Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, October 30, 1841, Image 2

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'3wr-ir not nt all J neither by Heaven, fit it i
Uc' three, nor by the earth, fur it it hi
it . r. UTitlttrun,
Oh ! aweer not by your Ood, iiu man !
Thy mightiest strength in frail.j
Thy longest life is hut a upan,
A brief, mournful talc j
He fiom thy lip Hosanna heard,
Tint oaths or eoffffe profane j
LVmembf , He hntli aiJ the word,
Tke not my name In vain.
A nd fwear not by the holy IleaTen I
It ii the Almighty Throne
Nuf by tho burning start of evsn,
l'..r they nre all his own (
K.rhcr, arise nt enly d iy,
J. vk on the g'orjous sun, not ! hut how thpo down, and pray"
Tolliin, the Holy Our,
Pivcar not by earth, the hrtutoout raith,
The f miptool of liia power I
Hp cfivo! it every glory bitlh.
In the primeval hour ;
Lift to the loud rebukes that roll
From ore-m, eerih, and iiirj
Let ihr deep murmurs mute thy soul
To wmship, not to swear.
Oh'! swrnrnotby that blessed one
Whom Hot, the Father, give.
His beloved and only Son,
A fiitning worl.l to nave ;
)ut v. rep thr:t thou so oil hast bent
A worldly xt-rinc before :
Turn to tliy Saviour nnd repent,
iJcj oi l and tin no more.
And "wear not ly tliino own weak nanwl
For thou ait I ut the ilave
Of nin and B rioiv,riii und shame,
Of ylory and tho grave.
Thy ho.m'rd hoily is but rl.iy,
Horn of ihe dust you tread,
Anl foon a swifi-approac'iii'tt diy
Si n!) I cy thee wiih the dead 1
Sivainc Birret, Oclol cr lSih, 1811.
Lvrrcxpviitieitct of tht Stnunnuh lltvrgiun)
rr.on flohida.
East Florida, Oct. 11, 1S-1I.
Dear Sir A pnrty of from twe!e to twenty
Ju lians, some ton days since, passed into the ailtle
mints nt,d killed several people, nn account of
which you have doublleis seen in tho St. Argus
i'r, papers. It ia prctiy well ascertained, the Mine
p any did nil the damage oud murders reported ;
und lift the sc!:l rnenls through the It-ter-ni-ah
.null. It to hapjcmd that this party asfd near
the u.rompnicnt of Captain Fulton, 5d Dragoons,
who was in charge of a train of wngans, hiscoinpi
i.v'a h.ijgagf, &.C.. and in command oftweke men,
about twelve miles north of Fort Russel, on tho
rugM f the 25th ult., at he was going to join his
company stationed at Fort White, on theSau-taiTce.
Thu daring ratal's attacked the captaui camp a
U'Ut 7 oMock in the evening, firing a void y and
making n ruth into the encampment The surpiisd
ra? ci nip'tle, co far oa astonishment wus CAtl
it rt.ed, for the soldiers felt perfect security, no
I tii! inn evei ha iug attacked e party of soldieis for
. l long time since.
I'nptiiin Fulton sonn ralliid his men, ejd with
the assistance of Asshlanl Surgeon Hammond, who
w is wiili him, iclurnrd the varmints' fire, ond
charged them with great bravery und determination.
II ii .vpi-cared to ho 84 uncii-cclcd to the
Jndisr.s, as their firo was in the firt place to tlic
soldini., Tiie Indians retreated, which give ('up
t tin rullor. lime lo 1'ieuk i pen un mm clioit end
urn) thr- ti'Mrtters wiih carbines. He hardly did
iL: lefi.te lire Indians fin d another volley form the
o'.lnr ride ol his camp, and rubied in, even to his
vengnns, Tl c captain faced his men about, and
this tiiiifl gavo thrui a quietus, fot the leamstcis
K'ii.g armed w iih a pistol and rarhiue, gave good
rtrittJhce , and drvo the infernal rmcult outol
tight wild hi arirg fur riht There was one
ujir woundrd by tho Indians, and a cvtuI horses;
ruii't g the ii tt, the horsoof Acu Curg. Hammond.
A Ii'inifcUT accidentally woui did himatlf with a
, rArbii.e,
'i he i rws fiom Tampa Day is not rncouiaging,
all upicied. Ilospitaiki's people have not all
ton e ir, lo the Lumber promised nor probal ly
will hunender lit nil. There is at that post about
CCC L.dions Inrii'.dir.g ninny wairiors. it is be
uvid i!:iy will Lo shipped in a fiw J ya to the
On the IO:ti iiift. a met ting was eipccted wiih
1 i;l Tail, who was firmly Uiuved tobebontat
und kiuci n in his pr.ifession i of pace, and willing
to rniigrate jcihups he inter. d to be true, and
it' Hull ( tht war." if to, tie country wi.l bend
wf ixar Cli:(J rid kt- na that are t.-nub'.esoim
fit II it &lntva uvv mill Army,
'iieifliiijl Am.y 1,'egimr for 1811, notee that
the Li.i'id army, in i Jliccrs und men, i.utn
Uit IS JS9-ihe mi ilia. I,50:),t32.
'i he American navy i composed of
Phipe of the linr, (74 and 120 gum-) It
" t'l'r, (60 guru)
ri'getre, t si class. (44 ku"')
" i.J clafs, ("C guin-J
Bloopicf war, (16 totO gun')
llri,je (10 gun)
Uchoonerg, ( (J 10 guru)
Bli-anitis, (two fijjntrj
tJ.orc , Lc
Lead Ore.
We Were Iiarn3-J, Iho other i'sy, specimen i.f
1 cad Ore, f.i'.i.d in the J.insinne Quairy uf M r. j Weti,cl.i l port uf the cargo of the Nam
J. lluxy Baiih& Co., about three miles from this i gan-t4, by which) oil will ace that the total export
p'ete The Ore eiy much ir-inbles the Galena
icsdcre, end we would suppose yield at least 50
(rrrei t. Il was discovered hi iwcen the e'.rata ol
l irnisloiir.and will, no doubt, upon propers exini
natirn, le fovnJ ii) U'E eaniiiie. Jwnry Lit-mwcry.
From .'if A'. V. American nf Stilunliiy,
Lute und Highly Important from
Attack us inn Cirt or Cmtoh, nt iak Cost
hini.Ii UniTtiin Font'ts.
Wi de-'p iic'ird the Rte.iinbo it Wave, at an
tsr y hour ttti-- ni rniog, in search of tho Nnrngau
sc t, and h ive t!io plea'UM ol laying iwfure our tea
d rs of tho Aiiiiricao, nt Bts liter news
from Clinton.
Extract of a Is.ter, d ud
Mico, 30th May, 1841.
MiMsrs. (Jiiry t Ci. ijince the date of oar gcn udviois events of much import. rnce have tuns
pint I, h luii f note of which may not be uuinle;el
iti4 to you.
Tiie nci'.emcnt ;.m mg the Cliiueao referred to,
i c.'iitinued to iucte ise until the 1 8th inst. When
(.'rrpi. Kliiot arrivd at Canton, it soon became
k-i I'.vn thnt he had already ordered the whole Dri
ll. h force, vcMil of war, tranrports, and troops, to
the immediate vicinity of Canton ; and his advicn
to Iih couiKrymen was to rlue their hustneu and
for removal w iih af Ii t( to delay aa possible. Up to
tho iOili iusl.tho oulhori:lea had avoided
holding nny communication with C;i t Elliot, and
w j e n very dubious and unsatisfactory aijct.
'I'lie local authoritioK, however, publUhod p ools
insMous, ii nil s nt messages through the Hong mer
chants and linguists, assuring all re.ident foreigners
of their perfect safety in Canton.
On the evening of ihe SJOlh. ull the English resi
dents emtaiked, and only four or five Anv ri
cans, confiding in tho urance of the Chinese,
remained in tiie Factories ; the same night tho Chi.
be e e iminuiici tl hostuiics by sending a fleet of fire
boats and rsfis egtinst tie vessels of war lying
near the city, but wiihout doing them any damage.
This act was avenged by the 1'ylades and steam
cr Ncmcsrs, that attacked and de troyej a battery
near the facu, and abkut fjity fue lo its and as
many Crc rafts.
On the morning of the C2J, an Americint resi
dent was scrtrd by the Chinese and taken fiom his
factory ; t the same time that a boa', belonging to
ihe American ship Morrison, with three messen
ger ond seven seamen, was cap'.ured soon after
leaving the factories for Whhnpoa, and tho petty
carried prisoners into the ci'.y.
Fiom (hi-, t'.e time was occupied by English in
ronreiilratitig their forces near the city, until the
21th, at 4 P. M. The Hyacinth, 1 3, Mo les'e 1 8,
P hides 18, Nimrod 18, Columbus 16, Cruiser 10,
and Algerine 10, having tnkeii up their position in
front of the city and suburbs, opened iluir fire
upon every ofTensive point of the Chinese, who re
turned it w ith considerable spirit at first, but were
soon compelled to doiott their guns. At 6 P. At.,
a body of soldiers, about 400, were landed el (he
fjicign factories, in the vicinity of which the A
mericans, who hd been taken prisooer two daya
before, and examined by the authorities, were re.
Tho firing was continued until about 9 P. M.
when ii';e suburbs were on firo in several places,
and nearly tii the batteries on shore in possession
of, or dcMroyed by the English.
While this was gohfj! on in front of Canton,
Cemrl Gjugh was landing h' troops, 800 men,
at the foot of the heights, i:i the rear uf the city,
arid on the morning of tho 25. h he orumenced
operations; rticu!ars uf the day's work are not
yet known further, than that, with thu loss of som.
40 killed and wounded, fjur batteries were taken
fiom the Chinese, and great nutibe'e of their ofli
cert and soldiers killed, the heights commanding
the city taken, anJ the Biitith foicci entrenched
upnn them.
The loss of the Chinise nn this occsi n is arl
oui'y estimaiej at from 3 to 6000, and even as
high as 10,000 men; and they now find to their
cost and extreme disappointment, that they are un
able to cope with European troops on shore, as they
have before proved themselves in their encounters
with British forces afloit.
On the S6'h, the vessels of wsr were engaged in
rpiicting and destroying the few ismaiiis of oppo
sition, and in the evening, mandarins called on
the Captain with fligs of truce, to negotiate for the
preservation of the city.
Our advices from iha seal if uction and negotia
tion are lo ike morning of 37ih, when it was Slid
the Chinese had cipiluljted, and offered a Isrje
sum of money T-r the riinsoin of iho city, which it
was supposed, would then be sjvo.I.
It is'ly r.ecessiry for us lo say, that sinre
ih.i 1 lit, i.nih.': ir has been done in tho way of
sales of imports, etlj that e'l shipments of less, &e.
reso on the Sltl; our I'stibiuhinrnt, in common
whh all otliers, is again rrmoU'l M icao, and we
fesi with a prospect of being obiiej t remain here
for several months, in.much as in the event nt a
suspension ef h-s i ities, and Canton Le,:g h'fl
without further injury, we do not think tho Uriti.-h
merchants will trust !hemtves there while the Bri
tub tjrres am drawn ofTti tho northward. We
think it will !e found urecssny to renew the bhirk
add of the put, and tin! mosl tint we can hope for
under utnioBt any circumstances is, that neutrals
may proceed toCiu'on, to rea'iZJ llio foreign mer.
chauilize dcKisi!J thire, and la compete the ta
iling of the stups alreaJy in port.
Wo ure with ut ! iutfllig' nee frjm India, but 13 ri is daily expected on i it the sic i in
ir Qui en, lo resume coiii.rund of the uavul forei s,
d it is umlf is:ood a icinforeeinent uf t ifihl
Kg'rirnts, ehout C600 nun, is now uu the way to
' China froh. Indie.
since 1st of July of ast)ar, is only 00,000 chests.
We doubt if iho lading of the American ships at
Whoinpoe will be completed without much delay;
and viewing the etate and prospects of foreigu re
lations will Chini, in whatever light we may, MUI
we look Upon it HI lt!)t teiisin, iu hhjh fris
fur teas mini and will rule in Europe snd Ameries '
during the ensuing year or two
From the Vniltd Stain Gotttte.
Extract ef another letter, dated
Macao, Mny 31.
"'mit heie at the preeenl inoinrnt ia in a j
statu i. f mnr ih Mngcment and confusion, 'i'he
Clilne-e are ut last paying dearly for their arrogance
and nbslin irr, fjoliahly resisting nil acMrnrno I iilon,
and irlyingou their nu nUri, and utterly ignorant
of force and i-kill that can be brought to bear upon
them by the Western nations. Canton ii at (lie
mercy uf Ihe Brit ih, end it is siid the authorities
ore negotiating for its ransom by the offer of eight
millions, to be furthcoming immediately, or failing
thai, hostilities to recommence. We know noth
ing officiHlly oa yel, but if they pay up the city will
be spared. There has ulrcndy been great dc-tlruc
tion of property arid life among ihe Chinese, and it
vfoulJ have been better for them had they listened
lo rcMon before. It will bo e tcuded, however,
witi. very beneficial effects on the f reign trade wi h
ih e cotiJilry, and sooner or la er the Chinese Gov
ernment will have to come to Iciiih, although to
rtr. ct thi it jnay be necessary to carry the war
ah ng ihe coaa anJ up to Pekin."
Front Afrlcn.
We copy ihe following ciliious and interesting
announcement from the Souiiern I.itcraiy Mei
sengnr for October. Authentic accounts from Tim
buctoj will put th? literary world on tho al. rt.
Dr. Charles Mathews, who left the United States
shout fifteen years i-inee, with a view to make dis
cov. ries in the interior of Africa, writes to a friend
in Vermont from Abyssinia that he shall return in
the Summer of 1642, and that he has been gener
al')' successful in b's researches, lie had travelled
from Morocco, across the Great Desert, to T.mbac
loo, and fiom thai capital nearly to tho Cape of
Good Hope, bark to Tnshuctoo, and to Abysiui i,
besides in-. king several less important journeys,
which had added much lo his knowledge uf the ge
og'aphy of the country, and the social couditi m of
its people. Bait. American.
For the Lndira.
The inoJels of Fashion at Paris have discarded
the use of Corsets ! As the ieup'e of the United
States, as well as tho.o of all other countr es, follow
any fashion from Paris, however lidiculous, il miy
be, it is lo be hoped, Ih at the I sit reasonable one, so
long recommended by the rest but uufishieniible
friends of suffering humanity, will be generally a
dopted. It will be a glorious ein incipstion uf many
imprisoned ribs, and the heait and lung of our f or
country women will at least have a chance for life.
It is a melancholy fcl that thousands of women
have annually gone to wultt by ineons of the corset
Judge Chasce, of Washington city,
who is himself, a strict temperance
man, in some advice, which lie gives to
the advocates of the cause through the
National Intelligencer, tays: "Men
must be uersuaded. not driven. Hos
tility must not be unnecessarily excited.
Those who do not come in must be
treated wiih kindness and left to the
w'or tings it thf;ir own conscience;
which, if not stifled bv passion, will
generally be effectual. It is that still
small voice, whispered to the soul, that
is effecting the great reform. Let it not
be drow ned in the voice of the angry
passions. It is well to be ardent in
good cause, the ardor itself may be
come intemperate."
A Cute ami Cm Ions AtTiklr.
James E. Cole, wtio was sentenced to the State
Pi'vpn fjr fifteen years, about a year aince, foi hih
way rfbbery in this city, connived an ingenious
mode of reeape, which, however, lacked the most
mstrrial part, auccefS. It was afier ihis wise
Cole hsd b'e.1 employed in thesh p making boxes
in which mslert'J ere sent from the prison to the
crty : he made one, Jid put buttons on the lid, so
as to fasten it inside, and then drove iisila around
the edge, breaking them off; thu. giving il the ap
penance of being naileJ down: thm diiected it
himself lo Mr. John I.aure, corner of Maduon end
Pike streets in this ciiv. Having thus far arun
ged, he employed a negro convict to place it, after
he had fastened himself in, on board the sloop Fan
ny, to Le brought to ibis city. The box was pla
ced on the whsrf, html d.wn, and remained llieie
i t about two hour', w hen it was put in the cabin
tf ihe sloop.
The sloop startrd during the g lie yenlerit iy, Vint
was obliged to put back, and did not arrive unl I
ibis morning. In the meantime, Mr. Lent, one of
the keepers, miasrd Cole, end came down to the
city to to. k for him ; not hesring i f him here and
lesniing tlial the Fanny had not sr.ivs.l, he mik
Irusiecl that ('ule was on board, he therefore board,
ed her this morning o:i her arrival, ami going into
ihe cabin aiw ihe lioxsnd opened il w here he found
GVle nearly exhausted, fmm hia close confinement
and rlti having eaten n thing since yesterday,
Cole wae immediately taken lo the Tombs, and
will be returned to his ulJ rju triers at 3 o'clock this
afternoon. .V, V. American.
AnMie.t WaoLR. uf the British Navy, began
his career, upon the ocean, i an apprentice lo an
honest old Quaker, C iptsin Hil!.', of Newport,
lihodo Island. On the first Orious trial of h s met
tle, be gave proof nf Hi ore qiulitiei si essential to a
seaman, and especially an ollicer coolness and
courage. His mailt r's ship, cnmmaudtd by his
mi-Ur, was npproi hed by a piratical schooner, full
of men, thirsting for spoils and fir blind. Captain
Hull's quakeiism Would not allow hhn to defend
hiutself or hia vessel but young Wager was no
qusker, and determined that the guilt of his blood
diouM nut, if he could help it, be upon the pirates'
hesih'. Alter a goo I ileal uf earnest entreaty, and
liule respectable force, he got the good opuin
into tl.t rsbin, an 1 srridinlalK fastened 111 in in.
Taking corarnind of the .hip he made hasty but
elTicieiit preparations to run over the Pirate. Hull
watched his movements with intenso interest and
looking out from the comp iiiion and perceiving the
object of the young Wager, could nut he'p observing
to lii isi Vharlc$, if (let infendt to run over
that uhooncr, tint mutt put itit fithn a -iittlt more
to tht tfnrtxjard." Charles oheeiveJ the d rcction
ofihequaker. The ship passed direcily the schoon
er, which sunk insiantly, and every pirate pciishcJ.
This exploit procured for Chalea a commission in
the British Navy, and thus IjIJ the foui.d.iliun of
hia f.ime and fjitune. Exeter Newt Litter.
Saturday, October 30, 1811.
iaUul!"BlL' JJ 1 A-1. Li.. 1 'i.H.'.liL "Li
More Acooiniiiodntions.
An opposition lire of cars ond st igcn', from Phihi.
lelphf.i to ihis place, by way of the Heading und
Philadelphia rail road, and the Potlsvillc and Dan
villa railroad, made its first trip on Monday. This
line reaches Pollsville nhout o'clock in ihe
noon, starts from thorn the next morning ufter hn ak
fast nnd reaches here about 4 o'clock. Travellers
by ihis line avoid the disagreeable journey over Ihe
mountains by night. This line will be a great oc-
rommodadon to travellers from Ihe city to the Sus
quehanna, aa they have heretofoie been obliged to
l'nvi'1 during the night boih by the Iiarrislurg and
Pottsville mutts. i
Our AJvoiitngrs.
The Philsddphia (ozctte, in copj ing an article
upon "il.e anthracite iron buiiic" from our pijier
uf the Sd of October, remaiks:
"We copy the following from the Sunbury A-
limit on of Oclol er 2. The ed.lor, il appears to us.
has not a'uleJ all the advautnges of -4he position ol
Sunbury, ciiber for iron or othir niai ufaclurrs.
He has oniiltid any mention of the g'Cdt Water
Power created there by the Mate. We will endea
vor to supply the deficiency. To feed the Canal.
from Shamokin Falls, at Sunbury, to Duncan's
Island, on the Susquehanna, a distance Of about
foity miles, it was nereary to make a dam across
ihe rier al the beforeriM-nlioned pi ice. This dam
ia about three thousand feet in leng'h, und nine
feet four inches high, with a schute on the Union
county shore, for the pis-age of sik ond raftv.
There is, after allowing sufficient w iter tofeid Ihe
Canal, a large surplus, to be applied to manufac
turing purposes, width now rolls over the dim
with ihe noise of thunder, snd forms the in ist
magnificiei.t mtifcial water power in the world.
A belie r tipporuniiy for capiiulists Joes not exist.
And we hope lliey will not be long in taking ad
vantage of it."
We are glad to see an editor of a cry print cal
ling the attenti- n of rspitalists to Ihe opportunities
which the interior of Pennsylvania olTers for iho
profitable investment of capital, and we join the
Gazelle in the hope that capitalists will not be long
in taking advantage of them. The gret watei
power cieatrd by ihe Shamokin dsm is nor exceeded
by ei y in ihe Union, and ihu pow er can be brought
into immediate use al a roinpaiatively trifling c si.
A company ol taimd a charter evi rat )ears since,
loonslruct a can d 130 f. wide fiom th hn n form
ed ly lie dsm in front of ihts place, to the Miami kin
creek, which empties into the Susquehanna about a
quarter of a mile below ihe darn. Part of iho slot k
of ihis company has been subscribed, and the canal
commenced ; but the prrtiurt uf the times has pre
vented tin prosecution of the work. The length
of the canal from the liver lo the creek is about a
half a mile, and the fall obtained upwaida of eight
feel. This fall, with ihe whole Susquehanna for a
forebsv, afford a pnwer eofiicirnt lo drive any a
mount of machinery, and the supply of water will
be exhaustless as thu fountains of our noble river.
The total cotls of the construction ol ihe canal, rea
dy for the ereelion of iron or other manufactories,
has been estimated by a competent engineer ut f 10,.
000. The facility of communication between this
place and theseaboird is an impoitant cons 'deration.
We have a canM down tho Su.quih.uins, reaching
the Chesapeake bay at Havre de (inn-. Following
the Penm-jlvaiiia Canal to Middlctnwn, thence by
the Union and Schuylkill canals, we have a com
munieatio!: by water to Philadelphia. A rail road
is nearly constructed from Philadelphia lo Ihis
place, by the wsy of Pottsville and Keading, and in
addition to ihise we have canals running up both
branches ef ihe Susquehanna, the one intended to
connect with the Eiie Canal of New York, and
the other wi'.b the great New York and Erie Kail
t 'junoi the capitalis e of our cities who h ivo mil
lions lo invest in fancy stock, erceive these ad
vantages 1 We spe.k not lo ipeculaton who ex.
pect lo realixe a fortune in a day, but lo Ihe man
who ilrsins lo invest his capital in a sure and Im
minent business, which will yield him e handsome
State Treasurer.
The Upland Union names Calvin Blythe as a
candidate for this office. Judge Bl the stands de
sorveJIy high with the Demociaric paity, and
his election would give general satisfaction. His
talents and integrity, joined with bis thorough
knowledge of the financial afTiirs of the alate, rim
neatly I'll him for Ihu station.
lntportaiire of Olle Voir.
Gcorje Darsin has been elected lo tlic Senate in i
the district composed of Allrgheny and Butler coun.
(ice, by rmjority uf ono vutf, (here hiving hren
upwaids uf 11,0 C, p .11, J.
China. i
We refer our readers to enothei column for late
and highly important newe from China, 1'ho Eng
lith have bombarded Canton, destroyed lie t ween five
and tin thousand human lives, and at the latest
dales the Chinese were offering nn enormous a
mount of money lo eivo their city from lot il de
struction. There never was a more ur justifiable
end outrageous war waged by any nation, infidel or
christian, than this of Ihe Engl ah ngninat ibe Chi
nese. The furmct import into ihe country of the
latter e poisonous drug, destructive alike of mind
and body. The aulhoihiea of Chine interfere to
savo its inhabitants from the ruinous effects of the
drug, destroy all they can find, and prohibit its fu
ture importation. But the Eenglish determined not
to suffer ihe bus nf so valuable a branch of trade, j
OKsemhle a great military force and attack ono of
their chief cities. The result we suppose will be,
thut the Chinese must rat opium, as they will find
il more digestable thn British iron. Yerily these
poor Chinese are not so fur wrong when they call
the English bnrlttriana.
Spiric ruymeiih.
The city papers are talking about a resumption
of specie payments, but it will end in talk. There
will be no resumption until the state repays the
banks the money which she loaned from them last
winter, or lays lax amply sufficient lo pay the !
interest upon the slate debt. This w ill restore con :
fidence, bring r.ur stock to pir value, and en ible
the hanks lo sell that which ihry hold, and thus put
themselves in a situation lo resume. Unhss one or
the other of these measures are adopted, we do not
believe ibere will be a pci.nunent ic'uiT.ption for
scvimt years to come.
Lists of Members of t lie Pciiiisvlinuia Lcgislu
turc 1S4I. '
Dist 1. Philadelphia City. Henry S. Spuek-
rrir7i, Jacub Cratz.
II. County uf Philadelphia Benjamin Cri-pin,
Edward A. Pennirnan,-) Thomas McCulley.f
III. Montgomery, Chester and Delaware A'r- j
thaniel lironke, Ahtdiam Bruurr, JJm T Hud- j
die son.
IV, Buekc Samuel A. Smith. j
V. Beiks Samuel Ftgely. j
VI. I.nncastcr and York John Strnhm, Tho-
ma '. Cochran, William Uiester. ' j
VII. D iuphin and Lebanon ievi Kline. j
VIII. Huntingdon, Mifflin, Juniata, Perry and j
Union Robert ', Muclay, Janie Mathers. ;
I V. Columbia and Schuv Ikill Samuel F. Hcad-
X. Lehigh and Northampton .lohn S. (nblions.
XI. Luzerne, Monroe, Wayne and Pke Lu
ther Kidder.-)-
XII. Lycoming, Cenlre, Clinton and Northum
berland ivoberl P. Fleming.
XIII. Bradford and Susquehanna Aa Dim
nmck f
XIV. Franklin. Cumberland and Adnm.s Jame,
X. McLauali m, William Gorgas
XV. Bedford slid Somerset (Jenrge Mulliii.j
XVI. Westmoreland John t". Plainer.
XVII. Washington John Ewintf.
XVIII. Fayette and Greene William F. Cop
Ian, XIX. Allegheny nnd Butler Char'.tt C. Sulli
van, George I)araie.
XX. Ileiver and Mercer William Stetvait
XXI. Crawford and Erie 'James W. Farrallv.j
XXII. Jefferson, McKenn, Putter, Tioga, Ve
nango and Warren Samuel Haya.
XXIII. Indiana, Armstiong, Clirion, Cambiia
nnd Clearfield William Bigler.f
New members thus democrats 17, in rn
man federal 1G, in italic.
Mr. Farrally was elected by the democrats, nnd
we have pretty sure information thai his political
course will be guided by their will. Ho has here
tofore been counted a moderate whig.
Philadelphia Ciiy Wil.iatn A. Cn,lb, E.Joy
Morris, William F. Boone, James B. Brers, John
Ruth, George Sharavood, C. B. Ti ego.
Philadelphia County John Felion, John W.
Ryan, Wm. Bonsall, John Painter, Joseph 1.. Han
cock, John J. McCahen, A. I.. Rouinfoit, Thomas
M. Scot I.
Bucks John Apple, Abel M. Giiffilhs, Joseph
Chesier Emmor Elton, Wm. K. Carrey, Rw
Lert Fill hey, Robert Laverty.
Lancaster Christian K'efftr, Joseph McCure,
I'hil'p t'orr .Vt, Jacob Foreman, Hugh An
drews, Benjamin Ftnnell,
York Isaac Garrttsoti, Adim Eluugh, Wm. S.
Pit king.
Cumberland William Barr, Joseph Culvir.
Perry George Beaver.
Berk Samuel Moore, John Schenk, John Pot
teiger.Jobn Bachman.
Schuylkill Christain V. StrauV.
Northampton and Monroe Joseph Kerr, Jeffer
son K. Herkman, As Packer,
Lehigh Benjamin Fogel, Peter It ias.
Wayne and Pike John il. Brodhead.
Norlhumlierland D. B. Montgomery.
Mifflin, Jur.'ata and Union John McCrum,
William Fws.John A. Vanvalzah,
Columbia Daniel Snyder.
Wa-hington Wallace McWilliams, Jamie Mc
Farren, Jemr Martin,
Westmoreland Samuel Hill, William Johnston.
Armstrorg George V. Marchand,
Indiana John Cummins.
Jefferson, McKean end Wairen Lew is B. Dun
ham. Fayette Aaron Bugher, John H. Dcford.
Bedford Abraham Weierl, M. Holderbaum.
Franklin Pelor Cook, Andre- bnivtly.
Montgomery Williem IJcan, Willi ;n B. Hahit,
Clisrhs K''gler,
Dauphin Samuel Jf. Clark, Benjamin yfuntr.
Lebanon Juui Bruver,
J uerene Hendrlrk B. Viighl, A. Corlrig!i.
Susquehanna Calvin Lift.
Bradford William Ulweli.
Tioga and Potter 1). I.. Sherwood.
Huntingdon Jese Moore, Thumae Weston.
Beaver MuiUiu ''. Kennedy, John Ftrguson ,
Mercer Thomas Wilsan, Janet Bankt.
Allegheny David Beeler, John Murray, Wm
Kerns, Isaae L'ghtntr.
Builer Samuel M. L me.
Delaware Jushua 1'. liyte.
Somerset and Cambria J. lltnna.J. Hoyer.
Lycoming, Clearfield and Clinton Jas. Gamble,
George R. Barrett.
Oreene Thorn is P. Po'l a k.
Adarni Thaddcut Sltrtn, ft. f.. I'aus:
Cen! re .lames Macn-.anus,
Crawford Morrow B. I.owery, J. P. Brawley,
Erie Jamtt ('. Dunhip, Strphin V. Let.
Venango nnd Clarion James K, onowden.
Democrats in roinan anlimas ns, whigs and
federalists, in italic.
Democrat. Federal.
Senate, 17 IH
House, (I 34
81 50
Not. Two members in Huntingdon were e
b eted as working ni"n. Working men are uhu dly
denuvcrats, and such, it is fa;r lo class them.
CllC51 IF.S.
Porter, Banks,
1599 1911
1281 60G8
I8J2 100G
1851 2158
2550 2281
7495 2925
2705 2143
1C74 1716
4412 40CO
874 8t0
2300 IliC
45C5 4711
UI90 424
8S0 419
780 C03
250i 1103
- 6U0 0000
2721 1997
2219 2049
1289 1578
H65 2956
2749 1812
27 i9 2G3G
825 0000
1)000 726
0000 400
678 417
C7 1 60S
4914 BOSS
1512 1340
2553 2328
3426 2194
2261 1393
000 000
2316 2757
1321 1121
44(12 2C9
1262 3141
:14GC 2302
2162 1141
1K27 870
4390 6020
11C98 734S
450 C0C
OU0 00C
2108 14 IE
792 1S53
1962 1152
159S 671
1&68 ' 212V
1290 5.r.
763 62?
C434 3291
11G7 553
4080 2135
3825 2425
127.279 104.93
104. 938
j Clarion,
i Clearfield,
j Clinton,
j Columbi i,
Cum! erl.iml,
I fieeene,
I Indiana,
' ,ll tf. Moll,
: .luniaia,
. Leltinon,
! L.hih,
I Luzfrne,
! Lycoming,
j Mercer,
i Mifflin.
, Monioe,
i Montgomeiy,
i Noilllampl-m.
Philadelph city,
Philadelphia co.
Schuv Ikill,
Purler's majority
MKSkHsEiiiToaa-eJTrlnit inn sgiin ihrongh
your paiei tqtrTtho altenlion of the Canal Cum-niis-iouers
In rejniring the guard bank and towing
pjlh"V ihe Peuii's. Canal, 1-etween the Shamokir
Dam and the mouth of Penna Creek Why noi
put on a sufficient force and complete the work be
fore the winter sets in, so that lire embankment'
may settle ! 'I'll is woik would cost but a small sum
and if done immediately will save the atate somi
thousands next eas"n. The work ought to hsvi
been Hone mmrhi ago. If it is not properly done
j depend upon ii, a good part of the bunks of the ca
nal will be swept off, and the cv rial rendered uselesi
for miles between those points, neit Spiine;.
N'evv Km tit Hie Coal Trade.
Much credit is due our pub ic spirit.-d fellow
townsrn in, f'ul. Jon M. Ciioslamo, for his in
dustry, perseverance and success, in otiening a di
rt ct tiade with ihe riry nf New York, for Ibe pro
duct of our coal mines, by means of Boats built
eipressly for that purpose. For two seasons past
uur coal ojierstiirs have ahippi d hige quan'ities of
coal to that riiy, wiihout the delay, Ltwr end ei
peue, incident, to a trsns-h pinenl al Philadelphia
CoL t'eosiavii has just finished a ne: Cam
Steam Bo il, of a novel and ingenious Construction,
which he calls the "New Era," intended for the
double purpose of ca'.ying c.',, ,) lowing Uors
U Iween tb'i ,Ilr y0lk) TU fir, fittS of lhi,
new Boa'., wa. roJle 'J'hursdsy last and !
' 'Lough we had not the pleasure of witnessing Ihe
I lnifim.t,l iv n.iis l,ji..,it wvb. al ffnltomrli
: oak of it in the most flatu rLng terme. fshoukl
I f .' ..v-. . 0 -
the "New ra" prove successful, and as well
adapted to. caps! navigation ae its friend anticipate
il wi t not ouly ke fortune to its Ingi o ous prnjec
lor, but uf immense benefit to our ciiiitms general
ly, end especially lo Ihe Schuylkill Navigatio
(Company , We hope aouii lo enjoy an rtcurs o-