Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, October 09, 1841, Image 2

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    -Front the Philadelphia Gaxtttt.
Tht picket ebip Shenandoah arrived at thli port
laat evening bringing Liverpool date k the 9h
jH. Tbe newt by hit I of little Importance ex
cept from China, whaie disposition it evinced oa
the patt t,f th empeior to purtu the war Keah
d tli late Commicaloner at Canton waa to be tplit
In two oo hit arrive! tt Pekln by order of the
Emperor, and t Countellor for lecominendiiig
prac bad bit flesh torn from li't bone a pleasant
govern ment to trrre. Tea had fallen la London.
Money wan scarce.
The subject of the Cera Lawa la atill the cauae
of agitation throughout the kingdom.
The overland Mail from China had arrived,
bringing ilalra fiora Canton to the 19th, and Macao
tolheSOth of May. Captain Elliot waa tempor
iting wi h tho Chinese authorities, and had auccee
ded in obtaining a ehipment of 1 1,000,000 pounda
f Tea, and expected to get out at much ot more
by the cloee of iho month.
A ahip from England loaded with provieionafor
her expedition had anllcd north direct to Chuan,
knowing nothing of teccnt alterations, whan her
commander, Captain Stead, R. N., waa aeized and
killed by the Mandarine. Trado had been partially
returned, but greatly to the disadvantage of the
Engliah. On the 18th of May, Captain Elliot, at
Canton, moved up the river in a atcatner followed
by other voteele. The city began to be thronged
with Chinrae troopa of a superior claea at eoldicre.
All aale of British and other gooJe bad caiaed,
aDd porrhaaea of tea were to be made in bard cash.
Great preparations were making by the Chinese,
and great numbera of troopa were flocking Into
During the week five failure had occurred at
Manchester, to the amount of 300,000.
From the It. Y. Herald of Sept. 29.
Hlarhl- Important tVovn TweaUfijt aital Mi.
teo-.Vtioi.tier UevoluUo-a las tlaa latter
Late laat evening, we received aome highly im
portant intelligence from Yucatan and Mexico.
That from Mexico la down to the 27th ult., and
from Tucatan to the lit inat.
Another revolution baa broken out in Mexico,
and Santa Ana ia again in The ascendant.
On the lSlh ult. Guadaloxara, in Mexico, under
the command of General Paredea, proclaimed fur
the abolition of the 16 per cent, duty, which had
been recently levied by government, and in favor of
Congrest to be elected by the people This crea
ted a great deal of excitement.
Mexico ia destined to become a republic, tike
The newa of thia outbreak reached Vera Crux on
the 24th ult., and Santa Ana immediately proclaim,
ed to favor of the aame meataree. He despatched
troopa on the 25th to oocnpy the principal caatlra and
fjrta between Vera Cms and the city of Mexico.
On the 26th Vera Crua alao declared for the rev
olution, and then the train waa almost complete for
the overthrow of the Central Government. On the
aame afternoon Santa Asa, who bad about X.OOO
troopa under, bia command, aent off a sufficient
number to take posaeatlon of Perote, caatle which
commands the communication between the city of
Mexico aud Vera Crux. They reached there on the
I7th, just aa the English mail waa letting, and it
it by thii means that we have received the neat.
At enou aa tho General of. Puebla heard of what
bad happened be despatched three hundred horae t
the assistance of Perote, but fianta Ana had po
tteation thereof before theta troopa arrived wiihia
fix league ol the place.
Thus much fur tht new revolution In Mexico.
It appeara that that country hat now lit hands full
of war.
On the 1st intt. the Congress of Yucatan met,
end no doubt, declared that province entirety free,
independent, arid a distinct country from Mexico;
as all the ini nilera of the Congrest elected, belong
to the party of aspiration.
Colonel Paraza was tent hy the Yucatan govern
ment on the 26th ult. aa commissioner to Texaa,
tt lathe to the mutual celt rice of the two republic
against the fleet which Mexico it now preparing far
the blockade of their coast. Of thia fleet, two iron
atvamcih are building in England, to be ready next
January, and two achoonera at Drown and Boll's
yard in this city, to le ready in aixty daya. And
thai government recently purchased a fine Spanish
bilg at Vera Crux, which ia now ready for aervice.
How long will thia C.wt remain in the hands of the
Mexicans T
Aotheullc From Florid.
Extract from a repoit from CiL Worth, command.
Log, dated beptimW-r 13, at Ponta Roast, which
ia opposite Tanybel Island on the bay into which
the Coolaauweatcbic river empties, Gulf side.
"I have the honor to report, fur the information
f the Major General commanding, that on the 1 1th
Blunt, the aj pointed day, three of the five mesaeu.
geie ecnt out tioni Pcaae Creek, aayou were advised
to my repoit No. 43, appeared at thia point, with
fort) -six Indiauaof Hoapituki'a band ; twoiemained
out to gather olhcra, to whom I have added tbiee.
On the 2 2d instant I expect to add to the atove
number about one hundred and fifty, perhapa more.
A post will be re-ektaUiihed here, at convenient
fur the approach of Indians, and aa an important
point ou the Gulf tida, in the event of operations
south. I 1 1 all return to Tampa in a few days,
where it ia hoped the Indiana expected from Ar
kansas wi.l have arrived, aa tbeii pretence will
greatly facilitate the collection of the Ciceke and
TaJJabaaaea ffOB jhir poa(tlon, objects of lh grea
test interest.
The whole- number ofloepitak't people ow in
iet.xly.lwo, including iha chief, ituec ob-chifa,
fid twenty-three warriors."
T. . - . a .MiaKlai mrrhanl
aaa si vi A wiss " r" - r-vr -wr -
asmed Lewie Cornelius died tear dayt tinea at
Milford. Pa. At tho time of hia aWaae, bo waa
. tfty-frv-a yvert ol age, aix feet three locbca to bttgbt
wU -eiB! six bundle) aej ihty-6a pound.
Arrest of the Great Forger.
We are happy to elate tht the Individual who
there ia little re-eon to doubt committed the largs
forgerlae on Meere. Drawn, Brothera 4. Co. and
Mr. Edgar Oorrie Jr. of this city, has been arrested.
Wa learn thit aa f.f aa the comae of the forger ia known, he commenced aa an Abolitionist,
and ia that capacity bvrodocad hl naelf to Mr. Law.
It Tappan.repreaen lng that he himself hid libera
ted number of slavea and had diieovered a schema
tor importing negror Into Tenia, which ha waa
anxloua to expute and prevent, and for that par
poet waa on hi wty to EnqlanJ to communicate
on the subject with the British Government. A
short time prevtoua to bis departure however, ha
applied to Mr. Tappnrt for a loan of $1000 which
ha needed to further hit benevolent purpoaaa. The
fervor of Mr. Tappan'a viewt on the airaa subject,
waa not however to grrtt at to land him to fall In.
to the tup tct for him and hit refuttl to furnish the
loin indoced the applicant for it to write him an a
busive latter, calling into question the sincerity of
Mi. T.'s abolition opinions, and this letter being
compared with aome of the lettera written to Mr.
Drown and Mr, Currie, previous to tht coniummi
tlon of the forgery, proved to bo in the tame hand
writing Mr. Oliver M. Lownds, the lata police
justice, hjd proceed) d to Doston in pursuit of an
individual whom ha suspected the guilty man.
and though be waa disappointed on that point, he
obtained from him such information aa iuducoJMr.
Lonnda to Cx the forgery upon a certain Colonel
Monroe Edwards, then in Philadelphia, whoae hand
writing proved to be the same as that in the lettera
above referred to.
Ou Saturday Mr. Lownds caused thia Co'onol
Monroe Edwards to be arrested in Philadelphia and
brought before a maijisttate, ly whom he waa cx
arained and committed to prison. On searching
bin lodgings the sum of forty four thousand dollars
waifjund In tank notea and gold, and yeaterdiy a
messenger watdrepatchod to the Governor at Alba
ny, fora requisition on the Governor of Pennsylva
nia to deliver up the eoi diaant Colonel to the ofl.
ccts ofjuatica i f this State.
We ate informed that he ia a most accomplished
villain, remakab!e for his gentlemanly appearance
and manners, he had associated wi h soma of
our leading men here, in Philadelphia and in
Washington. That ho first airivcd here with a
letter of introduction from the President of the Uni
ted Stales Branch Dank ut Mobile, and that let era
of iutroduciion to persons of respectability, real or
forged accompanied him wherever ho went. A
mulatto girl ia the companion of his travels, who,
when oecee.ary to the accomplishment of hia pur
poses aeaumtd the male attire. We abstain for tbo
present from giving the numberless atoriea incircu
latioi:, concerning the career of thia remarkable im
postor, who it ia believed alao peipetratd a forgery
aome time since, on Messrs. Jacob Little it Oe. of
thia city. N. Y. Courier and Enquirer.
Division of Office.
The Cincinnati Chronicle hat examined the liat
of bgh officers ol the General Government appoin
ted from the adoption of the constitution, and finds
the result to be aa follows : Of the offices of Preai
dent, Vice President, Secretaries of State, Treasury,
War, and Navy, Judges of the Supreme Court,
Poal Matera Geuerol, and Attorneys General, thoir
distribution among the State has been aa follows.
viz; including the recent edtnini.lrallon of General
From Massachusetts, 23
Virginia, S3
New York, It
Pennsylvania, 6
Maryland, 13
8outh Carolina, 6
Georgia, 0
Delaware, S
Connecticut, 4
New Jersey, 8
North Carolina, 4
New Hampshire,
The above are the results in the "Old Thirteen.
Of the new it Is thus :
From Kentucky, 8
Tennessee, 0
Ohio, 6
LouiiHna, 1
Alabama, 1
Michigan, 1
It appeara then that of the old thii teen Slates, R.
Island baa not been h mored with a aingla impor.
tant appointment; and that froji the Stile of Ma ne,
Vermont, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, ArkinsH,
and Miaaissippi none hia been made. On the oiher
hand, the four old 8tatea of Massachusetts, Virg nl i,
Mryl.iud, nod New York have received mora than
half the whole.
Rait Road Ibok. The Baltimore American of
Saluiday says: The ahip European, which
arrived here on Thursday from Wales, brought
a cargo of eight bundled tmia of .ail road iron, for
the Daltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. Thia
iron will be laid down foithveith ou the line of the
road from Harpei'a Ferry v.e stwarJ, the auperstruc
lure being already completed for ita reception.
Other cargoes, we learn, are on their way hither.
Deiriae Nans ihto Habp Wood. We have
lately aeen another experiment of driving naila In
to hard aeasoned timber, fairly tried. The fust two
naila, after paaaing through a pine board, ent. red
about one inch, and then doubled down under the
hammer j but on dipping the pointa of the other
aix or eight rails into lard, every one waa driven
home without the leaat difficulty.
CarpenUra, who are engaged in repairing old
buildings, aometimet carry a email lump of lard or
tallow for thia purpose on on of their boote or
short. New Ctnetti Parmer,
John Church ud Aaron Manning ware tried and
WMM ', 1.1
convicted at the late term of tba criminal court of
Su Lula,on an indktminl for iradinz aa exchanra
and money brotere, wttbottl license, Tba fioe ia
,T9 doilsre teca
Satmrdap, October 9, 1641,
Democratic Candidate
ton eovtaaoa,
ro aataxBLT,
David B. Nontffomery.
roa coMMtaatoain,
PUHJp Welser.
ton Tfttteuaxa,
Oeorge Tclser.
Hugh 91. Davlsou.
Waio CaBDtuaTaa.
For Governor,
For Auembfy,
For Committioner,
For Trtayui-er,
For Auditor,
We hava received a new paper published by
John 8. Ingram, at Mincravil e, entitled the "Coal
Rrgioniatand Schuylkill county Public Advertiser.
Mr. Ingram's editorial abilitiot ere well known, and
hit new pjper gives additional evidence of hia capa
city to cau r fur tbo public, as well aa to superin
tend the typographical department.
rjj" The trial of McLcod waa commenced at U
tica on Monday last We luve not yet reoeivud
any account of the proceedings of the trial, but will
gi fulldetaila ncit wetk.
Northumberland County.
The population of tble county, according to the
late census, is 20,427, bilng an Increase of 10 4 ID
percent, alnce 1830. Tho Increase from 1820 to
SO waa 18 per cent.
& Correction.
From our paragraph laat week, atating that there
were now no volunteer cand.dites before the people
of thia might be inferred that George (J.
Welkcr, Esq. had been a cainliJa'.e against the re
gular ticket. This is not the fact, anJ we d.d not
intend any aucb inference.
Secretary of War.
The Hon. John C. Spencer Ins been appointed
Secret jy of War, by the President, Judga McLean
having declined to accr jit the office. Mr. 8pencer
la now Secretary of Statu of New Yoik.
To the lulls! To the rolls!!
This is the battle cry that baa often led the De
mocracy of Paniiaj Kama to gloiloua victory. The
democrat! of thia county have always iopondcd
promptly and freely to the summona. Three yeara
ago they marsh illt d in their strength, and gave our
tried and faithful Democritic Governor, David R.
Porter, a triumphant m joiity. They can, and we
t u.t w ill do ao again. The triumph of Democracy
ia certain, if democr.ita do their duty. The ranka
of our opponenta era broken by factions and thin
ned by disaffection. Hard Cider" haa ahattercd
their nerves, an J the chorus, "Tip and Tyler too"
aounds In their eara like the funeral mnreh of Feder
alism. To the Pull, then, democrats. He that
etaya at home doea not value hia glorious privilege
aa ha ahould. Let the Democracy of Old North
um1laud ahow that they atill remain true to their
Loook to your Tickets.
For we believe that it ia Intended to perpetrate a
fraud upon the votera of thia county by the circula
tion of apurioua ticket. Harry Flick ia an old sta
ger an J up t trieit. Let every democ at then ex
a cine hia ticketa, and compare them wi h the
names of onr candidates published at the head of
thia paper. Let the whole ticket he put up at aome
conspicuous places near the poll, ao that none may
be deceived.
Duvld B. Montgomery.
The election of thia gentlemen, the regular dr.
morratic candidate, as well aa the whole democratic
ticket. It certain. Gen. Friik, however, dota not
intend to give up the conteal without an eiT. it. lie
baa been riding thiough this part of the county for
several data. The great obattcle to the Genrral'e
election unfoitunauly ia, that ha ia too well known
already to the votcra of thia county. Hia desertion
of the Democratic party after having been twice
elected to office by it bia determined and perseve
ring opposition lo democratic principles, ar.J hie
foul-mouth slander of Gov. Porter, having frequent
ly in the public streets end bar rooma proclaimed
him a d d perjured villain, render bim pecu
liarly ohnoxioua to the Democratic party. We can
scarcely believe that any democrat in the county
will be ao lecrrant to hia principles and hia party
aa to vote for him. He ia a Bank Director too, and
now, when the Banka have obtained five yeara
suspension, and may want five yeara more, ia not
the time to tend eueh men to the legialtturr,
Things to k Eemcnibcrcd. i
That during the Federal administration of Joseph
Rltner, (he atato debt waa increased upwaida of E
That in addition to thia he squandered SIX
MILLIONS of dollars, received aa the price of
Bank bonunes, anJ from the Uuited States out of
ha aurplut revenue.
Let the farmer, the mechanic arid the hardwork
ing man bear in mind that be ia taxed to pay the
Interest on money thrown away by thia Fedeial
Let the people remember that the aame adminis
tration wasted upwards of a MILLION of dollere
on Stevens's Gettysburg milroad, and that John
Banks hat promised Stovena to (Ini-h the Tart
wobm, and thus wastn I'll REE MILLIONS more.
Let them recollect that 331,000 dollara were ex
prnded on the Huntington bieach, when good and
responsible men offered to do the repairs for 1 0,000
SAND DOLLARS were drawn out of the pcople'a
pockets to pay the troops brought to Hnrrisbuag by
Stevens and hia band of traitore, to defeat the elec
tions and thrust men into the leg aluture who had
never been elected.
And when the tax payer recalla to mind all these
things, and the thousand other waya In which the
pul lie moneya were tquandered, let him acrloualy
a k himself whether he can assist in placing the
destinies of the Keystone slate again in the handa
of the Federal party.
The Buckshot War.
When immediately after tho election of 1839,
Thomaa II. Burrows, Ritner's Secretary of State,
issued his proclamation calling upon hia party to
"tint Tut titCTinx aa though it ntvxa took
rLtcx," it waa looked upon as a mero idle bravado.
And when the Federal prose infamously groclaimcd
that If Gen. Porter waa inaugurated on the 4lb of
March, 1639, "ox would uava to walk thbocoii
tbb am kits i-r blood," orderly and peace-loving
cittern, though atartlcd, could not believe that any
act of men could be found in Pennsylvania, so ut
terly reckless and depraved, aa to carry out such
treasonable designs, But the event proved, that
men who will resort to slander, fraud and perjury
to carry an election, will trample upon the conatitu
lion of their country, and act the lawa of the land
at defiance to accomplish their aordid purpoaea.
Testimony taken under o.Uh before a committee of
the House of Representatives, exhibited the astoun
ding fact, that at a meeting composed of Thaddeua
Stevcne, Thomas II. Burrows, John Dickey, and
other Fedeial IcaJera, which look place at tho U
nitcd Statea Hotel in Philadelphia in the fall of
1839, a plan waa deliberately fixed upon to prevent
the adoption of tho new constitution, to defeat
the election of David R. Porter and lo continue Jo,
soph Ritnei ia office. Thia waa to be accomplish
ed by thrusting into the legislature men who had
not been elected, and thus obtain a majority in both
Houses. Defeated in thia first treasonable step by
the discreet, firm and undaunted conduct of the
Democratic members, Joseph Rituer called a Thou
si an troops fiom the Federal city of Philadelphia,
armed with Buckshot and Bail, who surrounded
the cnpitol for tho purpose of ovetawing thia little
band of f alriots, and compelling them lo submit to
their infamous measures. It was then the sp'uit of
liberty which warmed tho heart and nerved the arm
of our immortal ancestors was kindled afreah in the
hearts of their descendants. The aona of freedom
rullied around their representative!, prompt and
ready to deferd the institutions of thoir country
from the threatened danger. One universal burst
of abhorrence of the treason and detestation of the
tiaitora waa heard throughout our wide eilendcd
commonwealth, and echoed back again from hor
aiater atatea. The conspiralora shrunk abashed at
the storm of virtuous indignation, and like the
guil'y, "fled when no man pursued." The country
was saved fiora imminent danger of civil war, the
constitution preserved inviolate and the uceful
aupii mary of the lawa secured.
Ia this a fiction of a fanciful imagination 1 Would
to heaven it were ao ! But no, it ia a foul, damning
blot upon the history of thia Republic.
And now we ask every man who loves the insti
tutions of hia country, and desirca to see the reign
of peace and order continued, be ho demociat or
whig, whether he can coiucientiously assist by bia
vole lo place the men who are guilty of tbit trea
son able conspiracy against the libeitiea and coneli.
lotion of their country, again in power ! are they
willing to give the administration of the atate with
all its great and momentoua interests into the handa
of these ment John Banka ia Iheir candidate.
Btrvena, Burrowa, and their conspirators are at
te npling to move Heaven and eaitb to aeture hia
election. Think you they have no intereat in that
ev.iitl Will they receive no place, no power, no
spoilt, aa a reward for theii infamous labora ?
The Sow has returned to her Wallowing in
the Mire
During the political canvaas of 1 638, the Federal
isle published every vile and infamoue sl mder that
the moat depraved and wicked imagination coold
conceive, against David R. Porter, but be came out
of the fiery furnace of malice and defamation like
gold doubly refined. They commenced the present
contest with a ahow of decency, which gave pro
mise that they bad abandoned Iheir old mode of
warfare. But can the Etbiopean change hit skin,
or the leopa'd hia spots 1 Neither cn the Federal
parly forego ihe use of their old political weapons
of slander and detraction, familiar to them since Ihe
days of Jeflerton and Snyder. They now brandish
their poiaoned bladea fiercely and unsparingly, aa
if to make amende in deeper infamy for their late
decency and propriety of conduct. They accuse
David R. Poller of being bribed by the U. 8. Bsnki
of bring a drunkard, and in abort, of every crime in
the criminal calender, with the cool vl lainy of the
aaaaaain plunging hie dagger into the heart of in
nrcence. Msny of these alandera are pub'ished in
a'cret (irculara, being too infamoue for publication
in the most filthy of their degraded pieir. I'retcn-
ded coplea of rrcorda that never existed, attested by
the eeal of Ihe omce, prostituted by some infamoue
Federal officeholder to the bate purpose of circular
ling a libel under the sanctity of hia official seal, are
aent to trusty fi lends In every county, to be uaod
on the dsy of the election to deceive the people into
the belief of falsehood. Hitherto the Democratic
party have met and refuted lhoa libola, but the
floodgates of slander have been opened anew, and
pour out auch a torrent of defamation that time
faila even to recount the false accusations, much
leat lo refute them. Let the Democracy then treat
them at they have heretofore, aa infamoue libels,
and neither be deceived into the aupport of the Fe
deralist John Banka, by raxex atcoana or other
baae forgeries.
A Forgery.
The whig pspera have been publishing a clicular
putporting to be aigned by 400 democrats of Bcrka
county, who had voted for Porter but declared Iheir
intention now to support Banks, All these men
but SS I have published a lettor declaring ihetfAet'r
names were purloined, and their lignuturu forged
with most daunllc-e and unblushing impudence, by
the minions of Banka, Stevens &. Co. Of the re
maining 25, eighteen have been uniform Federal
iats. Look out for more pipelaying forgeiica.
We extract the following from the "Yeoman,"
because it contains aound doctrine and good coun
ael. Although Mr. McKinney has withdrawn
from the contest, the disorganizing clique in the
forks my ace in what estimation their conduct ia
held abroad, and profit in future by the lesson.
Northumberland County.
"Wr tegrel to perceive that our Democratic
brethern In this hitheito staunch and unwavering
county aro frittering away their atrcngth by local
dia-enaions. Instead of c irdially uniting upon one
Representative candidate, and electing him too by
a majority of moro than a thousand, we find thorn
dividing their forces upon two candidates, thereby
opening the door for the probable success of a bit
ter Federalist, and endangering the domination of
the Democratic party in the next I fiialature. If,
in conarquence of thia local "tpLt," the Pipe Lay
ert thoul I succeed in carrying a m jorityinthe
House of Representatives, and then give us another
auch an infamous Apportionment biil as they did
in 1S3C and resuacit ite the corrupt Biddle Ion
ster what a sad reflection would it not be to any
portion of the Democracy of Northumberland, to
think that they had been foolishly instrumental in
producing auch disastrous consequences.
"The two democratic can JiJstea in the field are
DAVID B. MONTGOMERY, Esq. nominated
by the Delegate convention, in tho usual nuuner,
and John Mo Kinney, nominated subsequently by a
mere local meeting. Wo have scanned the argu
mcnta advanced by both parties thoroughly, with
a view of airiving at the truth, and cannot resist
the conviction, that the nomination of Montgomery
waa affected at'ry, in conformity with Democratic
usages, and consequently should receive the aup
port of every well-meaning Republican in the
county. Whenever the leitimato tribunal of the
party has fail ly decided, it behooves every true
Democrat to succumb lo ita arbitrament, else why
the expense and trouble ol' electing and convening
delegates, if their decision ia to have no l inJing ifli
ciry upon the party 1 All subsequent attempts to
force different Calldldutea upon the party, proceed
invariably fiom aclfi.h and disappointed men, and
their uniform tendency is to aid the opposition in
the consummation of their particular schemes.
We do hope, therefore, our republican friends
in old Northumberland will perceive the necessity
of uniting, one aud all, upon D. B. MO.NTGOM
ERY, the regularly nominated candidato of the
Democratic party, aa every vote given to M'Kin
ney, aubacive no ether purpose than lo aid in thee
lection of Gen. Flick, whoso temper and habits
render him peculiarly obnoxious to the Democratic
party. Even officers upon the C-nal, we are cre
dibly informed, have been actively engaged foment
ing discord. These men should be instantly re.
moved. It ia their business lo mend breeches, not
create them.
"It ia but seldom that we interfere in the local
differences of our friends but aa the present is a
plain ease and jeopardizes the preponderance of
Democratic principles in the popular branch of the
Legislature, thereby affecting not Northumberland
county alone, BUT THE WHOLE STATE, we
could not reaiat that tense of duty, which in every
ctmpaign induces ua to the aupprt of REGULAR
Editorial Miscellany.
Thoae who avail themselves of our labors under
thia head, ahould remember that atrict honeaty re
quires credit aa well for a penny, as a pound.
One of our compositors, last week, made na ray,
that Thad Jeus Stevens waa on an electioneering
tower to the northern part of the statr. We hope
we have csused no unnecessary alarm in the minds
ofoui Wilkesbsne friends in regard lo their mon
ument. Thaddeua is certainly ambitious of high
Tbe fine wheat allud-d lo in our lat, weighed
58 pounda Instead of 68, aa erroneously ststed.
The brig Silabee waa natigited into port by the
raptain'a wife, ha having died when fifteen daya
The Prince de Joinville left Pallimo e on Wed
nesday for Waabington. From thence be intends
to make a lour throughout the West.
The skeleton of a great Leviathan, about 32 feet
in length, ia exhibited at the Maaonie Hall, Phila
delphia. Upw aida of two millions of dollars In spec's htve
been shipped from New Yo k to Europe within the
last aix weeks. While foreign exchaugea continue
at preaent rates, the ehipment of specie will atill go
Jamea W- Locke, late principal of the Boa ton
Farm School baa been sentenced lo four moutbe
imprisonment, for th cruel treatment of bore under
hia charge.
ton Tin AXKnicair.
The anti-Let paying candidate, Gen. Frick, on
hie late electioneering tour lost his ticketa near Sun
bury. Can aome whig member of the Temperance
Society explain how the accident happened 1
Democracy Still Trinmphaiut I
Wa have already announced to our readers the
glorioua and unprecedented triumphs achieved at
the recent clectiona by Ihe Democrata of Indiana,
Tenne-see, Alabama, Vermont and Maine ! The
aggregate result in thane atatea exhibits a net gain
in the popular vote for the Democracy of upwards
hiatory of the Union doea not contain the recoid of
so overwhelming a political REVOLUTION aa has
been achieved in the moat of these atatea by the
Democratic party !
The ball ia however "ttill rolling " The re-ec-tloti
in favor of ancient and well-tried Democracy is
no, is msny of the federalists had flattered them
selves, a mere evanescent feeling, to subside it
tuddenly as it has been created. Tho "sober second
thought" list worked a pormanent cure in puhlic
sentiment, and Federalism ia literally demolithed.
Every where Ea-t and West, North and South
one republican VICTORY treads cloaely upon the
heela of another and tbe enemy ia scattered aa
chaff before the rude blasts of the whirl-wind. In
addition to all the previous grand and glorioua in
telligence, we hasten to spread before our reader
three more
fIlrii(lld Democratic Triumphs I
Triumph No 1.
(From Ihe Indiana State Sentinel.)
The late gloriua achievement by tho noble De
mocracy of Indiana left the Democrata a majority o
one on joint ballot ; but there waa a vacancy to fi!
in tbe Senate occasioned by the resignation of I
Sanator in Mtrion county, the county at theaeat o'
government. And aa Marion county gave a Harri
son majority last year of 257, tho Federalists fol
flushed with confidence. The retult waa will
them, to tie the Legislature, between the parties
but with the Democrata to aecure their recent tn
umph by giving them A CLEAR MAJORITY
The conflict w.ia very animating indeed, and th
checriug, soulsiirrlug reault ia the election of Mi
WsaT, a aound Democrat and a worthy man, b
JQRITY ! ! This ia a Democratic gain in thr
county ainco last year of 588 voice! A thousan
Triumph No I.
A apecial election fur four members of the Legial.
lure, where there had been no choice, waa held la
week in the city of Portland. After an aaimatr
atruggle, in which tbe Pipe Layere atrained ever
nerve, the Democracy came off victorious by elec
ins THREE of their candidates, by an a-erai
majority of 100. The fuui'.b one wanted on'
four votea of an election, and aa there ia to be i
no her election, the Democrats feel coufiJent i
carrying him too on tba next trial. Remembi
Democrata, that at the Presidential election llaaai
son's moj rity in Portland was 600 ! !
Triumph No J.
A special cle'c'ion for a member of the Legitlttu
of Louisiana wai held recently in New Orleans,
supply the vacancy occasioned by the death of M
Dsn now, (Whig.) Parties being nearly balanci
in tbe legislature the contest waa warm and an
mated. It reaultcd, however, in the choice ofM
IIahboch (Democrat.) Hairison's majority la
THREE ! The Picayune (a neutral paper) Bay
'thia result has nearly, if not quite, destroyed ti
Whig ascendancy in the Icgiilature. Their m:
jority on joint ballot is at best but one, and mo
probably nothing."
Sikcx tbx PiiKaiDivTiai. Elkctio-i LIST Fill
In the slate of Alabama 6,000 !
Tennersce 9,000 ! !
Maine 12.000!!!
Vermont 13,000!!!!
Indiana 15,000 !!!!
Shewing a sum total of Democratic Gaina in fi
atatea, since laat year of
.-.-, ooo
Dxmocbatb or Pas.var ltsii ! it belongs
Turn out en masse on the aecond Tutdjy
October, and re-elect your patriotic and eulighteni
Governor, DAVID R. PORTER, aud our nob
State will once more re-ume her wanted atation i
the KEYSTONE of tbe Democratic Arch !
Keep It before the People.
That John Usaaa, the federal nominee for Go
ernor, was one of the satellitea of the Rilner a
mitiiatrition, appointed by Rltner to a Judge-b
and of course must have APPROVED all t
INFAMOUS acts of that most infamous ad mi
That John Bibbs is Ihe protege of Tasns'
Snrras and Tbomss H. Uuaaowts, the ,iv
who plotted the -BUCKSHOT WAR," at-.' tr:
sonahly endeavored lo treat the election a
new had been keld."
That ThadJeus Stevens, Thomaa H. Burrow
and Beta Badger, the of the -BUCKS1IO
WAR," were all delrgatea in the federal eonve
tiou for nominating a governor, and voted for Job
Bibes on first ballot.
Tli at if B.bkb should be elected, he will, toget
er wdb Slovene, uae hia influence for the reaus
talionofthe famoua Gettysburg TAPE WOR.'
which baa already eaten np MILLIONS of tl
euhelanre of the people of Pennaylvania,
You, who desire lo re-inaiate the miserable eo
apiretore of 1838, aupport John Banka. He
their friend.
You who deair to keep that v,lt and wicked fa
lion out of power, aupport Davip R. Poena H