Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, September 12, 1840, Image 4

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    ""Who Could liavo relieved it f
a em -hat rxit.
There lifcil in Vinn, young mnn of funk and
fortune, who bare e strong rescmb'ancc t many
other young men of that and every clly, for he was
dupe to nil ihe follies of fashion and hgh life,
lie combined a flexible heart wl.h a handsome per
son j it hul cost hi' rmt er a great dm to rnik
him what is a i a p i py ; b t by lnd fmigihlc
diligence, ahe ha I at last flV led her ptupn-c. A I
the lactic con qi et t'y, loved Mitt, an I he h.vid
thorn ail in mr". It is siid ihai mic cr twi- e
hi at'achmcntt have even hern of more than n
month's i uration. but m v.j did he impo e any re
straint upon himself ot tho olject cf hi" iiflTtction,
hy nn iikson-e fid liiy. He possosooel the nicet
p 'er or perception, whenever any wnr I nr lwk
a im nonid him to victory, I ut he always hiid the
poo l manners to pny every attention t.i tho clock
when it summoned tho hour of parting.
With these qualifications he was certain of uc
cri wiih the Indies. Me paid his devoir to ill,
c joyed all, n d wa at la-t tired .if all. In one of
his moments of stupiJ satiety, our hero lad return
el "w before supper. Happy is he who fe a
t 'to time least oppressive hen at home ho bc
lon;s to tho hetler kind .if inert. Our yoime ciiui.t
threw himself upon the aofi, eletchel his hobs,
yawned, md so forth. Suddenly it occurred to
hi in Hi i he wsmartied. No wonder that we
shruld have foroottcn it, since ho himself on'y just
now recollected it.
" Apropos," said he, and rung tho hi II a set
vi ente ed.
" io 10 your mistress and ak iff may have the
pli i of seeing her." The servan' list-cnc I a-t-nt'vely,
and net believing the testimony of his
OW i !. ihe court repented Ma orders, which
the , tvant at length obeyed, shaking his head as
ho went. The countess was the daughter
of i com t y g ntl mau she wa- a flower which
from the pressure of the couit atmosphere, d oop, d,
but did not quite wilier to :ev id ennui, she had
no re-iouno l ut to swim with the ! le 01 hi h I . e.
She and her hu b ind sometime met they nver
avoidi d, nor ever courted, each other' socii ty. Be
f re marriage t?cy had ecen little of each other,
and after it th'y had no timo for such employ
mi nt. There wric people enough who spared the
count the trouble i.f admiring hia wife' perfection,
and if they made no impression on hi i heait, they
at I 'it gratified lu t vanity.
Hor husband's nies-agc was dclivcnd to her i t
a ma rent when her stale of mind nf much the
came as his she knew not what to think of thin
in exi" de I visi' ; she leplied, howt ver, that she
should he happy to sec him. He enter, d, he hoped
h whs nut ttouhliaomc took a chair made in.
marks on the weather and recounted the news of
ih day. The conversion, as far aa is related,
was quite common, hut his vivacity and, nud A
mclia's genius inspired it with interest. The time
passed they knew not how the count looked at
hi watch waa surprised to find it bo Lie, and
requested ermi-aion to sup with his wife. With
all my hi ait," replied Amelia, if yuu can he con
tent wi,h my homely fare." Supper was hiouht
they eat, and were in. rry without ling noisy.
This calm pleasure possessed to them the ch arm of
novelty 5 tncy were hoth pleasant without wishing
to apprnr si, ai is generally ihe cjm with most
people. They were quite new acquaintances ; the
hours flaw swiftly sway and the time f.,r retiiinu to
rest heing anived, I' e count loek leave of the coun
tess highly pleased with his visit.
The next day he was invited to a concert, and
did m l lenin till it was to lav, 'hat one of the
virtuoso heing ill, the concert was deli neJ, How
was he to pnss the It dinus evening t lie inquired
as he phi-sed after his wife, and waa informed thut
he was Fonnwhat indisposed.
" Well," thoucht he, common e'viKiy reqm'rcs
that I should wait in on her, and ak her personal
ly how she does." He sent a niessanc, icqocsling
that he might he allowed to set wiihlur till sup
per, and v a pn'iicly receive 1. Ha was cheerful,
I vely and pnllant. The nipper hour arrived, and
tnii-' time Amelia heced him to Mav. He hud
been invited to a cassino patty after the concert,
not.vnh t.mdihg which hn run lined wil'.i his wife,
ai.d their convt rsatiou was quite as j le.uaiit, and
lets reserved than that uf the prcceJii.g vii'.
"Do you know," said Amelia," that ihepuny to
which y u weie invited would find a little trouble
in diM'ovi ring tho cause of your uhsence!" H
amiKd unJ aud tor a moment, I uiuot tell
annulling iu cotifiJence," beg an he at lm,;lli.
while he ji playing with his fork, ' something
which you will pci h ips think ruther caudid thin
gallant; you cannot imagine how much you h.ive
imp' ve.l n ce jour niarria-je." " My maniage;
answered Amelia in a jocw-e tone, I In lieve it
to k ptaee about tho same time aa your own."
u Very tiue, my lady," replied he, " but it is incon-
ceivahle how so l appy an alteration can have t .Wen
place in you. At that time pardon me you had
ao much nut c hanhfulnexs, it i scarcely possible
to reeog'itM you, your genius is no longer the
aarno ; v. u your feature are very much im
proved." "Veil, my lord," replied the counts, 'with
out wishing to return the compliment, a ) that you
have said o me, I thought of yon. But v on my
word," ad !ed she, " it ia well that no one hears u ;
for it aerma aa if we weie making .,vj " Tl e di i
logue continued long iu the arne t le, tit Amelia
liolied ut her wa'ch, and in a fascinating t no, re
Uiaiked thut it wss gitti.ig lute. 'J he count une
unwillingly, slowly took hi- leave, and as slowly
retired to the door auddon'y ha iin turned
My l .dy," said he, " I find it very tedious to
bre.-kfast ulon -msy I he allowed to lake my cho
colate wtih you 1" "If 'ou plea.e," auaueitd
Amelia, ai d they parted, still more pieasej w th
each other,
The nexi morning it occurred to the count that
lbne frequent iiia to his wifo niihl give rise to
udlous r port. H tb ti foi d-i(cd bis v-Ut
not to mention it to any one. He then put on an
elegint monili g gown, and went softly over to
Amelia ha.1 just rien in the most cherrful hn
mnnr. The bloom upon her cheek rivalled the
htush of morning. Rhe wa animated and witty
in short she was enchanting ; and her husband, in
an hour, discovered how much pleasanter it was to
breakfast in compsnVi than to sit alone, and oppo
site a glass, gaz'ngat his own person, and locking
into his yawning month.
? Why don't you come hero cvrry dny 1" aVd
Amelia, if my compiny is pleasant toyouV'Io
ans v -rd th t ' e fcan d Lis presenco m;ght prevent
tho visits of others.
"1 shall miss na one," replied she, " so long as
you indemnify mo by your a iciety."
" Upon my word, said the count, " I have moic
than once wished that I was not your ladyship's
husband." .
" Why so," demanded Amelia.
' That I minht bo- allowed to tell you," rctutaul
he, ' how much I lincyon."
" Ofc ' tell mc so. I beg," cied hlie, " if only f r
ih" sike f novelty "
" Fear not," mifwercd the c unt, " I hope, my
lady, I shad never si far f.r;ct mystll ; hut we
h ivo had, I think, two very ogre, ah'c tete a-teleii at
fUp; pr,ow if yuu were this evening to allow me
a third V
- Willi my heart," onncr'd ih counter.
The appointment was on both sides exactly ad
hered to. Their conversation was this limc'lm
livi ly.lcsS bri H int ; thcygi7.-d at nch other of
tener and spuke b s ; the hc.ut began to ass. rt its
influence, and even arrived so far, that they once,
during a pauv, involuntary i-querzej each o'her's
hand acrosi the table, although the's wire
still in the room. Whoeould have b lieved it J
Aimlse y il.iinly peiccived that it was late,
but sho did not look at her watch. Her husband
mado not the small. M elf rt to depar - e com
plained that ho wajsomewlint tired but not sleepy.
In a word, from this day they paited in the inoiii
ing in-t ad of midnight, because they
both ready to lucalifast logci'.cr.
I'lio ecu'.;' cnchaniid with his new corquest,
e!npe.l !!'i Atn li. into the country, when they,
with a tonishment, discovered thut the theatre ef
nature, and the concert of, tuipassrd
all other theatres ami conn rts. They at firt
thought of ilayirg a few days; every morning they
intenihd to depart, and eve y evening they again
changed their intentions. Winn autumn; houcv
t r, approached lin y retuin- d to Vicuna. The same
eviiiing liny w nt to (ho' p'a.V, and our hero hud
the courage to sit in the same b x with Amelia.
Who could have be icved it 1 To such a diead-
ful exti nt m y a man he led by one thonghtle-a
step. Ye happy husbands in high life, take warn
ing by the mournful . tuple of our count.
L'rotcii Aqiiedrttl.
One rf tin- m "t costly, stupendiious and msg-
nifieent works now in the course of prosecution in
this country is the Ohoto A at; mutt, by which
the city cf New York disigr s to . upplv itself wi;h
an abundance of pure and wholesome water for
drinking and u!l other domestic purposes. New
York, it is v.ell known, is worse off on the ecore of
good drinking water than any other city in the
Htiion, and in endeavoring1 to remedy this great
want, her ci'teens have wisely te-aolved to obtain a
supply of water, of which the qualify sh-.ll not on
ly be all that i desirable, hut of which theqnanti'y
Kha'l l e aib quato to tho public r- quireini" Is for
many 'Can- to come, '1 he great work of the fr -ton
Aqceduct was then foie ur.di riukfn. by which
ilie limpid ftrtams i.f the river of that nanio are to
bo rna li t) flow into the ci'y ( f New York. The
originut eht rnitc of tho cost of this work was
f 1,7 IS. COO; but it is now ascertained that it will
not fall sho't of f 10,000,000 rhe cxp. nditnre
upon it to llie ll of J.inuaiy last having already
reached within a fi action of? I 000 000.
Mr. Tanner in his useful at J interesting work
on the caniils nn I railroads of the I'uiud Slut a,
nnia k. that of the true chain t r and ni'ignitude
of this important work (the ('roton Aqueduct) but
few, i veil of tbo citizens nf New York, have an
adequate conception. The New Yoik Sun repeuts
thi- opiui in, and furnishes the follow ing int. resting
details reiqicitiiig it :
The length of the aqnedui t, it is pretty generally
known, u 40 nil miles ; its width at the bolt in G
feet, at the lop 7 i1 height varying from
S to 10 f it. The side walls are of good buitding
stone, 30 inches ilrek at the bottom, 27 at top, and
h iving a batter of 3 inches by 12. The U it torn
of the aqueduct is an invert, d arch, and the top is
a scmi-ci'cle. Both aichcsare turned with brick,
and the interior hUrtsce of the side walls ha a co t
of bydr.n.lie moitar and is uls i hind with the s line
material of brick. The aqin due1, niaiiitaing a uni
form descent, req'iirrs that ill somo cases the earth
should be tul away, and in frosting vulleys that
they should be iillid up. The earth n m.iv.d in tl.e
excavation is" backfilled" over the aqueduct until
il is 4 deep over the cro .vn of the arch, level on lop,
and from fi tj 10 led wide.
M b n lh' g ound i too steep, a ' pr b c ion
wail" is in'!, dueed, this is lad t!ry, t. e., witiot
inottar, and made to rlopo one half to one, or one
to one, ut an ai.fcle of 45 di g ho much lor the
aqueduct iu "npui culling'' iu earl'i. When a
vali y isrtos. d, a Insvy wi.ll, tif ei u feci wide mi
lop, viih -id, s slojiiug one tellth to one, ia built
withhirjjrt stole. Cruit) cuibeddcd in small broken
oi et. o tl.e li p ol thi Wull a lool of concrete is
plaecj, the -q'.e ui t as usual i built un thut' A
water pa-s, il,iuh vallics, a tt me paiuae way
culk-J "luitul," is UlaJo uf suitaido diaitu
(ions. 'J be Jam at froinn, ubout five miles above it
mouth, will l ack the liver several miles, and cover
with wa'er. exclusive of its present bed, bt-lwit'ti
fiie and six hundred acr.'s, ani thu ft rm the great
reservoir; which will contain 100 000,000 of gal
lout Uit c U fjt t in d'piU tho i in Leo. It is
a snh-mvrine mound. 100 fo t in length, 70 feet
wide a( bottom and 7 feet st top, with nn avemga
height of forty f. el ; built of stone and hydi wlie
cement. Immediately aftor the aqueduct leaves
the dam, It passe throuah tho " Cerporation Tun
nel," 180 fiet in length. Between thi tunnel ami
Hnilcm river the aqueduct is conctrurted over
twelve coi.riidorablu culvert i, varying in Icnrrtti from
69 to 172 fH?t and making an agmegato of 1313
feet, besides o great number ones ;
and through eleven prineip il tunnels. Thft most
imp -riant of these tunnel ia that at Tilihe'i's
B ook which i 810 f. ct in length, and cut in solid
rock. Tho next in point of length, is at Yonki"s,
iS4 fert long, cut through earth and roikjond
and that at Sing King, cut through solid rock, is
430 fe : t iu leniiih Tho "envrnue tunnel is 720
feel i l length, and the residuo vary from 1H0 to
416 foet In Icngih. The aj.regate length of the
piincipal tunnels is 4 127 feet.
There nro, however, nume'ous iinimpoitant ele
vations and depressions on the line, which rt quire
cither culverts or tunnels. At the H nlem river
the nquedurl renhn31 miles from the d im, and
remains still 7 miles nhorl of the distributing bindii
in this city. At this psin', Ion. the aqueduct en
counters ita mn-. formid.iMe impediment. The
depth of the river tit the crossing of the aqueduct is
fl f t st or 'i ary high tide, and its w idth nt the
same print G20 f el. T.n- de cr plion of the bridge
by which the river is to bo crossed, 'ul oft ie r-si
due of the route, we qu. te from Mr. 1'anr.ct's woik
bef ue mentioned. Ii says:
Tho bridgo will bo 1420 feet in lenulh, l elwcen
the pipe ch iinhers at either r-nd ; 18 feet in i,ith
inside of tho arapet will-; aud 27 feet between
tho outer i dge i f tl ccqdog; 16 piers, built of
stone laid u courses of unif inn thickness. Oflluse
6 w ill bo in 1 1 e. river, and 10 on the land, (8 of
which will be in iho Westchester mIo of the
straight.) The rivrr pi. r- w II I e 20 by 40 ft et at
the I ase, and 84 ft el in height, to the spring of the
arch dimini hing at they rise in height. The
arche will have a spnn of Rl f. et. The land piers
will be pro ! on bly less in size, the"r heigbt
varying neeording to the sloi.p i f the banks,
and the of thne arches will b,i fitly feet
The centr d hi ig' t of th'1 arche over the streim
is to be 100 f. et a' o hiali water b-vi , in he
clear ; a, d tie distance from high tide to the top
ofthe parapit wills w ill be 116 feet. The total
elevation of the stru ture, from its bae at the bot
tom ' f the ht'ait t the top cf the p .rnpet, will he
about 138 feet. The iers and abutments will be
carried up with plasters o the top of ihe parapit,
with a pr ,j eiioo if two Get beyond the fuce of the
work. Those pir-r to he erecteil in the water, will
commence wi h solid ro, k, u. otl which th early
bed of the st earn rep Res. Tho cs'imatcd cost ol
this strurtote i f 75.ri,l30.
The Vidge i intended for the support of iron
pipes; and these will tie laid do vn, in the first in
stance, two or ttirre ion in uiatni ler. wiaca it is
suppo.ed wt 1 he adequ iti; f r the supply i f w..!i r
tuthocitv. fr many years to comr. Tke work
however., will he so arranged, aa to admit the intro
duction, at any tima hereafter, rf two four feet
pipes, vihos? capacity w II Isjiijual to that of the
gr ,nd tiunk. The pipes will be protected from 'he
anion of the fiust, by a covering of earth ur f -it
in dep h, wv'.l sodded ou the The uqtie
duct wiil ducharge il wuters inn, t ie imrihern
pijio chainh r, r.i ihe aqueiluet resumes its
course toward- tho ci y. At the iii tanco of halt
a nide, the line cros-04 a rui iet,l'30 feet lo the
lop line of the enilunkmeut ; a-i I at a sh rt tin.
tanee beyond il t nieis the Jumel lunntl, 231 feet
in length and G unles f, om the city. A ruvim- is
pas ed soon utter leaving the tunnel, 25 fe t Iteloiv
the grade line ; and soon after, an, ther si!l m uc
forinid ab'e, presents itself; which required a foun
dation of 30 feet to elt va'o it to the grade. No
impediment uf importance occuir until the work
leathes M. ml a't inv:lle, in ai which occuis a tun
nel, 1,213 feet in It n;t!i, ho longest in tho
scriis. It is denominated the Manhattan Hill tun
nil, and ia 35 tn lei fiuia the point of ouIm t at the
t'roton river.
The wa'er will be con 'uelt d over the Manhattan
valley by meat's of iron pipes or inverted V hons.
The depression of the valley is 105 feet U low the
grade line and airange-uent of pipe chain' cr, on
each side of the vulley, tiinil .r to that ut II ir'e'ii
strait, will be adopl' d hero. I'lio ii,s'j are 1 1 Im
I aid on a foundation of stone, d wi.h . c mrs
of concrete ma onry, nix inches thick. After the
pipes are laid, concrete is to be woil.e.l under ih in.
as a suppoit, 18 inch, wide, and 12 higli ; ami the
whole is to be iirotcctcd with a couiing of,
to gund ag t nst fio.t and other inj.i y.
The a 1'iedu t having teriuii.ated at one ipe
chuinher on M ii'iat an lulls, ;t n -coin oeucn it
another on the Asylum bill, and aftei proceeding a
short distance southward cuti.'is the As) I, mi hill
tunnel, GtO feel iu . i g'h. which is the last. About
thieo miles fr un ih ? sou'he n leroiinus of this her
culean w. rk, the aqueduct eouni.eiic, s its passive
uversiveial slice s, the g'a lina; ol which has a
mean d pie-sioa Udo thut ..f the aqueduct, o1
about 40 leit ; this valo is o he pa-fd liy lei of
of a ruir spoi.diug heih'. Tint but-of aqueduct
runs 100 l,et .a t of tho Ninth avo iu ; and ou the
land, evti u iing (.om one blreet to n.e . thor, a f iu
tlatioii wall is o be tiuilt of sulTn i nt width and
height to support the aqueduct. Over ihe c.utiae
way a oil side walks ol each stct I. llieio will ,u
ciicul ir arches tium d. . Nmels-sixlh slreel being
100 foci wide, will hive two hixhea ol 27 fcetsp.n
on each side, for the side walks. The otle r streets,
1,ing iiuly CO f it iu width, will each have an a ch
of thirty fcut span for the cauiagu way, aud one on
eh side, ol leu fiet (pan. The bieudih over ihe
arche to be 21 feet.
Un Ilia whole line theie will be vcuii ators
placed at inter vuls of one mile aj art ; and between
each, triangular cavities, desinej f.r the creciiun
of additional veutilators, aie Icll covered with flag
'staue; and their locti.u iuJ iau J by mitbltf slab.
Some of;hi) ventilators can loused as waste tveirs
and as entrance into the aqueduct.
The next important work I the reservoir, 33
miles bp the linn of tho squed icl, from its northern
terminus. It covers 3A lecrcs if ground, divided
into two sections. The north section to l ave 20
feel of water wlnn full j and the south 25 fct;
Ihe wholo reservoir will conta;n about 100 000,000
of gallons rom this tej-rvoir tho water will be
conveyed through iho Fifth avenue lo the distribu
ting haeiii. of about five acres, hold tig SO.OOO.OilD
of g dlons, at Murray Hill, in Foily-second sired,
by means of pipe 30 inches in diameter. Fiom
Murray IM! the water will be convened to the
city by the ordinary distributing pipes.
The elillurence of level between the basin al Mur
ray Hill and the pool at ('roton, is about 46
feet, being a frac ion less than 14 inches to ihe
About 26 miles of tho aqueduct are now (April
IS 10,) completed and reveral other detached suc
tions aic nenly so. It must not. however, be in
ferred that ihe wink still to be done is but of ainnll
amount ; on the contrary , the mosl ditricult and ex
pensive portions of it remain to be performed. Ac
cording to tho engineer's report, the whole wo k
with the exception of the bridge over Harlem strut,
will bo completed and ready f r use in the spring
of 1842. The completion of ihe bridge cannot ho
ex pci ted hi fore the close of 13(3; and it may and
probably will be itib further delayed. To (limit bh
this delay it is proposed to erect a temporary con
duit pipe of suitai le dimension-, as soon as the
coffer duns at Harlem will a lm;4 of it, by which
means the city will havo th" Vnefit of tho water,
two or iheec years before a supply could be had by
the Harlem aqueduit bridgo.
In the case of M'Conm hay, tried at Hunting
don for the murder ot six per- n ihe jury where
tibwnt about an hour, ami -e urn J with a verdict
of 'murder in ihe 11 st digr. e."
It is slated as a remarks le fact, that theehivcr
of tint Kast Uridg. water and Abington (Vn.) stae
conch positively dec! .ros (and he is re man who
ought to be in lev. d) tint one d y la-t week he
coitvevetl ten Liidrt to Abi.gton, and wa
not mc b indbux among the tvluJe!
(Xj Flour r-om wagons at 1'ittsl urg e n Thurs
day, 3 25 a $3 37j.
A ship wis to have left for Texas on the
20: li June, withseveniy feoi lies.
A ST I S II 1 U f It IM SV
Whesi we fust purchased the old an I well
known c-tabl shmenl of t e
Satui'tlay i:vtnin Vost,
we sta cd ti nt the pa; er ciiculated so widely a
mong the tt ady, re, do g poriion of ihe t'tiiti tl
Stales, that we e .1, red ujion our I b rs with lull
confitl uc of the fume. Our suet ess has siice
licen beyond our most 'aiuuine exs-clation, as our
weekly rec. ip overbalance those of nuy cntt n.po
tary aper. Our h t ha continued lo swell up,
with unexampled rap tlilv, ml ne have tho ron ti
ll nee, thai at the present rate ol i.icieas -, we sh .11
be en bled Hi a few months t hoist of more tii m
35,000 subst-rihera! When we commenced our
lab -rs, w anunui.ced elistiuctly, t'liil ihf lo, oof i,e
paer should be decide I y moral, ami th it n .thru
snou u ne .om I eel u to ur coiu iins. whj, h the
most I ra i lions father C Uld eiis.ppn.Vi' n'. n , Jv.
tenn l;etl that as uu app-ov. tl Fntti'y P per, it
should not conta ri a pai.ig Hph, with he spi- l ,i
wind) a parent would not w jsn 1 1 I ave a tlaug'iter
familiar, und we itie,ef,,re. w th ihis view, unnoun
ced that II theatrical not cos should apiei, in Ur
e hnniis, a d ft it we should be p ,e., m U. t is
as thing, cilcula'cd to iiijtlnt tho he thhy action of
un In. nest mind, aa creative of exhihinoos Jem.i.
raluing in tendency, and fearfully pernicious in
t uric wen- ii. i wuiiiiiu; li.Uslen n. e h,.
iia',, ii p;i.A, I'aiau.-ui "J' 'ItltlT, nl), (.yro.ikers
who predicted our a,-eely tl iwufa 1. but we thr, w
,,ur e:vea mini ihe -ober, talio n. and cxp rii Heal
ptnti ,i of the pe,,pl ol tie United State, lor suj
poit, aud we liaee heeu n il ly ainc.l.
We thought anil expressed llie opinion, that
howt ver cue le-s man, might be upon this -uhje-ci,
Ihn few, ivenaf t cy did mil imi ily uisapp1.,1P'
uf such ente taionie uls, rarnl out l.avintr ihe
gross delaile forever pa ailed befarr Ihe e'Vea ol
their children, and tho me!tin, g ami nauseating
c do.jy ofull kind of c!i..racit rs made I", miliar lo
the ir inii ds.
We drt erminid ulso. I h it while the paper com
linued under our out', I, il shot. Id he .trctly neu
tral iu pontics and ih at as new and li eia y jour
mil sta we had riolh ng to do with the in titer; this
del, rim ati in has le en siridly and rigi ly ailhcml
tei, and wh le e shal c uiuiue to give nur re d rs
such public tloeuin, ot as may he ilceincd of inte
rtt lo all, and such a I isiory of the- progress of
polit e tl evtuts, as are stricly in keeping with emr
duly, and the charaett r of the paptr, ?e shall slu
tli .ua'y und homughly uvoid any coiilainmatiou of
pardz n p . I lies.
The pi r is now printed in new and beiuti
ful type, lias received the praise of mai y idiioraof
I tfte, a 'the h tiitl-ooit-t l.un lv sheet in th Union.'
Our elf ut have I, u t'iiccted to ihe coinbiniog
of lie.iuty and a tnp'ic ty witli utility und la-te.
'I he l ost is pinned i n a stout wh te paper, .ren
dering it neat 'end d rahe lot
In ;d liii.ui to di elf.r's toward perfect on in
the mcchaiiictd depai'ine'iit, ..n.l exterior ol our pa
per, no laboi, nud no c,t I'een spared in ihe de
velopeuieui of 11, i' U el sln nglh. 'J'h,- pre-eitt
va in y of inteies ing tabs, or o,.d-.fV,i,ii f0 . g ,
and d loes'ic mag liine.s, loethoi with the v. lua
hie conlr bu ions of e ur own circle eif lilerajy
frieiuls will e-ouli,,un to give interest lo ,he uper,
wbi e rveryihing imp irtnni and worthy ol note that
nuppeu. in the O d World or the Ne. eluil i,e
co.bcied and cj! atej lor the taste of out rea
ders. The I.aduV Department shall always be choice
and s. hct an I shall receive lnct ait-nliou. whi e
u. h lliings as may inte'iest our juveml leaders,
und that linpoilaul end largo c1m i f our readers,
the Fa in, r will n,-t b overlooked In older to
gr tily, a moth ,. pewsi de. the Itud b'e tlesiie ol
en. r country reade s, a p .rt t n of our a t, nikm will
lie di'V .le d lo I 0 C llecll li und illll'lision ol soth
News, Memor mill, 'J'able-s, Fae s, Dili's, as
ll iv st em impoitunl la r.cultui U', sutl iho p s.
ul .lion resident w Ihoui the conliue.-of our great
ci'.te 'I'll stalsi e.f the maikei aud the Hue ua
lioes in llif price., w II bo resu nily and wlial i of
mo e nio iiciii.c nee Iv g een.
We h ive i vt r Uvn opimse I to the constant
bias cr and parado made by soul editors, nl out
Ihei ftct'llence of th. ir apt is, and hive resolved
line! the -atoi l y Evening Po.t, shall be conduct
ed, a lo siieak for t .e I",
Ou, re -Ofi will alwa. fi d in its column ihe
earliest and iue-l aulhcii ic iuformaliou, ey well as
the most cltuieu and cuteitainitig literary in liter.
We hive totally discarded the system ot filling the
piper wife ju'u aJvejiLciueu, but irikr giving
th-rehy, as hut few 1 readers cire about having a
filed with descriptions of these nauseating com
pounds. The Saturday Fsrning Post, will be furnished
for frl per snnum in ad "nee, nr one copy threo
years f..r 5. To thoen who wish In nulisrrihe for
a riiitadntphin Mag tain, we will furnish a copy
of the Philndetphii Ca k t, and two copies of the
I ost for one year for 5 free of pwtaje ami dis
count. our reiders from week to week, entertaining rea1'-
ing matter.
And wi- feci a--urc:l that we! ha no loser
No New Subscriber reccivo.J without the
Monny .
To tbo.e who wji, t0 .ubscrihe. we w mid say,
ih it iho afot plan is to enclose iho money in a
letter and direct to u. Most postmaster will
frank their h tie if relntinrf lo nothing but tho
business of (he office, and all pnnlrn ester who will
b kind enough so lodo, we shall be pleased to ac
knowledge aa agent.
Ad trrnj
No 36 f niter's Alley, Philadelphia,
THE undersigned have ihe eratifleaii in of in,
formi"g the public, that notwnhstitnili"g they w, re
so U', fortunate a to have their bindery buni d i-vn,
in March Inst, Ihey hnvo ope-ned a very ex'ensive
one, in I.o-n-t street, in tbo new building dirreilv
opp ite tileim's llotrl. nd re p epin d lo execu'e
all work in their line with ib spatc.i, and in a no
pe, inr stylo Their Kill, ING APPARNTUS
and o'ber Machinery are new, and of the first nrdor
and latest improvements; ami they feelacoi fi.
dence in their facilities for giving fierfecl
tion to all who rniy favor them willi their order.
Umks County olfice. Merchant. Mechanics
and otbor, can lie supplied with BhNK BOOK'S
or every description, which for nealneg ami dura
bilitv, will bo equal to any made by the Knited
State. HlfKOK eSc CAN IINE.
CHANT, ('iirvt-T Stb'KT Wiurf, Henm.nrno.
IS prepare 1 to receive O io,'a and P.otluee r,t Ihe
new wn i-hnise, wlvc'i h' arrsr-Rr'nionts will pn -Me
him lo forward with desnveh lo PhilndelpVa.
Pitts' ure, Willinmsparl, Witkesh.r e, C l udia
I. m -s-ter. or any o'ber point n the lt nnsv v .ni a
and Union f anaN, nd th- P. nnsy'vani i and H ir
rishil'3 and l.a-teaHter rail roads.
f! o 's fr.-m Philadelphia for Harris' U'tr. f artiste,
fhiimh rshure, eke. eS;c forwarded with care and
exriediti n
Coil, PLiTr.R, Salt and Fisrt, constantly for
sain. Sppt.'g.
'I' r a ii p o i" f a lion I i n e
T O K I. T I M O R E .
(VT4 11 US WTKR f IVAl)
Warehouse fixjl uf Chennut Street on the Penn
syvent'a Cunnf.
A DO T 1, ave the wharf of rbe subs r Iter eve.
ry mornit g it 8 o'clo, k. ruiining through to Ilii't'
moren t'irpf dnv. Co i jnrn nt ol prmlnee,
iron. eVe., will receive a ile-p ,tch by hi line, which
ha not hitherto Im-8'i .quailed by any oilier. Rate
of freiaht a low a by any o'her regulir line.
Referenres :
joiin w. nnowN,
lll'CK fc HFRIl L ,.
KERN N & STII.LNIOER. r'',,"nore-
J. & A. H. II EUR. J
Good in'e nded for Pilisbiiru, or any noi"t on
the Pennsvlv ,nia Canals, w t 'e ship's d wi houl
del yon 'heir arrival at Harris!, i, r , is this con
n-Tls with the N -rlh America,, line of Poitibl
I) ! lo fills', ur d ilv. and with the Siisqu. han-
na rai net i., e lo . orinnrnlK-rian l, w illinngp ,ri,
V I krshnrie, ami .11 innr oe1 'la'e pi ces.
Harrisbu g Sept. 9, 1810
tbii: way avoicli).
THE larrest hi i,K,,m st nn I eheein ' ne sri-
pcr in the I nitcd tvaie. r.d ted Ly Park llnija
m!n. T'.prn Sargent and Juhn S at, and nubli li tl
in New l ,rk every Saturday, by J. Wimhestpr.
No. 23 Ann street ; three dollis a year in ad
The New Wor'd w is commenced in Ocloter
1830. und has o'ltaioed a circulation of 20.000. It
c muihis the be-t speeime i of ih-' literal ire of
Eur pe ami Ameiii-u. bav n j hitlurto (riven ihe fir t
edi'ions of the works of ills' innuishctl EiilI i
writer -u h a It'll Aer, Hoz. Ku nvle;, Moo' C
T dtonid. Miss M'uf. rd, Nr. Jiims.n, M tnyat'
D'l-reaii. Ainswoilh. etc., and original cooonuni
caii 'tis fr m ihbet Na'ive Writers, anion? which
a'e th so of D'nev. lliyant, Lonufi How, Hdois.
&c, nil of wh'eh has been done whhout infiiruioi;
u i, ii i's characiet as a complete and comprehen
sive n, vv-i a per.
The Ntw Woinn is ieriallv vnlu tble in tln
country from i aflord,ug to in te lice nt readers tin
best no I new, a' vvotksat the lowest p fsilile price.
A w ok which co Is in England a flu nea and
lore more ihun One Dolltr in book form is g vtn
in a number ofih- New World fir six cenl.
For Tunra dollars ia h subscrih, r is sure to ol.
I tin reading which c,ts iu England 'I'hree Hun
dred Doll r. h side Anier;ctn produciions, News,
ami a crest amount of E I t. tisI matter.
Xj- All Po-'master., who will d to. are request.
e,l to act in ag -nt for the Nsw Woatn, a, d re
tain a cominis-ion of 50 cent on each suliscrt' cr,
foi their a- rvices.
fjry- flub of Eikviw person, who remii at
one lime, in current money, 'J5, free of postage,
will r, ceiveen h a copy ouo year.
l.e'ters mu t b a hlrts-e I 1 1 the publisher, and,
unless posipd I, will not he t tken from he ollicc.
Woiiisi of .Vtlui'c.
IX a st te ol Ilea III ill-- iu'estiinl canal may be
eonipue I to a river whose w ,t a flow ovsr the d
j in n Ian I, through the chmnels inline or urt
has m ide, ami imptoves ihe,r qu ibtie-; and to ke, p
up t' e conipnr son of tho riv r, o long as it tuns
on sum tidy the ch nine's are kepi pure and lieahhv;
hut if bv torn" cau-a; ihe coilr-e- of the river i sliqs.
pe I, then the watt r in lucca li n long r pure
but -oan become tlagn nt. Tj. re is I ut ene law
, f eirculati n in -lntu e. Wh'ii ill- r - is a super.
alitiud .ni-.- of iiuuwrial (1 iid (s r -city) in the mie.
I ual tub , and co-tivet es- laki 4 ice, it fi w
hack into the blood ves-es, and iufil ran ilscli m
to Ihe circulaiion. To est tbh-li l!t. tree cou se of
die river, we must remove ihe o struct. ons wh uli
stop us ftee coure. and tho e of its !r Lui aiy streaui.
With the body, follow the same natural priocinal ;
rem ,vo, by ihit a'ual le ptituative medicine Vrun-il-ttkjt
Vn i-rtul Wrliiltc Piltt, which ne an ef
f c'ual assist nice uf natU'e, the super ebundance of
humors in the inte tine ca,,l. Uv er eiering in
this prnel ce, the way of the c iculilioit wad iln u
i i-lorcd to the full cacrcwv of th r n tturil func
tions, nd stiiti' ot health wi I Ii' iimily est ebli.di
ed Keiiieinber, neeer sutf i a diop ol blood t be
taken fio, ii yuu- Kvaeu eta llie bum rs oftm
and as long as ihey are deeurraied, or aa long aa
you are k.
Dr. Uiaii.l rlh. Oirice in Philadelphia, ia st N i.
8, NO!( l it EIOll i 11 stin t, where his pdl.cau U)
had ut 25 cent jr box, with full diies'tion.
txj Only atfent in Suubury, if 11. U. Mdusscr Eqr.
buubujy, Sepl, tf, lblO.
T,irf,lc brother .Fon.nii.nn.
I lib lariat and ino-t lanttful newpH.r m lha
World larger by fifty squire inche than an
other newppaper in the Unilod Sia ft. Published
aturdiys, al 1 62 Nassau street, New York.
Price three dollar a year two copiea for five dol
lars. (.The prop ietnr of this mammoth het
the Great W. stern" among the newsp ,iMrs .
have Ihe pl-nsuro of a rea linn bcfire the reading
public a we kly periodical containing a erenter ao -ni
uni Hue vnri' tvof uef i and inter ting mi.
cell ny, Ihnn ia to be found in any similar pul.hca.
tint in Iho world.
E ich number of the paper contain as I trgi? an
amount of leading muter a is found in v dtiinc
of ,rdiunry tlU'sleciin i, which cost j(2 and m .re
than is eon'ainnl in i volum of I vmg'g Uolurn
hnsnr Bnncrof History of America, which eif
f3 a volume and all for 'I'hree Doll rs a ver. Fof
f5 two c ic will be lorwaidcd one year, or ontf
copy two ye rs.
Since the publ cation of out itiriti al prncctut
th Urother Jonathan has hicn ENhAKtiBD and
its s,7.e, amply (fore, hna Iteen a i mu -h increased
that much m ire t an tho former qu mtity of the
mast ime csting lileia'uie of the ,1 .y is emnraced irt
ii immense cipi ly Selections fr on all the in wt
prominent and ct leh'iited writer of Hie day assist
in awellinii bseon cut ; ami wh never is new rich
or rare, is iin-d atety tr.insf. ned to its column!). All
tho conliihutions to p. riodieals of A rierican writers
. f repute appear in lis pig-; aid ihoissu s of tti
fo rig-i prs re la d umler Coiiliibutio,,. as soon
as recrive I in this country. I o l ie miscellaneous
.i r o ........ ii..., i.
n u, ,.,jr ie), lit, ,itj CI, SCSI Hi Cnllon IS
p ltd; and in nil the se pclions and ori(Jf ml contrihu
tin , sirict ca e is eh-votcd to avoid all ih it may
totnh upon the opinion of any party in rclgiouor
p lilies.
bx onance having taught Us that we had mart.
ed nut a pvh for ourselves, in wh;ch ail son of
people eh luhts io follow, tho Ur. ther Jonathan
shall conlioue, as it begun, 1 1 be a bold, gent'e,
wei h'y, light, grave, nier y, serio, i, witty. smo,i h,
d ishing, interes ng. inspired, n"d inc .mp trable
newspaper. It shtll he a stupendous minor whern
ln all claim r II cied. It ihall con
tain the m set Ih aulilul of Novels, Rom mens and
Siorie for both sexes Fai y Tales for lovers of
the rnarv. 11 us Lei;,-nds for ant tpiar es Pasqui
nade, for wit m nig, rs Nme and rai-ins f r almrt-
wind il reatler-Serens,les f ir mu-ical lovers Son-
nets for Ladi s Si nlimeut for old bacoelors Sti.
tistics for p ihticians and heelur s, Sermon, Criti
cisms, Epir ms &c eSte., efcc.f.r all ihe world.
Letters shoo tl a Id ess-tl t t
Publishers of ihe ' Urother J mat hit n." X Y.
oii:y'.s IsAIjvvs iioozt."
NIX l , I' V-sX pane of i- adiua: m i 'er, hv nu.
tl ,rs whose names starril omoni; lite foremost in
the bterarv rar'k of our -onntrv. a f illnay :
;. r'V. Mis M-ry W. Hale, I'r ,i?ssor
Waller, Mrs II .fland, Mrs. .-ngourney, Mrs. Hala,
Mr E. F. El'.t
I'ef. Miss Mary R. Mitford. Mi-s tj. H. Wa
terman, El xa Eai e". M H F. 'J uld, Mrs. Si
aou ney Mrs. F. S. Osgood, Mr. C. U iron Wi.
son. Win. Cutter, James T. Field', 'aJsc . Riv,
.1. S. Duso'l , J imfi Montnomery, ,TTss Juliet H.
Lewi Mi- A. 1) Wo dh-idge.
KiirtHsts. H. W. Her ert. Professor Ingraham,
Richard Pe n Snitli, W. hnndor.
Mi7t of Tabs Mrs. Se'M wmith, Mr. Em
ma C. E nhury, Mrs. Ca obne I,. Henlz, Mrs. Ma
rv II Parsons. Miss A. M F. Buchanan, Mrs. H.
Ueechor Stowe, Mrs. M. Si. Leon Loud. Beha
Mn Ih
Of the strove eminent wriier, celebrated in our
own, ami most f them we'l known in other coun
t, e--. each h ve had an articl either in the J invary
or February num'r of the Uonk. It is unneces
sary for us t say that no such array of names can
he sh iwn hv any other magazine in this country,
of anv twice.
Wr g ve three time na many emh. llishmenl aa
anv otin r mag line, ami each plate is tpisl, if not
suis?rior in thp one ,,f any cotem or iry, and yet 'he
price of ho m giz'ne is not i icretsed Our edt
fon is im nense, th' nfore we sr.- enabled to g, to
a grea'er expense than anv other imhlisher.
better 'euirn may therefore be expected for the p. ice
paitl for suh-rrp ion.
In t'ie two number just published wo have ri
ven four PI tie of Fa hious, containing eleven Fi
gU'es. One licautiful specimen uf Lace work.
(ne sphnd d 8 eel I'la'e beyond compare, the best
li e engraving ever published in an American Ma
gazine. A new emt'lesnatical cover.
In addition to our usual well trnnired embellish
ments, we ulways put lish steel ti'lo pages twice a
The whole amount of eng'avings and em'ellish
menls of v ii i-ms k n Is that the brink contains, or
will contain this y,ar, may be estimated at uls-ut
A new series of paper of great value has been
I nelv commenced by -ir Hale. "The Domestic
l. p ntineni." This during he year will coinpo-e
a greal sin , unt ot usu il m nti r.
For c utc rptiz st least, we think we deserve some
ere ii ; we have h, en the firm to uivu to an Anir
rican public original articles from the pen ot Mary
Kusu'l Mil ford author ol '-Oor Villag " Mr. U.
U ir ,n Wil on editor of Lon Ion Li 11, le A-sem-blee,
Mr-. Iliitfland, auilior ol several useful and
valuable works; Junes Mon gouierv, authox of
'Oamip e-ence of the Deity," ic , Thomas Mifer,
sul', or of Fair Rosa ion.! and 1 ston (i over ;
Elienet z r El iu't, au h r of Com Law Rhymes.
We ilo not p,rtiu arlv mention these ua m be
cause h y all date from L n I at our object only
is to show that wlie.e there) are go. si ancles to be
had, there wi I we apply. No author ol any r pu
tation in our own country has ever aocghl admis
sion to "The H sik" iu ' am.
(odey'a Lady's Book i furnished at 3 per an
num, the money invariably to Is) received before a
single number is sent. 'J he I. II wi g sy-, m of
clubbing may answer the purpoee of many wuhiuj
to vubsciibo.
Walter Hcull' N vels and Lady's Dook, ono
year, - - - flO
M try att'a Novels, and Lady 'a Dook, one
year, .... 5
Mi a Austin's Novels, and Lady's Dook, one
year, .... 5
Lady It essington's Novels, and Lady's Book,
one v ear. ... - 5
Pickaick Papers, iVc ef.c, and Lady' Book,
One yen,. 5
.Mis Leslie' Co,. lory, and Lady 'a Bo. k, one
To copies La,ly' lt.N.k, one year, - $
AU oiden lo be addressed to
L. A. tJODI'Y,
211 Che, nit street. Philadelphia,
N. U. The public will plcae tie caieful of tra
vi I'nig imp t,-ri.
II X Z A It I '. S
UT T1S I'lOAL RElilsi'Eh. t;ouiatniog doc
umtfnts, faci and othi r Use ful "i f rinatiou. illustra
tive ol the histoiy aul res-mrce of the American
Union, and ol etch dilate; tn uaei g corn nerc,
in tiulaciu -, a J'icultu e, inu roal liiiproe iieiit,
b iiiks.ruiroi ry, fi smea, tdu, aiion, tSc . Ac. Edi
ted I'V Son oel Itaxa'd.
1'ubii hod every Wednesdsy, at Ti Dnk street.
Th price lo subscriber is (5 st r annum, p y tbltj
on the tlist of J iiiuaiy of e ch year. Nosuharrip
tion received for leas than a year, tiubacribcrt out
of the j riacir-1 ceiie lo j y iu draQte,