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    Ti:nw or the American."
HENKY irMA!tER,5 Publishf. asd
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M. jBM.l8SEttt Editor.
THE AMERICAN" ipuhiihcd every Saturday-
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di-counl will ba made.
Absolute acquiescence in the deeinl m .,f the mnj iri y, the vital principle of Republic, which there I, no app al l,t to force, the vital principle and immedia'e pwenl ofdeepKum.- Jrrn
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leniith of time the are lo be publi.hrd. wuj b
continued until ordered out, and charged accord
Dy Master & CHely.
Ranbury, Northumberland Co. Pa. Saturday, , Octofcr 31, IS 10.
To. INo. Til.
CJ&uteou lines make t square.
T XI A. M. . ai'CSAVA.
Where lie our country' gloiiou dead!
In grave that know nor rite n .r name,
Whence every passing wind h pred
The story to that country' ihaiiie t
Where, oil unchecked, the rank weed stiooU,
lis noxious Clues through their clay $
And where in safely, loathsome brute
AciO it drag thiir Mingled pry 1
Where human pride anil hope and love
Ne'er rueel the rugged duds above. 1
No! midst the dear home of the Und,
E'en a their own hi arthe, unforgot !
The Nirth' stern yeoman lilt hi hand,
Proud, from hi p'ouh, to point tin- jot;
An4 the will oi-b y he hits nu sed,
B-side thcin ip.hi tirtd knee,
And te l their (Tame and deed, the
Th-tt he h i known of lin-tny ;
While the winn Wish lo k torooxh hi eye,
Like them to live and thus to he I
No! where the Sou h' blight lum ged Irrd
And bnghl hui'd (lowers, sing and I
There haugity men of burning word
In i overture seek each ijuiel grave;
And ih'To, if lightly h ive been spent
Their own rich gilts of Uid and earth,
Up fr.mi ihoduat v. ice is scut.
That t rtlf them to aim of wurth ;
There hinh-soul d womnrkpauac to pray,
May thoe we love trove auch a lucy !"
They lie, where in their glory time,
They a ived their aine' gray head from harm ;
In fiuiifui field", throughout our clime.
Won from wood by their aim;
Where fir-t th ir rhild.en the light.
And where, wU 'it piresed by ill hd wrong
A u to tare - owc'i d with might,
E'i'ii yet their children's rlnlilien tilling,
And lei l w .a' writ may nerve their,
Why suould we nink! tap ilo,d in oust''
And ye would break their holy sleep,
And hear tlit in 1 1 Mime I.. bored pile,
Whore Munition grudge time to wctp,
Am i ion cold to dioii its uiir ;
Wh re th- pour pi-ismi ne'er c ul I g.
To hie tliv:n i t ill. ir g.i.i-likc part,
Andci'tli ii vpi i'. :d. t gio.v,
Au.l ra' tin ul, an. I arei hit heart;
Where la-ni .n'e fliglii.' -I .ves would turn
From t1" in, uu o till it blazoned urn !
G.i miIi in ilv and seek tljeir shrine,
And l iii.k, wlHlre'.T each in .nrcd breast,
Pi.e tio tiii biei te, llie sun bam shines,
llo.v sweet how ioveiy auch rest ;
So thi-ii memory around,
Stump freedom on each lorui and face;
Hear tiidt, in danei' hour, each nijui;d
Would be legien' rally og-plce;
If ye hive hearts, there their tone,
And dare to touch thoe ha IoabJ bone!
suggested by the question Do we not owe
it to i hi imni'iy i f tlie Signeia of the Declaration
ot Ii di ninut!, collect tneir rcmuii.a, and place
lb' in in a n itiJnaJ nionumciit ?"
Vtinuiiii Hcvc nge.
'l'wa night ; und the broad expanse nf heaven
glittered wi n my ri id iifitir. At a iKiftanre the
moon ttirew its nft light upon the tower of De
Vasca. Venice, the lovely Venice, the seat of joy
and luxury, was hushed ; U street we e all vacant,
nd not a fjult'p broke the stillness uf ihe night.
It was the hour whm the stranger might gac i on
iti n ble pal ice through the dim mist of night,
and, wrapt in wonder an.) awe, exclaim, this is in
deed a bright land. The dttaiit bell of S. Duminic
tolled the midnight h ur, s a gondi la suddenly
made its appearance bineiih the Uridge of M gha;
it neand the shore, and from it stepped a female
form. Closely wrapping her mantle around her
ahe anceuded the step that led to the bridge. Site
bad ju.t leached it when live aoui.d of fooUteps
broke on her ear ; and placing herself behind one
of the abutments, where ahe was free from dincov
ery, she waited iheir c-uiing. They soon approach
ed Ihe bridge, und were iho.o of a young and gal
lant caviller, wi h his arm entwined round a female
N iy, Donnei-lii." exclaimed the civ.l er, pau-i-ing,
In li"ve not what the woild uys, I swear I
love thee, and none oilier. Be mine then, awocl
ouc !"'
" Gl idly would I, Antonia, but my sire will not
be t jw hi child n on whom he saya love unii
ther. 'Tin ru noied Ctttl e. thi hand-otii.i E telle,
ii your future b ide."
lUnJiumo !" echoed the youth. ' HanJoine !
not so hands me a thee. Etelle was never my
choice, Dotini rctti. Thu dost not believe these
tale V
"Beluve thera," echoed Donr.exctti, cla-ping
btr arm anund the civalier'a neck. H Believe
them! oh, no; )oj love none other. D nnezetii is
lone thy choice, and he is unworiby of it."
" Unworthy of it ! never, weet one ! But hak !
Iitady hi our ca.he lal bell tolled the hour of
midn ght : the I leeze is springing, and daik clouds
hover o'er our heads. Let u away; to-monow
nigt.t le at tue window which overlook tho ruer
I will lie tU. ie.M
Foigul not, Antonia," w his' red the maiden.
" Forget !'' echoed the youth, a tin y retiacvd
their t p. I will be lucre, and g-ze again upon
that I ivi lv face."
You hall," npli d tha fetnal", rmeiging fioui
h i h.dii g place, ' but f r the last lime,"
'i'wia uigiil amu i an. .ther day bid dawued
nd fled o'er Venice. The ac ne ol bu'y lite ha I
lcn 'iiaC'd, 'he -y h: J ;in na-'ged itni l iheir
pleasur., the bupy had pl.cJ their, labor well, and
death had mingled with the laugh of death. But,
hark, St Dominic' licit toll the midnight hour, and
light shlnea from the large gothie window of the
castlo D'Istra. It rpens, and see I maiden lo k
from it upon the dark water tint frown at di
Unco beneath." Ah, my Antonia! "ahe exclaimed,
a foiin atood beneath her window, " thou art
" Here I echoed voice In .ft whisper, but for
abort time ; and I have gift uch a Donnctetti
merit. A silken cord let down by thy sweet hand
will soon give it thee."
The cord waa lowired. "Now," eichiimd
Donnezotti, a ahe clasped smalt b. x in hei hand,
"Ye mine Antonia l-
" 'Tie fair bridal gift, Donnrzetli, and auch a
thou alone meri est, who art hndsroer tlian E
A loud explosion echoed o'er the water, fullow
od by a hr ek loud kiid piercing, and the form of
D.iimri'tll diaappeaied fr. m tliew.ndow.
"Now who triumph-V' excNimed a v io nnd
the voice wa that of the my erinua'! of last
night : but the cavalier atood before hei ua she pre
pared to depart.
" Ha, Eatclle I" he exclaimed, etuttii g bitck, ' you
here P
"Aye, Antonia, I have come ti gati on thy
D.mneze'ti, ao lar lovelier than Estrlle. I have eeen
her gazed on her .the wait fir Hire, An to is.
Farew. II."
u Stiy, tay, exclaimcJ tho cavalier, but she
wa far from hi reach, and ua he watched her dis
tant form he ;g!ied.
" Donni zetti ! Donm z tti !" he eicla'med, but
the low muiiuuring of .he breize waa .he only re
sponse. " Douiiezctli ! Dant e z tti I' Agaiu exelaimed he
but Doin:ezet:i ai.aweted n.U "fboia pl-yi g
wit!i me," eirlniinid ti.e cvaliei, climbing up the
inde l dgn that flanked the window. The breezv
had blown nut te fl ckenng Ump, and as he youth
leaied fora the window into th' room, the moon's
beam ''iscovered to him th prostrate fum of D m
nezettt. Dunnezet'i ! Donnez'tti I" exclaimed he,
kneeling down by her aide ; hut a bud shriek broke
from him aa he clapped her cold form. Shn i dead
dead !" he exclaimed, u and Eatelle ia avenged "
Twm m irning the sun ros weetly on Venice,
and all waa buatle and g'irty. Iu atreeta were
thronged with idiot ; the gondolieia pie I awiftly
on the water, ringing their rude aong. 'l b man
sion of the nobility echoed ith the loud laugh
and dulcet warbling; but in one, wailing wa
heard lovely and fair flower had perished ; the
fairest in Venice and a noble mother wept o'er
her dear child. The voice of woe might I e heard
mingled with the laugh of the gay. Salutation
weie given and teceived ; but amid these the name
of Doiinexetti waa whicied with grief. Vengeance
and cur- were heaped on the head of her dealroy
ei ; and many who had once liatcned to her en
ch. tit rig voice and g.zed upon her Iwauty, wep
I he great square of Pluca di Napola w filled
with spectator, and the windovra of the house
i pled by fair l.idie, who g.iz.-d vilh peifect in
dilT.renie on the scene enaelini Ik-Ijw. I i tho
m'.ddle of the iquare platform wa erected, at the
farther end of w hich atood a block of wood coveted
with black cloth, and by the side of it an execu
tioner. "They cornel they come V- echoed through the
throng, a from the farther aide of the square a pro
eo-sion waa een alowly advancing ; all eyca were
direct, d lo it It aoon leached the platform, and
as a female form ascended the steps, Cry of exul
tation burst from the crowd.
The maiden looked around a if to reproach the
crowd. 'Twa ETitK ! the young, the fair E
telle ! For time ahe spi ke not, btlt fixed her eye
upon a young man who stood near the scaffold
closely wr'pped up.
Ani'Miio!' she wbiqieied in silver lore. The
youth turned fiom the spot. Will you refuse lo
hear the dying word of E tell. of your Eslel e !
"Not mine 1" exclaimed the youth, springing
upon the platform, not mine, Estel'e."
'J'U f.ibe !" she exclaimed, 44 did you not one
balmy ete, awear you loved me ! Oh, Antonia, 1
have done much to keep that 1 ve "
Bay rather to Ioomi it, Eat. lie, I did but j" t.".
And odid I. when I gave Donm zctti her b i
dal gift. But I shall ikvoi see you anotht '"
u It would not matter if you did E-.te le."
Antonio !" eielaiined the maiden, and she fixed
her ey a on him, 1 have loved f oil, and you a one.
I am tetfi.h, very selfish ; and, though in the last
hour of my existence, I cannot bear the thought i f
youi being nolherV
" Cannot !" echoed the youth; ' cannot ! When
" E-tePe ia not yet dead, Antonia; there ia ti!l
time left fol her to hinder thee. Hln.ll I tell tho
how V and ahe diew nearer to him,
If it ia possible," replied the youth.
" ' I'is poHsible ! and thus, thus, Antonia, you are
mine in dea h." A dagjer glenned aloft io tha air,
and Antonia fell I loading corpe at the maidtu'
feet, breathing the name of Donncaelti.
A cry of horror burst from ifce crowd. The en
raged populace sprang forward to wreak their ven
g. sure, wh' U loud shriek pcoelaimed that all wa
over; and the executioner held the gory head
! 'ft, smile of dens. on Lung over the feature of
the ouoo fair LV.ello, l, F. W,
joawgcrs of. Tin: TOTTXO.
The mental and tnoiol ir lining of youth is, at all
time, question i f the very highest inbrest and
Importance but if ever thtre can be a period when
the. future course and conduct of the rising genera
tion ought to become a m.itUr of mora anxious
thought than at any oiher, it i the present, that
tag of our history through which we are now pas
sing, llie apirit of inquiry, the intellectual excite
ment, the increased and increasing intelligence by
which all clar, and more especially the lower and
labouring clause, are ditinguished in thee daya,
beyond all former experience, would if rightly di
rected, lend to good, both . it reaped the commu
nity at large, -and the individuals of which it con
sists. Bnt the agent of insubordination and of in
fidelity are d ligently at work, in poisoning the po
pular mind, in shaking ita confidence, even eeti the
very first principle of molality and riligion, and it
ttachment to our established institution, both m
church and state; and iu emboldening ttiM cla of
anci ty in which the physical atrength of a nation
lie, to cast off all fear of God and man, and to set
at 1 1 fiance, ai far a may la), all law, human and
divine, t-otiulitm i andering lo the low-iat and
ov't IxctriooH pr pencities of human nature; wlnle
by it impietlea and b'aiphemie, it ia endeavoring
to de-troy that sense of mural te.-tponsibility which
seivcs wholesome check upon man's sensual
lftites and p u-tion. Chartitm ia addressing it
i If to that spirit of iimul jeciiou to constituted au
thoriiy that impatience of control and .restraint
tli at Oi-atisfictioii with what ia .-eg.irdid at an in
ferior lot, and that nvy of Ihe higher conditions of
life, which are natural to fallen man, Poptry
also i spreading it snares; it ia rkilfu ly adapting
its devices lo ibe popular bias; hi sinking iu
with the cunent of prevailing opinions availing it-
If i f every mean of furthering it deign, nd
wi h cenaclrt insinuaiion, woikii g. and winding
and winning it way into the very heart t our Pro
tectant constitution, und clocking and cone, aling
under fair r fsinii uf lilierality, it ine ar.ble
intolerance, and ita innate deHtim, till t can
throw oflfthe mak with safely and -uccvj. Ri,.
tionatinn, nie.tnwhile, in it various form and ha
ai, i degrading divine revelation, and defying hu
mm tea-oii; l aching, like the teiin-trr of old, tha'
by eating of the fruit of the tree ol knowMgr, men
will be a, goda setting up ita intellect u-il idol, and
perana ling poor b ind crenturea of day to expect
from their own mental power and mural resource
what nothing but the grace ef God can effect. The
agent of the wicked on are thu aailii.g the ri
sing g.'neratiiwiih every kind uf aob citation to e
vil,by which man may be drawn away and enticed,
w hether it l e the filthinr of the flesh or the fi thi
nera if the spirit. And it is a tru h of whicb we
cannot be too mindful, that the prices by which
the human character is formed, and at hngth fixed
is continually progressing either fir good or for evil,
according to the influence under which each indi
vidual i liod. You cannot atop the education
of the youthful mind. It will take it form and
pressure from the circumstance by which it i sur
rounded, and the communication which it is con
tinually receiving. The young era leirnii g eery
day what ia profitable or whit i prejudicial. Their
li'ibit of thought and action are gradually acquiring
itrmgth and establishing their power and prevalent
cy. And you m'g' I as well attempt to aneat tae
wheels of lime, and itop Ihe ceurae of nature, at t
prevent the plastic influence of the acquisition and
association which the i Xpun ling and active mind
of rational being is contiriua'ly making, in the
daily intercourse of life. Rv. T. Bet.
VAIXC Or EX AMPLE. it be for g.Kid or whether it be for evil,
t'e education of a child ia principally deriv. il from
it own obaorvation of the actiona, the word, the
voice, the look of thor-e with whom it livt a. bur -ly
then, the friend of youth cannot be too careful
to avo d, in their present e, even the iWl appear
ance ofevil. It is not enough that chrstian pa
rent hct no bid ex triple: they nitist ah .w f.iith
good be; they inuat not only ctin viituoua, they
mukt he virluou. Their house, their habits, Ibeii
family, thv'.r suiiciatOJ, llu'ir pu -ui's, their tecrea
lions, ought all lo be ao reguluttd, a to sh.iw that
relig on ia indeed the pnent of order, the iu, iier of
good ci.e, the wcll-pring of good humor, the tea
cher ii good mannuia, and the unfa.lii g miu n- ol
happinora and peace. Accutmed io dve in auch
a ho ne, it i aliu ut impossible that a child can ma
terially go wrong. And hi U beyond all, the most
valuable ('ranch of a Christian education -Bp.Jebb
I'nprccedeiitcd Despatch.
Aau instance of tliyh theito unequalled npidi
ty of cominunicA.mii Ulween England and the:
United Mte,niay le mentioned the ciicumataiico
that b.y were w'.li.ig iu our ttrceU, on Baturdiy
morning laat, I.oi.Jon pupors of Saturday Evening,
Oct, 3d, reociied via Liverpool luing le- Hi n
fourteen day Ujia the time I! ey were tMUd IVuin
the Loud n pri , i)on Trotucript.
Il insy be added, that the news b the Acad. a on
her lust arrival, wa published iniul m
the momiug j apeta if Boeton, New Ymk ai d Phi
ladelphia, on Monday morning, (she aimed on
Saturday,) aud might have been nbhhed iu Ihe
liuliiinore pp. r uf the i-anie morning. I'bi il
lustrvte the 'ra4diiy of coinniUiii.lion" in the U.
Siates, '1'be dwtanco Irn Baltiuwia lo Boat an i
about 400 uiil.-a J Cvm,
That gioal and good man. Father Matihew, ha '
worked a p rlcct miracle in Iielaud. Even the
mod Violent tory papers adin t now the wonderful !
eflrc'a of the remprrunca movCtncn', but at tho
aame time they are fearful that there i some poll i
Cal ncheme at the bottom of the wholo, und that the
priema are preparing some diabolical affair. Silly
ml absurd a uch id. a are, yet tliey "are en lei-
laiued by many ne.l informed men, wLo notwith-
atanding their abilities uie ao fettered by prejudice well known in the scientific and literary world, bo
as to believe that il ia impossible for good to cma- gan exhibiting a mall catrlage, which wa set in
nale from Catholic clergyman, for g. Id to ba motion by compreiacd air on a small railway laid
extract I fioin the bnaeat of m tals. ilnwcvct ! down for the purpoce of thi cariiagc, wa moved
oppo-ed I may la to Catholicism, I am bound up and down eevenil time at Ihe rate of about CS
to admit li e truly extraordinary blessing which miba an hour. The air, comprraned only to about
have followed the labor of thi apo. le of Temper-
ance, :md the ref re It dii' nt from the opinion that
he has o'her obj et than thoae of morality and so-
briery. On the 3S h. ho agidn vUied Dublin, and
administered the pledge to thousand, but the mint
remaikable feature in hi vii,to the Irih metropo-
Ii wa hi ut the Catholic Cathedral, and
Lord Morpeth, the Hvervtary for Ireland, with the
Attorney General, and ouY r Pr.vy Councilor,
holding the plate at the door for a col e . ti in in
aid of the ti mfierance cause. The o her day ihe
Ma-quia of Lansdowne, a Cabinet Minister, fur-
worded the reverend gentleman a donation of one
hundred pound for the same purpose. Invits ion
hsve been apecially forwarded to him to come over
to England, and the Central Society in I.ond n '
anticipate that he will comply with their most fer
vent entreaties. They express the gre.iteat confi
donca in the result of suih a visit, believing that
there ia t strong di-p iaitiun on the part of thou
sands in the capilol to join the variou leinierance
ao. ietie in which it ultouud, and which have ao
aud lerVy started i.ito exitt''nce but the. thev only
require an excuse to do. To have I. .ken the
plrdg.from Fa'her Matthew oppear to havo b.en
a poweiful incentive io keep it and multitude are
now wailing to rece. it only h m- " Step
'till Faihir Matihew comes, and then 111 join," 1
re,icaie'llv t be heard, and it is to bohoj ed that he
wilKpi e tily realize our wishes. The native of
the Coc iignu !, f artic.u!arly the thousand of
gin-diiiikmg women, nquiie Ilia presence, admoni
tion, exhortations, influence and anaitiein. a. The
labor will be found most Herculean, but with D.vine
p rni.saion, J have no fear but that it will eventual
ly 13 mo.t happily and iff ctivcly Bccompliahed.
AT. Y. Journal of Commtm.
JewlNli Marriage Ceremony
Although pol t ly toodered with an invitation,
we were unable to le present t the interesting ce
remony, ycbtcrday evening, which friend has
kindly fivored us with the following aketih of:
We had the pleasure of wiinesring, VVednesilsy
ficrnojll, w.dding according to tho foimcr of the
Jewish ritual. It took place at the S ng gue, the
Rev, Mr. CoheH etriciating. Our ignorance of Ihe
anciint and starred language in which thi inten cl
ing renmnny wa conducted, piever.tad u, pania!
Iv, from appreciating it full force. That which
we iaw, however, waa tt iking and leaut ful. A
service wa ieeated in the Hebrew language a
canopy raised, tunler which the bride and brido
g o nu, with thone who took an active part in t'le
servi. e, met Hero wine wa passed In the I p of
the Im trothod, the ring was placed on the finger of
th" bride, w ne glaas waa dashed upon the fl ior,
and the parliea were united in iht holy u ion
which b ih Jew and Chiiiian llicve to be of di
vine origin. Pieviou to the ceremony the Kev. Mr.
Cohen, among other remarks, me. tioncd that tllreo
tigiufic itton hid b en given to the breaking of Ihe
uineglaa-. One implies that aoi row is ever uiin
g id Willi our joy, bnd lliat the cup of sparkling
tiii. .a h iblet be d.aucd into IratimenU from our
I ps. A'lothi r di finoa it a conveying the idea that
it would bo as easy to ri-ut.iu.- the bioken and bril
tie panicle of the gla-s, aa lo put under ihoae
wiio were then jou.ed together. Whether Mr. C.
g ve this fecund i iei aa fU-s of the tiguifualionsuf
t i ceieinony o. not, wo are not CeitJtn. The
third meaning conveyed by the ay nibJ, is the ie
inembiance that it viTnd the I Itit ro v of hit ileo
Lied her t it and Ida over hiown unctuary. 'Ilii
l.ii-t i beautiful and sff cttna idea, i n I n.dmd it
needed not to c til lo the. miu t uf Hie iifloe ti ig
bpeciator, Ihe pecu tar circumstance ot thai nati u
who-e wedding rif.-a he waa there wttne-sing. Il
waa a thrilling sight, then, with so ma:iy Uetilile
fae a looking on, to aee that canopy reated, and
that tile performed, fir away from the vineyard of
Zion and her h.ily phce, by those who .till cling
lo the symbol of her ancient faith, al rr the long
lapse of generations. Richmond Compiler,
Piiozas itt. Avoid those who ere pr..fjo anl
obscene in their languat;. By loo Lng aci
ting with iuih youth, you will Ly J.rcrsba' Ituitd
youieilf to the language, and thus be ahunuoj ty
the viituou and the good. When you hear Ihe
i sine ' f (jod irrevficolly i-pokeH by companion,
M t him down a an unsafe friend and o tile he
brvuk away f.oiu I'm hai il, in fu'ure ha but
hiile to do with h tn.
"Pi. P iton," aid a peuU.-iiisn Iu the great "Gr,.
.-ian," w ith wlioin ba had been disputing "Dr.
I'orkO'i, uiy . pinion if yeu ia mot contemptible,"
"Sii'reiurind the doctor, "I never knew au opinion
of y.iu' that vnn net coot-inptibK"
t box th( AitRicA!V aantiasfc.
Comprcasrd Air ua a MotlTe .
(From out Parii Corrtipnndtnl.)
Several distinguished engineer and other ecien-
tiCiC men attended on Saturday to witnea series
of experiment on compreaaed air, at the lata rata-
blishment of M. Perrier 6c Co. at Chaillot. The
inventor of tho variou new ind ingenious mode
of applying thi power, M.'Andfaud, gentleman
atmosphere, which 1 little more than one thltl
OI" ,n power to which it can be compreaaed without
''nRr ofexploion, 1 contained in proof rylen
l',r or reservoir, which enpplira the piston In ihe
s,me I"uf locomotive. M. Andraud atatea,
,A' of heee cy lender are aufflcirnt for the
supply of a locomotive f.r aeveral milee on a rail
way ; and a air can lie compressed a! moat without
ex pen wherever there ia atream or even wind
m"l ""Tli mnehinery, fresh charged cylendera
can ba kept ready at atntiona ond applied o the lo-
eomo'ive, this being the work of only one minute,
The improvement in M. Android'- air locomotive,
on all other which have been invented, ia in the
application of a resulator by which tho air is sup-
l'"d with unniilir g regularity and certainty, and
which i under the full control of the engineer, and
in the mode of dilating the air by heat, ao a to
cauae great economy. In dilating air it ia necrasa
ry, for the purpose of locomotion, that il ahnuld be
done very rapidly, for otherwise the apeed cannot
le kept up. It cannot be dilated in the cy lender
or reaerv ir without gre it danger of expl aion ; and
by the ordinary process only the ixternil surface
! of tn air immodiatrly expo'ed, the action nf heal
is r ipidly dilated, the internal mo!ecule, air being
a bad conductor, requiring great time for dilation.
M. Andraud go's rid of all thi difficulty by paining
the air through a very long spiral tube immersed in
boiling lead, and in thi way the whole is dilated in
the twelfth part of a second, aud a reservoir of the
piston, whereas the same qttnnti'y of air undilated
gives only 2,500. Another of the experiments was
with an air cannon. Balls were thrown from it
which, at disttnee of 150 yard, broke in the roof
of building and lodged with great force in wall,
although the air was compressed to only 30 stinos
pi eri . M Andraud propose that batter ie in for
liliid town th II be work-d by compressed air in
stead of owder, the expenso, where ihcre i power
or wind tJ compress the sir, I cing, according lo M.
Pouct 1 1, only one ?5th of that of powder, and if
Ci mpres-ed by a s eam engii e about one 60th. M'
Andraud imaginea that field artillery may bo wo'k
ed in the aame manner, as the hori-e in drawing
the g ins lo the field, would by the motion of the
wine!, fill all the user voir n cessary f r l-ing
batt'e. The next experiment was on the power of
compressed sir in raising water, ei her. for the sup
ply of towns or for Ihe draining of marshes, mines
etc. by very small eppara'ua, column of water
waa thrown to a height of 75 feet.
llow to preserve Fruit.
W have been informed by gentleman who ha
bad practical proof of it sucresa, of a new mode
of keeping fresh fiuit for the table, gr .pea, plums,
dec a long time alter they have been git hei el. It
i simply to ulteinate them in layer with cotton
batting, in clean stone jara and pluc them in
chamber secure from frot- The discovery wa ac
cidental. A aervanl maid in the family of Wm
M. rey, of Union Village, Washii g on county, a
bout to visit her friend secured a quantity of plums
ir this way, to preserve them till her return. - They
were found to have k'-pl in an excellent condition
long after thi fruit had di.apM-ared in the gardan.
From th hint thue aflfoded, Mr. Mo ey, Mr. Holme
nd one or two neighbor laid down their grape in
thi rnmnT last fill, and they enjoyed the luxury
of frnh, fine flavored fiuit through th winter, un
til the eaily p.rt of March BicTi Cultivator.
11 randy from Potatoe Starch.
A great levolution i at present going on in th"
distilling trade, from the recent discovery that pot i
the flour, or atan h, ia capable, by du fermentation,
of yielding a very pure and well-tasted spirit, Some
specimen have recently been submitted to th spi
rit inirchanta, which even th most experience
among them hat scarcely been al le to ditingu'sh
from French Brandy ; f r even the true vinom fit-
vor of C'o;naehia been aucce-afully imitated by
cert in chemical composition, which the Engli-h
ret) .era have been en.ibbd to add to the s, iiit from
potato March. Thn dn-tilleriiat f rthe p'oJuc
tion uf thi kind of British Brandy hav recently
boen erected in th rtauopuLU, md two of th
axa ..Ir.aJy in aitlvi.y.
Moai or wakin CtisT ht-i.3 m CatjUA-Tt
Ciiiner, in manufacturing the thin .heist lead in
whicb their tea are imported into thi country, con
duct th o.ratioo on au exceeding simple manner.
The lamine ar not rolled, , from their extreme
thinneis), might I cuppoiM'd; not even hammered,
aa the anpearaaee of th surface might indicate, bill
actually cast al once in I lie state, in which w f
them. Two men r employed; one of thera i
seated on the flaur, with a large flat stcn standing
I hi iJ Hi rt-Uow workmio aiaada ieMt
hi'n, withe crucible eoutainin th melted lead;
nd having posreij a anTicJent quihtity on the alab,
the other lifts ths moveable stone, and placing it sud
denly on tlis fluid lead, prease it out into a flat and
thin plats, which he inat intly removes from thai
tons, A aecond quantity of lead ia poured on ia
similar manner, and similar plats formed Uie
process being carried on with ainguhvr rapidity.
The rough edge of the plat are than out ci audi
they ar afterward soldered together for nss. Mr.
Waddell, Scotchman, who witnessed th opa
lion In Chins, applied s similar method with great
uceesa Ua lb fortaaticQ of thin plates of sine, for
galvsAtle ItUrxwales. '
A lb bjUVra wlU, we plainly perceive. It
quoted t dVaxth for day or two, at least, we era
anxioa to civ all th commentaries upon them.
The sanaied ar th lautat, and may, according to
all legal asagss ba pronounced Oil Komplets. Tuef
f iv evsry thing that has been said, all round, with
out giving th enquirer sny information i
Vat asy mi an by ae letters O. K. vfch I ses
every day, almost two, tri-e, eleven time in as jonr
nal politique of se day 1" asked a French geouV
man in a crowd ytcrday. I read ao grand na
tional affair, and vn tae end I behold O. K! t
g'aucs my ey to se report of ae election, and ba
baiii wi of O. K. and I never shall Mmrtrakatia.
" Hunt awa man,' said a Bonnie Scot, "4ian
ye ken It' tha ahoriosl way of eel ting down Oil
Kurrtd t
O blood asd miu I" said a raw Greek wh
wa protest, " did you hear that 1 O murther, mu
ther, was there aver such an inhuman butchery f
the Qaeen' vcrnscaUi 1 Surs th letter mn
Orul Katattrophe, and what mother, am of a
ihrisiisn could give them any othsr signification 1 '
Ha! ha I ha I ki i if whew! hoohr" roar
avl a strapping Kentackian, I ny, my luda, y n gut
your bronghteu up in mother eouutry, didn't yoat
Come here, I pity your ignorance. O. K. suads
for Old Kenhith, up and down, all th world ovit,
cven-eiht peipiudicular of a horse and consider
able of a rireumferance of an alligator. Old Ktn-
lutM, and nothing else. I .ell you, stranger, yea
can't nv.ike it nothing else no way yau can it it,
O. K. Old Kentuck hooh ! hooh ! hooh ! ki i i !
give her a lack !"
' You make a devil of a noise thers," said a chip
from Maine, who wa hurrying pist, O. K. araatta
Oil for Kent. Shut up."
" You ist all tarn non.hense," said aDjtch Jsvr
oppiug a hooked nose between the shoulders of tws
oihr speculat r, O. K. hh de sham sth ta
hay OU uh Konjirmed."
Vy you dineu'l. hundemtand tho Hmgluh IsJl
guige," ail a " nice young man,' with kid glow
and a cane, 0. K. forma tho initial abreviation tot
the In tegunt etprea.ion of Oil KompUitP
No air," said an important looking pmong
looking around upon the bystanders with " ya
sevtre" and aaeoming the striking manner of a
Sir Oracle No air, the letter O. K. a ,)
used, sre intended to signify the brief and coTDffe
hensiv rxpreion Oil KompeHtd."
The whole crowd was now hushed into ajlers
by the learned solemuity of tha umpire; when
Corn Meal came singing aioond the corner, saJ a
ii tie nigger with a basket of vegetables in hi hear,
who had been listening, with hi normorj raj
cavern of a mouth wide open, to all ihie conversa
tion, ran out into the mtddl of the street, bawling
l the top of his voics," I know wh .1 O. E. rasua
Old Karnmnlf Old Ktmmtalt ch ! hi!
whew ! gut away ! Old Kommeol "
Exit little nigger lound the corner. Mob ii
perse severally .JroAsr Jonalicn.
A Xsw Tazear. Ths causa of ladW teeth da
caying at ao much earlier stage of lifs, fhan thoee of
tho other m, ha usual'y been attributed to tha
friction produced by Ihe eouatant action ef tha
tongue. Dut according to the editor of th Baits
ford Courier, a Yanke paper, it is owing to fha
Mtetnttt nf thtir lp it is a fcet well eefsh.
lwhei by avsry bedy'a saying, that n'Ht ikp
ruin the teeth.
CirTiorr-wi. Taking man Into a Mfthr
and then speaking so loud that all I be room eazt
hear you. Or sneaking down a dark al.'ey, to arc! J
meeting a ereditor. Or lel'ing a man to tska
care," tfter you have run against him and knocked
him ofer.
PazrACTioa. A Yankee wa tolj by hi frJenJa
lo jump up, afiei being knocked &on by a big
follow who still atood owr him la a thrsalenlng
aui ude, W'by, what's th uao of mj gtrag
up," exclaimed Jonathan, " when that dirne4
groat fillow cuuid ready to kooei ma right dvra
KktL. Mi 3vJUk boactlo!'y rrxa-tsj
that, " Children sra tiks xnilo-atoaes, set a.'og
road remind rg us of the distance we Jve got
Mt the jouniry of lilVi."
Wuixu) "I'll black your face," a Uu
roller said to the type.
- We fl tti r ours- Ives we've ma le a goud ut
predion hire," as the type a,d to the papit.
u Do you w ko!"a ihv auuSjis oiv) totfi