Ur, ISwTa'a Compound Syrup of Wild
Cherry hae been extensively need in the United
States lot moie than ten years ihat l'e bi nertrjsl
effect have been tested hy thousands Tmxt it
NvtaiiBLT RsLtKTca a RtrKsr Cotton, amlJ
that liuiidreca of individuals, greduily siiiking un
der the insidious attack of deaih a fell em asrv,
PvLWOXAar CuftHUMrTtnM, have been rcetorrd to
health, happinert and friends, by III use, and ar
now living traiimnniee of the rurative power of
this rrmidt. Attorttan htutn nka-roaaii to
HcsLvn. Rein tub aoat BaitiHKiBLS cent
avan I
Dn. Kwstaa Dear Sir i I feel c sited by a sense
of duty I n-.e to n flbrinr humanitv, to acknowledge
my grateful tharcka for the wondetful elfrcis of your
Compound Syrup of Wild Chrrry on me, after
suffering month after momh with the most afflict
ing of all dieeaace, Consumption. The first symp
toms were of ery heavy cold which eeitled on
my tunes, winch gtadunlly grew worse, with pro
fue night swesis, a harking eougb, spilling,
with sreat dehiliiy, My constitution seemed bro
ken down, and nervous system very much impair.
d. I went to Philadelphia, was treated there by
physicians of tbe highest atanding, but received no
i-enefi wbatrv.r ft un them, but gradually grew
worae, nntil my physicians, a well as myself, gave
up all hop.-s of recovery, and I frit like one who ia
alioul to pass through tbe Volley of the SbadiiW
of Death. At this "awful juncture" I heard of your
Compound 8yrup of Wild Chef ry. of which I pur
chased six bo'th-e. which I ant happy to say entire
ly rund me, and I am now enjoying b.-tiet health
than I evir have It, fore In my life. Physicians
who witnessed my Caea are highly recommending
it In similar rats, and I Wish you to make thia
public, at that all may know where to ptneure a
remedy at once which will reach their disease be
fore tampi ring 'with Ihe many 'qu.ek nostinma'
with which the country ia flooded. My resilience
ia at 45 Ann atreet, where I should be happy to
have the above .eubstantrted t,? petsonsl inter
view.' " . ALBERT A. ROSS,"
Wbo'esale and retail Dealer in cigars,
I''.: tj i Anq treet, N..Y.
Be not deceived by the many spurious and
WiMllileas preparation of Wild Cherry, nahered
into notice by iinoran pr tenders, but see thai the
signature of Dr. Swsyne is on each bottle, which
ia the only guarantee against imimsitinn.
Prepared only by Dc.SWAYNE. N W. cor.
ner of Eighth and R we street, Pbiladelpbia. ami
for sale hv respectable Drugeists in tidily all tbe
principal vow ns in ine uiiiicu ouiea.
Only Agents in Sunbury. a-e - - r
- - - - - HENRY MAfER.
Dr. J. A. Moore, Danville I T. 8. Mack-y A
Son, Mdmn ; M. D. cV J. Wetta, Muurv t C. A.
Wyatt, Leis!urjr, Davis & Hchnnre, 8vlinsgrove
John j. Keen, Lilne Mountain r. tr. -Philadelphia.
ao7-c2m. ffl-1 v
ELEVEN TEACHER, to trach the srh.tola of
tbe Shamokin district. The Direct. r v ill
meet at tbe hou-e of Felix Iirch, in Snufltowu,
on r4turdav the Oth day of October next, at 9 o'
rlok, A. M, to examine and employ applicants,
hi i aligns to tbe Hoard making application, will
bliug ceniucales of good moral iharactrr.
, FELIX LERCH, Ptea't.
S. Joitv, feereliry .
Shamokin. cepi. 25. 1847. ft.
Fcatliers, Feathers.
J'lotn 12J to 45 rntli per I'ouuJ, Cheap for
L'uth. W'holeiale and Retail,
FREllEIllClTo. FlUSEtt,
t'pbolslerer k. General FurnlUer(
No. 415 Market St., above 1 1th north
side, opposite Girard Uow, - i.;
ITT II ERE ,By ttri bad, at all lint a, a large aa.
' lurtinent i f iloda and Malraora, Curled
Hair and Feitheis, Gbaira, Tables, UedleaJs end
Loukiog Glssara, togtther with all vther ettirlas in
tbe abwte liLe of business, i the I wrat cti ri
oes. - :
( N. H. Gooda warranted to give a.ijsiacUoii. '.
iMjt. 3 iib, IHH. 'Jul
1Valc.i.i!i, Jcwrllry Anil Sit
vcr Warr,
Vnarantccit helter fur the pride than trf any other
Store in VHilarlclphil. mat be hai, 'w
1 " ; mholemh altd fiVM J, rt .
(Tattle MCIIOkVtS IaClil'rtAlt'S)
NTo. 72 Nonli 2d street, above Arr,i,
VITAI'CHCM, all hinds, fair, low end mediftm
quitilies, amonn whkh Ire,
Gold, felt jewell'd, f 10 to flM
Leplnea, do t5 to 4f
Silver Levers, do 20 to 30
" Lepines, vie (C lo 18
Quartiets, fine, (M
Qnattier, imttton, ' 5
J tWaviat. Diamonds, XI M Xhtmn, Gold
Pens wi h Gold and Silwr hoMent, Pencils Breast
Pin, Fln'fcr ami Ear Rings, Braccletrf, Cameos
of ahett, total atrA (ava, wi.h every other artrcle of
Jewetlty of the tiebvjet and most fashionable pal
terna. u . t i ' .
Suvte. Wi. -PUKee, Fetks, Bpoona, Cups,
Aa?n of 8ianl ird SilvW,
lVri Wt. -Caetots, Cake (ItAets. Fans,
Vases. Card Cases, and tAhcr Rich Fancy Goods
in ,Te.t virricty. ,
WhivVsslvj' Bwynrs will mivncy by calling
herehef ire perchahg.
Keep this adverU-rment, and Call at No. T2
Y0 vtrll besstinfied the Good ate really cheaper
and better than are etfered in tbe city. For asle,
low, a hsudsomx p ait of Show Canes, snilaWe for
Jeweflry or Fancy etoro, Afftty above.
Sept 25ih. I17 (y
Watches &, Jewel lerv.
03 LAD OlAtrSy
So. 51, MurM M, VHiLAIKLPHlA,
HAS ronaJitntty on bind large assortment of
GoK! and Silver Witcbia, at tbe foltowing
low pricrs
Full Jewelled Gold Levers 00
Silver d i SO 00
GotJ Lepinrs, Tull Jewelled, . , , ,90 00
Silver Lei ines, 13'Otl
Silver Uuartioie, , 9 00 ami 10 00
With a latge assortment of Fi JtWaLlaa.
such. as ear rings. Auger rings breast pins, brace
lets enld and silver neurits, gold chains. &c Has
ilao.nn band a Complete assoilinent Lunette, pairiiu!
and plain Waich glasaea, Main Springs, Vfrgea,
Diata.and Hmds of evtry description and in fuel,
a compir'e assortineut r VVatcbmake a' tools and
Watch Material', lo which he would call tho at
tention of the country trade in genual.
qj- Those willing anything In ihe above line,
would find it to their ,advanlagc tonsil and exa
mine hia etock btfore purchasing elsewhere.
Np. 246 Market stn el, treluw 8th,
Phiti.Wphia, S pU26, 1847. 6in
"wot Ire to School TcacheM.
mtl)Tlt;E is hereby given, that the B ard of
il Sehool Direelora ef Lower Auguata town,
ship Will meet at the public liouee of Oemge Con
rad, on Saturday the lath day of November, at 0
o'clock, A. M , for the etaminstiitn and selection
of Testhera for this Public Schools of said di.tri.-t
Trustees are required to select their Teachers for
examination, aiconling to law, the unit day.
JOHN SNYDER, jr., Pree't,
' Waltb Sraara, Secretary,
. Lower Augusta, Sept. 25, 184T. 7t
ALL persons indebted to the atibaCrilf r, for Wool
Carding and fulling during last year, at David
Hatlrk'a rSrahPshmrnt in Lower Augusts township,
are hereby requested to call id him at tbe store of
Ira T. Clement, in Kunbury, and pay up, nit ttr tie
fore the 1st day orOrtobrr nrxl. All unsettled account-',
afier that dale, Witt he ptad d into the hands
of a Justice, lot eolliciioti.
Stiubury, Sept. Uth. ISit. 1t
r-oir.H ! Tit
tt'Mis sue is Pta- '
ken, Tat work or Till
(instant la tits Rika ntut',
Tmi roue or tovitmrtnt attit (
! it i snnMir bvTit.
RE YOU A MOTHER! Your dar lint child.
your idul and earthly loy, Is now nerhapa
ned to her chamber by a dangrrotis cold h r
pale rheeka, her thin shrunken fingers, tell the
hold di-ease has already gained upon her the
sound of her erpulchrel CoUgb pieacea your soul.
YOUNG MAN, when Just about to enter life,
disease aheda a heart rrtn-hing blight over the fair
prospecle of the foteir your hectic rough and fee
ble limba tell of your loaa and hope, but yoa) rvi-ed
not despair. There ia e balm which will heel tbe
wuunded lung, it is .
mi i:rm a xs
Mrs. ATTKEB, the wife of Win. H. Attrr.
Esq. waa given np by Dr. Sew a II of Washington,
Die. Roe and McGMIan of Philadelphia, Dr, Rt
and Dr. Molt of New York. Her friends all
thought she mast die. She had every appearance
of leinff in consumption, and was sd iironnunrrJ
1 by her physlrisns Sbrrntau'a Ualsam wis given
inn iv rurru iic-i.
Mrs. GARRABRANTZ, r Bull's Fetry, waa
also cured of rnnstimption by this Balaam when
all other remediea failed to five relief she was re
duced to a skeletm. Dr, A. C. Csstle, Dentist.
281 Bioad?, ba witntwaed itseffecta in several
ca-rs where noo'her medicine affotdrd relief but
the Balsam operated like a rharm. Dr. C. also
witnessed i'a wonderful (T. eta In curing Asthma,
which it never fails of doing. Spiltinc Bloo I, alar
ming aa it may be, ia effect ually cured by thia Bat
aam. It brala the ruptured or wounded blood
vraarla. and makes tbe lunga sound again.
Rev. HENRY JONES, 108 Eighth avenue,
waa cured of cough end catarrhal alb en ton a (. 50
yers ramtlt g, 4 The first dove'gave him tnore to
lief than all the othrt medicine he bad ever taken.
Dr, L. J. y.als, 19 Dslenvy, gave it to
si-t. r. in-law who was llMtriog under consumption,
and to another sor.-ly afll ct d with tba Ai-thma.
In iHtih raes, tts effects were Immrdia'e, soon re-
titrHig th m to romloriaii'r neatin.
Mr. LLCKETIA WElXs.ojCbtUUoat.e
suffered fiom Asihma 4 ysra. Shorn iu's Uil
sam telwved ber at nce( and ahs i', fcompsratively
will, being enabled to subdn every ttlarfc by a
timely use of Ihia mrdtne. This indeed is the
great remedy lot C oligha. OoUs, Spitting Blood,
Liver Complaints, and all the all rtinna of Ihe
throat, and even Asthma and Consumption.
Price 25 rente and H per holde.
Dr. Sherman'a Cough and Worm Lneengea, and
Poor Man'a Piaster sold aa above.
Dr. Sherman's oHiee is si IDA Nassau st. N. Y.
Agema, JOHN YOUNO. Sunbuty.
! M. A. McfJA Y, Northumberland.
September llih. 1847-ty '
1"4M.A V SKE D. thVTjtgKi-armitJierpiice j aij
for Flaxseed, at the stJie of
, . i,v :, leJ7. iOHS BOd.VR.
BttVn, Scatdt, ond .all kid$ of Infhimcd
Sores Cured. .--
the Rvoet complex Bum Anridrtever known,
h iitetantly, (and ssff by Msirir) stin pams ifthe
most desperate Herns and Scald. Fat Old $.,
BiV-eca, Cuts, Sprains, &.C., on man ot is
the heal rrrf ation that can be mao. Thmia nds
have tried and thousands praise it. tt is the mM
pfcift-ct master of petn ever discovered. All Who
mm rrcommend it. Km; family shotW be itrti
do.) ar'Ah H. Kmii taM soM 4tew eoias some utf the
family may need it , ,,
(T OIerveach box of th genainte Ointment
hasiTii rrsm ol 8. TotntnY WrrUiTt -on tbe outside
letvl, To rmit t thia is forgery.
BoiXmen. Liv.ty MeU, Fsrmeaa, attd a,1 whottse
Homes will find Iftts Ointmnnt the veTV best thrrti
hy tan tt for CoHr (tails. RTt toes, Kicks, &c.
Ac, on their animal SrrTely evevv merriful lnn
Wott Id keep bi anlmara s Tree TiOYM patri aa pnssi.
ble, Timsey'a UuivtPTstt TiAnrout is til that ia tt
Joited Ttt it, '
bites of insects. For the stmg ot brto
of poi-tmoiw Insects, Tettseya Omtievmt is wnri
valfsd. Hunifteds have tried it art I Totmd it arond
PILES CI) RED F.rrlrm IMen I'Miy alJ.
nivcrsel Oin'itW.1 Isrtne if the best KeiTHdawv lhal
can be applied. All who bavetiied it foi ttr Ptitn
rrtomntend it.
OLD SORES CURED. For old obsiiniitw
Sorts, tbeie ia nothing racial to Tousey'e tlmt
ment. A jierimn in Maniiua bad, for a numlter of
years, a sore leu that baflle I the .kill of the tbtetors.
ToUsey'a Ointment Waa retominenAcd by eVio of
the visiting physicians (who knew it grat virttti s,)
and two boxes produced more hrtiefu than ihe pa
iretiil had tereived fmm any ami a'l piettous reme
dies, ttet all trv it.
15U I! N SAND SC A LDS C II RE 1). Iltous .n Is
of Cases of Puma atnl Scalds, in all parts of the
coutt'ty, hivm ticonmr-d by Tousey 'a Universal '
t Hnlntriit, Certificate tnuttt. could be had lo fill
tho whole of this stvm. .
VIOLENT UlUt'iE.-i CURED. Test moni-,
At o tCBiimoniala. In favi r ef T..nev' O nlmeiit
fitr Cuting Bruisea, hsve liren nff-red ihn propne
tors. . Hundreds m Sytacu-e wdl rmlify lo its gieat
merita in reli ving the pain of the most severe Bruise
All peraons shoukl try it.
SOAI.D HIVM" CURED. Sore of CJaes nf
Scald Head have Imii cnre l by Tou.rj'a Oint
ment. Trv it it seldom fuls,
PAI.T RHEUM CURED. Of ad tins remedies
ever discovered for llv mot dit mteral le complaint,
Tousey'e'l'n versal Ointment is the mol cunplcie.
It nnver ws Kit wn I fsiU
Touaeya Universal Ointment will always cU'Ollio
worl rases of Chapped Hand', Scorea if erson
wilt slate tins
SOKE LIPS CURED. For ibecure or Kfl.e
L'pa. there waa neter anythtttg maderqual to Toil
aey'a Ointment. It ia sure to cure thrin. Tiy it.
Il is s scientiltc com)uiid, warranted no' to con
tain anv preparation of MertUry. rjj Piice 25
cents prr box, Knt further particulara cot'Cerutnir
this really valuable Omlinenl, the public a-C irfei
red to Pamphlets, to ba had K'stis, of respectable
DiuKRiata and Men hauls llirooghoul tbe Umtd
Prepared by ELLIOT V TOUsEY, Druggis s,
Syracuse. For sale by
Jt)HN YOUNG, Suiibttrv,
M. A. McCAY, Notihumbcitatid.
Sept Uthj I8IT. lyjrow
G r e a t B a r a i n fi,
'T'lIE undcr-igned will diirtso i f at atiriiion. On
I. Saturday the 28th nf August, at his (tore room
in Suubury, an ebgsttt assort molt! of
VL E P. C E A IT ID 1 3 ,
f tmtiiliniF, in parti of
als, a large Mottment of rt'ror(Tc, Ourrrtstonrr,
7intt're. r.
Great Kargaina will I ottered) as I em deter
min.d to diepot,eof my whole awk, wiibout ru
Sale 10 commence at 9 o'elot k, A. M., on the
day and at the place slated. Slid til be continued
every cV.turd.1v until the wlirtle Is dlspo.ed of
The conditions of .ale tit laj til tde known on
the day of tale, A reasouable credit Will lie given
' i. It. PIKDY,
Simbury, August 2 let, I84T. tf.
V a LUi a I717T 1? a r til
ftLL be offered at puliltc sale, on the prtmi
v W1 ol, Tuesday the 2th day of September
next, all that Valuable Farm, late the estate of Ja
rob Keller, dee'd , situate in Shamokin town-lnp.
Nmtliumlierland c.nnty, Bdjoinii g I and of Asa
T. John, Henry Mutt. J hn Richnrda. ar.d oil er.,
containing one hundred and .evenly f.-ur acre,
strict measure, lying within half a mile uf the Dan
ville turnpike and 18 mitre from Poit.v die, where
on are ererted a good two ebry dwelling houe,
shop, btrtt, good stabling nd ouit ulljings. and gortd
cider works. AboUl 100 aCies of said fatm ate
cleared and in a good state of rublvation s about
aix acrea nf which are excellent meadow. Thc'e
are about 300 btStmg tipple tree-, (principally
swte',) together wnh a great many avtel'l Cherry,
nlum. and i?ar tre. a t.n said farm. There ia a
fountain at the door, brought from a never f lil'.n'
spring. The uncleared land ia well set wtt'u ij)ri.
ving young timber.
Bale to committee at 10 ii'itiK-k oi said day,
where due attendance will be givn an, n rin. nt
sale made known, by . PHILlV KPLI.EK,
i . . . t . ' DAMFI, KELLER,
August, 2 1 at, 1847, 3t Kxecuios.
to rotrsViLLi: and nilLAUELnitA;
PERSONS trattlhng thia mule lire b.-vVy
inform) d thai thry can procoie wt,rinii;h
ticketsi" by making application at tr, Hoiel of
Clialle Weaver, Sunbury. A . KAPP.
Noribuinberland, Jul 3lt, t 17 ,f
To the Ulectun
County ;
pELLO'.V crriZENS-AMhe r.qtiestcf my
", I uff. r liiytelf a a cat'dida'.C fur tho
Cffi.r) uf ,
County Conmilsslorief.
Should you believe me worthy uf your conil
Juice, and confer this u!lice upon me; I shall t-.pare
uo excrilons 10 tv grnerdl seiisfaction.
, .., JACOB II OFF A'.
1 PP" Mshonoy, July 17, 1847.
to the Electors of XortliufaberTAnh
County t -
EING .olirited by many of my friend-, I
have contented t dfur myself aa S Vulun
ten candidate for the uiTice uf
of NorthomberlanJ county, Should you see pro.
per to elect me. I pitdjie myself to peiform the
duties uf raid with fidelity.
Sunburv, J'irr Itch. 1S17-
The only ltttnwn AVeire thtit ot 1e. some tithe
ptrgc pnrijii.1 viff lrent:tfutll ihe sr'sfrm.
Ltttiwcn, July 7,
IfTWU. LE ROY'S Pitt am a now meoVhie
IW wlriih haa Jurt r;.iered, an.1 ia fufl taking
ine dacea of all oihera of tire san e claaa. Tlnwe i arU effmpoard -of many ingrrd ient, but trie
two jrfintipt iHiea areatsspnrnla and Wild Ohttr. i
Ty, (t uhed that they fcet logotlier ; the one,
through ita aitmiklnre With oltrer stjha;ris, po
rrty'ing r d Wgirf , wbilb the wilier i strencthen- j
frrg the i-ystetn. 1'bus tbot.e illa tro at the sam
rim totticarrd nferimil! a de'Sidetatbrtt long and
eaevtrty annitht fnf by men, but never be
fore diecov.aed. In iHrcr they dit Ihe work
of iVAronti-dieiiKC. end dn it tnOrh betlt rhsYt any
two we know of; fot ihry tbtTiovb Wotbrria frtvh
Ihe sys'em hot the impifaiivs t so thtt w-bile they
puTtlM they steeuuthrrt ; and hettWi hey ratlNe no
tiebditatioii, and ant folio, d by ton Vp-sv.lit n. Dr. 1
tie R .y's havtt a "vWrndtTViit intluerit ott the
IsSwd ; they not only punfv without weakentne it,,
Wit tVy teurovcall tj'xi..M pMtklea from 'the chyle
WFitrc ft iot 'tiverud itto!Sil A. nnd thus miike nn
fi bl.Mnl sn T.tlvT dnpi ilritiiy. As tbee h tlo
di'Ulitati'n, to tbf ie is no nitisna or srekness at
tVnillng the iY.rrai1onofthi(, mosl errelbVll of nte
itiriVtifs wbrrh m vvr -Itunt or towan-s the diges
tile tuinionf, but cifl v thvtn 10 tvitrV in a r.
reetty natural manner ; snd benre pe 1 son taking
tbmn do not lB-enme pi'e and i m dialed, but the
contrary ; for .-hlh it is tbit pr-riy of the Sarr.a
piOitVi, itnrted as it ( with otbi r ingtedimts. to
tvrrtuvvj nil that ts forripn and impure, it is rinally
the proicny nf the Wild theny M rrtaUt all tti.,1
in it.ittiifti and xnmiil; and fence a tobu t stsie nf
brnl U ii. tho eerlaiu irj-ajtt of tbrir united nra-
irrtns (j-j t rn-rt 1?t r- nta itr Htl.T,
Afntafor l-e RnvV !' I'v.
JOHN Y nil Mi' ,m'm'
M. A. MrCA V, Nor'hMh'oBrl'd.
At2fst 21'. 1(7.
D C,
O.X tK SEVKSltl or liF.'C NEXT, NO OMK Cltf Ttt
A Daily JoUrttul of t!irrrnmnit, L'giiduliiz and
. Veneiiit St uyg.
tn announce the rnmidetinn nf hi arranR
mrnts for the estsbli-hmenl of a well-nruanised and
indi pendi-nt Journal of Nuwa at the Seal or the
General tioverutenl.
The leiidina; finttutes of the United Stile Re
porter will t-c th fi'lmving
I. 1'arly iii'flligi ne of the Movements nf the
various Drpsttinenle, in n-frrCnee 10 domestic af
faire and to Ihe foreign relation nf the Country,
Wilt I elveil With scrupulous fidelity. Pnasesa
mR peculiar facilities Tiir ohiaiuina: information,
the t.Rnter'' wilt bo enabled frequently lt com
mimicHie, exdu-ively, intnlltgt'nce uf the most im
portant character.
II. The verbatim Reports of tbe Prttrecdlngs and
Dfhati'B of Ihe United Mates Senatn, whteh the
propiieior is bound lo fiirnisll daily to that body,
in accordance with the terms of the contract ntado
at the nhisc of hud erosion of Congress, Tbe ar
langcitKints now m Will at once fully aocUre to
Ihe (Aciiatn of the United State all nulbpiilic and
complete teenrd X its itebalivst and to the people,
in a greatly enllt'ged dearve, the lnent Uf the rx-pi-rienfc,
.agaetty, and stalMmansbip of that holy
to which they have eVrr looked With solicitous atld
repppciful teg trd.
Ill The Proceedings and De' stesih the House
if Repreaentsnvea will also he iiiven with fullneaa,
impart ility and tbe til most promptitude. F.ach
day record will I completely m nhj Up, atld ap
iear in ibe Reporter" next morning.
IV. A Synoptical View i.f lbe Proceedings and
Debate of all the Slate Legislstuies Will be regu
larly given. Meuitwia nf Ooncress, nnd all classes
of readers, will thus be kept lully and systemati
cally Informed of doun-stic legi.laliou in all arc
lions of the United Pilate.
V. l'arly tmelltgenett of a'l Impnrtftnt move
ments in tbe L gisUtures nf Great ltri'airt and
Frstien Will W commuuieaieit ty evey "teamer
fiom Europe, ttiloU4tt reporter in lii iloti at)J
Paris, Who pisess pei-uli ,r faellulea fot obtaining
VI. TbeGeueial NeWs ofltie Day will be given
in a rondeo.ed form, with iudiu.tty and atterilion,
VII. Reports nf Aigtunettts It-fore the Supreme
t'otlil of lha t). S. Thia depailtueut will be so
conduct, d a lo make 'be '-Reporter" ittdisptUsa
ble to evety tawyei in tbe eo.inlrv.
Such is brief view of what tbe "United Flutes
Kei-Oiter'1 I'deslancd lobe. All the iilsns and ar-
raiigemi-ttla have been Well matured. Snd the hup
is conn lentlv cherished, thst tko United SlMr
Ktporlcr, will pfoVe ilbeirgii enrlaetie, indus'.ri jUgf
dlgnilted and eift-Ctlv indrp nilent jou'ni. t
will have no pa'lj Views no political 4t, 'Jg
proptietor, by the terms of hi con'.ri.ct i b tbe
Seiivte nf the U. 8., Is bound to the condition that
Ihe paper t-helt contain 110 p ;Ucel discdsslittas
except the d,hste.' It w.', t.,e ,ne vibi(.t? J(Mm,
not the orxalt of any , i.neu ITie grand
aim id the sultscitlie ia to mtablish st the seal nf
Government B f.tbl arid proii I reporter of all
orta of in'elli jei,ceg revpouuble agent, on whom
Ihe politician, the bui,i nets man, the mauufaclvirer,
the inehnie;, and every one intereairil in Ihe af
Jt Congrct and the GoVernnWnt, tttsy rely at
''l times with irnpliiit eoundenre.
Il ia Ictievod that the eKittblUhrnoiit of auctt a
reliable J nnhal Of lutel'igenteoti tern. a which place
rt will. in lbe ira'ch ot the pri st me,.-a rf ihe peo
ple, at the coinn 'eiicemeiit el ) 'ust promisca lo be a
most infete.ting and trVeii.tful peiid in ihe hUtnry
ef Congret-ional procit Jinga, will be regarded
with favor by H V!ae of the eominuinty and
having ihua stl. l,,H object, tho ulceiber Yo-Spt-i'lfolly
tol"viU a lilieinl snd ceiierou sUpp'ttt
from l!';i.,ii:(;liieiifd public if the Uniteil Slates.
jmes a. Houston.
Stenographer to tbe St natfof the U. 8.
Tbo "United Statea R. p 'Vter'' wilt he printed on
a large and bandsont hi t i, slid iiiod rVerr moi
liiliK, except Sunday, Ml rule ui'six d.dluti per
annum ; single c'opte. tv, c'.'nls.
In conneciioii with ihe Jaily pajvr, there e lit le
issued from tho .ame e.tabti.hment,
The publication Will contain cn-hiivr y the re
poria of the proce. diin,i and tb-bme of tho Coil
gre n'f the Uni'ed StateK. It will b iue.l semi
weekly, in an elegant q'u'lii f .mi. lhroUj.h'it tbe
ae.Mon of Cohgress, and will he ImuUhtd to sub
sr'ribeis at lha rate tt two d llr for Ihe oug ttes
sum snd one dollsr Kir ibe short session-. II is lie
l!rvetl that ibis great national vvoik will be R ented
indispensibln in the llbtatv of every public iusii u.
lioh.polttirian and itrolWntnal mah llirouKbout Ihe
country ; aVid that 11 will I r. gsrdeal by the great
mar-auf the ?ople aa tbe very best political text
book for their own instruction and that id' their
impohtaST .issouxcfment.
Throughout lha session nf Citngiess, Extras
will be is-ued fr. m the oluce of the "Unind Ht.l.s
Kepoiir," contatninj the rrpoits of uch dvbalos
aa may pneaeas particularly exciting interest.
All aubacriplion and commttiiicsliona to to post
paiJ, addressed "J. A. HOUSTON,
l.niied Snies Reporter, WasMiigton, D,C."
An;ust Uth, lt4T. tsc
NIV ago
FtHE rlifiireti began tft Try for Sherman's Lo,
1. t.engea. Iie rrotse waa not a t loud ai 1 ?
ifflie, but it bs tteA inr.reasmfe eVer r inee, and n w
ha U'corrre so treat that the ntimths nf tho lii-!i
onrk csb .1-arv-.e be aprtcd. ttr. Sherman eynip
thises with rtietrtHe sultntsrs, and Vry much 'c
grb a that any of them should tie dtsttppointed.
Knowing the vastWneft which has been cnnfe.
ed bMTh the community bjr the rntroduction of
his infallible
he ilrs bnteted into arianemrhtfe for rfi'argng hia
Mamifitlotf ,bv rrthfcnti of Whfcti I thinks be will .
ba able to seppfy the drittiand. And ihe ame paiua
and rare will betaken, that these ci lebrnted l.o
xenRes be made as thVy have always bren, in or
der thst tbo.-e who defend upon tbem, mav not bo
dissppnimed in their hope. He kriew when be
Ciimmrnred the manufacture of the UVns Lozer'
es, rttlt ihy wotitJ aunerar'de the use of tvi-rr
otlrer Veainifnge. An die LozrngH is t'ry ftftitt mi
lo the taste, sptrdif irt its effects, as well s rtrtain,
and thn qMautftv reqitirel Id effect A perftct curr,
hi very smalt. Three pVnprTiwt, in connexion wiili
lbe I rt tbst they arts sold for 25 cvrtts per tx, tbu 1
plirrng ihrrn in the reach of the pooiU-t man in
the land, hss not only caused them to take the
plftvto nf BveVv other vermifuge Svr nit, ted, but ul.
sn tendered tlieni popular lo tbu foinmuni'-y.
Or. Sltvrtnsii'a
ronUiiUe to cure Coughs, Gidds, .t;otiauiv,.iion,
Asihu, shoinnpjsnnd dilrtvttfty ttt Bteailiinu. and
olhet discs es nf the Lungti, WttS 1ha si lie f.ici'iiy
they did mi their first folrndtiriion, ml the p-opl t
have f.ow becUmb ixtatisitod by actual 6 xpem nee,
that 0 the accession of a .tight r.dd, they h.iv.i
only t-.iMcp to either this DrV office, or one oft'nl
Agenta,s.nd obtain a box of Ms (Jonh L.irerge.
which ace very Convenient to carry in tbe pock, t,
and lo takVt a few through th" dav. Hv ptttM-n.:;
this eourne a core it nfien effected in 2 V bo" -, .,.)
the Cation! about hia b'jsin.s. So creni ia tbe t; -leluity
nl Die Letengcs. that thoui-aud i.f pr-. r
who bavo used them, ond Lernme ar pi iin cl Willi
their rffcrt.-, Wi!! tiever be without tin 111,
hna rUird tnote cases of Khrutnatiein, Pniu in the
Back, S:do and Chest, Lumbago and Wenkne.,
ihan nny npp'ici'ion that has ever been ui'ido. A
the celebrity of the Pl.ister has Incteai-ed, bunilrcjj
of unprincipled have attempted to count"-,
fell it. Slid palm it otT upon the com iunily tho
genuine, ijj Bvwaie of Deception. JQ Ketiu m
bef that lbs tVUefind genuine Plaster i spread ti
on red lish pnprr made for the purpose
and in every case the signature of Dr. Shurmau i
n int. d upon lbe back of tbe Plaster, and iho wholu(
seeuied by Copy Right. None others are genuine.
Therefore when you wdnt a real good Sherman'a
Poor Man's Pla.ter call at the o(!'ice 100 Nas.aU
alrrnt, af.d you will not be disappointed.
Rememucr the number, 1 00 Na-sau ft., wbeid
all Dr. ShermStia Lotengea arc Hold. His Agent
re Mrs. Hays, 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn t
HilleSon, Williamsburg ami ReddinK etc Co
Bosron, snd JOHN YOUNG, Sunbury.
M. A McCAY, Northumberland.
September Uth, 1817. ly.
liidinn Vvclablc lMiiavea.
M'xssf.s. Rowaii& WaltUSt. '(ient : .Pte);
ing deeply grateful Tot the extraoidin jrf euA
per fur in. d upon me by yoUr Dr. CuMeu', f,,,,,,,
Vegetable I'aiineva, I cheerfully furnis'j 0ij wiiR
a shiirt hixloiy of my case. .
About aeVen yeara ago, (when 0',,y rlelctt yVtre
nld, I was attacked with Scrofu'.g, which fnerea-.
id in il ravages till my throat f,, wj,(,
cers! the bones Of my nock 'laid bare my p.ilttt
dolroyed. and a large piece of cno of tbo nl
bone r-irried aWav. My head wjs alni s,i moeli
ditesed. lhal it) drinkir.g, ihe tei or reffee would
r.equomly frntt out of tit; em .' A tr.jg, f ,omc.
thing which the DocUira calk-d a tumor came from
my no c.
t Waa under Iho care of plf, !,. rf ,h,- hillk
cut distinction in tbia eity, ni. ,imi)
liouuced rured, and by rere,ewt attended a mdira!
lea-tuie, where my taae te.Rrtier method
of cure, waa ekplaimv:, 0 lh, udt.nU Tne ,cc.
tursr aaid,--Vou e rft ow l)Ut ;,-,, di,,.,,,
thould lettirn, yjU cinn(H ive t a4 t woutj
s.Kin destroy v winjpipBi
I did not w;,icve n,yalf CUted at the lime, a I
hi r""0 ' ,',"tres in ,ny ne,,' ,01 ' l',tr dti"i!r'e
able fe oli'jg, and after tide the U'cer re-npenrd.
'"i January, 1845, my Woihrt called wiih me u
P n Dr. Mullet for advice. He said I waa a vcrv
'ck girl, and it waa doubtful whether ever would.
Eel well; II ever, it WOUkl tte a long wntie. The
disease grew so 1ntlt.l1 wnire, that the pbysici.irl
whohrVi art en dtd me a tid bo could ace uay wind
piMi1 My fact also Waa swollen, highly inflamed,
and Veiy painful, and the Dr. aaid ulceration e 44
irittvJtattle ! t
I was in this condition In January last, when I
Vomiiictitrd taking your "Da. CulllVs Isdiah
VtntiVBLi Paracka," Tbe inflamallon wssrooit
VemoVed, and tbe drea-lful ulceration in the faru
pmveiiled! I am now well! I have rkt ute 1
no pain, or any disagreealile aetisatioti in my he.- I,
and aow feel thai I a cured. I shall be. happy
lo give ny further Information to the afll cted wh
will take ihe trouble to ealt upon me at my father's
bouae, We.t Spruce. bete-n I) each ..d Vil..v
S'rccu, oppolie 811 ai-kittan's ftetory.
Crrr ct PuiLAOEtrtliA, is.
This seventh day of April, A. D. 18 IC before
the subseri'.irr, Mayor of Iho sai l cilv, pus -iinUy
kppeared Chrislis-ia Sanda, who beine, duly siv.irn,
di pu and ay, lhal H'B facta t f irtli i 1 th t
foregoing amJavtt am atrie'ly true e,iry paiti.
111 testlmoiiv whereof, t have hereunto set m
band and filed tbe corporate seal r lbe .aid city,
on the day and vsat before written. L. S
We hereby fertif', thnt the aiiV st ilfmelit of
our dai'ahtvr aio true in every particular.
PI.ila.Ujil.iA, Api'.l tth, Hit),
Certificates of cures, in pamphlet form, msy ho
had Gratia, st the oflices of tbe sgonl.
Ti i nit Jirine is procured and sold by llid
proi rietitrx. Row snd A: Wuttuti, No. 376 Matkot
atreet, Fhit.detpt'ia.
A.niat II MASKER. Sot. hurv.
1, II. Kaser, Milton; J. Heebold, New Ber.
I111: Mr. Musser, Millhem; Stmrpe D. Lewie,
Suld tlo by Druggist throughout the t.'inu d
Stales. Aug. 7, 1817. 2.U. ftiy
1JLAS i'EKTanuSH by the twk, foi said bv 147. C. S. BXHsAlt.
VinitTE LEiD. io kea, and Painl ef all
v v kind for tale, 15 er cent, che .pci ibau et
before sold at Sunbuty, tt lb store of
July 81. 1347. JOHN BOG AR.
Wm'AKKr- t be biph-st market (-rice paid Ut
IS Brk. at the .Mis of
,NTi.-hS7, 1817. JOHN DO'viAK.
a. , rVV W Daneohower. No I Murray at. IX V.
J t J J W Daneiihowar. No I O F Hall, Cin.O.
1 i (' T Jeukiii. No 58 Canal it, N Orleans.
- N Robinson, cor Gay A Saratoga sts, Oal'.