Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, October 02, 1847, Image 1

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H. It, Wsss;H, . , PoYumiiss
JOSEPH ,EIELY. VpsM-mia-reae.
OJtti in Ceutrt AUcyin lh : r rV .". Ato
er' JBforr.)
TUG " A VTrSrUO ATlelrohTSKed every Stut
day at TWO DOLLARS per annnm robe
paid hairyearly tn advanr. "' No paper discontin
ued till Ai t arrearages are paij. o!1 i ,.
Noauhorita4 jtaived far a less period than
is wowTiis, Al communications or. Ivtjers. on
tn inea's relating to the office, to in rare attention,
kiort bo PQ8T PAlDi ' i'---
Thfe Cheapest Gold nnd Silver Wnrthea
, IN, THIhAnEM'HIA. ' '""'
yrrf OLD Lever, full Jewelkd,'
Silver,.. do, da.'- , . ;
Gold Lepine,' Jewelled, , i .
gitvet ' do,. ' ' " ' Jo. ''!l ' "" "'.
PilVf r t5nttlpr,"(!n (Jiulltri !' f i
aU:WMM; (tola, i '!; ..
SHr SpootK, ,n . . . 1
Gold. Pencil, , .,. , - ,,.4' ,,.
!.ill HtaMt..
, . a oo
, 30 00
" MM
, is oo
,1 78
, s oo
4 Od
Also, on han. targe Mii(W WiM na
Hir Breetet Sntrr rW. WsW'prn. hevpe.
ting, gold ia,eirvr spontfe, meat tongs, thisn
bles, gold, neck, curb and, fob eh", guard krye
end jewellery of every description, at equally low
yrircs. AU t Wn i a, ell l oenvinoe' custo
mer," : ' ''! '"'- ' '" "': I
,-r A1I kind of Watches and Clock repeired end
warranted to keep gmni time for one yef old
Bj'dd or silver Vinbt ot ' a" hwe
For sate, right dny ami ittftly bnr Iwwit eW,
4t -r ; - f . , , i.RWtS LADOMCS
i Watch,. Clark mni JcwotWy Stnra; N. 4131
M(ket atrt, aim.aemk, roK aide, rbila
hia. , ' .
' (Cj1 " aow OM tn SiWn Levers, alXI
rhofh cheaprf than tlw iit pricX. ' " ' ' "'
V PtiiUdHpdia, Deo. t, IMS ly
v "FhihtMvhin Watch ttni JfBetry Son,n '
K. 90 Nuith 8ECONB atrpct, enmar if Quarry.
GOLD Lew Wtrhe,full :
1 jefrrlletl, 18 vaxl tut, H5 00
Silver , Lever W.itphea, full
1 jewelled,'
39 00
is on
8ilver lver Watchei, ee
en ikwola, 1
ttilvei tapiam
:Waichta, jewel led, fineit
SMW7i . , . ...
Sin-rioT uariier Wntchea,
hnikatiori Qiinrtier U'atchei.tiot wonantcd,
Cold Spectacle, '
FineSiWer ScicleN .
(old BrC,' k Willi UM ttonca,
I.siIim'' Gold Pencil. 10 citrata.
U. 00
10 00
6 00
1 75
2 00
' Gold Finger Riitga 37J a to $9 ; Wach Glaa
re, plain, 124 eta; patent, 18 J if luinl.'25. O
ther article in proportion. All gooda rrrtnled
to te what they are eolJ for, O. CON HAD.
On hand, aome Gold and SAver Lever, Leptnea
a.nd QoartieM, luwer than the above price.; '.
, Philadelphia, D.'C 6, lfl. ly , . .. ;
. ' lM PO R T A &T '
.. ii .YOU may be aure of ol.iiin.mj, at
Byrth'2ile pamt or larger qoartity, at the'
PeUlnTeftCompaiiaj VfMrcltouMe,
30 South Seajnd ttrtet, Mwee Murltvi nitj CAe
,...(..! .. milstrvtu. ..... ,'i,.
' Heretofore it ha been Very" difficult, indeed, al
tvoi4 impAMible. "aiwaya to obtain goof Green and
Hick Te.'' :Bal now yo h onrjr to twit I he
IVkia TeaiJronpany'a Suifa, tq obtain a dt'liciou,
end fragrant Tea a yon could with for. A II 'afa,
ran here he suited, with the advantage of gcitine; a
iiire article at a low ' " ' '
June 7tH, !. - - ,
air IE. &xLVoa&?xsi
THE eUBSL'RIUBfthae been appointrj agen',
for ilX'le .Tf 1'ONR DTklEYER-S trEl
ANOS, at til fhtOL. The Pioo hae plain,
raeaiaeRd Uau'rJvif Jtcrior fini-h. and, Cr depth
and weetne of lone, and ' elegnnce of workman
ship, are twit aucpaaaed by any In thelliilird Wat.1
Te M(am i reorwmendalinn.. from Cant
l)i t. a ceMrt4. furformef, a)4 b ynw-lf a, IfifOr
facl4leri n: ..-.,, . .. ; , ;
AC AttD.
H a t liad Um pleasure ol trying the excel
l! ni Piaae FtMieananfactilreir bV Mr." Meyer,' and
eMMteA al itielaat exhiNlion ef the FHtrkltn In
ctMnte, IMH da to the true Merit ot ibja.makei
" tp .ilflcUvlbat.)hee, iQtruoeet .arf . ajuiteMual?
and in aome rriieci even Mipeti.n, to all the Pi
alio : Ftwte,' I aaw at the capital of Europe," and
Jmina a niom Of two jear al'ar. '-;
.''J'beae-Piano will b aoJd at the manufactgre? a
Liweat Philadelphia price, if net, aorae'hing lowerN
Peruma are requei4ed to call and eiamiiie for
ihrthaelve,1 at h'e reJilence of the aucriber.:"
ynlury. May lTV iniii ' H. B. MAatBEB.
':cnlrf(lier '
rphe public will pleaae obaerve that no Brandreth,
Pilra are gerlume, unJeeeui Ml BM inrae a
Ixla upoo it, ((.be top, the and tba bottgm)
earh rontaininc a fjc-aimiltaicnature of my hand-
writing, thua B. Ba4naT,, M. P. Theae la.
- ate engraved on ateel, heautifnlly designed.
and dene at anerpeiieaorover fi.OWi. I Dereiore
it wilibeaaen that the only thing Deceaarj to pro
cure the medicine jo it puritjr, i to olmai the
' Remember the lop, the aide, and the bottom.
The following reapecttve pnraon are dulf aulhori
ltd, and hold .
Fortbeaaleof ttraniriklt Vtgetabl Cmaerao.
, 'i .-. i-. rw.' r-, ...
Northumberland countv I Milton Mackey &
(fcvnbeilin. Hunhury H. B. Maer. M'Ewena-'
ville (re'and A Meiiell. Northumberland Wm.
Forayth. GeoigetownJ, A J. Wall.
. Unk C:nty' Nw Berlin Bogar fc Win
te, SelogT0''"a-,,o, Gundium. Miulle
hurg laaau Smith. Beavenovrn DaviJ Hubler.
Adamaburg Wm. J.My Mifflinborg Menach
A Ry. Hartleton Daniel Long. Freeburg
O A P.O. Moye. Lewiebprf Wall A Green.
Columbia couAty i Danville E. B. Reynold
A Co. Prwick---human A Rittenhduae. ' Ut
tiwiaaa 1 G: Brbbu. BloomAura; John R.
MoyaK Jeiaey Ton Lei Biael. WaahbgtoeJ
RobU MeCay. LiireetonaBalM k. Mi??!nch,
, Obaaiv that each Agent ha aa Engraved Cer
tificate, of Agency, eoolainUn t rpreatUon of
Ji BRANDRETH'8 Maniajpetory at 8icg Sing,
and opoo whieh will abo be aeea eiact eopiae ef
the new laUU n mmI vpo th$ Brandnth fUf
Philadelphia, eftee No, 8, North 8tb atreet
Juee-Uatb. iUii. .! ' ' .. ' -
' Ab.oVir acaicence in ho Aw; oT; r
r taMr et fefcwly '
-? SJS-SSrirH
, , F.rpm, NeaPaalttrrlay Ca.ce,, ;
., t Mattr Saf, rr I ha PaaU ! X .
Mourn i,ot for Mrrfwet t(Mt hat left u. ' ' '
, Though bright wre the Hay that era HeA, '
Though I ime hat of plea me bereft u, ' '
, And our heart most eadly htv bled. :
The joy of onf childhood! tWy V vaniahed
Tare wnpes ef oor yooth ! they heve flefl; 1 ' 1
So-me detrvjTre are far from tit baninhed, " "
And ttstne areep the ileep of the dead. ' 1 ''
Love1 mirirre baa deepened to hadin$, J f
" Mil bright new at noontide it o'er,
Xn hit orrgi tviTO thadovrt are fading,
'" And we'ec can enrapttire tie mote.
Sigh not ifer the past, for the!, present . ,
Hat dutiet for ut to perfotinj
tf the Stm m wtx heart he hut pleaaarrt,
We never need fear from the totrK , ,
Lei ru2y, waViro mA motto, , s , . i
Let, fitre ha prtmpt t tb hour , . , .
Diicontent T.;iUfle t het fnotto, . . . : ,
And tviVcan pt'tft ttytrfnin. . . , ,t
Tl eonaererrce wt aavtrtiwi rmt rfeitijra, t ,
' If hofe !eiwrshe ry n wr irde,
Dark care with hi troiAiltvottie hrein(s
" will retreat like the faitbhirrg t're. ' '
Though affl iction ntay erken wy fkthway,
Heart friend lie cold in the rare, ' ''
Tet faith i till given an earth-ray, ' .
And Godhood Is mighty to aav, ' ' ' ' ' 1
Then ne( weep for the patt, though it treasures
Were bright a the richeat of gem;
The prevent still has its pleaattrrt, ' '
And contentment "adds 'brightriess to them.
CoWert', N. K, Afay 99th, tM.'! " ' Klc.' f
. ' v .From the Daily Sun.
tTfcat le Lvf
r ktttiin cot, i.
' What is love? feeling; ' '
' ' In the maiden's hfeast ' '
' Tbief like It goes twilinj
' ' All be bath of ret :
i . ..,!
; i
Waking or slaep'.ogj . ' fl
Her eal la ever weeping . . J . .
What i love? -a feeling .' u-"-' "
la the poet's breast j . . u
Tenderly revealing . ,j , i .. ,.
' The form he' loves hett t . ' .
Wakirig or eleeping, : , ,
His eoul it ever weeping! ' v
What i lovet a feeling '
" In the ehriatiari'e breast ; ,
Beaotioosly revealing ' -
Chriattb hone ef rest t -. . '
Waking or sleeping r . , (. . .,
, v , lIiou,t is ever weeping'.. , ,u , -Comlortleaal
0, ityl .ted wyjii,;.. . ,-,
"God i )ove !" and ever nigh 1
' r: n11' ; r. '' ,J) Z'.jd.
L?rlo Losy Te. Verp Argot rflate
ry interettinaaketch ofa 9t of Mr, AVibur, .of
tfeloel, Me. wlio.wairosi in 1827, wpep put two
yearf and. rnpttht old. lie wat playing with
largejt cildten( but trayea rroin tberp, and no
thing furlber. wat ijny wo but .that screams
heard. . TiK feenngt ol Ihe parents thus berea.-
ved, ran possibly he . imagined, hut we, will at-
tempt no description. ofarcn waa made taj and
wide, but no tidinea were received. '' None hut
, i. r .. vi , .. . i ; ). r, .
the. parent expected to hear .from hvm, hut they
still aaveriiaea nim, tin. strsoge to say, a uay or
two ago he was recoveied. under very 'peculiar
iircuoinicv. ,
Two of Mr tyjlbur' da'tghters at work in the,
Sac co factories, sa w .among a body of Luiiant en
tamped there, a while young man, in whom they
thought thty reconired a resemblance to their
family. They arcosted bim, and toon claimed
him at a brother. ' Of eoutte he hid no know
ledge of them, hnt withed to tee their father.-
They tent for the old gentleman snd the recogni
tion on hit part wat complete. A young man
oow 23 yeart old, had been told many tteries of
hit parent!, but knew nothing of his abduction
The Indian are now encamped at Cape J!)iia
beth, opposite tbit city, with the youth and bia.
wife, for be married an Indian girl Tast aprieg. -The
Argut adds, 'He hat promised hit' father
he will go with 'bim to Bethel, where the old
gentleman intends to build hints bouse, and give
bim all the license he wants to roam about in the
woods, in consonance with the habits of almost
hia whole life. The father came into oui, office
on Thursday, to tell of hit tucceaa, H was.aa
happy at a boy juat let out of school.'
A Aauaon. An army correspondent of the
Savaaoah. Republican, speaking of a akirmith on
the nib, aayt 'At the dragoona passed ut at
half tpeed In pursuit, wa were amuted to ate a
rather pretty American ramp woman of the re
giment, neatly habited and mdunted en a On lit-
. . . . .1 . . - ... . 1
tie horae, charging with item in pursuit or the
John Smith, we do not know whieh John, ha
said ataoy good, Ihinga, and among thf real that
"a newspaper ia like a wife,' because) a very
mat ought to hvt cftij 6f hia pwn, .
tftajorfiy. die itil ptbh of fiefubKet, for Wnfch
' " l-rre1IMtrtoeja'tea'ei; I'1 U i
Tfisj New Orleans belt inya ifm tohvfaat i
ttilrahB tptwY rphria or vie oRccr who Fell du-;
rinir Ihe .Ute enpffempTrt. , .. . i . .
fcrii, Wtcntt M. Butl.Wa.-.rie death oTlbSa !
fi1jTit jRputji froUniatw'tJig representa,Va orj
rc cf herijB")ia any country .haa, ptoductd,
.WWl'S .Pff'Hnq ar4 cjUcpdedao.rro.Jn
thiacnlry, . 4)o,hjs heefl for . long tima a
ennepicunus and prominent citinen of South Car
oliai and wan noted fir hie preat resolution
and rortomitaoie totiLT. ' lie) poeeeenttd wtilita
rf qnalitiflaiajtha hip heat order, and rave pro
mieenf great rWctrees and diatimition in a' career
which, elaa reminnfeid t f ra tvjry Commence.
mcrrt. Colonel Botler had brrn Vrry ill for w.
veral dayaprevfrtmito the battli, but wtrpei tiri
heard that the Palmetto ftajr waa fnh tritftthtt
Ssht, tinacrrnirM hy hiVn' W whttse apfCial
charen it had tea 'ttrrnmihtW Wftn ioperj
frorri hin phvuiri'ani, aMmlntid hit iiir trntch!
ana wean, clAstlVj ami I ajntoet faintinjr, rnoun
ted his cfiarger, n4 placed VtfvnejeT t tht tread
of hrtpgiinent,' ith sucb an. camp),
fat lese anient and valiant thtn, the Sooth Cam.
lioian wwajd heye. becti prompted ,ttt derda of
wperhvjmeri oyfte, Bt ther,waa no tuch
incilcoiotit tifTisaary t0i linpyj, thr; aonq nf tli
'iffpj Iiorir.llia. Lotion, aa Prentiss once
rtjletLthe gallanl Paltnct to. Stares to the moot
brilliant nd, caprctKnia vlhtplay T military
quaiitir. Coi. Butter, thnttgh twice badly
woundrtK and writhed down by farntrmM and
loeeof bhtod, maintained M position until W third
wonnd cansed hia death. "' '" -' ' ' " ' "
Crv TwoemNi( XTfrpC0TrP(vmjpr, rjftln?
Helta, noticing the death of tJapttin Thornton,
who was killed by a shot from the fort ai San
Anronio, ma he waa advancing npnn it says :
'VaptThMntnn had. been Tery unwell tot antnt!
tkrre, and went out ir command of hie aaguadrorr
against the advice of hie ptiyticlkn and hie wnh
nr40tcere; hul hia energy end gallantry would
not allow him to remain Inactive) when there
wm the feast possibility nt meeting th foe.
The Delta pay to hi memory a hs ml seme
tribure.' It alluilea to hrs being the first to begin
the war, and says he was the first to fall in the
march npnn tne city Mexico, it omims wne
thcr any man living baa pawed, eafely. IhrmiRn
o many and snch imminent perils at. had mat.
ked the life of Ceplain Thornton. It mentions
t he fact thl ,h waa a pa Monger, juthil l-fae J
PylKi tbat sficr doipg t) he, could to. eave.
othfirjyhe Kemlptdto.eayf hicusplf by aUacb
ing . hjmel(, to, a ch'f ken-coop tlt, after, he
wa in. the water, he picked up sever) and pla
ced thnn on the. coop 4 but thf y. all died and
propped o(k and, he wag,, picked up. aoma days
afterward a.famiahed maniac, and saved ! He
wat a native Carolina county, and waa in hia
tliiriy.lhitd; year, lb waa aa brave a man aa
ever lived, wiJh a apirit muoh Ion impel unua and
ardour for. bis phytic! atruoltire, which waa
fat front being vignrwe for he vyat of amail etat
ue, and hia constitution waa delicate, -r -
Tun I.ati Carram CHAttta HairsoN.-We
have already annoanced,' trnnng the killed and
wounded in the late battle, the name nf Capt.
Charles I it harm of the 7th inlantry, a native of
Waehinftm City.' ' The Rkhmnnd Republican,
in annonnclng hia death, paieea the ol!owing
tribute to hia memory i " ';: 'iw ..,.
'At the bombardment nf Fort Brown, bia
coolness and Intrepidly were conepiciHMia." Ilia
gallantry in' the storming division of Worth at
Monterey, won for bini a Capuincy. ' At Vera
Crufe he fuHy'ebired the glories and dangers of
hia bretherh in arm j and at Cerro uordo, his
daring valor won the highbat nneomioms from
i he cotnmsnding officers, the Colonel stating In
hia report, that h?." pqe of, tbej first who pla
ced hia, leet within the , frowping tiibraler
which reatrcl on .the. eurnmit of that almost in-
acceatibla monnltin, A Uraverv purer, anq
mare generotia spirit, never breatfted. In one
of hiaUvt letiera to hi relatives, instead , of
dwelling upon hia own participation in Hie re.
centhattlea of Cerro Oordo, hi mind ef med.
occupied with the aufforings nf hia Wounded,
men, and the pjeatnre which he derived from
seeing tltoir happioess at, aome extra, comforta
which ha had been enabled to provide lur nun.
Captain ITansnn was one of the rooat accom.
plichtd gentleman, at well as one of Ihe mot
chivt'rous ofUcers in the service, and better
than thiai amii the temptatiohg of Ihe camp ana!
the excitement of the field, maintained to the
last an raaiteij Christian, chara'cler which
commanded the Tovo an4 reapect even of thnee
who usually repaid religion with aversion and
ridicule. Mot'' sincerely do we sympathise
with hia afflicted 'father,' M. l'K; Hansen,5 of'
Washington, who ha'i lost in him one of toe re
maining propa of hia old tie, having already gi
ven another gallant' eon to the country,' Cap.'
tain W. C. Htoeon, who died from dfseate con-
tracted in i glorious career ia the Florida' war.'
I ..a
Aa editor away down Mat, whoaervad foar
dtya oa a jury, aayi that h ia ao full ot law,
thai it's hard for him la' beep from cbeatinf
there 1 no afpeaT W
1 Wt tfi frrc, Il titij ft rfitihp'e
A Mel Vwrts HlaetN
' The Nrw York Express Ve1atesthe hiet(JV o
anoliImsyftetciiyvhoMbueinee jt that I
ofa paper scavenger, k which be nteadiiy lk
hxvra fiomrtrly iSownt'ill'nicht. . " 1 ,
He never gooa home to dinner, hut, when
htcry, genitlly pnrchkaea dry troA oT
btrad, and eata it silting upon the lower steps I
of the CiiHfom, .Home, or. City 1 la It. Never I
doiytjers wordjtoljviirf ann.andjwbef J
tire Granger lociits t)pon bim, he foe's diefVd I
to exclaim--wha.t a, poor, mieersble being.''
He m, innced, a fin'shm tihjct to look npin
Tor ia .tber v.hflhea are iww and herd with
the steumulntrd filth nf mMiy yea and hie
countneirce it U furrowed all over with doop
wrinkles, WfiTCh tw orre corrtd brliPVe were cv-
er moistened by a tear, lie is a hard viwigrd
man rppolrtVfl, anvt evnn terrible to took up-m.
Vnr flfterm yesrs have wo known this niri'gnlar
beins, and Weri tten tm was ao old, he seems
nn fldiet now There ate propt in this great
city who have been familiar with hi form for
upwards of twenty yee'rs, etrd thev affirm that
he has been a paper scavenger tJntirrg all that
time. At all times, when the winds of winlrr
bowl through tm ' streets, awl alwn, when the
dog star reigns, dors he pcrmte hia iaborwws and
drrtaditig employment,
And Yraw that Vve have introduced our hero tn
the reader,' it is meet that we ehreiM ewntron
what we know oThis aCtnal tonditioW. He is a
miser, a narrow-minded and mean miter, who
can count h'.a dollars by tenant" thousands. If
0 our wold, let Mm, whet ncU
he meels Ihe miserable man in the pvblrc high-
way, a.K mm me time ot nay, and wi i tw
prompuy anewweo no tne aniimrrty or a mtperb
gold watch, hidden in Ma rithy Wstments. A
dry crost or bread arm cast orrbone conatilute
ioWrwckel, which', prove thn 'vo.betho pro-
prfetor oi a i legst nve rmndeorrw pwe iiipg hnu-
see, locstrdjn a fsahinnabie pan of the rty
tertillcateaot bank Block aiitj o'-hef Valuable pa-
re.,Bl,,)-'dd"n i ill bir-cajkale.. Ho, is a
widower, but the lather of. an only daughter.
daughter. Vrf-
whom be hu ostablishod om super
ahed house, aa the sole miatteta and onlV tenaM.
iB the. W,T, noUtThW
flKintVai ft ftil AVevr. Vtialr nl Ihka kaA mk m rA I
vvixKv-a wvv-vw aawv v V"I'I aavivj I
rt,. . i r . , I
imt?- ""T' my Fu r ,.u.m.P'?u.8.
leset, none.pari.c.paies wnn, ner in a ??Jojf-
ment. mourn u wotiw ana io ircr iieppunrs
on auch occasions, in call in a neighboting
friend, yet the privilege of giving an inVitatron
is denied by her father, in (tie most positive and
imperative manner.' In the rear of thietlMh
ter'a dwellirtj," is located a ricWtty shell of a
cabin, resembling mole (he appraiancc of a eiy
than a homan hebitetion, and this is the only
dwelling place of our miser. And now he
spends thu prrcmua houra of hi leisure life,
counting hia gold and examining Uie aignniutea
ot his deer! by the light which reM iikhi hiv
oaken table, and seldom Is extinguished until
sfter the hour ot miJnightr snd when exhaus
ted Willi hi strange Vigils, catr fully does he
fasten, with heavy iron bolls, tho door of his
den, and ainka to tleep on hit bed of rags
I' i
Dm. Pavnk, of Nottingham, ttnglaml, says
that for upwsrds of twenty years he haa uwd
Ireachj in thetreatment of burns With gteat sue
cess. It is applied pure on the injured surface,
and at the natural temperature.
Cattiom to tH Vouaoj. Th following anec
dote appeared in the N. O. Echo National, of the
l?lb: A bundled dollar bill of the Louisiana
State bank wat paid into the Citieent' Bank on
Saturday last, with the following lines written
on its back : Thit it the last hundred of SIO,-
000 left me by my father ; and whither it the
money gone bar-roomtand in brothels. If this
bill falls into the hands of any young man,' let it
teach him to nee from bad company, for it it
Ibat which haa reduced me to my ilt-plorabl
situation. 1 . am loat,. lost, foiever lot V The
wage of ain ia death, aays the inspired writer-
In tbit poor young man's esse, what yonib in the
blindness of ita avidity calia pleasure, haa led to
something worte-M despair if we may judge
hv the dreadful sentence which concludes bit
telf acfuaing rneditatiou, 'N- l Tiwi'l.
JeiHiE Bt aatT. Judge Burnet, a son of the
lamous Bishop 'of 5albury,' when 1 young, is
rid to hare been ofa wild ann dietpe,ted turn
a.iiia one dav found bv lilt Itluer in a very ae-
, a ( . ... .i.-... ..... 1
rioue humor :
What ia the matter with yoti.Tow," aaid the
Bi.lmp; 'nhal are you ruminating on I ,
A greatfr work than. your lordahip History
of the Reformation,' answered tha eon,-
Ay I. what's thatr aked the fatlier. ... t
Tho rtormcittott tmyef, mf lord, teplied
the aoe. -i j - i
Ft-ATTsaiNo. A person look in; over tha ca
talogue-ot "professional gentlemen of tha bar,
with bia peneil. wrote against tho name of one
who ia of the bustling order f '
: 'Haa been eccuaet) of possessing talcnla.'
Another seeing 'the accusation, wrote under
the charge 1 " ' 1 ''
Hat been tued and acfjuitted;
. '
nJ immediMe parent of denpotiam. jVViarofr.
Vo. S-iKtK -t --IT hot 6 TTtK
tn-a oVitteamrV Raaavttatj
I recoUfet ne rwrnber orttortfitesn, whrt was
rsllyinff roe sbixit onr CongreseiCTiat Tempo-
ranee Srtr,i.-ty. ttjrp6,'lretiBrdtoBsy,lamgo
'ff liae' yoer impfsVfc eotieiy, as soon
as my demijohn in empty, but juet belrire it be
came empty hv always ,11v';i5 it an. ' At W,e
time towards the close if tire m-iwirm, he aaid to
me, 'I sm eoing tn tfgn tho pU'oje when I get
hotnf.' 'Well; yoti have said o a ft real mny
times But he repliwl, I am in arnert; my
demijiihn m nearly cmply, and "l am riot going
to fill it again.' lln epoVa with ettch an air of
ai'rMe.BTrrw aa I had not owrrved. in him, and
it impri'ssrd mr; audi aked him what it rtU'trit
what had cVmretJ bis fceftnge, 'Why,' mid
h. t had a idinrt timn sirrre a visit tVom mV
brothrr, who slateil to me a fact that hrotodeep.
y imprew d ami ailVcted me than any thih I
reroilert to have Imard npon any temperance,
speech I have ever heard or rrsd ,k
'In my noigMmhwtl la t f ettiVrtoan oT ttiy
arqnaintante, well eiuicatrd, who once had
nam property, hot ia no rr.d'nied-poorT lle
has a beautiful and lovely ' wife, a lady of talli
vatton nrl re!lnementan4 a most charming
daufhtrr. , . , ,
This gentleman bail Womte tJvridedly in-
tpmpinrate hi bia habile, and had folly alarmed
bis friends in rrjjanl to, him. At one lime.
w tven a number of hie former associates were to
gether, thoy couneellriSe to what coo W Irs done
ht him, Finally. om of them eaid to him.
v.hy dont you senl yoor tlanghtor away to a di-iinirnarhwl atshool I which he named.
D- csttnnl Mid ,,v ,v i8 llUl Df lnc nnc8tion.
am m, Bb bv6t thw nter)sc Poor sritt! I
wieh i 0,uW. Wfcll, wal his friend, :f yon will
,,n tw.ptance MK L will be to all the
expenK U ltr attending school rotOnn year.
Whntrluea this mean, said he. do vou think me
m daon-et of hetsutnmir a drunkard ! No matter
rtrt hlB rr,.nd( .iut that now, hot 1 wtl! do a
I m;a AnrJ I. aahl another. Will nav the rent
rvnnr tro a arif vod will sfn the nledire.
Welt tireen 'cflera rn certainly liberal-btit
vimt'doYhey meant "DoVoti think me in dan.
te'r oborinning a. drunkard)'' Wat tar)' it
mM i ' , pilom- n, In View or yotir lilie-
raiiiv 'I will make'en offer:-, will ainn if yoii
" .'!' ' '
Tl.l. k,..n Bk M,JMBtll.,tt lhttu had Hnl nntt.
win I i hid vriq n jjia-juovinrii iv yva-
sWered. Bud were not ve.y welt prepared to
meet t but for his sU. ihcy saM wo will, and
.. .,i .h, ,i...k
And now for the tirt time tho truth poured
into his mind, and ho aaw hia condition, ahd ho
sat' down bathed in tonrs. ' 1 ' ' ' !
Now,' said he, genHrhicn. you must rro and
comniuicain thvse facts W 'toy wi!fcj poor v.0-
mun, I know she will be gltd to heat of it, but I
cannot tell her.'
Two ot them slatted for thai purporo. Tho
lady met them at the tloor, pale and trembling
wilh en.ntwn -what, aha euquired ia the mat
ter? what haa happened to my husband !v
They bid her tlUmins her fears,' ensuring her
Ihey had come to .bring, hey tijliruja ol her hus
band hut good tidings, audi aa eho
glad lohrar,1 i .v ,
'Your hiisbanil has pignnd Ihe lemperance
pledge yra aignud it in good I' The joy-
ou new nearly overcame, hor sb trembled
with excitement wept freely, and claeping her
handa dcVotionally, she looked Hp to heaven,
and thanked Uod for the happy change. 'Now.'
iid aha, '1 have a husband, aa be ouca was, in
the days of mir early loVe.' 1
'But Litis waa not what moved me,' said thu
gentleman. There waa io the same Vicinity
another gentleman a generous, noble soul
married young married well inin a charming
lesnily and the flower of it. Hia Wine-drinking
liabita had aroused the fear ot hia friends, and
one day, when aeveral of them efe together,
one said to another, let us sign the pledge.' 'I
will if you will,' said one snd another, till all bed
agreed to do it, and the thiot Waa done,
This gentleman thought it father small busi
ness, snd felt a little ennltive about revealing
to hia wifo what he had done. Hot on return
ing home, he asid (o herlUaf, 'my dear, I
have done what 1 foar Will dwpleese you.' 'Well
whst is it! 'Why; I have signed the pledge.'
Have your 'Ye, I have certainly .r Watch
ing hie manner aa he reolk-d, aud reading lit it
sincerity, she entwined her anna a round hie
neck, laid lief head tipmi Ilia bootn, and burst
into team. Her hiirbwl was atKcird deeply
by ttiisf conduct nl lila wifo, and aald 'Mary
rfon, wp. didn't know 'tint it would afflict yon
pf wouj nr,t have dime it, I will go and
I Ule ,y namo olT immediately.' 'Take yonr
niffl offl' said shej 'no, no! let It be there, 1
,tiall now litVe nj more tolicitude In reference
tn ynor becomin? a drunkard r I hall spend ho
mofe wakefbl midnight hours f I shaN no more
Bleep my' pillow in teara. V'
Now tor the first time the troth ehooo upon
Ai mind, and he folded to hit bo.m bia young
and beautiful wife, and wept wi'.h her.' Now I
can't aland these facts, and I am foing to tigb
' I the pledge.' peern nf Governor Brlgg, ef
I LoietU, Matt.
1 ttfrin-e rinterttdTi, ' fO !
- V do In ' . . . . 0 7
1 du, 3 . do i. . k .1 OH
r VAy tibiiee,ntltVii'lVVn, ' .0 8ft
Vrttiy AdverfiMiroenlai meC0T(Jmn, 25 half
coTurnn, 18, three rauvi. f IS j two equate, Ji
on wrntfro, f.V nalT-ystlyi rniatoMmn, 18
half column, 9 three 'ekrea.B ( two squares,
f5l 'One tqntre, f3 60.
Advert W(iTfin(a tc'lt wilhmrt d'.reiiYna ta to the
irmtth of ihVmtliey ire to be pifofi.'ttf1, will U
coYimirod W.iit oraerod trat, and charged accoid
inglv. . i " ' ; .
t-J RiTrtr'it Tio, r lets mkVa a sqttkVo.
RvtBatoti Jeiti.i;bn -Hve liie conmga
to leave a ball when it htb no greater attruc
liona tbari teOf bedi-no cliarroa tnoro enti
cing than that of sleep-to esy nothing of the
mor'rOw. ! ; i '
Have tli conttgn To 'conies ignorance when
ever or with regard to whatever aubject y arO
Oninformed. 1 ' 1
Have the Com age to tVeat difficulties 9 yo4
Wnutd obunxioua weeds attack tiiom nsBcen.
Nothing gVoWa so fftgt. '
Hata the tourage to meet t tfed?raV. Yoii
must be a trainer by the interview, fcVcn if you
loarn tho wotst. NVe ana our own deceiver.
Have the nntirftge lo be ailcot when a tool
pratest ho will Ceostt theaooneV; Wsldes, whit
can bo ot yott gtta by pVofonging the Conversa-
lirtn. . ,
, llava tbe courage to own that you ate poor,
and, ifyonkn, Inugh at your poverty. By so
doing yod disarm your enemies, and deceive no
body. VoU avoid many difficulties and much
bitterness; besides, there are people who will
not believe you, especially those who make tho
same acknowledgement as a pTctekt fot mean-
'Hove the MWragO to receive a poor relation
oponly aud kindly. : Ilia shabby appearance, e
vett bis 5gVmtane, will appear to your advai.
tage; for the mind is prone to draw compari
sons. We h'avo nothing lo bo ttshamed ol but
our own nrtors. ,
Have the toorago to tpnnl tho daya to quar
tet day. iv will not Come the BOcher, ant! you
are ike!y to ba prepaml for it.
Have Ihe Coursgo to let t man aee what you
think of him. If it be, favorable, he will covet
your acqtiaintanco it the contrary, he is un
worthy of it. ; , .
CArtxts ). Huring Doniphan march from
VA I'srso to Chihuahua, the black servants of
the different onlcera of the tegiment formed
themselves into B tompftny. There were
twelve of them, of which number eleven wero
officers and one high private. Jo. , servant
to LieUt. I)-, waa elected Captain. He wsa
the blackest of. the, ctovyd, and sported a largo
black leather witfi a 'amalt black hat rIso S
large sabro With an intensely bright braes hilt '
which same asbre Was eternally getting invol
ved in the intricate windings of his bow ley.
Wfth 36, for Captain they were a 'formidable
body, ami to hear their) talk, they would" work
wondera.' ' During the ' battle of Sacramento
however, the company wero not to be seen, but'
after the attiOn waa'overj they wefe espied"
breaking out froni the wagons and joining in llifl'
pursuit. ' Tha etching one ot our officers at
tacked Jo. about hia company.
Well, Jo., t heat your men were nid'beliind1
Ihe wsgons during the fight !'
''Lieutenant, l'so berry sorry fo eay if am do'
truf! 1 doite eberyting I cafl don on de pa
tcrism ob do lrieh I injoked rlem by all dcy
hold most t!eah in dis worlJand ue nex, but it
was no goi dcy would git ernde wrong eido eh
de wagblls.' " " ''''
!' 'Hut hat did you do (iiere f
' ! stnni! dtr gittin' cotrJer,' nmf do firing Sep?
clttlh' hotter, and at Iant de carman hall cum
aa ormighty rst, I'thoffglit the Best ling dis nig-'
gB could do war to gH bchiB tht wagona ho
self 'ReveilU,
, T LtANal tsl,iUT.-T,Tbat'a a werry
knowm hanimitl o yonroaaid a Cockney gen
tleinen to the kacpor of an elephant,
Very,' Waa the Cool rejoinrlor.
'He perfofmt atrange tucks and hantic. does
he!' inquired the Cockney, eyeing (ha animal
through hi glata.
SurprisinV retorted the keeper.'we re lesm
ed him to put money in that box up there. Try.
him with a crown,' i 1
The Cockney handed the Elephant a crown
piece, sad sdrc enough, be took k in hia trunk
and places) it in a box high out of reach,
Well, that ia werry heatraordinary haaUm-
tshin truly!' Mid the green one, opening hi
eyes. IVuw let a aee into tea it out enu nana
it back 1
We niter learn him that trick,' retorted tho
keeper with a roguish leer, and turned lo stir up
ihe mnnkeys end punch the hyena.
Mr. Jones was in the habit of gelling aome'
what 'balmy,' and tins night he was discovered
by a neighbor , leaning against lha side of a
church for support. He hailed bim triib, Hal
loa, Jonsa.' you look serious think ot joining
the church 1' .
'Well,' replied Jonei, ' j incline nn$iderbltf
that way at prmt'
A lunatie once Informed hia physician, who
waa clasaifying cases of insanity, that he font
hia aeniea by watching a politician, whivo
course waa to crooked that it turned hia brain.
. . i ... . . .i. --
'PaisoNrft, atand up! Are yon guilty or net
guilty!' 'Faith, and do ye think 1 ahall do the
work of the jury for 'em, when they are pax!
for ike same! It 'em Mud it out.' 'Answer
me right, air Are you guilty or not gui'.iy!'
Faith, air, I m neither I'm innotcntf