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    Janualy 1-8, 1865.
grAnklin - . i ,!.gito,Opxg.
Goforip*rrm OUR Frames.—The past week
has been moat forlorn, the Weather humble; the
reaction from the Holidays intolerable, and the
taking of stocks and collecting of bills abominable.
- Every one is busy but not' making money, and
consequently in a bad humor. It is hard to get
a civil answer, and the only comfort one has is to
make himself, in retaliation, as disagreeable as he
possibly can. In the last particular I have sac
' eetided admirably, and should' letters patent ever
be issued to any one, your humble servant should
receive his pipers and a public dinner. Just ina
aging, the kind of witliting , we must have here;
first anew, then 'sleet, after that' ice, then rain,
da cape . —mnd, artificial lakes, small streams, and
occasional ditches; alMost enough to stop au army.
Money could be made by an enterprising Yankee,
if fie woulitbuy up some.old army pontoons and
introduce them here. It is trying to one's tem
per tti start out in the morning with his clothes
nicely brushed, 'and while standing at a curb,
waiting fora chance to cross,' to have a stage
' whirl by throwing up about a quart of liquid mud
over hat, face, vest, coat, pants and boots. Nei
ther does it add to the sufferers amiability to have
the driver in the distance call back, "take care,
sir;" and if you are-so unlucky as to fall, no and
pities you hi the least. The stage drivers and car
conductors - remind me of. McCaualand's men. I
would not wonder if some of them are deserters
from his army. The other night a conductor of
lend me some tobacco. I looked at him in as
tomshment, and said enquiringly, "Is it possible
that you area conductir• and yet a gentlemin 7"
He looked at me with a coraico-puzzled expres
sion, saying—"l've just commenced." "Heaven
"help-you then," I returned, "you will soon be as
bad as the rest." I took his pante and number,
and bade him good-bye with a melancholy heart,
for I knew he was on the down hill road. An
omnibus driver, list week, tried to make me pay
my fare Wee, and had it not been for two ladies
(elderly) in the stage I would have had my head eyes bunged, and my liver torn out
and eaten raw, for all this was threatened viva
roes. The nap from Savannah of the merchants
there sending on money= to 'pay their old de,bta,
did expressing ti desire to open new accounts, has
Imade quite an excitement in Gotham. Friend
Jeff, had better have a horse ready saddled and
bridle;,l Yesterday noon I went to my accus
tomed dining place, where some 'two hund'red
congregate at the same moment, and seeing a
• lfitely lOoking black boy, about twelve years old,
crying, I asked the proptietor of the home what
was the matter with him. He answered that the
boy viras a freed alai - e from Beaufort, that he had
been sent to - him, and that he intended to send
him out on a farm. I walked up to the poor little
fello • w, for, like me, he was away from hone; and
watched the big tears roll down his sooty face.
An involuntary tear Welled up from my heart and
fell upon my hand. To my surprise my tear and
his looked alike. I left him richer by,five bright,
new pennies, and felt myself worth in fee simple,
more by five dollars.. Ah, the utter, hopeless
loneliness of a poor negro child, on his first arri
val in the mazes of New York ! '
I must tell you of a New York trick played on
• poor Chambensburg mart who writes for the
Rime,o.sirroaY He, had a first-rate Fairchild's
gold, sn, but on picking it up one day to write,
be foe4d that it was not good. Thinking that
some 4feet-snider the warranted ailed it, he took
- pod-haste to Mr. F.,. who examined the pen.
"Come. come, Mr. -," says Mr. F., " none
of your tricks on old hands." "Sir!" exclaimed
the complainant with genuine surprise on his
honest face. " Why, don't you know," says
Mr. F., " that•rhis ain't our make t"—and sure
vaggsk . eonpLanterpriaing, /Vow yorker had ez
thisigedpens en oar friena's desk. Oh! but this
is a wicked world! Wouldn't you like to see that
fellow penned up for life It is mean to steal,
but to steal a man's capital is too bad. There is
an abundance of floating ice on our rivers, and it
is almost terrific to feel the progress of a ferry
boat through the ice-fields. The huge paddle
wheels crunch their irretable way along,.like
some of the agree we on..elieved in. Occasion-
ally a traveler not aceustened- to the sound will
take a seat resting against thefieres in which the
wheels revolve, and when the" boat starts and the
ice begins to crash *Rhin some two inches . of
his back, he gives a jump that would make his
fortune on the stage. For the past few days I
have made it my special amusement to watch for
the jump; and when the jumper happens to be a
nervous old lady, then r feel re-paid for my
watching. I have had another trip over the
Camden and Amboy Railroad, and am 'thankful
to report my precious self safe. It is true the
door of• my car wouldin dint 'when . open, and
when open had to be closed by the combined force
sof at least two passengers, and once shut with
difficulty, would occasionally _burst open of itself,
at one time requiring somebody!s umbrella to keep
4,,,cinsed, and again breaking out as it were in a
new and..nnexpected place; but bless you, that
Was nothing, it rather amused us, and-' then the
.label over-head, " C. & A. 8.. R;C0..," was the
subject of many a good joke) Aa nate, one of
the seats was broken down, but it answered very
well for smile light baggage. I bought a ten cent
sandwich, consistingof two wafer-like pieces of
bread, between which wag placed a piecti of hog's
shoulder so thin as to be transparent, all neatly
enveloped in a. piece of whitey-brown paper.
Couldn't get a drink of water ? ,and wan obliged , to
buy an orange, which proved. , to_ be #oz,en. `,O !
Jersey, Jersey ! By the bye, I ;tried to say soine-
thing fumy at my Yankee Presbyterian boarding
house a day pr two ago at the tea-table, and 10,
the result. The conversation tamed ou the
prolific subject of bad boys, and one of the gen
tlemen remarked that the worst boys lie ever saw
were at Marblehead, where the fathers were en
gaged in whaling. I with great modesty suggest.
ed that in our part of the country we generally
thought whaling good for boys. They all looked
at your poor gossip in astonishment, one lady
cornmiseratiugly saying—" Mr. didn't say
that the boys went 'whaling, but the fathers."
Since then ',have preservedvisallen but, dignified
NEW Yong. January 14, 1865.
LtEtrr. 8. J. DIEK.—We noticed in'onr last
issue the death of Lieut. san N erJ. Dick, former
ly of litercersburg, in this county. He was cruelly
murdered in Nashville by some person unkncwn,
evidently for the purpose of robbing him, as a
valuable ring and his pocket-book were both gone
when he was found: At the time of his death
be was Commissary of Musters on Gen. M'Cook's
staff, and bad previously served on the stairs of
several other Generals. He was a Lieutenant in
the reiplar army—in the 18th Infantry; and was
urampassed as a bureau officer as well as most
gallant in the field. Tho following letter from a
brother officer was addressed to his sister in Co
lumbus, giving all the particulars known of his
DEAR Miss DICK t—rou have ere now received
(by telegraph) tidings of your brother's death. I need not
say to vat bow very, very truly I sympathise with you lit
this terrible affliction—those who have suffered can always
feel the most
Yom brother was always n favorite of mine, end do.
&gem stayin Nashville, where we have been detained
far the lastlour weeks, I have seen much of him. 'nen
we left Columbus, he was on a visit home, bat as boon as
he reached Nashville he came to see ; he eat with ris
nearly two chatting about everything. I never
OM him in better spirits. rHe showed me a ver y & trin e
ring, and gave me its history, - Which I suppose you know.
-The ntizt_day he called again and told me he was or
*red to Lonleville to do some mustering. I think It was
'm next day he started for Lonliwille. Ile called on his
svarbsthe depot ; this was the last time I saw him. Ile
then had the ring on his finger, and was ID nu* excel •
:14mt spirits. On last Wednesday he got back from Louis-
Title. The can gotin at 't o'cloc.kin the evening, when
he went to the Bewitnee House and took a room. At 9
o'clock be visited Gen. Wilson's Cavalry Headquarters
and had a long talk with the blustering officer. Left there
in about/tad all hour. : He passeda sentry a few ninnies
after, and said to him, "A...c01d night, sentry." A few mo.
Meta at*, the gliard heard a pistol . shot and almost im
mediately a man ran swiftly past. But a pistol shot is so
common en occurrence he thought nothing of it. This
was at /0 o'clock. At 11, some gentlemen, fn fag tip to
bed, saw some one sitting propped up on the lower step,
and upon euardnatien found it was an officer, and dead—
shot through the heart.
"I was shocked to see in a Louisville paper that it was
supposed he had shot himself. Such a thing is absurd, as
the pistol was found lying at least half a square from the
spot where he was found. I went yesterday to see the
'Mee, and amore lonely spot could not well be found.
The step Ito was lying against was a long wooden Hight,
and ran up between the brick houses like the stair-case
where Collier's wig establishment is in Columbus.
"Some one had evidently' - waylaid brut fur robbery, as
that ring and his pocketbook were both gone. lam wil
ting in the Chattanooga depot, where lam waiting for the
cam ; but I knew how anxious you would be to bear all. -
'Truly your friend, CAPT. J.I3tES P. Binh, _
18th U. S. Infantry.''
DERECTORS ELECTED.—At an election of the
National Bank of Chamberaburg, on the 10th inst.,
the following named gentlemen were elected Di
rectors of that iustifution: Win. McLellan, Sam
uel M. Linn, Edmund Culbertson, James C. Eye
ter, George W. Immel, Wm. L. Chambers and
Barnard Wolf. At a meeting of the Board on
the 14th, Win. M'Lellan; Esq., was unanimously
re-elected President:
PERSONAL—Major Frank Hess, 3d. Penn's-
Cavalry, , well known to many-of our citizens,
passed - through town last week on his way to the
front, having been on a short visit to hie home in
Fulton county. Major H. entered the service at
the outbreak of the rebellion and has been on
active duty over since. He was looking remark
ably well, considering the many hardships he bas
RELIEF OF OUR Crrmua.—Hon. A. H. COI:
roth offered a resolution in the House of Repre
sentatives on the 11th inst., which was passed,
requesting the Committee of Ways and Means
to inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill
for the relief of the people of Chambershurg:
SAWNEE, the little musieta contraband who
perambulated our streets for several months after
Banks' retreat, and was- taken to New York by
Robert Criswell, Esq., is now in the possession
of Barnum.
subscription to the capitol Mock of• this company are still
It le one of the but, ckeapesrand most anal* pit Stocks
now in the market.
• The Producing Wells of the Company are sufficient to
insure monthly dividend; from the date of the charter,
and the prospects for largely increased proiaa are very
Subscriptions received by A. IL M'Curzolt, Agent,
Cumberland Valley Railroad Office, Chambersbtug, Pa.
A SUPERIOR RENtertY.—We can conscien
tiotufly recommend to those suffering from a distreasing
cough, Dr. Strickland's Mellifluous Cough Balsam. It
gives relief, almost instantaneous, and is withal not disa
greeable to the taste. There is no doubt but the Mellitiu
ous-tougb Balsam is one cf the best preparations in use,
and is all that its proprietor claims for it. We have tried
it during the past week, and found relief froni a most dis
tressing cough. It is prepared by Dr. StricklamPs, No. 6,
Ea% Fourth street,
_Cincinnati, 0., and for sale by drug
Medical Direcum of the General Hospital, Benton Bar
racks, near St. Louis, March 8,18 V...
Messrs. John L Brown & Son, Boston. Mass. "Use of,
your fur Ruried and mast servicable ' Prockes' is being
made in the hospital of which I have charge,- and with
very beneficial and decided results in allaying bronchial
irritation and morbid sensitiveness of =mous membrane°
of glottis and parts adjacent"
ANODYNE CORD/AL, the Mother's Friend and
Child's Relief—This valuable medicine is again for sale
at MILLER'S NEW DREG STORE, next door west of
Brown's Hotel. It is far traperior to all Soothing Syrups,
or any other preparation fez children in Teething, Cholic,
Diarrhea, or inward pains.
GEvivictis & BURKHART have much the birg
est and most sallied stock of Store Goods in town. It is
impossible in their advertisement to give elist of goods
or the prices, but it is their determination to keep np the
largest and beg assortment of goods, and to make this the
most. desirable place for Family's to deal at in the town.
HAM uprooted from low foreheads and all
pard of the body by the use Of"EPEIAWS DEPILATORY
POWDER." and address for $125 by S. C. VP-
Rem, 25 South Eighth street, Philadelphia, Pa. (cef-arn
BEST early sariettee of fresh Garden Seeds to
to be had at eressler's Drug Store. Small Onions will be
taken in trade, or bought far oash.,loo Bushels being was
ted immediately.
RemtntßEß Geiwicks & Burkhart sell none
bat the best and purest Spices, and Bating Articles All
Spices put up by themselves and ground on theirown
FOR prime Kerosene Oil, Lamps, Globes,
Wicks and Shades, go to Gelwicks & Burkhart, if you
want them cheap and good.
WE. call i the _attelion df business. men to the
'valuable lot df ground e the Diamond, offered for sale by
A.. 7. Miller.
The followingis General Butler's farewell ad
dress to the army of the James:
Army of the James, Jen. 8, 1865.
'Soldiers of the Army of the James—Your Com
mander,, relieved by the order of the Pretident,
takes leave of you. Your conduct in the field
has extorted praises from the unwilling. You
have endured the privations of the camp and the
march without a murmur: You have never failed
in attack when ordered. You have stormed and
carried works deemed impregnable by the ene
my. You- have shown the positions to be so by
holding them against his fiercest assaults in the
attempt to retake them. Those skilled in war
have 'marvelled atthe obstacles overcome by your
valor. Your line of works has excited the won
der of officers of other nations, who have come taa
learn defensive warfare from the monuments of
your skilled labor. Your deeds have rendered
your names illustribus. In after times your Gen
eral's proudest memory will be to say with you,
I, too, was of the army of the James." To
share inch companionship is pleasure, to partici:
pate in,such acts is honor; to have commanded
suchlin army is glory. No one could yield with
&it regret. Knowing your willing obedience to
orders, witnessing your ready devotion of your
blood in your country's cause, I have been chary
of the precious charge confided tome. I have
refusedto order the useless sacrifices of the lives
of such 'soldiers, and I am relieved of my com
mand. 'he wasted blood of my men does not
stain myl garments. For my action lam respon
sible to God and my country ..
To the Colored Troops of the Array of the
James :—ln this army yeti have not been - treated
as laborers, but as soldiers. You have shown
yourselves worthy of the uniform you wear. The
best officers of the Union seek to command you.
Your bravery has won the admiration even of
those ivbo would be your masters. Your patri
otism, fidelity and courage have illustrated the
best qualities of manhood. With the bayonet you
have unlocked the iron-barred gates of prejudice,
opening new fields of freedom, liberty and equali
ty ot right to yourselves and your race forever.
Comrades of the Army of the James, I bid
you farewell—farewell.
BENJ. F. BUTLER, Major General.
As rifitting addition to the fearful horrors of
starvation inflicted upon our prisoners by the Re
bel Government, we have now one of their grim
jokes. It seems that some of the poor sufferers.
worn to Skeletons and suffering ftom the natural
weakness of mind which follows such torment,
have andertaken to swear allegiance to the rebel
Government, in the hopes of getting food enough
to sustain life. With a grin of joy that might add
ugliness to the face of Satan, the Southeran press
brand these poor fellows ha "galvanized Yankeee
Any one who has read of the early - experiments
• in galvanism, where brute animals at first, and
afterward the human dead body, were made by
the effect of electricity to perform most startling;
and ghastly muscular gyrations, will concede the
fitness of the Rebel epithet. Living corpses,
brought to the verge of the graVe by a system of
deliberate starvation, are mercilessly snatched
from the rest for Which they are praying, to form
regiments like those which the dead drummer ar
rayed for the inspection of the ghost of Napoleon,
only to be called, in the heartless sneer of Jeff
Davis, "galvanized Yankees.'!-*N. Y. Tribune.
Joits A. GILISF,R, formerely a member of the
Federal CongreSs from North Carolina, and now
a member of the rebel Congress from the same
State, pmblishekin the Richmond Whig, Jan. 4,
a letter on the "Position and duties of Virginia
iu the existing state of political matters. He
favors State action and_ interposition in bringing
about peace, and argues that Virginia is at liberty
to take such action without consultation with the
rest ofthe confederacy. He declares against the
emancipation, of, slaves in the army, and says
"Confederate - ernanci tiou is worse than Federal
or coerced.emancip_.r.n."
t ti tIMA
By the Western Union Telegraph Line-01110i at the
Railroad Depot. '
General and 1 Colonel Prisoners !
WAMEINGTOS, Jan.l7-10:40 P. M.
• Major Gen' Dix, Neu: York:—The following
official dispatches have just been at this
Department :
HrarquAirrEas U. S. Fouts,
On Federal Poi* N. C., January 15,
via Fortress Monroe, Janua7.
Brig. Gen. J. A. Rawlins:—Gener al have
the honor to report that Fort Risher was carried
by assault this afternoon and evening by General
Ame's Diviaint, and the Second Brigade of the
First Division; of the 29th Army Corps, aided by
a battalion of marines and seamen from the navy.
The assault was preceded by a heavy bombard
ment from the Federal fleet, and was made at
3:30 P. at., when the first brigade, Gen. Curtis,
of Ame's division, effected a lodgment upon the
parapet, but full possession of the work was not
obtamed until 10 P. M. The behavidrof -both of
ficers and men was most admirable.
All the works south of FortFishtr are now oc
cupied:by our troops. We have not less than
1200 prisoners, including Gen. Whitney and CoL
Lamb, the commandant of the post: I regret to
say that our loss is severe,. especially in officers.
I am not yet able to form any estimate of the
number of casualties. ALFRED H. TERRY,
Brevet Maj. Gen. Command'g the expedition.
Rom Flamm, &111. 1 6 -2 A.
Hon. C. A. Dana, Asst. Saty. of iFar.—After
a citieful'reconnidsance 'on the 14th, it'was deed ,
ded to risk an assault on Fort Fisher. Raines di
vision, with Col. - Abbott's brigade were to hold
.our line already strung across the Peninsula and
facing Wilmington. against Hoke, -while Ame's
Division should assault on the West end of the
land front; and-400 marines and 1600 Sailors on
the East end. After three hours of a heavy navy
fire the assault was trade at 3 A. M. on the 15th.
Gen. Curtis' Brigade, led, and as soon as it gut
on the west end of the land front, was followed
by Pennypaoker's and later by Bell's. Aller'tles
-perste fighting, gaining foot by foot, and severe
lass, at five - P. M. we had possession of about
half the land front. Abbott's brigade was then
taken from our line facing Wilmington and int
into Fort Fisher, and on pushing it forward at
10 P. M. it took the rest of -the work with little
resistance, the garrison falling back to the ex
treme point of the Peninsula, where they were
followed and captured. Among others, Gen.
Whitney and Col. Lamb, both wounded. I think
we have captured 1,000 prisoners. I hope our
own, loss, may not exceed 500, but it is impossi
ble to judge initheinight. Amongthe wounded are
the Commanders of the leading brigades, Gen.
Curtis being wounded not`severely, but Colonels
rennypacker and Ball dangeromay. 11.0 fro.*
was a formidable one, and the parapet in places
15 to 20 feet high, but the men went at it nobly
as under a severe musketry fire. The marines
and sailors went up gallantry, but the musketry
fire from the east end of the land front was so se
vere that they did not succeed in entering the
works. . . •
The navy fire on the work, judging from the
holes, must have been terrific.
Many of the guns were injured. How many
there were on the faint I cannot say, perhaps
30 or 40. C. B. COMSTOCK,
Lieut. Col. A. D. C., and Chief iigineer.
Another dispatch estimates the number of pris
oners captured at 2500, and the number of guns
at 72.
Gen. Grant telegraphs in honor of this great
triumph achieved by the united valor of the army
and navy, he has ordered a salute of 100 guns to
be fixed by each of the armies operating against
Richmond. C. A. DANA, Ass't Sec'y of War.
The steamship Arago, from Port Royal, arrived
at New York on Friday, bringing Savannah dates
to the Bth. The utmost quiet and good order
prevailed in the city. An extra of the Republi
can, of the 7th, gives the following important newie
"We write amid the greatest exultation. The
following highly important information just receiv
from a gentleman direct from Thomasville, six
days since. He reports that in the following,.
counties elections have been held since the cap
ture of Savannah, and in Thomas, Brooks, Ber
rien, Lowndes, Clinch, Mdntgommery, Appling
and Tatnall counties, the people had openly de
clared in favor of a return to the ark of safety—
the Union. Overwhelming majorities were given
for the restoration of the United States Govern
ment, and the people were arming to defend them
selves from the'Seceseionint, , who were denounc
ing the Unionist and threatening their lives. A
bitter conflict was imminent at the time our infor
mant left, and the most intense excitement pre
"Governor Brown was at Thomasville, and it
is reported that he is at the bottom of the under
taking, favoring the movement. The action of
the Governor has produced the greatest agitation
among the loyalist and dieunionists, encouraging
the former and embittering the traitors, who swear
eternal vengeance.
" Governor Brown has disbanded the Georgia
militia, and the troops have returned to their
homes, many of them uniting in the work of re
demption. In Liberty and Mclntosh counties
the American flag was to be unfurlied from the
Court Houses at - Hinesville, county seat of Liber
ty county, and at Darien, county seat of Mcln
tosh county.
" The cars are running on the Gulf Railread
from Thomasville to the Altamaha river, and
one of the conductors who managed to escape,
reaching this city yesterday morning, reports that
all along the line of the road the people are ripe
for revolution. Union flags hive been displayed
from several 11 - moves and thelives of their occu
pants threatened by the secessionists.
" There is no telling where' this internecine
strife will end,:but of the complete overthrow of
the chagrinne4 enemy there can be no doubt.—
Let our loyal lips lisp words of sincere gratitude
to the Author of these glorious rays of permanent
victory, which have burst upon our national hori
zon, proclaiming the wisdom of God, and the
dawn of an honorable peace, founded upon liber
ty, justice, wisdom and moderation."
GLOOMY —The Richmond Examintr of a re-
cent date makes the'following sombre reflections
upon the rebel situation. If there is a scintilla
tion of comfort or consolation to be derived from
it, we hope it may do those whom it may concern
good; but we don't see it:
"There is such a thing as heart-break for na
tions, as for individuals. There are such things
as hopelessness and despair, lethargy and apathy.
A conviction that all that it will do must opine to
naught, all sierifices it can make, be rendered
vain, by an irredeemable cause—a conviction
resting on rational ground,s, both of reflection and
experiment, will produce this state of feeling in
any nation, however heroic and however °heti )
OUR •PRISONERS.—It has been represented
that nothing has been done by our Government to
carry out the arrangements for taking care of
prisoners, agreed upon by Generals Grant and
Lee. We now obseiVe, by Richmond papers of
the 6th, that 2,500 - blankets have been•sent to our
men in that city; the Brat instalment having reach:
ed thew won alter Christmas.
oll)e irattklin '"<laepasitorg, i ibipnbiriburg, pa.
There has been a general.depressioa of stocks
and prices during the last week, resulting from
two causes. The remote prospects of peace foun
ded on the Blair mission to Richmond, and the
reports from. Georgia, 'unsettled prices and de
pressed gold: hilt we look for this cause to effect
the market but temporarily. While the-
ted condition of the rebels makes it manifest - 10
the world that they cannot gain their independ
ence; we do not look for a cessation of
or actual negotiations looking to peace until Rich
mond is in the possession of Gen. Grant. - We
hope to see him there before, the Ist of May ; but
until then we do not expedt negotiations of any
to close the war.
But the main came of the depression of prices
is the scarcity of currency and the failure of the
government to meet its engagements. There are
unpaid requisitions now of over $200,000,000.
and it has crippled every branch of trade, and
made a demand for discounts quite beyond the
ability of the banks to meet. This cannot last
long, as the government must very soon provide
means to bring up its requisitions now lying over,
and strongly as the. authorities are averse to in
creasing the volume of currency; we think' it
must eventually be done. The depression in pri
ces is therefore but temporary, and, will gradu
ally hut speedily give way.
Oil operations seem to have escaped in a great
measure the effect of the depression; and sales of
valuable lands are still made daily at', fabulous pri
ces. The stocks were somewhat effected, but
not sensibly. The coatractiomof financial ope
rations generally made many real4e who were
overloaded, and the spemilative Stocks were
therefore reduced. -
The certifieatesfor the Sterluig Oil Company
as nbw ready for delivery. The Imperial will
have its charter probably this . : week. Active
measures are in progress for the through devel
opment of the property of both companies,..
—The following are the latest quotations of the
sales of stocks and boiLds in Philadelphia:
U. S. 5.20's 1091 Rending 6's. 106
U. S. 10.-40's Hei Penna. R. R. let mort.. 106
U. S. 613, 'Bl ' 112 Pen= R. R. 24 mart.. 1051
IJ, S. 6's coupon 1171 Phila. 6's, '81......... 1110
U. S. Certificates 95 Phila. 6'5, new 971
Penna. 5'5 c0up0n..... 96 Plaits. & Erle R. R. 6's 107
& Erie R. R.—. est
IN. Central R. It 531
Pennsylvania Imperial.. 5
Sterling ' 3
Irving ....... 71
Pope Farm 0i1........ 11
Densmore 6
Roberts Oil
Noble & Delaruater.
Story Faun
Petroleum Centre...
Hoge Island 11.
Allegheny River 11
Phila & 011• Creek It
Ball Creek ' 2.1
Germania •
Corn Planter - 61
Briggs ' 4i
Rock Oil ' 3}
Tarr Farm 20
'Globe Farm 11
Schny'kill.oll Creek... , 11
Walnut Island
Eldorado.' 11
St. Nicholas ' 41
ID nnkard
iCaldwell 61
Penna. R.
Rending R. 4t.
Fulton Coal 71
Big Mountain C0a1.... " 51 -
N. Y. & Mid. Coal -9
Green Mt. Coal ..... ..:-. 38
N. Carbondale 2.116
Feeder barn Coal. I
Clinton Coal ' ' -1-
Butler Coal, 128
'Diamond Coal - 18,
Swatira. 6
Illonoesey Iron. PM
Penn Mining 118
Connecticut /
Keystone Zinc li
Excelsior Oil If
- -lßig Tank 2
Continental. 21
Farrell 2
Oil Creek. 8
I.laple Shade Oil - 23
M'Clintock Oil - 5
Pennsylvania Pet 2 '
Perry Oil 31
3thierdl Oil 28
'Keystone Oil 11
Yerango Oil,— ..... - I
Union Petroleum - 11,
Beacon 011 1
Seneca Oil 31
Organic Oil I
Franklin On 2
Howes - Eddy Oil 1+
SHEARER—RICEIARDSON.--Orithe evening of the
15th inst., in Upper Strasburg by the Rev. Jas. M. Blab.
op, Mr. Elias D. Shearer, of Co. D, ' Pa. Cay., to Miss.
Richardson, both of this county.
ICESTER—DESON.—On the 11th- inst., at the resi
dence of the bride's brother-in-law, J. W, Deal, Esq., by
the Rev. F.Tyson, Rev. A. %ester, ofthe East Baltimore
M. E. Conference, to Miss. Ada Dyson, of this place.
HARRIS—SNOW.—On the 10th inst., at the residence
'of Sheriff Brandt, by the Rev. J. Dickson, Mr. WM Bar
ris, of Orrinvllle, Maine, to Miss Mazy Snow, of this place.
'WOLF—BrRGER.- , ..0a the L'lth tost., by the Res , . E.
w. LV0.1. , ....11. Nam Hr.. Rasa, bosh id
the vicinity of Wain bozo%
.110E/BACR—AMNTZER.--00 the 9th instant, by the
same, Mr. S. M. lloetlich, to MLA Maria Mentue, both of
BITNER..—M.ATTEIEWS.--On the oth inst., in Lees.
barg, Cumberland county, by the Rev. John A. Dixon,
Mr. Harry A. Shaer, of Southampton twp., this county, to,
Miss Sallie J. Matthews, of the former place.
GIFT—MOLL—On the Sth inst., by the Rev. S. Mo-
Kenry, Mr. John G. Gift, of Guilford township, to Mrs.
Mary Moll, of Green township.
MARTIN—MEREDITIL--On the ldttrinstant, by the
same, at the residence of Dr. McClintock., of London,
William Martin, to Miss Sarah Ann Meredith, of Loudon.
SHELDOE.—On the MI alt., near -Waynesboro',
James Racket Sheldon, aged years and 4 months.
WASHABAUGH.—On The allay, January sth, near
Greencastle, Mrs. Mary, wife of David Wasbabaugh, Esq.,
deceased, aged 66 years and 1 month. She died as she
had lifed in peace.
BICEL,EY.—On the 7th inst., Anna. infant daughter-of
of Mr. George Dickley, of this place, aged 1 year and 6
NICKLAS.—On the 10th inst., - Manilla, Infant daugh
ter of Mr. Peter Nickles, &this place, aged 1 year and 11
SMITH.—On the pa tilt., in this place, Ann Elizabeth,
daughter of George 'and Catharine Smith, aged 9 creeks.
GERMG.—On the 24th alt., in this place, Francis Ltd
wig, son of John C. and Maria Gerbig, aged 1 year, 5
months and 14 days.
HOSTETTER.—On the 10th instant, in Greencastle,
Mary sDlack, intent daughter of Jaeob and Georglana
Hostetter. aged 14 months and 12 days.
"Death spratds his with'ring wintry arms,
And beauty smiles no more ;
Abt where are now three rising charms
Which pleased our eyes before?
Hope looks beyond the bounds of time,
When what we now deplore
Shall rise in full, immortal prime,
And bloom to fade no more."
A CARD TO Itivauns.—A clergyman, while
residing In South America as a mieconary, discovered a
safe and simple remedy for the Cure of Nervous Weakness,
Early Decay, Diseases of the Urinary and Seminal Organs,
and the whole train of disorders brought on by baneful and
vicious habits. Great numbers have been' atm dy cured
by thisnoble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit the
afflicted and unfortunate. I will send the recipe for pre.
paring and using this medicine, in a sealed envelope, to
any one who needs it, Free of Charge.
Please inclose astamped envelope, addressed to your
Address JOSEPH T. Lim"
oct 19.1y] STATION D. BIBLE 110E8E, New York City.
EiVALTD.—Published for the benefit, and as n CAUTION
TO YOUNG MEN and others, R•ho suffer from Nervous
Debility, Premature Decay of Mandood, dre., supplying
at the same time TOE MEAN% OF SELF-CURE. By one
who has cured himself after undergoing considerable
quackery•. By enolosing a post paid addressed'envelope,
single copies may be had of the author
NATHANIEL MAYFAIR, Esq., Brooklyn, Kings Co.,
N. Y. decl44m
EVE AND EAR.—Prof. J. Isaacs, M. D., Oc.
culLst and Amist, formerly of Le?don, Holland, is lore
ted permanently 511 .Plne Strew, Philade/phia,
where persons afflicted with disease of the Eye or Ear,
will be scientifically treated and cured, if curable. -
107" ARTDicam, EYES Inserted without pain. No ,
charges made for Examination.
N. 13.—The medical faculty is invited, as be bas no n
erds in his mode of treatment. - July6-ly
for all to secure WATCHES, CHAINS, ' GOLD PENS AND .
PENCILS, and other valuable and useful Jewelry at a_
nominal price. Send for Circular (mailed free), contain .
inq full List and particulars, with Special Terms and far .
informal:to or Agents, very liberal and remunerative.--
Satisfactio guaranteed In every instance. Address, GEO.
DEMERIT ' CO., tOt Broadway, (Cor. Duane St.) New:.i
York. janll3-8m
_ Chnnaberr
Flour—White 81 00
Flour—Red 10 50
Wheat—White 2 40
Wheat—Bed 235'
Rye 1 50
Corn ...
Data 80
Clover Seed 10 00
Timothy Seed 4 50
Flaxseed 2 50
Potatoes7llereer.... 1 10
Potatoes—pink Eyes 1 00
Philadelphia Markets.
PlautmarsiA, Jan. 17, 1865.
?Flour.--gales In small lots at 89,75'5,10 for surrfine.
Sio,Trien for Extra, and 611,3711D/2 for Extra
Small sales Rye flour at $9'0,25. In Cum Meal no
movement. Wheat thm at 81,70 per bushel for Bed, SA
:4SW for white. Rye commands 81,80. 'Conlin good de
mand at 81,75 for new yellow, but some holders refase
this figure. 3000 bush. Oats sold at 33+.
Philadelphia Stock Market. - ,
Stocks ann. Penn. nom 92; Readink-Salhani. 56 1;
Soria Canal. 93; Penn% R. IL, 6411 Gold, 5117 ; az c.battr
on Na* York pttr.
1 94
. Markets.
IFALtillVitG, Jag. 10, 1663. b
Bolter 40
E Lard 26 ggs 30
Tallow ! L 5
Baeon—Bama. 20a25
Bacon—Sides 20
Boup Beanu 2 00
Washed Wool. . ..... 60
Urumebed Wool. 40
Pared Peachea 5 00
Unpared Peaches..... 3 00
Dried Apples 2 (19
.itttu itbbtilistintnts.
_L - 14for site by UnalB-10 JAS. a EYSTEIL
. persons indebted to A. J
White by note or Book Aceotmt will confer a layer
by (killing and settling their amounts without delay. Rls
books are all that he has saved oat of the great lire.
janlB A. J Linty,
Stone Building, 2 doors north of the Past Office.
tioe Is hereby given that Letters of Administration
on the'Estate of John Miler, late of St. Thomastownah3p,
deo'd, have been granted to the under 'signed. •
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please make immediate PaYment, and those having
claims present them properly authenticated for settlement.
rT S. TAXES..—Noticeisherebygiven,
U, that the returns of the Special Income Tax for the
various didlsions of Franklin many, 14111 be open for ex
aminations at the office of the Assistant Assessors of these
divisions, front the 17th to the 2 th days of January inst.,
both days Inclusive.
Awmus - for the same will be received by the Assessor,
in writing, at his omen in Gettyabarg, on the 30th of Jan
uary, inst. R. G. HARPER, Assessor 16th Dia Pa.
Gettysbnrg, Jano.3, 7Rr5 janlBB3
BURG, • Jan. 14th 1865.
At the anneal Election for Directors held on the 10th
inst., the following gentleman were elected Directors of
this Bank for the ensuing year :—Wm.lPLellan, Barnard
Wolff, Samuel IL Linn, Edmund Culbertson, Wm. L.
Chambers, James C. Eyster, George W. Immell.
At a meeting of the Board this day - Wm. M'Clellan
was unaniroonsly re-elected President
jarilS-3t (}.,8. MESSERSDIPM, Cashier;
14 In the Post °thee at Chatabersbarg, State of Penn
sylvania, January lt 1861
Mr.To obtain any of these Letters, the applicant must
miller "advertised Letters," give the date of this list, and.
pay:one cent for advertising.
Ashtoraoseph Hoover Jacob Rice William
Barns John Holvey Harriet L Rutherford Mrs
Barry Mrs Eliza Jcmee William Shaw Dr Alt
Bittinger Ephraim Johnson Benjamin Schott.) . Z
Brown William Kirby 3N Shlrman Charles S
Burns John Rittrapp G W . Snyder E A
Carhaugh Abram MaCleary J H SniveliN i t a n
Clock Mrs Cath Miller Miss E South"
Clark Mrs Sarah 2 Illtchell Andrew Taker Jaaob
Davis E G Miller John (2) Ulrich Miss L
Deems Martha Naugle William Vandyne Miss P A
Denis David Novel James Walter Peter
Eberly Mrs Ann E Nisirander frfisi A Walker, A L -
Erving Lieut A J Patterson Beni. R Walker Samuel
Puller L 8 Parks josepb (2) Weldon - Miss:3f E
Graham3Uss ?thug PhreacterMissE M 2 Whitler Mrs Sarah
Hassler-Mrs Maria Pestwiek Jacob Wilson Mrs Mary
Damson Jeremiah Read Dr J EC Williamson DrHB
Hensler Mrs Sarah Reyer Wm R FoIIEIGN LETTERS
-Hawbecher 11M Ringle Miss C Bender Jabob
Rather David Ritter Henry Walter Peter
J. W. DEAL, P. M.
►.J PROF. SANDS the world renowned MAGICIAN
and VENTRILOQUIST, will give one of his SELECT
HOUSE, on Friday Esenimg Jan. 29.
The entire performance is conducted without the shad
ow of offense, even to the most fastitious, being chaste and
The following
we clip from the La Grange Monitor:
Pus, MAGIC AND VENTRILOQmsNL—M was our agree•
able pleasare to visit Masonic Hall last evening, to bear
a lecture from Prof. IL Sands, the renowned Magician
and Ventriloquist, and general " humbug" exposer, and
to•witness the many laughable and truly wcmderfal
plaits of the Professor and must acknowledge that, for a
general combination of amuseirsat and instruction, we
have never seen his equal. His expositions of the spiritns
phenomena was clear and lucid, and receivedby the evil.'
cane with hearty acchimations of applause. His feat of ven
triloquism and legerdemain are excellent. The supposed
running of a knife through his wrist caused great furore.
The table•turning, of whieh wqtave heard so much, was
clegrly shown by him tube a magnificent humbug, so far
as It pertains to spiritualism: In fact, his Whole perform
eats was good, and met with unbounded satisfaction
frOm all present. .
Admission 50 Cents , children under 12 years of age 25
Cents. Seats.reserved for Ladies.
Doors open at 64- o'clock, performance to commence at
7 , o'clock, P. U. For particulars see Programme. janlB
J. & H. M. W H I-T E
Have opened their '
in the Stone Building, on .Second Street, two doors
north of the Rat Orrice, and appoeite
the County Jail,
a good assortment of
and a general assortment of
bare received a
Fresh and Large Lot
Fine Syrups,
Fine Baking Animus,
Whi.t . Sugars,
BroNna Sagan;
GOVERNMENT COFFEE Pro . ie OCI Dente pier pound up
to the finest,
Rio Coffee.
Split Pau,
Pearl Barley,
Birpim Sauce,
No. 1 Mackerel,
a fhll and complete 4foOk of fro* Pore
A urge assoitmkat
bought direct from the mazadectorer, and will be offered
„ for less money dam any other house In town.
Also keep constantly on hand the
finest quality of
pure white, - free from smell or ambke
A Sue twortment of
Queetumare, Tumblers, Beams, Brooms, Baskets,
Buckets, Wash•boaNs, &c., &c.
tor greasing machinery and leather,
together with
not named.
all of which will be adored eery low,
In addition to the
Orct^ry, Providoi, Queenswase
general 'variety business,
we carry on the neumfaettwing of all kinds of
.whlob we pledge o!aselveit to
than any home In Philadelphia,
and deliver the 'ameba country merchants
In batter ardor, leas breakage and 42 Lisa wet
N. 11.--COUNTIEY MEEcHANEE sodisHlonS wiskkiir to
buy at WHOLESALE look IO your Oita* unit oallittiblo
establlslunest before buying elsowbente
ii: 23
T T to mum- dt - Lty. Apply at this office. Jan 18
tics is hereby given that Letters of Adrabilstration,
on the Estate of Jacob Wolfkill, late' of Chatabersbarg,
deed, bare been granted to the undersigned.
All persons knoning.theraselves indebted to mid Estate
will geese make immediate payment; era •*---
cluhns present them properly anther nem.
JamlB 'r.
TTN - '10 1 .61 HatEL. l --This , e ll
s_.l established Rotel will IM open
dation of Guests on Aforniay, the
The ProPdetor having leased the threedings On (been Street, in the rear of
prepared toter:ash GOOD 71003151
transient cbsiom. RIS TABLE w ,
reputation of being. supplied w ith the
HIS BAR, detached from the main
nays have choice and Pare Liquors.
Good warm STABLING f or fifty
Every attention will be made th .
able athile sojourning at this Hotel.
Janie _ _
', The heirs Of the late Israel Bengt.; deo'd offer at
Private Sale the farm on which they reside, situated on
the Waynesboro' and Hagenttewn Turnpike, 3 miles
from the former sad 9 from the latter pla ce , containing 164
ACRES more or less of best quality Limestone Land.—
There are about 120 acres of Wood Land. The improve
ments are a large 'two-story LOG AI)S WEATHER- -
BOARDED DWELLLNG HOUSE, A story and a half
Tenant House over Spring House, alarge Bank - Hero,
with Wagou Shed and Hay Shed attached, WoodEloose,
Wog Pen. with other necessary out-buildings and an ex. -
, cellent Cider Pre,.. There is on the premises a large
Orchard of grafted Fruit Trees. There are 2good Springs
on the liana, the Antietam Creek passing along one side of
it. -
AIso—FACERS adjoining the ifansion Farm, with I
stroll BRICK 'HOUSE and Stable' thereon erected, with
a If not oal
sold Monday, the 30th day of January, the,
above. properties will 'on that day be offered at Public
Or Any...persons' wishing to view the farm can do so
by ellliog on the Heirs residing on the farm, when ell ne
cessary information will be given. janlB-2t
TlON.—Richard Buy.doe Estate.—To the heirs and
legal representatives of said dee'd: You are hereby noti
fied that, in pursuance of a writ of inquisition, issuing out
of the Orphans' Court of Franklin county, Pa., and to me
directed, I will hold an inquest on the Real Estate, of which
said decedent died seized, situate in Franklin county, Pa l
on the 2Sth day of February, A. D., 1865, at 10 o'clock ;
A. IL, when and where you may attend if you think pro
per. •] SAMUEL BRANDT, Sheriff.
Notice is hereby given - that the Partnership hereto
fore ex sting under the firm,. style, and name of C. H.
& BRO., was dissolved on the 19th of December,
1d64, by mutual consent. The Books of the late firm are
in the hands of C.H. Kunkel far collection.
The Business frill be continuedby C. IL KUNKEL
dee is hereby given that Letterset Administration
de bents non en the Estate of Nicholas Snider, late of Gull.
ford township, deed, have been granted to the undersigned
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please make immediate payment; and those having
claims present them property athenticAted fur settlement.
tiee is hereby given that Letters of Administration
on the Estate of Elizabeth Deardorff, late of Washington
township, dee'd, have been granted to the undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please make immediate payment; and those having
claims present them properly authenticated fur settlement.
. tiee is hereby given that Letters of Administnition
on the Estate of John Shearmaa, late of Green totsnahip,
deed, have been granted to the undentignecL
'All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please make immediate payment; and those having
claims present them properly authenticated for settlement.
janll o , SAMUEL SHEARMAN, Adm'r.
tice is hereby given that Letters of Administration
on the Estate of Elizabeth Potts, late of Southampton
township, deed, have been grunted to the undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please makelmmediate . payment ; and those Yawing
claims present them properly authenticated for settlement,
dee:l3 ' JA mrS B. ORB, Adm.r.
ticel.l is hereby; given that Letters of Administration
on the Estate Of .7. Smith Grier, late of Chtunbensbrag,
decd, have been granted to the undersigned. •
All persons knowing themselves indebted to mid Estate
will please make immediate payment; and thme having
claims presenrthemproperly authenticated for settlement.
IXZetl'rffit l B 1;0`1 1 1 - C is
'hereby given that Letters Testamentary to the Es
tate of Wm, Grist , late of Antrim townswip, deo'd, have
been granted to the undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please make immediate payment; and those having
claims presentthem properly authenticated for settlement.
janll GEO. 8. CRiST, Ex'r.
hereby given that Letters Testamentarytothie Estate
of -Rebecca Pawling, late of Antrim towiumip, dee'd, Dade
been grunted to the undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said Estate
will please snake immediate payment and those haring
claims presentthemproperlyanthentleatedforsettlement
deel4 • THOMAS PAWLING, E'er
CO Act of Congress it is required
that all segarf and tobacco sold after the 15th dayaf i Jan. r
mary, 1863, shall be inspected and stamped. Dealersiire
hereby notified that I have been appointed Inspector of
the same for Franklin county, and request them not to in
fringe upon the law. (Jan4-3t) GEO. W. 'HEADY.
Green Teen,
Black Teas,
SALE.--The subscriber will sell a valuable prop
erty, situated mile south of Fayetteville, Franklin corm.
anda., adjoining lands of Jos. Crawford, M. B. Wingert others, containing 80 ACRES more or less. The im.
provements are a two-storied BRICK DWELLLNIG with
Brick Kitchen, and Log and Weatherboarded Barn, Wagon
Shed and Corn Cribs, Brick Wash House and all other
necessary out-buildings. A Well of never falling Water
near the door, and Cistern with pumps therein. There is
an Orchard of choice Fruit and a variety of other Fruit,
strokes Plums, Cherries, dm. The lard is of first quality
and4n a good state of cultivation, being heavily limed
within the lest few years. The great portion is under Post
and Rail Fence. There is also a stream of Running Wa
ter cm the premises.. This .farina is situated in a healthy
and pleasant portion of the Country, convenient to Schools,
Churches, Lo
Persons desirous to view the-property will call on the
undersigned. inov2-3mcej HIRAM. T. SNYDER,
undersigned, Executor of the last will and testament
of John Goettman. late of the Borough of Chambersburg,
deo'd, will offer at Publio Sale, on the premises, on Seam
day,t he Vth day of January next, the following described
LOT Or GROUND, situate-fin mid borough, bounded on
the South bylffarket Street, on the West by lot of A. D.
Caufmmt, on the North and East, by other grounds ofsaid
deceased; being thirty two feet front; and one hundred
and sixty three feet deep. Said tot is in very desirable
location, for either a private residence or a business stand.
Sale to commence at one o'clock, on said day, when terms
will be made known by GEORGE LUDWIG, Ex'r.
decd •
No. 1 Herring,
Fresh Crackers,
scribers offer at Private Sale their Farm, situated in
Antrim township, fire miles north-west of Greencastle, on
the-road leruliug to Stitrell's Mill. It consists of about 250
ACRES of good haul, of which more than 80 Acres are in
fine Oak and Hickory" Timber; the remainder consists in
largo part of MEAD 0 W• and BOTTOM, and is well
adapted for Grazing purposes. A portion of the land hiss
been recently limed.
Persons wishing to view the property, ascertain terms,
&a., will call on or address Jno. W. P. Reed, Greencastle,
_Penn's. W. A. REID,
ded.B.2mos J.W.Y. REID.
November 30, 1864.
WuEttEAs, By satisfactory evidmice presented to the
undersigned, it his been made to appear that "THE NA
TIONAL BANS OF CRARBElifiatato." in the Borough of -
Chambersharg, in the County of Franklin, and State of
Pennsylvania, has been duly organized under and accord.
in g to the requirements of the Act of Congress entitled
“An Act to provide a National Currency, secured by a
pledge of United States Bonds, and to provide for the ch..
ciliation and redemption thereof," approved June 3, 1864;
and has complied with all thepro‘Uons of said Act re.
gutted to be complied with before commencing the-busi
ness of Banking under said Act :
Nom, therefore I, tlCGtt m'cutuxn, Comptroller of the
Currency, do hereby certify that:" THE IaTIONAL BASK
OF ClialtliF.Ratitata," in the BorOugh of Chnmbersbarg, in
the County otrranklin, and State of Pennsylvania. is au
thorized to commence the busineis of Banking under the
Act aforesaid-
In -testimony whereof, witness My hand and sealof office
this thirtieth day of November, 1£64.
[Betl-] HUGH 3PCULU . OOH,
dee7)Et Comptroller )1' the Currency:
The Directors have thls day declared a DIVIDEND
OF TWO PER CENT. out of the profits of the last two
months, payable on demand.
The regular semi-annual dividends of this Bank will
hereafter be declared on the Ist days of January and
July. By order of of the Board.
janllat - G. R. MESSERSIIITH, Cashier.
FLACK respectfully request all perms knowing
thernaelves indebted to them by notes or book aecormte to
earl and• make immediate settlement. Ihe necessity of
this notice Is apparent to every one, and we hope those In
debted still report at once. scr.2.4.if
basburg and Betlibia - Tunapike BoadtconpaaY has
decisneid a ditidend of One and a bait pee cent upon tbo
capital stook of said compory, payable after the 15th of
Jaupary. LISDIL 3 OII4OIiN haIIiSTRONG, Treas.
Regal itotireo.
THOMAS S. GRIER, .Id.rdrs.
Ural Ootate *Meg.
N E w
On Second :
Streit, tangy opposite the Post Office,
Have jest received and opened a large and varied stock of
fall dry goods, to which they invite the attention of the
Public. We will say just here - that we we prepared to
sell goods as lew aa any house in the county, the Baas and
Bears not excepted.
Our stook consists in part as follows:
DAMS! DRESS GOODS, a large variety,
CLOAKING CLOTHS, very cheap, •
HALM:MAL da HOOP SHIRTS, cheaper than
can be bought elsewhere. gloves, - Hosiery, Hoods, &c,,
For Mon aßo r e . wear we have Cloth, coma., g a t.
tinetts, Tweeds, Jeans, Under Shirts, Drawers, Stockings,
dr.c.; all very cheap.
We have also a full stook of Muslim, Tiekings, Plan.
nels, &c., all of whieh will be sold to salt customers. Nov ,
is the time to buy.
slowly, not so with the large and varied assortment
of Dry Goods just opening at WM. WALLACE dr CO'S
at the Stakes Housecomer, opposite the bfethodistClutrch.
They have jest returned from New York where they pm ,
chased at Auction, the largest assortment of Dry Goods
everlwoughtro this county which they offer argreAtly re
duced prices for cash, consisting of
Good Muslin' at 25 cents, ,
1 Yard wide at 50 cents, '
21 Yanlisrlde, Sheeting, 5125,
' 1* PillOw Case Muslin, 75 cents, ..
Best Prints at 37* cents,
Good Prints at lower prices, .- . •
Ginghams, 37f; best, 45 cents,
BalmoraLs, S 3 75, $4 00, $4 S 0 , '
Shawls at all prices,
LadieS , Cloaking, all colors,' .
Casinets, Jeans and Coalmen.
12'Quarter Blankista . all wool, 81250 per Indr.
A fall assortment of Hosiery, &a, ecialtaatfy on
hand. ,
The above goods being parehased in New tcat'stlaw
est eta price, ware determined to sell ar /ow ages to
salt the times.
nr Care ne tesll berm Inman/sing edsetthers.
octl9 Md. WALLA w I CO.
EASTERN INN.—The nudersignedim
ving lately purchased the large and commodious
Brick Building of Rev. S. R. Fisher, in ection with his
present place of Madness, on the corner c ain street and
Ludwig's Alley, is prepared to aecommodase BOARD-.
ERS by the day, week or month.' He is amPly proilded
with .STABLING to accommadate the travelingpublic.
Having a large LIVERY STABLE connected with the
Hotel, guests and the public generally can be furnished
with Horses and Carriages at any . moment. Persons visit;
ing Chambersbnrg with their..kmißes will and this" the
mast comfortable Hotelin the county, as it has been re-
Stied with entire new Yurniture, and the rooms are large
and well ventilated. The TABLE it amply suppliedwith
all the luxuries of the season, and the BAR, which Is de
tached from the Brick Building, will always be furnished
with choiceand pure liquors. Every nttentioupeld to the
comfort of guests. - [oetl2( S. F: GREENAWALT.
has become the Proprietor of the UNITED STATES
HOTEL near the .RaDread Depot at HARRISBURG,
PA. This popular and commodious Hotel has been newly
refitted a unished throughout its parlors and chambers,
and is now ready for the reception of guests,. -
The traveling publio will find the United States Hotel
,the most convenient, in ell particulars, of any Hotel in
the State Capital, on account of its access to the railroad,
being immediately between the two great depots in this
[Harrisburg, June 17, 6a-tr.
the Lebanon Valley and Pennsylvania Railroad Di
,pets, Harrisburg City; Pa. This convenhmt and pleasant
Hotel is now kept by the undersigned, late of the Indian
Queen in - Ohambershorg, and he Invites the patronage of
his old friends andthepublio genendly. Terms moderate.
00t.,5rf • JOHN W. TAYLOR.
Is now opeik for the reception of Travelers and Visitors.
Every effort will be made to render guests comfortable.
• Extenaife stabling for-horses connected. _
Sairlerg anZi Maritoso.
JEREMIAH OYSTER respectfully returns his
thanks to his patrons for the liberal encouragement racer'.
ved from them heretofore, 'Mane would invite thein and
the community generally, who may need any thing In his
line, give him a call at his new ssand, on East Queen
street, near the Franklin Railroad, Chambetsburg where
he keeps constantly on hand every variety of SADDLE
RY AND HARNESS of his own manufacture, and be
is prepared to sell the same on terms that defy compel!.
tion. Every article offered for sale is warrented to be
made of the best materiel and by competent workman,
which will be fully demonstrated on an examination there.
TBUNKS AND VALISES.—He would also (mirth e
attention of persona wanting,ta good neat and dump arid
substantial Trunk or'Valise to big assortment. funel7,63.
Straps, Coupling Straps, Baeldng Straps, or any other
kind of Sump, call at C. H. GORDON'S, one door south
of Dr. J. L. Suesserott's office.
laege assortment of SADDLES, HARNESS, BRI•
DLES, COLLARS, and HALTERS, which be will sell
at reasatiable terms, -
of traslnesa, on Mar( STREET, one door month of pr.
J. L. Speorroa's. Come one, come all, and are for year.
brie call at C. H. GORDON'S, where YVUOVI
see the Work all ready made and in the latest style.
attornego at iLab3.
• KEYS `AT LAW.—W. B. &MOM, District -At
torney said Agent fpr procuring Pensions, Bounty Money
and arrears of pay.
Office in lames Durileld's dwelling, on the West @ilia of
Second Street, between Queen and Washington Streets,
AYLAw.-office opposite the pad Oftlee. Will at
tend promptly to all business entrusted to their ewe.
P. 8. 4 -Authorized Agents for the eolleetrox, of Proshms,
Bounty, Back Pay and all other claims agalast Ille geom.
ment. sepl4
WS EVERETT. Attorney at Law.
• Office on Market Street, opposite tho,Cottrt
House,, formerly occupied by Jer. Cook, Esq. MI Jemd
business entrusted to his care will receive prompt attn.
tion. . sep7-tf.
EY Office on Second Street,- a few doors South of the
Market House. PENSIONS, BOUNTY and other claims
promptly collected. r fang&
I.Y,MAN S. CLARKE, ArTogriv . ir AT
Leto; Chambersburg. Office <at the *hi place,) on
3larket Street, nearly opposite the Court House. iseirTlAta
a I flee at his residence on Second street. octl9
Office on Market street 0039
Satlaarbing` *lamas.
11FOUWAILDMO AND Coxsmstos Mukluks,
North: Second Street, opposite the Cumberland Valley
Railroad Depot, Charabersburg, Pa.
Care run regularly to and from Philadelphia and Balti
AGENTS.—Peacock, Zell & Rinehman, SIB Mar•
ket St, PhiLidelphia.
Lykens Valley, Broken Egg amt Nntt COAL, • (direct
from the mines), Wilkesbarre and Pine Grave FOUNDRY
fInnock,CEMENT, kept constintty on hand. FLOUR,
GRAD I and PRODUCE of all kinds purchased at the
highest cash prices. •
Sept 9, 63. WL'EDERLICA A: READ.'
Narth•Weat corner of Sixth and Market Streets, PhDs
[nolB. 6341.
Just Publisped inn a sealed Envelbpe. Price Six
A ,Lecture on the Nature, Treatment and Radical Care
of Spermaterthcea or Seminal Weakness, Involuntary
Emissions, Sexual Debility, and Impedimenta to Marriage
generally. Nervousness. Consumption, Epilepsy'
Pits i ?dental and Physical Incapacity - , resnlting frotu Self-
Abuse, &c. Dy ROtt'T J. CL'ISSIIITELL, 31. D., Author
of the " Green Book," &c.
world renowned author, in this admirable Lecture,
eleatly proves from his otrn - experience that the awful con
sequence of Self-Abasemay be erectus- 11 Y removed with
out medicine, and without dangerms euyeeal operation,
boogies, Instruments, rings, or cordial, pointingent amode
of cOe at once certain and effectual, by which every suf.
ferer, nomatter what his coaditiou may be, mayenre him.
'elf ebeaPlf Privately, nod radically. THIS LECTURE
Sent under seal, to any address, in a plain, sealed en
velope, on th e r eceipt of six cents, or twwo ppaitsg e stamps.
by addressing, CHAS. J. C. U...M & CO.,
oct42-Pial l Bowe , New York, Post.Othee Sox, 95M.
IVOTICE.—A Reward of $lOO will be
.111 paid by the'Chambereburg Gas Cempaoy for the
apprehension and conviction of any perm orPersms wbo
Moan Interfere with the public Vol ladle or fro "Yl
jon4.3t • a. GEM Vt . "
far Barley at the IlmeeryU - c'
twg24 , ir.A Aliaa
J- 41 and SWAIM w hAk.ale saki retat ,
• -Tit' O'ER Erromets, .•
, Ntt ch." m ,,,„e.,. sot ct the , Methodlotebsede.