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    August 2, .1865.
graultlin I.,,epositorg.
Gosstr WITH Om Prim:rm.—Our to looks
very busy. Josiah Smithers says there is more
building going on here in proportion than in New
York, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Boston and Chi
cago put together. Perhaps so, but I doubt whe.
Cher that is a sign of commercial prosperity. As
Mrs. Micawber would express it:
"It is my opinion, after consultation with my
Pa and my Ma's family: that if a house costs
$5,000, and the home vanishes, and another house
takes the place of the first house—it is miopin
ion,ll repeat, that the aforementioned investment
of $5,000 has gone—say to the dogs—it is there
fore selfevident to me that somebody—say Aor
B or C has lost five-thou-sand dol-lars."
• A reverend gentlemen, well known in C., was
placidly assured by• a conscientious co-laborer,
some time after the fire, on the loss of his ser
mons, with, "My dear brother, it was doubtless
all for the best—it may be a blessing in disguise—
you will possibly write better sermons than those
you have lost. "Sir," returns the touched Rove
rend, "why don't you burn your sermons, then?"
Even Mrs. Snivel whined to me only yesterday,
"Ab, I don't need to be taught to feel anothir's
woe; but stall find I can bear anothrr's woe bet
ter than my own." Strange, but true !
; We had oar celebration on the 30th as had keen
announced. For some unaccountable reasot6he
local reporter of the REPOSITORY has failed to
give the details thereof—some say it was the beer
—and your gossip has no energy left to enter into
the minntias of that.eventfnl day. Suffice to say,
the day was all that heart could desire: and with
the exception of two,legs and one collar bone bro
ken, and the smothering of some two or three lit
tle fistes (7); of tr i lbies, m the scramble at the de
pot, no accident occurred to mar the festivities
of the occasion.'
I mist not, however, omit to state that a pub
lic meeting was held, in the evening, in one of the
unfinished Hotel stables lately erected, at which,
REM, con., the name of the old town was formally
changed toNeapolia. A classical teacher present
explained to the meeting that Neapolis is Greek
for New-City. It was with a twinge that the sa
cred name of Chambersburg was Wrenched from
the penetralia of the heart of some of us old fo
gies; but reason told us that the vox populi was
in this case right, for why in the name of con
science should a nue city, erected orr the site of
ari old one, be called by the antique name 7 A
Young girl who had lost her wedding finery by the
rebels, and who had begged in vain that her things
should be spared, spoke up in meeting, remarking
" that if we changed the sane perhaps the gov
ernment wouldn't know who tovay the losses to,
,this winter." This remark put the assemblage
into a good humor, but had no other effect. Per
sonally I resisted to the last. Poetically speaking
I was placed upon a dentist's chair, and informed
that "it would soon be out." In: went the for
ceps. I held on with both hands to the arms.
Ugh! Oh!! Doctor!!! There you are, three
prongs curving toward a common centre. 0-17-T.
The agony is over. In the next gazetteer we
"Neapolis is a flourishing city, built upon bore
rowed capital on the site of the ancient borough .
of Chambersburg, burnt by the rebels, July 30,
1E64. The new city is a great improvement upoja
the old effete affair that once stood where the
arisen Phienix spreads and flaps its gorgeous
plumes in the sparkling beams of the oriental,
meridian and occidental sun; containing. many
three story buildings and a few of four stories.
The Conococheague has been made navigable for
ships of sufficiently light draft, and the Falling
Spring has been propped up and turned into a
canal, connechng with the Chesapeake and Ohio
at Nirdiameport. Th. 01,1 families that used to
occupy t - Cvoltlpry hiwses, are either dead or run
off; and a new system prevails, symbolized by the
pater fiunilias sitting at his dining table picking
his teeth with a fork."
I wonder if. our paper ever goes to Europe !
How entertaining the gossip would be to foreign
ers! and with what intense anxiety would the
Heirs, Monsieur's, Signors and Sheikhs rush to
the steamers, seize the welcome sheet and glance
down the welcome column of the "gossip" to see
how Ch— Neapolis is coming on. May we lice
up to the expectations of the world!
By the bye, was the generosity of the American
Bible Society to our forlorn town ever acknowl
edged in the REPOSITORY ? I neler saw it, and
Mrs. Smith says she did not.' Let as then, by all
means, do so, now sm:there ! Last year Mr. Tor
rence, of Philadelphia, representing the American
Bible Society, presented us all with Bibles, neat
and beautiful; large and small Bibles. Thikind
nese of the gift was only equalled by its delicacy.
The Bibles were given not as a charity; but in to
ken of sympathy. A christian gift to a stricken
community. My Bible shall never be replaced
by - a better edition, should I become rich as the
Mrs. Grundy was down the road a piece last
week to see some of her brother-in-law's cousin's
relations, and-on z her return, was so pestered by
boys and hobidedetioysist the depot, who insisted
upon taking forcible possession of her baggage,
that the old lady knocked one down with her car.
Pet bag, and then marched majestically to Mr.
Andrew R. Cook's omnibus, in which for twenty
five cents, she and her carpet bag .(and if it had
been a three story trunk. the price would have
been the same) were taken to her own house com
fortably and quickly. I think with Mrs. G. that
a four wheeled omnibus is preferable to a two
legged boy. When we get our new depot (and
:they are working at it now) " Well, just
wait—that's all!
gate elections will be held on Saturday next, and
the Convention will meet on Tuesday following to
nomidate a ticket. We have received several
communications asking what the proper basis of
representation is for the several districts. There
has been no action as to representation since 1859
when the following resolution was adopted by the
Union County Convention:
Resolved, That at the Delegate Neeting of 1560 each
Elseatitta District shall send 3 Delegates, and for e ach 100
votes exceeding 300, they shall be entitled to an addition
al Delegate—.counting the whole vote cast in each dis
trict. Surveyor General's vote of tube the basis
of Itepresentation for three years.
It was manifestly the intention of the Convention
that there should be a revision of representation
at the expiration of three years ;" but it was not
done. Whether there shall be any change made
is a matter solely for the Convention to deter
mine, and we presume that the Presidential vote
of last year wohld be the proper basis should a
change bemade. In order that the matter may
be understood, we append the aggregate vote of
each district for President last year—inchiding
the army vote—so that should a revision of rep
resentation be deemed desirable it can be done
intelligently from this table. The following is the
total vote for President in 1864.
Metal PM
Mereersburg ' 386
Peters. =
ChdnCY 523
Southampton 130
Sulphur 5pring........ 46
St. Themes. _ 340
Washington 633
Warren Xll7
Welsh Run. 253
lathim ' , 958 i
Nartb Wax]- 4801
C 1428 4 1 SontliWards. we
concim-d 103
Fsgettoville 450
CkeemvEllap .......... 300
oultfori. 394
Ilamilton. • 976
totterkeany XS
Largan - w,6
London lB7
•solution of 1859 tic vote
d, so Oat Union men in
t be overslaughed.
-13pAhoterma ofthe re
of both partiea is counte
minority district. conno
One of the iiezitpl. t 8,10141 Goi r i u k n t home
end moles thit hto .y 44 IR eater
'Used in our pacer today. The sides will be bad
in New York- Pennsylvania; Ohio, Indiana, Dela
ware, New Jersey, Maryland, Washin i gton D. C.,
and- Giesboro, D. Si The largest 'number of
sales given for wpy one State is for Pennsylvania.
which embraces as the places of auction -Phila
delphia, Pittsburg; Pottsville, DEftlintown, York,
Newville, Reading, Shippensbnrg, Williamsport,
Indiana, Chambersb7g, Milton, and Carlisle.
Sales will be made in Ohio at Columbiana, Salem,
Alliance, Canton, Cleveland and Massilon. We
invite the attention of farmers, and all who are.
in need of sound and serviceable saddle and draft
animals, to the advertisements in another
ticle ever known to kill oil' these pests: certain and cheap;
only 10 cents a sheet; at MILLER'S DRUG STORE, next
'door west of Brown's Hotel.
BEDFORD SPRlNGS.—Bedford Water, fresh
from the springs, for sale by the Gallon, at DRESSLER'S
Drug Store. Also Delirious Soda 'Water, with choice
Go To Gelwicks and Burkhart's for confce
tionary, they manufacture; have always a fine assortment
and sell cheap wholesale and retaiL
The 7-30 Treasury loan is all taken—six hun
dred millions, of dollars. 'The general agent Com
menced ce4eiving subscriptions to the last series—
three hundred millions— on the 15th of May, and
in about ten weeks, l .to j the 24th of July, disposed
pf about one hundred and eighty-fire millions of
dollars—an average of eighteen and a half millions
of dollars per week, or more than three millions
of dollarsver day. The United States Govern
ment, in the history of its three thousand millions
of debt, is an exception to all rules governing the
financial matters, and it proves that the amount
of the debt has not yet touched the national cred-
it : and that the expenditure of the money does
more in the development of thtoational resources
to elevate the standard of public credit than the
amount of debt does to depretis it. Some of the
causes of the successful negotiation may be found,
first, in the great wealth of 'resources in the Uni
ted State; second, in the patriotism of the peo
ple to maintain their country whole and perfect
at whatever cost, and third, the happy thought of
blending the two powerful incentives by populari
zing the loan through the power of the pree.
Since the government loan has been disposed of
securities of all kinds have been in increased de
mand, and stocks of all kinds advanced last week
on the regular boart. In Oil stocks especially
there was a decided advance, and there is little
doubt that it will not only be maintained but that
they will continue to advance. it is now pretty
well ascertained what companies haie good ter
ritory and are honestly developing their lands,
and the stock of such companies will, unless all
indications fail, command greatly enhanced pri
ces this fall.
Of the companies in which this section' is im
mediately interested, there is favorable intelli
gence generally. The Hopewell has a fifty barrel
flowing well, struck on the 19th ult., at a depth
of 318 feet, on the Allegheny river in Scrub Grass
township. If this well holds out, as it promises
to do, it will pay a very handsome interest on the
entire capital of the company, and vastly increase
the value of its lands, , The old Sterling well, be
longing in part to the Sterling Oil Company,
which was flooded last spring, has resumed, and
increased from ten to sixty barrels in ten days,
and at last advises was still steadily increasing:
It will pretty certainly attain in a short - time its
bid yield of 160 bbls. per day. The same com
pany has sunk a new well on its own land on
Cherry Tree Run, which will be tested either this
or next week, and it gives the most promising in
dications of a splendid well. Another well is being
sunk by the same company in the same locality.
It runs two engines of its own day and night.
The Imperial Company is pushing its develop:
;nerd , . R. vapidly as Possible. On Saturday last
one of its wells on the Allegheny was tested and
commenced flowing with every indication of a
good and permanent well. Three other wells,
owned entirely by the company, are nearly com
pleted, and will be tested in a few weeks. In ad
dition to these, some twenty wells are under lease
and in various stages of progress on the Cherry
Run property. Mr. William H. McDowell, for
merly agent of the company, is noW sinking a
well on lease on that territory. The Burning
Spring and Ruple Farm Company of West Vir
ginia, struck a well of 130 barrels recently, of a
fine quality of oil, but its yield was interrupted
last week by the crumbling rock, which will be .
remedied in a few days. We have no late ad
vices frem the Cherry Run and Pitt burg; but it
has valuable territory and the fault must be with
the direction if it does not prove good stock: The
Sheridan property is now flanked by profitable
wells on both sides. A twenty barrel well has
been struck on the Cherry Run side, quite close
tq that property in the rear of Plumerville, and
several large wells are quite close to it on the Pit
hole side. It must in a little time be very valu
able land. There ;re other companies whop
stock is held in small• quantities in this section,
but we have no information concerning them.
The faithful developments of the honest and sub
stantial companies will doubtless give an extra
ordinary impulse to these stocks this fall. Such
at least, is the opinion of the city journals and
business men generally.
CONCERNING deft: Davis, an authentic account
says :—He is in better condition to-day than lie
has been in five years. It will be remembered
that a hacking cough seriously affected his throat
hnd lungs during his last days at Washington.
It has gone entirely. He has been blind of one
eye for many years, and the sight of the other
was exceedingly poor of late. The power of his
eye is greater now than at any time in ten years.
He wears at times the famous green goggles, but
there is not the need for them now that there
used to be. His hair is changing color, his
cheeks, always sunken, are now covered with a
light beard, making him look fatter and sounder,
his physique is in good repair, his limbs are firm,
and his step square. Of his mental condition itis
more difficult to speak. Heis as eager for books,
for mind food, as he is for the substantials needed
by his body. Naturally nervous, years of ill
health have made him irritable. Other years of
absolute power made him impatient, and trouble
seems to - have made him querulous. Still he
sleeps like a top. He retires early, and some
times never turns till morning. If the people
who write labored editorials about the "treat
ment of Jefferson Davie," could contrast his ap
pearance with that of thousands wile barely es
caped starvation and death at his .hands, they
would he compelled to keep quiet or change their
FOX—EYSTER.--On the Nth ult., at the reAidenee of
the bride's tairenta, by the Rev. S. Mlienry, Mr. Chulkley
Fox, of Conshohocken, Montgomery co., to Mimi Oho-lotto
E. Eyster, of Chamberabarg.
HAULMAN—RUPERT.—On the 21111 ult., by the
same, Mr. George Haulman, of St. Thomm, to Mi. Mary
E. Rupert, of Hamilton township.
DOSHL-GELIVICKS.—On the same day, by the mine,
Mr. Cyrus W. Doak to Miss Look, M. Gelwieks, all of
Gunton! township.
DOWNEY—DUKE.---On the sth alt., by the Rev. P,
Dyson, Mr. Patrick Downey, of Middletown, New York,
to Misn Jane M. Duke, of Chambeieburg.
HENNEBERGER.—On the 16th ult., in Newri
Mrs. Julia Ann, wife of ,Mr. Peter fienneberger, in the
57th par of her age.
SNYDER.-0a the '2sth ult., in New Franklin, Frank.
lie McClellan Snyder, aged I year, 9 months and ii days,
"Ilmsh I my child, lie still and slumber."
PARKS.--On the filth nit, in St. Thome.% Mrs. Nancy
Parke, aged 64 years, 6 months and 5 days,
WAFEE.—On the 25th ult., in Idercershurg, Mr. Mark
M'Afee, aged about 62 years.
FLEIIING.—On The 11th ult„ nearjaree_ncastie, Pa.,
alter a lingering illness, Shwa:. Fleming, mile of Areld.
bold Fleming, - Esq., aged Ti years, 5 months and 4 days.
she was nfty•three years a member of the Presbyterian
Church, faithful and consistent in all hertealk; and during
her illness, which was of a lingering character, she mani
fested that quietness of spirit and that submission In the
h an ds of God which result alone from a ripened f a ith, ihs•
band and children mourn bet loss, but she still lives among
them in the wiluxing,pamrer ale holy example, and better
a tmoleosahgee,,,whlther they are sure she hat been gath
ered to rest Wit reEnillnetil for the reoplvcf9.3. 3 w. R.
By'lhellre4era Union. Telegraph Line—Office at the
Railroad Depot.
F ata l Affray-A Deputy Provost. Marshal
• BEDFORD, Pa., August Ist, IM.
Jacob Crouse, late Deputy Provost Marshal of
Redford county, was shot dead in the street to
day by John P. Reed, a lately returned Canadian
refugee. His brother, Mengel Read, _who has
been in the rebel army, was also engaged in the
affray. They hare been arrested and lodged in
jail. Great excitement prevails in consequence
of the affair,
to be Cured? If so, swallow two or three hogsheads of
"Buchu," "Tonic Bitters," Sarsaparilla," "Nervous Anti.
dotes," &c., &c., &c., and after yon are satisfied with the
result, then try one box of 01.. n DOCTOR BUCIIAN•S E\O•
LLSTI SPECIFIC Plus—and be restored to health and vigor
in less than thirty days. Thew are purely vegetable,
pleasant to - take, prompt and salutary in their effects on
The broken-down and shattered constitution. Old and
young can take them with advantage. Dlt. Bucitateb
ENC,1.11,11 SPECIFIC PILLS cure in /e.c.f than 30 days, the
worst cases of Nerrovsnass, Impotency, Premature De
cay, Seminal Weakness, Insanity, and all Urinary, Sex.
sal, and Nervous Affections, no matter from what cause
produced. Price, One Dollar per box. Sent, - postpaid,
by mail, on reeelptof an order. Address, JASIF.S B. BUT
LER, No - 4.29 Broadway, New York, General Agent.
P. S.—A box sent to any address on receipt of price—
which is One Dollar post free. A descriptive Cir
cular sent on application. julyl9-8t
A CARD TO .TRVALIDS4-A clergyman, while
residing in South America as a missionary, discovered a
safe and simple remedy for the Cure of Nervous Wealmesg,
Early Decay, Diseases of the Urinary and Seminal Organni
and the whole train of disorders bromzlit on by baneful and
vicious habits. Great numbers have been already cured
by this noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to bene4t the
afflicted and unfortunate. I will send the recipe for pre-
paring and using this medicine, in a sealed envelope, to
any one who needs it, Free of Charge.
Please inclose a stamped envelope, addressed to your
self. Address JOSEPH T. INHAN,
OCt 19.1y1 STATION D. BIIILE Horsy, New York City.
To COSUAIPTIVES.—SufIepers with Consump
tion, As a, Bronchitis, or any disease of the Throat or
Lungs, will be cherfully famished, without charge, with
the remedy by the use of which the Kew. Edward A. Wil
son, of Williamsburgh,- New York, was completely res
tored ti? health, after hating suffered several years with
that dread disease, Consumption. To consumptive suf
ferers, this remedy is worthy of an immediate trial. It
will cositnothing, and may be the means of their perfect
restoration. Those desiring the same will please address
Rex. EDWARD A. Wu-sox, 165 South Second Street,
Williamsburgh, Kings County, New York. fly -2-6 t.
MATRIMONIAL. —Ladies wad Gentletnen: If
you ovish to marry you can do so by addressing me. I
will Mad you, without money and withoutprlce, valuable
information, that will enable you tomarry happily and
srpeedly, irrespective of age, wealth or beauty. This In.
formatson will cost you nothing and if you wish to marry,
I will oheerfally assist you. All letters strictly - confiden
tial. The desired. information sent by return twit, and
no reward asked. Please inclose postage or clamped en
velope, addressed to.yourself„ Address, BARAB B. LAM
BERT, Greenpoint, Kings Ca,, New York mayl24.3m.
GELWICKS & BURKHART 111 We IfotUrnederolll
Philadelphia and rent York with a new and very heavy
lot of goods. It is their determination to make this busi
ness pay them by selling great quantities of goods, and
not by large profits. We advise all who wish to buy
goods cheap and to hare the largest and most varied stork
to make their' selection from, to call with this firm before
buying elsewhere.
THE BRIDAL CHAMBER, an Essay of Warming
and Instruction for Young Men—published by- * the How
and Asaociations, and sent free of charge in sealed envel
open. Address, Dr. J. Ssn.r.mi HOUGHTON, Howard As
sociation, Philadelphia, Pa.
WHISKERS! WHISKERS i—Do you want Whia
ken or 3foustaches I Our Grecian Compound will forte
them to grow on the smoothest face or chin, or Sr on
bald heads. in - Six Weeks. Price, Sl.OO. Sent by mail
anywhere, clsoely sealed, on receipt of price.
Address, WARNER & CO., Box 138, Brooklyn IF. Y.
feb 15-1 y „ •
A GENTLEMAN cuffed of Nerrowa Debility,
Premature Decay, and the effects of youthfUl indiscretion,
will be happy to furnish others with the insane of cure,
(free of charge). This remedy is simple, safe, and cer
tain. For full particulars, by return mail, please address
JOHN B. OfillE-N. 60 Nassan St, New York. june74m.
Chambersbarg Markets.
CHAMBEREntIIG, August 1, Ef7,3:
... SS. 25, B utter no
... 775 Eggs 15
. 100! Lard 10
1 50, Tallow- ........„ 8
an. =,--Haws_ *dues.
Floar—Red ...
Wheat—Red .:
OW* -
35 . t Soul! Beans..
clOTer,sved e oarivahled W 001....
Timothy Seed 2 00113nwashed Wool--
Flaneed 1 50 1 Pared eaches.
Potatoes—Mercer. ... 1 3.linipared Peaches...
Potatoes—Pink Eyes 1 00 dDried Apples
Philadelphia Cattle Market
PurLADEmitik, Aug,m,t 1, 1E63
The Cattle Market is dull this week, at about former
rates. MX/ bead arrived, and sold at from 15 for
extra, 13ff 14/e. for fair to good, and 11 ff,l2r. per lb. for
common, its to quality.
Cows are ratber dulL 120 bead sold nt from ei33Ze:is
for springers, and =ff. 75 p head for row and calf.
Sheep are in fair demand. About emo head arrived.
and sold at from 6a , 6ile. 4' lb. gr., as to rendition.
Lambs are selling at $.4 p head.
Hogs—Prices are ratlrer better. About 2000 head sold
at the different yard., at from :5 the 100 lbs net;
the latter rate for prime nun-fed.
Philadelphia Marketts.
PHILADELPHIA. August 1, 1865.
The upward movement in breadstuffs has been checked
There is less demand and paces are-drooping. Sales of
1,000 bids. of Flour at ea 23 for extra and S.S. Gill for
North-western extra family ; fancy fat.. range Or. 210 to
210 50. Rye Mut is Ban ut $5 50.
Wheat has declined 10 ets. per bushel stiles of red nt 0.-
12 and inferior at 81,E0. Small sale. of Rye at sl,osit 1.•
10. Corals dull at $2,U2¢ 1,0.:. Oat, are San at 05 for
new and 701 Fide for old.
IlrltMET sells slowly at 2 2.5.
Ira TELF.cauu•n.l
• Philadelphia Stock Markel.
Stocks dull. Penns fixes, 59; Morris Canal, 7SI; Lang
Island,—, Reading nil I'enna.ll. R., :111 ; G01d14 . 4; Ex
change in:ince York par.
Rau abbertiormtnts.
LJ The Union voters of Franklin county are requested
to meet at the usual places for holding Delegate Elections
tween the kola's o f two and eight o'clock P. M. mid elect
Delegates to meet in County Convention. in Chembergiurg
on TUESDAY, AUGUST nth, at 11 o'elosik A. M , to
nominate a County ticket to be supported by the Union
men of the County. T. JEFFERSON NILI-..
Chain:ruin Union County Committee.
Sec'y. ' july•26
VORTH WARD.—The Übion Voters
of the North Ward will hold no eleetion at the °Wee
of W. S. FivlntErr. Fisq , opposite the Codrt Howie. on
Someday net, between the hours of ti and Y o'cloek, P.
M.. for the purpose of electuag and inktrueting Delegates
to the County Convention.
nog:: 'l'. J. NI LI, Chnirmito Co. Como.
SOUTH WARD.—T Union men Unio men of
the South Ward Win hold an election nt the Public
Ileum, of S. F. GREENAW LI, on Saturday ',ca. between
the hounk of 2 and 8 - o'clock, P. M.. for the purpose of
electing and instructing DelCptes to the County Con% en.
tiara, fade) T. J. 'IM Chairman Co. Com.
for '• Fancy Men," at FREY 4: FOLTZ'S
_Li_ the rain, nada STRAW HAT that Won't '• go back
onynu," can be found at FREY & FOLTZ'S.
tire in hereby gis en that Letters of Admial.tration
on the Estate of Jamb Hollinger, late of Washington
totrnahip. der'd, have been granted to the andersiita"d•
All petonos knowing themselves Indebted to sari! Estate
will please make immediate rapnpnt ; and there ha, log
elairns pre,ent them property authenticated for hettteinent.
mart! tit CONRAD RUTIN, Adair.
HEAVY BOOTS. tar'' heavy work," at
tie° is hereby- given that Letters oPAdminigration
OC - the Estate of Samuel Lenherr, late of GreeneaNtle,
dee'd, Lave been grunted to the undersigned.
All person+ knowing theinSeives indebted to .aid Estate
will please make imunvlinto payment; and thong La, log
claims present them properly althentleated for klitnetnent
aug2 L. I). ILANKI.N.2A Auer.
PRICE, and "that's what's the matter.
Fire doors dbere the Market How.
subscriber offers at Private Sale, a small TRACT
OP LANE, situate, fn Letterkenny totreshlp &boat=
i rtd.,
'miles 'from Cbarnbersburg, on the Lane ' and
about one mile West of Rocky Spnng, Altainlng 36
ACRES, more or less of SLATE LAN 1 Persons de
sirous of purchasing are requested to call on the • under
tl- 13 r A
iding on'
" W ELCOME HOME."—On Saturday
next, the citizens of Fannett and Metal town•
ships will give a "WELcoRY. 11011 E" to the returned sot.
tilers and Balled of the Valley, In the grove near DRY
RUN. Appropriate add:cares will be delivered by G. W.
Binwer, Esq., Col. D. W. Rowe, Rev. L J. Pomeroy and
other prominent men, and a atunvauona dinner will be
aryl for the occasion. • A band will also be in atten
dance.Atordial Invitation is ortefided Wail the braru
and their Merida reridint in said townships,
W. R. -MADItEr
4 11)e ~ f roT*l!P• '4 l )CallbT l b i tql pa.
FOLTZ'S for Hata, Caps. Boots and Shoes.
A D"'
tice is hereby gin that Letters of Administration
on the Estate of Win. Shatter, late of Montgomery
township, have been granted to the undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves Indebted to said Estate
will please make immediate payment; and thosghaving
claims present them properly authenticated for settlement.
Accounts to be presented to Abraham Whitmore, residing
In said township.
1 Boot); the best, the Ladies' Gaiters and Shoes the
prettiest, and Times the lowest. at FREY & FOLTZ'S.
1.11 subscriber intending to move West, offers at Pri•
vate Sale his valuable MILL PROPERTY, situate in
Southampton township, Franklin county, Pa., one.roile
east of Orrstowm and. four miles West of Shippemsburg,
comprising 54 ACRES of land; with a Stone and Frame
GRIST 2•11 I f , running two pair of Burrs, a new SAW
MILL, anew two storied BRICK DWELLING. and oth
er necessary buildings thereon erected. Persons desiring
to purchase will please call on the undersigned, residing
on the property. [nag:-3m] JACOB METZ.
Sometlllna new. Semi for a paiiiphlet.
as 2-6m] J. W. WESTON, 706 Broadway*, New York.
The undersigned will otTer at Public Sale, on the
premises, in Hamilton township, on Saturday, the lBth of
August, about 70 ACRES at highly improved wheat grow
ing SLATE and GRAVEL LAND, labiate about Smiles
front Chambersburg. between the Turnpike and Wiland's
adjoining lands of Charles Evans and D. S. Reisher.
There is a large LOG BARN on the premises and a Well
of excellent Water. Much of-the above tract is watered
by Springs, used for meadows and pasturage. The whole
is well fenced and in good condition, and will be sold in
AN bole or in parcels to suit purchasers. Possession given
imramediately._ -
Sale to commencytt 10 o'clock, A. M.
aug - 2-2t D. S. REISHER.
INARY.—The nett Session of this Institution will
commence on the First 'Wednesday (Ctk day) of stptem•
bee next, under Miss Mack,im Principal. assisted by Mrs.
Halm, and Mit,s Doolittle in the departments of Music.,
Latin, Dmating, Pa. A li4eral patronage is solicited.—
Terms the same as last yeat . By order of the Trustees.
D. WE/SEL, Piesident. •
Mail, Hagerstown, Odd ..edloto, Boonsbore', REPOSITO
RY, Chambersburg, Baron, Martinsburg, Herald, Carlisle,
Civilian, Cumberland, Lutheran Observer, Baltimore, Er
aminer, Frederick, copy 3 times weekly and once every
two weeks to first of September, and send bill to Judge
Weisel. Hagerstown. ang.24t
in the Post 01
hydrant.% August 1,
ta - ' l i3tObtrisin an,
call for"Ydvertised
pay two cents for of
Addison John E
Bauer Jonas
Benner Maj D J
Behm Samuel
Blither laraßartkut
Brenizerd G And
Butlar Andress -
Burkholder Cath
Cline William
Crofford Charles
PLACE.—As the time is near at hand when the
Union County Convention.wffil be called upon to nominate
a tieket, to be placed before the people for their suffrages
at the ensuing general election, the present crisis demands
that none but men of sterling integrity be placed upon it ;
and as the oilier of SHERIFF is one of considerable
portance, no would suggest the name of JACOB KIN
DIG, of Southampton, who will be brought before the
Convention, (than whom a mere iayal and patriot. - man
does not exist in the county) for that office. Raving had
five hens in the army fighting for the cause of the Union,
(two of whom sacrificed their lives on the-altar of their
country.) we know Of no other man mere deserving, or
who would make a mote efficent ot➢cer. We think this
end of the county is entitled to thenomination, and if pla
ced upon the ticket be would add vastly to its - strength,
and to its success at the coming election.
The United Stales still sell at Public Auction,
During the Month of August, 1865.
900 MULES.
The, Mules'are all serviceable. and sold only for want
of use. Buyers are invited to examine them at any time,
and every facility will be given for a thorough inspection.
Roomy sheds are provided for protection from sun and
100 MULES .
Will be Sold on EACH WEDNESDAY and SATUR.
commencing at 10 o'clock, A. 51.
By Order of Brig,. Gen. ERIN.
ALBERT S. ASILMEAD, Captain and A. Q. M.
aug24t] Offtee,'No. 721 Market St., Philad'a.
P A R 'P I T I 0 N.—John Slichter vs.
stmau Satan, willow, and Jacob Elf°, Guardian, of
rah= biloal. A.m.+ R.otte
Joanthan Bohm. heirs at law, of Abraham Salun, deed. In
the court of Common Pleas of Franklin county, Pa. No.
ill, April T, 1664. &ere do partition[ facirn. June 6,
leb.3. The court order and decree a sale of the lbw Es.
7 410
4 00
1. 50
Notice is therefore given by the undersigned, that in
pursuant.. of said order and decree, he will expose to Pub
lic Sate, en she premixes, on Saturrta , the 2d day of Sop.
trrnbrr not. the following desetbed real estate, viz: A
TRACT OF LAND, situate in Letterkenny township,
in said county, containing '249 ACRES and 115 PER
CHES neat niensure, bounded by lands of Jacob Rife,
Michael Dice. Daniel Slichter, John Brake. Frederick
Deck, John Deck and others. The improvements are a
two storied LOG DWELLING HOUSE, a Stone Bank
Barn and caller necessary outbuildings.
:sun of. one thousand dollars to be paid
at the time of and the balance on the Ist day of Au
gust, 1-66. tanr2l SAMUEL BRANDT, Sheriff.
Will be sold by Public Ont-cry. on the 30th of Srp
ACRES of Gravel and Slate land, situate. In Hamilton
bores/lip, Franklin county, Penna. about 5 miles South-
West of Chambershutg. This farm is well Watered. hav
ing Water in every field and well calculated fur raising
stnek. The improvements area LOG LOUSE, (Weath
erboarded.) Log Barn, Wagon. Shed, large Hay Shed,
Spring house. Smoke house and Welsh house, with a
Werra never failing Water at the door. On anntherpart
of the tarn there is a Log 'louse, part Weatherboarded.
and Log Barn and Wagon Shed. This tract of land is
all in a good state of cultivation and all under good fence.
Back Creek runs through the farm. where improved
Flood Fences are put up. There is also twenty-five acres
of TIMBER, andalito a good Tenant House. There is
upon the farm 150 FRUIT TREES, just commencing to
hear. It is well suited to divide into two farms. This
farm joins lands of John Miller, David Gipe, John Grove,
Jacob Picking and others, and will be cold without re
serve. Persons wishing to purchase well please call and
view the premises. lane] JOHN BARTER.
in the States of New York. P,ennsylvania. Ohio,
Indiana, Delaware, Maryland, and New
Jersey, and the District of
WArILINGTOX, L. C., July 24,1E55.
Will be sold at public auction, to the highest bidder, at
the time and plates name below, viz: '
New York city, Tuesday and Friday of earl, week, 200
Flores each day.
New York city, Wednesday of each Reek, 200 Mules
each day.
Elmira. Tuesday, August ffoo Monies.
Elmira, Tuesday. August 15, 500 Mule 4.
Albany. Friday. August 25, 500 Mules.
Beaks, Wednesday, August 30. 500 Mule,
I'lliladelphia, Murano). of earns week, orso4 eoina
Wednemluy and Saturday of each week,
100 Males each slay.
iseek, Mute. each
Potowille, Tuesday, August 1,200 Mules,
Mitllintown, Friday, August 4, 200 Mules.
York, Friday. August 4. 200 'nurses.
New. Ole, IA eilnesday, August 9. 100 Clore.,
Ness ville, Thursday, August 10, 100 Mules.
Ite,uling, Friday, August 11, 2101
shiminsharg, Wednesday, August. 16, 100 Horses.
Erie, Thurislay, August 17, 200 Horses.
ishippensburg, :Thursday, August 17, 100 Mules
AVilliamsport. Friday, August 18, 1410 }losses.
Indiana, Monday, August 21. 200 Misses.
Chaiabersbarg, Wednesday, August 23 1110 11ur-.•.
Clunbersburg, Thursday, August 24, 100 Mules.
Milton, Friday, August 23, 1(0) Hors,.
Carlisle, Weiluesdax. August 30, 100 Horses.
Carlisle. Thursday, August 31, Hp
Columbiana, Tuesday, August 1, 100 Horses
Suleni, Wednesday, August 2, 100 Horses
Alliance, Thursday, August 3, eto Horses.
Canton, Saturday, Augud 5, 20:1
Cleveland, Tumlay. August e, 1000 Mules
Massillon, Tuesday, August 15, 4100 Horses.
CreOline, Thursday, August 17, 000 Mules.
Cleveland, Monday, August 21, 200 Hones,
Fun Wa,)ne. Thur.lav, August 1,000
Wilmingion Tuesday, of each week, 1:110 Iforvano emit
Wilmington, Friday, of each weak.le.s each
. -
' Trenton. Thursday, August 10, 200 Mtriei.
Trenton,-Thureiday, August 124, 200 Mules.
Baltimore, Wjanesday ' August 1 . and Wefteesday f
emi t week thereafter. 2011 Horses each day.
Eavb peek day, '..MO Mules.
Each week day except Wednesday, WO Horses.
-An opportunity to purchase a superior class of saddle
and draft aaimals, at fur less than their true taint., is now
offered to the public.
Though the majority of them are sound and servieesble
they are th, longer required - In the army, and must be
sold. .
Many of the trades were 'bought in the beginning of the
war, when young, accompanied the armies In all their
marebes and camps, and are thoroughly broken, hardened
by exercise. gentle and frannlar from being so long sup
rounded by the soldiers.
Animals will be sold singly.
Hales to commence at JO A. N.
I Terms — trash, in United hltates currency.
Elm'. }big. Gen. in °barge,
IA Div Q. PC Q:11
Rem abbertiiemato.
A..\ - tid M. SFIATZER, Admr'x.
'Tin at Cinvnabenburg, Stale of Pent•
ly of these Letters, the applicant most
L Letters," give the date of this list, and
Faust John H !.., f Mcarow3hes,Tennie
Gerhart Jacob ;Noble James
Greenawalt W H I Ch - ers Mrs Harriet
Grant Was Elly
( Pepper Wm
Green John Boa George
Haraniond - SEmLis Smith Robert B
Kaufman L IStewartJas A :'.
Kunkle Daniel ;Stine Mrs Frances
Latie Gee 'f_ 'hailer Jacob
Mohler Samuel ThomasJno Adam
~, . J. W. DEAL, P. H.
, -
Rekv abbertionnento.
CAPITAL,' €.500,000.
For Five Hundred Dollars, With 83 per Weekcom penta
lion can be had for $3 per annum, or ANT OTHER st3t be
tween $5OO and $lO,OOO at proportionate rates.
Secures a 'Policy for $5,000 or $55 per week compensation
for all and every description of accident—traveling or oth
erwise—under a GENERAL ACCIDENT Policy, at onDLN-A
Secures a fall Policy for $lO,OOO or $5O per week compel"
sation, as above.-
Policies issued for Foreign, India, and Calll . Lina .
Travel. Rates can be learned by application to the Lime°
or Agencies.
This CompanfilEVEANcE TICKETS for ONE or ViIIETT
days' travel may be purchased at many of the Railway or
General Ticket Offices and Hotels. Ten cents will,buya
ticket for one days' travel, insuring $3,000, or $l5 week l y
compensation. Ticket Policies may be had for 3, 6 and
13 months, in the 'same manner.
Hazardous Risks taken at Hazardous Rates. No Med
ical Examination required. Policies written by the Com
pany's Agents. Policies issued for $lO,OOO and for . 6 co
GUSTAVUS P. DAVIS, Tamus 33Ea55..1.?, JR.,
_,- EBENEZER 12011Ekre, JONATHAN d 3. HUNCE.
.2CODNEY DENNIS, Seo'y. J. G. BATIBBeerS, Pres%
7 ang2.4t* WE. G. REED, Agent, Clikunbemburg,
I 0 D
1 o D I N • E !
Chemists and have long sought to dissolve
lodine, without a solvent, so it could be ta k en into the
spilt= in a part state knowing full well that if this could
be.done, they would have an antidote for many diseases
astir censidered incurable.
Atter fifteen years of setentille research and erperknent,
this most important disoovety was made by Dr. IL AN
DERs, a German Chemist and Physician, and a member of
the MedicalkPacalty of New York.
Contain °alio fraction of tho quantity of - Todine there is
In this preparation, yet the -virtue of the water is dne prin
cipally to.this element.
- - -
Its effect upon the system is indeed wonderful HER
EDITARY DISEASES, "born in the system," are erad
icated by its use. CHRONIC DISEASES, uo matter of
bow long standing, often yield to its subtle influence. As
similating at once with the Blood, It ritalL, s and purifies
that vital fluid, sending strength and vigor to all parts of
the borlq. The mast wonderful success has followed its
useqn all forms of disease originating _ .
RHEA:MX/1834 &.,
It has effected remarkable cures.
Eaitor of the Bitile Examiner, publishes in that magazine
the remarkable cure of his son by the use of Dr. Anders'
lodine Water, after all other remedies hadbeen tried in
vain. Ile says tl "Gratitude to God, and a sense of obli
gation to Dr. Anders & Co., base made us insert the fol
lowing •
"Sly only son, George - F. Storrs, now thirty-seven years
old, huts been &glinted for some dozen years, more or less
with painful swellings and inflammations in various parts
o f his body: oftentimes, seemingly, he was near to death;
then a respite for a season. but only for a return of the dis
ease with more stolen°, For the past three years he has
had iur open =ore on his breast, and latterly one near his
collar bone w ith ulceration in his threat, that was rapidly
increasing, so that dissolution appeared inevitable. In
this condition he applied to Dlt- ANDERS & CO, By the
use of the lodine Water the ulceration in his throat dis
appeared in a short time. Continuing its use, in less than
two months he was apparently healed, and his general
health much improved." Mr. Storrs bus since fullyrecov
This certificate Dl rt Li, and many- others, with a treat.
Ise on the nature and uses of lodine, will be sent FREE to
any person sending us their name.
Pnee 81.00 per bottle, or I fur saoo. sent by Express
to all parts of the country•.
DR. H. ANDERS & CO., Physicians and Chemists,
Vt. Broadway, New York.
Le- Sold by Druggists generally aug"2-6mos.
100,000 FREE GIFTS.-
Each purchaser, besides receiving FULL value for his
money in Pens is sure to receive a valuable gift worth
from 'V cents to 85,000. The People's Pen Company, in
order to introduce their superior Steel Pens to the Public
in the shortest possible space of time, offer the following
splendid inducements We will sell at retail 100,014 box-
E., each box containing oae gross abet a certificate enti
tling the holder to one share in the 'allotment of the fol.
lowing ilesirable and substantial gifts.
100 Acres of Land in Cattaratigith county, New
' York, in the vielnity,of Petroleum Wells, $3,00
14)0 Acres Pine and Hemlock Timber Land on •
Lehigh River, Pennsylvania. 1 , 000
5 17. S. 7 2-10 Coupon Bonds. $ 5O O each. 2 , 50 0
" ' 100 " 2,000
50 ," • 503
50 Orders on a First-class city house for a com
plete milt of fashionable Clothing, 8100_ 5.000
50 Ladies' Rich Silk Dress Patterns, $75. 3,750
5 Chiekering's or other good nu . 4.kt, Round
Corner Rosewood Ptano--74x4pares—$500 2,500
50 Wheeler B. Wilson's Double Stitch Sewing
Sled:fines, $5O. 2,500
20 Gent's Fine (told Bunting Case Watches,
$l5O 3,000
Lndles' " " 6 100 2 ,tXM
50 Gents' " Silver '' " " 40 2,000
100 Ladies' " Gold lockets, large $lO, t 1,700
100 " small 7, $
1,000 Sets Fine Gold Jewelry, Breast Pms, and
Lae Rings. 813 15,000
1,001 Ladies' Fine Gold Finger Rings $G 6,000
1,400 Pairs Ladies 'end Gent,,' (told and Stone •
Sleeve Buttons, 5,000
1,000 Sets Lady's and Gent's Gold Studs, 85. 5,000
1,000 Photographic Albums, $k.2.50. . 2.500
10,000 Tickets of Admission to Barnum's or Bry
ant's, 30 cents '3 000
15,000 Pnekag!s Assorted Stationary, 50 cents 7,500
5,02 Fine Brierwood Pipes, (our own importation)
75 cents, 3,750
10,000 Sets Pearl and ivory Sleeve Buttons, 30 cts 5,000
50,101 Sheets Fashionable Music, 30 cents, 13.000
4 328 Photopraphig Portraits of President Lincoln
and Tad, 50 cents 2.264
'The allotment will be conducted in the most honorable
and upright manner. Every holder of a certificate n ill
reef'lVN a present worth from 30 cents to e 3 , 0 0 0. They
guarantee to distribute every article in the list.
Our Pens are splendid specimens of American industry,
are firer goods than can be bought elsewhere for the same
money, and will stand upon their merits. Price, $1.50
per pros, 144 pens, for either of the following kinds
No. I. The People's Pen (Jo. Business Pen. ,
So. 0. " Popular Pen, same as
illott's (3a)
a• " Lady's Extra Eine
By mail, free, to any address on receipt of price. We
ran refer to parties of standing in this and other cities, as
to honesty, responsibility, etc., etc. The allotment ofgifts'
mill be public, and all purchasers invited to he present.
Business Office, 62 William street, New York.
C. C. NEWHOUSE, Actuary,
These Pens are also on hand for examination and Sale
at the oilier of this paper. attg2,6m
71:9 en ttoto.
HAYCOCK, SITRGEOS DENllsr, has removed bis
nflfee to the room lately occupied by Nixon'S Drug Store.
SECoND STREET, hafforay between the Methodist
Church and Seller's Hotel, Where be is prepared to per
form all operations in Dentistry with cure and attention.
]?ices low and satisfaction gmtranteed.
DENTIST. Office one door Welt of the Telegraph
Office, Greenonstle, Pa.
An work entrairted to Mm will fin promptly attended to
and warrmiteal. mayl7.6m•
lJ FICE on Second Street, one square South of the
Market Rouse. align
.1.1 OF NEVADA. Office, No. 80 1 .11rdarlway, New York
Capital $15(0,0f)0; Stu .rk for gale at $4O per Alutre—itloo
par \ ulue.
We are erecting our mill at the mine. We know posi
firmly that we have a rich Silver A few thousand
dollars more will bring us into a position thativeshall pay
monthly dividends. Call earl}.; take advantage of Pr,
eat low rates'. -
A few good Agents wanted, julyl9.3t
SOCIETY:—Tbe Pennsylvania State Agricultural
Society will bold its Exhibition on Stpuathr :6th, 27tH,
28tA and `...DM, 1865, at WILLIAMSPORT, Lycoming
county, Pennsylvania.
Any information desired by persons desiring to exhibit,
applications for premium list, or posters, or by membero of
the Society; will be given by the undersigned, or A.
BOYD HAMILTON, President, IlarrLiburg.
FOR SALE.—A full c,ourso Scholanhlp
lathe Quaker City Business College of Philadelphia
Apply at this office. • WV-
'YOB PRINTING, in 'every style, date
sky of the Oftlot of the VRANNLIN RKPOSITORY.
AA) tanned. will please take 'notice, that the
Accountants have filed their Accounts in the
Moe of Frsinklin County and that the same will bare
seated to the Orphans' Coact far-cotdlitaatiort. on W"°°÷
&TY, the 16th day of Aagust,.l66s, In Chamberel...g
1%1. Fourth and final Acct. of Jacob Shank, Guardian
of Man. E. Brechha, minor child of Christian Brechbill,
late of Antrim
121. rust and final Acct. of James D. Scott, Adm'r of
Jacob Shatute, late of Peters twp., deed. 1
172. Second and find] Acct. of James L. Bina, Eat of
John Heffelman, late of Guilford twp.: deed.
123. First and anal Acct of Henry B. Mardsh, Guar
dian of Colttrobtur D. Davis.
124. First and final Acct. of J. .Vl, & W. C. Dafseld,
Trustees, &C., of Wm. Duffield.
IZ. First and final Acct. of Henry Lcistroan, Guardian
of Harrison Cluistanal, minor child ofJim.Cluistmandec'd.
126. First and final Acct. of - A. K. 31Idrwe, Adm'r of
Mary IFEeehan, late csauunbvsburg. deed.
127. First and final Acct. of Thomas Popp, Adner of
Healy Wallace, Wolf Fanned twp., deed.
128. First and final Acct. of ,Wm. Merton and W. G.
Kirkpatrick, Aduers of James Kirkpatrick, late of Antrim
twp., deed,
1.29. First and final Acct. of Geo. Seller Ex'r of Mag
dalena Grear, late of Hamilton twp., deo'd.
130. Ftrst and final Acct.. of Joseph Culbertson and Pe•
ter Shearer, Adners of Robert Culbertson, deo'd.
131. Account of Joseph S. Stoner, Ex'r or Agent of
Maul Stoner, late of Waynesboro', deed.
132. First and Heal Acct. of Wm. 'Noonan, Adm'r d. a.
n. e. t. a. of Paul Geddes, late of Metal twp., deed.
132. Acct, of Edwin Emerson, Guardian of Annie B.
Witmer, minor child of J. B. Witmer, bate of Antrim twp.,
134. First Acct. of Geo. Yoe, Ain* of Peter Yoe, late
of Peters twp., deo'd.
135. Second and final Acct. of Theodore M'Gowan,
Adm'r of Dr. Daniel S. hiGowan, deed.
136. Acct. of Jucob B •Adm'r c. t. a. of Wm.
Bratten, lute of Greencastle, dec'd.
137. First and final Acct. of John EL Walker, Ex'r of
Mary Geddc, late of Metal tnyo.,,ked.
Flint and final Acct of Wm. S. Harris, Adair of
Josiah Elliott, late of Fannettsherg, dec'd.
139. First Aoct. of Wm. S. Harris and J. H. Witherow,
Adm'rs of John Witherow,'Esq., late of Metal twp., deed.
- 140. First ACC!. of Joseph M. Doyle, Adm'r of Conrad
Eckenrode, deed.
/AL First Acct. of Joseph Donglmg, Adm'r of John Me
Kee, deed.
N !
, .
1.42. First and final Acct. of 'Jacob D. Goldsmith and
Wm. Royer, Adders of Samuel Coldsmitb, of Green ta - p.,
143, First Account ofJobn Wanamaker and Wm. Wal
lace, Administrator of Nelson Wanamaker, late of Cbam
bersburg, deed.- HENRY STRICKLER, Register.
PROCLAMATION.—To the Coroner,
the Justices of the Peace, and the Constables of the
different Townships in the County of Franklin, Greeting:
Know all ye, that in pursuance of the precept, to me di.
reefed. under the hand and seal of the HON. ALEX KENO,
President of the several Courts of Common Pleas, in the
Sixteenth District consisting of the counties of Somerset,
Bedford. Fulton and Franklin, and by virtue of his office
of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Deliv
ery for the trial of capital and other offenders therein and
in the General Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and
W. W. PAXTON. and JAMES 0. CARSON, Esqs., Judges of
the same county of Franklin. Yon and. each of yarare
hereby required to be and appear in your proper persons
with your Records, Recognizances, Examinations, and
other Remembrances before the Judges aforexaid,at Cham
hersburg, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General
Jail Delivery, and General. Quarter Sessions of the Peace,
therein to be holden for the County of Franklin,aforesaid
on the .0d Monday in August, bring the 14M day of the
month, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day then and
there to do those things, which to your several otlices ap
Given tinder my hand at Chambersburg, thel7th July,
1865. 'Jjulyl9J SAMUEL BRANDT, Sheriff.
Wrighes Estate.—To the heir, and legal representa
tives of said decedent t—You are hereby notified that by
virtue of a writ 41 Inquisition, tending out ut the Orphans'
Court of Franklin county, Pa., and to me directed, I will
hold an inquest on the Heal Estate of said deceased, situ
ate fo the township of Peters, in the county of Franklin,
on Tuesday, the Bth day of Augetat. A. 1 at 10 o'clock.
A. IL, when and where you may attend, if you think
July 46,'61 "31 High Sheriff.
NTOTICE.—The following named per
k eons have Sled petitions for F f AVERN LICENSE.
in the Clerk's Office, to he presented to the Court at the
next term: Commencing on Monday, the 19th day of
August next:
S. F. Greenawalt, , Chanthersburg,
D. L. Taylor, , Chantherthmg.
Samuel' tlettieh - Greenewle.
James Coffey, Dry Run,
Samuel, Slaver, Rozbarv. '
jnlylt W. G. MITiJIIELL, Clerk.
following accounts will been formmfirmation at Au
gust Term, yin:
The first and final waning of John Garling. commit tee
of ichael , Plum. a lunatic.
The separate account of Flenry X. Ifonebreals, commit
tee of Jacob Wolf, a luoatie.
The separate account of Jo-cpli Dpnglas, committee of
Jacob Wolf. a lunatic. K. S. TAYLOR,
july26-3t Prothonotary.
tice is hereby given that Letters of Administration
on the Et#te of Samuel H. King, late of Montgomery
township, deed. have been granted to the undersigned.
All perglns knowing themselves indebted it said Estate
will plea. 4 make -immediate payment: and th4,..e having
calms present tlaim properly authenticated for settlement.
jutvdti ••• WM. ADAMS, Adnir.
.LI nee is hereby given that Letters of Administration,
on the Estate of Magdalena - Bider, late of Letterkenny
township, dec'd, have been granted to the undersigned.
All pereon knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please make immediate payment ; and these having
claims present them properly authenticated for settlement.
Jrtly'Ai ..17 , .:10. B. EAUFMAN, Adair.
tl tice is hereby given that Letters of Aihninistratioti
on the Estate of Jeremiah Martin, late of St. Thomas
tottastdp, dsed, have been granted to She undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to raid Estate
will please make immediate payment, and those having
claims present them properly authenticated for settlement.
,Li. tiee is hereby given that Letters of administration
on the Estate of Andrew Ft. .31 - Clure, lute of Vannett
township. deed, have been granted to the undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please make immediate payment; and those having
claims present them properly authenticated for setttlement
julyl.9 JOSEI'II 31. DOYLE; Adm'r.
tics is hereby given that Lettere , of Administration,
on the Estate of Jelin Omwalte, late of Wnshinaton town
ship, deed, ltave.been granted to the undersigned.
All persons knowiagtbemselves indebted to said Estate
will please make immediate payment; and those bovine
claims present them property athenticated for settlement.
SAMUEL OMW.Alill ,(,_" re'
is hereby given that Letters of Admirilstration,
on the Estate of Mary Langheine, late at Chambersburg,
deed, have been granted to the undersigned.
MI persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please make immediate payment ; sad Tilt having
claims present them property authenticated for settlement.
June2l lIEXIW LA:X.IIEIXE, Admir.
hereby given. that Letter; Testamentary to the Es
tate of Pred'k A. Scholl, late of Greencastle, deed, have
been granted to the undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves ladebted to said Estate
7lease make immediate payment, and those having
claimspreeent them properly authenticated for settlement.
D 1 S S 0L U T 10 N.—Notice is hereby
given that the undersigned has disposed of his inter
est in and withdrawn from the partnership of SIMPLER,
CLARK fi. CO.. conducting the Plaining Mill, &c„ to
Chambersburg: The booboos 101 be conducted for the
present in the name of Stapler Clark & Co, who will
close up the accounts of the firm.
July 191alfi.6t .fl O. 1". CULBERTSON.
itigliNll appointed to di-it-Rowe the balance in Mods
of Benjamin Barely, Executor of Peter Weastef, late of
Antrim township, tlee'il, will attend to the duties of his
appointment on Thursday, :id of .dussugt, ti.G.l, at the of
flee Wab,n Rowe, Eng , m Gritnetotle, Pa.
inlyl9-itt E. J. BONEBRAKE, Auditor.
' mr.r.cTOITA.
J. IL TAILOR, M. D. Wm. R. ALLisCms. E , 4.
1). H. Smimorr,
C.U'ltti, • - $1,000,000.
Piridrd iota 200.000 Shares, at *lOO esek.
WC/rill/8 Capital Rtllerted, P. 75.10.
('rrsidcat,—..T. H. TAYLOR, M. 1).
Trca.suret, - -D. H. fielutlitt,
&cretary.—S. S. WALLIIIs)i, D.
sllperintendent.-0. F. WAL.I.M.V.
(Mier:, No. 432 iirn.L.Nl. - r SrarF:l, I'itit,AllFi.on 10.
• Lands on Tice's Run and East Sandy Creek. Pine firm 0
Township, Venango Co., Pa. conshting of
1. The Crtip Farm, 683 Acre,:
2it 3. The tno Martin Farms of Sit n Vd Acres, res.
Oil springs on all the fangs. Boring territory for forty
wells. Coal nnderlies the whole tract.
Many wells In progress in tho immediate vicinity and
all have egtellent - .'silleirs." The -'Fritz" well, one mile
east, oatraak oil" at ore feet, on the 11th of July. Others
nil.lo to 350 ft. find strong Fas veins and other indubita
ble eidabirae as of oil Superintendent at work with one of
the best outfits f a the oil regions, and arming no effort to
Insure rapid and satisfactory progress.
Onr lands a re 8-1 . miles doe south of the mouth or Pit
hole.—the Eldorado' of 011dorn, shooing that we are un
doubtedly in the heart of the "Great OR Belt of America."
Th o b e g.i ti d ir mot ail territory write ma, "Before mow
tiles your stock will realize handsomely for you."
For Min* Circulars and any information, or for Stock,
address the Secretary at W1112.111' SIItHET. PIMA
•IiELI,III.A. Jolr2d-11
P. w. SEIBERT, Agent, Cliarnbersbidg,
maDYSPEPTICS.—Iinving been
ted for a number of years with Dyspepala, , I w as
advised to try DR. WISHART'S MEDICINE for that
disease. I derived great benefit and trdommensfed it to
quite ti number of my friends and who were also mach
benelitted by it, and whose testimonials can behad if nec
essary. I hare been appointed by Dr. IVlshart esAgent
for the Sale of his Medlclne, vrbalesageer
IV,, ft. RE ED,
meat Repesitoiy office, C am
!Legal Paireo.
Oil crompanies.
lava astate ~Sit
We have ao forlesleTeri. deilraide Facing. located In
the eon:Minted Ani t usta, gna t drighans, She:mind eek Page.
Pendleton and Hwy,.
The Farms ermtaln from 90 to SOO 46111, 4 W1U we are
privileged. to subdivide large tracts of land if destredby
the purchaser:
Kant' of tbireenis are within an easy driver of the ,
county town in wtdehthey are located, thereby sconling
an early market.
The improvemerds are generally good, and Olathe faints
are springs and running Perez= of water, aswell asp**
of the very best timber.
It is sufficient recommendation. f or the s e bad s to say
that they He hathe-very heats of the glienandesth
whichhas a world-wide reputation for fertility of soil and
beauty ofacmery.
For description of pivgalelee and terms, apply or
address us at our office, In Hatrignalmm, Rockiniharti
County, Va. Un1y20.3m7 J. D. PRICE & CO.
Herald, Hagerstown, Erandarr, Frederick, Spirit and
nEPOSITORY, CliataberSlSUlV, Telegraph. Harrisburg, In.
telligenter, Lancaster. Compiler, Gettysbarg, copy each
3m. and send bills to this office for collectien.--liagers.
tours, Mail.
L BERKELEY CO., W. VA.—By virtue of a Deed
of Trust cecuted - by Geo. and Alexander Newcomer to
John ewett, nod of record in the County Court of
Berkeley, e undersigned, substituted Trustee, em over
for see Ofi Saturday, the sth of Angus; 1865, before the
Court Douse door In the town of Martinsburg, two cer
tain tracts or parcels of land, in the county of Berkeley on
the Opequan Creel, tipon which raid Alexander New
comer resided at his death. One of said parcels of land
contains 61 ACRES and APOLES, morn or leis, nod
has upon it at/ A L 1: ABLE MILL AND WATER
The other called the " WOOD LOT," contains 18
ACRES, more or less. The tracts constitute one body of
land and the improvements are substantial and commetli.
cue. TERMS .1- , -Ca B/L -
julyie-It ED3I 3 D PENTiLETON, Trustee
14: FRANKLIN REPOSITORY, CRomberibUrg, copy is,
and send bill to this <ace for collection Nion
FOR SALE.—A valuable FARM of 130
ACRES of excellent LIMESTONE LAND, 30
Acres of which are in good TIMBER, situated + of a mile
from the Welsh Run Post Oars, Franklin ommty,
and abont 7 miles from the Franklin Railroad, in a high
state of cultivation, with A N 0.7 Improvements, consisting
of a new double two-story STONE HOUSE, 50x60 It;
a good new Stone and Frame Barn, 47x53 ft. Also, au
excellent Well of Water and two large Cisterns, which
hold earn 75 to 100 hogsheads of water. There is also a
fine young Apple and 'Peach Orchard, Ice Rouse, &c. It
is also very near shops of all kinds and mills, which makes
a good market for grain. ?Title good and clear of all in
cumbrances. Possession given immediately. Apply to
the owner', on the premises,
! ERTY FOR SALE.—The well known and long
established Paper Mill, situated on the Falling Spring, a
never Wing stream of 201 t fall in the borough of Cham
bersburg, Pa.. being destroyed by fire in Julyilast, L of
fered for sale. The stone foundation of the Alili 50x150
feet is in good building condition and possesses the best
WATER FALL in the State for running any kind of
Machinery. There is also about an ACRE OF GROUND
belonging to the property used for preparing Straw.—
This is a rare opportunity for capitalists or business men
-to engage in any mannfnctoring business. For Dutton
larsand terms address.
5011-264 it, LA3iTtERT & EMBER.
-1 offers at Private gale TWO FARES and a
LOT OF MOUNTAIN LAND. Personsdoned to prix•
chase Rill please call on the undersigned, residini on the
Mansion Tract, on the Baltimore turnpike, one mete East
of Fayetteville. ; icing-ill' JOHN G SMILAX
Versonat Vropertp *alto.
which is doing a good business, is offered for sale. For
particulars address
T_TAY PRESSES.—Three Mend Hay
,Pre=sses, is pod order, for Sale cheap.
julyl9•tf I GEO. A. DEITZ, Chatabersharg, Pa. -
Hagerstown Heroic( copy 2t, charge RP2OSTIVIIY.
JOIDZSTON, the founder of this Celebrated institu
tion, offers the most certain, speedy, and only effectual
remedy in the world for Sleets, Structures, Seminal
Weakness, Pain in tbs Loins, Constitutional Debility,
Impotence, Weakness of the Sack and Limbs, Affections
of the Kidneys, Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspepsia, Ner
vous Irritability, Diseases of the Head, Throat, None or
skin; and all those serious and melancholy disorders aris
ing final the destruction habits of tOuthi- which destroy
both body and mind. These secret and solitary practices
are more fatal to their victims than the song of the Sy - rens
to the mariner lJlyoeus, blighting their most brilliant
hopes or antieipa•dons, rendering marriage, &c., Impossible.
Young Men especially, who have become the victims of
Solitary - Vice, that dreadful and destructive habit which and
annually sweeps to an untimely grave thousands of young
men of the most exalted talent and brilliant Intellect, who
might otherwise have entranced listening Senates with the
thuhders of eloquence, or waked to ecstasy the living lyre;
may call with full confidence.
Married persons, or young men contemplating marriage
being aware of physical u - ealmess,organic debility, defer•
mines, &c., should immediately consult Dr. Johnston.
He who places himself under the care of Dr. Johnston
may religiously confide in hirehonar as a gentleman, and
coefidently rely upon his skill as a physician.
_z_ It' CURED
This disease is the penaltymost frequently paidby those
Rho have become the victims of improper Indulgences.
Young persons are too apt to commit excesses from not
being aware of the dreadful consequences that may ensue.
Now, who that understandsthe subject will pretend todeny
that the power of Procreation is lost sooner by those falling
into improper habit than by the prudent. Besides being de
prived of the pleasureeof healthy offspring, and the most
serious and destructive sympathy to mud and body suise.
The system becomes deranged, the physical and mental
powers weakened, nervous debility, dyspepsia, palpitation
of the heart, indigestion, a wasting of the frame, cough,
sytntoDlS of consumption.
o,ffico No. 7, South Prarrick Street,
seven doors from Baltimore street, East side, up the steps.
Be particular to observing the name and number, or you
V, ill 1116 take the place.
No /Varney or NOUSEOUS Drizgs.
BS. JOIENSTOS, Member, of tbe 'Hoye College to
Surgeons, London, graduate from one of the most eminent
Colleges of the 'United States, and the greater part of
whose life has been spent in the hospitals of London,
Paris, Philadelphia and elsewhere, has effected some of
the most astordllting cures that were erer known. Many
troubled with ringing Ift the head and ears when asleep,
great nervousness, being alarmed at sudden sounds,. and
bashfulness, with frequent blushing, attended sometime;
with derangement of nand, were cured immediately.
When the misguided and imprudent votary of pleasure
find he has imbibed the seed of this painfiddisesse, it too et
ten happensthat an ill-timed sense ofshame, or dread of dis
covery, deters him fromimplying to those who from educe
tionandrespectabilitycan alone befriend him, delayingtilt
the comstitutionalsymptonisof thisho'rrid discasemrike their
appearance, siith as ulcerated sore "-throat, diseased nese
nocturnal pains in the bead and lira - bs, dimness of sight,
deafness, nubs on the chin, bones and arms, blotches on the
head, face and extremities, progressing with- frightful m
pidity, till at last the palate of mouth or the bones of
the nose fall in and the victim of this motel disease be
comes a horrid object of couunissenadon, till death puts a
period to his dreadful sufferings, by sending him to "that
bourne from whence no traveller returns" To such, there.
fore, Dr. Johnston pledges himself to preserve the moat
Inviolable secrecy; and troffrisis extensive practice in the
first Hospitals of Europe and America, he can confidently
recommend a safe and speedy cure to the nufortmuste vic
tim of this horrid disease.
It is a melancholy fact that thousands fall victims to
This horrid disease owing to the ;unskillfulness of Ignorant
pretenders who by use et that dreadful poison, Mercury,
ruin the constitution, and either send the unfortunate to
an untimely grave, or make the residnaof life miserable.
.• Dr. J. addresses those who have injured themselves by
private and i m proper Indulgence&
These a re some of the sad and melancholy effects pro
duced by early habits of youth, viz :—Weaknem of t h e
Back and Limbs; Pains in the Head, Dimness of Sight,
Loss of Muscular Power, Palpitation of the Heart, Dye
pepsia, Nervous Irritability, Derangement of the Diges
tive Factions, General Debility, Symptoms of Consump
tion, de.
Armvrittrx, the fearful effects on the mind are much to
be dreaded; loss of Memory, confusion of Ideas, Depres-
Firm of Spirits, Evil Forebodings, Aversion to Society,
self-Distrust, Love of Solitude, Timidity, &a., are toms
of the evil effects.
Thousands of persons of all ages can now judge what
is the canoe of their declining health, laming thdr vigor,
becoming weak, pale, hare singular appearance about the
eyes, cough, and sy-mptoms of Consumption.
By this great and Important remedy, Weakness of the
Organs 13 speedily cured, andfalhigor restated.
Thousand., of the most nervous and debilitated, she
had log all hope, hare been immediately relieved, All
impediments to Marriage, Phytdcal or Mental Disqualifi
cation, Nervints Irritability, Trembling, Weakness or Ex
haustion of the most fearful kind, speedily cured by Dr.
Johnston. _ _
who have injured themselves by a certain 'cradle% Judith
ged in when alone—a habit frequently learned from evil
companions, or at school, the effects are nightlyy tell, even
When asleep, and if not cured render mamageimposelhit
auddestroys both mind andbody,shouldapplyimmedlately
What a pity that a young man, the hope of ids country,
the darling of his parenta, should be snatched from all
prespectg and enjoyments of life, by the consequence of
dot toting fmm the path of nature, and indulging In a cer
tain secret habit. Suchpersons _before contemplating
should reflect that a sound mind and ixdYare theme - tie
cersaey requisites toptomoteeremblelbappiness. Indeed,
without these, the journey through life becomes a wear) ,
pilgrimage, the meceet hourly darkens to the view; the
m a m i b ecomes st m ij‘ved with despair, and filled with the
melancholy m il ect i o s, that the happiness of another he.
comes blighted Trial oar own.
opptcp. Nt3t, 7' SOUTH FREDERICX SIMI=
TO STRANGEI3S.—The rawly thousands cured at this
institution in the last &Rees years; and the utunereas
portant magical Operations performed by Dr. J., witnessed
by the reporters of The papers, and many other Persona,
nukes of whiehlsara appeared again and.,agairt hefs*
the-palate, is atatelent guarantee tat tit
B. Thefo*p_so many 1;1=10 atg:** 4 lo ,l ll!
advertising tMThile,his as PhyskistiArtardai,
or the already - Johiattendeenni_u.
to say,to (hate tiscainted With blilvPutauoth tS
Dityas hang in his aline.
' Teali NOTtea.,ll letters giOl t be - P .44 ,1445ta
Cop n'stiimp the-serfs, Qr nck, IO NZ.L
bo eat. .
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